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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Shuttle's Bad Joints

The NASA Shuttle Mission has been encountering some problems with installation of its new solar panels. Astrologers will say this is a Mercury Retrograde thing and at this point I agree. This Discovery Shuttle (STS-120) was launched during Mercury Retrograde and has discovered a problem with the joint that will keep the Solar Panels facing the Sun. This Joint was installed right after Mercury went Retrograde last time. Joints, according to Rex Bills, is ruled by Saturn and although Bills is talking about joints in humans I don't see why this can't be applied to Space Stations.

From the Wikipedia article I think I've discovered that the original joint was installed on the Space Station on June 17, 2007. This is a day after Mercury went Retrograde when it was at 12 Cancer. Mercury is not only Retrograde here but unaspected in the chart for this Space Walk (listed on Wikipedia as starting at 16:25 UTC). This was the flight (STS-117) where the computers all started to conk out right before Mercury went Retrograde and the Return was delayed due to weather. Saturn was also at its last pass through the opposition to Neptune and they were both at 22 degrees Leo and Aquarius respectively. The opposition was conjunct the MC/IC with Saturn at the top of the chart. And also, there's this damn Grand Trine between Saturn, Pluto in Sagittarius-Mars in Aries that keeps coming up in my blogs lately.

These dates are roughly coordinating with the "Protective Pit Bull" blog. completely different situations but similar story about how there's more news. This might be due to Mercury Retrograde or due to the fact that t. Mars hit the spot where the Mercury retrograde was. In the Pit Bull story, a woman was attacked by a man on the door step of her home. Her Pit Bull attacked the man in turn and the man ran off. The only evidence was the DNA from the blood on the Pit Bull's face which actually located the man who arrested last week.

In this case, NASA sent its Shuttle up on June 8 and let Mercury go Rx in the middle of the trip. Everything wrong, the flight full of problems. Now, on this trip, they are finding out what went wrong during that trip and I guess now there are new problems. Mercury is once again Retrograde. It was at 25 Libra during the Space Walk when they found the problem

During a space walk on Oct. 28 (begin time 9:32 UTC), one of the Astronauts found that the Joint is scraping off metal shavings which will limit its ability to rotate. Saturn is at 7 Virgo c. the South Node at 6 Virgo. Saturn rules Construction. Once I worked with a guy who did a funny skit on how he didn't even think of trying to repair simple problems at his home because they always ended up in all day calamities where parts don't fit right and one thing just leads to another and soon your entire week-end is wrecked. If the North Node were in Virgo instead of in Pisces things might be different.

Also on the shuttle, Mars was at 11 Cancer conjunct within a Degree the spot where Mercury was during installation. This was what happened in that Pit Bull Story. The woman's assailant was caught when Mars hit the Mercury spot of the attack.

Also, The Moon was close to the spot in Gemini where the Sun was during installation (Sun 18 Gemini / Moon 9 Gemini) and squaring both Saturn and Uranus.

At any rate, I just read that the Solar Panels are now ripped. Time to take another trip to the Home Depot to get them replaced.

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