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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tabloid Terror

This is so Pluto in Capricorn-y. The publisher of the National Enquirer and the Star has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Now that Pluto is out of Sagg we've pretty much heard it all, seen it all, and aren't going to plunk down another damn cent on whatever the Stars are doing. Everyone has sued everyone else for whatever dirt they had on em. And those who still have power are just resorting to spying, sabotage and censorship.


If things get any worse we're just going to have to put 24 surveillance cameras on My Magic Federal Chairman boyfriend. That's kind of a delightful visual except that I may no longer be able to pay the electrical bill in order to watch. I guess maybe Big Ben's too busy put stress tests on the banks.

Sigh, I guess that people who are going through bankruptcy don't really buy gossip rags anymore. Wonder how the porn industry is doing right now, that's probably profession proof.

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