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Monday, October 10, 2011

Babies: Fairness and Sharing

Yahoo has published a cool article called "Kids May Develop a Sense of Fairness Earlier Than Thought."

The reason why I'm fascinated by this study is because it hooks up so well in my research matching stages of Child Development and the First Planetary Cycles in a child's life.

The researchers found that 15-month old babies can tell the difference between equal and unequal portions of food. Anything involving understanding equality and portions relates directly to Venus.

This sort of matches up with the first Venus cycle which will happen in most children within 2 months before or after the first Solar Return or Birthday (10 months to 14 months).

I equate the time between the first Venus Return and the first Mars Return, which usually occurs just before the second Birthday, as the time when a child develops the qualities of his natal Venus because he has just completed a complete cycle of that planet in his chart. (He has also just completed a complete cycle of Mercury and Sun so it gets more complicated).

Venus is related to connecting with material objects through its rulership of the sign Taurus and connecting with other people through its rulership of the sign Libra. Libra is related to harmony, portion, balance, sense of "the other" as in all one on one relationships. Taurus is related to connecting with objects in early childhood. We develop our cognitive abilities (Mercury, Gemini, Virgo) by remembering familiar objects in our environment.

The Sun's influence could also be involved here as the Sun rules our generosity.

The study developed theories about how early our sense of fairness and altruism develop. But it also studied how early babies develop the ability or desire to share what they have. I always figured this type of thing is shown ultimately in the chart by Neptune which is considered the higher octave of Venus.

I've seen in my research that the traditional rulership of Jupiter which includes both the influences of Sagittarius and Pisces as showing up pretty clearly. The first Jupiter transit cycles (square, trine, opposition) sort of double as ruled by Neptune as well. Things related to Sagittarius, such as very quick learning of vocabulary, sense of ethics, rules, and development of friendships outside the inner boundaries of family develop at this point. But, also very Neptunian hings like wanting to be a fairy princess, imagination, having imaginary friends, understanding the concept of secrecy, often show up around the time of the first Jupiter Square (Age3) and Jupiter trine(Age 4).

The study also observed whether or not babies share at this age. I suppose that's connected with Venus and the Sun and possibly Mercury. Supposedly 1/3 of the babies shared their favorite items willingly. 1/3 of the babies shared their least favorite items. And 1/3 wouldn't share at all. I suppose we'd need to know where Pluto was placed in the babies' charts. If it was in Capricorn I'd expect to see less desire to share. Both Pluto and Capricorn represent the parts of ourselves which do not like to share.

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