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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Suspect Apprehended in Sierra Lamar case

Sierra Lamar has been missing from Morgan Hill, California since March 16, 2012.  She still hasn't yet been found but a 21-year old man has been arrested for her murder.  This puts pressure on the police and community to try to hurry up and find her.  The experts believe that she has been murdered but the police aren't giving out all of their evidence.  It's easier to win a murder trial if you have a body.

Sierra's DNA was found inside Garcia-Torres' red car and Garcia-Torres' DNA was found on her clothes which were folded in her bag.  The bag was found about 2 blocks from her home (big blocks) in Northern Morgan Hill.  Garcia-Torres lives in Southern Morgan Hill in an RV park with his child and wife who is pregnant with their second child.  Both people live very close to opposite ends of a major street in Morgan Hill called Monterey Road.

I compared some elements of Sierra's case with that of Trayvon Martin in a previous post called Mars and Teenagers >........000000.

Sierra Lamar goes missing:

Mar. 16, 2012  last seen 6:00 am Morgan Hill, last text message:  7:12 am

Sierra Lamar:

Oct. something, I forgot and got stuck reading a bunch of psychic stuff looking for it.          

Suspect Antonin Garcia-Torres
b. Mar. 30, 1991  using Morgan Hill as he's lived there or close by his whole life

Sun 10 Aries;  Moon Libra;  NN 25 Capricorn Rx

Garcia-Torres has some difficult elements in his chart but the only thing that screams out to me "Murderer" is his out of bounds Mars at Declination 25 degrees 22'.  Planet of War, Mars, is at 29 Gemini in his chart.  This is on an Aries Point.  The Cancer AP is considered an emotionally volatile placement for Mars. Mars in Gemini is pretty mercurial and is doubly so in this chart because it is in mutual reception with natal Mercury in Aries.

Garcia-Torres has a possible Grand Square in his chart if you include the Nodal Axis and Chiron and if Moon is within orb of opposition to his Sun (can't be determined without time or place of birth).  Grand Squares can show a lot of tension as the individual receives hits to major squares by planets a lot more than other people.  More shit can happen to these people than to other people so they really have to learn how to roll with the punches.  Even without the Grand Square or Full Moon, Garcia-Torres will have a square between Sun in Aries and Uranus 14 Cap-Neptune 17 Capricorn.

Uranus-Neptune conjunctions can show a subset of people within a generation who are very evolved in social understanding.  In the sign of Capricorn this can show a group of people who want to run things and have a strong sense of class distinction but who want to work on a large group level.  They love gang stalking.  They will all fight for those less fortunate but may expect to take shortcuts in order to climb socially.  

Garcia-Torres has natal Sun, possibly Moon, squaring that conjunction.  Squares are considered difficult elements which will somehow challenge (square) the generational, group energy of the Neptune-Uranus conjunction.  This guy is probably extremely quick on a psychic level but his abilities don't easily flow within the overall scheme of things.  An Aries Sun with Libra Moon is going to be a very charming person as it is.  

Right now Garcia-Torres' progressed Sun has just changed signs from Aries to Taurus.  From the Ram to the Bull.  This means that the way that Torres will express his ego is undergoing a change.  The impulsiveness Aries could become Hard headed or more practical and easygoing depending on how Garcia-Torres is able to express it.  Taurus covets material possessions.  Women are often considered possessions.

Garcia-Torres has been considered the good son in his family.  His older brother was alcoholic and had just died 5 months before Sierra Lamar went missing. His Father is in jail on suspicion of having sex with an underage relative.

Here's an article called "Dissecting Torres' past:  Assault, Obstructing a Cop" from the Gilroy Dispatch which describes Torres' history.

Also connected with Garcia-Torres is a set of unsuccessful abductions from a Safeway parking lot in Morgan Hill that lasted for 7 days back in 2009.  3 different times women were attacked while in their car or while walking up to it.  A hooded man held a knife to one woman's throat and I think used a taser gun on another.  The comparisons between these charts and the chart that is set for the day that Sierra Lamar went missing is really incredible.

Here are the dates and times when I found them:

Attack #1, 46 year old woman zapped with stun gun:  Mar. 19, 2009 11:30 pm  Morgan Hill, CA

Sun 30 Pisces (H4);  Moon 19 Capricorn (H2);  ASC 22 Scorpio; MC 2 Virgo; NN 7 Aquarius RX (H3)

Mars 5 Pisces c. IC;  H3 (cars, parking lots): Jupiter 17 Aquarius-Chiron 24 Aquarius-Neptune 26 Aquarius

Attack #2, actually happened earlier in the day on Mar. 19, 2009 no exact time

Attack #3:  Mar. 26, 2009, 18 year old woman

Sun 7 Aries;  Moon Aries;   NN 7 Aquarius

First one can see that perhaps, if he committed any of these crimes, this Man is affected during/around the time of his Solar Return.  That would set off the square to Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn and maybe also his natal Moon in Libra and Capricorn/Cancer Nodal Axis.  He may also have an extra bad reaction to all the pesticides which are sprayed in the area.  Morgan Hill is agricultural.

The first attack date in 2009 had a Moon-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn same as Sierra Lamar's abduction date.  Pluto in Capricorn would also have set off the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Garcia-Torres' natal chart as well as his Solar Return.  This brings in compulsions and dealings with power and ego.

Sierra Lamar is a Libra Sun with Capricorn Moon so her chart is hooked right in here.

Moon-Pluto conjunctions are feminine and can show deep compulsions with relation to women, especially in connection to power and control issues and deep emotional compulsions. I wrote in the past post, and that post was really obnoxious, so sorry, about how Pluto is connected with abductions and the underworld. It's connected with rape and murder and any behavior that is taboo. Moon represents Mother and Home and food. 

There is also a Sun-Mercury-Uranus conjunction in all these attack charts, or at least stellium, which is set over the Pisces-Aries cusp. This shows a wired nervous system and flashpoint thinking.  The Sheriff says that Sierra Lamar's abduction appears to have been a random act by total strangers.  That explains Uranus.Mercury represents cars and what's going on in the neighborhood.  In my previous post I discussed how this stellium was passing over the Ascendant at 7:10 am which is the last time Sierra posted a text message.

Transiting Mars is also hanging out over close degrees on the Virgo-Pisces pole in all the charts.  On Mar. 16, 2012, date Sierra went missing Mars was at 9 Virgo.  Between Mar. 19, 2009 and Mars 26, 2009 when the women were attacked in the Safeway parking lot Mars was opposing this placement between 5 and 10 degrees of Pisces.  Garcia-Torres worked at the Safeway store.  He was never tried or convicted of the attacks, was just a suspect. 

Garcia-Torres was having a Venus Return around the time of Sierra's disappearance.  Natal Venus at 15 Taurus.  Transiting Venus 13 Taurus.  Venus was passing over natal Sun during the 2009 Safeway attacks.

It would be interesting to study the Chiron-SN conjunction in Cancer in Garcia-Torres' chart.  He has such a complicated childhood-homelife. This opposes the Capricorn NN and Uranus-Neptune which just wants to rise above everything.  (That may be squaring an Aries/Libra Full Moon).

If I'm reading the article linked to above correctly the only time Garcia-Torres has gone to jail came two months after the parking lot attacks. The police came to his house and wanted to search it for a suspected criminal.  Garcia-Torres over reacted and refused to let them in and became verbally abusive, maybe physically abusive.  He was probably in the middle of the investigations over the attacks in the parking lots (was not arrested).    

May 29, 2009  6:15 pm  San Martin, CA

Sun 9 Gemini;  Moon 25 Leo;  ASC 15 Scorpio;  MC 23 Leo;  NN Aquarius

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius was a big deal in this man's chart.  He's got Saturn 6 Aquarius opposing Jupiter Leo.  We're looking for late degrees. Natal Pluto at 21 Scorpio. Still too early.  Solar Arc Saturn 26 Aquarius, Bingo

On This day Chiron was in exact conjunction with the 2 planets at 27 Aquarius.  Chiron and Neptune were both stationing Retrograde and were opposing Moon in Leo.  There's that Chiron-Moon aspect in which one takes the blame for others.  At the time of the arrest the opposition was hitting the IC-MC angle with Moon (Home) at the top of the chart.  I think that all clocks should have a built in dinger to let people know when Scorpio is Rising and when the Moon and Mars are at difficult placements.  I bet half the crime in the world could be cut if people would pledge to wave white flags during those hours and dates, maybe even pledge to sit down and drink some tea with each other.

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