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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The Jupiter-Saturn square Opening Bell

Today's market opened down. Volatility is up. So I looked at the Opening Bell Chart and noticed something. What's that Jupiter-Saturn square doing in there? And it's on the angles. Saturn has separated from its conjunction with Mars which is still in the 2d house. Turns out that those two held each other down and volatility was minimal. But, now Saturn in Scorpio is in the 1st house taking charge of all the shared finances and it's squaring Jupiter in Leo which just wants to have fun. Jupiter-Saturn squares happen about every 5 years. The bottom of the market occurred 5 years ago. What's it mean? Well, at least mercury and Venus are not in conjunction so nobody's really in the mood to rattle the markets. Either way, Jupiter is also trining Uranus and will be in a grand trine with Mars for this month. Jupiter will touch the Mc around the end of the month. Jupiter-Saturn represents political issues and squares represent problems, challenges as the humanists like to call them.

Pluto in the 3d house is manifesting. More media reports about hacking customers information. This time at Home Depot. Cyber warfare. Pluto is about revenge and retaliation and sabotage.


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