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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Barack Obama's Busted Lower Lip

On Thanksgiving Day Barack Obama decided to shoot a few hoops with his friends. A little leisurely diversion from the turmoil of leading the World. Things turned out badly for the President as someone, name not disclosed, bashed the President in the face. The gash in the Presidents' lip required 12 stitches.

Yesterday, the President didn't show up to inspect the White House tree when it arrived. The Newscasters made a point out of saying that only the girls, Michelle Malia and Sasha, were going to do that this year. The President obviously looks so much like Mickey Rourke right now he would even scare a Christmas tree.

So,I wanted to quickly look at the President's chart. For accidents one looks at Mars and Uranus. For physical problems one looks at H1 and H6. For clutsiness one looks at Jupiter. I suppose a couple of inconjuncts and sesquisquares wouldn't hurt. Something that shows that things aren't lining up quite right.

Obama's chart is natally ruled by Uranus and he has natal Mars in Virgo so he might catch a wayward fist from time to time as it is. This might be his own personal way of knowing when he needs to withdraw and take a little R&R. Go Getters need that extra help.

On Thanksgiving Day, Mars and Mercury were in conjunction in the sign of Sagittarius. I don't know what kinds of things occurred in the Sports World overall on that day, but they were probably a little more goofy than usual. Mercury and Mars working together rule the motor skills and, as I said, Jupiter can sometimes misjudge spacial perceptions, through use of good will, thinking that one can make that shot, misjudging that fist that just happens to show up from out of god damned nowhere. Mars-Mercury were squaring Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces too. That just makes things a little more extreme. Actually, way more extreme.

This all opposes and and squares Obama's natal Mars. Mars rules the head. I think that the lips are co-ruled by Mars and Venus.

So, Obama, plays basketball all the time. Mercury and Mars are in conjunction quite often. Why did this have to happen to him this year?

Obama's progressed Chart is backing things up. His progressed Mars and Mercury are within 2 degrees conjunction of his progressed Descendant right now. 23-25 Libra. Mars rules his progressed Ascendant which is currently at 24 Aries. So, natal Ascendant ruled by Uranus. Progressed Ascendant ruled by Mars. Thank God this guy doesn't have as much time to exercise as he used to, who knows what he would have done to himself by now.

His Progressed Sun has just moved into Libra (1 Libra) and is in an exact opposition to his Progressed Moon 1 Aries. That's a progressed Full Moon. Wow. Even mellow Hawaii born Obama probably felt like howling a bit over this aspect.

One remembers of course that transiting Pluto is conjunct the North Node to the degree right now. This is just a couple of degrees away from a square to his progressed Sun and Moon and pulls in his natal Venus in Cancer. There's the necessary Venus rulership of lower lip fiascos.

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