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Friday, November 19, 2010

Pluto-NN in Capricorn - Turning Away from Imploding Bridges

Now this is what I'm talking about.

The conjunction of Pluto to the North Node in Capricorn has been one spooky build from an astro point of view. I mean, how can that combo possibly be good?

The conjunction is exact right now. And so ... A live news cast of a bridge being blown up in Chicago became such a boring wait (capricorn is slow, very slow) that the show switched to the weather caster (light hearted Uranus-Neptune mutual reception) for just a second. And during that second the bridge imploded. And the newscasters missed it! And because this happened in Chicawgah, they went ape face. They were throwing and chewing up and spitting out the papers their news cast was written on. Awesome!


And all kinds of stuff has surfaced this week. On a literal scale, Natalee Holloway's jaw (bones - Capricorn) washed up on the beach (from depth of ocean - Pluto) so Joren Van de Dukandavitch-whatsisname is going to go through a few more years of Beth Holloway.

What else? All kinds of things. Obama came back from a big tour of Asia and had to immediately leave for Europe because the Europeans were whining that we don't love them anymore. Do they really care? Oh yeah, Ireland and Portugal went belly up. The U.S. Banks are soon to follow. Lots of news casts of Big Ben so that has an upside until the electricity gets disconnected.

And as long as we can't pay for anything, California's so far in debt, Dianne Feinstein finagled California Law to continue to offer illegal aliens free college tuition. If only they would ban them from majoring in psychology and make them study something constructive. Ah well, this way they get to learn what's wrong with the minds of White People while ignoring their own problems. (What problems?)

So who has the highest drop out rate from College?

Turns out, kids from Divorce have a much higher drop out rate from College, assuming they go in the first place, but they're not eligible for squat, unless, of course, they're Mexican. California doesn't even keep statistics on the numbers of kids from Divorce, neither does the CDC. Studies have shown that divorce is known to be more destructive psychologically than death of a parent but for some reason this is ignored because it hurts the parents' feelings. I know how to fix this problem. I learned it from the Mexicans. We just have to start planting bed bugs in the Mexican communities. They seem to understand revenge better than any of the other emotions.

While we're distorting statistics and talking about numbers, it turns out that China rerouted 15 percent of all internet traffic on a day back in April for 18 minutes. This info was just published this week. That's no doubt the last we'll hear of this. I'll post on this later, it's fascinating.

And it brings us to the subject of Censorship. And spying. And abuse of authority. And creepy old cultures that can't change over to Mama's way of thinkin'. That's the one that we're going to be dealing with now.

And this brings us to the Tea Party. They've been quiet this week. That's how we know we're really screwed. When people have stopped talking. Oh yeah, Sarah Palin did announce that she's considering running for President. That's not Pluto. That's Aquarius. Actually, that's not astrology, that's, that's just plain old funny. Oh yeah, this post was originally about imploding bridges. So much infrastructure, so little time.

Where was Pluto when the Christians burned down Rome? There must have been about 5 Pluto's in the sky. Tarnas' book is in storage at all the most inappropriate times. And I just read that Scientists were able to measure Eris on Nov. 5 or 6. She's the planet that got Pluto kicked out of the Planetosphere (or at least he had to go underground, old issues with Ceres). The Scientists thought that Eris was bigger than Pluto. Turns out that's not true. Eris is just really far away and hard to measure. The Scientists are just irrational wind bags who might, just might, i'm not speakin in absolutes here because i tend to wonder what the hell astrology is all about as well, but the scientists might just open their little minds a tiny wee bit more and focus their big bad hubble on just a teensy bit of what we're babbling about. I mean, human intuition is a pretty miraculous thing, and science is just in its infancy, but, hey, yeah, this is all about the best part of Pluto in Capricorn.

Bless my heart for mentioning it.



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