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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reality Check Bell

Somebody tell Magic Chairman B-F- that no news is good news. Pluto's at the Ascendant during opening bells on the stock market and the Federal Reserve just let out the news that 2011 markets are going to suck. Tomorrow there is a t-square right on the angles of the opening bell charts. Pluto is on 1st, Moon is on 7th, and Saturn is out in left field doing an apex thing. Venus, the Bitch of Stocks and Bonds, is right on the Mideaven on the last degrees of Libra. She's getting ready to go turn a couple of tricks over in Scorpio in order to make ends meet.

This is a short week followed by a long meal and 4 days of what will be a lot of indigestion.

Thanks a lot. I'll go eat my Swanson Turkey Dinner by myself. Pilgrims my ass.

Somebody made it so that I can't pull up Opening Bell charts on my astrology program. In the words of Martha, "That's a Good Thing." Hey, and where the Hell has she gone since she got out of jail. She always sounds loaded when she talks, obviously got a little prescription drug thing going and we haven't had a good Holiday ever since.

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