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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Taking a Leak With Julian Assange

The United States has sort of become a fire hydrant for The Wikileaks website to lift its leg on. The website has published huge quantities of dangerous information related to U.S. Diplomatic relations. It has already leaked various bits to newspapers around the world for about the last 2 months (heard on NPR this morning while driving). The poor schmucks at those newspapers are trying to analyze it. Fie. What's a Pluto in Virgo generation to do? The previous leaks which the website have buzzed us with gathered no real attention, so maybe this will be the big deal.

Pluto is conjunct the North Node in Capricorn right now to the degree. This is hitting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's progressed Sun and Mercury at 7 and 4 Capricorn, respectively. Geez, can someone give that woman a break? Her Progressed Mercury is out of bounds as well. Transiting Mercury and Mars are too.

Hillary was born about 2 seconds (slight exagg) after an Rx Station of Mercury and she dealt with it during her entire childhood (up to about 1962-63) and it's her chart ruler, so she's probably getting hit in a spot where she's got some residual insecurities left over from childhood. With this Mercury, she's always had to put extra effort into making sure that all the t-s are crossed, all the i's dotted, and all the diplomats who work for her know what they are doing.

The official release of the documents for Greenwich Mean Time (I think) is

Wikileaks does it again
Nov. 28, 2010 9:30 pm GMT

Sun 7 Sagittarius; Moon 8 Virgo; ASC 19 Leo; MC 3 Taurus; NN 4 Capricorn

depending on where the Leaks was published from this chart will change.

This particular chart has unaspected Saturn in Libra down in the 3d house. How's that for a little lesson on being on your own while perfecting the fine art of diplomatic relations? As exposed by the media, the internet, and some scatter brains who can't figure out what else to do with their lives.

Venus (women) is also in the 3d House of this chart. Venus is at 30 Libra. That symbolizes a woman, in literal format. That also means that transiting Venus is conjunct Hillary's Sun at 3 Scorpio. And that's good for America because she's gonna sckooch us on through this. I mean the shit that Wikileaks is publishing is probably nothing compared with what China, Russia, and Israel haven't already been ciphering out of the web for 10 years already anyway. Think of this as a big lesson in Military and Security issues in how America the Beautiful Communicates.

The chart has the exact conjunction of Pluto-NN in the 5th House. It also has a square between Sun and Moon from H2 to H4. And it will have an exact conjunction of Neptune to Chiron in Pisces which is the 7th House (that represents Assange). These aspects are very tight in orb which means that they've been coming to a head for a while.

Interesting that the above chart has the same Ascendant (18-19 Leo) as is in Hillary's Progressed Chart. Hillary's natal and progressed Saturn and Pluto are hanging out right over this point! President Obama's Sun is at 13 Leo so he's included as well.

So, what's the real story here? Dunno. Saturn and Pluto? Wow, that's just a whole lot of reality, man. I just wanted to talk about Julian Assange' childhood in this post, not this other stuff. From the little info that's available it sounds like Assange was sort of raised in an anti-reality machine or something. His parents ran a circus or something. His Mother married a jerk and she and her two sons had to go into hiding to get away from the guy.

But, first, the Wikileaks release chart. It sort of looks like a case of TMI. Too much information. Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter traveling in conjunction with Uranus back and forth over the Pisces/Aries cusp for almost the last year. Neptune is conjunct Chiron to the degree in Aquarius in H7 and there's a Sun-Moon square in mutable signs. Mercury conjunct Mars in Sagittarius. Both out of bounds. This just sort of shows a lot of babbling with no direction to me. Truthiness? The information will hurt in small ways. Out of the zillions of bits of notes that have been looked at I heard on the radio that one reporter estimates there are about 100 stories to tell.

It just also looks a little bit staged and controlled. The major emphasis in the chart is a huge square of planets over the 5th and 8th Houses. In the 5th House of Risks, Entertainment, Ego trips, Military Might, and putting on a Striptease Act or something: Mars is conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius. These two planets are both out of bounds and they are loosely conjunct Pluto-NN on the same degree of Capricorn. These are squaring Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces up in the 8th House. That's power tripping. If you want to enlighten us, don't do it directly from the shadowy 8th House, it will sound like you're talking from under water. With Taurus Midheaven (and I'm not sure it really is Taurus because I don't have the place of publishing) there is some sort of Dictatorial Need to take control.

So, on to Julian Assange's troubled childhood which is panning out for him on the world stage just fine, unless of course, he is in the middle of committing suicide right now because he's not as powerful as he would like to be.

Only birth date I have for Assange is his year, 1971, who knows if that is correct. This means that he has natal Pluto in Virgo. That means that he has been going through his Pluto square. That's a good time to be accused of spying and rape. And, as I said, it's a good time to turn into that which you hate and have unhealthy obsessions over. We don't always know what we hate until after we have turned into it and someone tells us to go look in the mirror. Some healers say that Pluto represents transformation. Overall, I'd say that humans are too stupid to do transformation.

Pluto and Neptune are the planets which humans can never really grasp. They have super long transiting orbits. We can never complete a full orbit of them during our short life times. And if you haven't felt how the planet touches every last bit of your soul, I'm sorry, you can't claim it. So Neptune and Pluto are sort of the mystery spots for what human individuals can and can't understand in life. You know Pluto. You always have to ask "WTF?" when Pluto's around. (Neptune you just alwasy say a plain old "Wha?") Pluto's motivations are way beyond comprehension. Sex. Death. Taxes. We have to trust that things will work out, and they will, about 3 years after a major Neptune or Pluto transit. That's how long it takes to recover or wake up or come out of hiding or ween off the pharamceuticals, for everyone except the Uranians. Most of us don't even get a complete Uranus Return. That happens at about Age 83.

And without any information about Assange I just got curious about a couple of things and wanted to take a look at them from the point of view of my Astrology Research project on Children of Divorce in which I notice that 1st planetary returns hold trauma within a child over his lifetime.

There's a recurring theme in Assange's life having to do with custody battles during divorce. Assange went through hell moving around while his Mother and StepFather fought over his brother. This would have occurred between 1982 (Saturn c. Pluto) and 1987 roughly. Then, Assange went through the same thing with his own son later on.

Talking about feeling like an outsider, wow.

I'm trying to see if there is a connection between big custody battles and Ceres and Pluto in children. In mythology, Pluto, lord of the underworld, abducts Ceres' daughter Persephone. Ceres goes ape face and calls a drought on the land so Pluto makes a deal and returns Persephone to her Mother above land for 6 months out of the year and then takes her back for the other 6. Ceres here is the parent, and Pluto is a Child Molestor, not a Father. But you get the picture. We never hear from the child, Persephone. And this myth is repeating over and over again in the households of America even as we speak.

For my research I want to assume that Assange's own parents divorce during his 1st Ceres return. My thesis is that kids can become stuck in the growth stage of development at whatever is the most recent planetary return. For Assange this would be around Age 4 or 5. There are a bunch more influences at this age. Jupiter is making first hits to itself, the square at age 3 and the trine at age 4. Juno and Pallas are having returns. The whole Belt of asteroids held between Mars and Jupiter's orbs is having returns at this time. Assange doesn't seem to have much influence from those, especially Pallas, who is the Goddess, Divine Wisdom, who added the concept of adding mercy to the harsh black and white thinking of the judicial system. Sort of the beginnings of the Jesus myth, not Pluto revenge stuff. So that could be Pluto. Or it could be Ceres because remember how p'o'd she got and who can blame her. The Nodal Return cycle is also very closely linked in time to Ceres with its first square to itself at about age 4.5 ish.

And what I would look for in this case is to see if later Ceres Returns have brought Assange back to sort of the same unhealed place that he was in during the first difficult version. Ceres' orbit is too fast to ever know this unless talking to the guy himself and he seems particularly close lipped on his own personal stuff (it may not actually be secretive, it may just be that no one ever bothered to ask him, a Child of D thing).

It's interesting, though, to see that Ceres was in Sagittarius and conjunct Neptune at least for a time during 1982 when his Mother separated from his stepfather and took the family into hiding. That indicates the wanderlust that Assange continues to have. He was in hiding with his Mother and Brother for apparently about 5 years. That's from Age 7 (approx) to Age 12. That takes us from his first prog.Moon/Saturn square to his first Jupiter Return.

Ceres was again in Sagittarius in 1991 for a time when Assange broke up with his own first lover and began a long custody battle. Pluto was in Scorpio, his own sign, during all these years which emphasizes perhaps a prominent hidden theme here.

I'm not sure what Assange was doing the whole time that Pluto was passing through Sagittarius, I guess just hacking into past and current girlfriend's emails and stuff, such a fun guy. My Mother had a Sagittarius boyfriend who recorded telephone conversations with her and offered them to my brother after she died.

Ceres again hit Sagittarius at the beginning of last year. So I guess this meant that Assange's stress recurred and he decided to abduct all kinds of boring information from Hillary Clinton's natal Mercury Retrograde. How can these guys be so smart and so stupid at the same time? At any rate, this helped me to waste a bunch of time.

Assange, you're getting in the way of Anderson Cooper's face on the broadcast. My eyesight isn't what it used to be and so all I can really see is premature grey hair. I can't tell, did North Korea just bomb South Korea or not? Oh, is that the cute Gay guy or the rapist, computer hacker? Thank God I'm too old for both of them.

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the kuiper belt is not between mars and jupiter

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