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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Protective Pit Bull

Looks aren't everything and neither is reputation. Here's a story of a Pit Bull named Maya who saved her Mom from an attacker. True to her breed, Maya's head looks like the Rock of Gibraltar and her instincts are to kill at a moment's notice. Sometimes that's a very good thing. http://www.mercurynews.com/valley/ci_7285789.

The crime happened on June 17, 2007 "as the Sun was rising". All Angular Houses are strongly populated in this chart. The Out-of-Bounds Moon was in Cancer (Home, Emotion) squaring Mars in Aries (Attacks, Assaults, Impulse). Both planets were in their own signs so their influence was very strong. Bob Marks says that Mars-Moon are one of the most prominent signatures for a violent attack.

(Just as an aside, this crime scene chart looks a lot like Goya's natal chart: Out of Bounds Cancer Moon, Saturn c. IC, etc. Think of his paintings, wish I knew how to add pictures)

The Sun in Gemini is in the First House opposing Pluto in the 7th of open enemies. Since this was the woman's Birthday Party, she's got to be symbolized the Gemini Sun and her Attacker by the 7th House Pluto. The Solar Return being similar to the Event chart also puts a lot of emphasis on this particular woman for the Attack.

There was no usable evidence left for the Police to work with at the 31-year old woman's home after a man jumped out from the bushes as she was returning home (Saturn c. IC opposite Neptune) from her Birthday Party (Solar Return). The Woman, being a Gemini, immediately thought to tell the man that her husband was coming home but he started strangling her anyway. Alas, Mercury was retrograde at the time.

The man tried to strangle her and at this point, Maya, the woman's pet, lunged at him and bit him. Mars rules Bites. Uranus rules Flashes and the color White. The woman describes seeing Maya run out like a "White Flash." Uranus was squaring Jupiter-DESC in Sagittarius.

The woman did manage to enact her Sun opposite Pluto Solar Return aspect in a most effective way. She said: "That's when I grabbed him...where the sun doesn't shine."

He ran off. Neptune c. MC.

The police didn't have much to work with trying to locate the man but they did find a spot of blood on Maya's face. Bills says that (Moon) can represent "Visual Evidence." Mars in Aries (Bites) squaring Moon in Cancer (Visual Evidence).

"Blood, in General" is ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius, Leo and Aquarius. Jupiter was strongly placed in its own sign of Sagittarius right on the Descendant at 5 am. There is, of course, a strong element of Luck that contributed to being able to find the attacker and Jupiter can only be held responsible for that. The article doesn't say what time the attack was, just before Dawn. Saturn in Leo was right on the IC opposite Neptune in Aquarius on the MC. All signs that potentially rule Blood were on the Angles.

As for rulerships of Dogs, Dogs are ruled by Mercury, Virgo and Jupiter. There's another aspect in the sky at the time of the attack that needs to be noted. This wild Mars in Aries was in a Protective Grand Trine with Saturn-IC (home) and Pluto in H7 (Partner). A Grand Trine between Mars and the two control freak planets, that's the ultimate Don't Mess With Texas aspect, IMO.

In the end, it was the Evidence that came back to bite the Attacker. Easly was located through DNA Evidence (Rex Bills doesn't give Rulership but I suppose that Saturn on the IC might be partly responsible). Last week, t.Mars was nearing conjunction with the Mercury of the Crime Event Chart. Mercury is Retrograde almost as if trying to move back toward Mars. Mercury was also Retrograde at the time of the crime and they say that Mercury Retrogrades will bring the past back to you. As a matter of fact, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto have barely moved forward at all due to Retrogrades. The Sky almost seems to have been holding things still for this Woman in order to get even with her Attacker (Sun opposite Pluto (Getting Even) and then Pluto trining Saturn( Time))

Since it was her Birthday, the Victim's chart is probably some time near June 16-17, 1976. This means that she has a conjunction of Uranus to her North Node in Scorpio trining natal Sun-Venus in Gemini. She's probably experienced a few of these types of criminal/sexual surprises in her life.

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