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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Girl 27 - Patricia Douglas

A new documentary called Girl 27 has been released about a Scandal and Cover-Up at the old MGM Studios. In 1937, a girl was raped at a party given by the Studio. She pressed charges but the Studio ran a smear campaign against her in order to cover their name. The Court dismissed the case in favor of the studio.

MGM had hired about 130 young girls for "a project," dressed them up like Cow girls and drove them out to a Barn. They had no idea they were going to a party let alone being prostituted. About 300 Salesmen walked in, got progressively drunker and eventually 2 girls were raped. One of them, 20-year old Patricia Douglas was beaten until her eyes were swollen shut. After having her Reputation destroyed by a front page article in the newspaper, she was destroyed. She married something like 3 times in 5 years and eventually became almost a recluse.

Then, weird thing, a reporter investigating a completely different story came across the news stories and eventually decided to investigate her story. At the time of the party/rape, Mars was Retrograde at 3 Sagittarius. It continued in Retrograde by Secondary Progression until 1990 when it Stationed Direct at 18 Scorpio. The Reporter, David Stenn, came across the Story shortly after that while researching a different story and officially decided to investigate it in September, 1993. Stenn spent 10 years working on this story eventually publishing an article in Vanity Fair magazine called "It Happened One Night...at MGM." He then made the DVD using an Interview with the Victim. He says she died the day after he called her (Nov. 10, 2003) to tell her that people were mailing him sympathetic responses to her story. Her reply: "Thank You. I can go now." She was 85 or 86 years old and had sat in Silence for 65 years, got retribution and died. This is so Scorpio. The Rape, the Power Struggle, the Confrontation, the Big Corporate Studio, Impotence, Silence, Research, the Vindication, the Death.

The Transits for the day of Patricia Douglas' Death are absolutely amazing to compare against the Event Chart of the Party.

For one, the Sun was at 18 Scorpio. This is the same degree that Mars was at when it came out of Retrograde in 1990. This Sun also was opposing the Sun of the Event chart. The Nodal Axis was layered over them, NN to Event Chart Sun in Taurus (Conjunct Merc Rx-Uranus) and SN to Death Chart Sun in Scorpio.

Second, transiting Pluto was conjunct the 16 Sagittarius North Node of the Event Chart.

Transiting Jupiter was conjunct the 8th House Neptune of the Event Chart. There's more but I'll stop here.

Another thing that interests me is a comparison with the Chart that I looked at on yesterday's blog called "Protective Pit Bull." Both charts have a Grand Trine between Mars-Saturn-Pluto. The planets are not in the same signs but are in the same houses (Times I'm using are probably accurate within 1/2 hour)! Mars in the 11th House trining Pluto in the 7th with Saturn in the 3d house. This is an extremely busy Event Chart with lots of aspects, 2 Grand Trines and a Grand Square but Mars has no challenging aspects, only these trines.

The Date of the "Party:"
May 5, 1937 Hollywood, CA

Girls showed up at Studio at 4pm for Make-Up and Costumes and driven to Party
7pm - Salesmen show up and begin drinking heavily and grabbing the Girls
10pm - David Ross, Age 36, and a couple of other guys grab Patricia Douglas, pin her down and pour booze down her throat. Ross eventually drags her outside and beats and rapes her.
11:30pm - Patricia Ross comes stumbling back to the Party beaten and raped.

Case dismissed by Court Feb. 9, 1938

Sept. 1993 Writer David Stenn decides to investigate Patricia Douglas's case.

Vanity Fair Article published: April 2003

Patricia Douglas dies Nov. 11, 2003, Las Vegas, CA

Link to Article: http://www.vanityfair.com/fame/features/2003/04/mgm200304

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Blogger Flash Eyed Mother said...

Thank you for writing this. I am an artist and I just watched the documentary the other day. I am doing a couple of paintings based off of the story... well based off of my feelings about the story. I appreciate you taking the time to discuss the Scorpio element. Thank you again.



1:14 PM  
Blogger Out The Comet's Ass said...

Hi flasheyedmother/claire,

Glad you got something out of it. I looked at your website. Your paintings are beautiful. Thanks for visiting.

6:55 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Greetings. Under "the date of the party" you call her Patricia Ross.

4:26 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Greetings. Under "date of the party" you have her listed as Patricia Ross.

4:27 AM  

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