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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Janet Napolitano

The Governor of Arizona is not only a Woman but a Democrat! I didn't even know they allowed Democrats into Arizona. Anyway, she caught my eye in the news because she just signed her 115th vetoed against the Arizona Legislature setting some sort of record. You go Girl! I swear, Women Democrats are such Amazons! Mars conjunct her North Node in Scorpio certainly doesn't hurt, especially when it's squaring her Uranus. MaMa wants to do it right and she doesn't want to leave the poor people out with all that Mars/Uranus energy.

Anyway, she's a Sagittarius, what else? Same as Willa Cather and Jane Austen. Humanitarian, Lawyer, Well-educated, Fighting for what's right. What with Pluto plowing through their sign, all kinds of Sagittarians are taking on powerful roles in the Government. The Federal Reserve, Homeland Security, Arizona. Mostly I see the Sagg's as muck-rakers but if they want to rule, well, it's fine with me.

Born November 29, 1957 in New York, NY. (no birth time).

Her Moon according to a Noon Time Chart looks to be in Pisces. This Moon sign seems to fit because of it's opposition to Pluto. She's already had Breast Cancer and a Mastectomy in the late 1990's.

So the Sagg and the Pisces make for a friendly, positive, sensitive person who cares about people and humanity in general and can go with the flow.

But, what's fun here is her Mercury. Natally it's in Sagittarius trining Pluto. This means that her Communication Abilities flow well with her Ability to exert Power and create Change in the World. There's substance behind all that Flow. Pluto has been passing over Mercury and trining her Natal Pluto. This is a time of Achievement and Fame for Napolitano. When she speaks, people listen. When she says, "I veto that!" even the Republicans back off.

Jupiter's passing over her Mars in Scorpio and squaring her Natal Uranus, so she needs to pace herself. I wouldn't ask someone with that aspect to take a Vacation because she's probably a Workaholic, but she really might overdo herself right now. Hope she can take some time to smell the Cactus.