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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Geronimo's Bones

The Apaches of Arizona were the last Native Americans to fight against the invasion of the White Settlers. Their leader was Geronimo, a name which means "He Who Yawns." Geronimo had served his tribe as a Medicine Man and then led as a Warrior and had become a legend through for his successful battles and escapes from captivity. In the late 1880's he and his tribe consisting of only 38 men, women and children evaded 5,000 U.S. and Mexican soldiers for an entire year. They surrendered in 1886 at Skeleton Canyon, Arizona and spent the rest of their lives as Prisoners of War.

Geronimo managed to achieve great fame in his old age while conforming to a completely foreign culture that completely suppressed his own culture, literally kept him imprisoned at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. Only a Mutable Sign could show this level of adabtability. Turns out Geronimo was a Gemini, the First of the Mutable Signs, ruled by Air: highly intelligent, social, tricky, witty, adaptable, great communicator.

born June 16, 1829 Turkey Creek, Arizona (I used Willcox for a town)

Sun at 26 Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius

Geronimo's Natal Chart truly shows a great Warrior and Spirit. His Sun and Moon are in the Mutable Signs of Gemini and Sagittarius indicating that he was maybe born on the Gemini Full Moon. A great thinker and communicator, but also philosophical and opinionated, and always aware of others, quick witted and able to blend into the landscape. He probably had a special relationship with his horse as Sagittarius understands animals extremely well. His Chart has both a Grand Fire Trine and a Mystic Rectangle which are bounded together by a powerful Saturn-Pluto trine. He could understand the deeper workings of Nature and could manifest in a practical way conflicting ideals. Pluto was also conjunct his South Node indicating past lives in which he held much Power. Pluto-SN are in Aries, ruled by Mars, which is the Warrior's planet. They are trining Jupiter in Sagittarius (its own sign, the Centaur, also a Warrior), and Saturn in Leo (the King). Fire is Intuition, Idealism, and Action. The Pluto-Node axis is trined and sextiled by an opposition of Uranus in Aquarius (its own sign) to Saturn.

If these were the major aspects of his chart, he would have been a great warrior, a brilliant politican-type and a man of action, but he had another strong Spiritual side. Natally Neptune is in Capricorn opposing Mercury and Mars in Cancer. In fact, he had 3 planets in Cancer, which represents among other things that he was very attached to family, homeland, and his environment. Neptune is the planet of illusion and could account for his ability to escape from captivity. It also indicates the spiritual side of a person which it develops, however, through Sorrow, Loss and Confusion. He may have believed the promises of others too readily. Another aspect, Chiron was squaring (stress, challenge) his Saturn-Uranus opposition from Taurus. Taurus is a stubborn sign. Chiron is the Teacher/Healer who can heal others but can't heal his own wound. Chiron is also considered a transitional Asteroid that's perpetually caught between the conservative energy of Saturn and the rebellious energy of Uranus as its orbit passes between these two planets. On the other side of the Saturn-Uranus, the Warrior Asteroid Varuna is sextiling and trining.

Geronimo's father passed away when he was young. Maybe this occured around the age of five when his Sun would progressed into Cancer. At this point, his ego would have begun to focus on home, family, defensiveness and protectiveness. As he grew up he learned Medicine and Fighting and became equally adept at both; often fighting the Mexican troops who were fighting for his tribe's land. He married and had children and, in 1858, his entire family was killed by Mexican soldiers. He became relentless about getting revenge. This was his first Saturn Return among other transits. Transiting Pluto (revenge) was conjunct natal Chiron and squaring Saturn and Uranus. This shows sudden, profound loss, a wounding. In his natal chart, Pluto squares both his Venus and Mars in Cancer. This is somebody you wouldn't want to mess with. He said that he never felt like he had a home again. Neptune and the Nodes were all squaring his Natal Sun and possibly his Natal Moon. This dissolves all bounderies one has set up in one's life. Varuna, the Warrior Asteroid was opposing his Sun, maybe conjunct his Moon.

Geronimo spent the entire next Saturn cycle defending his people while fighting off both White and Mexican Soldiers. On September 4, 1886 he surrendered himself and his remaining people. Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct his North Node in Libra and opposite his natal Pluto-SN. T.Chiron was conjunct his Natal Sun. T.Saturn was opposite his natal Neptune and approaching his 2d Saturn Return by less than 10 degrees. T.Varuna was at 29 Virgo opposing n. Saturn. The Moon would have passed over his natal Varuna which was trines and sextiles his Saturn-Uranus opposition. He was tired and couldn't fight anymore. Maybe he thought he didn't have to. The same combination of planets, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto were in hard aspect during the Summer of Love (in Virgo). He gave up the Warrior Ways of his Aries North Node and transformed (PLuto) into the ways of his Libra North Node. And, with Pluto there, this hadn't been an easy transformation but a big one and unfortunately a sad one. When he surrendered, Neptune and Pluto were approaching a conjunction in Gemini. This is what Noel Tyl calls the "Ego Wipeout."

He was a Prisoner for the rest of his life, taken first to Florida and then held at Fort Sill in Oklahoma where he died. But he was celebrated and became famous. He rode in Theodore Roosevelt's 1905 Inaugural Parade and enjoyed other priviledges but was never allowed to return his people to Arizona, let alone to enjoy freedom. He seemed to embrace the Christian Religion which he claims gave answers to life problems that he felt his own culture couldn't provide.

Fortunately or not, we're talking about Geronimo, Great Warrior, Gemini. The Guy was adaptable and had a speedie recovery rate. By the time Jupiter and Pluto were approaching his natal Sun by transit in 1906 he had written and sold his Life Story (available on the Internet through his Wikipedia entry). He adapted to the Modern World (Jupiter-Pluto). In his biography he writes, however, about his hopes that he will return to his land. These hopes were never fulfilled.

Geronimo died on February 17, 1909. The transits of the outer planets are pretty amazing for the way they line up with his natal chart. T.Pluto-North Node conjunct Sun (Pluto to the degree, NN off by 2 degrees). T.Neptune opposed n.Neptune. T.Uranus was conjunct natal Neptune to the degree. T.Saturn was conjunct n.Pluto within 1 degree. T.Jupiter was conjunct progressed Sun in Virgo. He had a Lilith Return. Varuna was at 0 Pisces as if his Warrior Soul had dissolved from his Material Self.

A Normal Person's life would end here. Geronimo's kept going.

In 1918 his Skull, some bones, and a horse-bit and stirrups were stolen from Fort Sill where his remains were buried. They were stolen by President Bush's Grandfather, Prescott Bush, and a few other men who were stationed in Oklahoma during WWI. They were smuggled to Yale University where they were exhibited in a glass case and were used during the meetings. There's even a story of how Initiates to the Society were expected to kiss his Skull.

Once again, Geronimo's Saturn was approaching another Return. Saturn rules the Bones!! North Node opposite both n.Sun and t.Jupiter. T.Pluto just past conjunction to natal Venus in Cancer (change of home, so to speak). T.Neptune in Leo just past Natal Saturn. T.Chiron conjunct n.Pluto. One wonders if his spirit is not the reason behind the great powers of the (undeserving) men who have joined the Skull and Bones. The two Bush Presidents, for example. A reminder again that Geronimo's Saturn was in Leo, the sign of the King.

But Wait! (another Saturn keyword) The story doesn't end here. Geronimo's Soul has endured 3 more Saturn Returns of 28-30 years.

In 2006, supposedly his Skull and missing bones were returned to their grave. His Great-Grandson wrote to Bush and asked for a proper burial. Once again, Saturn Return. Pluto is opposite his Sun right now, conjunct the Galactic Center. His Prog.Sun is conjunct both n.Moon (maybe) and t.Pluto! Prog. Moon maybe even conjunct his natal Sun. T.North Node c. South Node which means that he's not resting in peace. T. Uranus in a Grand Trine with Mars-Mercury trine Varuna.

I'm not sure if he was returned to Fort Sill in Oklahoma or to Arizona where he would have wanted to go, or if he was even returned. If he's not Resting in Peace, this is one man that I'm sure we'll be hearing from again. Next Saturn Return: 2034!

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pregancy, Coma, Last Rights, WakeUp, Twins

Whew! This was supposed to be a chatty little story on the theme of Gemini but it seems that every time I try to study any chart involving that sign all the themes explode into new themes and ideas scatter. Guess that's the idea of Gemini, even when you're trying to write a couple of simple paragraphs.

I'm looking at charts of people who've fallen into comas (Neptune, Aries) and wake up out of them after all hope is lost. All the news stories are amazing to say the least but, of course, no one thinks to give the patient's birthdates so I've been at a loss as to how to read the astrology. These are miracle stories, kind of Uranian. Quick, inexplicable, surprising events.

One story I noticed involved Maria Lopez, a pregnant 25-year old woman living in Los Angeles, CA who passed into a coma while she was pregnant due to a preexisting condition in her brain. Doctors performed a surgery to try to untangle the mess but when she failed to respond after a few weeks they felt certain she had no future. Her family decided to remove her from life support along with her unborn twins because they were too small. They called in a priest to perform the last rites, he put his hand on her forehead and she opened her eyes and coughed. Needless to say, her family decided to keep her hooked up. She was weaving in and out of her coma for the next couple of weeks and came out of it fully on June 9, 1999. She gave birth through cesarian section to her twin daughters, Arizandy Leann and Brianna Angel on June 15, 1999.

I, of course, could only think of the wonders of Astrology. Suffering a Coma and giving birth to twins while the Sun is in Gemini. What a multi-tasker. How Gemini. I don't have Maria Lopez's birth information so I'm only looking at the transits as they were occurring in relation to this event. This is stupid, I know. Everyone alive at that moment experienced these same transits and didn't go through anything even close to this. Even so, I think there is some good information here.

According to Max Heindel, Aries/Mars rules matter related to the Brain and Neptune rules matters related to Comas.

The Retrogrades. First off, I noticed that Mercury never went retrograde during Mrs. Lopez's coma. Mars, however, was going through a long transit in Scorpio and had gone Retrograde about a month before she went into her Coma. It passed back into Libra and turned direct just before she came out of the coma. And it was within orb of squaring Retrograde Neptune in Aquarius most of the time. Scorpio rules Reproductive Organs so maybe Hormones were the culprits that set off brain.

Other retrograde Planets: Uranus (and also Neptune) in Aquarius; Pluto in Sagittarius; Chiron in Sagittarius back to 30 Scorpio.

April 24, 1999: Maria Lopez lapses into Coma. Neptune in Aquarius is apex of a t-square to Sun-Saturn opposite MarsR. Mars is singleton in Water. Venus in Gemini opposite Pluto. Pluto c. Chiron, both Retrograde, in Sagittarius. Uranus c. South Node in Aquarius. Mercury and Jupiter in Aries. Aries rules fevers and the brain.

May 17, 1999: Priest called in to perform the last right. Mercury in Leo has recently squared Saturn showing a difficult decision. Mercury is squaring Uranus and the Nodes now. A Mental Flash, a Surprise. Mars has retrograded back into Libra and is opposite Jupiter in Aries. Pluto is at an apex of a Yod with Venus in Cancer on one end and Saturn in Taurus on the other end. The chart is remarkable for its 4 inconjuncts. Things just are not always what they seem when an inconjunct is involved.

June 9, 1999: Fully out of coma. Moon c. Jupiter in Aries opposite Mars in Libra Direct. Mrs. Lopez had had a surgery to remove fluids on her brain a few days before, imagine it helps to have Mars in an Air Sign for this type of thing. Sun trine Mars and Uranus. Pluto, Lilith and Chiron in conjunction over Sagg/Scorpio cusp. Saturn squaring Uranus/Nodes.

June 15, 1999: The Twins are born completely healthy, Sun in Gemini, sign of the Twins. Moon in Cancer, maybe conjunct Mercury. Venus is conjunct the North Node in Leo opposite Uranus in its own sign of Aquarius. Venus is also opposite Neptune in Aquarius. I suppose this is a perfect signature for a Miracle!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

What happens when You Have a Lunar Eclipse on Your Solar Return? Lynndie England

Lynndie England, Poster Girl for Bad Army Conduct. Turned her relationship with Charles Grainer (can't find his birth info) into a sexcapade involving the entire Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

b. Nov. 8, 1982.
Sun, Mercury, Venus, & Jupiter in Scorpio H6, Moon in Leo H4, 15 Gemini Rising.

She joined the army in 2001 while still in high school. She had walked out of her job in a Chicken Packing Plant because they were processing rotten chicken. During that year she had a Nodal Return with Jupiter and Progressed ASC conjunct, Saturn was opposite Pluto right on her ASC/DESC line and Uranus was on her MC opposite her Moon. I read what is supposedly her first interview since being sent to jail in the English Marie-Claire magazine (the link is available through her Wikipedia listing) where she claims that she was having a really kinky relationship with Grainer. She was certainly due for both tough relationship issues and unpopular and bizarre exposure through career with these transits hitting the angles in her chart. The Saturn-Pluto opposition would have affected her very strongly as she has a conjunction to the degree of those two planets in her natal chart (in Libra H5).

The photograph where she is seen with the naked pyramid of prisoners (I think she is grinning and maybe whipping them) was taken on her Birthday in 2003. One of the pictures was used as a screen saver on one of the prison computers. I believe this was it. Her aspects for this day are wild. Saturn was conjunct her North Node and in her Solar Return chart it was exactly conjunct the Ascendant in a Grand Trine with Mars in H9 and the Sun in H5. That's as military an aspect as you could get. It also contains a Full Moon c. the Nodes meaning: there was a Total Lunar Eclipse the next day on Nov. 9!!

Lynndie England gave birth to a Son, Carter Allan England on Oct. 11, 2004 21:25 Fort Bragg, Fayetteville, NC
Court Martialled on January 2005. Plead guilty on April 30, 2005.

Charles Grainer was found guilty on Jan. 14, 2005. He has since married another Guard from Abu Ghraib, Megan Ambuh. His first wife, Staci Graner, was supposedly born 2 years, 17 days before Lynndie England so I guess that means he likes Scorpios.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Say your Blessings, Count your Prayers, and empty the Food Trough! If you just get sleepy and don't get dry heaves like I have you can count even more prayers!


I stopped off for a quick bite at McDonald's early today and ate something really bad. There was something slimy in my Soda and I've been tasting bad stuff ever since and hanging over the toilet in desperation to purge whatever went in.

It's a good time to study the chart for "The Wiley Act." This is the legislation responsible for regulation of all foods, drugs and pesticides in the United States. It's the basis of the Food and Drug Administration. It became a model for other countries and it is celebrating its One Hundredth Year Anniversary.

The Food and Drug Act
signed June 30, 1906, Washington, DC
effective January 1, 1907

This Act was signed into effect by Theodore Roosevelt "for preventing the manufacture, sale, or transportation of adulterated or misbranded or poisonous or deleterious foods, drugs, medicines, liquors, and for regulating traffic therein, and for other purposes." It's called the Wiley Act after a chemist who worked for the Dept. of Agriculture named Harvey V. Wiley. Wiley had fought all through the last 20 years of the 19th Century to pass Pure Food Bills. He was defeated for all of this time by Lobbyists and finally began to break down their resistance with the formation of his "Poison Squad." He would feed various foods and medicines to volunteers and test their urine afterword for toxicity. Then in 1906 Upton Sinclair published his famous book "The Jungle" about the meat packing industry which caught the public's attention and obviously the Government's attention as well.

So, June 30, 1906, 4 planets were in Cancer. Cancer rules food and loving care so this is a good placement and bodes well for success of the legislation. The Sun was conjunct Neptune and Mars, though. Mercury was also in Cancer. Sun-Neptune-Mars together is an interesting combination. Neptune rules Institutions and in Cancer shows a caring, nurturing, compassionate Institution. But, Neptune also rules poisons and deception. Mars adds strength and vitality to the combination, but also aggression and impulsive enthusiasm. One would wonder about the realistic abilities of the FDA to actually regulate anything at all with the Neptune though. This stellium is opposite Uranus in Capricorn. It took shocking news like "The Jungle" and the Poison Squad to get this Act passed into a Governmental Law. This was a time when the leadership really was concerned about the masses. The intentions were certainly good but many alternative healers were also put out of business in favor of the big business "Western Medicine" types. This could also be why attitudes in the United States toward the use of poisonous pesticides are so lax and accepting. (The FDA also began to regulate pesticides in the 1920's). It also explains why fast foods are so popular. Uranus and Mars like efficiency and speed and technology. Drive-through Windows, TV Dinners, burgers created by poor, angry, resentful people out of animals that have no idea what it means to be an animal; it's all good. It's impersonal, efficient and quick. Gives the most to the many give or take a nutrient or two. With Neptune so heavily involved it's easy to turn a blind eye towards. Jupiter was conjunct Pluto at this time too almost guaranteeing success and popularity. This Act helped usher in the Modern lifestyle and in a competitive sense put the U.S. at a superior level to other less advanced countries.

Also of interest are the Nodes. North Node in Leo conjunct Venus contributes to popularity, caters to the luxury and pleasure principle. Venus, as ruler of Taurus, rules money so the needs of big business would always be close to the the goals of this law. South Node in Aquarius conjunct Chiron certainly points toward an inability to overcome a wounding spread out to a large group of people maybe catering more to hopes and wishes than reality. How on earth can you feed the masses and still respect what Nature has to offer? How do speed growth up? How do you conquer pests? Retain freshness over long periods of time? You can't, so you paint the foods Pink with Red Dye whatever it was and you make it extra pretty and extra cheap and everyone can have one and be happy. Bread and Circus. I drink Diet Coke. I also pour it down the sink to unclog the muck.

Aquarius also rules technology. First there were pesticides and mass production and preservatives and dyes and astronaut food. Now the FDA is close to giving the go-ahead for Cloned Meats. There is no longer such a thing as non-bioengineered corn because the pollen flies so quickly. Drive through Mid-Western farmland and no bugs hit your windshield because they no longer eat the altered crops. Taste an Organic Apple and you feel like you've just eaten Medicine... This is what has happened.

Fascinatingly, it all sort of feeds into the United States chart with Sun in Cancer which wants to take care of others and Moon in Aquarius which wants to take care of the Masses.

When the Act actually went into effect on Jan. 1, 1907, the Sun had revolved around into conjunction with Uranus and Jupiter was conjunct the June stellium of Sun-Neptune-Mars along with the Moon. This huge stellium was also trining Saturn in Pisces which showed strong Government support. The timing on this Act was excellent.

Harvey V. Wiley became known at the "Father of the Pure Food and Drugs Act." He worked at the FDA until 1912 when he quit to take over the laboratories at Good Housekeeping. He then became the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval Man. He was constantly ahead of his time. In 1921 he contributed to the passing of a Maternity Bill to allocate improved Infant care which is directly related to the reduction of infant mortality rates in the U.S. In 1927 he commented on how cigarette smoke is harmful and promotes Cancer.

His birth information is October 30, 1844 Kent, Indiana. Sun in Libra opposite Pluto in Aries indicating a self-starter with diplomatic ability to power trip with others. Mars in Libra at the Aries Point so that he would be brought forth as a crusader of some kind. Moon either in Capricorn or Aquarius. He had Venus conjunct Chiron in Virgo otherwise unaspected which shows the emphasis on Service and Health. And North Node in Sagittarius, Idealistic and Independent and able to see the broader picture.

A great book has just been published about the Food and Drug Act. The Hundred-Year Lie: How Food and Medicine are Destroying your Health by Randall Fitzgerald. Many Documentaries about the Food Industry. Neptune has been conjunct the Chiron/SN of the FDA chart which is Inconjunct it's Neptune (natal). The FDA is being called upon to make adjustments. Pestcides, Foods, and Drugs; many of the products it has been endorsing have been found to be toxic to our health.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Dark Side of Scorpio

Now that the Sun is on the last degree of Scorpio I'll post a chart of one of the darker folks from this sign.

He's our Poster Boy for Bad Psychiatry (or at least one of them), the Lobotomy Doctor, Walter Freeman. Freeman performed 3,000 lobotomies on patients many of whom he misdiagnosed in the first place just to be able to perform his surgery. Supposedly he was quite a showman and egomaniac, loved to have an audience while he "performed". Freeman was put out of business by Thorazine (Neptune) which seemed more humane, er, less permanent. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign after all. Scorpios can focus so hard on one thing that they want to do that they will become narrow minded. They can be great surgeons because of this trait, but Surgeons aren't know to have the best bedside manner in the world. Often they have to remind themselves to look at the patient to see how he's doing. Also, Surgery changes things permanently, very Scorpion.

Dr. Walter Freeman
b. Nov. 14, 1895 Philadelphia, PA

Sun, Uranus, Saturn, Mars and Venus in Scorpio.
Pluto conjunct Neptune in Gemini.
Pluto squaring the Nodes (NN in Pisces) and inconjunct Saturn.

The great astrologer Noel Tyl calls the Pluto-Neptune contacts a sort of "Wipe-Out." No kidding. The good Doctor would stick a knife or pole in the patients frontal lobe and wiggle it around until they became incoherent. Do not try this at home on your own. Be wary of this type of Scorpio.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Memoirs of a Fibber

Sagittarius rules Writing and the Publishing Industry. With Pluto traveling through that sign the Media has become a major power in U.S. Society. The Papparazzi have become extra fierce, literally killed Princess Diana and have dogged Celebrities into living what looks like a living hell. Poetry has made a comeback in popular society with Poetry Slams and Stand-Up Comedians can sometimes actually make an Ok Living. And of course there are bloggers galore where we publish before we've actually written a complete idea. Everyone is trying to make a fortune off of exposing the latest story. Everyone wants to out-do the others' stories. And who can really read all this crap? Everyone's so busy writing, they don't have time to read.

There has also been a publishing blitz of Memoir Writers during this transit. I don't understand the connection to Memoir as that seems a Cancer/4th house thing, but, out of this fervor a few books were exposed this last year for having gone too far with their exaggerations and tall tales. This doesn't really bother me, personally, but the Journalists and Media had a fit. Oprah had a fit. Just think how awful it would have been if Anne Morrow Lindbergh had rattled on and on about how her husband was doodling around with mistress after mistress. Instead she wrote developed a rich interior life which no doubt formed from the pressure of not being loved. This is what creates Pearls and Diamonds, and, well, Liars. Mark Twain, by the way, was a Sagittarius with Scorpio Rising, ruled by Pluto and Jupiter.

Anyway, if the Birth Data I'm using is correct, I think I've found the Planet and Transits to blame. In both charts I have, those of JT Leroy and James Frey, Mars is at 22 and 26 Sagittarius, both are at the apex of a t-square which is a high tension aspect, and both were under the slow transit of Pluto.

Sagittarius is also the sign of wild and crazy fun. It's the sign of Little White Lies which are so much fun to tell and with Mars here would direct much of an Individual's more aggressive, acting out energies in this direction, especially with squares involved. Both memoirs were telling totally wild stories about people leading wild lives and the public ate them up. Pluto rules Scorpio, the sign of the Phoenix, and it likes to rip ya apart just so it can build ya back up. The astrologers call it a purification process; I think it might be the subconscious reason the astronomers demoted Pluto. Pluto can also bring Fame. It seems to purify sometimes by just dragging up all the dirt out from under whatever easy chairs ya happen to be sittin on. Jupiter enlarges everything it touches blowing everything out of proportion. Famous actors like Mel Gibson and Michael Richards now seem to be putting their feet in their mouths with racist comments, seems the White Men have had enough of the cross fire. Jupiter just overdoes it sometimes, if you've ever known a Sagittarius you know how it is.

Back to our writers, though.

The First Chart example is that of James Frey. He wrote A Thousand Little Pieces about going through Drug Rehab and to make the story extra special told a couple of little fibs about root canals and dead girlfriends, or whatever, I can't remember.

James Frey's birth data is Sept. 12, 1969 Cleveland, Ohio. Sun in Virgo with Moon either in Virgo or Libra. He has Mars conjunct Venus in Sagg squaring the Nodes. His North Node is in Pisces very befitting of a Drug Addict and Alcoholic. He's certainly pulled off that side of his spiritual quest in that regard. Pisces is also good for pulling off anything deceptive or artistic. His South Node is in Virgo conjunct his Sun and Pluto. This shows a spiritual crisis and past life carry over of a very violent nature, looks like he got caught in the last life too. He was probably born remembering some really awful experiences so his memoirs are probably not all that dishonest in the long karmic run of things.

Frey also has an interesting triangle pattern of apex Saturn in Taurus quindecile Mars on one end and Pluto on the other end. Quindeciles are thought to bring out compulsive tendencies and also are connected with great creativity. Saturn rules guilt, moral lessons, and restrictions. These three planets working together under a transit can bring about a complete reality check.

In September, 2005 Oprah picked his book for her Book Club and by January 27, 2006 was tearing Frey apart on her talk show. For some reason I watched it and haven't been able to breath when I see her face at the check-out counter ever since. It was scary. Man, don't mess with Oprah. Frey's Pisces, Pluto, Nodes were really tight lipped and he looked like a monster on the show. You could see the wheels churning in his eyes the whole time. What to say? What not to say? Best to not say anything. And Oprah with Neptune on her Sun: she's either grabbing at straws with rosy colored glasses or stabbing at old wine bags like Don Quixote. But, she's still Oprah. Ew.

Anyway, Pluto was on Frey's Mars creating havoc. The transiting NN was also conjunct his Chiron in Aries (ruled by Mars) and opposite his Uranus-Jupiter conjunction. Uranus-Jupiter combinations are open minded but need grounding. He got plugged into the earth during January like most people could never even dream about.

The 2d Chart example is JT Leroy. JT Leroy was a teenage Savant who wrote memoirs of a really awful childhood which morphed into a crazy Andy Warhol life style surrounded by celebrities and movie deals. At the end of 2005 (exposed October 2005) Leroy was exposed as a girl named Savannah who was related to the real author through marriage three times removed or something. The writer behind the books was Laura Albert who has given her birth data in the latest Paris Review (hope that's the correct mag). I guess it's foolish to believe anything she says but the chart repeats James Frey's chart so fantastically I'm giving it anyway: Nov. 2, 1965 Brooklyn, NY. Sun in Scorpio, Moon either in Aquarius or Pisces.

In this chart, Mars is in Sagittarius conjunct Venus. It's the apex of a t-square to an opposition of Chiron in Pisces opposite Pluto-Uranus in Virgo. In 2005, Pluto hit Mars and Venus along with her Progressed Sun and she was exposed. Natally, her North Node is in Gemini which, like Pisces, is a double sign, known for its split personalities and also is a writer's sign. Mercury is conjunct her South Node, reaffirming these talents.

The Nodes of both writer's signs are in Pisces and Gemini, which explains the ability of their owner's to exhibit duplicitous behaviors.

The fictional character, JT Leroy, was supposedly "born" on Oct. 31, 1980 in West Virginia. As an interesting coincidence!!! "He" also has Mars in Sagittarius and it is conjunct Neptune at 21 Sagittarius and was literally "wiped out" by the Pluto transit!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Girl, Put Your Records On

Heaven's Angels have competition. The singer is Corinne Bailey Rae. I can't stop listening to her album. Last year it was non-stop Lali Puna (a band, not a person). The year before that was Macy Gray. Now I guess, for the next 6 months at least its:

Corinne Bailey Rae
b. February 26, 1979 Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

Sun in Pisces, Moon either in Aquarius or Pisces. The noontime chart shows Pisces Moon conjunct Sun and Mars in Aquarius.

Neptune rules the arts; Venus rules the voice and singing; Mercury rules the talking voice; Saturn rules Rhythm. Ms. Rae has Sun in Pisces opposite Saturn. Her Venus is in Capricorn (Saturn's sign) sextiling Mercury in Pisces (Neptune's sign) on one side and Uranus on the other side in Scorpio. Mercury is trine Uranus. This gives her voice its sweetness but adds a sense of structure and intelligent design and surprise to her lyricism. She also has Neptune in Sagittarius squaring her natal Nodes, NN in Virgo. Pluto recently passed over Neptune which is great for realizing such an ethereal sound. In one of her songs she describes love as being like "little Volcanoes" which made me wonder if she has a Venus-Pluto in addition to the aspect to Uranus. Yay! Venus square Pluto. Little Volcanoes! That's it! (I have a Venus-Pluto conjunction)

Corinne Bailey Rae has been compared with Minnie Riperton (Nov.8, 1947 Chicago, IL) and Macy Gray (Sept.6, 1967 Canton, OH). After a quick check I noticed that they all share strong Venus-Jupiter aspects. Rae has the opposition and Riperton and Gray had/have the conjunction. That indicates an "expansive" quality to the voice in some way, happy, party singing which is popular with a huge audience and when combined with strong Saturn and Mars aspects in their charts give the discipline, energy, and ambition to follow a career in music. Jupiter, as co-ruler of traditional Pisces, also rules poetry and publishing, great for song-writing.

All three of the women have Sun in a wide orb, very wide for Macy Gray, with their South Nodes. Perhaps this is a signature for a performer; it certainly shows past lifetimes where they were perhaps in the spotlight. Bailey Rae and Macy Gray, no rhyming intended, both have squares of Neptune to their Nodes. Minnie Riperton had a conjunction of Mars-Pluto-Saturn to her Nodes. She developed Breast Cancer right around the time of her first Saturn Return and passed away at age 31.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Dr. Ian Stevenson

Here's another Scorpio chart:

Dr. Ian Stevenson
born Oct. 31, 1918 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Sun in Scorpio. Moon either in Virgo or Libra.

Dr. Stevenson is a psychiatrist; the founding researcher on studies in Reincarnation. He has researched and published scientific investigations on Children who have vivid memories of their past lives. In the late 50s and early 60s, he noticed that young Children often will talk about memories of their past lives when they are around 2 or 3 years old and cease talking about them between the ages of 5 and 8. Since then, he has literally been able, in some cases, to match Birthmarks and Birth Defects in Children that seem to carry over from woundings that they claim to have suffered in the past life. He has been able to correlate these memories with actual autopsy reports. And, he has recorded over 3,000 cases in 10 different cultures.

Dr. Stevenson explains his life and work:

Scorpio is both the sign of Research, Investigators, Detectives, Reincarnation, and Psychiatry. It's just so damn fine that Dr. Stevenson has three planets in this sign. His Sun, Mercury and Venus. His Sun is trining Pluto and squaring Neptune, the two outer planets associated most with psychic phenomena. His North Node is in Sagittarius showing his own past life connections with scholarship, travel, communication, and intellectual pursuits.

As you can read in his lecture, he was originally interested in Psychosomatic Medicine. This interest led him to study and practice psychiatry and he became the Head of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia. In 1960 he published an article in the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research about children who remember their past lives. This led to a chance to travel to India and Sri Lanka to research multiple case studies which he published into a book in 1966 called Twenty Cases Suggestive for Reincarnation.

During this time a configuration was activated in his chart which consists of an opposition from Uranus in Aquarius to Saturn in Leo that is sextiled/trined by his Mars in Sagittarius. During this time his Progressed Sun was passing over Mars and Saturn and Uranus were opposing themselves and conjunct each other in the opposition. In 1960, at the time of publication of his first article, Jupiter (luck, publishing) was passing over Mars as was progressed Venus. In addition, Neptune was passing over his natal Sun and squaring itself and the transiting Nodes were squaring his Natal Nodes. The Neptune, Scorpio, Nodal influences describe his work very well. Uranus, Saturn and Mars working together would not be my first choice for guessing Scientific Research. Mars often indicates Children and I suppose the prominence of Mars' influence indicates how he found his voice in Children and in Sagittarius shows work in Foreign Countries.

Apparently the first translator he worked with was unreliable so he had to go back and repeat the interviews with new translators. This problematic "challenge" tackled with high degree of persistant behavior can be seen by his natal Mercury in Scorpio in square to the Uranus-Saturn opposition.

I've noticed that during the time that Dr. Stevenson seems to have found his voice in the field of Reincarnation Research, I suppose around 1956 or 57, his progressed Mercury went retrograde in Capricorn. Mercury Retrograde often shows a stifling or scrambling of Mental processes and communications but is also good for mental reflection and, in certain cases, creativity. At this time, Stevenson also experienced a Nodal Return in Sagittarius and Gemini. He says that he wasn't satisfied with the narrow scope of the Psychiatric field, read widely in all kinds of subjects and kept his mind open to all types of unconscious mental studies not just the Freudian teachings which were accepted in his field. This, along with his studies amongst International Cultures show the influence of the Sagittarius/Gemini Nodes. This was his own Karmic Journey.

Barfing and Bloodlines

Read in the paper about the Bush-Clinton Comedy Duo. Apparently the two ex-Presidents have found a lucrative post-Presidential Gig touring together. People pay lots of money to see them hold hands in Bipartisan comeraderie. That's great. They make the crowds laugh. I'm all for anything that Clinton does as long as long as I'm not in the same room with him while he's doing it with a cigar.

One of Bush's jokes centers around how 14 years after the fact the most memorable event of his presidency seems to always end up being the time that he spewed sashimi on the Premier of Japan. He also passed out. Having a petty mind, I thought I'd report on the aspects for that day.

So I investigated the fateful day, Jan. 8, 1992. Aspects are bad. Nervous stomachs can be attributed to Mercury and its sign, Virgo, and to the Moon which rules Cancer. Bush has Virgo ruling his First House, a major Health House. Jupiter was transiting over this point, squaring Mercury on one end and Jupiter in the 4th house (Cancer's house) along with transiting Venus. Jupiter also rules the 4th house cusp. 12th House rules chronic and/or inexplicable health conditions, poisonings, passing out. The Moon, Mercury and Jupiter were doing a wahtoosee (sp?) on his digestive system. His Natal Nodes span the health Houses 12 and 6 with Progressed Sun (vitality) conjunct NN and transiting Moon c. SouthNode/Natal Mars. I remember he that emphatically declared his dislike of Broccoli. I suspect that he also does not like Raw Fish. Dude didn't have a chance of making it through that dinner.

(also: t.Mars and Mercury were conjunct in H4. Venus c. Jupiter in H4 squaring ASC-T.Jupiter. Prog. Sun c. natal NN in H12, opposite Mars and squaring t. Mercury. Progressed Moon c. n.Chiron in H8 opposite n. Moon squaring Venus in Cancer, in astrolocality his Chiron line runs closest to Japan.)


More interesting, I also noticed that within the Bush Family there is a succession of powerful politicians born within successive Sun Signs: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer. Prescott Bush, a Senator, was a Taurus. Then there is George Bush, ex-President, who is a Gemini. Then there is George W. Bush, President, who is a Cancer. Their Sun Signs "succeed" each other. As the Sun rules Royalty in a Chart and the Bushes have sort of set up a Dynasty of Royalty within the U.S. this explains the otherwise inexplicable "Reign of Monarchs."

I was wondering if there was a relationship between their progressed Suns and their Natal Suns. It works out! Each Son was born on the date (within a degree) of his Father's Progressed Sun!

Here are the Mechanics relating Progressed Suns/Natal Sun relationships to this Royal American Family that defies Democratic Voting procedures and Popularity Polls:

Prescott Bush b. May 15, 1895 Columbus, OH
Sun at 24+ Taurus
Prog. Sun at 22+ Gemini in 1924 when his Son (Sun?!!) George born in 1924
Prog. Sun at 13+ Cancer in 1946 when his Grandson, George W. born in 1946

George Bush b. June 12, 1924 11:24 am Milton Hill, MA
Sun at 21+ Gemini
Prog. Sun at 12+ Cancer in 1946 when his Son, George W., born in 1946

George W. Bush b. July 6, 1946 7:26am New Haven, CT
Sun at 13+ Cancer

Sunday, November 12, 2006

DVD Recommendation

I was lucky enough to rent a DVD by Rick Levine called "Quantum Astrology: Science, Spirit and Our place in the Cycles of History." In it he relates the evolution of scientific thought with astrology and also discusses the major aspects of the outer planets and shows how their major aspects and cycles compares with events in Human History.

Some interesting highlights about the planetary cycles:

The Pluto cycle is the slowest of all the planets; it's cycle last about 250 years.

The Saturn cycle takes about 28-29 years and it's effects are the most obvious.

Saturn rotates about 9X per every Pluto orbit; that's 3X a century, about every 33 years and often shows clashes in civilization. 2001 was such a year.

The Uranus cycle is 84 years.

The Neptune cycle is 165 years.

there are 2 Uranus cycles to every 1 Neptune cycle and they align once very 172 years. These conjunctions are often related to advances in art, science and technology. The Last one was in 1993 and corresponds with the invention of the Internet. The one before that was in 1821 and corresponds with the development of Electromagnetism. In 1906 when the two planets were in opposition, Einstein developed the new physics. This brought a new understanding about Matter, Time and Space. The idea that Matter is Light.

The Uranus-Pluto alignment happens every 130 years.

In 1965 there was a triple alignment between Saturn opposite Pluto and Uranus. There was a change of consciousness (at least for a while) and a technological leap when IBM put out the first business computer.

In 1455 There was a Uranus-Pluto conjunction followed in 1479 by a Uranus-Neptune conjunction. This was the time of the Renaissance. 1455 is the year that Gutenberg mass produced the Bible.

Anyhow, the Levine gives a much broader and spiritual explanation. Video is highly recommended.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pat Tillman

I once took a class from a really great Tarot Card teacher who told us that the good thing about reading for Scorpios is that you'll never be bored, they always lead interesting lives. The huge planetary line-up of planets in Scorpio this past week has brought some really wild stories about Scorpio people into the public eye, or rather, as they say down in Pluto's Underground World, the hard-boiled truth has been brought to the surface.

One of these Scorpio's is Pat Tillman, the NFL Football player for the Arizona Cardinals who left a 3.6 million dollar contract to enlist in the U.S. Army eight months after the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

His Birth Data (no time once again) is:

Pat Tillman
b. Nov. 6, 1976 San Jose, CA

Pat Tillman was born under the same Full Moon in Taurus that just passed this week at close to the same degree. He would have had his Solar Return this week. His Saturn return was very recent as well and has been very difficult due to the long t-square to Neptune and Jupiter which are affecting it.

Tillman's natal Sun is conjunct Mars and squaring Saturn, an aspect you would expect to see in a competitive and physically strong athlete and soldier. His Sun was also conjunct Mercury and Uranus, a sign of great intelligence and not something I personally expected to see. Wikipedia claims that he graduated in 3 1/2 years from College with a degree in Marketing, so obviously he was more than just muscle. His North Node is also in Scorpio showing a life purpose concerned with Plutonian matters. Competition was natural for him, the complexities of war and right and wrong would have concerned him, and unfortunately Pluto's dark crisis side seemed to snuff out his life too soon. The transit of Pluto over his planets as well as the progression of his Scorpio Sun seems to tell his whole story.

In 1994 Tillman was given a football scholarship to Arizona State where he majored in marketing, actually a better career choice for Sun-Merc-Uranus in Scorpio. His progressed Sun, though, was exactly conjunct his progressed Mars in Sagittarius, sign of the centaur, half-man/half-horse and a great warrior in Ancient Greek times. Modern Sagittarians tend to be football fanatics. His transiting North Node was exactly conjunct his Natal Sun at this time also.

In 1998 Tillman was drafted into the Arizona Cardinals and played for them through the 2001 season. Transiting Pluto (fame) was now passing over his progressed Sun-Mars conjunction which was still close enough together by degree. He was also receiving 2 Chirons transits: t. Chiron conjunct n.Mars (aggression, sports) and t. Saturn c. n. Chiron in Aries. Chiron is a teacher of the great warriors of ancient Greece. His story gets complex as he taught/healed all the great warriors of Greece but could not figure out how to heal his own wound. I just don't know enough about Tillman's personality to know what was going on. It sort of looks like he was struggling internally with his career path, had perhaps progressed beyond the youthfulness of sports and was wanting to teach or lead in some way.

He finished his 2001 season with the Cardinals and, deeply affected by the 9/11 attacks, decided to join the army with his brother. There had been a couple of huge events in the sky at middle degrees Fixed which would have affected his chart, the Grand Square eclipse of 1999 and the pileup of planets in Taurus in 2000) was a Pluto-Saturn opposition in Gemini-Sagittarius at that point and Pluto was hitting his Neptune. This gave him great compassion and understanding for the world as a whole. It's intensity was amplified multiple times over in his chart. First, his Prog.Sun and Mars were conjunct n. Neptune and t. Pluto. Varuna, the fixed star of the Warrior, was opposite Neptune in his natal chart and was receiving Saturn! I would recommend anyone with a Neptune-Varuna opposition go into war but it's easy to see why he felt called and hopefully the lies and deceipt and incompetence over his death will bring about needed change in the Army's codes of conduct. In addition to this, T.Pluto-n.Neptune was trining his natal Saturn and t. Saturn was trining his n.Pluto which underscored the affects of the Saturn-Pluto opposition for him immensely, the trines bringing a need to get in there and help. His Scorpio planets, dispositing towards Pluto would have felt the brunt of this even further.

Tillman was sent to Iraq at first but became very critical of the U.S. involvement there. According to a San Francisco Chronicle article he was so upset by President Bush's bad decisions that he had scheduled to do an interview with Noam Chomsky when he returned. He was then sent to Afghanistan where he was shot by several of his own troops in a confusing skirmish on April 27, 2004. In addition to the Pluto=Saturn aspect to his natal Neptune, transiting Neptune was squaring his natal Sun amplifying the confusion. Neptune also rules deception and government institutions and in combination with Pluto can indicate big lies and with Saturn big controlling Governmental lies.

This week's reveal by the press of his last moments and words are horrifying: "Cease fire, friendlies. I'm Pat $#@%^^^ Tillman, damn it!" (over and over again). The reasons why each of the four who fired were different, one had recently had laser surgery and couldn't see well (Neptune), the others confused him with the enemy (Pluto-Saturn opposition), there is a sense that the Government ordered it on purpose (Pluto-Saturn-Neptune-Mars-Sun).

As of now, Mercury is in retrograde over his natal Scorpio stellium and asking us to look at the truth (Uranus) behind what happened to him. Transiting Pluto has passed his natal Venus in Sagittarius, the boundary planet in his almost locomotive shaped chart. His progressed Sun has passed his natal Neptune and will begin to pass over his natal Venus also. As I have said before, Venus-prog. Sun conjunctions are thought to bring great peace and harmony to a person's life. One would think that if he had lived he would have worked with a peace organization or he would have met the love of his life and married as one would expect with Venus-prog. Sun aspects. As I've said before I've noticed that Venus-Prog. Sun aspects often bring quite difficult losses. Hopefully Pat Tillman's story will not be lost, his awful death will contribute to bring about much needed changes in Governmental and Military affairs. If that happens, a chart like this can bring peace.

NOTE ON CHART SHAPE: The chart shape in the noontime chart is really interesting. Moon opposite the Scorpio planets and at an apex to a yod (finger of God) with Neptune on one leg and Pluto on the other. On either side of the Moon, symmetrically mirroring each other, Chiron in Taurus quindeciles Neptune and Jupiter quindiciles Pluto.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Scream

Halloween has lasted extra long this year by astrobabble standards. A huge stellium in Scorpio dramatized by Sunday's Full Moon and a Mercury Retrograde (in Scorpio, of course). Both are bringing out the t-square between Neptune-Jupiter-Saturn that's taking forever to separate. Mercury is even eclipsing the Sun (passing in front of it) on November 8. This only happens about 13 times in a Century.

Scorpio rules Halloween and all things scary and taboo like Sex and Death and Hitchcock movies.

Think Janet Leigh in the shower scene of Psycho and her daughter Jamie Leigh Curtis in Halloween. What's Pluto doing in their charts?

Janet Leigh was a Cancer but her Sun was conjunct Pluto and ruled her Scorpio Rising.

Jamie Leigh Curtis has a Scorpio Sun that squares her 8th house Pluto.

I like to look also at Uranus for Fright Night Fun as it rules shock and sudden events. Janet Leigh had Moon (feelings) opposite Uranus and Jamie has Moon trine Uranus.

Both women have Fire Grand Trines (adventurous souls). Jamie: ASC-Saturn trine Uranus trine Moon. Janet: Mercury trine Saturn trine Jupiter-Uranus.

And both have Saturn (fear and insecurities) placed very close to their Ascendants (how they appear to others).

Monday, November 06, 2006

Famous Harpists

Unfortunately can't find full birth information for many harpists.

Check out all the Earth Signs!! Perhaps Mercury and Neptune figure strongly in the pluckers' Midheavens.

Carlos Salzedo
6 April 1885 Arcachon, France

Sun in Aries
Moon either in Sagittarius or Capricorn
North Node in Libra c. Uranus opposite SN Aries c. Mars-Venus
sextile/trine Chiron in Gemini
Uranus at Aries Point in Libra
Pluto and Saturn in Gemini
Mercury and Neptune in Taurus
no water

Lily Laskine
31 August 1893 Paris, France

Sun in Virgo (square Pluto-Neptune Gemini)
Moon in either Aries or Taurus
NN ***Taurus**** (square Mercury in Leo)

Marcel Tournier
5 January 1879 Paris, France

Sun in Capricorn (c. Venus and trine Pluto in Taurus)
Moon in Gemini or Taurus
North Node in Aquarius (square Chiron-Neptune in Taurus)

Nicanor Zabaleta
7 January 1907 San Sebastien, Spain

Sun in Capricorn (c. Urnaus and opposite Jupiter-Neptune in Cancer)
Moon in Libra
North Node in Leo (trine Venus in Sagittarius)

Marcel Grandjany
3 September 1891 Paris, France

Sun in Virgo (c. Stellium Moon-Venus-Saturn opposite Jupiter in Pisces squaring Pluto-Neptune in Gemini at apex of t-square)
Moon in Virgo
North Node in Taurus (square Mars in Leo)

Lucille Lawrence
16 September, 1914 Snoqualmie, WA

Sun in Virgo (opposite Chiron in Pisces)
Moon in Leo
North Node in Pisces (trine Venus in Scorpio, trine Saturn-Pluto in Cancer)

Alfonse Hasselmans
5 March 1845 Liege, Belgium

Sun in Pisces

Henriette Renie
18 September 1875 Paris, France

Sun in Virgo

Alice Coltrane
August 27, 1937 1:40 Detroit, Michigan

Sun 4 Virgo; ASC 14 Cancer; Moon 11 Taurus; MC 22 Pisces; NN 12 Sagittarius (c.Mars)
Grand Trine between Jupiter-Uranus-Neptune.


Harpo Marx
November 23, 1888 New York, NY

Sun in Sagittarius opposite Neptune-Pluto in Gemini
Moon in either Cancer or Leo
North Node in Cancer (square Uranus in Libra and opposite Mars in Capricorn)

Through the grapevine I was once told that Marjorie Call was Sun in Virgo (maybe Aug. 27?). Also told that Susann McDonald is a Gemini. Isabelle Moretti? Annie Challan? Catrin Finch? Dunno, but curious.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Big C and Julia Sweeney

Well, it's a Mercury Retrograde. As I went to post yesterday's blog the Internet Connection gave out. 2:13 pm. Will have to check to see where the hell the Moon was at that point.

It was kind of a rambling post anyway. This one will be too. I suppose if I ever learn to add images somebody someday will come across this blog and try to read my bad astrology and typos. Until then I have complete privacy. Yoo hoo! I would never expose myself if I thought anyone were looking anyway.

OK, get on with it.

A few months ago, while I was driving, I heard an NPR show that had compiled a series of sets that Julia Sweeney performed on stage in Los Angeles while her brother was suffering from Cancer. He was living with her with their parents in her tiny bungalow. Having been in similar situations I can tell you it is a grim environment. Her brother eventually succumbed. That's horrifying enough but two weeks before he died, Julia Sweeney was also diagnosed with Cancer, Cervical Cancer, and went through treatments herself which she has survived. The whole time, or most of the time, she continued to get up on stage and sort of riff about the antics that her family and the doctors and the diseases were doing. It was one of the funniest and most healing talks I've ever listened to. I literally had to pull over and stop the car. She later performed this as a show called "God Said 'Ha!'" from which she has cut a CD which I still haven't listened to. Quentin Tarantino also directed a DVD of the show. If you are dealing with Cancer, or know anyone who is, and for some reason you've found this blog (snowball in hell) you need to see this show.

Since I don't have Julia's (first name?) birth time I don't know her Moon and Rising Sign so it's totally ridiculous that I'm trying to read her chart from a Health perspective. Or any perspective. Also, I don't even know exactly what year(s) she and her brother were sick. I've only read that she was on Saturday Night Live until 1994 and her brother fell ill shortly after she moved back to California. I'm reading the outer transits and progressions to her birthchart only for around 1995. I don't ever expect to have more information on her so I figured I would go ahead with it. Plus, I went back to google her name on November 2 and it turns out she writes a blog and November 2 is her daughter's birthday. It's also the time when the Sun hits her Neptune every year. Plus, her career in show business really took off when her Progressed Sun hit her Neptune. So, she's extra magnetic right now.

Here's what I've found:

Max Heindel's paper on Medical Astrology (which is available on the Internet, had the URL yesterday) claims that the Moon, Pluto, and Mars in Scorpio rule Cervical Cancer. Julia Sweeney's Moon is either in Libra or Scorpio. If it's in Scorpio which is ruled by Pluto, then right there she's got one mark showing a propensity for Ovarian Cancer. Aside from that she's already got 3 planets in Scorpio (Pluto again). These planets are Mars, Mercury, Neptune. Mars in Scorpio! These planets are aspecting her natal Chiron (wounding, teacher, healer)-Pluto(healer, cancer) opposition. Pluto is out of orb to be conjunct her North Node, but Chiron is still within range of being in conjunction with her South Node. Past Life/subconscious issues related to health and healing. Her North Node is in Leo conjunct Uranus (which rules the South Node). This definitely shows a talent for showbusiness and comedy, especially if in aspect to the Moon, Mercury and Mars. It also shows how she is managing to incorporate exceptional life experiences into her Routine and healing others with it. Her most recent work has been about adopting her daughter and about searching for God (and NOT finding him).

In 1994, Saturn was opposite her natal Pluto which aspects her Scorpio transits. This can show a crisis period in a person's life. It would be interesting to look at her 3d house of siblings to see how that was aspected in regards to her brother. Without that, there are already indicators of difficulties through siblings because Mercury (ruled of sibling relationships) is in Scorpio conjunct Neptune and Mars. And the Moon rules family.

At that time, Neptune and Uranus were passing over her natal Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which trines Venus in Virgo. Venus in Virgo needs to serve those she loves. Neptune and Uranus passing over indicate that she was able to entertain them as well. Jupiter and Saturn are the brightest planets in the sky, well, Venus is bright too, but Jupiter and Saturn are considered the brightest. Together they are considered the star that the Wise Men followed to find Jesus in the Manger. They are conjunct every 20 years and are associated with Political and Governmental changes that bring the Government closer to the people (same years as Tecumseh's curse which is said to knock off U.S. Presidents). They are a tense energy together, expansive and restrictive, becomes like walking a tight rope. Together they are forced to seek a middle ground. This level headedness is what makes Sweeney's humor so funny, though. The main function of a Libra Sun, is to seek Balance. Sweeney's Sun is squaring this conjunction so this is something she is challenged to do in her life. Sun is also a health indicator because it represents a person's vitality. Caught in this aspect, her challenges were exceptional.

Read the Book, listen to the CD, watch the Video. "God Said 'Ha'" Best book for dealing with Disease along with Norman Cousin's "Anatomy of an Illness."

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Bump and Grind - Ashlee Simpson's Nose

Scorpio and Pluto rule both Surgery and the Nose. If you're looking for a good date for a bob maybe you should consider the influence of Pluto to your chart.

At some point around April or May this year Ashlee Simpson got the best nose job ever, so, I thought I'd take a look at what's going on in her chart.

Ashlee is a Libra Sun with either Capricorn or Aquarius Moon. Libra is the sign of beauty, harmony and balance. Libras can be vain and want to look beautiful probably more than anyone else in the room. Her Sun is ruled by Venus and Venus in Ashlee's chart is in Scorpio conjunct Saturn and not aspecting anything else so its influence is very potent. Great for business, for music with a rhythm, for being able to withstand really painful surgeries for the sake of beauty.

That conjunction is only the beginning of the Scorpio influences in her chart showing that she will probably go through many transformations regarding both her looks and her love life. Venus in combination with Saturn can be a bit insecure about appearance and feminine nature; she's got one tough act to follow being Jessica's younger sister, but she's also understands the power of beauty and can compete in an industry that requires huge amounts of beauty. Saturn also rules bones and structure. Neptune has recently squared this conjunction. Neptune rules Glamour so she's really been in the mood to push the Beauty envelope. With Venus-Saturn together you know she carefully shopped around for the best Surgeon for her nose. Jupiter has been in mutual reception with Pluto and was conjunct the Venus-Saturn conjunction as well adding the element of Luck. Good Doctors don't always do the trick. I know, I read the Weekly Star while checking out at the Grocery Store.

Pluto in Simpson's chart is in Scorpio, the sign it rules. Anything Plutonian will come naturally to her. Maybe she'll have to dodge the IRS some day, but most days she just gets to be sexy. Her Progressed Sun has been passing over Pluto which shows that she was due for a big transformation. Out with the old Nose, in with the New.

The Nodes also seem to have played a part. First of all, her Nodes are in Taurus and Scorpio. Taurus rules the voice so she's truly following her Karmic path with her singing career. With South Node in Scorpio, though, it looks like she's leaning on past, karmic patterns now with which to lead her life. Of course, good looks aren't the only thing a girl needs, she must work on her heart and her spirit as well. We would never want Barbara Streisand to have a nose job because of what it might do to her voice.

I've read that Ashlee had the surgery either in April or May this year. It would be interesting to see how close the transiting Sun was to her North Node at the time of the surgery. The transiting South Node was also conjunct her Sun-Mercury. I hope her nose works and she can still smell with it and sing through it or have a rattle in the cartilage somewhere. Otherwise it looks like this was a much needed boost for her ego. Strong Plutonians can develop compulsive behaviors so one hopes that she will not become addicted to Plastic Surgery.

They say she may have had her chin shortened as well. What rules chins? I don't know.

My Bad - Chart Shapes

I've probably made a thousand errors interpreting charts so far but since no one is reading this blog I guess it doesn't matter. One error has come to my attention that I've been incorrectly Charts as having Locomotive Chart Shapes when that's not necessarily what they are. The planets fill up two thirds of the chart and there is a remaining third with no planets. It must be bounded by a trine between the two end planets, otherwise it's not really considered an official Locomotive Chart. Of course, there are many charts that have a few empty houses in a row than Locomotive Charts. They probably seen as similar but not as effective. Bowl Shape Charts are most "official" when bounded by an opposition but can be accepted still as Bowl Shapes if the end planets are out of orb. Just had to clear this up.

Here is a great link to understanding chart shapes:


Here is another great link explaining chart formations: