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Thursday, May 22, 2014

When Is The Next Crash Opening Bell?

This is just an experiment in prediction.  It looks like the market is going to have to tank at some point soon.  I checked for conjunctions of Mercury to Venus because I think that this particular aspect can indicate when markets are in the mood to sell off.  We'll see.

 There aren't any exact conjunctions of mercury-Venus coming up a coupe of near misses will happen in July and December.  They involve the Aries Points and make some contact with the Uranus-Pluto Square which can show volatility. In July there will be a sort of conjunction at early degrees Cancer.  Then in December there will be a sort of conjunction at the beginning of Capricorn.  It looks like industry has run out of ideas and leaders for now, that's Cancer and Capricorns expertise.  Either way, it would be good for businesses to try to understand how to work with the energies of those two signs.  Find a need and fill it.  Build something. Environmentalism. Care, conscientiousness, concern. The markets will respond to conservative sentiment. Capricorn in particular rules constriction. Lead, don't follow.  Or, at least don't follow followers, they tend to be blind.  And protect yourself from parasites.

There. I came out of my astrological coma for a split second.