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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Through the Peephole with Erin Andrews

One of the biggest nightmares of being a single woman staying in a hotel is, well, it's all kinds of things. The boogers and unmentionable body hairs on the pillows and the towels. The bed bugs. The cigarette smoke. The goopy gop on the remote control. The Salad Dressing that gets added to your Conditioner. The cooking grease that gets added to your Lotion. The fact that when the maid is having a bad day she will scrub everything in the room with toilet water, including the drinking glasses and the coffee pots. But one of the biggest problems facing women in particular are the security measures. How can you look into one of those mirrors and not wonder if they are two way mirrors. How can you ever feel safe in a room with the connecting doors with the flimsy locks. How do you know if the smoke alarms aren't rigged with cameras. Well, it turns out that these phobias are now officially considered real problems. A beautiful blond bombshell sports caster this year found a video of herself walking around naked in a hotel room being played on porn sites all over the Internet. Because of her fame I guess she found out about this so in a sick sort of a way she is lucky. She can pursue the violators and seek justice. And, because of her fame, Andrews is made all the greater a victim.

Anyway, just thought I'd take a look at the Sportscaster's chart since I've found a birth date for her. At this point I sort of wonder if it would be the correct date, source is Wikipedia.

Erin Andrews

b. May 4, 1978 Lewiston, Maine

Sun 14 Taurus; Moon Aries; NN 4 Libra

News reports are saying that the video was first identified with Andrews on Feb. 17, 2009. It is thought that the hotel is in Omaha, Nebraska where Andrews was staying during the College World Series. I don't have a date for the event. Nobody is being given the name of the hotel chain, but, boy, wouldn't we like to know.

First off, I noticed that Andrews has a t-square of Sun in Taurus opposing Uranus in Scorpio and squaring Mars in Leo. A hard aspect like this could show why Andrews, a woman, would choose the job, a man's job, that she has. This is a very masculine combination set together in a challenging way with each other. Uranus likes to express itself through unusual outlets and being a female in a man's sports world would not bother Andrews as much as it would others. This combination also carries an element of surprise and unexpected events which unfold throughout the life.

Andrews Sun is conjunct her Chiron as well. Chiron is a teacher and suffers a wounding that she can help others with through her own suffering. It's very interesting that Andrews' Sun-Chiron conjunction has arced to 6-14 Gemini right over her natal Venus at 9 Gemini. This means that the entire stressful t-square, which indicates a very masculine energy) is hammering on the planet in her chart which indicates her female nature. As Venus rules her North Node (indicator of Destiny) this is affecting her more than it might others (don't know if that is a legitmate interpretation but will put it in).

The other planet which typically shows how a woman expresses herself is, of course, the Moon. Don't have a placement for Andrews' Moon except to say that in her noontime chart (assuming this is the correct chart), it will be placed in the middle of Aries so it is very probably in that sign. This is another masculine aspect. As the moon indicates how a person's feelings emerge through the subconscious, this is not always an easy match for a woman to deal with. Her natural tendency is to be open and forthright and aggressive, not necessarily classical female traits by society's standards. Her natural instinct will be to put herself first. This can offend.

First off, it's good to keep in mind Planetary Rulerships while looking at this chart. Rex Bills says that Saturn and Moon rule Embarrassment; Pluto rules Victims. One's sexuality is represented mostly by Pluto, Venus, Mars among others. Pluto rules Spying.

Very interesting here is to notice that Andrews may have a wide conjunction/opposition of Moon c. Mercury opposing natal Pluto. This would be set over the Nodal Axis in her chart. Pluto conjunct the Libra North node will bring some times of crisis to an individual as well as a drive for personal power. It will be interesting to see what experts determine was the method of peeping used. Hopefully the perpetrators will be found. Since Mercury and Moon are co-rulers of "mirrors" and these two planets are possibly conjunct Andrews' natal South Node it will be interesting to see if the spying was done through 2 way mirrors. First the media reported that the cameras were thought to be installed in the peephole in the door. Now they say that they think that there was a connecting door to another room. It seems odd that a celebrity would be put into one of these types of rooms since they are so much less private and secure.

It's interesting how the Venus Retrograde in Aries from last Spring spent such a long time transiting over Andrews' natal NN-Mercury-possibly Moon. She found out about the videos in February. They became a source of greater and greater embarassment over the time of that whole transit. Venus was co-joined by Mars and was squaring Pluto at certain points as well. Transiting Pluto is moving into square with Andrews' natal North Node in Venus and then will spend a few years moving into square aspect with her natal Pluto. So, she will constantly be learning to develop a lot of psychic protection and empowerment skills during this time. Hopefully she will be able to use her Celebrity (Pluto) to help other women. (She's already doing that through her job as it is).

Andrews' North Node is ruled by Venus which rules Women and her South Node is ruled by Mars which rules Men so it's interesting to see how this conflict of gender roles is playing out in her life.

Neptune rules Filming and so it's no surprise to see that Andrews' is receiving a stressful transit from that planet right now. The conjunction of t.Neptune-Jupiter-Chiron is opposing Andrews' natal Saturn in Leo. Remember, Saturn rules embarrassment. Saturn and Neptune together can often indicate a victimization that leads to greater sensitization to some sort of problem in society.

And Lilith, crazy angry Lilith who needs female survival revenge Justice, just had to check out that placement. Back in February, Lilith was in Conjunction with t.Pluto which as I said is within conjunction of Andrews' North Node (Destiny). She was also going through a Lilith opposition. Her natal Lilith is in Cancer conjunct Jupiter. The Pluto-Jupiter opposition is playing out here as regards to her fame. She is said to be making headlines every other day with something however not always for good reasons. On July 8, she was hit in the chin by a baseball. On the good side, Andrews has been selected as sexiest sports caster two years in a row.

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Pluto's Planethood

Scientists are still conflicted about whether or not Pluto should be allowed back into the Pantheon of Planets of Our Solar System.

Pluto says: Ah, I love the struggle! Think long and deep and hard on this, Scientists. I want your most penetrating insights!

(sexual innuendos intended, of course)

This week's New Scientist Magazine (July 25, 2009 issue) has an article about the scientist's debate. They expect to have a clearer idea when NASA's New Horizon mission passes by Pluto in 2015. Pluto will be just finishing up his square to Uranus in Aries. One could have some interesting thoughts on just what kind of changes will have happened by then but why bother.

The article is called "Going Round in Circles: Poor Pluto was demoted, but could it be returned triumphantly to full Planet_____ (can't read my writing)?" Written by Stephen Battersby(can't read my writing again but I think that's his name).

What's weird is the description of how Pluto behaves up there in the sky. Eerily matches its Astrological interpretations. From p. 45:
We already know that its atmosphere expands and contracts over the seasons and is stirred by large-scale electromagnetic waves, both by observing how Pluto's atmosphere bends light when it passes in front of stars."
Pluto bends light. Doi.

On the other hand I just read an article about how a Yale Psychiatrist says that seeing a light over a doorway and thinking that its a message from a dead relative is a sign of psychosis.


Linear thinkers. Can't live with them and can't live without them.


Friday, July 24, 2009

More on the Billings Murders in Florida

Don't really intend to pursue this all that much but was interested to find out an interesting tidbit about the Florida murder of a couple in their homes.

According to what I've found the birth dates for the Victims are:

Husband: Byrd Billings

b. 9/23/1942 Place?

Sun 30 Virgo; Moon Pisces; NN 3 Virgo

Wife: Melanie Billings

b. 9/12/1965 Place?

Sun 20 Virgo; Moon Pisces or Aries; NN 9 Gemini

Source: http://www.legacy.com/PensacolaNewsJournal/Obituaries.asp?Page=Notice&PersonID=129741743

Another Arrest has been made. Pamela Long Wiggins rented a place out to Gonzalez, Jr. so had contact with him. Her van was used during the robbery and the safe that was stolen was found in her backyard.

Pamela Long Wiggins

b. 10/22/1961 Albany, Georgia?

Sun 30 Libra; Moon Aries; NN 24 Leo

Wow, well, without place or time it's difficult to say much about anything here. There's a possibility that all 3 of these people were born under a Full Moon. So that could possibly be some Eclipse action.

Also, all 3 of them have a conjunction of Mars to Neptune. Byrd had a conjunction of Sun 30 Virgo to Neptune 30 Virgo to Mars 4 Libra. Melanie and Pamela both had the conjunction in Scorpio. There is talk on the Websleuths site that drug trafficking is involved which would make sense for Mars and Neptune. But whether this means that these people were involved or just the victims of the traffickers I can't say.

Byrd was born during the Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Gemini and had both of these squaring his Nodal Axis.

Melanie was born with a difficult chart. Her Sun is conjunct the Uranus-Pluto opposition to Saturn-Chiron which occurred during 1965. This is squaring her Nodal Axis.

Interesting how these two charts relate. Don't have much time to look very deeply at this, but both Husband and Wife had Virgo Suns and possibly Pisces Moons. That would certainly explain their need to care for all those children. Plus both had Uranus-Pluto contacts. And as said previously both had Mars-Neptune conjunctions. Melanie would have been attracted to difficult situations through the placement of her Sun on that big opposition. They apparently were involved in some sort of illegal adoption thing a while back.

Pamela was born during the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn (24-29 degrees) of her birth year (assuming this is correct date, someone on Websleuths pointed out that she claimed to be a Taurus on a profile page on some website). If the date given above is correct she would have had Sun c. Mercury Rx squaring Jupiter-Saturn. She wouldn't have been a real clear thinker but would have liked to be in charge of things. Jupiter-Saturn and Libra Sun are very social placements to have. Apparently she was the link between Gonzalez, Jr. and the Byrds.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Jupiter Hit By UFO!!!

No, this isn't a National Enquirer headline. Something really did hit Jupiter and NASA snapped a photo. How's that for a literal interpretation of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius?

Neptune rules photography, Aquarius rules Technology and Outer Space. And there's even another reference that dates back to events in 1994 (see yesterday's blog entry) so Capricorn is somehow involved. That's when a Comet slammed into Jupiter. I'm jealous. What was that other comet's name? Forgot. Oh well.

Apparently an amateur photographer saw the collision first and then NASA caught the photo on Monday morning at some point (I think the collision date is 7/19-20/09 but am not real sure). Ouch! Yahoo article here.

That's the 40 year anniversary for the U.S. landing on the moon, maybe even a Saturn-Uranus-Pluto in Virgo/Pisces cycle is involved.


Wonder what the Astrology would look like from Jupiter's point of view. I think he has a bunch of Moons of his own so our little Eclipses here on Earth aren't to blame for his woes. He's just too big and too gravitational. Oooh, this is reminding me of my Magic Federal Reserve Chairman Ben the Jupiterienne. Don't ever let this economy get better, Ben. I can't live without your cute face plastered all over the media.

What was I talking about? Oh, forget it.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sea Levels Flattening?

This is a huge psychotic leap for sane brains to take I know but the blog Watts Up With That is talking about how Scientists are measuring a flattening off of sea level changes around the World. I'm not sure what these guys are talking about for the most part, have to admit, but it looks like maybe the Global Warming thing is taking a breather, maybe leveling off? Whew. Now we can go back to throwing trash out the windows of our cars. I was really scared there for a couple of years.

In the comments section one guy even says the charts look a lot like a similar flattening that occurred back in 1992-96.
Bill D

The current flattening looks a lot like the 92-96 flattening.

Capricorn and Outer Planet thing? Capricorn rules waiting, slowing, and anything cold. Or is this just the calm before the storm?


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Iranian Airlines 7908 Crash

This year is not yet at the record for most fatalities from plane crashes but apparently the numbers are coming pretty close. 3 major plane crashes have occurred within the last couple of months. A couple of months ago somebody in the comments section asked me what I thought of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction that's occurring in Aquarius right now and I said it was reminding me of a big dirigible in the sky. I was only kidding. Airplane people, you can stop following my stupid comments. Stop it!

Sadly yesterday an Iranian Airline, Caspian Airlines, lost all of its passengers, 168 total. The plane crashed shortly after departure from the airport in Tehran. Wikipedia says that time of crash was 11:33 am, 16 minutes after take-off. So, I assume that Take Off time is 11:17 am but haven't been able to find that number anyway yet.

Iranian Airlines Caspian Airlines Flight 7908 Crash
Take-Off July 15, 2009, 11:17 am (?) Tehran, Iran

Headed to Yerevan, Armenia

Time of crash: 11:33 am near city of Qazum, Iran(?)

This crash seems to be an Eclipse related Crash as there is a Sun-Moon square in the chart which is loosely connected with the Nodal Axis. It is also occurring right between the Lunar Eclipse of July 7 and the Total Solar Eclipse of July 20.

The Uranus-Pluto square seems like a strong influence here. At time of take off Uranus was conjunct the 27 Pisces Descendant to the degree.

At time of crash, Pluto was at 2 Capricorn conjunct the 1 Capricorn IC. (Plane crashed nose down, Pluto often represents a crisis involving mass fatalities.

Pluto and Uranus are squaring each other, as I said. The only other aspect Pluto makes is an inconjunct to Mars 3 Gemini which is placed up in the 9th House of Air and long distance travel.

Venus rules the 1 Libra Ascendant and also the H9 Cusp of Long Distance Travel and is placed in the 9th House in the sign of Gemini. So there is an indication of something involving travel that will come out into the public eye. Venus's influence is strongly enhanced because she is unaspected except for a wide 8 degree conjunction to Mars.

And, of course, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius is probably responsible as it is in the sign of Aquarius. This combination rules all the signatures of Aviation lumped together.

Unfortunately, right now Chiron is in conjunction which perhaps indicates some kind of wounding that can't be helped. And Saturn which rules caution and safety procedures is in Virgo. The Devil is in the Details. And I can't think of a combination that would want to avoid details more than a Happy go lucky Jupiter-Neptune set-up.

That Uranus-Pluto square is just licking its chops waiting for someone to make one small gaff.

I send my condolences to those who have lost someone in yesterday's crash.


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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Double Homicide in Florida Home

7 arrests have been made in relation to the Florida double homicide of a couple who were murdered in their home in Beulah, Florida (about 20 miles away from Pensacola). Byrd and Melanie Billings had adopted 13 children, nine of whom apparently were at home while the murders occurred right before 8pm on July 9.

Murder of Byrd and Melanie Billings

July 9, 2009 Beulah, Florida I used 7:45 pm

Sun 18 Cancer; ASC 9 Capricorn; Moon 17 Aquarius; NN 1 Aquarius (H1)
; IC 25 Aries

This chart represents the Cancer/Capricorn Eclipse which occurred on July 7. Pluto is at 1 Capricorn and was still within conjunction to the Ascendant.

The Sun is in the 7th House opposing the Ascendant. The rulers of the Ascendant and Descendant which will represent the Killer and Victims. At 7:45 pm, Saturn and the Moon are held together within a Yod with the Sun. That represents some kind of intense Father/Authority /Family Complex involved in the psychologies of this murder.

A group of 7 men was caught on video cameras committing the murder together. Some were dressed in Ninja outfits which is really weird, but, hey, the Moon was in Aquarius (groups, weirdness).

A conjunction of Venus-Mars (H5) was squaring a conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius (H2). The murders were committed supposedly as part of a robbery which would show the influence of the H2 (possessions, money). H5 could show the presence of all those children.

An interesting detail is that the Sheriff's department is showing the mug shots of 6 of the alleged killers (one is a juvenile) along with really fuzzy birth dates included. If I've read the dates correctly (probably not), 5 out of the 6 men has a natal Venus-Mars conjunction. I sort of wonder if people tend to act on their natal transits more when they are mirrored in the sky, especially when there is a huge square from other planets such as in the current transits.

The alleged murderers range in age from 16 to 65 which I think again shows the Aquarius influence. From the Escambia County Sheriff's Office, this is what their dob's are as far as I can tell. The Fox News photos are slightly better resolution on my computer than the Yahoo photos. The Signs of Cancer and Capricorn do not necessarily show up very strongly in most of their charts (assuming I'm using the correct birth dates and time for the murder). I was actually hoping to see the Eclipses showing strongly and only looked at the charts very briefly as my computer program is still messed up and I can't save charts.

I don't have the charts for Byrd and Melanie Billings, so perhaps that would shed some light.

I'm so sorry for their children.

Ringleader: Wayne Thomas Coldiron: 6/13/68

(what a name, he's gotta have a Saturn-1st house connection). Has a Saturn-NN conjunction in Aries. Sun c. Venus and Mars in Gemini squaring Uranus-Pluto in Virgo.

Leonard Patrick Gonzalez, Jr.: 1/31/74

Only one who doesn't have a Venus-Mars conjunction. He and his Father have both been arrested. Saturn conjunct Gemini SN. Sun in Aquarius square Mars, maybe Moon.

Leonard Patrick Gonzalez, Sr.: 2/23/53

Venus-Mars conjunction in Aries squaring Uranus (maybe Moon) and opposing Saturn-Neptune in Libra.

Gary Lamont Sumner: 9/22/78

Venus-Mars-Uranus conjunction in Scorpio.

Frederick Lee Thornton 2/16/90

Huge stellium in Capricorn: Uranus-Mars-Neptune-Saturn-Venus.

Donald Ray Stallworth: 4/18/81

Mars-Sun-Venus conjunction from Aries-Taurus which opposes Pluto, maybe Moon.

plus 1 juvenile whose information isn't included because he's underage, 16.

And, of course, I probably didn't read the dates correctly.


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Sunday, July 12, 2009

What A Difference A Saturn Return Makes

A Study in Minnesota has been following the effects of Diet on Rhesus Monkeys. The effects are remarkable as shown in a photo of the 2 monkeys sitting side by side.

The one on the right, Owen, looks totally thrashed. Obviously he's born under intense Moon-Jupiter-Neptune set up. The one on the left, Canto, is remarkably well preserved. He's obviously got some heavy Virgo-Libra stuff going on. Dude was obviously born on a day when Pluto was taking a Holiday.

What the commentary leaves out is there is 2 year age difference between the Monkeys. Owen really is older. Why can't Scientists be Scientific? I hate it when they compete with Astrologers for lack of logic. And not only is Owen older, but he's 29 years old which means that he's probably just past his Saturn Return. And that is a Hallmark transit known to show off the aging process in all its gorey Glory.

The other transit, or set of transits, that I've noticed really ages a person physically is the Uranus Opposition-Neptune square that occurs in the early 40s. You just have to forgive people who are going through that one for a couple of years as they add that rubber tire around their stomachs. Life has gotten kinda boring at that point and people don't look good after they've supplemented it with extracurricular sugars and amphetamines.

How appropriate, though, that we find out that we have to eat 1/3 less calories in order to live longer just as Pluto moves into Capricorn. The 2 planets combined equals "Less is More."


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Hands on Hips

What is now I guess considered a long time ago, maybe 10 years, I was drawing a series of drawings of people standing with their hands on their hips. I had noticed that this was a posture that people had used a lot while I was growing up and then it just sort of passed out of fashion.

Recently, I'm noticing that people are once again using it. That solid, balancing, even keeled way of holding the body.

Know that if this is really a Trend then the reason for it must be related to the Father of all Things Trendy which would be Uranus. But, I think that Pluto also has something to do with this. As a matter of fact, I sort of wonder if this isn't a Pluto in Earth Sign thing, especially as it relates to Posture. Pluto rules the root chakra, the attachment to the ground and the underground. You can, or at least I can, (well, maybe sort of) understand what motivates (Pluto) a person by watching how they hold themselves against the gravitational pull.

Anyway, Pluto was in the earth sign of Virgo when I was a kid. Pluto has just entered the Earth Sign of Capricorn. And I swear to God, I'm seeing people standing with that solid, salt of the earth type of balanced posture all over the place.

I do remember that the Slouch was really big while Pluto was in the sign of Sagittarius, which displays a more casual and relaxed style. I had actually started drawing poses of the slouch while Pluto was in Scorpio.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Gaffney Killer Caught (and Killed)

Officers in South Carolina managed to catch the Gaffney Killer about 30 miles away from the town he had been terrorizing for over a week. He was shot and killed as the Police tried to apprehend him. Police have identified him as 41-year old Patrick Burris. I already talked about the Gaffney Killings in a previous post and talked about how the town had also been victimized by a serial killer 40 years ago. So I was amazed to find that Burris was born the same year as the 1968 killings. I talked about how Uranus in Pisces right now is one degree opposition from the spot where it was in 1967-68 while it was passing through Virgo. According to Wikipedia, Burris was born a half a year after the last of the killings. This, means that he was born with a conjunction of Uranus to Pluto in Virgo in his natal chart.

Patrick Tracy Burris

b. Aug. 8, 1967 Place? (I used Gaffney)

Sun 16 Leo; Moon Virgo; NN 2 Taurus

Burris' chart has a conjunction of Sun-Jupiter at 16 Leo in his chart that squares his natal Mars and Neptune in Scorpio. The Sun-Mars aspect seems to come up in the charts of these shooters often. Of course, it doesn't mean that a person will become a killer. I suppose I would interpret it as meaning that a person with this aspect might enjoy expressing him or herself through the use of guns. Burris' Mars is in Scorpio which sometimes indicate a personality with deep turmoil that is difficult for an individual to express. Having these planets in connection with both Jupiter and Neptune shows a person with high ideals, who has an extreme need to feel happy and who could likely have a drug and alcohol problem. The Scorpio South Node can just deepen these problem as showing an unconscious tendency to lapse into these problems.

In addition, Burris may have had a conjunction of Moon with Pluto and Uranus which could indicate emotional volatility. If born early in the morning he could have a conjunction of Moon with Venus in Virgo. This can be a very insecure combination with regards to emotional expression and feelings of lovability. It could indicate that Burris' Mother was very critical of him and somehow felt martyred. Natal Saturn is Rx which doubles the possibility for this scenario. According to Noel Tyl, Saturn Rx could indicate that the Father wasn't around much or involved much in a person's upbringing.

Venus stationing Rx 15 minutes before Burris was born and so it was Rx during his whole lifetime. This is a pointer to feelings on not being loveable and not being populari. Venus has just Stationed Direct (by Progression) this year. Interesting that this is the year that Burris dies, among other things. Venus Stations can be very stressful points in a person's life perhaps because they are sensing the change associated with not feeling lovable for all that time. Interesting that Burris was a career criminal and was just let out of jail after 8 year incarceration. Prog. Venus had backed up into Leo and was conjunct prog. Jupiter. In combination with his natal Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Leo he was probably feeling way too high. He was probably binging on alcohol from the second he got out of jail. (Jupiter and Venus aspects can lead to excess).

Burris' chart pattern is called a "Sling." It's basically like a Bucket shape and I don't know if this is the same pattern, just different name. At any rate, the word "Sling" reminds me of Sling Shot, which is a weapon. Saturn here is the handle planet and Saturn is in the sign of Aries. Aries can indicate violence as it is considered most impulsive sign and controlling, disciplined Saturn is not well placed there. As I said Saturn is Retrograde in the natal chart which is another stressor. There is a slight chance that prog. Moon is in conjunction with it right now which would show depression and feelings of inferiority.

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Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn / Old Grey

Don't know how to spell Gray. Is it Grey or is it Gray?

I know that every yar Designers try to push a color or a whole palette of colors as part of their trend setting, marketing, job security thing. And, since hanging out a lot on the knitting blogs I know that last year the Fashion World tried to push Yellow. I don't know if this went over very well. Seems like somebody maybe made that decision before they knew the Stock Market would tank.

Curious thing is that Yellow is my favorite color usually and last year I wasn't into it at all. What I was attracted to was the Color Gray(sic); especially a very light, fog-like grey(sic). Before Pluto moved into Capricorn I was wondering if grey(sic) hair would suddenly become a big fashion statement, kind of like it was back in the days of Marie Antoinette. A sort of fashion statement on sophistication. I thought the younger set would start wearing gray(sic) wigs. The lady who cut my hair said that she has noticed that older people are letting their gray(sic) hair grow out.

Well, it turns out the entire Fashion World is really attracted to gray(sic) these days. Maybe they are still pushing Yellow, or whatever other color they have moved on to, but they are all wearing gray (sic). It might be a result of the hard Economic times and the serious take on Reality and all. Capricorn is Wise, Old and Conservative. Pluto has just moved in and Jupiter is about to. Gray(sic) is a neutral and a classic. If you have grey(sic) clothes you can expect to own them for a very long time, probably about the amount of time that it will take for Pluto to move through Capricorn.


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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Serial Killers in Gaffney, South Carolina

5 people have been shot to death within the last couple of weeks in a town called Gaffney, which is up in the northern part of South Carolina, 50 miles west of Charlotte.

This is thought to be the work of a serial killer who has yet to be caught. Was hoping to find some exact times for the shootings so I could make some "guesses" about the killer but can't really find much and am going to lose what information I do have because I messed up my Astrology software program and have lost all my charts and ability to save charts (why I don't believe that Mercury Rx means much of anything, I do this poo-poo all the time).

Anyway, here's some of what I have. Maybe I can find some better information later. My condolences to the friends and families of the victims and to the whole town at this point who is understandably living in total terror.

On June 27, a peach farmer, Kline Cash, Age 63, was found shot to death in his home by his wife. Return? The Moon was in Virgo that day and passed over Saturn at some point. Then it would have opposed Uranus in Pisces.

On July 1, 83-year old Hazel Linder, was found shot to death along with her 50-year old daughter, Gena Parker. Hazel would be going through her Uranus Return and Gena would have been going through her Chiron Return in Aquarius.

On July 2, 45-year old Stephen Tyler (not sure if his age is correct) was shot to death while working in his store with his 15 year old daughter Abby. They were found around 7:15 pm. It is thought they were shot around closing time. This makes sense as the Scorpio Moon was passing over the Ascendant at that point.

So, I would suspect that the Killer is being triggered by early Cardinal Sign something-something in his natal chart. Authorities are looking for a middle-aged White guy with a baseball hat.

Really, really creepy is that the killings are happening in the same town that another set of Serial Killings happened in 40 years ago. 4 young women/girls were murdered by a strangler named Lee Roy Martin. Martin called the local newspaper and told them to catch him. After that he abducted a 14 year old girl and murdered her. He was caught, sentenced, and murdered in prison 3 years later.

The spree is said to have lasted 10 days, but I've also read that one of the victims had been missing for months. Her husband was actually in jail accused of her murder. Martin called the paper on Feb. 8, 1968. Moon was in Gemini, guess that's a good time to call a newspaper with some pertinent information about your recent mistakes.

What is super interesting here is Uranus' placement, especially with Saturn and Pluto. Uranus is opposing the spot where it was in 1967-68.

Right now Uranus is at 27 Pisces and widely opposing Saturn 17 Virgo and squaring Pluto 2 Capricorn.

In 1968 Uranus was at 29 Virgo conjunct Pluto at 23 Virgo. They were opposing Chiron and Mars in Pisces on Feb. 8. Saturn was at 9 Aries.

Whereas the 1968 killings were all female and young, these killings are covering a broad age range and don't seem to be gender related. They are all in the same town. Really strange (Uranus).

The Venus-Mars conjunction in Taurus is currently squaring the Jupiter-Neptune-Chrion conjunction in Aquarius, so this aspect may in some way be connected with the Killer's chart.

Also, the Sun-Pluto opposition crossing Cancer/Capricorn along with the upcoming set of 3 Eclipses may be somehow setting off his chart.

Never knew this about the Eclipses in 1967 and 1968 but if I'm reading the program correctly there were an abnormally large amount of Total Eclipses in those years. Between Nov. 12, 1966 and Oct. 6, 1968 there were 7 Total Lunar and Solar Eclipses combined. In addition Uranus was conjunct Pluto which is very disruptive.

Anyway, California was obviously the center of all of that action. And Gaffney, South Carolina, for some reason was too.

Gaffney began as a single tavern established in 1804 by an Irish Immigrant named Michael Gaffney. Pluto was at 10 Pisces, Saturn was in Virgo, Uranus was in Libra with Jupiter.

Gaffney chose a good location where 2 roads crossed so a town started around his Tavern. This became "Gaffney City" in 1872 (source is Wikipedia). Pluto was 20 degrees Taurus, Saturn was in Capricorn; Uranus was in Leo along with Jupiter.

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Christopher Hitchens' Lilith, Among Other Things

As I've noted before I'm becoming increasingly fascinated by Lilith's presence in Astrology Charts. This is because of a lecture I heard at NCGR in Denver given by German Astrologer Antonia Langsdorff. And it's because Lilith has been passing over my natal Moon.

Lilith is represented by 3 different points in Astrology at this point. The one I'm interested in is a fictional spot in the Moon's orbital path. There's something about looking at a mathematical spot that's related to the dark side of the Moon's orbit that just seems to be explaining so much to me lately.

First, to set the mood, a YouTube performance of Lou Reed singing about Lilith

hey babe, take a walk on the wild side

Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo
Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo
Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo
Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo
(doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo)
(doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo)
(doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo)
(doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo)

You can google Lilith's story from the Ancient Sources if this song doesn't tell you all you need to know. Written history is full of so much oppression of women that it's interesting to look at how characters survive in such circumstances.

Men have Lilith in their charts but they generally don't have to struggle with her as much because they are usually urged to show their "Light" within society. In that end, that is probably what Lilith wants, what with her connection with the Dark and the Night. Men will usually receive help from outside sources which sort of keeps them from having to express their Lilith energy. White Men especially in written history are free of having to look at this side of themselves.

And that is what is fascinating about Christopher Hitchens. For some reason when I read that this Literary Critic and English Intellectual & Narcissist Blowhard wrote an article for Vanity Fair about how Women aren't funny I suspected that there was some kind of suspicious Lilith activity going on in his chart. I've had these conversations with women friends about how, on the whole, women aren't funny. And, after my obsessive year of hanging out in yarn stores I can attest that this is mostly true. But, I have never met a guy who was obnoxious enough to talk about this on his lonesome.

I found the article through Kottke.org which linked to a woman who was criticizing Hitchens' criticism with a really horrible and unfunny article which was total Lilith anger stuff. And I suppose that's why I was so curious to look at Hitchens' Lilith placement.

That's circular thinking for sure, perhaps a Lilith thing?

Hitchens' progressed Mercury is at the end of a Retrograde Session and I think he's running out of material -- either that, or this White Guy is being forced to draw on his own Lilith.... and as I said before that's a very special event in this world....

Anyway, I had to look up Hitchens' Lilith and so the rest of his chart.

Christopher Hitchens

b. Apr. 13, 1949 Portsmouth, England

Sun 24 Aries; Moon Libra or Scorpio; NN 27 Aries Rx

Talk about taking a walk on the wild side. Hitchens' Lilith is at 30 Pisces. That's the most creative point in the chart, the last degree of the Zodiac. Not only is this 1 degree away from the Aries Point which means a bringing forth into public eyes, it represents the end and the beginning of the wheel, the birthing point. That's a pretty wild marker to place right at that point in the chart. Lilith won't be held down. Lilith lets go.

Looking at the rest of the chart shows that He probably just wants women to follow along, or at least to keep up. He's got a conjunction of Sun-Mercury-Venus to the North Node in Aries. Aries is known to act and then think, doesn't matter how Intellectual or how English a guy is. Somehow I get the feeling that Hitchens couldn't care less about whether women are funny or not. He was just looking for a topic to write for an article in a magazine.

All kinds of complications ensue because Hitchens was born on the same day as a Total Lunar Eclipse between Aries and Libra. Without a birth time there's no way of knowing whether his Moon is in Libra or Scorpio but if the moon is connected with the South Node then he has a very complicated set of emotional tensions to deal with within himself even without Lilith. If he were born with the Full Moon in his chart it means that he actually has an amped up awareness of others, especially with his Libra Moon. Perhaps this fire and light is an indicator of why he's such a successful critic. He really is aware and is reacting to what he's talking about, not just being analytical.

Hitchens' chart is really interesting non-Lilith-wise for lots of other reasons. First, he's almost all Fire and Air. That's pretty great for an intellectual, critic, writer type. It's also pretty great for a windbag. In the Outer Planet realm, i.e. the slow moving planets that indicate generational trends that a person deals with, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune are in each of the Air Signs. They are not in aspect with each other. Pluto, of course, is in the Fire Sign of Leo.

And there's an exceptional stellium of inner planets conjunct within a 5-point stellium of Aries. These are in conjunction with Hitchens' North Node in Aries. This means that this guy is meant to assert himself in this life as a free speaking (Mercury), free loving (Venus) spirit (Sun, ego).

And something that interests me as far as the progressions go is that he has Mercury combust the Sun. This means that Mercury's energy gets eclipsed by the Sun's heat (ego) which is an interesting aspect for a writer to have to deal with, especially a critic. And it's even more interesting because Mercury has gone retrograde by progression in its own sign of Gemini (Communications) since 1989. Interesting that this year is when Hitchens removed himself from Communist party which would have required a huge shift in thinking and communications, not to mention neighborhoods.

He then began to talk about his Atheism. God doesn't exist.

He is now complaining about how women aren't funny. Interesting the common theme of things falling off of their pedestals with him. A man with all that Aries will have to contend with an abnormal amount of Idealism associated with Fire. He also might not really be able to sit still long enough to listen to a woman tell a joke.

Hitchens' Mercury will turn direct by progression around 2012-13. He's probably a bit burned out right now on all this talkie talk. He may finally be able to write a novel or a screenplay or something that's he's always wanted to do. He is said to have quit his smoking habit but is still a serious drinking problem and no wonder. He may sober up, get a liver transplant, and take on the real reason why people need a God in their lives, and that is to spiritually defend themselves against the allopathic medical profession. Hey, maybe he'll attack the Medical Profession ... no, not at his age. Whew, that Lilith in Pisces, sign of the addictions.

Okay, so back to Lilith. I wrote about the NCGR lecture here which is not the most flattering presentation of these great astrologers. The astrologer I heard was Antonia Langsdorff. I think I commented on how "funny" her presentation was. Odd, she is funny and She is very much a She. I seem to remember that she gave a brief account of how was her toddler daughter was going through a phase of humping the pillows on her Mother's sofa. She had to explain to the daughter why that was not ok (without repressing daughter's Lilith, of course) and she had to explain to her Mother why her daughter was doing that. And the whole story is very Lilith.

The Moon and Venus represent Women in Astrology but I think it's a very interesting thing to look at the darker side of the female character. The asteroids really portray sides of women that women see themselves as. And so there's Lilith. Lilith doesn't kill herself like Bovary and Karenina. Lilith kills her kids.

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