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Monday, February 23, 2009


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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Do Not Ask For Whom The Opening Bell Tolls

I haven't written much about the Opening Bell Charts. Guess I'm not a very consistent time keeper. Truth is, it's getting kinda depressiony out there ...

But these charts seem to work. I remember way back when speculating that the jobs reports would get really nasty right as Saturn was sitting in the 6th House of Jobs during the February Opening Bell charts. It does this every year but this year is special because Saturn is opposing Uranus and the one consistent thing I've noticed about Uranus transits is that they are eventful.

Uranus transits are not like Pluto transits where you just slowly lose your old life to day-to-day water boarding incidents in the houses where Pluto is placed both nataly and by transit at the time. Uranus transits are easy to mark down on your calendar, kind of like Moon-Mars transits. I know a lot of alcoholics who use Full Moons as an excuse to get drunk. Uranus transits aren't like that either, you can't really plan for them. You just mark them on your calendar and, if Saturn and Pluto are involved you say "The World is about to go to Hell in a Handbasket." when whatever happens happens. Maybe that's why we all become so alienated from each other during these transits. And, as I showed in my blog called "Eureka" about the guy who found Gold in the California Hills, something exceptionally good may happen. You will lose all your friends, though, but if you live in California where everyone's a flake you were expecting that anyway. I've mentioned before Michael Lutin's comment at a lecture that Uranus transits you think about all the worst things that can happen because whatever happens will be unexpected. And he said that with Pluto transits you do the exact opposite because Pluto will manifest whatever you're most afraid of.

Next Opening Bell chart I wanted to look at was Saturn's pass through the 4th House. This house is angular, so important. The 4th House is also opposite the sign/house that Saturn naturally rules. And it's the bottom of the chart. This could show the bottoming. In this case, I don't think so though. Since the Saturn-Uranus opposition isn't even half over this might mean that it's not going to happen yet. Saturn and Uranus are taking their time asking us to look at regulations and how we build our society. What is Governable and what needs Freedom in order to progress? I wonder if Dr. Dolittle's Push Me'Pull You was a Saturn-Uranus animal? Gemini will be rising through most of April so there could really be a little of this going on. Gemini likes to get in there and fix things so this, in combination with the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius could bring some upbeat situations.

During the Date I was looking at (Apr. 28-29) the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius in the 9th House. The Scholars and the Lawyers will be doing overtime, they're probably the only ones who will be able to bill for overtime at this point. There will be International meetings of the mind. Problem is 9th House sometimes isn't where the ideas begin. That's just academia. Well-fed, back biting, people with opinions who are obsessed with how things ought to be. These scholars better spend some time driving around New York in Taxi Cabs and they had better pay the drivers really big tips for all the ideas that they'll need to pilfer in order to get us out of this mess. Scholars have tenure and people who have tenure can't streamline. And Lawyers can just go out and drum up business by picking fights.

What else? April Dates for when Saturn hits the IC. On Apr. 28-29 the Moon here is going Ape Face over the Ascendant, while Saturn is on the IC and Pluto is on the DESC. That's not a good set of aspects right there. You don't have friends with that type of aspect. The Moon on these days will be out of bounds up at 26 degrees Declination North. It will be ruling both the Chart and the 2d House of Banking, Money, Values. The Moon is further under stress because it will be moving very fast on the Apr. 28 Opening Bell Chart (14 degrees, 30'). On the 28th the Moon will be at 25 Gemini in H12. It will be squaring a conjunction of Uranus 27 Pisces to Venus 2 Aries and Mars 5 Aries. In the Apr. 29 Opening Bell Chart the Moon will be at 9 Cancer conjunction the 8 Cancer Ascendant. It will be in a potentially very violent, turbultent t-square. Moon squares Mars 6 Aries/Venus 2 Aries in H10 and opposing Pluto 4 Capricorn/DESC. On the other hand, the Moon is very much restrained by Saturn and Pluto. The Scholars might actually be able to get the Bankers to behave. Good day to be a fly on a wall in a back room on the East Coast somewhere.

And Saturn will be in Virgo conjunct the IC. Virgo isn't really the most positive sign to have in the emotionally needy 4th House. Virgo's great for public health and for showing up at jobs that no one else could stand but it fails dismally in the 4th House situation. The Scholars are going to send us all to nursing school. This is the house that rules home, housing, parents, feelings, caring, acting like a baby, and the general public and I don't know in which order. 4th House won't look at how to fix a problem, it will just walk in and start doing things, really not very Virgo.

Saturn, down in the dumps on the IC, will be ruling the 8th House of Investment, Bankruptcy, etc. Saturn is now moving Retrograde which means that it is moving more slowly than Uranus from the earth's point of view. The 2d and 8th House will be empty except for the Nodal Axis. North Node will be in the 8th House so it looks like people will either be having Sex, paying Taxes or killing themselves.

Thought I'd also review the Saturn-Uranus opposition now.

We've got 5 hits of them which is kind of a lot. First one was on Election Day at 19 Virg0-Pisces. The last one will be on Jul. 26, 2010 at 1 Aries-Libra. That's the Aries Point. And, of course, Pluto will be squaring them. Remember that Election Day was an awesome time for the United States. We got to elect what appears to be a talented person for our President after a horrifying Political drought of eight years, or maybe the rich people bought him I still would like to know where all those anonymous donations were coming from. We got to take a big leap in healing our racial divides in electing an African-American. At any rate, there were mass crowds (Uranus in Pisces) in the Capital (Saturn). In reality, a lot of really bad stuff is behind us.

The Financial Markets are a mess. Although a couple of CEOs have kindly offered to give up their bonuses for the year, I just read that Banks are charging like gangbusters on the ATM cards that are being handed as unemployment checks. The Bankers are really, really a source of big problems right now.

They are listed over at Astropro here along with a long line of their illustrious ancestor transits: http://www.astropro.com/features/tables/geo/sa-ur/sa-180-ur/SA180UR6.html

Here are the Dates and Degrees involved in the current Saturn-Uranus opposition. What I'm noticing is that the Sun is in Fixed Signs (Resources) for 4 out of the 5 opposition dates. This is a very harsh, masculine expression of an already harsh energy but Saturn & Uranus. Harsh can be ok if it's used to keep the bad people under control and not if it turns the crowds into a bunch of psychotic robots and I guess you really never know which is going to happen until its over. Together this represents the political, mass mind that wants to organize and hopefully unify and reshape into a stronger, healthier set of ideals which can be used constructively towards all things Pisces (not going into right now what that means). :

Nov. 4, 2008 19 Virgo - Pisces
Feb. 5, 2009 21 Virgo - Pisces
Sept. 15, 2009 25 Virgo - Pisces
Apr. 26, 2010 29 Virgo - Pisces
July 26, 2010 1 Libra - Aries

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Comet Approaching Earth Ass Backwards

If the Economic Stimulus Plan weren't enough of a worry, there's a Comet flying towards Earth that's holding its tail in its lap. I don't think that needs an Astrological Interpretation about how much the Stock Market looks like it hit an Iceberg. Oh yeah, the Iceberg's have all melted...

Most planets circle the Sun in a Counter Clockwise Direction but Lulin the Amazing Comet flies Clockwise. Through some sort of Optical Illusion, Lulin seems to be flying with its Tail in front instead of in back. It was discovered by a Chinese teenager two years ago and is said to still have gases that most comets don't have because it has never been close enough to the Sun in order to burn them off. This is one Dork of a Comet. Reminds me of me.

Link to article about Lulin is here:


Lulin will be 38M miles from Earth on Monday at 10:43 EST (February 23, 2009). That's as close at it will get and then it will haul its sorry Ass off elsewhere.
There will be 5 planets plus the North Node and Chiron in Aquarius. The Moon will be within 11 degrees of conjunction with the Sun. Things just can't get any weirder.

Sun 6 Pisces; Moon 26 Aquarius; ASC 7 Scorpio; MC 14 Leo; NN 10 Aquarius

Monday, February 16, 2009

Technology On Collision Course

Stories in the news about man made objects crashing into each other. 2 Satellites collided in Orbit and 2 Nuclear Subs collided out in the Atlantic Ocean. Wow, after all these years what in the Stars could have possibly brought this on? It's not even Mercury Retrograde (which is why I'm tentative about interpreting Merc Rx transits).

Enough with the funnies. This is serious. Saturn in Virgo. Pluto in Capricorn. The Moon was in earth signs for the 2 collisions (Taurus for the Subs and Virgo for the Satellites).

The Sun is conjunct Neptune and Chiron (fuzzy, wounded thinking) in Aquarius and Uranus is seriously out of commision right now what with the opposition to Saturn. Oppositions are maybe better for collisions than conjunctions? And Jupiter, the Inspector Clouseau of the Planets is conjunct the North Node and Mars in Aquarius. And Uranus is seriously out of .... you know the drill. It's kind of like Karen Black's character from the 1970's movie Airplane (I can't fly this plane, maybe Julie Haggerty's character?) is manning every steering wheel and control panel out there. Mars-Uranus rules Accidents overall.

Either way, the huge stellium of planets, etc. in Aquarius is responsible. Around the time that the Satellites collided Mercury-Mars-Jupiter-NN-Sun-Neptune-Chiron were approaching the Top of the Chart. When the submarines collided out in deep sea this same line up would have been approaching the IC or bottom of the chart.

The Sun is in Aquarius dispositing to Uranus in Pisces. Lost in Space. Lost out at Sea. I hate to think what's getting lost in a nanotube somewhere.

First admission was that an American Satellite collided with a Russian Satellite up in orbit about 500 miles above Siberia. At least it happened over Russia so the debris will fall on Putin. Whew! Always a relief when it happens to others.

News reports aren't too much into the Who, What, Where, When style of reporting anymore so it's like pulling teeth trying to Google this information but I think the date, time for this is "High Noon" (at least that's what we call it Out West, on the East Coast they just call it "Lunch").

Satellites Collide

February 9, 2009 around noon ET, 490 miles above Siberia

Gemini Rising; Sun Aquarius; Moon in Virgo; MC 19 Aquarius; NN 10 Aquarius

(link: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/12/science/space/12satellite.html)

Today there's a story about how an English Nuclear Submarine rammed into a French Nuclear Submarine whilst under water. Still going at it after all these years.

Nuclear Subs Collide

Feb. 3 & 4, night of, Atlantic, deep sea, only 2 out of 135 crew members know where they were.

Sun 16 Aquarius; Libra Rising; Moon Taurus and into Gemini; NN 10 Aquarius; IC Aquarius

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Link to Liz Greene's Article

Everyone's probably already read this article by now but I'm going to link to it anyway. Over at Astro.com Liz Greene has published a lecture she gave called "How We View Life Is How We Read Charts." Right off the bat she quotes Rupert Alberti. I found Alberti's book on Cycles which was recommended in Robert Blaschke's book. It's one of the few astrology books which seems genuinely open-hearted and spiritual to me (so I recommend that as well). At any rate, I'm so relieved that a real, true to life and super fantastic astrologer is commenting on how chart readings change (and stay the same) between astrologers and also between cultures and eras.

Turns out that a Roman guy from the turn of the Millenium named Vettius Valens could have predicted Princess Diana's fatal car crash through her Moon and not through her Mars. And Howard Sasportas could have predicted it, but in a kindly sort of a way without using the actual word "Danger" which is what I like 20th century astrologers so much for. Greene explains why using the word "Danger" is forbidden in Modern Astrology. I appreciate being given this information as I was beginning to wonder why. She could also add that there is a definite trend for astrologers to come from very safe, middle classy types of upbringings these days. And this sense of denial about the dark side is finally confronted. The Elephants in the rooms at Astrology Meetings tend to be humungous. For Americans the reason for this is probably just an outgrowth of growing up Pluto in Leo/Virgo in the Mid-West in a middle class stupor. If it isn't seen on TV, it simply doesn't exist... Good Luck trying to write an article on Astrology about growing up in a Divorced family in a way that won't attract every evil step-mother and repressive, guilty parent and psychologist on earth...

It's nice to see that an Astrologer will acknowledge these differences and place them in perspective with each other . So tired of American Astrologers who are under pressure to think of themselves as the Second Coming. Their conversation is lousy. Those halos are simply blinding.



Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Having no Objects of my Affection to beat up on today thought I would seek out the Spirit in some of the charts of what are said to be the Writers of the Greatest Love Poems of all time. Sounds Venus is Virgo-y, doesn't it?

Here's a list of the inner planets of some of what might be considered the Greatest Cyranos of all time. It's from a forum called: www.online-literature.com/forums/shorthread.php?t-909

In Astrology Leo rules Romance, Libra rules Partnership and Marriage and Scorpio, hehe, rules Sex. Someone should add Pisces there, but you didn't hear that from me. And someone could also mention that Gemini and Sagittarius are the Greatest Cads and Cads are the ones who write the words. And, trust me, Gemini/Sadge on the ASC/DESC, we don't have permanence on our agenda in the Romance World. (Didn't include it but the Ascendants of a whole lot of the people on the following list had either Gemini or Sagittarius Rising).

Water Signs rule feelings and Fire rules Passion. I would expect Poetry itself to come from Air. Earth? Well, Love isn't about keeping one's feet on the ground, is it? Looks like the Capricorns need to represent here a little bit more. But that's ok because they are the best kissers.

No one mentioned Shakespeare or Petrarch, kinda weird, must have mostly been the Pluto in Virgo and Leo generations who commented, we're sort of like the Cyclops sometimes. These were personal favorites listed on a forum. Didn't want to consult with Scholars on the topic of Love.

Andrew Marvell: Aries Sun, Cancer Moon, Aries Mercury, Pisces Venus, Scorpio Mars

Dante: Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Mercury in Taurus, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Leo

John Donne: No birth date

Sir Thomas Moore: Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon, Mercury in Aquarius, Venus in Aries, Mars in Libra

Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Pisces Sun, Libra Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Pisces

Robert Browning: Taurus Sun, Aries Moon, Mercury in Taurus, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Gemini

Emily Dickinson: Sagittarius Sun, Libra Moon, Mercury in Sagittarius, Venus in Sagittarius, Mars in Aries

e.e.cummings: Libra Sun, Aries Moon, Mercury in Scorpio, Venus in Libra, Mars in Aries

Wislawa Szymbovska: Cancer Sun, Aquarius or Pisces Moon, Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Gemini, Mars in Cancer


Pablo Neruda isn't on the list but he's one of my favorites. Figures since I'm a Cancer Sun. Neruda had all the inner planets in Cancer! Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. That's some sweet meat trapped under one tough shell, let me tell ya.


Last but not least, I finally had to check out Gertrude Stein's astrology. Her line is the one I've quoted in the title of this post.

Gertrude Stein: Aquarius Sun, Virgo Moon, Mercury in Aquarius, Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Pisces

The line is from a poem called "Sacred Emily" which I can't make heads or tails of. Found this on Wikipedia about what Stein said of her line, awesome:
As the quote diffused through her own writing, and the culture at large, Stein once remarked "Now listen! I’m a fool. I know that in daily life we don’t go around saying 'is a … is a … is a …' Yes, I’m no fool; but I think that in that line the rose is red for the first time in English poetry for a hundred years." (Four in America) [1]


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bow Wow!

Stump the Sussex Spaniel wowed the Westminster Dog Show Judges yesterday and won Best of Show. Stump is almost 70 years old in Dog Years, having just celebrated his 10th Human Year Birthday.

Found his possible birth date on a website:

Stump the Gorgeous Dog

Dec. 1, 1998. (no place listed)


Sun 10 Sagittarius; Moon Aries or Taurus; NN 26 Leo

Stump is going through many marvelous transits and progressions right now. First a mutual reception transit of Jupiter to Uranus. Both transiting Mars and Jupiter are conjunct his natal Uranus in Aquarius. And transiting Uranus is conjunct his natal Jupiter in Pisces with Saturn opposing which might explain in part his success as an old man. (Well, that part is written in the natal chart with Spotlight Loving Ham Leo North Node trining natal Saturn in Aries).

He can't keep his natural Venusian charms to himself. His Progressed Venus is at 30 Sagittarius conjunct the Aries Point (Success in the outer world) and transiting Pluto (Fame).

An old Virgo Phys Ed Teacher who taught Geriatric Patients told me that the Sadge's retain their sporty, youthful glow way beyond the rest of us. Guess she knew what she was talking about. Stump is in between his Nodal Opposition and his Jupiter Return.

Stump went into retirement after he won Best of Show at the Westminster in 2004. Retirement didn't agree with him, he got sick and wasted away to almost nothing. His progressed Sun was passing over his natal Venus in Sagittarius just near the time of his last win and his brush with death.

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Born 3200 Years Ago Today - Zeus

An archaeologist from the University of Pennsylvania has announced that he may have discovered the original spot where the altar of Zeus was built. This is 4,500 foot high Mount Lykaion in Greece. David Romano has found evidence of a drinking party with all kind of thunderbolt relics scattered around. Certainly sounds like something that Zeus would have left behind. Those Sagg's, let me tell yah. They have fun but they're just too hung over to clean up after themselves in the morning.

This is a very interesting announcement astro-wise considering that Jupiter is the Roman name for Zeus. Planet Jupiter is conjunct the North Node right now in Aquarius. Aquarius rules Thunder, Zeus' main prop up on Mt. Olympus. North Node doesn't represent past lives, though, it refers to future lives. So maybe Zeus is being reborn somewhere right now. Actually Zeus was immortal so he never died, he was just shrunk down in size and importance in Mythology into a little woodland elf by the Aryan Invasion.

Zeus' proposed birth date would have been around 3,200 years ago. This is when his name starts to appear carved into stone tablets. I found the article "Scientist says he found Zeus' 'birthplace'" in yesterday's USAToday (Feb. 10, 2009). The information is said to come from a Philadelphia Inquirer article (philly.com).

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Monday, February 09, 2009

The Pie Chart and Humpty Dumpty

In my previous post called "Stimulus" I talked about Pluto's influence on the current Economic Stimulus Plan that is being debated in Government. Scorpio/8th House topics are what stimulate us overall. Sex, Death and Taxes. I forgot to mention that Crises are often what motivates us. And manifesting our Fears. The Scholars and Intellectuals and Media who are talking now are certainly creating a Fear Factor. Sad to say that I worry that the Pluto in Virgo generation is just a bunch of critics who couldn't stimulate a pig to roll in the mud.

Okay, Pluto in Virgo here. I'm mean, I'm petty, I'm critical and I'm worried. But everytime I hear about the Stimulus Plan I hear in my head:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a Wall
Humpty Dumpty had a Great Fall
All the King's Horses
And All the King's Men
Couldn't Put Humpty
Back Together Again.

Humpty's Men have provided us the foolish Public with a Pie Chart of proposed expenditures for Investing Money into the Economy. 800 Billion Dollar's Worth or so. We already threw 700 B to the Bankers and they took a nice Christmas Vacation on their Lear Jets before giving them back to Boeing or wherever Lear Jets come from (maybe sold to Osama). They enjoyed some great end of the Year Bonuses and won't lend money out and have probably just decided to sit back and relax for the next 15 years. Banking and Taurus are at the opposite end of what Pluto's all about. Pluto is Banking's Shadow Brother. They can't exist apart from each other. And when they act like this they're a totally unfortunate presence.

We can see here that Taxes are a big piece of the Stimulus Pie. That sounds like gastrointestinal hell. Much of the rest of areas of Investment will be into Mutable Sign areas. Is this a leftover from what should have happened while Pluto was in Sagittarius? Pluto empowered/destroyed the mutable signs already.

Pluto is now in Capricorn. It seems that there has to be a focus on ripping apart and reconstructing all things Cardinal. Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. New Starts. Implementing new Programs and Ideas. Mutable Signs can come up with so many ideas, after all.

This stimulus plan was obviously written with a bit too much of a Mutable Sign emphasis perhaps. There's some good Cardinal Stuff, but there's not much to let the Fixed Signs chew on.
Lawyers are 9th House. Higher Education is H9. Lower Education is H3. Welfare is H12. Healthcare is H6. All the refining elements of living in a society are Mutable. We're supposed to use it now to start something new. Not to Fix which is Fixed Sign. Not to make due with which is Mutable.

This is my Score Card for how well the Stimulus Plan would fit in with Pluto in Capricorn which is where the Stimulus needs to go.

Biggest chunk of Stimulus is Tax Cuts. Pluto. Good. But Capricorn is about Self Reliance and Stoicism and doing the Right Thing because doing the wrong thing will come back to bite you. There are things to watch out for, like ruthlessly clobbering others in order to look good in society and abusing authority and watching out for the interests of old established firms. Actually, those are the qualities that Pluto would hopefully take its wrecking ball to. Hopefully, Pluto actually agrees with a lot of the bad stuff that Capricorn does, just wants to appear sensitive while doing it rather than open handed and brash.

Aries isn't represented here much which worries me, except for the fact that we are in a Rush to get this thing passed. Remember Paulson of Banking/Mortgage Bail Out Fame was Aries. Libra is completely absent from this plan, which is extremely worrying because that means that means that the unhealthy side of that sign could leak into the picture. Libra represents Diplomacy, which Obama has plenty of so maybe things are ok. Libra also represents Balance, Harmony, the Arts and man's first feeble attempt at dealing with others on a civilized level. Of course, Artists are not part of the plan. If you don't give your society the arts, you don't have a civilization.

Here's a link to one of the Pie Charts available on the Internet. (Cancer Sun just loves Statistics when it's mentioned in Food Format. Sorry, stupid joke):


Here's the pieces of the Pie. Think I got most of it. The Pie doesn't look all that crummy methinks. The Fixed Signs had better be given more outlets, imo.

  • Transform nations' energy transmission. That could be Aries, Good.
  • Repair public housing. Ergh! Well, it's Cancer, or probably more like Capricorn since Cancer prefers doing what's nurturing and healthy. Good enough for Government.
  • Weatherize modest income home. Cancer? Uranus (fixed). Mercury (mutable). Good.
  • Science facilities, research. Well, Research is Pluto. Depends what kinds of Science. Capricorn likes Science. Good. Empiracle ass kissing science though, conservative shit. Keeps the Virgos going.
  • Expand Broadband Internet Access. Mercury (Mutable), Uranus (Fixed). Wah. Might not happen. Better be careful who they hire for this one. Well, this is necessary.
  • Highway Construction: Mutable (H3 and H9). Not in the cards, but is necessary.
  • Modernize Federal & Other Public Infrastructure: Modernize is Uranian. Federal is Capricornian as is Public Infrastructure whatever that is. Sounds like a Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square thing.
  • Clean Water, flood control, environmental investment. Water Signs and Virgo, Good, especially if Cancerian and Plutonian Water Systems concentrated on. That means plumbing and sewer.
  • Transit and Rail. Mutable, H3 and H9. Won't help.
  • Local School Districts. Mutable, H3. Won't help.
  • State Fiscal Relief. Don't know. Taurus, H2? Make the Bankers pay.
  • Pell Grant. Higher Education. Mutable (H9). Problems ahead.
  • Higher Education Modernization. More H9 and Uranus. This is special interest b.s. at this point. We educate immigrants before we educate citizens so what do we expect. There, I said it.
  • Health I.T. Mutable (probably H6)? don't know what this is. Isn't Cardinal.
  • Preventative Care. I suppose this is very Cancer/Capricorn (along with Virgo), so good.
  • Unemployment Benefits. H12, Mutable? This'll drain out pretty quick, but buying time seems like an applicable Pluto in Capricorn type of subject matter.
  • Healthcare. Mutable, H6. Time to join a Christian Science Church and just say that your illness doesn't exist. The Pluto in Cancers were the last of the Good Doctor generation anyway.
  • Food Stamps. Cancer, probably with Neptune/Pisces. Good but might not survive the big t-square. We may not have Food after this thing is done with us.
  • Medicaid. (Mutable) Bah. Let's face it we have to completely start over in this area, poor Pluto in Leos trying to retire.
  • Law Enforcement. (H6) Mutable. Might not be able to hold down the fort.
Nothing about Border Control which needs all the 4 points of Cardinal to be effective. Nothing about fostering Innovation by encouraging meetings of great minds to figure out a new structure or order. Nothing about helping people to help themselves. Nothing about switching the Farming communities over to Sustainable, Organic, Local businesses. No Arts. No interest in seeking real talents. Don't they have to raise taxes in order to pay off the debt? I can go on and on. Nobody reads this anyway -- Good thing about Pluto in Virgo, too boring to make a difference.

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

How Many Kids Can You Cram Into A Shoe?

A California woman, Nadya Suleman, has given birth to 14 children via in vitro fertilization. On Jan. 27, 2009 she gave birth to the first surviving set of Octuplets. This is the last set of kids that she can have due to her age so she loaded them all in all at once.


born Jan. 27, 2009 between 10:43 and 10:48am in Bellflower, CA.

Sun 8 Aquarius; Moon 25 Aquarius; NN 10 Aquarius; ASC Aries or Taurus

Well, they say that Aquarians like to do things in groups so maybe the astrology partly explains the babies' good health -- they simply enjoyed being born together in a crowd. With 4 planets in Aquarius, 3 in Capricorn and 2 in Pisces these kids will grow up to be highly intelligent, probably nuclear physicists who can grow up to build some really cool new age bombs as a way of dealing with their frustration.

A great interpretation of the babies' charts is available from 21st Century Astrology blog: http://sjordanastrology.blogspot.com/2009/02/aquarian-octuplets.html.

Mom says that she never recovered from her lonely childhood as an only child. So, she's decided to have an even lonelier adulthood as a single Mother. Right on. People are commenting on the money she won from a law suit where she was beaten by a patient at a Mental Hospital where she worked. People are commenting on what looks like several plastic surgeries. The State Medical Board is investigating her Doctor who obviously has a bigger problem. Guess she was in a hurry to have all her remaining eggs implanted before the Age 34 cut off date when she would no longer be able ti have them implanted. She split up with her husband in 2000 and divorced him in 2007.

Well, this chart has the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception all over it. The Sun and Moon and South Node are all in Aquarius. The kids were born between two Aquarius Eclipses. Mom is indicated by Moon. The Moon in the kids' charts is conjunct Neptune.

Mercury is Retrograde which indicates to me being born into a situation for which there really are no words. Mercury is in Capricorn along with Mars and Pluto. Interesting that Capricorn is the sign which traditionally is thought to rule Fatherhood and these children are born without a Father. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, is a Handle figure in the Bucket Shaped charts of the kids who were born by Ceasarian section within 5 minutes of each other. The Mother's reasons for wanting to have so many children are said to be rooted in her lonely childhood as a single child. Don't know how she justifies having 14 kids as a single Mother, nothing seems more lonely to me but maybe now the media tents and vans parked outside her home 24/7 are keeping her company.

Really, this isn't about the kids, it's about the Mom. Wikipedia now has provided a birth date for her. By interesting coincidence she's born about a month after Angelina Jolie. She's a Cancer Sun like me. Hate it when this happens. The little water bearers will have to hold their Watery mom up their whole lives.

Nadya Suleman

b. July 11, 1975 Bellflower, CA

Sun 19 Cancer; Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 30 Scorpio

Right off the bat the chart shows why Suleman is lonely. She has Sun conjunct Saturn in Cancer squaring Jupiter-Chiron 23-28 Aries. Naturally there is a sense of being alone and having to be more responsible than others. The Cancer-Saturn thing can show an ego desire to control. This woman might prefer to give birth without a Father around with whom she has to share anything. Sun square Jupiter might have a problem with overdoing things as Jupiter rules excess and Sun rules Confidence. A Cancer Sun combined with a Scorpio North Node share a possessiveness that might not be considered healthy.

Suleman's Venus is at 1 Virgo. Venus rules a woman's method of showing love. In Virgo it is not considered an easy placement. Venus in Virgo wants to love through hard work and analysis. Since she's given birth to an entire childcare center's worth of kids this woman is fulfilling her Venus. This Venus is squaring (challenging) the Nodal Axis, with North Node at 30 Scorpio, a destiny filled with deep dark yearnings and maybe a few misplaced motives.

Interesting that Suleman has a natal Saturn-Uranus square which is reflected in the current opposition between these planets. The natal chart actually has a t-square involving Jupiter at 23 Aries is involved in a t-square opposing Uranus 29 Libra and squaring Saturn 23 Cancer. With Saturn as apex planet there is again emphasis on Fatherly, parenting control issues. SAturn and Uranus are forever bound together in myth as the struggle with Fatherhood.

Can't place Suleman's Moon without a time of birth. The Noontime chart gives a Leo Moon. If later in the day it will be conjunct the Virgo Venus. With all this drama I assume she's got a Leo Moon but who knows?

Interesting that this chart has no out of bounds planets and no singleton, if Moon is in Leo and not in Virgo. People comment on how sane this woman seems. She doesn't seem out of balance but look at what she's actually done. She's probably going to be able to provide for her children through all the media attention and through the help of her mother so maybe she's not nuts.... Mercury in Suleman's chart is at 30 Gemini. This is on the Cancer Aries Point and Cancer is the sign of Motherhood and Families. Gemini likes to do things in multiples and has been receiving extra attention from the opposition of transiting Pluto (Planet that rules Fame on the point of the chart that rules Fame in Family matters).

Suleman's story shows up really well in her progressed planets. Progressed Sun is traveling through Leo, sign of creativity and children and fun. She's certainly putting a dramatic spotlight on those areas of life. Her history shows that 1999 was a year of major change for her. Her parents divorced and she was injured during a riot by the patients while working at a Mental Hospital on Sept. 18, 1999 Norwalk, CA. Her back was hurt and she hasn't worked since. At the time she was married and was separated from her husband in 2000. It is said that she has since suffered from Depression, all along having in vitro fertilization. Can't remember for sure but I think she had 3 miscarriages and then gave birth to her other children after this time. Can't imagine giving a woman with this much hormonal stuff anti-depressants but modern medicine is really going out on to some stupid limbs these days. Her doctors are being investigated and it will be interesting to see if they are held responsible for any of this. I know I've got a skewed impression, but, sorry, I was raised by a single mother....

Matching the Progressions up with Suleman's events is what's really interesting. For one, her progressed Mars (natally at 8 Taurus and apex of a Yod to a Neptune-Pluto sextile) is at 30 Taurus. This is conjunct her South Node. Mars rules Men in a woman's life. It also rules children and especially boys.

Her progressed Venus, feeling of being loveable, started moving Retrograde in 1999 which would indicate feelings of inadequacy in that area, something which is already described by the insecurities of the Venus in Virgo placement. This is when her parents divorced. And it is when she was involved in a mass riot in a mental hospital and is the year before she separated from her husband. This aspect alone is enough for reading all of her problems. Those damn Doctors need to take a quick class in secondary progressions...

Suleman's progressed Sun is currently at 21 Leo. This could be in conjunction with her natal Moon. It certainly explains the need to surround herself with a circus. And middle degrees Fixed Signs were hit by a big Eclipse-Grand Square aspect in August, 1999 (I believe, memory?). This would have hit her progressed Sun pretty squarely. And, of course, it is being hit by the current series of Aquarius/Leo eclipses.


Split up with husband in 2000. Divorce final 2007.
Parents married in 1974 and divorced in 1999.

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Saturday, February 07, 2009


One of the worst transits to go through, Astrologers will no doubt agree, is a combination of Saturn to Pluto or Pluto to Saturn. In one word this transit is thought to bring a loss of some kind. I've got these two connected in my chart by a trine and in my life I have gone through a few Double Whammie Saturn-Pluto aspects and I have to say I agree with the usual interpretation. But it isn't the rule. There are no real rules because Nature and the Universe are a mystery. And here is proof (astrological proof for what it's worth): while looking up the disastrous financial situation that California is currently in -- a deadlock in the Government has frozen the money and the Franchise Tax Board is delaying sending out refunds and certain government agencies aren't working today because they can't pay their employees -- I found a really interesting & bizarre version of the Saturn-Pluto transit in California's History. But, this situation I really can't interpret with regards to loss. It would be interesting to look further in this particular person's biography to see what was really going on in his life.

The person I'm talking about is James Marshall. Marshall is the guy who discovered Gold. He is the Father of the Eureka Moment for which California is famous. California's economy is very dependent on Gold Rushes, whether for the actual item, the weather, or for the Real Estate, Hollywood or for the High Tech business. Now it turns out that we won't sink as far underwater during Global Warming. Gawd, I hope an earthquake happens soon, though, and scares off all the transplants -- so annoying and bullying.

James Marshall

b. Oct. 8, 1810 Hopewell, NJ

Sun 15 Libra; Moon Aquarius?; NN 6 Libra

Strike Gold

Jan. 24, 1848 Sutter's Mill, Coloma, CA in the Morning, I set chart for 9am but an Aquarius Rising sure would be appropriate

Sun 4 Aquarius; Moon 23 Virgo (at 9am); NN 3 Libra; 11 Pisces

First of all I need to look at the astrology of "the Eureka moment." There as some fun indicators here. I'm going to suppose that Uranus and Aquarius are the rulers of such a situation. On the day that Marshall had his great discovery, the Sun was conjunct Mercury in Aquarius and trining the transiting North Node. Uranus was 10 degrees away from Pluto in Aries in a very wide conjunction.

Marshall's natal chart hooks into this as he was having a Nodal Return (Fated Path) which trines his natal Sun. His progressed Mars was at 1 Libra in conjunction with his natal North Node and the transiting North Node. Transiting Uranus was also opposing Marshall's Sun to the degree (15 Aries to 15 Libra Sun).

Eureka!!!!! There's Gold in Them Thar Hills!

As California was accepted into the Union around this time California also has the Uranus-Pluto conjunction and I always suspected that this is the reason for all the Gold Rushes. Even more shocking than Uranus working alone is Uranus working with Mars (sign of Aries) and Pluto.

Where the Astrologers would no doubt have screwed Marshall up royally was in telling him about how awful transiting Saturn is to natal Pluto. Natally Marshall had Pluto in Pisces which is involved in a t-square opposing Mars 9 Virgo and squaring Saturn 12 Sagittarius. This t-square almost fans out into a Grand Square as Mars is squaring an opposition of Venus 2 Sagittarius to Jupiter 1 Gemini. On Jan. 24, 1848 when Marshall went down into the mine and made himself into a millionaire transiting Saturn was at 11 Pisces. It was even squaring natal Saturn! In Pisces. Natal Saturn is conjunct Neptune even. How depressing. How many Astrologers would have had him sobbing all over himself???

On the Eureka day there was a Kite Shape which is a good omen. Grand Trine of Saturn 11 Pisces to Chiron 11 Virgo trine Jupiter 14 Cancer. That's good. You know Jupiter had to have been hanging around. Chiron was opposite Mars. Mars likes to bring on a Rush.

Marshall was also going through his Venus Return in Sagittarius, or he was approaching Venus return, still too far out of orb. Venus is the dispositer of his Sun (rules Gold) and North Node so this is more important in Marshall's chart than in some of us poor schmucks. (Study of the Eclipses would probably be interesting).

Marshall also had a very prominent Mars in Virgo, sign of precision analysis. Mars rules picks and sharp tools, physical activity, rushing around, digging. Mars is a singleton in his chart and is involved in 2 t-squares so it's very active. My brother has a Virgo Mars and does construction. He can walk into a building and ram a pick into just the right spot in the structure to pull it apart perfectly. (My Mother also had Mars in Virgo. She was very good at knowing just how to pick on people so that they become completely unstrung. Okay, so I'm whining.) So, Marshall's eye or "sense" would have been a bit more particular than some of us. Marshall's progressed Mars was perfectly placed as well. I mentioned that it was conjunct his Nodal Axis both natally and by transit. It was also squaring his progressed Venus at 6 Capricorn.

This is how far this has to go. Check out this chart someday. It is truly Golden. Do not cram people full of fear. Ruthlessness applied to work can sometimes pay off. (in relationships it rarely works). Loss and Loneliness very often come long after one knows (deep down at any rate) that a thing or situation is dead.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Murder of Emma Alice Smith Awakened After 83 Years

Really great Uranus Return story here.

Some people really do receive Justice. Nobody really knows when they will receive it though. This story about the murder of a young 16 year old girl named Emma Alice Smith seems to really stand out for its Uranian surprise elements:


Emma Alice disappeared while riding her bicycle to her job in December, 1926. Just recently a distant relative admitted that the killer had confessed to her murder back in 1953. This is 83 years later -- the Uranus Return in Aquarius! I've wondered before on this blog if Uranus isn't particularly accurate in Cyclic Returns. At any rate, I've noticed in my own life that manifestation of Uranus transits are the clearest to see.

Hopefully the story will develop more and Emma Alice's birth date will show up. She was living in Waldron, East Sussex, England at the time. The police have just opened her Cold File. One can see that Aquarius works with long range vision & "cold" files.

I looked back at a couple of dates. What stands out to me in this story is the Uranus Return cycle, of course. And also the Long Range Memory of Emma Alice's case. Supposedly her disappearance was celebrity in the town. Her Father even tried to get closure in the 1960's before he died. The Death Bed Confession of the Killer is also interesting. Supposedly Mary Alice's sister was taking care of him on his death bed and he gave her details about the murder. She decided to keep the details to herself but her Son is the one who recently brought the information to light (Uranian word).

The Long Range Memory could be attributed to the sign of Cancer or to any of the water signs. It's interesting that Mary Alice would have been born around 1910 when Neptune was in the middle of Cancer. When she disappeared in 1926, Pluto was at 16 Cancer widely conjunct the North Node at 8 Cancer. Pluto rules Murder and Death and it's connection with the North node can often indicate a Crisis. A Neptune-Pluto connection certainly indicates getting lost or disappearing.

Then, in 1953, Uranus was in middle degrees Cancer. This means that Uranus was now passing over the natal Neptune position. This indicates a sudden unexpected awakening or revelation concerning the matter. This is emphasized because the natal chart has Uranus in Neptune's sign so there is a mutual reception of sorts going on that is reiterated by the current transiting mutual reception. Neptune and Pisces rule Confessions and this woman's murder certainly is swollen with years of confessions and secrets. Uranus-Neptune might remain silent about a crime like this because of its wider understanding of how the world works. I've never really thought before about the uptight mid-50s when Uranus was in Cancer. This was the source of the tension of the the Status Quo and Family unit which was rebelled against in the 60s.

The North Node was in Aquarius in 1953 which means that this event is currently in a Return. That might be the tie-in with the current public confession. Really difficult to say with this little information.

Sure would like to see Mary Alice's birth information. Since she disappeared at Age 16 it would be interesting to see how Venus is configured in her chart, transits and progressions.

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The Illegals

Janet Napolitano recently told the criminal section of the Illegal Immigrant population to leave. That seemed like a really ballsy, stupid thing for a woman to say and also stupid. Latino men are violent. Their culture seems to bask in this fact. As I was attacked several times when I was young I know that they really don't show respect for much of anything. Since I was never murdered nobody I knew seemed to think anything of it. White people will side in favor of the poor little Mexicans before they will side in favor of a White Chick who they figure was probably asking for it. So, that gives me insight into my own people. And I realized a couple of years ago that I just don't like Latin culture mostly because they force themselves to be one -sided. Rather two sided. If you are Latino you can either be a Bully or you can Whine, or as is the case with most Lawyers who work on behalf of Latinos, you can do both at the same time. Never, ever recognize that anything you've done is wrong. The part that I dislike the most, of course, is that these people are not coming to the U.S. as Immigrants. They are coming as Minorities. And their culture, not having any Intellectual traditions, does not offer the mental distance to ever change their minds about this. Face it, 12 or whatever million people barging into another country, forcing people to live there to have a stare out contest every time they try to go buy a light bulb at the Home Depot. This is mass mentality.

So, Janet Napolitano wasn't kidding. Arizona is now moving their illegal population into tents at the prison. The guard has a Hispanic last name, so, of course, humanity is not part of his lingo. If you've ever actually worked for a Mexican you know what Hell on earth they create in the workplace. This is appalling, or at least it would be, if the crimes that have been committed against me and were accepted as normal behavior for the little people who supposedly don't know any better. I'm so confused about the whole situation. With the t-square of Saturn-Uranus and Pluto coming up I know that Humanity is about to be tested. Systematic and robotic types of behaviors that are cruel and unusual will affect the masses. And nothing's of more mass mentality than the illegal immigrant population. Because I've lived and worked with them, I know that they are angry. But, they are angry because they think they deserve more than they do. If they could ever work out from under the stupors that they are in from exposure to all the chemicals that they use at their jobs, they would be rebelling violently by now. As I said, they don't require intellect of their own. Their representations of themselves in the media are nuts an dtheir needs are illogical. But, they are violent and they have a freakishly high homicide rate (which nobody seems to ever talk about openly).

Either way, a tent in the Arizona desert.... Being harassed byWhy doesn't Napolitano just give them a shovel and tell them to let her know when they've dug their way over to China?


Monday, February 02, 2009


Stimulus ought to be a word exclusively used for Sex. But, alas, the 8th House doesn't differentiate between Sex, Death and Taxes. We're not talking about Enthusiasm. Plutonians don't inspire. We're talking about selfish desire. At any rate, Investment managers are killing themselves, parents are killing their entire families. Bernie Madoff couldn't care less as is the way with Sociopaths, another Plutonian pop-up that we all possess mostly to a lesser degree. Hey, your Devil May Care attitude created your best memories. Admit it.

This sounds like some good old 8th House stuff. And some single woman just gave birth to 8 artificially inseminated babies to go along with the 6 she already has. That's not Plutonian, more like a Lunar Whack Job, but for some reason I just mentioned it. Maybe because it's being connected with Obsessive Compulsive disorder in the media.

When things go wrong with things 8th House how does one fix them? How does one Stimulate the house that is considered the most Stimulating? What do we do when we've lost our Mojo? For one, the Astronomers have got to bring back Pluto. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Pluto was discovered in 1930, spun around in the limelight for 70 something years until the Astronomers pulled it off the shelf. Big mistake. Big one. I think they did that in August, 2007 right when the Financial Crisis began, didn't they? Really mysterious how this stuff works.

Obama's got some plans to fix the economy and I've listened to a few comments about whether they'll work or not. The infrastructure and a list of other stuff. Tourism is big on the list, that's weird. Somebody's gonna hafta come up with yet another Disneyland. Ho Hum. Not another Matterhorn. Perhaps a lost in Space type of situation where we send people out into orb and then don't tell them that they can't return. Just a polite "Bah Bye." Brutal Pluto in Capricorn type of stuff. I guess if we can't fix things it's because we're just thrashed. We'll have to coast in eternal gargoyle poverty for the next 10 years.

One commentator on NPR (don't remember name) mentioned that the 30s Depression Stimulus plans which are the ones that Obama is copying actually didn't help anything. Unemployment in 1939 was just as bad as unemployment in 1933. (If I heard this correctly) He said that the way that the economy is Stimulated is by helping the Corporations to get back on their feet. This was done by Kennedy and by Reagan. That sounds more correct by Astro Standards because this sort of feeds our Inner Hookers I suppose. I don't know anything about what was done during those times, but since one was done by a Democrat and one by a Republican I sort of figure there might be some sensibility in what the commentator said. No one mentioned what Clinton did. That's odd since he actually left the Country with a surplus. Clinton and Gore are Fire Signs and Fire works on enthusiasm... Kennedy and Reagan were Air Signs. That's only Sun Sign stuff but amazing how much info that stuff gives when you're feeling too lazy to look up the charts.

Either way, Corporations are definitely 8th House entities so it seems that this would work for a Stimulus plan. Corporations are kind of like legalized Prostitution. They don't really pay taxes but they do hire a lot of people. I suppose I should suggest legalized Pot but the stuff makes me so damn sick I can't help you slobs out with that.

Clinton raised Taxes but I believe the others lowered Taxes. Taxes are also a Stimulus.

I wonder how many of the Prozac generation are having Sex. Seems that stuff let the air out of a lot of jets with the old lowered libido stuff. We've pissed it all into the ocean and the fish aren't even having Sex anymore. And, of course, I never really thought the Pluto in Virgos and Pluto in Libras were that into it anyway. More like we just like to watch. Well, the Pluto in Scorpios may be able to get things back on track. Perhaps...

To end, I'll add famous quotes from Kennedy and Reagan. I'm probably remembering them incorrectly but we really need to be hearing words like these. I'm sure there are more:

First of all from FDR, words for Depression:

"There's nothing to fear, but fear itself."

Wikiquote is fascinating for Kennedy.

I found this:

"The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were and ask "why not?"-- Speech delivered to the Dail (Parliament of Ireland), June 28th, 1963

Right after that I found this:

"A wall [is] a hell of a lot better than war. Upon hearing about the construction of the Berlin Wall."

Then I found Reagan's famous quote:

"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall."

Wall imagery is coming up a lot for me lately. Must be the Mars-Saturn-Pluto transits I'm going through. More on that later, hopefully. Anyway, building walls and tearing them down is probably a very Plutonian type of cycle, well, the tearing down part at any rate.

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