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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Master My Master

Mars in Virgo turned Retrograde last week and will remain so until mid-April. While reading this letter from a freed slave to his previous master all I could think is how appropriate it is for a Mars in Virgo Rx transit.


Virgo rules matters of employment.

Mars rules "doing your own thing (Maritha Pottenger's description)." Mars also rules guns and being shot at.

Retrogrades are sometimes thought to bring things back from the past. I was curious to know what sign Mars was in back in August, 1865 when Jourdan Anderson wrote this letter to Colonel P.H. Anderson. Had a feeling ....

Turns out Mars was in Virgo at the time as well! This is a Mars Return by about 3 degrees! And Mars was conjunct Mercury which is Virgo's ruler so it's influence was extra strong.

Saturn was in Libra conjunct the North Node, so Saturn is also celebrating a Return of the time of the exchange.

This could account for the shocking details and tongue in cheek diplomacy displayed in the letter.

Venus was at 1 Cancer conjunct Uranus at 3 Cancer on August 7, 1865 when Jourdan Anderson wrote the letter about possibly returning to his "roots" in Tennessee.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

9 Seconds on the Clock

Go Niners!

The Bay Area Football Team, the 49ers, managed to save their game yesterday against the Saints, 9 seconds before the end of the game. Player Alex Smith threw to Vernon Davis. I think the Saints play for New Orleans. You can tell how much I know about football. The astrology is amazing in some respects so I'm just going to list a couple of coincidental patterns I see and hopefully there will be a sports astrologer out there who will look at the charts.

The cash register guy at the Starbucks told me all about it. He said that this type of event has only happened 4 times before. I was able to google 2 previous events when a similar game occurred, and they all involved the 49ers. I should go back and ask the guy what that all means before publishing, but you know me, I'm a little scary with the publish button.

Amazing how all 3 events have a lot of tension between planets in Libra to Aries. A little Venus to Mars rulership action sure does bring up the Relationship Axis on the Astrological Wheel. Aries represents the throwing and Libra represents the Catching and the Axis keeps them both in strong relationship.

Aries points seem to be consistently involved in the charts. I don't have times for the events because I don't watch football but I seem to remember people screaming their heads off at around 4:30-5:00 yesterday afternoon so that is the time that I am using for the charts. So, take it for granted that the times I'm using for the charts are wrong, and also the places and the players.

One thing I noticed that this seems to happen when some of the outer planets seem to have just changed signs.

Sun in Capricorn squares Saturn in Libra in two of the charts. Saturn rules delays so this could account for the end of the game surprise. The other chart has Sun in Libra squaring Neptune in Capricorn (c. Uranus in Aquarius). The fact that this happens during Saturn in Libra Returns is interesting. Libra makes it easier to relate to others, though, so it makes sense that there would be some pretty amazing passes during these transits.

This seems to be connected with Uranus entering a new sign. Check out the early degree placements in the charts. Uranus rules surprises, teamwork, and crowds, and generation of hope for the future. Uranus changed signs between Aquarius and Pisces at end of 2003/beginning of 2004 but don't see a football event like this. Maybe Pisces just isn't into Football which would be why I've known so many of them in my life.

The Catch, 49 ers against Dallas Cowboys
Joe Montana, Gemini, to Dwight Clark, Capricorn

Jan. 10, 1982, San Francisco

Sun 21 Capricorn; Cancer Rising?; Moon 7 Leo; NN 23 Cancer Rx; Saturn 22 Libra c. Pluto 27 Libra

Uranus 4 Sagittarius

The Catch 2 49 ers against ??
Steve Young, Libra, throws to Terrell Owens, Sagittarius

Oct. 20, 1996 San Francisco, CA?

Sun 28 Libra; Pisc Rising?; Moon 15 Aquarius; NN 7 Libra

Uranus 1 Aquarius

The Grab

Alex Smith, Taurus, threw to Vernon Davis, Aquarius

Jan 14, 2012 4:30? San Francisco, CA

Sun 25 Capricorn; ASC 17 Cancer : Moon 7 Libra : NN 13 Sagittarius Rx

Uranus 2 Aries

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Alberto Casillas Murder

Saw this article asking for help in solving a 5 year old murder in San Francisco. I'm just a crazy Astrology buff and have no forensics experiences but thought I'd try to take a look at the chart.

Alberto Casillas was confronted by two men in a nightclub in the South of Market district in San Francisco, CA on Jan. 7, 2007. He drove off with some friends in his car but was shot by the men. He later died in the Hospital. The articles give almost no other information beyond this so it's really difficult to understand what actually went on. For example, there is no information about who the other passengers were in the car.

There are two police drawings of the shooters in the article. In other articles I've read Casillas' Mother is keeping the case open by passing out fliers on the street to see if anyone will come forward.

Jan. 7, 2007 2:17 am San Francisco, CA

Sun 17 Capricorn; Moon 3 Virgo; ASC 9 Scorpio; MC16 Leo; NN 20 Pisces

I pulled up some keywords from Rex Bills.

Homicide (Pluto)
Victim Pluto
Gunshot wounds Mars
Guns Mars, Uranus
Witnesses Mercury, Moon
Gangs Pluto (Mars, Aries)
Crime, condition of H12
Crime, Crimes, Criminals Pluto, Mars, 12, Pisces Neptune

I didn't find a rulership for snitches and that's what we need. I suspect that we'd want to see some Mercury/Gemini influence in that regard just because that sign is associated with loose lips. Just read this blog if you want to understand the stupids associated with Mercury/Gemini influence. I also suspect that the Saturn-Pluto trine that was occuring on the day that Casillas was shot could possibly bring forward another type of snitch. Saturn-Pluto trines can be very concerned with doing the right thing and they may have the balls to come forward and speak out. Unfortunately, the angles of the event chart are ruled by Neptune and Pluto and these two are involved in secrecy and cover ups and crimes.

This event chart has many classic signatures for homicide.

Scorpio Rising.
Neptune c. IC.
Mars conjunct Pluto trining Moon in Virgo-Saturn in Leo (H10).

Amazing how often Scorpio is rising when brutal murders take place. As one can see from the rulerships listed above, pluto rules this type of crime to the tee. Neptune at the bottom of the chart adds to this as it signifies a "Fog of War" type of situation. Neptune rules alcohol and drugs and since this event happened at a night club I assume those were strong factors in why the event occurred.

First thing I noticed was the Mars-Pluto conjunction in the 2d house trining the Moon in Virgo. This can show volatile emotions. It seems that whatever set the shooters off occurred earlier in the evening. Mars is impulse, Moon is reactivity, Pluto is revenge. The trine connection between the 2d House and the 10th House indicates some sort of control thing. The 2d House represents money so perhaps there was money owed or theft involved.

This is a sling shaped chart with a Moon-Saturn conjunction acting as handle up in the 10th House. This places a lot of emphasis on those two planets which are rulers of parents, homelife, social status. When I first read a blurb about the murder I was wondering if this were a family related crime in some way. Then I read that Casillas' mother is not giving up on finding her sons murderers, this could mean that her grief and determination to find her son's killers will eventually work out. The Virgo Moon is opposing Ceres in the 4th House. This ties the Ceres/Demeter myth into the chart very strongly. Demeter was Goddess of the Harvest. She fought with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, who had abducted her daughter Persephone. Eventually Persephone was allowed to come back above ground for 6 months of the year, Pluto kept her downstairs the other 6 months.

Looking at this chart, I would suspect that the Mother would find more information from sifting through data and from looking for clues through physical evidence than by looking for witnesses who will come forward. The people involved here look unreliable and unable to help. There are no planets in the 1st or 7th Houses. Pluto ruling and Neptune in conjunction with the IC shows that the situation is difficult to understand. There is much grief and sense of loss in this chart as Saturn is both trining Pluto and opposing Neptune.

Mars will have a long retrograde transit back over the Moon of this chart so perhaps there will be some extra impetus to solve the crime. Virgo is a sensible sign which doesn't really stick its neck out to perform noble deeds so perhaps other means of solving the crime will help. Virgo represents Data Analysis, so there might be some way to track the killers by sifting through Data. The Moon in conjunction with Saturn in Leo out of sign up in the 10th House and trining Mars-Pluto shows that the scientific evidence is probably there. Or at least it would have been at the time. Saturn is Retrograde which could indicate a long delay. The Moon here is Void of Course which also indicates some problems in solving.

There are 3 planets in the 2d house in Sagittarius. These are Jupiter, Mars and Pluto. That's a lot of "party" energy. Sagittarius is an optimistic sign and this does indicate to me that someone was feeling too lucky and overworked a situation.

Uranus in Pisces in House 4 in conjunction with the NN in Pisces. It seems that Neptune/Pisces issues may have been the reason behind the shootings. That doesn't give much interesting information as Neptune/Pisces rules drugs, escapism, jails, death and crime. Perhaps the criminals were drug dealers. This could be gang related.

The Sun was conjunct Mercury on the same degree at 16 Capricorn in the 3d House. This describes the shooting in the car. I'm not up on my Cazimi Mercury interpretations so don't know what that means. In the 3d House it could indicate that the witnesses do know the killers. I do know that it indicates something having to with cars and drivers.

Venus is also in the 3d House conjunct Chiron. She is otherwise unaspected so she stands out. This shows the presence of a female who perhaps has problems. This could be a sister or a cousin or someone going through a Divorce or drug problems. I don't know who the other passengers in the car were. Perhaps Casillas was trying to protect a woman and was shot. Venus rules the 12th House which is said to show the cause of the crime.

I send my condolences to those who have grieved over this death and hope that someone will come forward with some information that will lead to Justice in this crime. Venus also rules Justice through the sign of Libra.

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Sunday, January 08, 2012

"1957-J-No. 2" Gets Lap Dance

A drunk tattoo artist went into the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver, Colorado, pulled down her pants, and had what sounds like sexual relations with one of Clyfford Still's paintings, a 9 1/2 by 12 foot abstraction in Red, Black, White and Yellow that was created in 1957.

You can read about it over at the Denver Post.

Our Lady of the Taboo is currently 36 years old, suffers from alcoholism, and, has done what I wanted to do every time I saw a Clyfford Still painting. And although I know what she did is wrong, taboo as it were and pretty damn rude, I can't help but feel awestruck. Still's paintings are the best representations of American spirit I can think of.

Maybe Age of Aquarius will only allow robots to get crazy. It's too difficult to do stuff like this whilst sober and medicated and spied on by spy cams and cell phones and traffic cams and computer hackers from foreign countries who can get away with being here just because the mob brought them over and now I even read that the police are using the drones to catch people in North Dakota.

As I said, Clyfford Still painted Freedom, the old time U.S. spirit. He was a Sagittarius. And his masterpiece just got peed on, 10,000 dollars worth. (We only think in terms of dollars now, either because we have too much or we don't have any or both).

The event chart for this crime/performance art piece is:

Dec. 29, 2011. 3:30 pm. Denver, Colorado

Sun 8 Capricorn; Moon 12 Pisces; Asc 22 Gemini; MC 28 Aquarius; Nn 14 Sagittarius

I'm sort of wondering why Neptune in Aquarius didn't act out sooner. The planet of chaos in the sign of weirdness. Last degree, last regrets, I guess.

I don't have Carmen Tisch's birth date. Thank God, as if she doesn't have enough to worry about right now, she could have me fiddling around with her planetary placements. All I know is that Sobriety sucks until you get to her advanced level of intoxication.

Tisch is 36 years old which means she's heading into her 2d Nodal Return. The Nodes represent Life Path/Destiny, or something close to thatso she is at an age which maybe is connected with reassessing one's purpose in life and why one has or hasn't made it yet, same as what happens right before one turns 19.

Interesting that the event chart shows the Nodal Axis crossing the ASC/DESC angle. Over at the Descendant, The North Node was conjunct both that angle and the chart ruler, Mercury. Still was a Sagittarius in early degrees so his natal Sun would have just passed over the Descendant/NN/Mercury conjunction.

Neptune, planet of boundarilessness and superconsciousness, often connected with Artists (but not really in Still's chart), and whatever else you call things you can't possibly understand in one lifetime, was conjunct the Midheaven. That's the other angle on the Astrology Wheel and so is another significant placement.

Appropriately, I found this quote made by Clyfford Still over at Wikipedia:

"It's intolerable to be stopped by a frame's edge."

I told you he was a Sadge. They don't like being hemmed in.

And, yeah, the booze helps in Carmen Tisch's case.

When hooking up Clyfford Still's natal chart to the event chart we see all kinds of interesting connections with the planet Pluto. Pluto rules Sex, Death and all that is Taboo and cant' be spoken about. Pluto rules magneticism and the occult. It's the higher octave of Mars so instead of chasing the way that Mars does it draws you in and makes you confront the Devil. Pluto rules the Human Will. And Human Will is what Human creativity is all about.

Still's natal Pluto was at 21 Gemini so was rising at the time of his painting's interaction with an admirer. That means that it was in conjunction with the Ascendant and South Node of the event chart.

Since the ASC/DESC show the compulsion for human relations I suppose this would be a great time for a dead man's soul to break out of the underworld and enjoy a little one on one with the good looking girl staring at your painting. Too bad she had to hit and scratch it. I think she also slid down it. Why wasn't anybody taking a video of this event? God, the only thing that ever gets photographed anymore are mass shootings.

Still's Natal Node Axis was squaring the transiting Axis-ASC/DESC pole as well. Maybe he was thinking he could reincarnate this way? Weird.

Anyways, Still's natal Neptune was also being pulled out from its proverbial grave as there was a tight opposition from the Sun and Pluto on this day as well. Natal Neptune is at 8 Cancer. Transiting Sun c. Neptune opposing From 8 Capricorn. Neptune and Pluto are strongly connected with psychic experience so I sort of wonder what actually was going on in that museum from a psychic realm point of view. Noel Tyl does describe Neptune-Pluto connections as "Wipe Outs." In this case, it seems that it was more of a scratch out. Oh, and Tisch was so drunk she managed to wet what would have been her pants had she been wearing them.

Clyfford Still
b. Nov. 30, 1904 North Dakota

Sun 9 Sagittarius; Moon Virgo; NN 15 Virgo

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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Year's Babies: Identical Twins Born a Year Apart!

Don't know if this is typical or not. I've certainly never read a story like it.

Three sets of twins were born in the U.S. over the New Year's Eve celebrations
, but one was born on Dec. 31, 2011 and the second one was born on January 1, 2012. Born minutes apart but with a year between them.

There are some astrological reasons for why this might have occurred this year.

First there was a strong and fortunate Sun-Pluto in Capricorn conjunction trining Jupiter in Taurus in all these charts. A Sun-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is a strong personality and Sun-Pluto-Jupiter combinations can bring success in life as long as the owners also have discipline. Most of these babies will have Saturn in their first houses so they will take on responsibility. They will also be talented musicians with good rhythm.

Most of these babies have Libra Rising with Moon in Aries in Libra's House 7. So they are born with a natural need for a partner which is great when you're born with a twin.

Their Moons are all widely conjunct Uranus at 1 Aries. That shows the unusual stories around their births. They will also manage to be very unique individuals on their own as Uranus likes to do things differently.

In Buffalo, NY, Ronan Rosputni was born at 11:37 pm on Dec. 31. His sister Rory was born at 12:10 am. They're Irish which explains such a good luck story. Boy, they will have the gift of gab with that Mercury-NN conjunction in Sagittarius!

Ronan has ASC 1 Libra; Sun 11 Capricorn (H4); Moon 10 Aries (H7)

Rory has ASC 7 Libra; Sun 11 Capricorn (H4); Moon 10 Aries (H7)

Next, in Tampa, Florida, Jenna Bear was born at 11:59 pm on Dec. 31, 2011 and her sister Leah Bear was born right at 12:00 am, 2012. Two little Cinderellas.

Jenna has 3 Libra ASC; Sun 11 Capricorn (H4); Moon 10 Aries (H7)

Leah has 3 Libra ASC; Sun 11 Capricorn (H4); Moon 10 Aries (H7)

And last but not least, well, actually first before the others I just wrote it down this way: Beckett Humenny was born at 6:40 pm on Dec. 31, 2011. And his sister, Freya, was born at 12:26 on Jan. 1, 2012.

Beckett was born with 5 Leo Rising; Sun 10 Capricorn (H6); Moon 8 Aries (H9)

Freya was born with 11 Libra Rising; Sun 11 Capricorn (H3); Moon 11 Aries (H7)

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