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Monday, November 17, 2014

Mother and Daughter Give Birth on Same Day

The Moon rules Motherhood so when she's in her own sign of Cancer one can expect an exceptional story about Motherhood from time to time. Last Tuesday's Cancer Moon produced one such tale. A 20 year old Daughter and her 40 year old Mother gave birth on the same day and in the same hospital. They both even had induced labor but for different reasons.

The babies, a girl and a boy, were born 2 hours and 46 minutes apart but I don't know what times. The Cancer Moon is strongly placed at noontime. First of all, it is trine the Scorpio Sun so the two major energies of the chart are working in harmony with each other. Next, the Moon at this time is hooked in with the Uranus (surprise, unusual) - Pluto (power,reproductive system) square which is slowly passing through the sky. In this case, moon is opposing an almost exact conjunction of the Mars-Pluto conjunction. This is a very emotional aspect, often connected with violence, so nice to see a constructive example. This can be a very creative aspect.

The Sun is conjunct Venus in Scorpio which shows powerful women. This conjunction is squaring Jupiter in Leo which shows an exceptional experience involving one's children.