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Monday, March 30, 2009

Earthquake March 30, 2009

I think we just had an earthquake where I am. Can't tell, maybe it was around say a 4.9er? Maybe it was only the neighbor.

I was off, it was a 4.3 and the epicenter was pretty far away.


You can check for earthquake activity from the USGS here:


You can also give feedback about how it felt in your area.

This isn't as big as some of the Salton Sea Earthquakes but here's the stuff.

22 Gemini Ascendant; 30 Aquarius MC; Sun 11 Aries (H11); Moon 3 Gemini (H12); NN Aquarius (H9)

Angles loaded with the upcoming scary outer planet t-square that is forming, plus Mars: Saturn in H4 opposing Mars in H10. Uranus in H10 squaring Gemini Ascendant. Pluto in H7 squaring Venus Rx Aries. Saturn is in Virgo and Pluto is in Capricorn, both are Earth.

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is within orb and is in conjunction/stellium with Chiron and the NN. In this chart it has just passed over the Midheaven and all planets are in H9. Neptune at 26 Aquarius within 4 degree orb of conjunction to angle. I

4.3 Earthquake in Northern California
3/30/09 10:40 am PDT I used San Jose, actual location is probably down South near Morgan Hill.

Sun 11 Aries; Moon 3 Gemini; ASC 22 Gemini; MC 30 Aquarius; NN 7 Aquarius

That right there looks earthquakey.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earthquake Swarm Near Salton Sea

Monica at Astrology Mundo is living down in the Palm Springs area which is close to the Salton Sea where there has been an "Earthquake Swarm" of more than 250 small earthquakes in about the last week. I'm not one to withhold panic so I gotta say this is farkin frightening. I'm a few months shy of 50 and have lived in California my whole life and have never really heard of these Swarms until the last couple of years. Yet, the media says they are common for the Salton Sea. Last year there were a bunch off the Coast of Oregon and in Reno and Yellowstone always struggles with Old Faithful. I tell you the land is trying to pass some serious gas. I think it might even be Colitis. (that's a sick joke, apologies to sufferers, but, hey, you're bent over in pain anyway).

So Earthquakes are definitely connected with Uranus as I've shown before. Uranus or Aquarius generally seems to be angular when they hit. Tough part about that is that both Uranus and Aquarius are angular 4 times a day every day. Interesting that we sort of got a break from Earthquakes while Uranus was transiting its own sign. Saying this then doesn't make sense when one realizes that in California at any rate there were no huge Earthquakes while Uranus was in its own sign of Aquarius.

According to the following link there were a lot of swarms back in the 1970s and 80s. People living in California were mostly either drunk or high at that time so I suppose that explains the lack of coverage in the media. Recently, there was a significant set of swarms called the "Obsidian Butte Swarm" in 2005 which began on Aug. 28, 2005 around 3:45 pm and last through September. The largest earthquake in that swarm was on Sept. 1, 2005 at 6:27 pm which rated at a 5.1 on the Richter Scale. Here's the link: http://www.scsn.org/2005obsidianbutte.html.

In addition to Uranus, Saturn is going to be involved. Saturn is Earth. Saturn likes to keep a lid on things, just the perfect scenario for a volatile eruption down the road. Mars will be there. And Jupiter will be there. And Pluto will be there just cause Pluto needs a crisis. And all the rest will be there. From what I'm looking at right now Neptune could be involved very significantly.

California's last biggees happened when Uranus and Neptune were in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn and Earth. I keep seeing how Pluto's move into Capricorn seems to be dredging up old news stories and tv personalities from the 70s and 80s, Valerie Bertinelli's 48 year old bikini body is clad on the cover of some magazine this week.

Oh, where was I? Earthquakes. Sorry, Monica. Got a little distracted. Really I don't think that Palm Springs is the epicenter for anything but Botox these days. Karl Rove's Step-Father was a Geologist and he lived out his days there. That's how you know you're safe....

Right now, Saturn and Uranus have had two exact passes out of 5 of their opposition transit. There's some things that Astrologers say about multiple passes of aspect transits but I've only heard it for when there are 3 passes. The first one you don't feel, maybe sets the stage, the middle one does something and the last pass completely wipes you off the face of the earth. Oh well, good thing I don't remember how that goes. 5 passes is unusual and shows a lot of repeated stress. What also is stressful is that the USGS has been telling us that we're due. April and October are Earthquake months in Northern California, don't know what Months Southern California zones favor. It looks maybe like the mid-Winter months are Earthquake Season down there.

Something that might be disturbing is that I found an article saying that the Los Angeles area had a major, I mean huge 7.7 earthquake back in 1690.


Don't know how exact the Scientists are about stating that year specifically but when looking at Astrodienst's Ephemeris one notices that Saturn and Uranus were opposing each other the whole year pretty much. The Pope may have been piddling with the Calendar at that point so don't know if this is 1690 California Time or 1690 Vatican Time.

If there really was a huge earthquake that year then the Saturn-Uranus opposition could be a significant influence for Southern California Earthquakes. But these oppositions happen every 40 something-something years and don't force an earthquake to happen every time. Back in the 1690's Saturn and Uranus were in the signs of Scorpio (Saturn) and Taurus (Uranus). Jupiter and Neptune were in Pisces with Jupiter moving on to the Aries Point (0 Aries) at the end of the year. Pluto was in Cancer.

I blogged about a huge earthquake in Oregon that happened 10 years later up in Oregon in a previous blog somewhere. That was in 1700. The Japanese recorded that one because it set off a tsunami which hit their coastline (that's a big un). This could be why California was so sparsely uninhabited by the time the White Guys showed up, don't know. There wasn't any water here until some guy came out and dug a damn that dried up the Fresno area and sent all the water down to L.A in the early 20th Century. The land here is choking, you can see it, the Sequoia's are pissed, so it would make sense that we're gonna have a big one. Plus the guys at the USGS are sending out smoke signals and when they panic, Comet listens.

Here's another pisser. The Northridge Earthquake hit on Jan. 17, 1994 4:31 am Epicenter: Reseda, CA. 6.7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northridge_earthquake. This was big. 65 people died. Hollywood was pulled to a standstill. Rich people had to hire hearses to move their horses around the ranches. I looked at that chart briefly and will come back to it later.

This chart had 30 Sagittarius Rising. That's a significant point because it's an Aries Point. 19 Libra was on the Midheaven. Uranus 14 Libra and Pluto 30 Virgo (an Aries Point) had just passed over the MC and were in the 9th House. Two things are very disturbing about this chart because similar transits will occur this Summer. First, the Earthquake happened right before a Total Lunar Eclipse. That means that there was a Full Moon on the Nodal Axis. The Sun was at 22 Aquarius conjunct the NN at 24 Aquarius in the 2d House and opposing Moon 23 Leo in the 8th House. Jupiter rules the chart and is at 5 Sagittarius conjunct Neptune at 3 Sagittarius and Mars at 12 Sagittarius. That means that there was a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction during a Total Lunar Eclipse.

This Summer we will have a Total Solar Eclipse with a Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction. This will be a New Moon instead of a Full Moon so Sun will be conjunct Moon at 30 Cancer. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will be conjunct Chiron rather than Mars in Aquarius. It will be in the 12th House as it was during the San Fernando Earthquake (was conjunct the H12 cusp). Jupiter and Neptune are strong in this chart because they rule the angles. 24 Pisces Rising with 26 Sagittarius MC. And then we got the Saturn-Uranus opposition which will be layered over the Asc-Desc Axis. Uranus wil be squaring Pluto up in H10 at 2 Capricorn (Aries Point and Angular). Mars is in Gemini in the 3d House, unaspected. Eek. The great thing about earthquakes is that the electricity goes out and everyone has to empty the beer out of their refrigerators. They usually do this with their neighbors (3d House). And that neighbor below you who blasts his TV? People on the first floor tend to get squashed.

This is pretty trippy. I'm out of time and going to publish before editing, so apologize and will come back if I don't have a nervous break down first. Anyway, I don't think we get Earthquakes in California in July so this will have to mean something else.

There was the San Fernando Earthquake which hit on Feb. 9, 1971 at around 6:01 am. Epicenter: Sylmar. 6.6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1971_San_Fernando_earthquake

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fargo, North Dakota Floods Subside

If I understand things correctly The River froze and saved the people of Fargo, North Dakota from devastation of their city. According to the article I read which I don't have a link to, water rose to 40.82 feet around Midnight last night where it has hopefully crested. Not sure how high it was going to have to go before the town flooded, seem to remember that it was within a few feet of breaching the Levies. The people of Fargo have been stacking Sand Bags for a couple of days now.

The Astrology is fascinating. Saturn was conjunct the Virgo Midheaven opposing Mars in Pisces. I've been obsessed with my new Keyword for this aspect saying that it signifies a Wall or something having to do with a wall. If you are expecting a flood you certainly don't want to have Pisces which represents floods on the IC which probably also represents Floods due to its rulership from Cancer/Water. Mars is impulsive and just makes things happen swiftly. The difference here apparently is that Saturn rules Safety and Caution and Control and was opposing Mars. It was doing its job in Hero format. It has been extra strong these days up in the skies because it is the handle of a Bucket Chart pattern with all the rest of the planets clumped together on the opposite side of the chart.

Very interesting also is that the other Water Sign, Scorpio was just about finished rising. Scorpio represents Control, like Saturn, but sometimes can represent Crises. Pluto would have soon moved into the 1st House which is empowering. I think that Pluto and Saturn might represent situations which are cooling/icing so maybe that has something to do with things. Either way, the Moon and Sun were both in firey Aries, the Sun's conjunction to Venus Rx was exact to the degree. This would have had a warming effect as Aries is a Fire Sign but maybe also helped the people to build higher levies with an energizing effect.

By 2 pm today it is looking as if the River really doesn't intend to flood the city. At that point, Saturn had just passed over the opposite spot, the IC. The Moon had changed from Aries to Taurus, guess I should check the Void of Course stuff, hmmm, sort of in a hurry.

Pretty interesting that the World celebrated Earth Hour just a few hours before from 8:30pm to 9:30pm. Lights were supposed to be turned off in recognition of the massive stress man creates on the environment. I suspect that Earth Planet Saturn in Virgo an Earth Sign would especially appreciate that. Perhaps the Earth decided to let this one ride.

Floods begin to subside
Mar. 28, 2009, 12:01 am Fargo, North Dakota

Earth Hour
Mar. 28, 2009, 8:30-9:30pm Wherever you were

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Friday, March 27, 2009

April Fool's Computer Worm

Lots of Warnings right now in the media about the Conficker Worm which is said to have loaded itself on a huge number of computers PCs already and is set to do something on April 1. If I've got my info straight (and that's unlikely) this is the 3d in a series of Conficker Worms and is thought to be extra nasty because it is undetectable. Not sure where I read this but one article said that it may actually be some sort of marketing game. That would be an interesting way to look at the situation since the Sun will be conjunct Mercury and Venus Rx in Aries. Mercury and Venus working together often indicate Marketing and Financial Systems. Wonder if there is a connection between this and the meeting of the G-20 which will begin on the next day, April 2. All the planets disposit to Mars which rules War and, in combination with Uranus, Technology. And Mars will be in Pisces which could indicate subversive war. And Mars will be opposing or opposed by Saturn in Virgo. That could indicate a cautionary barrier which might stop the thing. My new keyword for all things Mars-Saturn is "Wall." Saturn in Virgo would be one of the more techno savvy placements for Saturn. At any rate, with this placement it might mean that the Devil is in the Details.

With Sun in Aries conjunct Venus and Mercury and Gemini Moon I'd prefer to think that it will be a huge April Fool's Joke. But I don't know if I could laugh that hard about what might happen.

The powers that be suggest backing up all your files. Maybe avoid any online transactions March 31-April 1. Maybe just don't turn on the computer, the Internet may be jammed really badly (Mars-Saturn) anyway.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Are You An "Innie" or an "Outie?"

The Uranus-Neptune mutual reception transit has really been bringing out an interesting side of the Outer Sign Sun Signs. This is probably just my imagination but it seems that once one of these planets hits the Sun Signs of these people they think that their shit somehow doesn't belong to the sewer system with the rest of humanity. At any rate, I've been noticing a whole lot of really out there comments about the superiority of these signs these days so I suppose I feel an urge to beat them up a bit. It is my opinion, granted only an opinion, that one signs corrects, or improves upon, the characteristics of the sign before it. The first 4 signs sort of signify an interior struggle to develop as an individual. The next 4 signs signify an awareness that others exist in the world and that an individual relates to others. The last 4 signs signify that we all exist as part of a whole.

All the Signs have good characteristics and bad characteristics. One sign follows another with a duty to try to sort out the problems of its predecessor. The chart shows these as occurring in a cyclic format. But, the Outer Sign Suns seem to be perceiving themselves as the superior, top of the heap, best of the lot. I keep reading comments like "they really are more 'aware'". This scares me because as a person who lacks a lot of the outer sign signatures I tend to notice when one of them screws up. Also, I was much nicer to fellow Cancerian George W. than I normally would have been just out of a feeling of "why not? we're all dick heads here."

Right after President Obama's inauguration, which I totally agree is a manifestation of the best of what the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception, an Astrological Organization that I belong to sent out an email with an article written by somebody who was talking about the brilliance of these two planets working together. The writer completely ignored the negative side. She also ignored the fact that Obama is a Leo Sun with a Gemini Moon, neither sign of which belongs to the Holy Outer Signs. And she managed to talk about how Martin Luther King's chart connected with the Inauguration date. She missed the part where two of the most evil world leaders at this point belong to these signs and so in one of my hissy fits I checked Dick Cheney's chart. He is an Aquarius Sun with a Pisces Moon, couldn't be any closer to manifesting this mutual reception. And, so, by strange coincidence I noticed that most of the natal and transiting aspects that the writer wrote about Martin Luther King's Chart in her article were also true of Dick Cheney's chart and transits. Right now I can remember the Pisces Moons and Jupiter in Tauruses. Yet, Cheney is the epitome of an evil white guy, an abuser of power and of humanity and King is the great symbol of the Civil Rights movement. Astrology is really strange this way. This doesn't surprise me a whole lot but boy does it piss me off when I go on to read more superiority complexes about these signs.

I'm an early sign person, obviously hurt by the callousness and self-absorbtion of the people who think that their own shit doesn't stink, but I tend to see these outer Signs as simply having an interest in people working together in a huge group like formation. They will always have a need and awareness of how society works more than I do, at least by Astrological standards. But, whether their deeds and thoughts are good or bad can't be indicated by the chart apparently and I wish Astrologers wouldn't take this for granted. As an introvert I am scared out of my mind of the horror that can be committed by Politicians. That is what I am aware of. What confuses me is that I can see what each of us is missing, and they apparently can't. I guess this is why the Astrological Wheel just keeps circling around. Around and Around like the clothes dryer at the Laudromat. Like a Hamster in a wheel. Oh well.

This seques into Malcolm Gladwell's new book, Outliers, which in a way addresses this interesting superiority of the Outer Signs' Consciousness. I've only listened (audiobook) to the first CD, but, because I keep forgetting to put the second CD in the player, I've listened to it a couple of time. Gladwell talks about studies which have shown that athletes of some sports, Soccer and can't remember the other one I hate sports and grew up on a beach with Volleyball and surfing, Squash? Is there a sport called Squash? I don't know, I ran like a penquin and was always picked last for all team sports.

At any rate, the studies show that athletes on these teams are almost all born within the first 3 months of the year. There are almost no athletes from the last 3 months of the year. Interesting that this corresponds with the Outer Signs of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. On a personal note this is actually sort of interesting by reason of the fact that I was raised by Scorpio/Sagittarius parents, born at the end of the year, who liked Sports just for the way that it provided them a reason to drink beer and to scream at the TV while running to the bathroom.

Gladwell points out that the reason for this is not mystical and astrological (he even mentions Astrology, hmph). The team members are chosen because the players are picked according to a cut off date that begins in January. These kids are slightly older, so larger and stronger physically than the other kids in the class, probably just a tiny bit more coordinated and aware of social strategy. The kids born at the end of the year were smaller and perhaps not as well developed quite yet in all areas. So, the Age difference in the Calendar Date, according to Gladwell and his researchers, is the main reason for better performance at the ages at which they are picked. Gladwell points out that the choosing begins at around ages 10 to 12 when growth is really significant. (That's the Jupiter Return = growth and expansion). These children are then set aside and groomed for the sport so they become even better. They are not only more confident for having been picked but are trained.

Gladwell goes on to explain how this is how superior groups of people are created by society, he calls them "Outliers" and goes on to talk about them in the rest of the book. He suggests ways to even out the score which is pretty awesome. And I'm sure in the rest of the book he discusses other more important social situations which cause advantage and disadvantage that affect a person's ability to succeed in life: the theme of the book is why some people succeed and others don't.

Anyway, Gladwell is a Virgo, one of the middle signs and probably able to understand the really huge and strange schism of behavior that exists between the Political adepts and the Interior Adept who are self-absorbed from a social standpoint (can't think of a decent word to call us at the moment, must be the Uranus-Neptune hatred thing kicking in).

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Land Ahead Opening Bell Chart

The Financial Experts announced on Tuesday that the end is in sight for the current Recession. Land Ahead! Or at least they can now at least see the Real Estate through all the Foreclosure Signs.

If this prediction is true then the U.S. will have endured a 24 month Recession which is the worst since the Great Depression of the 30s. According to the expert the Stock Market is at its bottom, or close to. Unemployment should peak out at the 1st part of 2010 at around 10 percent. Real Estate will bottom out in Summer and then should begin to rise but won't return to peak levels. Someone just told me that her financial advisor said that there will be another wave of Foreclosures this Summer as the recently unemployed start losing their homes. I'll look at the opening bell charts of these later but this sounds about right.

So the financial experts are rejoicing and celebrating their job security. Turns out that Tuesday's Opening Bell Chart had an unaspected (ptolomaic aspect) island configuration of joyful, positive Jupiter and Neptune together up in the 10th House of Government. This represents in literal terms my Magic Federal Reserve Chairman Boyfriend who is a Jupiter/Neptune person. He's actually looking quite gaunt these days and could use about a week's worth of lunches at the Dairy Queen. Sadge's aren't supposed to get too skinny. Must be the addition of Chiron to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction.

Article here: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Financial-experts-say-apf-14734171.htmls

Opening Bell Chart for Happy Announcement
Mar. 24, 2009 9:30 am New York, NY

Sun 5 Aries; Moon 9 Pisces; ASC 2 Gemini; NN 7 Aquarius; MC 9 Aquarius

This is a very positive, hopeful chart. The Gemini Rising of course can certainly indicate an Announcement or Communication. The Nodal Axis is aligned with the MC/IC line with North Node within 1 degree of the Midheaven in Aquarius. Midheaven represents the Government, North Node is the part of Destiny to which one aspires. Aquarius is hopes and wishes. This shows a light, mental attitude of the Government which is taking the long view. For a while there they weren't telling us the morbid public anything too positive so there wasn't any real leadership in this regard until this announcement.

This energy is further developed in the chart because the rulers of the ASC and the Midheaven are Mercury and Uranus and these two are in conjunction with the Sun in the 11th House of Hopes and Wishes. It's also a signature for innovation and doing what's never been done before. The Sun adds an element of Confidence. I was wondering if things would take a more positive turn as Saturn was passing through the 5th House of the Opening Bell charts where it has been for about a month. Now we just have to endure April (cruelest month) as Saturn spends a month down in the bottom of the chart. Maybe this means "Fire Sale" or Bargain Basement shopping opportunities in the Stock Market. The Groopers and the CatFish will be mopping up.

The Sun in this chart is conjunct Venus in Aries. Venus is still Rx until Apr. 17 when she will have briefly passed back into Pisces. She will touch Mars and Uranus at this point which should be a fairly lively period. Mars will then escort her back into Aries and they will play around with each other for about a month. She will hit the spot where she went Retrograde around May 21 at 15 Aries. She will be inconjunction with Mars and the Moon on that date. Then full steam ahead into a Summer's worth of foreclosures. The Moon is conjunct Mars in Pisces in this chart. This might mean that the Feds aren't giving us the Full Picture but really have our interests at heart. They know that Saturn is about to route out the bottom of the chart.

There are two Island configurations in this chart which demand attention. One is the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius which I spoke about before. This is in the 10th House and indicates the Feds. The Second is Saturn which rules the 10th House which again represents Government and the Fed. Saturn in this chart is the Handle figure to a Bucket shape. Saturn is widely opposing Mars in Pisces and is otherwise unaspected by major aspect. These two working together want to both build but Saturn likes to plan and Mars just want to get the hammer and dive in. They are in opposition which creates a Wall to get through. It usually also gives the desire to break through the wall. All the other planets in the chart are up in the top of the chart which gives most of the energy to those in public positions. They might actually be feeling held down by this Saturn energy which is cautious and conservative and also by the South Node on the IC which is tradition.

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AstroChatter Radio

I've been reading about this for months now on Monica Starr's blog "AstrologyMundo/Wordpress/com" but only just today managed to listen in to a pre-recording of the Astrochatter Radio Show that she does with "Celestrial Pamela." The show is really great. Astrology of current event topics are discussed along with looking at other topics (this week the charts for the States of Vermont and Alaska were discussed). People can call in with questions. The answers that Pamela and Monica give are really insightful, very solid astrology. This last week Monica's cat was having problems so hope he/she is doing better.

Link to the show:


The showtime is 9am - 1 pm ET on, hmmm, I'm not sure what day.

More information about the show is available through Monica's blog:


Pamela Cucinell also has some blogs which are listed at the AstroChatter link. Haven't looked at them later but definitely plan to.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thich Nhat Hanh has a Birthday

Relief! One of the two Birth Dates that I've always wanted to know but couldn't find were that of Vietnamese Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hanh and Permaculture's Bill Mollison. Still don't have Mollison's birth date but Astrotheme is now providing a date for Thich Nhat Hanh. When asked about the circumstances of Hanh's birth the only information I could ever find was a comment he said about his birthplace. In the West people of my generation only know Vietnam as either Northern or Southern. Hanh said that he was born in Central Vietnam. He may have been speaking literally, but I remember at the time commenting that he must be a Libra ... and ....

Thich Nhat Hanh

October 11, 1926 Tha Tien, Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam

Sun 18 Libra; Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius; NN 12 Cancer

Hanh was a major spokesman in the West about the Vietnam War. He proceeded to help his countrymen as only a Monk, and a Libra, can do. One can see the mark of having to live "In Interesting Times" in Hanh's chart in his natal Sun square to Cancer North-Pluto conjunction. A Cancer North Node would indicate a destiny linked to "Homeland." Pluto tends to bring Crises and also hopefully Determination to overcome Crises. The Diplomatic and Peace Loving Libra Sun is strongly engaged with these two through a square aspect. Hanh's Libra character is further emphasized by wide conjunction to Venus in Libra which she rules.

I am sort of finding (and would like to hear back from anyone else who happens to notice this or knows where I can research more about it) that people with Sun-Venus conjunctions tend to do very significant things during the times that they have their first Sun-Venus returns at Ages 8 and 16 which continue to influence the rest of their lives. Hanh became a Monk when he was 16. I suppose that's not an odd age for becoming a Monk but this is such an apppriate occupation for a Sun-Venus in Libra square Nodes person to do which might account for his extra talents.

Hanh has only recently been allowed to return to Vietnam in 2005. Transiting Saturn was in Cancer at that point passing over his natal NN-Pluto. This was squared by transiting NN in Aries. The Nodal Axis was squaring his natal Nodal Axis that year and was in conjunction/opposition with natal Sun-Venus.

Mars in Hanh's chart is in the other sign that's ruled by Venus at 19 Taurus. It was Retrograde when he was born. It changed out of Rx during 1983-4. Would be interesting to see if significant changes occurred for him at this point.

I suspect with his great talents to communicate with people from all cultures that Hanh has a Sagittarius Moon but have certainly been surprised to find that I'm wrong about Moon signs before. Currently he is going through both a Jupiter in Aquarius Return and a Uranus in Pisces Return. The Outer Planets in his chart are in strong aspect with each other which I think would show great humanitarianism as well as organizational ability and depth of soul. Jupiter 18 Aquarius is opposing Neptune in Leo. This is a very uplifting combination but is tied into useful purposes in a wide t-square with Saturn 24 Scorpio as apex. This Saturn is trining Uranus in Pisces at one side and Pluto in Cancer at the other side (Uranus and Pluto are too far out of orb to be a trine). It is also opposing Mars Rx. Mars-Saturn aspects always seems to show up in charts these days in people who feel instinctively that they must psychically deal with breaking through Walls in their lives.

If you've ever listened to Hanh you know that he has a very calm serene voice and speaks with great clarity. This, of course, is something which I attribute to the Libra influence and was interested to find that his Mercury is at 2 Scorpio in aspect to Neptune (sextile) and Uranus (Quintile thingee).

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Saturn-Uranus and Robots

I don't have any real reasoning for this but I've been thinking that one manifestation of the Saturn-Uranus opposition, or of any Saturn-Uranus aspect would be advancements in the Creation of Robots. As Saturn and Uranus are always caught in the jealous Father mythology from Greece I tend to worry that this might turn out to be a difficult energy. Something involving Robots taking over the Earth, the Frankenstein story (should check that astrology, hmm). It could indicate Computer Warfare. It could also bring on some positive, humanitarian changes and big business possibilities. For one, a big need for Security in Computer software. On another level, we are very aware of how Slavery has become a bigger problem worldwide than it has ever been. Robots can become Slaves. Boom time in the Marketplace. Of course, in the United States this means that we have to educate our humans so that they don't run around acting like Robots. And we are a complacent set of Cancerians sometimes. And just like people I suppose we can't really trust the robots. And many people don't like the idea of robots no matter what and I tend to be more in that crowd than out of it but considering some of the encounters I've had over the last week with people I think I might be more open to it at this point. One must always account for the fact that once a person becomes an employee his IQ not to mention his dignity and sense of responsibility drops 9,000 points and he does really stupid, destructive things.

This article from Yahoo talks about what looks like a postive manifestation: Robotic Fish that the English have created which will be released into the Oceans in order to track Pollution.


They are due to be released in about 18 months' time. Robots can do what humans can't do. This is perhaps the wisest use for them. The release of the $29,000 Fish Robots will be in September, 2010 when the Saturn-Uranus opposition has just finished. However, Pluto will be conjunct the North Node in Capricorn and will still be squaring both Saturn in Libra and Uranus in Pisces. That's not generally a really great aspect except for the extremely evolved.

Jupiter will be in conjunction with Uranus in Pisces with an opposition from the Sun in Virgo during that month. This would actually be a positive manifestation. Pisces is the Oceans and Virgo is Public Sanitation. Pluto, by the way, I think is a ruler of Pollution and due to its tendency to Distill everything it touches could also be a major "cleaner."

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Passing of Natasha Richardson

Actress Natasha Richardson shockingly passed away today due to injuries caused by a fall during a skiing lesson. She was only 45 years old. She is survived by her husband, actor Liam Neeson, and two sons and famous family including mother Vanessa Redgrave and sister Joely Richardson.

This chart is really eerie to read, after the fact. The progressions and solar arcs confirm the transits and I'll only mention the transits.

Natasha Richardson

b. May 11, 1963 5 pm London, England

Sun 21 Taurus; ASC 14 Libra; Moon 23 Sagittarius; MC 18 Cancer; NN 24 Cancer

Death is said to show up in one's chart through the 8th House and through the 12th and 4th Houses which show endings in one way or another. The 1st House or Ascendant rules the Physical Body.

Accidents are ruled by a combination of Mars and Uranus due to Mars' tendency to act rashly and Uranus' tendency to create sudden, shocking events. Transiting Mars, Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune are all in opposition aspect of some sort to Richardson's natal Mars 20 Leo-Uranus 1 Virgo. This past week-end transiting Mars was passing over the Aquarius-Pisces cusp in close opposition to her natal Uranus (Accidents).

Natally, Richardson had an out of sign opposition of Saturn in Aquarius to Uranus which is mirrored by the current Saturn-Uranus opposition that is occurring by transit and is layered very closely over her 6th/12th house cusps showing some sort of extra stress having to do with Health. Saturn rules Richardson's 4th House and is conjunct her 12th House cusp. Emotionally she may have feeling a little lost.

(I said I wouldn't mention it but her Solar Arcs show a double whammy of Uranus to Angles: SA Uranus conjunct natal Ascendant and AS MC conjunct natal Uranus. )

This week-end, transiting Mars was passing over the Leo-Virgo cusp which can create a vulnerability to accidents. Mars, in particular, indicates accidents to the head and brain which I think was where Richardson's damage was.

An Accident alone doesn't indicate Death. In Richardson's case I think that the current Venus Retrograde in mid degrees of Aries really exaggerated the problem for her. For one, Venus disposits to Mars. For two, Venus is transiting over her Descendant, a major angle which opposes her Ascendant (ruler of Physical Body). And for three, Venus rules Richardson's Ascendant (Libra) and 8th House Cusp (Taurus). This is a triple whammy aspect which would have happened almost every two years, the amount of time it takes for Venus to pass through all the signs. The difference here is that Venus is moving in Retrograde which is a very long transit.

Her Sun, which represents Vitality, is also in her 8th House along with Mercury. This can mean many things, including accounting for her many charms as an actress. In this case both Sun and Mercury disposit to that nasty Venus Rx which in turn disposit to Mars which is opposing itself by transit. Again, Solar Arc Jupiter is in Richardson's 8th House and in conjunction to her natal Sun. I believe that Lois Rodden said that she would rather go out on a beneficial Jupiter aspect of some kind. I guess this is when the parties are better in Heaven.

I can't help it but I'll add some significant Progressions because they are so significant. Richardson's Progressed Moon was at 8 Virgo conjunct natal Pluto 10 Virgo and also widely conjunct natal Uranus. In her Progressed Chart Uranus and Neptune are both within a degree of conjunction with the MC and ASC respectively. As they don't rule anything in her chart having to do with Death I wouldn't have been able to read them as such but would notice that they indicate a big change of some sort. I have found that both planets can throw off one's sense of balance on many planes of existence at once.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Astrodatabank is Now a Free Online Wiki

Lois Rodden's AstroDataBank is now operated as a Free Wiki Source on the Internet.

I found this while surfing over to Molly's Astrology Blog.


Looks like it has been taken over and will be managed by Astrodienst. They are looking for volunteers to help with the upkeep. The standards have always been so high at AstroDataBank. Don't know if they would appreciate what my Leo Mercury can do to Raw Data.


Money Central offers a list of "The 10 Greatest con Men of All Time." I could find birth dates for only about half of them on Wikipedia.

Link to article:


Quick look at some of their birth dates. I suppose that most of them had multiple birth dates just because of the type of business they were in. These are only the guys who got caught, their advantage is that these types don't usually get caught so Saturn and Chiron may play a bigger role in their charts than the ones who get away.

One would definitely have to have an innate understanding of greed and how to take advantage of greed in others. So look for Venus in a big aspect. Venus helps with the popularity quotient as well. Smooth talker and dishonest cheat definitely starts with Mercury problems. Charming, quick, and able to move on without feeling guilty. It's great to have a ruthless Saturn-Pluto aspect just as long as it is balanced by some good and happy Uranus-Neptune stuff. Saturn-Pluto gives an ability to manage on a big scale and strong outer planets aspects to each other might show an ability to think on a big scale. Hitler said that if you want to win the public over with lies you have to use big lies because they understand and can see through the small lies.

These crimes are committed by the popular types, the ones you trust. Today most of the older guys would be called "Marketers." These people would also need excitement, guess I didn't pay enough attention to their Marses. Uranus comes out surprisingly strong in the charts. What else? I'm missing something, guess that's par for the course with these guys. They have to inspire confidence in others, that might be another Uranian thing as Leo is on the opposite end and Leo rules confidence. From looking at the list it seems that Earth Suns are strong here. That shows placing importance on the material world. Plus, when the Sun progresses out of Earth and into the Air Signs that come after they might get a little overly oxygenated in the brain.

1. George C. Parker. Article says he sold New York Landmarks to Tourists. He sold the Brooklyn Bridge about twice a week for years.

Born 1870. Having grown up in a tourist town in a tourist state, I think this guy is kind of funny. Tourists are annoying. No birth date.

2. Gregor MacGregor. Something wrong with Parents who repeat your last name in your first name -- have to check his Moon and Saturn. He sold land & metals from a bogus state or country in Central America to British Investors.

b. Dec. 24, 1786 Edinburgh, Scotland

Sun 3 Capricorn; Moon Aquarius; NN 16 Capricorn
  • Sun is conjunct Mercury Rx so the guy was charming and smart, and his brain probably got a boost when his Progressed mercury stationed out of retrograde.
  • Pluto conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (ruthless in a friendly kind of way) squaring Jupiter in Taurus (greed) and trining Neptune 19 Libra (He would have liked to have stayed alive to attend Woodstock?).
  • Big Cardinal Sign t-square in feel good planets on the Nodal Axis: Venus 21 Capricorn Rx conjunct NN, squaring Neptune 19 Libra and opposing Uranus 15 Cancer.
3. Victor Lustig sold everything. Made a money making machine. He tried to sell the Eiffel Tower to a junk metals dealer.

Born Jan. 4, 1890 in Bohemia (I used Munich because SolarFire doesn't track the latitude of really good beers).

Sun 15 Capricorn; Moon Gemini or Cancer; NN 3 Cancer
  • Sun 15 Capricorn conjunct Jupiter 19 Capricorn
  • Venus 4 Capricorn conjunct SN 3 Capricorn
  • Neptune 3 Gemini conjunct Pluto 6 Gemini squaring Saturn 4 Virgo (boy, I'm surprised that everyone born during this time wasn't a swindler)
4. Frank Abagnale as a teenager posed as different professionals and defrauded people. Forger.

b. Apr. 27, 1948 Bronxville, NY

Sun 8 Taurus; Moon Sagittarius or Capricorn; NN 15 Taurus
  • Sun conjunct NN squaring Pluto Saturn Mars in Leo
  • Jupiter 29 Sagittarius opposing Uranus 24 Gemini
5. Charles Ponzi created the pyramid scheme.

b. Mar. 3, 1882 Lugo, Italy

Sun 13 Pisces; Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 5 Sagittarius
  • Saturn, Neptune, chiron, Jupiter and Pluto all in Taurus 10 to 29 degrees.
  • Sun conjunct Venus 16 Pisces opposing Uranus 7 Virgo
6. Philip Arnold responsible for the "Diamond Hoax of 1872." Scattered some bad quality diamonds over land in Montana and sold it to Mr. Tiffany.

Nothing, born 1829, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

7. Howard Welsh did some sort of Ponzi Scheme.

Nothing, nothing born 1953

8. Gerd Heidemann, German journalist, sold the rights to a bogus version of Hitler's Diary.

Nothing, born 1932

9. Shaun Greenhalgh worked with Art Forgeries.

Nothing, born 1961

10. Bernie Madoff, the greatest swindler that Wall St. has ever produced, and that's saying a lot.

Sun 9 Taurus; Moon Aries or Taurus; NN 28 Scorpio
  • Sun conjunct Uranus 14 Taurus trining Neptune 19 Virgo
  • Venus 30 Taurus conjunct SN and squaring Jupiter 29 Aquarius

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Shootings and Venus Retrograde?

As Venus has gone Retrograde in Aries there have been at least 3 public shootings. Venus rules one's ability to love and when she goes Retrograde complications can occur in this area. In the sign of Aries she perhaps brings out an impulsive, aggressive side that people are trying to repress.

According to the birth dates I have for two of the shooters and one of the victims there seems to be a common bond with Nodal Axes involved along the signs of Cancer/Capricorn. This means that the Venus Retrograde is squaring these people's Nodal Axes. The Nodes are considered related to one's Destiny in some way. The 2 Shooters had Sun in square aspect to their Nodal Axes so their Suns were also under stress. The Victim, a Pastor in a church, had natal Venus conjunct his South Node. His Sun, on the other hand, was not relating to his Nodal Axis.

Venus Retrograde may not mean anything other than that from the earth's point of view Venus seems to stand still in the sky for an extra long time. And in Aries this may provoke a lot of frustration. Aries likes Action.

On March 8, 2009 (8:15 am) a man who may have Lyme Disease walked into a Baptist Church in Maryville, Illinois and shot and killed the Pastor who was giving his Sermon. The man was 27 year old Terry Sedlacek. I don't have his birthdate. If he was born in 1982 then he may have a Cancer North Node. This would mean that he shares the same Nodal Axis as his Victim the Minister (whose name I won't use here out of respect for his family who probably hates Astrology). I have found a birthdate for the Minister on the Internet which gives him a philosophical and religious Sun in Sagittarius. His Moon may be in either Cancer or Leo depending on what time of day he was born. And his North Node is at 13 Cancer. As I said before his Venus was at 6 Capricorn within conjunction of his South Node. It is about 7 degrees away from natal Mars at the end of Sagittarius and this means that transiting Pluto was conjunct both Planets.

On Mar. 10, 2009 a man named Michael McLendon went on a shooting spree in the towns of Geneva and Samson, Alabama. McLendon killed most of his family, the family dogs, then went on to shoot randomly at strangers. He then killed himself. 11 deaths total (that may not be accurate).

McLendon was an Aries Sun which was afflicted by opposition to Saturn 19 Libra and Pluto 18 Cancer. His natal Mars was 7 Libra and was Retrograde. So he had a strong aspect in his chart which was lit up by this current Venus Retrograde. On top of that he had natal North Node at 18 Cancer squaring the Sun to Saturn and Pluto oppositions.

Michael McLendon

b. Apr. 11, 1982 (place?)

Sun 22 Aries; Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius; NN 18 Cancer

On Mar. 11, 2009 in Germany a student went on a shooting spree at his school (9:30 am CET, Winnenden, Germany, source: Noel Tyl's forum). This student was Tim Kretschner. Kretschner's chart shows stress aspects to outer planets in Cardinal Signs just like McLendon's do. He was a Scorpio Sun possibly with Moon also in Scorpio. His Sun was conjunct Mars and Pluto which is considered a very difficult aspect to deal with from an emotional basis. In short, it seems to show up a lot in these shooters' charts.

Both shooters have Sun (represents Will and Ego) in signs that are ruled by Mars and Pluto which are both the same energy but on different octaves of vibration. The Scorpio Planets in Kretschner's chart would have been under difficult transit from the square from all the Aquarius planets.

Kretschner's North Node was in heavy aspect to two outer planets. Uranus and Neptune were both conjunct natal North Node at 13 Capricorn (Uranus 11 Capricorn and Neptune 15 Capricorn). These planets were all getting tipped off by transiting Venus Rx in Aries.

Tim Kretschner

b. Nov. 6, 1991 Wendlingen, Germany (info from Noel Tyl's forum)

Sun 14 Scorpio; Moon Scorpio; NN 13 Capricorn

The Venus Rx, of course, isn't the only transit happening in these charts. I just want to point out these coincidental correspondences of both Murderers and Victims especially in regards to the Nodal Axes (Plural of Axis?)

I send my regrets and condolences to all the friends and families of everyone involved in these events.

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Heraklietos of Ephesos from Coppola Blog

Once again I'm going to quote here from garzoopled Aquarius, Christopher Coppola's blog. The original is here: http://www.christopher-coppola-blog.com/. Leave a comment. Better yet make a video on your camera or cell phone and email it to Christopher. He's into getting the whole world into the creative process.

This is from Sunday's Wisdom entry. This is exactly how I view my study (such as it is) of Astrology:

Whosoever wishes to know about the world

must learn about it in its particular details.

Knowledge is not intelligence.

In searching for the truth be ready for the unexpected.

Change alone is unchanging.

The same road goes both up and down.

The beginning of a circle is also its end.

Not I, but the world says it: all is one.

And yet everything comes in season.



Venus and the Crazy 8

I've already tried to blog on this transit before and was wondering if there were any connections between the Venus Pentagonal Synodic Cycle and current events which seem to promote the number 8. As Venus is currently in Retrograde in the sign of Aries I guess it makes sense that all of a sudden I'm wondering about her transits again.

For information about the Venus series please see Nick Anthony Fiorenza's article called " The Venus Transits: The Pentagonal Cycle of Venus." Link is here:


We are currently living a once in a lifetime, actually once about every 230 or so year planetary event that occurs between a lineup of the earth, Venus and the Sun. These transits happen in pairs that are set 8 years apart. During these times, Venus passes in front of the Sun from the Earth's point of view. The first line up occurred on June 8, 2004 and the last one will occur on June 6, 2012. The Mayans used the Venus cycles for astronomical purposes because they are so precise and I believe their last tracking may be the 2012 date. (I may not be correct about this) Maybe this is Prophecy. Maybe the Spaniards slaughtered the Scribe before he could paint the next cycle on the wall of the observatory.

2008 was the middle year of the cycle. This was when the Olympics was started on the famous 8/8/08 date. 8 is a favorite number for the Chinese who held the Olympics. And now it turns out that Nadya Suleman was impregnated with the first surviving set of Octuplets in 2008.

Anyways, 2008 was a bad year for Money which is one of Venus' major rulerships. Venus stayed hanging around the Ascendant for the Opening Bell charts of the NY Stock Exchange for months and months.

Venus also rules the sign of Libra which rules Partnerships, Diplomacy, and apparently voting in a President who is strong with these qualities. I thought that perhaps this would indicate a woman President but was wrong. Either way, women are strongly represented in the Government. Venus doesn't generally seek to lead anyway.

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A Lyrical Woman

A South Korean Woman has broken the record for non-stop singing. Kim Sun-Ok, Age 54, sang for more than 76 hours which broke the previous World Record of 75 hours. She belted out 1,283 tunes before her family pleaded with her to quit. How much Taurus does a girl have to have in order to have a throat that can hold up like that? Either way, at Age 54, Kim (hope I have correct last name) is from the Neptune in Libra and Pluto in Leo generation and so was born into the Broadway musical era. Those folks gotta sing, gotta dance.

Kim Sun-Ok (not sure which is first and which is last name) started singing on Thursday at 11:14 am (0214 GMT) and stopped at 3:21 Saturday. http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?art_id=nw20090221112340749C992242&click_id=29&set_id=1

On Thursday when Kim started singing, Taurus was Rising in the chart. Ruler of Taurus and of singing, Venus, was in feisty Aries in the 11th House of Hopes and Wishes. The charts are interesting just for watching the Midheavens. When Kim began singing the Sun was in artistic Pisces at 1 degree. It was conjunct its dispositer, Neptune (which is in Aquarius) and was conjunct the Pisces Midheaven. When Kim ended her successful artistic spree, the other planet that heavily rules the Arts and Singing, Venus, was conjunct the Midheaven, now in Aries.

There was a huge stellium in Aquarius which was placed in the 10th House of Career. This included Chiron, Mars, Jupiter and the North Node and Mercury all in Aquarius. That's a lot of Aquarian Wishes and Dreams thrown in with all that Artistic wafting! Mars conjunct Jupiter shows extreme behavior and a need to excel.

The Moon was in Sagittarius at 25 degrees and was approaching conjunction to Pluto at 3 Capricorn during much of Kim's early hours. Best to be trying to undertake a World Record during a Fire Moon and a conjunction with Determined Pluto doesn't hurt.

On Saturday when Kim's family asked her to quit (after she had broken the record, of course) the sign Rising was Cancer which symbolizes family. The Moon in Capricorn was squaring the Midheaven (Career). That shows a practical attitude. Venus had just past conjunction with the Midheaven just as Kim was breaking her Record.

I wonder if there is a list somewhere of all the songs that Kim sang.

Began Singing Thursday Feb. 19, 2009, 11:14 am Seoul, South Korea

Sun 1 Pisces; ASC 28 Taurus; Moon 25 Sagittarius; MC 6 Pisces; NN 9 Aquarius

Stopped Singing Saturday Feb. 21, 2009 3:21 pm Seoul, South Korea

Sun 3 Pisces; ASC 29 Cancer; Moon 21 Capricorn; MC 15 Aries; NN 9 Aquarius



Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cougar Barbie

American Doll Sensation of My Childhood, Barbie, is 50 years old. I missed her Birthday by about a week but once you're this old you really don't give a shyte if anybody really remembers. At this age you're just an old Cougar. Those 60s stretch pants and tiger stripes just really don't cut it after a certain age. Or do they? Birthday Cake? "I'm not blowing that thing out it will show all my wrinkles." Well, I suppose that Barbie's spent wads on Botox at this point and doesn't give these matters a second thought. Sorry, Barbie, the big let down about Age 50 is that you gotta go through your Chiron Return. "Too Soon We Get Old; Too Late We Get Wise." That's Chiron's motto. My Grandmother used to say it all the time.

Barbie, for those who either don't know because they weren't born yet or for those who loved and adored their Barbies (like me) and can't remember because Alzheimer's is no longer considered "Early Onset" -- Barbie is a Doll. When any Toy turns 50 it is officially considered an Antique. So Barbie, Sorry Doll, you are a Golden Oldie.

But pay that no mind. Shirley Temple Dolls were considered a "Doll" Sensation as well back when my Mother was growing up and I remember watching the real Shirley Temple laugh about how she had just turned 50 and was considered an Antique. She was absolutely adored by Antique Dealers by that point and was also a well-respected Politician.

So, Barbie was officially born on Mar. 9, 1959 for Mattel Corp.


b. Mar. 9, 1959 PLace?

Sun 19 Pisces; Moon Pisces?; NN 15 Libra

On her last Birthday she was not only going through her Solar Return, but was also going through a Venus Return at 16 Aries and a Chiron Return which was joined by transiting Neptune and Mars. That's not all, pretty much all of the outer planets were aspecting something or other in Barbie's chart. I'm haven't been seen the Walgreen's shelves bulging with Age 50 Barbies the same way that Age 40 Barbies were marketed. Guess it means a different thing to be turning 50 during a major economic downturn. With Pluto in Capricorn I have actually heard that thin lips are now considered sexy. Hmm, maybe that was a delusion. If that's so, Barbie's got to undo those Collagen lips. When Pluto's on your natal Saturn, there's probably more than that one has to undo, but best not to wreck the festivities with that irrelevant silliness.

So Barbie is a Double Pisces which means that she was let loose on the American Public during a Pisces New Moon. Pisces rules Glamour and Barbie was the first curvy, modern adult doll that young American girls had to play with. By fun coincidence her most inspired body part is considered the Feet. Well, in addition to those boobs. (The boobs probably come from the original German Doll that Barbie was cloned/stolen from). Explains those tiny curvy high-heel feet that inspired 3 generations of Birkenstock wearers among us. Barbie was Modern and yet her feet were perpetually bound to fit only high heels that suggest an Imperialistic Chinese upbringing.

But, I hate to say, Barbie wasn't an American Original. She was a Copy Cat based curvy arch to curvy arch on a German Doll named Lilli by the Mattel Toy Company Owner's wife, Ruth Handler. I seem to remember that she was created in some sort of uber new plastic which was meant to last and last and last. As kids we used to test the durability of the plastic in all kinds of sadistic ways which I'm sure would be considered anti-social by the psychologists these days.

So Ruth Handler was Mr. Mattel's wife, traveling through German toy stores looking for ideas to borrow I guess for her husband's company. She found the Bild Lilli doll which was originally created in 1955 and based on a German Cartoon written by Reinhard Beuthien which was first published in June 24, 1952. Beuthien was told to fill a spot for an empty cartoon spot in a paper. He made the original cartoon about a big baby. Pretty funny considering there was a New Moon in Cancer, sign of the Baby, on the day of Lilli's publication. There were also 3 other planets in Cancer that day. The Sun was conjunct Venus and Mercury was conjunct Uranus in Cancer.

Lilli Doll

cartoon published: June 24, 1952 Germany

Doll manufactured: 1955 - 1964

Sun (c. Venus and trine Mars in Scorpio); Moon Cancer or Leo; NN 25 Aquarius

As the Wikipedia article states, Beuthien was told to change the character because it disgusted his editor. Beuthien kept the Big Baby Head, the big round eyes, the pouty lips and the bulbous forehead and stuck a really sexy, modern woman's body on it. Big boobs, long legs and those creepy little feet. But, the German Barbie had lots of personality. She was a double Cancer like Leona Helmsly and Courtney Love, after all. She was a modern woman who earned her own way and was a brazen gold digger. Her wit was really raunchy. Those lucky German girls got to quote such comments as (from Wikipedia article on Lilli: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bild_Lilli_doll). Anyways, one can see the Mercury-Uranus conjunction at work:
  • "I could do without balding old men but my budget couldn't!"
  • The cartoon always consisted of a picture of Lilli talking to girlfriends, boyfriends, her boss ("As you were angry when I was late this morning I will leave the office at five p.m. sharp!").
  • to a policeman who told her that two-piece-swimsuits are banned: "Which piece do you want me to take off?"
  • "Of course I'm interested in politics; no one should ignore the way some politicians dress!"
  • the beauty of nature: "The sunrise is so beautiful that I always stay late at the nightclub to see it!".
Mrs. Mattel loved the doll -- she was oh so fashionable. The Mae West comments apparently didn't carry over into the Americas. Eventually Lilli was discontinued and there is talk of a law suit. No matter, Mattel cranked out the Barbies and they were an instant sensation. American Barbie had no real personality, she was simply a modern fashion statement who came with lots of accessories. Her Venus was at 17 Aries in conjunction with her South Node at 15 Libra. Her Sun was squaring Mars. And she was re-born from the Neptune in Libra/Pluto in Leo generation into the Neptune in Scorpio/Pluto in Virgo generation. One can see the loss of playfulness between the generations. Kind of interesting, though, that a post-war German doll is so much more playful than a 1960's American Doll, but pay that no mind.

Mrs. Mattel was a Scorpio which rounds out the story into a Water Sign saga but I'm busy screwing up my life and can't really wonder too much what that statement means. The story pretty much sums it up anyway.

Ruth Handler

b. Nov. 4, 1916 (Where?)

Sun 12 Scorpio; Moon Aquarius or Pisces; NN 24 Capricorn

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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Birth Data Available for Octuplets' Mom

NCGR has just sent word in their weekly email that Nadya Suleman's birth information is available by way of Pat Tagliatello over at AstroDatabank.com. The information is from a Birth Certificate.

Nadya Suleman

b. July 11, 1975 9:59 pm Fullerton, CA (St. Jude Hospital)

Sun 20 Cancer; ASC 25 Aquarius; Moon 1 Virgo; MC 9 Sagittarius; NN 29 Scorpio

This puts Suleman's Cancer Sun-Saturn conjunction in her 5th House. Well, you can't argue that Cancer Sun in the House of Children isn't fertile. Saturn just wants something to manage and control.

Suleman has Moon conjunct Venus in Virgo in the 7th House opposing her Aquarius Ascendant and squaring her Nodal Axis (NN 29 Scorpio). Guess that points to the Clinical Birth related to Technological Accomplishments. Scorpio North Node indicates the need to have one's tubes tied, in this case, as Scorpio rules genitilia and the North Node is what one should aim for in life. (In addition to other people's money). This Moon is angular and along with her Cancer Sun indicates a very strong need to be in a nurturing relationship.

Pretty interesting is that Suleman has Neptune conjunct her Sagittarius Midheaven and transiting Neptune is now conjunct her Ascendant just as the Octuplets were born. Your Ascendant is your physical appearance and your Midheaven is your reputation and how others see you in your social sphere and family. Suleman has literally manifested some sort of Neptunian vibe no doubt of vicimization that was handed down to her from her Parents (MC). Either way, I'll bet that Neptune rules Octopi as they are deep sea creatures. 8 arms. 8 kids. And Suleman is now called "Octo Mom." Or "Angelina Jolie mimic" -- very Hollywood, very Neptune.

Cancer Suns can't get away with begging the way that Pisces Suns can so this aspect is maybe not the best time to be trying to ask for handouts from the public, evidentally. This is certainly how people see her. Other people can have Octuplets and be given Pampers up the Yin Yang, but not Single Women. Don't know why Suleman didn't grasp this. Final Dispositor in her Chart is her Mercury. And as I said in a previous post, her progressed Venus went Retrograde in 2000 right when she started going off the wall with having kids. Venus in Virgo is not well placed and the Retrograde can really turn into crazy cat lady mentality pretty fast.

Sagittarius is generally not viewed as a nurturing type of female and nobody really knows what to make of Neptune in contact with it and this is how Suleman is being viewed. Sagittarius can be a bit narcissistic. But, Sagittarius and Aquarius are known as the signs of Independence in Relationships...

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Monday, March 02, 2009

The Liberty Bell v. the Opening Bell

Hey, it's nice that the Liberty Bell has a crack in it. If you can accept that then you can accept anything, you know you may someday be able to let Freedom Ring. However, when there's a crack in the Opening Bell, well then you might as well be staring down the Cable repairman's pearly white butt.

At any rate, the drop in the Stock Market is never ending. This is some kind of Rabbit hole, let me tell you, Alice.

Monica over at Astrology Mundo has given a concise and insightful interpretation of how much we have to panic about. ("Blizzard hits ..." http://astrologymundo.wordpress.com/). She links to a chart of the NYSE's incorporation chart. Have I looked at this before? Anyway, nice chart available over at bemyastrologer.com (link below). The direct link is at Monica's blog. Maybe if I learned how to do links the Market would go back up (you can tell I have 3 planets in Leo when I say things like that).

New York Stock Exchange Incorporation

May 17, 1792 10:10 am New York, NY

Sun 28 Taurus; Moon 20 Aries; ASC 12 Leo; NN 2 Libra; MC 1 Taurus

from: http://www.bemyastrologer.com/nyse_charts.html

With Sun in Taurus and Venus conjunct Taurus Midheaven, I suppose we can see why the Bulls like to Rage. I wish the Bear would go into hibernation but I guess Alan Greenspan kept him there too long, probably doped up on some Neptunian Ego trip. And, actually, the Taurus rulership is inappropriate for the Stock Market. It's supposed to rule Banks which is the part of the Resource Square (H2,5,8,11) that doesn't directly rule Stock Markets. Pluto in the 7th promises constantly unreliable partnerships and dealings. Maybe the NYSE needs to reincorporate. I suppose it's easy to see how this Plutonian energy works because the Federal Reserve Bank and its current Pluto transit is directly affecting the Stock Market's plunge. They'll probably decide to reincorporate right during the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto square. Wouldn't that be a gas?

This chart has Uranus in Leo in the 1st House opposing Pluto in Aquarius in the 7th House. That's being activated by transiting Neptune-Chiron and the North Node for some time now. However, Neptune's transit is coming exact this week. That's what Monica's brilliantly pointing out. Noel Tyl calls Neptune-Pluto transits and Solar Arcs "Ego Wipe Outs." As this one happens on an angle and in the 7th House and activates an opposition this means that the Wipe Out is involved in relationships and in balancing acts. 7th House is the house of open enemies and no combination works less "out in the open" than Neptune and Pluto together. That combination can only make for sabotage and spies. So, this is the state of the New York Stock Exchange.

This NYSE incorporation chart also has a conjunction of Jupiter to Neptune in Libra which opposes Saturn in Aries very close to the IC/MC line. So the Outer Planets are very prominently linked both with each other and with the angles or major points of this chart. Interesting that the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is trining Pluto here. So, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction that happens this Summer will be trining it. Ben Bernanke is a Sagittarius Sun-Pisces Moon person, so he's embodying Jupiter-Neptune. I'm sure at this point he would rather not embody anything. At any rate, this energy isn't normally known in Astrological circles for fiscal responsibility, more for having concern for policies and theories and unbridled idealism and broad minded humanitarianism. It's actually very positive and upbeat, but considered very unrealistic.

With the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Air there's a real need for fantastic thinking. And with the Uranus-Pluto opposition in Leo-Aquarius there's a need to crash and burn. The Aries Moon likes all the excitement, of course, and Leo Rising likes all the extra attention this drama brings. But, this is conflicted by a Taurus Sun which is ruled by Banks and Money that one has in one's hands and staying real and being conservative. These energies don't work well together so I suppose this is why they slide out of control. There are no planets in Water Signs. So, there might be an extreme handling of dealing with changing scenarios or with dealing with underhanded behaviors that can't be expressed openly and candidly. Interesting that there's a crash just as the rulers of two of the water signs are in conjunction. Mars in this chart is a singleton and is also the only planet that is placed in a Resources house. That's just plain screwy considering that this is a chart for a Stock Exchange. Anyway, Mars in Virgo is very shrewd. Mars is impulse, though. Interesting that this singleton is acting on behalf of all the Resource Houses which are not only empty of other planets but ruled by Mutable Signs on their cusps. That easily explains why the Stock Market is so impermanent and like quick sand.

Right now the progressed Sun is at 29 Sagittarius. That's stressful enough because it shows an big 30 year shift of energy this time from idealistic Sagittarius to stoic Capricorn. The switch from Scorpio to Sagittarius would have taken on a much lighter vibe. Anyway, What a let down. I thought the progression from Leo to Virgo was bad. It also coincides with Pluto's transit too which has just made that passage itself. And now Neptune is there, and Chiron is there. And boy what a mess.

Anyway, we all know that by now.

What I'm starting to worry about is how these Saturn-Uranus transits tend to lead into financial-political problems that turn into World Wars. I'm sort of on the fence with what Obama's doing.
The great Social progress that is happening with regards to his win for Presidency is great but there is at least in my area a huge backlash of racism. That can only get worse. (and by the way, it's not White people who are doing the harassment). Perhaps Social Spending is a better investment than Business spending in times like these because Socially things are in just as bad a shape as anything else. At any rate, Obama's just hired a guy to control all of the money stuff and the guy forgot to pay his own taxes.

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Degreasing With Miracle Water

A Los Angeles Times article discusses what looks to me like a great manifestation of the Uranus-Neptune Mutual Reception -- Water that is mixed with Salt and somehow Ionized into a safe, effective, and inexpensive cleaner. The Russians and Japanese have been using it for a while. Uranus represents Electrozaps and Neptune represents Water. This is a massive improvement. Now if we could just learn how to tap free energy (via Tesla?) and desalinate Sea Water for drinking and recycle our sewage and waste more efficiently. Oh, and, of course, everyone should grow their own food via methods like Permaculture... Maybe Pluto in Capricorn will bring about the leadership and management skills that are intelligent enough to do this.


A while back I noticed that Cholera was found to pass around through the water supplies during the Uranus-Neptune Mutual Reception in the 1800s. This led to great advancements in containing Cholera Epidemics. Sorry, I have limited computer time right now and can't look around for a link to the article. I believe it was part of an article on how Public Health is related to a Kite Formation of the Water Grand Trine plus Virgo.

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