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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday - Stampede or Fizzle?

I don't know what time the Stores open tomorrow. It probably doesn't matter as all the most fool hardy shoppers sleep in front of the stores all night in order to be there for the stampede. This is sort of for the gadgets and sort of just for the sport and a whole lot for the party. And tomorrow morning's chart looks to be mighty sporty and mighty party hardy. The competition will be tough as both Sun and Moon will be in athletic Sagittarius. You'll have to outpace those thunder thighs as they race through the store ramming you out of the way with their carts. Jupiter likes the game, and Jupiter likes to spend money and Jupiter is quite a spend thrift so it will be fun to see if this has any affect (effect?).

The New Moon will have separated but will still be held together at 6am by the Mercury-Mars conjunction. Prepare for some serious yelling. At this time, Scorpio will be Rising so strategy will be involved. The chart ruler, Pluto, will be unaspected (major aspects) in the 2d House of money. This makes the competition even tenser. There will be a Late Night Club coolness factor to rushing to the stores this year. Special secret bargains for those who can lay on the charms. (I have no idea what that means, I'm just saying it.)

The media will be there trying to turn the whole thing into a story, fearing that by this time next year they'll be working at real jobs.

Venus and Jupiter are also in conjunction in the 2d House of money. This sure does look like a super sales phenomenon waiting to happen. In Capricorn, though, could add a frugal element. There's a hemline in those pockets. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Maybe the best strategy is to hold off and let the retailers sweat until the very last minute. Nah, Sadge doesn't like a Grinch.

All Real Americans will be out there spending money and boosting the numbers so that Anderson Cooper can smile extra pretty when he says that it looks like nothing's wrong with how the American Public enjoys life. Oh dear, Cooper likes to keep em honest, he won't be our spokesman. We'll have to look for someone else. Katie Couric can't talk about shopping, she's a woman. Who then?

For the last few sessions the Market has been rising for no good reason which seems very fishy. Last night a commentator on NPR said that he just didn't get it. Well, Wall Street is priming the American Public for retail. Plus, Wall Street is probably finagling one last surge in prices in order to take advantage of Bush's nice Capital Gains taxes.

Shop on, America. It's for the good of the economy. Also, you could send your kids to school and inspire them to invent new products and to treat other people well so we can all get along. Peace to the World. At 40 percent off.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Last Second of Sagittarius - Violence in India

I don't even think the Vedic Astrologers use Pluto, but you wouldn't know it from the violence that has broken out in the financial center of India today, Mumbai (used to be Bombay). By Western Astrology reckoning the time of the first shots and/or explosiongs was between 9pm and 9:30pm which puts Pluto on the last second of Sagittarius (29'59"). Today is very prominent because Pluto has been passing into Capricorn over a very prominent Aries Point.

According to this article from IndiaDaily.com (http://www.indiadaily.com/editorial/19028.asp), the violence is caused by ethnic inequalities in the country. Most articles, however, say the violence was directed at wealthy Americans and English. In the articles that I've looked at shots were first heard in a hotel, have moved to other spots where tourist go, even a hospital. And now have moved into a Jewish temple. More than a hundred people have been killed and many more injured. Last report I watched on TV says that the attacks were very well planned.

According to the articles I've read, the violence started at between 9:00 pm and 9:30pm in Mumbai, India. In this chart, Cancer is rising and the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Capricorn is passing over the Descendant. Venus and Jupiter together can indicate luxury. I suppose in Capricorn the can indicate flaunting luxury and wealth. Venus in this chart rules the IC (Hotels) and Jupiter rules the 6th House (Servitude).

There are several indicators of violence erupting in this chart. Venus is out of bounds and today was joined by an Out of Bounds Moon as well. So, they were parallel by declination. The Moon (the public) rules the chart and Venus rules the IC.

Also, the Sun, Mercury and Mars were in tight conjunction (2 degrees) in the 5th House and unaspected by major aspect. Mercury has been combust today in Sagittarius, sign of Religion, Opinions, International differences which means those areas are eclipsed by the Sun. Meanwhile the Sun in its own house and basically erasing Mercury (Mental, communications) and conjunct Mars (violence). (India's natal chart has 5 planets in Leo). The other planet of violence, Uranus, is the most elevated in the chart, opposing Saturn, and sextiling Jupiter as it crosses the Descendant.

Ruler of the Chart, the Moon, is in Scorpio and is just passing (backwards) out of the 5th House and into the 4th. It is dispositing to Pluto which, as I said, was on the last second of Sagittarius and straight across the Capricorn AP. Pluto is unaspected as well, multiple stress factors. Pluto's transit through Sagittarius has seen non-stop tensions caused by Class struggles due to differences of ethnicity & religious beliefs. And, of course, poverty. Pluto is also opposing India's natal Mars at 1 Cancer.

Neptune (Belief, Poverty) is just passing out the 8th House and on to an angle. It is squaring the Moon and inconjunct Saturn. These are the Rulers of the ASC/DESC angle.

When looking at the chart for India that's listed at Astrology Weekly the violence becomes extremely clear with multiple oppositions to natal points. I've mentioned a couple of the aspects already. http://www.astrologyweekly.com/countries/india.php.


Aug. 15, 1947 Delhi, India

Sun 22 Leo; Moon 28 Cancer; NN 29 Taurus

India has Mars at 1 Cancer which transiting Pluto is opposing (unaspected by other transiting planets). It's a good time to play Cowboy.

India has 5 planets in Leo. The transiting South Node is passing over n. Saturn-Pluto at 14 Leo; Venus 16 Leo; Sun 22 Leo. Transiting Chiron 17 Aquarius and t.Neptune 22 Aquarius are opposing these planets.

Astrology Weekly give a Rising Sign of 1 Gemini which puts the transiting Sun-Mercury-Mars (unaspected by other transiting planets) conjunction on the Descendant.


David Sedaris

I'm listening to David Sedaris' new book When You Are Engulfed in Flames. Supposedly it's about Death, there's a picture of a Skeleton with a Cigarette hanging out of its face. Maybe it's just a story about my parents who both died from Lung Cancer. I think it may be just a story about quitting smoking. I heard Sedaris speak once and without answering questions he ran out the door and lit up. So I know he needed to quit. I think that chapter comes towards the end. What I am liking a lot so far are the descriptions of women. They are unbelievably accurate descriptions of the types of women that nobody ever talks about. No virgins, no sluts. Bitches all (he's Gay so it's ok) (and his Sisters come across as normal, which is odd considering one of them is Amy Sedaris).

David Sedaris

b. Dec. 26, 1956, Binghamton, NY

Sun 5 Capricorn; Moon Libra or Scorpio; NN 29 Scorpio

I looked up Sedaris' chart. He's a Capricorn. That explains the dry wit and the genius and the earthy faking of the humility. He also says he went through an astrology phase at some time or other which is really exciting to hear about at all times except when idling at a 4 way stop (got honked at). Sedaris has Moon in either Libra or Scorpio. A noontime birth places his Moon in Scorpio conjunct Neptune which would explain his references to much drug taking and dealing with addiction problems in general. He also has Pluto square Scorpio North Node and trining his Sun. That adds up to a very sensitive, psychic character but a need for control (and self improvement/transformation) which isn't natural for addiction.

Since he's a writer I thought I'd look at Mercury and Jupiter. I suppose that many astrologers look at Uranus for a Sense of Humor. Once I started thinking about it I realized that all the planets express a funny side, at least on their good days. Uranus is surprise and ability to connect unrelated ideas in new ways. Moon is goofy humor. Saturn is dry humor. Mercury is quick wit. Jupiter is just too fucking funny. Why is it then that most of my favorite comedians are Tauruses and Scorpios? That brings in Venus and Pluto. That's the entire Solar System except for the Sun. Leos do melodrama and just don't know when to stop. I have 3 planets in Leo and simply hammer ideas into the ground. Sometimes it gets a laugh...

Sedaris has a very prominent Jupiter. His Jupiter is at 2 Libra. That's an Aries Point which brings all things Jupiterian (too fucking funniness along and publishing) to the public attention. If his Moon is in Scorpio then Jupiter is also prominent as a Singleton in Air. Can't know for sure without a birth time. His Jupiter is also the only planet aspecting his Capricorn Mercury and this is a great aspect for a writer. And Jupiter squares the Sun, self expression and creativity. They always share a transit at the same time.

Progressed Jupiter is also interesting. It has been Retrograde by progression since the 70s so has been hanging out on the birth spot (Aries Point) for the last 30 years.

Mercury in this chart is in Capricorn at 25 degrees. Mercury rules communication. Sedaris can write his humor and he can speak it. He's a master of telling anecdotes. Capricorn is a very intelligent, observant, sophisticated and dry sense of humor.

Progressed Mercury in Sedaris' chart is really interesting to observe because it was Retrograde up until the early 80s. He says that he started out wanting to an artist and then turned to writing at age 21 (around 1977?) because he wasn't comfortable with his creations. That insecurity about one's expression is so Mercury Rx and it's very interesting that he turned to writing right before Rx Mercury stationed Direct. By the time that Mercury returned to its natal spot, around 2000, Sedaris was very famous and successful.

At Age 21 there are a number of other transits as well that would have indicated turning to writing: p. Sun c. n. Mercury; p. Venus c. n. Sun (well, that can indicate marriage and/or suicide as well, if he's got a Moon-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio one can only imagine what was going on); t. Neptune c. natal Venus/Saturn in Sagittarius and opposing t. Jupiter; and t. Saturn c. n. Pluto (and squaring n. Nodal Axis and n.Sun).

I think that enlivening these incredibly talented writer placements is the Fire Grand Trine in Sedaris' chart. Fire gathers no moss and its great for keeping a story line going. He's got a conjunction of Venus to Saturn, both at 8 Sagittarius which is trining Uranus 7 Leo and Mars 11 Aries. Venus is also parallel to Saturn which doubles its conjunction influence. This combines discipline with aesthetics but also perhaps some fear. The Grand Trine is overall, a great aspect for making fun (Venus & Mars) of reality (Saturn & Uranus). The Pluto aspects explain the darkness behind some of the humor.

Rambling on, it's interesting to see how Saturn-Pluto transits have affected Sedaris' career. He was going through a conjunction of t. Saturn to n. Pluto when he started writing. And t.Pluto was passing over his natal Saturn right as he was becoming extremely famous (2000). Since I've been going through the double whammy Saturn-Pluto conjunction last year and continue with Pluto on my natal Saturn I enjoy finding examples of people who survived this. Usually the ones who do well are workaholics and enjoy the extra fight that Saturn-Pluto demands. That explains why they get rewarded. The rest of us get sucked under.

I recommend this audiobook, in case anyone's interested. I can't wait to see what Sedaris writes as Pluto transits over his Sun. It will be squared by the Saturn-Uranus opposition and so will set off his Saturn-Uranus-Mars-Venus Grand Trine.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What Time Is It?

The Science Writers over at New Scientist Magazine are the best Astrologers ever!!! They know all about Pluto's ingress into Capricorn! This week's cover story is called "Time Wars." It's all about how Time (ruled by Saturn/Capricorn) may not even really exist (Pluto is the big eraser in the sky). While it was in Sagittarius, Pluto "cleansed" the Catholic Church of its evil ways, wiped out the Newspaper Industry and made a College Education so expensive that absolutely no Tax Paying American can ever hope to send their kid. It will now move into Capricorn and completely change the way we count the days and hours. That directly affects Astrology.



Sunday, November 23, 2008

Looking Back on Saturn-Uranus aspects

This is a bit late since the Saturn-Uranus opposition is old news by now but I thought I'd finally do a little study exercise using Richard Nolle's tables which list the planetary aspects through time.

Major aspects to outer planets are listed here and that's where I'm pulling up Saturn-Uranus transits from: http://www.astropro.com/homeNS45.html. Trines aren't listed. If I ever buy Alphee Lavoie's astrology program I can probably pull them up someday. Someday... I guess I could look in the ephemeris, so slow... Trines show great harmonizing influences which can lead to empire building. The conjunctions, squares and oppositions show tensions in societies. Instead of showing an emphasis on Elements (Earth, WAter, Air, Fire) they will show an emphasis on the Qualities: Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable.

I looked up Essential Dignities for these planets and then realized that according to Lilly and those before him, Saturn and Uranus share Essential Dignities because in the days of yore Uranus wasn't discovered yet and Saturn ruled Aquarius. So, these planets, Saturn and Uranus, are on the same page and are considered most active in the Cardinal Signs.

Domicile: Capricorn; Exile: Cancer; Exaltation: Libra; Fall: Aries. (Note: It is extremely interesting when comparing Barack Obama's chart because he was born in 1961 with that big conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn over the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp.)

Interesting to realize that these two planets are both related to the Horoscope Wheel angles and so would give the aspects between them a very action oriented / mobilizing type of energy. Probably less introspection than an outer planet connection to Jupiter, Neptune or Pluto which are related to non-angular houses.

First I noticed something obvious that the conjunctions and oppositions happen less frequently. But their transits are longer lasting due to multiple Retrograde passes. There are 4-5 squares per century. One happens about every 22-23 years. Conjunctions and Oppositions happen about every 45 years, about 2-3 per Century.

I looked to see what Quality influence occurred, if any. All these aspects seem to happen in order by Quality emphasis: Cardinal to Fixed to Mutable and back again.

The Conjunctions seem to change Element about every 100 years, normally switching after 2 conjunctions in one Element. An exception was between the years 1852 and 1942 when there were 3 Saturn-Uranus conjunctions in Fixed Signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Taurus).

The squares work in a 200 year cycle where they come full circle by element.

The oppositions seem to shift element every 100 years like the conjunctions so would have roughly a 400 year cycle.

The different aspects seem to work against each other, perhaps "balancing" each other out. Example: Recent 1988 conjunction in Mutable (Sagittarius); followed by square in 2000, Fixed (Taurus-Aquarius); followed by Opposition in 2008-2010 Mutable to Cardinal; followed by square 2021 in Fixed (Aquarius-Taurus); followed by conjunction in 2032 (Cardinal); etc. It looks like we're going to be missing some Mutable Energy for awhile.

I looked back to around the beginning of the 18th Century to see how if this pattern persists.

In the 18th Century the conjunctions had a Mutable (Virgo, 1714) conjunction and then a Cardinal Conjunction (Aries, 1761).

In the 18th Century the squares had a Cardinal aspect (1704, Aries); 3 Fixed Squares (1728, 1749, 1771) and then a Mutable Square (1795).

In the 18th Century, there were two Oppositions in in the 18th Century, both Cardinal in Cancer and Capricorn.

In the 19th Century, there were 3 conjunctions. The first was in Cardinal (Libra) and the last two were in Fixed (Taurus, 1852 & Scorpio, 1897).

In the 19th Century, there were 3 Mutable squares (1819, 1840, 1861) and one last one in Cardinal (1885).

In the 19th Century, there were two oppositions. The first transitioned from Cardinal to Fixed. The second one (1873-75) was in Fixed.

In the 20th Century, there were 2 conjunctions. First conjunction was in Fixed (Taurus, 1942) and Second Conjunction was in Mutable (Sagittarius, 1988?????).

In the 20th Century, there were 4 squares. The first 3 were in Cardinal (1909, 1931, 1952) and the last one was in Fixed (1976).

In the 20th Century, there were two oppositions which show a transition from Fixed to Mutable energy. 1918-20 switched from Leo-Aquarius to Virgo-Pisces. 1965-67 was in Virgo-Pisces.

The 21st Century will have 2 Conjunctions; First in Mutable (Gemini, 2032) and the 2d one in Cardinal (Capricorn, 2079).

The 21st Century will have 5 squares: Fixed (2000); Fixed (2021); Fixed (2043); Mutable (2067); Mutable (2090).

The 21st Century will have 3 Oppositions: Mutable to Cardinal (2008-2010); Cardinal (2056-57); Cardinal (2098-2100).

In the 21st Century the Cardinal Influence will be part of all Saturn-Uranus oppositions. The current one lasts from Nov. 4, 2008 through to 2010. It starts in Virgo-Pisces and ends on Jul. 26, 2010 right on the Aries Points with Saturn 1 Libra opposite Uranus 1 Aries (with Pluto squaring from Capricorn, that's a potential clunker).

Saturn and Uranus will also oppose each other two more times in this Century, both times in the Cardinal Signs of Libra-Aries. In 2056-57 Saturn will be in Aries opposite Uranus in Libra. In 2098-2100, Saturn will be in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries. I haven't checked for big aspects to other planets but that would give more of an idea of how the energy might be used. This is showing a need to organize and regulate in a new way. It could be a time of organized innovation as well as a time of military idiocy. Oppositions demand Relationship and Balance. Saturn and Uranus are both Political and emotionally cold. The Lesson that I'm learning from Barack Obama is that they can show a great sense of Unity. If the Leaders are not in denial of people's Individuality and Inner Natures at the same time this can be an awesome influence. If the Leaders are jerks, they can gather people into very negative groups such as Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, Fascist Italy and whatever happened in China and other Countries. People seem to want to cooperate under this aspect for the "Greater Good." One hopes that the Leaders (and the people) will still retain their ability to deal with Doubt and Certainty over right and wrong. Uranus seems to demand both Individuality and Unity at the same time which is a very advanced concept to put into motion. Saturn is simply demanding and bossy which is a lot easier concept to grasp, but Saturn does have to deal with the concepts of Guilt and Loss. And Saturn has organizational abilities and discipline and deep insights about human nature from all those years of offending people.

Okay, step down from Soap Box. Leo Mercury square Jupiter, perhaps I should get a job blowing up helium balloons.

The 20th Century was all about the Virgo-Pisces expression of this sign. Great lessons were learned (hopefully) about War and Human destructiveness as the ability to destroy huge amounts of people was perfected in the first part of the Century and the ability to destroy the entire planet was perfected in the last part of the century.

Here's an interesting prediction for October, 2008 aspects written by Richard Nolle. http://www.astropro.com/forecast/predict/2008-10.html. He says that no significant planetary aspects to look at just as the Financial Markets were tanking. This might form a sort of "stasis" which creates an opening for the floor to fall in. He provides another answer. I know that other phenomenon are acting strangely. The Sun Spot activity stopped in August just before the crash. This hadn't happened in a hundred years.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cell Phone Over the Heart

Here's a classic Scorpio story.

I just read about a man who was mowing his 5 acre lawn in his tractor when suddenly he felt a big pain in his chest. He probably thought he was having a Heart Attack but it turns out that a stray bullet had shot out of the woods by his home and just happened to hit him in his chest. He had also just happened to have put his cell phone in his chest pocket and the bullet had hit him right where the phone was.

The Sun rules the Heart and Scorpio rules Death (and, ahem, Rebirth). Mercury rules Cell Phones and Mars rules Bullets. All three of these planets have been in conjunction over the past week in Scorpio. According to this story (http://www.wdsu.com/news/18020334/detail.html#-) the incident happened last Saturday (Nov. 15, 2008) when Sun,Mercury and Mars were splayed over the last half of the sign of Scorpio the Phoenix.

Don't know what time the incident occurred; Hunters and Lawn Mowers tend to wake up at the crack of Dawn. It would be interesting if this incident happened just as the Sun was rising so that Sun-Mercury-Mars would be rising on the Ascendant.

One can see how the Story has a happy ending through the aspects that this stellium makes. Mercury 18 Scorpio was in conjunction with Sun 24 Scorpio. This was hooked into a lucky Boat Shape pattern which is a string of happy sextiles held together by an opposition. In this case Saturn-Uranus were making the opposition and lucky Jupiter was filling in the other side of the sextile string. Sun-Mercury were also in aspect with Neptune (belief) and Chiron (wounding) in Aquarius (uniqueness).

The inner planets here seem to be showing the actions of the person to whom the event occurred (Cell Phone (Mercury) saves Man from Bullet (Mars)) while the Outer Planets show the events that happen to him. (Accident (Uranus), Luck (Jupiter), Security & Safety (Saturn)).

Oh, and to add to the drama, we can't forget about Pluto. Pluto rules Scorpio so one has to wonder what he was up to last Saturday. Not to disappoint, he and Venus were dancing an unaspected watoosee (i.e. conjunction by ptomlomaic aspect) over the Sadge-Capricorn cusp. That makes for an extreme event in the signs of Security and just plain old Dumb Luck.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hammered in Space

This is just so "Lost in Spacey." Another Girl Astronaut Story. I swear, it's tough enough trying to shop at the Home Despot without every Girl Astronaut who walks down the plank losing her tool bag out in space. On the other hand, it's kinda cool to think that an alien might find it. Or it might come flying back into orbit and hit someone on the head 5,000 years from now. It's a $100,000 NASA toolbag. Just try to match that, Gucci. Maybe Paris Hilton will be cryogenically preserved just so she can be around to catch the thing.

Anyway, a glue gun exploded yesterday while Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper was doing maintenance on the Space Station and as she was wiping the goo off she lost a grip on her $100,000 tool bag and it wafted away. Hope they got it on video and post it on YouTube. This is just way cool. Much better story than how Ford, GM and Chrysler can't get it together to make a car that people want to buy so they're asking the Taxpayers to Bail them out too. Keep losing your NASA Gucci's, Heidemarie. (Why's your name so damn Long?) How many more days is Pluto going to be in Sagittarius? Gotta grab these stories while they still show up.

Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper
b. Feb. 7, 1963 St. Paul, MN

Sun 19 Aquarius; Moon in Scorpio?; NN 30 Cancer

So Heidemarie has a big t-square in her chart that's all to blame. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Her Aquarius Sun is conjunct Saturn and is opposing Mars in Leo Rx. This is squared by apex Neptune in Scorpio. Since Mars is Rx she was born during one of those Mars Synodic Cycles that's so much fun to think about but virtually impossible to interpret due to lack of data. At any rate, natal Mars might even be in conjunction with natal Moon. I wonder if Mars-Moon aspects indicate exloding handbags?

Right now, transiting Neptune is at 22 Aquarius, t Chiron is at 17 Aquarius, and the North Node is at 13 Aquarius aspecting this t-square. That's as ooopsey daisy an aspect as they get. Plus, transiting Jupiter is 3 degrees approaching her natal Mercury at 24 Capricorn. Mercury probably rules tool bags; it rules all things having to do with manual dexterity at any rate. Mars probably rules tools. Natal Mercury is unaspected in her chart so any transit to it is going to be exceptional. Jupiter is eternally clumsy, but almost always lands on its feet.

Once Heidemarie returns to earth she'll be having a Nodal opposition so she'll be feeling a little confused for a short while longer.

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Clinton or Richardson?

Barack Obama is currently interviewing for Secretary of State. His two top picks are Hillary Clinton, Senator of New York, and Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico. Astrologically this is going to be a difficult choice as both applicants for the job were born within a couple of weeks of each other. They are both Scorpio Suns born in 1947 so they have that Mars-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo.

Both have progressed Mars Retrograde in Virgo. I don't know what that means but will just note it here. Mars is the planet of War. A natal Leo Mars is strong on the Honor thing but the progression into Virgo is sort of a very long lesson on observing how people fight.

Clinton is an early Scorpio Sun at 3 degrees. Her progressed Sun is now at 5 Capricorn. Richardson is a late Scorpio Sun at 23 degrees. His progressed Sun is now at 25 Capricorn.

Clinton's Sun is at the end of Pisces somewhere. If she has Gemini Rising her Moon is on the Aries Point. Richardson's Moon is either in Sagittarius or Capricorn so it may also be on an Aries Point.

I don't know what either applicant's Rising Sign is. I sort of assume that Hillary is a Gemini Riser because I am a Gemini Riser and that's as much logic as I can put on to anything right now. Bill Richardson might have Libra Rising because he has dimples, but he doesn't have gorgeous hands which is something I've noticed that Libra Risers have. I could very well be wrong about that.

I can't read anymore into this. This is Obama's Gemini Moon running in two directions at once. May the person with the most techno savvy win and I'm not sure that's a Scorpio thing.

Hillary Clinton
b. Oct. 26, 1947 Chicago, IL

Bill Richardson
b. Nov. 15, 1947 Pasadena, CA

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Spam Drops 40 Percent After Company "Turned Off"

This might be a positive result of the Saturn-Uranus opposition. Two Companies have been shut down which were found to be responsible for sending huge amounts of Spam emails over the Internet. After one of these companies, McColo Corporation, was shut down last week the amount of Spam emails sent through the Internet dropped about 40 percent. Security investigators and some totally awesome reporter from The Washington Post have been said to have been investigating the companies for about 4 months.

According to most articles McColo was shut down by its service providers on Nov. 12. It was based in San Jose, CA. This was right before the Full Moon. Early in the day the Moon was opposing Mercury and squaring the North Node in Aquarius. Mercury in Scorpio (Investigative Journalism) challenges NN in Aquarius (Internet, Technology) during a Saturn-Uranus opposition (Infrastructure). At any rate, that sure does seem connected with some sort of Monkey business in the Technology world. The Saturn-Uranus opposition is just one degree separated and Jupiter was sextiling Uranus to the degree at 19 Capricorn. Jupiter is a stand out energy as a singleton in Cardinal here. During this whole time Venus was conjunct Pluto to the degree on the last degree of Sagittarius.

Another article says that McColo "disappeared" at around 9am (ET) on Nov. 10 (that's Eastern Time, not San Jose time). Article here: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1009_3-10095730-83.html. This puts Mercury in Scorpio right on the Scorpio Ascendant. Pretty interesting time for an investigative news reporter to bring about some change. Especially since Neptune, Chiron and the North Node were squaring Mercury from the IC. Good for dissolving something.

There is some concern that Law Enforcement wasn't involved but since McColo was involved in sending out child porn they were not breaking rules by shutting off the service to the company. Saturn and Uranus will continue to question authority in this way I suppose as Saturn controls and Uranus rebels. Once Pluto moves into Capricorn this mentality might go overboard in places. Interesting how no actual names were mentioned in any article in connection with McColo. The Mercury News says that the company may be a front for cyber criminals in Eastern Europe.

San Jose Mercury News link to the story: http://www.mercurynews.com/business/ci_10968568.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Santa Barbara/Southern California Wildfires

The Full Moon conjunct Mars didn't bring about an Earthquake in California but it did bring a new Fire Storm. The Fire began slightly before 6 pm on Thursday, Nov. 13, 2009 and has been difficult to contain due to the dry brush and the Santa Ana winds, sort of what you could call dry Hurricane winds (slower than Hurricanes, though) which are normal for this time of year. California is known for her/his Earthquakes but the Fires and Mudslides are much more disastrous. The Native Americans used to intentionally set fires in order to clear the land and control when the fires would happen. Anyway, this particular fire started in Montecito which is a very wealthy area in the southern part of Santa Barbara and has now spread to other areas.

Montecito Wildfire

Nov. 13, 2009 Montecito, CA

Chart calculated for 5:50 pm PT

Sun 23 Scorpio; Moon 4 Gemini; ASC 10 Gemini; MC 19 Aquarius; NN 13 Aquarius

The stand out here is the approaching Full Moon. The Moon here is opposing Mars (29 Scorpio), This is a very volatile aspect and has just passed over the ASC/DESC line. Neptune, Chiron and the North Node are just passing over the Aquarius Midheaven. So the Bases (Angles) were loaded and aiming at the one empty angle at the bottom of the chart which indicates Home and Land. At this point Leo, a Fire Sign, was passing over this angle. The Sun is in a stressful spot approaching first a Full Moon which is an opposition to the Moon and also approaching conjunction with Mars, a Fire Planet. I wonder if the rulership of Air and Fire Signs over the angles is significant in Wildfires to describe times when Hotness and Dryness would be stronger influences.

The Saturn-Uranus opposition is just passing into the 4th and 10th Houses at this time and so would have been angular during the beginnings of the Fire. This really does look like an Earthquake Chart.

Pluto (Mass Destruction) is a singleton in Fire and is placed angularly in the 7th House. That's not really significant by itself but it is conjunct Venus and this "island" conjunction is unaspected to other planets by major aspect. Venus/Pluto could indicate destruction to a wealthier community.

I don't usually look at these but for some reason I plugged in some of the asteroids and found that Ceres, Vesta, and Venus were in a Grand Trine with Ceres in H4, Vesta in H11 and Venus in H7. Grand Trines make things flow really well and seem to show up somewhere in a chart. Vesta rules "the Home fires" and Ceres is in the 4th House of Home. This shows a female influence, as well. The Moon and Venus are both Out of Bounds and contraparallel which also indicates female energy. Probably the Fire was set by "Mother Nature", maybe set by an old Movie Star (Neptune-Chiron conjunct MC). I doubt it was arson, but I do wonder what all the female influence in the chart is. There is a spot in the earth in a Park around that area which is so hot it periodically sets off fires by itself, sort of connected with Geological/Earth stress. (I'm going blank on the name, I think it's Los Banos National Park?).

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Pluto in Capricorn and Melanoma; that's a Double Negative

Just read that an Australian Immunologist is developing a Skin Cancer Vaccine which is due to go into human trials next year. I've been wondering if there would be advances in Medicine regarding things Capricornian like Skin and Bones. Either that or a surge of problems with diseases in those areas. Professor Ian Frazer is the Immunologist who has also been responsible for developing the Cervical Cancer vaccine which was recently put on the market. I'm a bit leary of vaccinations myself and strongly believe in using them only sparingly. I perpetually read the obituaries and have noticed what seems like a lot of premature deaths of people born between 1960 and 1961, or round abouts that time, and have read that there was some sort of super Vaccine which was injected into babies that was loaded with multiple vaccinations all at once. But I also live in California and have known my share of people in their 20s with huge chunks of skin hacked out of their bodies so a Skin Vaccine sounds like a good thing overall. Well, maybe they were given the Vaccines...


I looked up Professor Ian Frazer's birthdate and noticed that he's born during the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Libra in 1953. That's only a month after the magical date of Dec. 2, 1952 on which both Carolyn Myss and Karen Hamaker-Zondag share a birthday. Frazer is a traditionalist Capricorn so it makes sense that he went into straight forward Medicine while the two Sagittarians went for the Woo-Woo. In the end they are all extremely special Healers.

Dr. Ian Frazer

b. Jan. 6, 1953 Glasgow, Scotland

Sun 16 Capricorn; Moon Virgo or Libra; NN 13 Aquarius

Frazer has Sun conjunct Chiron 17 Capricorn which opposes Uranus in Cancer Rx and trines Jupiter 11 Taurus. That shows Healing Abilities in Academia and Innovation. Jupiter also squares his Nodal Axis and with Aquarius North Node this reinforces the relation to Uranus that these two share with the Sun and Chiron. Also, Frazier is going through a couple of Jupiter transits right now which shows Success in his life. First off, squaring the Jupiter, he's going through a Nodal Return (which includes conjunction of NN to Chiron and Neptune). And transiting Jupiter is passing over his natal Sun. He's also in between his 2d Progressed Lunar Return and his 2d Saturn Return. His life's work is coming to a peak.

Natal Mercury at 30 Sagittarius is very prominently placed on the Aries Point. It is also Out-of-bounds. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo and is related to Public Health related side of Disease so it's interesting that Frazer's is so prominent. Right now, of course, transiting Pluto is right on top of natal Mercury. Pluto rules Research, especially Medical Research, and is probably a strong ruler of Vaccinations. Mercury in Frazer's chart is centered in a long line of sextile aspects. Depending on what orbs one uses (I reduce 75 percent on astrodienst) there is a string of sextiles in Frazer's chart that runs from Jupiter 11 Taurus sextile Venus-Mars 2-6 Pisces sextile Mercury 30 Sagittarius sextile Saturn-Neptune 27-24 Libra sextile Pluto 23 Leo. These planets aren't all in aspect to each other but this is still a pretty nice set-up showing incredible amounts of talent and ability to harmonize many different qualities.

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Friday, November 14, 2008

E. Fay Jones

The New Yorker recently published an article by Malcolm Gladwell about Late Bloomers. That reminded me of an architect who I heard speak a long time ago. He was E. Fay Jones. Jones was doing okay. He worked for Frank Lloyd Wright as an apprentice but never achieved anything on his own creativity-wise. Then suddenly late in life something clicked with his design. In 1980 he was commissioned to build the Thorncrown Chapel in his native Arkansas. This was right at the time of his 2d Saturn return, Age 59. This makes sense as Saturn is related to old age and is known for blossoming slowly.

Fay Jones' chart is extra interesting in that he had a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo. The 2d Saturn Return apparently comes close to the same time as a Jupiter Return and so people like Jones who have a conjunction of Jupiter to Saturn go through the Returns to the same spot at that age. This might provide a special opportunity for them in particular at that age that's connected with the outer social world. These planets are related to career, after all. Up to that time, Jones was so heavily influenced by his mentor (Jupiter-Saturn influence) that he had never really developed his own voice.

In Jones' case this was connected with building an extremely beautiful Chapel for worship that was set out in Nature. Sorry I still don't know how to add pictures, the Chapel is breath-taking, you can really see the Aquarius Sun-Neptune in Leo expression. Natally he has an opposition between Sun (Aquarius) and Neptune (Leo). The transiting Nodes were passing over this opposition in 1980 as well. And, Jones' progressed Venus went Retrograde that year at 11 Taurus which squares the Sun-Neptune opposition. And progressed Mars followed soon after. This is an interesting case of progressed Venus ramping up one's creativity through the Retrograde. I've only heard of the Rx being associated with psychological unhappiness and feelings of not being loveable. Maybe p.Mars helps out. Natally, Venus and Mars are in conjunction in Jones' chart and opposing the Jupiter-Saturn conjuction so the connections are really pretty interesting.

E. Fay Jones

b. Jan. 31, 1921 Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Sun 11 Aquarius; Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius; NN 2 Scorpio

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some Notes about California's Budget Crisis and Progressed Chart

I just noticed some interesting dates that surround the Progressions in California's chart so I'll note them here along with some other observations about the current Budget crisis which is unbelievably huge.


Sept. 9, 1850 San Jose, CA (I think it was San Jose???)

Sun 17 Virgo; Moon Libra or Scorpio; NN 15 Leo

A couple of key indications for the Budget Crisis.

First off, the Saturn-Uranus opposition is transiting over California's Sun. I've mentioned before that I've noticed that this is connected with Depressions. Although these aren't usually planets connected straight off with money in astrology, they are connected to handling of large sums of money because Saturn rules Government and Corporate Business (along with Pluto) and Uranus rules Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the Opening Bell Charts of the Stock Market each and every day in the United States. The California Sun is therefore strongly hooked in to this Global phenomenon. It is also connected because its Pluto squares the U.S. Pluto. Pluto rules Taxes, Investments, Bankruptcy.

California's Sun (Ego, Vitality, Will) is very prominently placed in Virgo. One never really thinks of anything in Virgo being prominently placed because Virgo is sort of an "anti-prominence" sign, sort of low key and reserved. Virgo celebrities tend to try to fake humility more than the other signs because there is always that discerning critical nature which can't handle being seen as a jerk. Anyway, back to money. The Sun naturally rules Leo so Virgo is Leo's 2d House. One might imagine that when a Virgo Sun is under stress it will express itself through 2d House issues like Money and Values and Worth perhaps more than the other signs (but that is only a theory, nothing that I've heard from astrologers).

The Sun in California's chart is unaspected so doesn't flow well with the other planets in the chart. That means when it receives a major long-term transit like this Saturn-Uranus opposition, it can't pass on any of the tensions to other planets.

The Sun is also the dispositor of the Leo North Node. Right now Saturn is passing over the Sun which is a time for budgets and management and constriction. And Saturn is opposed by Uranus which I've noted before can be connected with major money crises. Even Leo Sun/Capricorn Moon Ahrnold S., patronizing as he is, can't balance the budget. He's also facing a California crowd of people. This is certainly a case of Uranian people rebelling against & opposing everything that a Saturnian figure wants to get done.

Another problematic transit is that California is going through a Nodal Opposition. This is a a time of confusion (from Komilla Sutton), especially when the planet of confusion, Neptune, is conjunct the t.North Node and natal South Node. Additionally, California's natal Neptune is at 6 Pisces so California is inching its way towards a Neptune Return. As the natal Neptune is trining Venus this could indicate a financial boom or bubble coming up, but that would still be about 10 years down the road. Neptune, along with Mercury (Bills), rule Bubbles. Venus in mythology was born from Bubbles. California is full of bubbly blonds, or at least the Hollywood part is. This could explain the crazy, wild "Rushes" that affect California's economy, especially in combination with the Dynamic & Creative but crisis oriented Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Aries.

I also looked at the Secondary Progressions for possible Retrogrades that would bring about a financial budget crisis. Didn't see any concerning inner planets which should be a good sign as far as getting the economy going. Overall, I didn't see anything in connection, but did notice some interesting progression events with the Outer Planets. California has natal Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in Aries. And all three of these planets are Retrograde in the "birth" chart. Progressed Saturn came out of Retrograde around 1948 at 15 Aries. I'm not sure if this is connected with anything special in her history that would be connected with Saturnian types of activities.

I did notice that progressed Uranus came out of Rx at 28 Aries in 1966-67 right when Haight Ashbury exploded into Wavy Gravy. Prog. Pluto came out of Rx shortly after in 1973-74 at 28 Aries so these two planets really like to work together in this chart. These two planets were in conjunction by transit in Virgo in the mid-60s just as they were coming out of Retrograde. This would have happened while the two planets were just passing over the natal California Sun (at about 20 Virgo). So these planets really like to play around with California's Sun. That does explain the need for experimentation in California, especially in fields that are natural for Virgo like Health and Technology. Even the Blond ideal "California" woman is Virgonian with the emphasis on baby like virginal features (well, in the facial features, not in the bust and hip line.)

While looking up California's history on Wikipedia I noticed that during the natal Uranus-Pluto conjunction in the years between 1845 and 1850 right as California was being "born" was very active. The Settlers rebelled against Mexico, Mexico ceded the territory, the Gold Rush began and California joined the union. That's a whole lot of turmoil in a short amount of time and it certainly sounds like a Uranus-Pluto conjunction. And in Aries, what a combination! Talk about Crisis oriented. It's very interesting that Uranus-Pluto transits don't seem to be connected with earthquakes in California. There was a big earthquake in the L.A. area in the late 60s (Chatta-something, can't remember the name of the town) but it wasn't as big as the later ones that came during the Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn earthquakes. But I have noticed that the Months of October and Aries seem to bring on the Big ones which would hook in to all those Aries planets in the natal chart. Since I know that there would have been huge earthquakes in California prior to its becoming a State, it's almost as if the Earthquakes chose California's birthdate. (that statement probably won't make sense to anyone).

California has been growing and growing in population and economy, probably more than any other state. The dislodging of all these outer planet progression by Retrograde in the sign of Aries since 1948 could certainly be a big growth factor. Interesting that California's Uranus-Pluto conjunction is squaring the U.S. Pluto but I suppose several other states share that aspect as well.

Money is indicated by Venus, Pluto, Jupiter and the Sun in a chart. California's Progressed Jupiter might be an indicator in the money problems as it (prog. Jupiter) turned Retrograde around 2000 at 24 Libra. This opposes the natal Uranus-Pluto conjunction and is a strong indicator for Crises for anything having to do with expansion and over optimism. Jupiter rules Higher Education, Lawyers and Law, International Affairs, and Immigration. There is a huge problem with large amounts of illegal immigrants who don't pay anything into the system but are having large amounts of kids who have to be taken care of. Few people seem interested in granting immunity as was done back in the 80s. I heard on the radio the other day that polls show that less than thirty percent favor this. Meanwhile many of the immigrants are voicing a lot of anger over the situation. This is perhaps a sign of the Jupiter Rx opposing Uranus-Pluto. California's progressed Mars is at 6 Aquarius. I didn't see any tense aspects but Mars and Uranus together can be a rebellious situation. Progressed Mercury is at 30 Capricorn and is squaring that Uranus-Pluto conjunction. It is also within conjunction of Progressed Mars which is a sign of alot of "discussion."

The California Venus is at 14 Libra and is at 10 Capricorn by progression so she is squaring herself by Progression. As one of Venus' rulerships is Banking and Money and Cash on Hand I guess it makes sense that this square proves to be a time of challenge in that direction. The Progressed Sun would be at 26 Aquarius which is just past a quincunx aspect with its natal spot. That aspect shows a time of "adjustment" in the State's vitality. Aquarius and Virgo working together would be very good for technology and innovation and also for bringing people together but these signs otherwise struggle to work on common ground as they don't share common traits by quality or element. Huge hoards (Uranus-Pluto) of needy, poor, uneducated people is not really healthy (Virgo) for the community overall. Meanwhile, all the rich Liberals and the Governor are oblivious to these people and are trying to take away funding from the schools.... and the High School drop out rate is somewhere near 40 percent in many of the poorer public shcool systems. Errrrrrrr.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yesterday's News Compared With Stock Market's Astrolocality Chart

It looks like maybe these Astrolocality Charts work pretty well although it would help to have knowledge of world politics and economies in order to do a decent prediction. Personally I'm just worrying that the Italian and Japanese textiles designers will have to stop producing their beautiful yarns because although I can't really afford the stuff I really need to know that great beauty is being created at all times. So, that's where me head is, Cloud 9 or maybe is it Cloud 12? Anyway, my hair has gone almost completely gray over the last month and I've fried what's left with the curling iron because I keep waiting until I see smoke coming out of my head before taking the thing out.

Well, I totally ignored China. But the best News was from there as they have made up an Economic Stimulus package which should help the U.S. Economy by employing companies that do Infrastructure thingees. Companies like GE and Caterpiller. Jupiter is ruling Opening Bell Charts these days and is in the 1st House and the Jupiter DESC line was running straight through the center of China. Venus and Pluto are in conjunction with the Ascendant right now. In the Astrolocality Chart for yesterday's daily NYSE Market China is encased between the Venus Descendant line and the North Node DEsc line with Jupiter in the middle. Descendant shows relationship with others.

Other news was that Circuit City is declaring Bankruptcy. I hate that company so all I have to say is HaHa, shoulda happened sooner. I bought a laptop from that store and it broke after 13 days. I took it back and they charged me a restocking fee and wouldn't give me a raincheck for getting a computer on another day when they had more in stock. HaHaHa. Go the Hell, Circuit City and all your mean little employees in the place where I live can go too. I'm very sorry for the other employees who might have tried to be decent, honest people.

The U.S. Auto Industry has withered and is center of attention. GM is pretty much a goner because they got into the financial business. I guess Ford took out a couple of good loans back in the day and can stand up for a couple more years. The Saturn-Uranus opposition is placed in the transportation houses, H3 & 9 of the Opening Bell Chart. So, that makes sense. Saturn and Uranus are also co-ruling the 2d House. Uranus and the Moon are in the 3d House of the Opening Bell Chart and their lines enclose Michigan in the astrolocality chart. Kind of interesting how this turns out.

AIG, the big Insurance company conglomerate asked for and received more money, billions and billions of dollars to send their CEOs on more vacations. I'd like to say that's like put good money after bad but it seems more like the country is pouring blood into this company at this point. Photos of the CEOs at a company retreat dinner laughing their heads off while showing the photograph how to hold spoons on their noses will probably be in tomorrow's newspaper. Neptune is conjunct Chiron and North Node in the 2d house (Banking, Money). Neptune ruled Photos and surrealistic dreams that you wake up from 20 years later. This opposes the South Node (Screw ups) which is currently placed in the house of Insurance, Investing, Bankruptcy and Crisis.

I didn't find out if London or Paris did anything significant to affect the NYSE. That area was where the Saturn-Uranus-Venus-Pluto lines all converged. That should be where the real power broking is going on

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Opening Bell, Nov. 10, 2008

The Opening Bell Charts these days are ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter is in the 1st House of the Chart so there should be a general sense of optimism and expansiveness but also anxiety as Jupiter is in Capricorn, a placement that it's not comfortable in. Overall this time of year in the Stock Market is concentrating on International Affairs, Long Distance Affairs, Lawyers and Policies, Higher Learning, Religion (?, that's an interesting combination). Jupiter would be in the first house though every 12-13 years which makes its influence right now more prominent. Tomorrow he will be squaring the Moon in Aries which is conjunct the IC from the 3d House. That could bring some direct actions which could shake things up a bit.

Venus' influence is extremely prominent in this chart. She is still conjunct the Ascendant which she's been in one way or another for a while, probably almost two months. Now she rules the Libra Midheaven so her influence is more Libra style than Taurus style. This shows more interest in Government than in Banking. Venus is out-of-bounds at 25 degrees 26 minutes South Declination. And she's conjunct Pluto. These two are conjunct the Ascendant but otherwise not aspecting any planets by major aspect. Venus and Pluto working together don't express themselves "on the open market." They may be powerful or they may be impotent. Combined with the Moon they could show volatility. Venus and the Moon rule women, interesting how Women have failed in this last election. Maybe a Woman will be chosen for a top post in Obama's new Cabinet? Venus ruling the Midheaven shows strong emphasis on Politics and Government. Pluto equals Power and this is perhaps a sign that some powerful leadership is forming in the Government? Hope so. Maybe it's just a good day to invest in the Sex Industry.

The 2d House of Money and Banking is still ruled by Saturn as Capricorn is on the cusp. Aquarius is intercepted within the 2d House. This means that the Saturn-Uranus opposition is ruling everything having to do with Banking and Money. I'm sort of thinking that Saturn-Uranus has an expression in dealing with Regulations/Anti-Regulations as the two planets working together deal with Authority and Rebelling Against Authority and Paternity.

A few years ago I attended a Lecture on Money by Georgia Stathis and hopefully my memory about what she said is accurate but I can't promise anything. Stathis was mentioning how Saturn and Uranus are linked together in a sort of transitional hybrid type of state which manifests through Chiron because Chiron orbits between the two. Interesting that Chiron is now placed in the 2d House which, as I said, is co-ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. And Chiron is conjunct the North Node in Aquarius. They are still in conjunction with Neptune. I wonder if cloned meat will be making its way into the food stores during this opposition. I haven't been following that story but do know that the FDA declared cloned animals as healthy to use for food purposes. Gross.

It's very interesting to look at the Astrolocality Maps to see if this will show any particular geographic areas of activity relating to the Stock Market tomorrw. This shows Neptune-Chiron-NN Lines running through Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia. They might somehow be related to the money markets tomorrow. The price of Gasoline has fallen drastically and is certianly in the news these days. Perhaps Hollywood will move to Riyadh.

I have no idea if these Astrolocality Maps show anything in particular relating the U.S. Stock Market Opening Bell so this will be interesting to watch for in tomorrow's news. London and that whole part of Europe certainly look like a hot spot. This is where Venus-Pluto-Saturn and Uranus lines all converge. Venus-Pluto lines run through Cuba, Honduras and Nicaraqua as well as the Eastern Side of India.

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Friday, November 07, 2008

Chaos Theory

The Teaching Company is constantly sending out advertising brochures for its Brilliant College Lectures. Each brochure is basically a magazine about Brilliant College Topics. The snippets that are quoted from each class make it almost impossible for a Gemini Riser not to buy the damn tapes. This sentence describes the Chaos Theory for an entire 24 lecture class about nothing but said Theory.

Chaos Theory:

"The study of the behavior of sensitive systems over time."

Describes trying to read an astrological chart. Or, at least, this is my take on reading charts, the psych people think they can actually change the systems. In my opinion that works for people to whom nothing ever happens and who can say for honest to God sure that God exists and prefers their religion over all the other religions of the world. My only advice for most of life's problems is "Duck and Cover and find a Scorpio to crack jokes about it all with, they can tolerate anything."

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Little Obamas In the Oven?

Over at Kottke.org, Jason Kottke briefly discusses and links to articles about how there will be a huge amount of babies born at the end of July as a result of elation over Obama's Presidential win. If this is true the babies will all be Leos just like Obama. (Kottke.org). The post is in a November 5 entry just over the post where he tells California to go fuck his/her/itself for passing Prop 8 which bans same sex marriage.


Monday, November 03, 2008

Who Will Win Tomorrow's Election?

Winning and Winners. So American. I'm not too much interested in this election anymore. I used to think that I agree with the sides that Obama takes on the issues but mostly he just talks. I'm pretty certain he doesn't have a plan. It seems that McCain doesn't have a plan either other than to send Sarah Palin back to Alaska on Wednesday. These people are sort of thinking that if they walk into the Oval Office and sit behind the Oval Office desk things will just work. I don't think that works anymore.

What we've got are a bunch of people who are going through major Neptune transits. Neptune on Palin's Sun. On McCain's Moon. Neptune on Obama's Ascendant. Neptune on Biden's IC. Neptune transits are things that you wake up from 3 years from now.

Tomorrow the Saturn-Uranus opposition will be exact in Virgo-Pisces. It will also be a boundary opposition for a Boat configuration with sextiles from Jupiter in Capricorn and Mars in Scorpio. That sounds pretty positive for a President. Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus are a pretty masculine combination. In Virgo-Scorpio-Capricorn-Pisces they are pretty low key and understated. Everything I can think of that will go wrong with this opposition seems to come out in the media before I can write it down. Maybe this is psychic, intuitive Uranus in Pisces looking for a new angle. Uranus can only shock you. If it's stuff that you've already thought about it won't happen. At least I seem to remember hearing Michael Lutin say something about how that's the way to handle Uranus transits.

So rioting. This is the big one that I've been worrying about. Then I heard on NPR that no matter who wins there will be civil unrest and rioting related to racial tensions. I seem to remember that there will be a square from Mars to the next Full Moon but haven't looked it up. That would be a day for a riot.

Assassination. There I said it. When Saturn and Uranus were opposing each other in Virgo and Pisces in the mid-60s (opposite signs from where they are now) 3 genuinely great leaders were assassinated. But, now that I've mentioned it it can't happen because Uranus has to do something completely shocking.

Earthquakes. The earth will open up and the White House will fall into the crack. That's bad, but now it can't happen because it won't be a surprise. The West Coast will fall in to the ocean. There I said it.

Terrorist Attack. Of course that's going to happen. A new President? Are you kidding? Terrorists love new Presidents.

Finding out where all that Money that's been dumped into Obama's campaign funds are from. Hmmm, that's not really a Saturn-Uranus thing. But I'm very suspicious of what the answer would be and suspect that this would be shocking. Supposedly the major contributors are from the "Legal" profession or they are "Retired." I didn't see Oprah's name in there so at least she's not involved in any shenanigan's. Good Old Chicago Politics and all. Anyway, this isn't a Saturn-Uranus question, it's just really bugging me. Supposedly record amounts have been donated in small sums because they can be donated anonymously. That's the kind of thing that a Lawyer and a Computer Genius would think up. It's gross but not illegal.

I'm sort of pooped today. I hate the time change. Am having a Lunar Return with Jupiter still within conjunction. Sort of pooped out on trying to win the Lottery. Kind of interesting that my Mother's Birth Day and Month came in on two consecutive lotteries. I didn't know how to pick the numbers so I picked people's birth dates. The Moon symbolizes "Mom," of course. And Jupiter symbolizes "Luck." The numbers from other people's birth dates that I plugged in were wrong though. Buying Lottery tickets is pretty depressing. It's all about losing. Hoping and losing.

There was something I was trying to write about Saturn-Uranus being connected with Doubt. It's related to yet another post by Jonah Lehrer on how Fear fuels Certainty and thus causes Doubt. It's over on his blog from about two weeks ago. Fear is connected to the opposition through Saturn which is Cautious and conservative. Uranus is probably connected pretty well with Certainty as Uranians generally don't doubt much of their thinking.

There's still chatter that Lack of Confidence is what is keeping the Economy down. Bad Leadership is what is keeping the Economy down, Stupid.

Oh, and Pluto. How to handle Power. (I'm just trying to catch up on what I was writing in old blog posts that I didn't post.) It's interesting about Pluto in Sagittarius connected with Presidents. When it went in to Sagittarius we had Clinton in office. Clinton was the most well educated President we've ever had. He was a Rhodes Scholar and went to Oxford. That's as good as it gets. When he won I didn't particularly like him because he was a womanizer, but I do remember telling somebody that this is a test to see if a great education really does make a difference. Next we had Bush who went to Yale. I've been told that in the U.S. Yale has the best Law School. Well, oopsey. Obama went to Harvard and that's okay. If Obama wins tomorrow it will be because the "Educated" of the country will have elected him. This means "Members of the Media" and "Lawyers." The ones with the big fat Sagittarius professions. They probably had a couple of great classes but they don't know that the study of human evil goes back beyond Freud. So the last leader elected under Pluto (Power) in Sagittarius is probably going to be elected because the educated class has decided to put him there. By educated, of course, we're not talking about a real education. When half the Bachelor's Degrees in the country are Psychology Majors, which I call the National Enquirer Degree, we're not talking about Education, we're talking about the shit that you read while waiting in the check-out line at the store. Nobody seems to know the difference.