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Monday, March 31, 2008

Philippe Starck

Famous Industrial Product Designer Philippe Starck (I think he's French) says that he will retire in two years. He says that he's tired of living in a Material World and that everything he has created was "unnecessary." He says that the only thing that really matters is one's ability to Love. That's Donkey Manure, of course. I smelled a gnarly progression coming up, at any rate.

Philippe Starck

b. Jan. 18, 1949 4:40 Paris, France

Sun 28 Capricorn; ASC 2 Sagittarius; Moon 13 Virgo; MC 25 Virgo; NN 16 Taurus

Okay, Starck's 59 years old. Just watch a Capricorn going through his 2d Saturn Return. What a grump.

For materialism one would expect heavily weighted Earth which is what Starck's chart is. All his major elements except for his Sagittarius Rising are in Earth Signs. He's certainly fulfilled his designated mission here on Earth. Starck's Ascendant, although in a Fire sign, is progressing through Capricorn as well. He's got no planets in Water (feelings) and only Pluto in Fire (enthusiasm). Truth is, with that much Earth in his chart, Starck wouldn't be retiring if he hadn't made enough money to live really comfortably.

What's really interesting is Starck's progressed Sun. In two years when he retires it will be on the last degree of Pisces. That's also the last degree of the Zodiac and is probably the most creative spot in the whole horoscope as it passes into Aries. That will be a good time for a rebirth for Starck.

This comment really angers me because it sends a really stupid message out to the kids. With Global Warming and Internationalism coming up kids should be encouraged to become Designers in order to figure out how to find Solutions in order to exist in the World.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

If It Looks Like a President, And it Walks Like a President...

...then it must be a President!

(This is a warning, I've had the creepy crud for the last week and am writing even worse than usual).

In his book, Blink, Malcolm Gladwell talks about both the good and bad sides of instantaneous thinking and judgments. I've talked about it before. One of the examples Gladwell gives for when wrong "Intuitive" thinking failed in history was in the election of the 29th President of the United States, Warren G. Harding. Harding was elected to office in 1921 and died a couple of years later from either food poisoning, stroke or heart attack (his wife wouldn't allow for an autopsy). Gladwell says that Harding was one of the worst Presidents in history and was elected almost solely on his appearance and the fact that he looked the part of a President.

I'm aware that the United States is about to elect another President who looks a lot the part of a President and who has the allure of a Rock Star but is not clearly presenting any solid ideas or plans for the country's future. I'm also aware that the current President was elected for reasons other than his talent to perform his job. I also sort of remembered that Uranus was in Pisces in the 1920s so figure this might be a manifestation of that phenomenon. As representatives of the last two signs of the Zodiac both Uranus and Pisces represent the Intuitive, Collective unconscious side of people. It is said that Harding was elected to office through the backroom dealings of his friends and in return they he planted his friends, called the "Ohio Gang," in key positions on his staff. Some of them immediately got into trouble with scandals. Kind of sounds a lot like Bush & Cheney's "gang."

So, as a matter of fact, in 1921, when Harding assumed office, Uranus in Pisces was being opposed by Saturn in Virgo just as it will later this year. This will be the same aspect that will occur when the new President is elected into office next year, just at the end of Virgo/Pisces rather than at the beginning. When the opposition solidifies, Saturn and Uranus will have moved onto the first degrees of Aries and Libra. There's also going to be a difference in the aspect in that in 1921, Pluto was trining Uranus from the sign of Cancer. In 2010+ Pluto will be squaring Uranus-Saturn from Capricorn, a more challenging aspect, perhaps closer to the Saturn opposition to Uranus/Pluto that occurred in the mid-60s but involving the Cardinal signs.

Great Social/Political Movements aside, I wondered if there were indicators in Harding's chart that paints his incredible Presidental Personality. From the Wikipedia article it seems that Harding's friends were his downfall, he seemed to have had a lot of corrupt ones. Kind of interesting that his North Node is in Libra in the 7th house conjunct Libra's ruler, Venus. He perhaps deferred decision-making too much to his partners or was simply struggling with an Aries-1st house South Node. The Wikipedia article is full of answers about what this aspect meant. Won election through dealings of his friends and political help from his wife; 1920 was the first election in which women could vote and Harding supported the Suffragette movement; was known to have been involved in signing Peace Treaties after World War I; his mistress was kept quiet during campaign and presidency, Wiki article says she is thought to have been the only person to extort money from a political party.

Warren Harding

b. Nov. 2, 1865 2:30pm Blooming Grove, OH

Sun 11 Scorpio; ASC 13 Pisces; Moon 4 Taurus; MC 21 Sagittarius; NN 20 Libra

Harding's photographic appeal can be seen right away through the Pisces Rising. Neptune influence always adds photogenic appeal. This is doubled and tripled in influence because Neptune, chart ruler, is in Harding's 1st house of physical body. Plus, his Ascendant is trining a large Scorpio stellium including the Sun from Harding's 8th House. Scorpio and 8th House are magnetic.

Uranus in Pisces was approaching Harding's Ascendant as he became President. This is a positive vibe giving off the Let Freedom Ring vibe, plus an exciting, electrical quality to his personality. He died while traveling across the country trying to connect with the average people. Harding's Chiron was conjunct his Ascendant so Uranus was passing over it as well. It is thought that his health began to decline with a bad case of food poisoning in British Columbia. He was going through Sun-Pluto-Saturn-Neptune squares through his natal chart, his transit chart and his progressed chart. (Natal Sun-Saturn opposition Pluto from H8 to H2. Died during Saturn-Pluto square in which Saturn opposed his Natal Neptune and his Progressed Sun opposed his natal Pluto).

Harding's personality was very watery as Neptune rules his Chart and is placed in his 1st House. His Ascendant is also trined by an 8th house stellium in Scorpio of Saturn-Sun-Mercury-Mars.

Scorpio has strong leadership potential, of course, as long as it keeps things on the up and up. Plus, Harding has a Sagittarius Midheaven which means that he projected an open, sporty, fun, moralistic personality. Sagittarius can also be associated with corruption and hypocrisy if there's a potential for it shown elsewhere in the chart which it is here.

If I'm reading the Astrolocality Map on my software correctly, Harding's Neptune line was running through Washington and his Sun ASC line was running through San Francisco where he died.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Leakey's Angels

Louis Leakey was the famous Archaeologist who established that the Human Race perhaps began in Africa. Leakey also seems to have a thing for hooking women up with monkeys. All three of the most famous researchers on primates were guided into their professions by Leakey, and oddly, especially for their time and for the danger that is inherent in their work, they are all women. So I thought I'd take a look at their charts. The women are Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Birute Galdikas. Their charts definitely show their Maverick natures (Uranus) and their Courage (Mars, plus some).

Rex Bills doesn't give rulerships for specific primates, as far as I can tell. He says that Monkeys are ruled by Gemini, Mercury. Domesticated pets are ruled by Virgo, Mercury. Large animals are ruled by the 12th House and Jupiter. Wild animals are ruled by Uranus (according to Rex Bills).

I was curious to see how Mars figures in the charts. These women are all strongly independent. And I figured Mars indicates the idea of "Primate." Goodall's Mars is in Aries, Fossey's is in Capricorn, and Galdikas' is in Leo, all very strong willed placements. In addition, all three women have Mars-Pluto contacts. The 10 degree orbs are considered too wide by many but since they are included in stelliums that tighten the orbs so I think they should be considered. It's a relief seeing the Mars-Pluto aspect being used in life for something other than Temper Tantrums which is the common interpretation by Astrologers. Dian Fossey's Mars, however, was conjunct her Sun-Saturn and she did suffer from some of the more alienating Mars-Pluto-Saturn problems both politically and in that she was murdered perhaps by a poacher. Both Fossey and Goodall grew up in Divorced homes which could also develop into a loner, self dependent personality.

I've also noticed that Jupiter is strongly aspected in two of the charts and I think that Jupiter, Sagittarius should maybe be considered for Human-Animal Relations. Sagittarius is a Centaur, half man, half horse and I've noticed people with this sign very strong in their charts seem to have an affinity with animals. In these charts, Jupiter trines the Nodes of Goodall and Galdikas' charts. These two women interestingly were born with Jupiter within a degree of each other in Libra. All three women have strong Jupiter-Uranus aspects as well.

Venus is also strongly connected with Uranus-Aquarius. Goodall and Fossey have Venus in Aquarius (on the same degree) and Galdikas has a conjunction of Venus to Uranus. Two of the women have Venus-North Node Conjunctions. When one looks at Leakey's chart one can see his attraction to them as he had a Grand Square which included Venus in Virgo square Uranus. The other indicator for women in one's life is the Moon and Leakey's Moon was in Aquarius. One can certainly understand that a woman attracted to this line of work must be independent, enterprising and not bothered by the prospects of an alternative lifestyle. Bills assigns Rulerships for "Wilderness" to Uranus (Pluto).

Jane Goodall / Chimpanzees
b. Apr. 3, 1934 London, England

Sun 14 Aries; Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius; NN 18 Aquarius

Sun conjunct Mars in Aries squaring Pluto in Cancer. Sun-Mars opposes Jupiter in Libra.

Jupiter 19 Libra trine Aquarius North Nodes

Venus 28 Aquarius conjunct Saturn-NN in Aquarius.

Dian Fossey / Gorillas

b. Jan. 16, 1932 San Francisco, CA

Sun 26 Capricorn; Moon Aries or Taurus; NN 29 Pisces

Sun-Saturn-Mars in Capricorn opposite Pluto in Cancer.
Jupiter 21 Leo trine Uranus 16 Aries
Venus unaspected 28 Aquarius
Mercury 3 Capricorn squaring NN 29 Pisces

Birute Galdikas // Orangutans
b. May 10, 1946 Wiesbaden, Germany

Sun 20 Taurus; Moon Virgo; NN 22 Gemini

Mars 9 Leo conjunct Pluto 10 Leo
North Node 22 Gemini conjunct Uranus-Venus in Gemini trining Jupiter 20 Libra

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Link to Martin Bulgerin's Website on Cycles.

A great website describing planetary cycles written by Martin Bulgerin.

Here's a link to the section called "The "BIG" Planetary Aspects and Cycles."


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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mercury Rx Story and the Department of Defense

Stories like these make me so happy that I'm an insignificant person whose life doesn't matter...

What happens when the U.S. Defense Dept. goes through a Mercury Retrograde?

Well, in 2006 the Defense Department (Defense Logistics Agency) made a mistake while filling out an order for Helicopter Batteries to be sent to Taiwan. They sent fuses for nuclear missiles instead. The fuses had already accidentally been stored in a declassified storage facility. The Taiwanese notified the United States after opening the fuses that it hadn't received Helicopter Batteries but it took more than a year for the U.S. to figure out what they had sent.

The closest dates for the goofs I can find are in the article quoted below from Yahoo. I was pretty curious to see what Mercury was up to; if it was Retrograde and what signs it was in. Aries and Scorpio are the signs associated with weaponry due to their rulership from Mars, God of War. Mercury is the sign of Clerical work. Mercury Retrograde is the sign of Clerical Work gone on mental vacation. Mercury was in Aries when the Fuses were misshelved and it was probably in Scorpio when they were sent. It also may have been in Retrograde motion both times!

When the Fuses were mistakenly sent to the declassified storage unit in Utah in March, 2005, Mercury was in Aries. It went Retrograde at 15 Aries on March 20.

Additionally, Mercury would have been conjunct the North Node in Aries and squaring Saturn in Cancer indicated a stronger than usual influence, long term effect on Governmental procedures. Saturn came out of Retrograde around the same time that Mercury went Rx. Venus also went Retrograde at 1 Aries on March 23. Overall, the planets were jumbled and not moving real quickly at this point in time which seems to have been reflected in the brains of the people who work with Nuclear Warheads in the U.S. Military.

Right on cue it turns out, the Fall of 2006 was pretty much marked by a long Mercury in Scorpio transit due to a Retrograde. Mercury was in Scorpio from Oct. 3, 2006 to Dec. 8, 2006. It went Retrograde on Oct. 29 at 26 degrees Scorpio and stationed Direct on Nov. 18 at 10 degrees Scorpio.

The Taiwanese are said to have immediately noticed that they hadn't received the Helicopter Batteries that they ordered and it took more than a year for the Defense Department to figure out what they had sent. I don't know if the latter can really be explained through Astrology.

The fuses fit in the nose cone atop the warhead of a Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missile. Although they contain no nuclear material, they are used to ignite the trigger of a Mark-12 nuclear weapon, officials said.

"It is the electrical firing mechanism that allows the rest of the system to detonate," said Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne.

Wynne said the 22-inch long needle nose component does not look like a helicopter battery.

The sequence of errors began in March 2005 when the fuses were shipped as surplus articles from F.E. Warren Air Base in Wyoming to Hill Air Force Base in Utah.

Even though they were classified items, Wynne said they apparently were put in an unclassified logistics facility at Hill Air Force Base.

"In fall 2006 is when DLA (the Defense Logistics Agency) picked them out of the warehouse in fulfillment of the FMS (foreign military sales) order and shipped them to the Republic of China, Taiwan," Wynne said.

Henry said "fairly early on" the Taiwanese communicated that what they had received was not the helicopter batteries that they had ordered.

"We, on our side, thought we were talking about different sorts of batteries. There was an effort to resolve and to reimburse them," he said.

"It wasn't until this past week that we became aware that they had something akin to a nose cone assembly, at which time elements in the field worked that for a couple of days to get resolution," he said.



Monday, March 24, 2008

Steve Jobs' Pancreas

Just read an article in the latest Fortune or Forbes about Steve Jobs. Apparently Jobs pulled out of the Interview at some point and so the editors, needing to fill up space and being vengeful, researched a bunch of stories about Steve Jobs' problem personality and published those instead. The writers pull you in at first by discussing his weird bout with Cancer and then continue to dig in to the guy.

I remembered the Cancer story when it came up and wondered how Steve Jobs had managed to survive Pancreatic Cancer. The type of Cancer he had apparently is a very rare form which is highly treatable. According to the article Jobs let 9 months lapse between diagnosis and surgery in order to treat the disease through diet and other methods. That was 4 years ago so I suppose the treatment worked.

Had to look at his chart. Obviously Steve Jobs has remarkably good intuition so he'd know better than anyone which surgery date to pick for himself. And the astrology is really amazing. For one, the surgery took place right around a Full Moon which is said to be a Bozo no-no in Astroland. Evidentally, in some cases this is not true. The Moon rules the Pancreas so maybe in this case it's a good idea so have the surgery during a time when it's influence is prominent. I seem to remember that there was something odd about the iPhone launch too, how it's not good to launch a phone onto the market during a Mercury Rx. (But Jobs has natal Mercury Rx conjunct ASC).

Jobs was diagnosed in October, 2003 during a routine exam. According to the article he tried to avoid surgery altogether in order to cure himself through diet and probably meditation. Jobs waited 9 months before having the surgery on July 31, 2004 in Palo Alto, CA. And so far so good. He's still alive and creating beautiful things and being attacked by Media Moguls.

Steve Jobs

b. Feb. 24, 1955 6:00am San Francisco, CA (astrotheme)

Sun 6 Pisces; ASC 16 Aquarius; Moon 30 Pisces; MC 4 Sagittarius NN 3 Capricorn Rx

The Pancreas is ruled by Cancer. Right on cue, Jobs' natal Moon is in his 1st house of Physical Body and Cancer rules his 6th House of Health. Jobs has a conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Cancer in his 6th House which opposes his Venus in Capricorn, H12. That would indicate some problem with digesting sugars. Jupiter would indicate Liver problems. Uranus likes to do things differently and Jobs' Pancreatic Cancer was the weird type. His diet cures probably had much more of a positive effect than anyone will admit.

The day of the surgery, July 31, 2004, t.Saturn was conjunct the natal 6th House Jupiter-Uranus. The Progressed Moon and t. Saturn sort of have a slightly similar orbit and were layered over Job's natal 6th-12th house opposition. Prog. Moon, prog. MC and t. Chiron were conjunct Jobs' natal Venus. They also rule the 6th & 12th Houses so this is a very strong aspect. There's definitely an emphasis on Health here. Jobs was going through a lot of public scrutiny at the time concerning finances as well, that's indicated in the opposition being layered over progressed MC-IC axis.

Also on this date, Neptune was conjunct his natal Ascendant. Neptune rules Jobs' natal Sun (Vitality) and Moon (pancreas, emotions) so it's really interesting to see here aspecting the House of his physical body. The transiting Moon was conjunct Neptune-n.ASC as well. This is right on Jobs' natal Mercury Rx. I'm going to assume that this brought his whole body into sync to act as one unit during the surgery. I don't know how an astrologer would feel about Moon conjunct the ASC as that might be considered to knock the fluids out of balance but here it seems to have worked well. As Neptune rules Anesthesia and he was probably really easy to knock out.

T. Uranus, ruler of Jobs' Chart, was conjunct his Sun to the degree. And Mercury was opposing this combination from the 7th House to the degree. Sun-Mercury-Uranus combination would be great for sharp, clear, focused, one on one relations coming from the Surgeon. This would be very important for a Neptunian because they are said to be difficult to diagnose and treat, all that fog and aura just blurs their edges. Adding to that, Jupiter was in the 7th, and Mars. The Doctors were feeling confident.

The amount of Mars transits is really interesting since Mars rules the knife. T. Mars was conjunct natal Pluto (opposing n. Mercury) which would have helped the Surgeon to pay attention to what he was doing. Pluto rules surgery.

Jobs' Pluto is in his 7th House. He's probably paranoid and mistrusting about most people, especially since Pluto is connected to a t-square opposite Mercury-ASC and squaring apex Saturn. The article says that he was almost thinking of forgoing the surgery altogether.

Anyway, the transiting Sun passed over Pluto about 16 days later which must have assured continued Vitality on both Jobs' part and the part of those around him. That would be a nice follow up transit as the Sun would have next passed over Mars and Jupiter (transits), all emphasizing strong vitality.

Then there are mutual Sun-Mars progressions: Prog. Sun 5 degrees approaching natal Mars at 30 Aries. Prog. Mars approaching square to natal Sun 6 Pisces. He went into this fighting like a warrior. Very important.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dancing With The Stars

This Season's Dancing With the Stars Reality TV Show ought to maybe be called Battle of the Mutables. Of the 12 celebrity contestants, 9 are Mutable Sun Signs. I've got a cold so I'm sitting here looking stuff up and I'm too stuffed up to interpret anything. I don't think that Mutable Signs screw up so the Season might be kind of boring.

The most important birthdays are the ones of the professional dancers who are dancing with the Stars. I'm not including them just because I've run out of steam.

According to Rex Bills:
Sun, Leo, Venus rules Ballrooms.
Venus, Taurus, Neptune, Pisces (Uranus) rules Dancing.

Here's the line-up with Birthdates. Hopefully no typos or errors.

12 Contestants:

Adam Carolla
May 27, 1964 Philadelphia, PA

Cristian de la Fuente
Mar. 10, 1974 Santiago, Chile

Steve Guttenberg
Aug. 24, 1958 Brooklyn, NY

Oct. 10, 1973 San Diego, CA

Marlee Matlin
Aug. 24, 1965 Morton Grove, Il

Penn Jillette
Mar. 5, 1955 Greenfield, Mass

Priscilla Presley
May 24, 1945 Jersey City, NJ

Monica Seles
Dec. 2, 1973 Novi Sad, Yugolslavia

Shannon Elizabeth
Sept. 7, 1973 Houston, TX

Jason Taylor
Sept. 1, 1974 Pittsburgh, PA

Marissa Jaret Winokur
Feb. 2, 1973 NYC, NY

Kristi Yamaguchi
July 12, 1971 Hayward, CA

Here are the Judges:

Len Goodman
Apr. 24, 1942 UK

Carrie Ann Inaba
Jan. 5, 1968 Honolulu, Hawaii

Bruno Tonioli
Nov. 25, 1955 Ferrera, Italy

Here are Past Winners:

Kelly Monaco
May 23, 1976 Philadelphia, PA

Drew Lachey
Aug. 8, 1976 Cincinatti, OH

Emmitt Smith
May 15, 1969 Pensacola, FL

Apolo Anton Ohno
May 22, 1982 Seattle, Wash.

Helio Castroneves
May 10, 1975 Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Mike the Headless Chicken

Happy Easter! Here's a story to think about as you bite the heads off all those PEEPS that landed in your Easter Basket! It's also an incredible Miracle Story.

Mike was a Chicken who was born in Fruita, Colorado in April, 1945. On Sept. 10, 1945, Mike was supposed to be dinner for his Family but when the farmer knocked off his head with the axe he missed Mike's brain stem and jugular vein so Mike didn't die. The Farmer found him the next morning sleeping with what was left of his neck tucked under his wing. The Farmer figured it was a Miracle and continued to feed Mike straight through the hole in his neck. Mike lived for 18 more months.

As it is said that he was 5 1/2 months old at the time of his beheading I assume Mike was born close to the beginning of April. This puts the Sun in Aries, the sign which rules the Head so it is quite an interesting coincidence that Mike's story is all about his head.

Also very interesting are the placements of Mercury and Venus. They were in conjunction for the entire beginning of April, 1945 and Retrograde in Aries for most of that time. Venus actually started out at the beginning of the month in Taurus, sign of the Neck, and moved back into Aries by April 8. Mercury was in Aries the whole time and went Retrograde on April 3. So, Mike lost his Voice, but somehow found a bigger audience. Medical Experts and Audiences paid a lot of money (Venus) to see the bird with no head.

The Mercury-Venus conjunction is also really interesting because Mike's story is connected with so many colloquial turns of phrase, something I might associate with Mercury-Venus. "Going for the Jugular," for example. And, of course, "Running around like a Chicken with its Head cut off."

When Mike's unfortunate experience occurred, on Sept. 10, 1945, there were many indicators in the Stars that something would go wrong with Dinner. Mars, sign of the Axe, was in Cancer, sign of Food, and in conjunction with the North node in Cancer (Destiny with Dinner). Saturn was also in Cancer, unaspected. That's a sure sign of Starvation, along with the Moon in Scorpio which would rather diet anyway. The true clinker here is the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction in Libra that was squaring the Mars-NN. I always associate Libra and Pisces with vegetarianism. They just can't think to eat another living being. And apparently the farmer couldn't think to do Mike in once he saw what a will Mike had to live. If the bird can live without his head then maybe best to let the Miracle live. It's also interesting to think of the sign Libra here. Mike immediately became the Farmer's friend and partner in business. One wonders if the Farmer was a Libra.

Mike and the Farmer were on the Road when Mike died 18 months later. Now this really was tragic. Mike choked in a Motel Room in Phoenix and the Farmer had forgotten to bring the syringes he used to clear Mike's throat. 18 Months of living without a head. That's seems like a Sun-Venus cycle but I can't find the astrology.


May you Eternally Rest in Peace,

You Miracle Bird.

I found out about Mike's story at http://www.christophercoppola.com/.
Mar 14 Pt. 1, "The Other Side of CRC: The Mean One"
and Mar. 15, 2008 "Mike the Headless Chicken."

In the first video filmmaker Christopher Coppola satirizes a pretentious movie star who's hired to do a documentary about Mike.

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What's in the Water? Salmonella.

Lots of problems with Tap Water these days. First they we're drinking up each other's Drugs. Brings new meaning to the New Age idea of collective unconscious. It's just the water, same as the Romans. Now there's a report of a Salmonella outbreak in the Colorado town of Alamosa. Although they say this is rare, the news report also mentioned a huge outbreak in a "Southern California" town in 1965 where about 16,000 people were affected. Since I was quarantined for more than a month with Salmonella poisoning when I was a kid (in 1964, Southern California) I really wanted to look at these charts. The news says that the reasons for the outbreaks are due to using deep well water that's not chlorinated. So this problem is the exact opposite of the Drugs in the Tap Water where we're all being contaminated through a public system.

Here are the dates for the Salmonella Outbreaks:

Mar. 8, 2008 to Present

Alamosa, CO

May 1 - June 1,1965, Riverside California
16,000 cases, 3 deaths

I think that Uranus might be significant here as it is the Water Bearer. It rules the circulatory system of the body and perhaps represents in part the infrastructure which brings tap water to our houses. There seems to be a connection with squares from Uranus to Gemini & Sagittarius in the two outbreak charts. And Uranus was square my 15 Gemini Rising from the 4th house when I contracted Salmonella.

There also seems to be a problem with significant planets being unaspected. That would make sense as the water in a well can't flow anywhere. In the Alamosa, CO chart Mercury-Neptune-Chiron are unaspected in Aquarius. Uranus is unaspected in Pisces. In the Riverside, CA chart Jupiter in Gemini is unaspected. These dates are for the beginnings of the outbreaks, so maybe it's not that important.

Rulership for Chlorine is Neptune according to Rex Bills. Strong Virgo - Pisces emphasis shows public health concerns. Gemini could indicate communicable diseases (I've discusses that before in my paranoid hand washing posts).

In the Riverside Case, Uranus was conjunct Pluto and Mars and opposing Saturn and Chiron in Pisces at the outbreak. This was squaring the Gemini North Node.

In the Alamosa Case, Sun is conjunct Uranus and the North Node is in Aquarius conjunct Mercury, Venus, and Neptune in Aquarius. Chiron is also in Aquarius.

In my case, Uranus was conjunct Pluto in Virgo in my 4th House squaring my Gemini Ascendant conjunct my natal Venus-Pluto-Mars and opposing Saturn in Pisces.

The Eclipse activity may or may not be relevant.

Riverside, CA: Total Solar Eclipse:

May 30, 1965. NN 14 Gemini (H6) conjunct Sun-Moon at 10 Gemini (conjunct Jupiter Gemini). This is squared by Uranus. 25 Sagittarius Rising.

This was followed by a Partial Lunar Eclipse on June 14, 1965 that includes a Grand Square: Sun-NN Gemini opposite Moon SAgittarius squaring Saturn-Chiron Pisces opposite Mars in Virgo.

Alamosa, CO: Total Lunar Eclipse:

Feb. 21, 2008. Moon-Saturn in Virgo opposite Sun in Aquarius-NN in Pisces. 21 Sagittarius ASC squared by Uranus.

This was preceded by Solar Annular Eclipse on Feb. 7, 2008. 15 Sagittarius Rising. Sun-Moon 18 Aquarius.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Saturn & Uranus: Innovation and Humanity Through Business

This is a hodge podge blog sort of what Saturn & Uranus working together might mean since the opposition of these two is coming up in the Fall and will be involved in a t-square with Pluto and Jupiter in 2010.

While working on something completely unrelated I found some Innovative Thinkers who seem to be bringing the upcoming Saturn-Uranus opposition into focus. At least what it can mean if used well. Once Pluto squares, it's anybody's guess what might happen.

First off I found a Japanese Businessman writer named Kenichi Ohmae. He's considered one of the top intellectuals in the world. One of his main ideas is that the Middle Class is vanishing. This is something that is of concern in the United States as well as in Asia. What attracted me to Ohmae's work, Water Sun sign that I am, is the Piscesness of the Titles of his books (which I haven't read): Our Borderless World and The End of the Nation State. Ohmae says that the World will become a single unit gravitating around the energy of Economic Centers.

Kenichi Ohmae

Feb. 21, 1943 Kitakyushu, Japan

Sun 2 Pisces; Moon Virgo?; NN 26 Leo

First I noticed Ohmae's Sun in Pisces, of course. His Sun is inconjunct Neptune in Libra. The main keyword for Inconjunct is "Adjustment." This is also the essence of Saturn working with Uranus as the Old and the New are forced to work in tandem. The double Neptune influence really speaks loudly, or in Neptune's case softly, about Dissolving of Borders (in this case of Nations) and giving up sense of Form. Ohmae's Neptune in Libra is nicely protected by an intellectual Air Grand Trine to his Mercury in Aquarius and conjunction of Saturn to Uranus in Gemini. Those planets working together are certainly involved in mentally understanding new & innovative methods for handling structure and form.

Ohmae's Sun squares the Saturn-Uranus conjunction. This mean that it's involved in one of those weird types of Triangle Chart shapes with Neptune that includes a trine, inconjunct & square. His ego expression is working in a challenging and discordant way with 3 of the major outer planets here. His Mercury works with them in a very harmonious way in the Grand trine.

The Sun is opposite Chiron which is interesting as Chiron is sometimes considered the "liason" energy between Saturn and Uranus, often associated with "hybrid" forms. This Sun-Chiron opposition is loosely placed over Ohmae's Nodal Axis so his Destinies, Goals in Life are strongly influenced to work with Teaching others how deal with the World. And again, this opposition is squared by the Saturn-Uranus conjunction of Ohmae's generation. This shows a person very strongly talented to work with bridges and transitions from the past into the future.

Through Ohmae's reviews on Amazon.com I was directed to another book on finances called The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty through Profits written by C.K. Prahalad (haven't read it). This book talks about how the next major markets are the huge base of poor people around the world. It turns the tables on the typical idea that the poor are a burden and instead sees how business can actually serve them and profit from serving them at the same time. I don't know how this can be done, I'm a bit cynical as I've been watching Negroponte's Laptop per Child program get hammered by big business. Anyway, it's a great idea and is certainly brilliant if feasible.

I can't find Prahalad's Birth date, another cagey guy. But, through Wikipedia's entry on "Bottom of the Pyramid" (said this was going to be a hodgepodge) I found that Franklin D. Roosevelt first coined the phrase about helping the huge mass of poor in the Depression. On Apr. 7, 1932 he gave a radio address called "The Forgotten Man" who lives at the "Bottom of the Pyramid." On this date, the Sun was conjunct Uranus and still squaring Pluto. Exactly a year earlier on Apr. 7, 1931, middle of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl, there was a very heavy Cardinal t-square: conjunction of Sun-Uranus-North Node in Aries that was an apex to Jupiter c. Pluto in Cancer opposite Saturn in Capricorn. This t-square is in part responsible astrologically for the mass poverty that was felt world-wide. A very high voltage Cardinal Sign t-square that precurses the Cardinal Pluto - Saturn - Uranus t-square that is coming up in 2010. In 2010, Pluto will be apex and conjunct the North Node in Capricorn. It will square Saturn in Libra and opposing a conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus over the cusp of Pisces-Aries.

At any rate, this does seem to be a combination that is concerned with creating a massive population of people who are struggling.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

b. Jan. 30, 1882 8:45pm Hyde Park, NY

Sun 11 Aquarius; ASC 26 Cancer; Moon 4 Cancer; MC 8 Aries; NN 6 Sagittarius Rx

FDR was born when 4 outer planets were in Taurus. Of them, Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter were in Conjunction and squared FDR's natal Sun-Venus in Aquarius conjunction. This major conjunction also trined Delano's Uranus in Virgo meaning perhaps that he was able to use the easy energy of his natal Saturn-Uranus trine to help those suffering from the effects of the difficult Saturn-Uranus aspect.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Shootings - Part 2

On March 3, I talked about a couple of shootings that happened in Mountain View, CA within a couple of weeks of each other. http://outthecometsass.blogspot.com/2008/03/more-shootings.html

I looked at the Astrology, made some guesses, and said I would try to post if I found out anything later on. The newspaper today had an article saying that the police have now arrested suspects in both shootings. Although my interpretations of the charts weren't good, blatantly wrong in most cases because I gave my Opinions, the actual charts seem eerily accurate. I've got to stick with Key Words, no frills and no opinions and for some reason that's really difficult to do.

I did mention that a woman seemed involved in the second shooting but I didn't think romantic because Venus was in the 6th house, not 5th or 7th. And actually this article says that the shooting happened 15 minutes later than the time I used which puts the Mercury/Venus conjunction in the 5th House. The article says that the Police suspect that maybe the killing was over a love triangle!

The first shooting is thought to have happened during a drug deal. That should have been obvious with Pisces on the Descendant, but, duh...

I can't find any date of Incorporation for the City of Mountain View. It would be interesting to see if the Mars-Pluto opposition and the Eclipses were heavily influencing the chart. I said that the shootings had to have been related because the charts were so similar but that was wrong.

Wow, I'm really glad I picked up the paper. "Just the Facts, M'am, just the facts."

From Palo Alto Daily News, Mar. 19, 2008:

"Police say love triangle a possible motive in shooting: Gang-member suspect expected to enter plea soon.

by Melanie Carroll

"A 17-year old shot to death in Mountain View appears to have been romantically involved with the wife of the 19-year old man accused of pulling the trigger, police said.

Jose Merales was found dead Feb. 26 on the 100 block of Higdon Avenue after being shot four times in the head around 6:15 p.m., officials said.

Police arrested Hugo Garcia on March 6 in connection with the fatal shooting.

'There is the possibility of some love triangle,' said Liz Wylie, a spokeswoman for the Mountain View Police Department.


Merales and Garcia were known members of the Sureno gang operating in Mountain View, Wylie said. The killing is not considered gang-related because of the teens' mutual affiliation, police said.

The shooting was Mountain View's second homicide of the year.

On Feb. 7, Jeffrey Johnson was shot to death after he allegedly helped plan a drug deal that went sour in a restaurant parking lot, according to an FBI affidavit. Nathan Talarico was arrested in Alabama last month for his alleged involvement in Johnson's shooting.

The two slayings are not likely connected, police said."


Monday, March 17, 2008

Googling the Universe

This is too much (but really cool). Now you can Google the Universe:


I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover....

If I could do pictures today I'd add a photo of Ben Bernanke dressed up in Green like a Leprechaun. He's trying so hard not to get pinched and in this Red Economy I can only wish him the best, poor boy.

St. Patrick was a 5th Century Christian guy who drove the Druids out of Ireland. We don't know his Birth date but Wikipedia says he was born around 478 AD. That's an interesting Outer Planet time period because it's got Neptune in Libra and Pluto in Leo just like most of the people walking around on the earth who are in their 50's right now.

St. Patrick's Day, March 17, is thought to be St. Pat's Death Day, may He Rest In Peace. The 1st St. Patrick's Day was celebrated publicly in Ireland in 1903 and this chart is super fun to look at from a Kegger's point of view:

St. Patrick's Day

Mar. 17, 1903, Dublin, Ireland

Sun 26 Pisces; Moon Scorpio;
NN 16 Libra

Overall Water is predominant in the Chart of this Holy Roman Elixer Fest. Pisces is the Sign of Addiction. Scorpio is the sign of the Designated Driver. Cancer is the sign of the Slob who is clinging to his Bar Stool. And you can always throw a couple of Sagittarians in there because they'll always have another one just to Celebrate.

1903 was after the potato famine, wasn't it? Anyway, as far as drinking charts go this one could only be found at the end of a Rainbow.

Here we have Sun in Pisces both dispositing to and squaring Neptune at 1 Cancer (Aries Point, public slobbering and drunkenness). Neptune is opposing Uranus in Sagittarius too so we have a very Merry Sun-Uranus-Neptune t-square.

Neptune here is trining a conjunction of Mercury (communication) and Jupiter (higher communication) in Pisces certainly bestows the Gift of Gab in all its inebriated glory. This accounts for the singing of the songs and the babbling from under the tables.

This chart has no planets in Earth because we need to dispense with The Reality on this date. We don't want any controlling Capricorns or Virgos who are counting The Drinks. The Tauruses can stay because they're generally easy-going and have remarkably strong tolerance for beer. Are they drunk? Or can they drive us home? You can't tell. Keep em.

Mars here is conjunct the North Node in Libra. The Goal here is to find someone else and talk his head off.

Libra North Nodes need to learn Diplomacy and Balanced Behaviors in life and what better way to learn this lesson real quick than to stick the Ruler of its error seeking South Node right on top of it?

By the end of the evening everyone will have whole heartedly learned how impulsive and totally lacking they are in Diplomacy and Balanced Behavior.

By the end of the evening the Police may have a different idea of how balanced you can walk that line. Mars here is trining Saturn in Aquarius on one side and trining Pluto on the other side. That's good for a nice healthy Bar Fight towards the end o' the Day. And the Police Officer may actually be as drunk as you are. Trines can bring this kind of Luck.

The Mayor of Dublin eventually decided to close the Pubs down on the 18th in order to give the Blarney some time to wear off.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Pluto in Capricorn - Enlightenment About The Dark Side

The cover story of the latest issue of New Scientist Magazine (March 8, 2008) is called "The Dark Side." It is actually two articles, one about Dark Matter and the other about Dark Energy and it relates how we may be on the verge of great discoveries in the so far fruitless search to understand either one just this year. I think that's very significant because of Pluto's entry into Capricorn right now. If I understand these concepts even a little bit Dark Matter is connected with very strong Gravitational pulls in the Universe and Dark Energy is connected with understanding how Time speeds up and slows down in the Universe. Both are strongly ruled by the Saturn-Pluto combination working together.

Anyway, the article will probably be available online soon: www.newscientist.com. "Cosmic Enlightenment" and "Dark energy begone!"

The Scientist who first discovered Dark Matter was Fritz Zwicky. According to Wikipedia Scientists are still completely baffled by his insights. One can see this uncanny extra sense represented in Zwicky's chart. Zwicky was born while Neptune was conjunct Pluto in Gemini and opposing a conjunction of Saturn to Uranus in Sagittarius.

Saturn-Pluto oppositions bring out the Dark Side, but connection here with Neptune & Uranus really brings a broader, Universal Element to this chart. Since most of Zwicky's inner planets are in Aquarius (Sun conjunct Venus to the degree, Mercury conjunct Mars) and are all strongly aspecting most of these outer planets it's easy to see why he may have been able to gain understanding and give voice to this powerful aspect. Aquarius' connection with innovation & futuristic thinking is really well represented here.

Not only did he discover all kinds of new notions about the Universe but he is considered "The Father of the Jet Engine."

Fritz Zwicky
b. Feb. 14, 1898

Sun 26 Aquarius; Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius; NN 26 Capricorn Rx.

Zwicky's chart is predominately Gemini, Aquarius and Sagittarius. He had no planets in either Earth or Water unless his Moon was in Scorpio. Jupiter was a singleton in Cardinal, in the sign of Libra. This seems like the ultimate set up for an astronomer.

He also had a remarkable amount of planets in parallel aspect with each other: Mercury to Mars to Saturn to Uranus to the Nodes at 20 degrees+ declination. And his Sun is parallel his Pluto.

During 1933 when Zwicky discovered the phenomenon of "Dark Matter" his progressed Sun had just changed Signs and was on 1st degree Aries. That's a very significant degree as it's the beginning of the entire zodiac, sort of the "Birthing Point". Of course it's the Aries Point which is read as a point in time where he will bring something out before the public. He also even have had a Progressed New Moon at that point which would be really incredible. Pluto was at 22 Cancer which means that it was approaching conjunction with his South Node.

And right now seems like a good time for his vision of Dark Matter to finally materialize. Zwicky's progressed Sun is conjunct his Neptune-Pluto conjunction. And t. Neptune and the Nodes are conjunct his natal Sun-Venus conjunction in Aquarius. It would be interesting to see if the Scientists would are connected with this research were born during the mid-60s opposition of Saturn to Uranus-Pluto in Virgo. This would square Zwicky's big opposition in Gemini-Sagittarius.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Gone With the Wind

Yesterday was a blast, literally. During the day the Stock Market gave up the rest of its fancy 400 plus points gain of 2 days before. It did this even after Bernanke bailed out a bank, something which I have now read hasn't been done since the Great Depression. Some economists and commentators have begun to tell everyone to bail. All this while Taurus rises as the Stock Market opens. The Sun-Moon and Pluto were in t-square in the Resource Houses in yesterday's chart (Moon in H2, Pluto in H8 and Sun in H11). The missing leg was the 5th House and let me tell you, this slide was NO FUN. I was literally walking down the Street humming "Send in the Clowns." The Moon was approaching conjunction with Mars (turbulent emotions). And Venus was opposing Saturn. Otherwise there were some real nice trines. Those who sold knowing that they are safe, and those who are in denial and figuring this is another blip.

I don't know what I'm talking about here. For guidance read Ray Merriman's column.

So that's not all. Last night I turn on the TV to watch my boyfriend Larry King and some guy's standing outside of the CNN headquarters and it looks like the Civil War has broken out. People had been sitting in their rooms in the hotel across the street and the windows literally blasted out of the rooms! Crap was scattered all over the street. People were roaming around in their bathrobes crying. Two Basketball games had been interupted with around 18,000 fans at one Dome and around 16,000 fans at another Dome. They were roaming around. Unfortunately two people died and many more were injured.

I can't imagine. A 200 foot wide storm pounding through the downtown of a major city going around 130 mph!

There was apparently only a 8 minute warning. The Storm Prediction Center had announced a "slight risk" (2 percent chance) that Atlanta would be hit by a tornado at 9 pm. The warning came at 9:26pm. The Tornado came at 9:45 pm. Wait, that's more than an 8 minute warning. Hmmm, well, around that time. CNN must have been my source, hehehehe.

So, surprise! The Sun is still conjunct Uranus, planet of Sudden events. The only square in this chart is from the Sun to Pluto (planet of mass destruction).

Libra was Rising somewhere and Cardinal Signs were on all the angles.

And so a biggee here is the conjunction of Moon to Mars in Cancer. They are both still out of bounds and opposing Pluto, more volatility. People birthing babies right now had better be prepared to parent these kids very very carefully because this is going to be a big group of toddlers swinging bats otherwise. I'm staying way the hell out of Wal-Mart for the next couple of years.

In this chart, this volatile combo are in the Mystic Rectangle sextiling/trining the Venus-Saturn opposition. You've got a violent water opposition playing happy with a stuffy earth opposition and the Sun-Uranus & Pluto screaming Surprise all the while! I guess that's good turbo. Don't really see the mysticism in the Mystic Rectangle though.

And then we see how it's connected with Atlanta's chart:

Atlanta, GA

inc. Dec. 29, 1847

Sun 8 Capricorn, Moon probably Libra, NN 5 Libra

So, Atlanta's a Cardinal sign town. One can see right away that the transiting opposition of Moon-Mars to Pluto is harshly aspect Atlanta's Sun, NN and possibly Moon. It's hooked right in. Atlanta's under other major aspects right now.

The Surprise element seems to come from Atlanta's progressed Sun which is at 17 Gemini squaring t.Uranus at 19 Pisces-t.Sun 25 Pisces.

The t. North Node is conjunct Atlanta's natal Neptune at 29 Aquarius. Atlanta is approaching it's Neptune Return.

And Atlanta is going through a Saturn opposition. (Natal Saturn at 9 Pisces) Saturn is the planet of preparation and warning so I was hoping to find it vulnerable and was not disappointed here.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spy Satellite Launched



The Military just announced a successful launch of a Super Secret Spy Satellite that was blasted off the California Coast early this morning. I just had to know if Pluto (Spying, Sabotage) and Neptune (Illusion) were prominent in the chart.

Spy Satellite Launched / Where and Why We Do Not Know

Mar. 13, 2008 3:02 am Vandenberg Air Force Base, California

Yay! The Military doesn't know what it's doing in Iraq but it sure is awesome talented at picking charts to launch secret missiles. The Sun here is in Pisces conjunct Uranus right over the 3d House cusp. That's great for communications and technology which can express itself through Illusion and Deception. The Sun is also sextiling Jupiter in the 1st House which strengthens the success of the launch. This will be an effective aid in International Affairs which, frankly, we're going to need when that Pluto-Uranus-Saturn t-square hits. The Internet might go kablooey big time.

But, here's the best part about this chart, exactly what I wanted to find. Pluto (Spies) is conjunct the Ascendant by 2 degrees. It's 2 degrees rising off the cusp from the 12th house. Sneaky, very sneaky. And it's opposite Mars which is conjunct the Descendant to the Degree. This shows that we're being very provocative and pissing everyone off with our power tripping which we're blaming on them, and, in this case, we might have more power.

Ruler of the Chart, Saturn, is in the 8th House of, guess what?, Spies! It's opposing Mercury and the North Node in Aquarius and involved in a Mystic Rectangle with the Pluto-Mars/ASC-DESC oppositions.

The Moon is in Gemini conjunct the 6th House cusp which shows Data Collection. The Moon's only aspect is a square to Saturn Rx which shows that maybe some of the technology is already out-of-date. There's a strong need to be prepared.

The huge cluster of planets in Aquarius and Pisces is mainly in the 2d House of Values, Money, Voice, & Banking. Wonder who we're spying on. Well, Neptune in H2, that's Oil in the Money House, sounds like something we might be interested in. They can't tell us who they're spying on. Oh, well, let's guess. (Let's assume it's not us). Cancer on the DESC with Mars conjunct Cusp. Mars and Moon are Out-of-Bounds and Parallel. Some underdeveloped or very young Country who's very emotionally threatening.

I wonder if they'll get some good stills of certain Dictators in the shower. That's an ugly thought.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Day that James Hansen Shook the World

EDIT: (8/28/09) James Hansen's Birthday on Wikipedia is listed as Mar. 29, 1941 Denison, Iowa.

It's been 20 years since climatologist James Hansen, Director of NASA's Goddard Institute, made his announcement to the Committee on Energy & Natural Resources that he was 99% sure that Global Warming was a genuine danger to the Earth.

This was in 1988. Since then the World has been in non-stop debate over the reality of his announcement and now that Pluto (Crisis) has hit the spot where Saturn (Bureaucracy) and Uranus (Shock) were at the time of Hansen's announcement we are finally coming around to believing the guy. Neptune (disbelief) was already about 10 degrees ahead of Saturn and Uranus when Hansen made his announcement. I can hardly wait to see what happens to the Glaciers once Pluto hits that spot.

On the bright side, maybe Global Warming will reverse itself. Pluto, after all, rules transformation and change. From the looks of things it might be more realistic to believe that Hell will freeze over.

This announcement was made on June 23, 1988, Washington, DC. Saturn & Uranus were just at the end of Sagittarius showing some nice action very close to the Capricorn Aries Point -- a very public presentation of conflict with the slowness of one's government to act (Capricorn).

Too bad these Scientists never pay attention to the Astrologers because that was not a great day for making an announcement. 6 planets were Retrograde and, of course, Mercury was among them in its own sign of Gemini. And, it was conjunct Retrograde Venus! Mercury represents the Messenger and Venus represents the Debaters and both weren't working properly due to the Rx's. Although people panicked, nobody believed Hansen, especially not the Politicians and the business people. Everyone's been debating, and talking, and pondering both sides of the argument and then Blammo! Huge chunks of Glaciers just started breaking apart at the poles.

I checked the Secondary Progressions for this event to see when these planets came out of Retrograde (by Progression) to see if there was a correlation with acceptance of Hansen's announcement. Mercury stationed direct almost immediately in 1989-90 at 19 Gemini. Venus turned direct around 1999-2000 at 14 Gemini.

Interesting that this conjunction, in both the "event" chart and the progressed chart were hit almost directly by the Saturn-Pluto opposition transit in 2001-2 (think 9/11). This coincides with how long it took for the politicians, i.e. Big Business (Saturn-Pluto opposition) to catch on. I think that it took a couple more years for Bush to come around.

The event chart for Hansen's announcement has a conjunction of Mars (Alarm) to the North Node (Destiny) in Pisces. Pisces and Aquarius seem to be the signs most connected with atmospheric conditions. Unfortunately, Pisces being the last sign of the Zodiac, is sort of the Dooms-day sign. Hansen should have waited until the NN was in Aquarius and Mercury was blasting full steam ahead. The Thomas Edisons would have immediately come out of the woodwork to invent a solution.

It's interesting that Mars (planet of fire) was conjunct the Pisces North Node ("Doomsday" via "Poisoned" "Atmosphere" -- Pisces keywords) on the day that "Global Warming" become a serious "Danger." Also, this was the date that Politicians began to dispute the Scientists' warnings (Virgo South Node?).

I've found a problem with regards to birth data for James Hansen. It used to be listed in sources as Mar. 19, 1941 (Dension, Iowa) and now is listed on Wikipedia for Mar. 29, 1941. I'm sure he'd be broken hearted that I won't be able to babble on much about his chart.

The Pisces chart sure is interesting considering that people have been constantly complaining that Hansen is a Doomsday'er. Pisces is the last sign of the Wheel and those Sun signs can be a tad more attuned to the possibilities that the World will end.

If this is the correct birth date, Hansen's Pisces Sun would be opposite its ruler Neptune. This conjunction would be layered over the Nodal Axis of his chart: Libra North Node and Aries South Node. The March 29 birth date would still keep this Sun-Neptune opposition within orb of conjunction with his Nodes. One can see the struggle of his Libra North Node to get his message across in a diplomatic way. Geronimo had the same North Node.

Hansen was born during a Grand Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus in Taurus. And this conjunction is part of a Grand Earth Trine to Neptune in Virgo and Mars in Capricorn. How appropriate for someone who wants to save the Earth. (But, however, Dick Cheney has a Grand Earth Trine too so maybe it also applies to those who want to destroy the Earth. Maybe that interpretation doesn't apply...).

The first alarm was sounded in 1958 when a Scientist working in Hawaii began to measure rising CO2 in the air. Pluto was just entering into Virgo that year and Jupiter and Neptune entered Scorpio. Interesting the correlation with Science, Research, Clinical Proof, and Confrontation.

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Brother Eliot Rides Rough on the Mayflower

Okay, this is going to be a Quickie. Yes, that's right, it's about Eliot Spitzer. It appears from the headlines that he has indeed resigned from his "Position" as Governor of New York. I think it was because he was from so much pressure from the Late Night Comics. Spitzer had to quit because he got caught renting hookers from a House of Ill Repute. As Governor all his finances are inspected and once his tab ran up into the $80,000's bracket the FBI walked in. Gemini's aren't usually this dumb, wonder what happened.

I don't know what kinds of moralistic things Spitzer tried to fix in his short term as Governor but I'm pretty sure his fall isn't about Morals. I also live on the West Coast in the Land where Anything Goes so I wouldn't know how to play the game out in sophisticated New York. But Morals? The Bush Administration would have been long gone if this were a problem.

Spitzer hired a Brunette, 5'4", 105 lb. Commodity to take a train to Washington DC and book a room in the Mayflower Hotel so that he could beg her to do it without a condom. I think I read that he paid for 4 hours from 10:00pm on Feb. 13 to 2 am on Feb. 14. But Spitzer only used her for 2. I told you this was all about Quickies. I've also warned to never even think of trying to find Love on Valentine's Day. It never ever works.

Eliot "Client 9" Spitzer

b. June 10, 1959 Bronx, NY

Okay, yeah, yeah, yeah. He's a Gemini. They're polygamous. I forgot to write down his chart stuff down. Where's his Moon? Oh yeah, that symbolizes his Wife and she's

Silda "First Wife" Spitzer

b. Dec. 10, 1957 Chapel Hill, NC

Comparing charts here gets interesting.

Mr. and Mrs. Spitzer have Suns which exactly oppose each other. Eliot's is 19 Gemini and Silda's is 19 Sagittarius.

Their Venus's (Her Planet) also oppose each other. Eliot's at 4 Leo (conjunct his Mars 6 Leo) and Silda's at 3 Leo.

The couple's Mars's (His Planet) are in squaring signs. Mars in the charts does throw some klinkers in the nuptial bliss with its intensity. Squaring Signs challenge each other, for one. But, these challenging aspects between Venus and Mars really increase the sexual attraction.

Eliot's Mars is conjunct his Venus and Uranus and possibly his Moon which is a fairly kinky aspect. He's got quite a Sex drive going there. This combination also makes for a really nice person but in Leo the Hubris thing I guess got the better of him.

Silda's Mars is in Scorpio is unaspected. Unaspected planets, in Noel Tyl's terms, "runs away with the chart." So she likes a guy with a long whip. Probably she likes his ambition and is willing to give up a little in favor of success. Maybe less so now that her Sun has long progressed out of Capricorn.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Spitzer have the Moon at 3-4 degrees Leo in the Noontime charts. So that means they have either Cancer or Leo Moon. They really are in sync with each other for Better or, um, Worse. There's a problem with some squares between Mars and Neptune. On the positive side I think this makes a couple want to help others. On the negative side it makes them do weird, creepy things. This square is in Elliot's natal chart but also in their Marriage chart (along with a conjunction of Venus-Pluto-Mercury, ooo boy).

Example of a Marriage Chart that Leads to Great Political Success and Fall through a Hooker named Kristen who was Rented from the Emperor's Club:

Oct. 17, 1987 (place? New York)

Sun 25 Libra; Moon Leo? (Moon conjunct their natal Moons?); NN 3 Aries (no shit)

Mars conjunct Libra South Node squaring Neptune

The Most interesting part of this story are the Progressed Retrogrades that have occurred in this couple's lives so far. Thank God there are only two.

The first is, this isn't a surprise, Silda's Venus. Silda is a people pleasing Sagittarius. The women are people pleasers, but they are also freedom loving. They attract marriage like flies but can really struggle with the confines of boring old same old, same old. Silda's first marriage failed. She was married in 1982 for 29 days. So years later, she met Eliot and they decided to give it a go. Silda's Venus went Retrograde by Progression the Month after they got married. She's really been sticking this one out. Robert Blaschke's book on Progressions would have a great description for what prog.Venus Rx means. I don't have it nearby. Noel Tyl has described natal Venus Rx succinctly as the person develops Loveability issues. Their entire Libra (Venus) marriage has been ruled by Silda's feeling unloveable (deep down, of course). She's so pretty and intelligent. It would be interesting to look at her Juno placement. Maybe later.

The second Rx Progression is Eliot's Mercury. His P.Mercury went Retrograde in 2001-2. It's really interesting that his political career really took off at that point and has suffered from his overly Mercurial personality. Spitzer's Mercury went Retrograde while conjunct his natal Uranus in Leo. This doesn't imbue a sublte, sweet communication style. He became a Crusader and Truth Teller for all kinds of Noble Causes. Unfortunately he began to yell at everyone and brag about what a Steamroller he was. It's very appropriate that Spitzer was caught through Mercury-Uranus means, through surveillance on his electronic accounts. Spitzer's Progressed Sun is moving into conjunction with p.Mercury and progressed and Natal Uranus so work-wise he may really take on even more of a crusade. I'm not sure, I think prog. Sun might just be finishing up with the conjunction to his Venus and Mars so he may be spent in those departments. It's not worth it if you have to use a condom.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mystic Rectangle Tuesday!!! Stock Market Magic

Build it and they will come! The Stock Market went up through the roof today due to my boyfriend Ben Bernanke's crazy Sagg ways!

According to Yahoo right now, NYSE's up 416 points (3.55 %) and Nasdaq's up 86 points (3.98 %). Dow up 47 points (3.71 %). Yahoo's Graph shows that it started to rise around 1:00 pm. Another Martini Lunch. Man, this is just like growing up in an alcoholic family.

Chart for 1pm, March 11, 2008, NYC, NY shows 12 Cancer ASC. That coupled with the Moon in Taurus conjunct Taurus Rising just as the Market opened at 9:30am describes a day centered around the Banking Industry. This isn't that big of a deal because this happens for a couple of days every year, but today's chart had extra placements. It's fun to study this chart.

You add to that "Banking Chart" a Mystic Rectangle formation and see what happens. Here the Mystic was hanging out in the Resource Houses in the Opening Chart: Mars in Cancer (H2) opposite Pluto in Capricorn (H8) trining/sextiling Mercury-Neptune in Aquarius (H11) opposite Saturn in Virgo (H5). Mystic Rectangles are two oppositions set up so that all the planets aspect each other in sexiles and trines around the perimeter. I've never read a good description of what it actually is meant to mean except that with the oppositions there will be tension through relationships and balancing acts that are put to good use through a combination of talent and good luck. There are no squares in such a shape, so no sense of Challenge or Action. Just set it up and let it go. Maybe that's why it's considered Mystical.

Just as the Mars-Pluto opposition crossed the ASC-DESC slightly before 1pm, the Stock Markets began to rise. Remember, more than 400 points!!!!! I've just got to watch Kramer tonight. It's so awful to be stuck living around Californians when this kind of thing happens.

At 1pm also, the Sun and Uranus were hanging over the Pisces Midheaven. Now that's what I call Collective Unconsciousness! Work that Mass Mentality, Baby!!! The Sun was parallel the Midheaven. Sun-MC-Uranus was apex of a small triangle. Moon was in Taurus in H11 trining Pluto in Capricorn in H8. This trine again spans the two upper Resource Houses. The Mars-Pluto and Sun-Uranus show concerted efforts by the authorities to bring about change. The sextiles in the small rectangles show a flow of talent to do this through 11th House (Groups, Hopes, Wishes, Projected Thinking) and 8th House (Other People's Money, Loans) resources.

What seems prominent here is the Venus(Money, Banking)-Saturn(Government, Control)-Node connection(Destiny). At least it's prominent in this chart and in the July 24, 2002 chart as well. Saturn at 4 Virgo is widely conjunct the South Node at 28 Leo. This opposes the North Node which is conjunct Venus at 29 Aquarius. Venus is also parallel the North Node (that's like a small conjunction). In the July 24, 2002 chart, the Nodes were at 18 Gemini(NN) and Sagittarius(SN). Saturn was at 25 Gemini conjunct the North Node. Pluto was at 16 Sagittarius conjunct the South Node. And Venus was at 16 Virgo squaring the whole enchilada.

Oh, and also about Parallels and the Midheaven. The 1pm chart of the 2002 chart had a conjunction of Sun-Mercury-Mars that were both in Conjunction and Parallel with each other and the Midheaven. Maybe the Sun is always parallel the Midheaven near noon at this time of year. Oh, and also, I'm not sure if my Solar Fire program is set to show Daylight's Savings Time which went off early this year. Probably not. Crap.

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Monday, March 10, 2008


People who can take care of people, that's certainly not me.

Inspired by that thought I decided to check out the charts of some famous Nurses. Here's a short list with some really quick observations. It looks like Earth and Fire Signs are dominant. I was expecting to see a lot of Virgo and that's definitely there. I sort of looked at Ceres' position but gave up.

Sun, Mars and Jupiter, planets of Health & Vitality, seem to also have a strong influence. I got confused and added Mother Teresa and then remembered that she was really a Nun. She's here anyway. Maybe I should also add Audrey Hepburn and Sally Field.

The Midheavens seem strongly aspected which accounts for their fame I guess. Women have traditionally only been able to have a handful types of jobs so it's interesting to see what kinds of Midheavens the ones with careers have had and Nursing is a pretty anonymous profession overall. Those of us who approach caretaking like we're straight out of Stephen King can't understand these people at all.

Clara Barton

b. Dec. 25, 1821 11:40am; Oxford Heights, MA

Sun 4 Virgo; ASC 25 Sagittarius; Moon 15 Capricorn; MC 19 Libra; NN 29 Aquarius Rx

Sun & Moon in Earth
Bucket Chart with handle Virgo in Mars H8.
Mars trine conjunction of Neptune-Uranus-Sun in Capricorn, H1
Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aries, H4
Ceres 12 Capricorn, H1
H10 Empty; H6 Empty
MC opposite Uranus-Neptune and squaring Pluto-NN

Florence Nightingale

b. May 12, 1820 2:00 pm Florence, Italy

Sun 22 Taurus; ASC 23 Virgo; Moon 24 Taurus; MC 22 Gemini; NN 30 Pisces (H7)

Sun, Moon in Taurus (H9) with Virgo ASC (Earth)
Uranus in Sagittarius c. Neptune 1 Capricorn
Pluto 30 Pisces c. NN 30 Pisces
Ceres Leo, H11
Mars in Leo trine Saturn in Aries
H10: Venus; H6: Jupiter with Aquarius cusp
MC opposite Jupiter-Saturn (H4) and squaring Moon (H1)

Mother Teresa

b. Aug. 26, 1910 2:25 PM Skopje, Yugoslavia

Sun 3 Virgo; ASC 25 Sagittarius; Moon 19 Taurus; MC 19 Libra; NN 24 Taurus Rx

Sun & Moon in Earth
Mars 14 Virgo H9 trine Saturn & Moon in Taurus
Ceres ____________
H10: empty; H6: empty
MC squaring Neptune in Cancer (H7) opposite Uranus in Capricorn (H1)

Margaret Sanger

b. Sept. 14, 1879 2:30AM Corning, NY

Sun 22 Virgo; ASC 14 Leo; Moon 26 Leo; MC 3 Taurus; NN 22 Capricorn, H6

Sun in Earth Sign, Moon & Asc in Fire
Mars 26 Taurus c. Pluto 28 Taurus, H10
Mercury c. Uranus in Virgo trine Neptune in Taurus, H10
Ceres 3 Leo, H12
Jupiter 6 Pisces, H8 opposite Uranus 6 Virgo H2
H10: Neptune, Mars, Pluto; H6: NN
MC sextiling/trining Jupiter in Pisces opposite Mercury-Uranus in Virgo

Helen Fairchild

b. Nov. 21, 1885 Turbot Township, Milton, Pennsylvania

Sun 30 Scorpio; Moon in Taurus; NN 24 Virgo

Moon in Earth, so is North Node. Only one here who's not an Earth Sun. She died in the battlefield while having surgery herself. Supposedly it was the anesthesia, which makes sense because:
Sun in Scorpio opposite Neptune 25 Taurus-Pluto 3 Gemini
Jupiter 1 Libra conjunct Uranus 7 Libra
Mars 7 Virgo square Sun and also square Pluto

All Chart times and dates, except for Helen Fairchild, are from Astrotheme. Nurses have good access to their own birth charts.

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Why Is Campbell Brown Such a "B"?

I grew up around feudal women so I don't really have much faith in "how much better the world would be if women were running it." I simply think that women should be given the same opportunities as men, plain and square, no matter what. Well, now that we've got a serious female contender running for the Presidency I'm watching with glee as all the bitches come out of the woodwork to attack her. And Hillary is fighting back. That's a sure sign of a "B."

But what the hey, this Mars-Pluto opposition has been hammering us all for the last few months so nobody was going to get along anyway. There's this weird avalanche of bitchiness that's rolling through the campaign that I don't remember seeing before. People saying catty, stupid things about Hillary, then CNN treating her like a bag of shit at a debate, then Hillary reacting, then Obama's advisor doing the Monster Mash.

The first Bitches that I noticed in the campaign were actually men. Two guys somewhere, a caucus state or something, asked Hillary for instructions on how to iron a shirt. That really upset me. The next day I called the Dutch Embassy and asked what I need to do in order to emigrate.

So, now it's filtered down to the women and we get to see what really would happen if women were to rule the world. It's looking a lot like the Kitchen at my House during Childhood.

One of Obama's advisors resigned her position after telling the English press that Hillary is a Monster. Is Hillary a monster? Yes. Thing is, the way things are going in this case, if Hillary's not a Monster, then she's going to be a Victim. This is just how it is if you're a woman...and other women don't defend you, they sort of feed off of it with that "I told you so" smirk. Saturday Night Live picked up on it, miracle of miracles. Then, Hillary, brought it up again, ew, it's that Mars-Saturn-Pluto in Leo conjunction, can't just leave well enough alone.

So here's my explanation in Astro Terms on why CNN's "B" is such a god damned "B." Let it be known that we're all "B's" at this point because of the Mars-Pluto aspect in the sky. Either that or we're a "Man" and have been holding a "Gun" to other people's "Heads" and blowing their "Brains" out.

Campbell Brown (two last names, very professional, goes along with "Anderson Cooper")

b. June 14, 1968 Ferriday, LA

Sun 24 Gemini; Moon Aquarius; NN 17 Aries Rx

Campbell Brown has some instant indicators of Bitchy Lady Syndrome.

The first is Out-of-Bounds Mars. For a woman this means that she's got no problem putting herself out there. It also means that she can't control herself. Plus her Mars is in Gemini and conjunct Gemini's ruler so she's aggressive through her words. In this case, she cut Clinton off at every chance she could get. I'm sure that, in her own mind, Brown thought she was helping the world to realize who's the best guy for the job, simply forgot that she was a journalist. I was simply sitting there blown away by what a Bitch she was. I'll have to say: Really Good Circus. Tanya Harding shit. She stole the show. And, hey, her Mars has been hit big-time by this Retrograde Mars Transit. It's her Mars Return, after all. Good time for playing intimidation games on national TV with someone who may be the next President of the United States.

The second instant reason why C.Brown is a "B" is Sun-Venus-Mars-Mercury in Gemini squaring her Pluto-Uranus conjunction in Virgo. One can see why she would have an interest in Media and Communications, she's very intelligent and quick. She's also a little bit cold and power hungry. Everything that she thinks that Clinton is, she actually is. That square to Uranus-Pluto in Virgo ... she can't see the forest for the trees but she does know that she would blow it all up if only blowing things up were a girly thing to do. (remember out-of-bounds Mars squares this and it's been going through its return (fuck)).

The third reason is Campbell Brown's Saturn. It's in Aries, sign of its Fall, and it's conjunct her natal Aries North Node, a little pushy. She's sort of a know-it-all and thinks she's hot shit, but she probably lives in New York and that's kind of how you've got to be. You think she was mean to Hillary, just imagine what she'd be like standing behind you in line at the bank.

Why we should give Campbell Brown a second chance, or at least ask her to medicate for a little while:

Her transits and progressions suck. I already mentioned the Mars Return thing. Also, her progressed Mars is in Cancer. That's super moody. There's also a chance that her Progressed Moon is conjunct Mars in Cancer. Boy, that's explosive. It's also hormonal. She just had a baby and she's probably got some valid excuses here. Air Signs really go ape face with hormonal changes. Plus, she's got Father and loveability issues which she'll probably never be able to confront because of that Air.

But, still, if you're female, I suggest you stay away from Campbell Brown. She's only got one planet in Water, that's Neptune, so she's low on receptivity. Neptune is problematic, apex of a Yod to Sun sextile Sun-Venus. So, she's sort of empathetic and sort of not. It turns on and off depending on whether she's empathizing with all her own angry Gemini-Authoritarian stuff at any given time.

And, so there. I've shot my own wad.

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Johan Santana

I admit that I know nothing about Sports astrology. Just happened to read about a fast ball Pitcher and was dying to look at his chart (from "The Frontal Cortex" blog, one of the best blogs on the Web; "Pitchers and Hitters," Mar. 3, 2008 http://scienceblogs.com/cortex/).

So how to read the Baseball Player's chart? I tried this once before with Barry Bonds. I know that Baseball Players have gorgeous butts. That's Jupiter. Fast is Mars & Jupiter, not necessarily in the thigh and buttox area. The guy whose chart I read about, Johan Santana, is said to have a lightening fast toss but it's said not to be any faster than anyone else's. This guy uses Illusion to fake the batters out. Usually the hitter can figure out which kind of toss the pitcher is going to toss him by the way he holds the ball, but this guy holds the ball in the same way for all his pitches. He says that he plays psychological games with the batter in order to fake him out. Pluto? Neptune? Definitely some Outer Planet activity. I wanted to know....

Johan Santana

b. Mar. 13, 1979 Tovar, Merida State, Venezuela

Sun 13 Pisces; Moon Virgo; NN 18 Virgo

First things first. I want to check this chart for Vitality. Santana has Sun in Pisces trining Jupiter in Cancer on one side and Uranus in Scorpio on the other side. That's good, lots of flow. His Mars is also in Pisces 12 degrees away from conjunction with the Sun but both are conjunct his South Node which maybe links them together. He's elusive and can bend the boundaries to his will (Sun & Mars).

What's interesting is his strong Virgo-Pisces emphasis. Pisces is illusion and Virgo is precision & technique. He doesn't play aerie faery "I don't know what's going on" Neptune games, he openly knows and admits that he's doing it. With Mars & Sun are hanging over his South Node, strong physical abilities come naturally to him. These planets are opposing his North Node and natal Saturn in Virgo. He's turned his abilities into a successful career. And he has good timing. Saturn is highly observant. This big opposition in Santana's chart is squaring his natal Neptune which emphasizes the Pisces element of illusion. When he throws a ball, it probably literally seems to disappear for a split second to the poor schmoe who's trying to hit it.

Then we look at the area in the chart that rules arms, hands, manual dexterity. But here Santana's Mercury is in Aries (speed, initiator) and it's only aspect in an inconjunct to that precise & reliable Saturn in Virgo. Basically it's unaspected by major aspect which shows and "runs away with the chart" (Noel Tyl's description). Santana might have the strategy and mind power, but some days I bet even he is surprised by what his arm is doing.

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

25 Most Depressing Songs of All Time

I just love a nice Ballad.

Sorrow and Loss were the original motivation for all Poetry. (No, I know what you're thinking, but Love came second.)

With that in mind, I hereby honor Pluto in Capricorn with a link to the list of 25 Most Depressing Songs of All Time: http://arts.guardian.co.uk/fridayreview/story/0,12102,1502655,00.html.

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The TED Lectures, 18 Minutes, The Tredecile

Every year in Monterey, CA great minds are brought together from all disciplines to share their ideas at an event called the TED lectures. The Speakers are given 18 minutes to sum up and present their most important work. Many of these lectures are then put onto the Internet for the rest of the world to listen to thus bringing these current ideas to everyone. Here's a link to the TED Conference site: http://www.ted.com/talks.

What's interesting Astro-Wise is that each Speaker is allowed to speak for 18 minutes. That's an time allotment. If it was arrived at intuitively or haphazardly I figured there must be some higher reason for the length of these lectures and decided to figure out how it translates from the 60 minute clock to the 360 degree wheel.

I spent an embarrassingly long time trying to figure out which aspect this would translate out to. My Math is really rusty and I'm not sure I've got it right still.

18 minutes/60 minutes in an hour = x (unknown weird minor aspect)/360 degree wheel. Right? Ew.

I came up with the 108 degree aspect. This is the Tredecile. I don't know what the ferk that is and since these smaller aspects are really difficult for me to remember I figured this would be a good way to once again try to learn the aspect.

Tredeciles were invented by Kepler. They are used in Horary Charts. They belong to the 10th Harmonic. They are 3 times a Decile aspect which is considered "slightly good." Because of the multiple of 3 they are considered slightly more positive than the "slightly good" decile. No wonder I can't remember this stuff.

This is the definition I found for them (http://en.mimi.hu/astrology/tredecile.html).

"When activated the tredecile indicates some ease in achievement." That's kind of sounding like the TED Lectures... Maybe this will get interesting...

Were the people who invented TED Blog looking at the Astrology? Did they have another reason for picking this timespace?

I don't know. TED stands for "Technology, Entertainment, & Design." The lecture series was begun in 1984 specifically for those subjects. It certainly makes sense that the 5th Harmonic, ruler of the Golden Mean, would be involved.

It's unbelievably interesting to compare this with a description of the Tredecile that is available from an article on all the 5th Harmonic aspects that I found on AquariusPapers.com (referenced down below the quote):

Last but not least, we now take a look at the least-understood aspect in the series, the Tredecile, which precipitated this article for reasons I'll make clear shortly. This is a highly specialized aspect of 108 degrees, which besides being a mythological "Sacred number" symbolizing Divine Mother Energy, is also the complementary angle to the Quintile. Thus the Tredecile indicates a very special type of unique energy that complements whatever uniqueness, gifts, or specialized quintessence are occurring at the moment in a situation.

I have seen this aspect operate in several fashions, and all seem to involve a circumstance presenting itself that perfectly fits a unique gift or need, or a gift or unique quality that fits the need of a pre-existing circumstance. The Tredecile is complementary, interactive, and specialized, the "quintessence" of a thing perfectly complementing the "quintessence" of a circumstance. When active, it seems to bring forth unique qualities in situations that involve interaction to bring forth awareness, completion, polarization, or re-polarization. The points opposite the planets in Tredecile are often associated with how the energies manifest, some need being fulfilled, some promise brought to expression, or some specialized gift or talent completed.

I have given it the keyword "SERENDIPITY." I believe this is the best descriptor for how the Tredecile works its magic. So exactly what does this word mean? We are told the definition of Serendipity involves "the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for" and "an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident" and "good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries."

It is a word of relatively recent origin, invented by the noted author Horace Walpole in one of the more than 3,000 letters he wrote. Specifically, we read from dictionary.com that

In a letter of January 28, 1754, Walpole says that "this discovery, indeed, is almost of that kind which I call Serendipity, a very expressive word." Walpole formed the word on an old name for Sri Lanka, Serendip. He explained that this name was part of the title of "a silly fairy tale, called The Three Princes of Serendip: as their highnesses traveled, they were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things which they were not in quest of...."

from "Quintile, Tredecile, Decile, Biquintile" by Robert Wilkinson. http://www.aquariuspapers.com/astrology/2007/01/quintile_tredec.html

I got goosebumps when I read that. 18 minutes, Wow.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

James Carville

With the Presidential Elections peaking today probably providing deciding votes for the Democratic Runner, I thought I'd chat about Politics. Close to nobody reads this blog but if they did they would know that I'm totally full of shit whilst discussing politics. The person who wins is going to have to be good at fixing things because the entire United States is completely broken, except for the large Oil Companies who will break as soon as Bush leaves, maybe a month before if he's feeling vindictive or if Dick Cheney shoots anymore lawyers. And that's all I know about that.

Watching Obama and Clinton arguing really upsets me because I like them both so I won't discuss that, but I'm impressed by James Carville. He's got the most amazing personality and I really would like to know what kind of a Rising Sign he has in order to understand how he can have such a positive influence on other people. Or at least I think he's got remarkable talents in that direction. But, alas, no birth time so no info on that front.

The thing about James Carville is how motivating he is. When I listen to him talk, I want to run for President (smirk). So I was thinking about coaching ability and how that would be represented in an astrology chart. I assumed it was a fire thing, kind of like being able to light the fire under another person's ass. But here Carvill's chart shows the way. Turns out that a person who is good at motivating others has a natural understanding of, guess what? Motives. And that means: Scorpio.

James Carville

b. Oct. 25, 1944 Carville, LA

Sun 3 Scorpio; Moon Aquarius; NN 23 Cancer Rx

Carville's Sun in Scorpio is strongly aspected because it is conjunct Mercury and Mars in Scorpio. That means that his communication style and action style express themselves through the deeper emotional forces of the universe. These are challenged by a square to Pluto in Leo (Scorpio's ruler in the sign of the showman, a whole generation of these). The Sun-Mercury-Mars conjunction may also be squaring Carville's Aquarius Moon as apex of a t-square if he's born around noontime. Having Sun & Moon in challenging aspect with each other would show that he got lots of coaching abilities as a kid from watching his parents not being nice to each other. In aspect to Pluto he took this on as deep lessons in what motivates people's psychologically and in large masses as Pluto rules crowds. This is great for politics. Moon in Aquarius is a light hearted placement for the Moon. These people tend to carry a special light with them that keeps others on even keel.

Carville's chart is otherwise bereft of oppositions which is kind of interesting to me because I'm interested in looking at it in terms of how well he relates to others. Without ASC-DESC information the next thing I'd look for are Libra planets and Oppositions to show relationship abilities and these aren't real strong here either. Maybe relationship ability isn't the thing that's really needed. It's just deep understanding of how things work, a driving force and determination, sensitivity, and all the other Scorpio traits.

Carville was also born into a generation that specializes in this light-hearted, hope-filled message as he was born while Uranus in Gemini was trining Neptune in Libra with Pluto in Leo sextiling from right inbetween. If the Noon time Aquarius Moon placement holds, this small triangle fans out into a Kite figure. This would show a successful contributor to one's generational message through emotional (Moon) use of the public (Moon, Aquarius). This uses the Scorpio energy on a social level.

So, I'll end this guessing game here.

Looked at Washington's chart today for Rising Signs. It looks like Obama's Sun will rise over the Ascendant between 3 and 4 pm today. Hillary's will rise over the Ascendant around 10 & 11pm. Wonder if that means a hill of beans. As I said, Politics isn't really my thing but I'm eager for either of these guys to become President.

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Monday, March 03, 2008

More Shootings

This never-ending Mars-Pluto opposition have worked more misery. Mars has not only been retrograding over the Gemini-Cancer cusp but it has been out-of-bounds. Add the emotional lunacy that can come with last month's Eclipses and everyone's losing it.

Two young men have been shot to death in the Mountain View, CA area. Mountain View is the headquarters of Google so this seems a bit out of place. The area used to be considered seedy and so there are still remnants of that but mostly it's a place where you can't buy a 2 bedroom shack for less than $600,000 due to the Tech Industry.

In case anyone is interested the information for the murders are:

Feb. 7, 2008,around 7:00pm. Jeffrey Johnson, Age 20 Shot in a parking lot. 3 Suspects have been identified and one has been apprehended.

A second shooting victim went to a local hospital for treatment around 7:30pm. Survived.

Feb. 26, 2008, 6:15pm, Mountain View, CA. Jose Merales, Age 17 shot.

It seems that maybe these Murders are related. They both happened around the same time at night so have early Virgo Rising with Saturn just passing over the Ascendant. Sagittarius is on the IC and Gemini is on the MC. These murders were committed on the streets and the shots were fired from cars which seems to represent the Gemini-Sagittarius axis.

The first shooting happened the day of the Solar Eclipse, just hours after it was exact. Saturn was opposing the Moon and both were hanging out over both the ASC-DESC axis and the Nodal Axis. Mercury rules both charts. Here it was retrograde in Aquarius in a stellium in the 6th-7th Houses in these charts. This heavy emphasis on the houses opposite the first shows that the behaviors were reactions to previous actions of others (whatever that means). They were socially motivated. It will be interesting to hopefully find out if these are completely unrelated murders.

Sometimes the first Eclipse will call for an answer response at the 2d Eclipse, or so I've been told. Here the 2d shooting happened 5 days after the Total Lunar Eclipse on the 21st. In this 2d shooting chart, Mercury was out of Retrograde and conjunct Venus still in the 6th House.

Pluto was in the 4th House opposing Mars in the 10th House. There's some issue concerning turf which leads to violence. The second chart has a Scorpio Moon in the 3d house so this also suggests a revenge motive, maybe over a sibling. In the 2d chart, Mercury is conjunct Venus to the degree so perhaps a female was involved. It's in the 6th House so I don't think that Romance is involved.

Mars rules the 8th House of Murder in both charts but the house is empty. Mars, of course, rules boys and aggression.

The stellium in Aquarius and Pisces might suggest gangs (groups) and drugs. But the Saturn opposition to the Moon and Sun right over the ASC & DESC which directly shows the Killer and Victim might indicate racial or cultural tensions. Of course, I'm saying this because I've seen that one person has a Hispanic name and the other one doesn't so my insight is not necessarily astrologically based.

Hopefully there will be news once the murders are solved which I'll try to post here. The police say they have located 3 suspects in the first shooting and have apprehended one.

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