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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Nsa spying

The NSA surveillance described in article as bigger than anything George Orwell could have conceived of.  Pluto in Sagittarius.  Pluto rules spying.  The Internet is a Scorpio as I've written about a while back.  Pluto rules spying, of course.  Sagittarius rules broad mindedness, which is nice, very nice, until the picture gets bigger than life and bloats out of control.  Also rules international affairs and I guess overreaching of all the displomacy which libra gives.  Then we need a nice Gemini like Edward snowden to tell us what's going on.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Satie plus 1

Heard this incredible music on NPR this afternoon and had to look it up.  Musician Van Ahn Vo (or Vanessa Vo) plays satires gnosiennes #3 on a one string instrument from Vietnam.  My mother used to play gut bucket.  Okay, so that's not the same, except for one string.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Good Trip, Bad trip

There's a great song called "the Way" which is based on a true story about an elderly couple with beginnings of dementia who get in the car and get lost.  Their bodies are eventually found.  

Fastball,  The Way on Yontube. You'll like it.


I went on a long road trip across most of the United States.  It was a great time.  There were two groups of early American travelers whose presence was strongly felt because of signs posted and because I was on the same path that they took.  

The first traveling group was the Donner Party, not a successful trip.  This was a group of 81 pioneers who decided to move out to the west coast in 1846-47.  36 people in this party died after the group hit the Sierra while trying a new trail.

The second group was a great success.  It was the Lewis & Clark expedition which was set out from Illinois to trail blaze for the U.S. government to the Pacific Ocean.  They were looking for more territory.

I figure comparing these two charts would show astrological qualities of a good trip versus a bad trip.  Just reading the basic stories, of course, shows that one trip will succeed over the other.  The Lewis a Clark expedition was requested by the President and it's members trained for months beforehand.  The two leaders were high ranking military and so knew how to read a map.  Both Lewis and Clark were Leo Suns.  So, big haired, heroic, trail blazer sorts.

The Donner Party was composed of families who wanted a better life.  George Donner was declared the leader halfway through the expedition. He was 62.  His 3d wife tamsen was 44.  We don't know what signs they were.  I read somewhere that George was a Scorpio and tamsen was another water sign.  They had a step family full of children which creates lots of tension as it is.  Water signs are meant to wander around and to read vague innuendos into the compass in a psychi sort of way.  Don't ever let them say they can lead you across a straight line.

The Donner party left North Carolina on April 14, 1846.  Mercury was retrograde at 2 Taurus.  Mercury retrograde is not considered a positive thing for starting any kind of mercurial type of event.  Trekking across the country in covered wagons would be in this category.  Either way, it's interesting to notice that mercury would have backtracked into aries for the first 3 or 4 weeks of the trip.  Maybe there was confusion over who was actually leading the group right from the start.  Either way, we can see impulse control issues.

I don't have a time so can't pull up the whole chart for theDonner Party. Sun in Aries and moon in Scorpio or Sagittarius could be a pretty positive start to the trip.  What looks negative are 2 big conjunctions.  Saturn and Neptune were conjunct within a degree of each other at 28-29 Aquarius.  This can bring on some confusion concerning plans, maybe a little martyrdom.  Maybe its best not to look for cooperation in big step family groups.  This conjunction sextiles the other big conjunction of sun-Pluto at 26 Aries.  That's a powerful aspect that might bring on some overpowering tragedy of some sort.

The Lewis and Clark expedition was created for a completely different purpose.  It's members were well trained.  Only one member died.  They set off at 4:00 pm on May 14, 1804 from camp Dubois, wood river, Illinois. This gives 16 libra ascendant with lucky free range Jupiter in the first house. Sun 24 Taurus (h8) with moon in Leo so lots of fixed Boy Scout energy.  The chart features a mystic rectangle between sun, Saturn, Neptune and Ceres so a balance of sextiles, trines and oppositions.  Lots of talent for meeting with the enemy?  Moon was in conjunction with the north node which is great for scanning the territory and expanding the homeland and possibly not running out of food.  Mercury is very strong in Gemini which is its own sign in the 9th house of long distance travel and mars is also in its own sign of adventurous Aries.

There's a lot more to the story of course.  There always is but I'll stop here.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Child's first Jupiter square and first Jupiter trine and theta wave brain activity

Excellent video about mind control.  Dr. Nick begich.

 Really interesting how Dr. Begich compares theta brain waves of the sleep cycle with child development phase of children between aged 3 and 5.  Childrens brain waves at this age spend a lot of time in theta stage.  This is the sleep cycle which in adults is between being awake and being asleep.  Children at this age confuse reality and fantasy.  They also increase language skills such as grammar and vocabulary.  I equate this phase with Jupiter and also with Neptune because Jupiter used to rule Pisces as well as Sagittarius.  A child goes through a first Jupiter square at around age 3 and a first Jupiter trine at around as 4.  Little girls fantasize about being fairy princesses.  I don't know what little boys fantasize about.  Children are just learning to play with others.  They are fascinated by keeping secrets and learn about telling lies.  Most Californians never progress from this stae.


Candy's Dandy, But Liquor's Quicker

Hey, I thought that candy and booze are not healthy.  Guess virgo is all about the individuals daily diet wherever it comes from and however its prepared.  Good or bad.  I mean, is that stuff that comes in the plastic bagging in preparation for a forking and a microwaving really any better for you than high quality bourbon whisky downed with a dark chocolate bordeaux? Well, it must not be.  Turned out that both Mary See of sees chocolates and Jack Daniels of the super excellent ferment were both Virgo suns.  So happy birthday Mary and Jack.  So happens, they are both having Neptune returns in Pisces right now as well.  Why do I keep hearing Mary Poppins singing about a spoonful of sugar?  I do remember reading somewhere that after the Galveston hurricane in the early 1900s everyone was required to help clear the corpses.  They were offered as much booze as necessary in order to be able to complete the terrifying job.

Rex Bills' rulership book claims that candy is ruled by Venus and Jupiter.  Wikipedia says that Mary see was the inspiration for the company.  She didn't create the business or run it.  Her son and daughter in law did.  But I imagine that her candies were the inspiration.  Mary see had sun, mercury and Venus in Virgo.  Nothing left her kitchen if it wasnt perfect.

Jack Daniel's chart is really interesting.  His 13 virgo sun was accompanied in that sign by jupiter at 29 virgo.  Daniels' mercury, venus and mars were all in the sociable sign of Libra. Without a birth time can't say what the moons location is but the noon time chart has a new Moon in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces.  This  means thAt the two rulers of booze, moon and neptune, are in major aspect to each other and to the sun.  Just the right chemistry experiment for just the right stress.

Jack Daniels was born a couple of days before California  was admitted to the union so he shares a conjunction to the degree between Uranus and Pluto at 30 Aries.  Hs conjunction of mercury 9 libra and Mars 9 libra is also exact to the degree. Those are great aspects for creating firewater.

Jack Daniel
B. September 5, 1850. Lynchburg, tn

Sun 13 Virgo, moon Leo or Virgo, nn 14 Leo

Mary See
B. sept. 15, 1854. Howe island, ontario Canada

Sun 23 Virgo, moon Gemini or cancer, nn 26 Taurus