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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Boccaccio's Decameron

Back in College I read some of the stories from Boccaccio's Decameron in a class and recently can't seem to get one particular story out of my head.

The Decameron is a set of 100 tales probably of folk origin which are set into a backdrop story about a group of people who are isolating themselves from the Black Plague in Europe. They stay together for 10 days over the Summer in 1348 and keep each other entertained by telling 10 stories a day.

The story which has stuck with me is the 1st one, a story about an evil guy who dies in a strange town and from his death bed tells the Priest all kinds of lies about the good deeds he has done during his lifetime. The Priest has to believe him, and after his death has him canonized. It's genius for its insight into people and for its satire of the Catholic Church. This set of stories is compared with Chaucer's Canterbury Tales which sort of do the same thing, but from an English perspective.

Summaries for all the Decameron stories are on Wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Summary_of_Decameron_tales.

The Decameron Story Tellers are hiding out from the Plague for 10 days during the Summer of 1348 in isolation with each other. I looked back at the date which is given, just for curiosity's sake. Summer 1348. Ha Ha! What a great Summer to entertain each other with stories. Mercury was conjunct the North Node at the beginning of Leo. Because it went Retrograde this transit basically lasted from the end of June to the beginning of August. What better story telling opportunity than an aspect like this?

I doubt there's any correspondence to what really happened in real life. There seems to be no known birth date for Boccaccio even, but after looking at this I certainly wonder how much might be based on reality.

The Other Planets from this Summer helped, of course. Venus and Mars had a conjunction in Libra in August, if you've ever read some of the stories from the Decameron you know what that's about.

The Outer Planets were helping as well. Jupiter was in Gemini and Uranus was squaring the Nodal Axis all Summer as well. Funny how that can be read as great for spreading communicable diseases as well as for story telling. Saturn was in Pisces which explains the extreme grief that was going on all around and the need for isolation.

Pluto was in Aries which explains "Death by Inflammation." I guess the disease was spread by Rats. Not sure what rules the poor critters. The next year, of course, Saturn moved into Aries and there was a conjunction of Saturn to Pluto. That's probably when the Plague got its name "Black Death;" Saturn and Pluto relating to the color Black.

Supposedly Boccaccio really did start writing the stories around this time. From what I remember from my College Class, the stories were thought to be a collection of folk tales that were compiled by Boccaccio. It took ten years for him to complete the Decameron. I bet it only really took 9 years: that's a Lilith Return Cycle, tee hee.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Current Suicide Clusters

With the current heavy Outer Planet T-Square between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto together with the Neptune-Chiron conjunction I suppose it's good to take a look at Suicide Charts. Sorry, the posts aren't more upbeat, but, it looks like this is the way the ball is bouncing.

So, a freebie newspaper up in Palo Alto called the Daily Post has an article on current Suicide Clusters among children in various spots in the U.S. Article is called "Warning Signs for Parents, Stop Teen Suicide" by Beth J. Harpaz, AP Writer. Suicide rates among kids has gone down apparently since the 1970s so maybe this is an economics thing. Article doesn't say how much it's gone down. Palo Alto is currently one of the towns that is being hit.

Three different sites for the current Suicide epidemic were mentioned in the article. I wrote a post about the Cornell Suicides a few days back, but I didn't look at Cornell's chart so I thought I'd backtrack and look at the charts for the towns that are struggling with this problem.

6 students have committed Suicide so far this school year at Cornell. The town of Palo Alto has had a horrible epidemic with 5 teens killing themselves within the last 10 months. Just last month two teenage girls killed themselves in Norwood, PA. Dates I used, hopefully they are correct, are listed below along with usual astrobabble.

First aspect to look at is: Neptune in conjunction with Chiron in Aquarius. Neptune is connected with suicide, escapism, and feeling hopeless. Chiron represents a healer who can't heal his own problem. And Aquarius represents Group Activities. Jupiter was in conjunction with Neptune and Chiron for a very long time over the Summer. This is a super blissful, but unrealistic set of connections. If Doctors and Media were credible they'd tell us right off the bat which of these kids was taking anti-d's just so we'd all know what we're dealing with upfront. (Just saw an amazing chart about how the oceans are totally polluted with this things and are killing the fish.)

It's important to realize that the teenagers right now were born with Pluto in Scorpio. That means that the planet of Death is placed very strongly in its own sign. Pluto is very emotional, will tend to bottle up its feelings and then explode. Pluto can also be vengeful and manipulative. Either way, this generation will think about death more than the usual generation. Well, I'm part of the Neptune in Scorpio folks and we were sort of open to the idea as well. (as a matter, of fact, we were the 1970s statistics).

I looked very quickly and found one amazing coincidence in the charts between all three places. All three places have natal Saturn in Libra and the Nodal Axis on the Aries Libra pole. All three spots are just starting their Saturn Returns. Saturn is currently very afflicted by its current transit. And the Eclipse Sets are currently affecting this sign very strongly as well.

A Planetary Return cycle is a time when a planet completes one complete rotation from its natal spot. This represents one complete cycle of development in a person's life. No reason to think that it shouldn't represent the same in the life of a town or a chair or a dog or a cat. The Solar Return, or annual Birthday, is a time of Celebration. That's because the Sun rules things having to do with Celebration. Saturn, on the other hand, represents Maturity, Leadership, Status in Society. On an emotional level, Saturn can really struggle. If Success hasn't been achieved then Saturn struggles with feelings of failure and lack of achievement. Saturn, is one of the keys planets to look at for signs of depression. Having a Saturn Return right now would be very difficult because Saturn is so debilitated by transit. I pointed out how the town in Florida, Deerfield Beach is having problems with its kids beating each other up. That town is going through a Uranus Return right now. Uranus is opposing Saturn so caught up in the same difficult transit along with Pluto. Saturn Returns are more difficult now that Pluto is in Saturn's Sign and is squaring Saturn itself. Uranus is there as well, Uranus is disruptive and expresses itself in shocking ways. Since Saturn is considered well placed (exhalted) in Libra I think this is odd, astrowise.

The Nodal Axes are all on the Aries/Libra pole as well in the natal charts. The Nodal Axis, in very simplistic terms, rules "Destiny."

I looked at the natal placements for Saturn.

Norwood, PA has Saturn conjunct Mars and maybe Moon on its South Node in Libra.

Palo Alto, CA has Saturn opposing Sun. And also has South Node in Libra but out of orb for conjunction with Saturn. Norwood and Palo Alto were both incorporated within a year of each other during the big conjunction of Neptune to Pluto in Gemini, and Jupiter was very close by as well. This could describe a tendency to "wipe out" in areas related to anything Gemini, which is school kids. Cornell has Saturn conjunct its North Node in Libra with Sun within 10 degree orb of conjunction with its South Node (out of Sign in Taurus).

Cornell has natal Saturn 27 Libra Rx conjunct NN 30 Libra. This widely opposes its Sun at 8 Taurus.

So, I wonder how this could be useful to the areas which are afflicted? How to handle a difficult Saturn transit? Read Liz Greene's Book Saturn: A New Look At an Old Devil. Saturn is about Ambition, Career, Status, Boundaries, Leadership, Governance, Time, Waiting, Insecurities about Failure and Depression.

Palo Alto's progressed Mars is conjunct its natal Aries Sun to the degree at 27 Aries so that sort of indicates some problems having to do with fires, airplane crashes, houses blowing up.

Cornell University
Founded apr. 27, 1865

Sun 8 Taurus; Moon Taurus or Gemini; NN 30 Libra

Saturn 27 Libra Rx
P. Sun 27 Virgo

Norwood, PA
Inc. Nov. 6, 1893

Sun 15 Scorpio; Moon Libra or Scorpio; NN 19 Aries

Saturn 20 Libra
P.Sun 13 Pisces

Palo Alto, CA
Inc. Apr. 16, 1894

Sun 27 Aries; Moon Virgo; NN 10 Aries

Saturn 22 Libra Rx
P.Sun 19 Leo

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Friday, March 26, 2010

School Beatings in Deerfield, Florida

A town in Florida is in the news for continuously bad reasons. Two students who attend its Middle School have been tragically beaten by other students this past year. Most of the kids involved are 15 years old. I don't have any of their birth dates, which is just as well. Besides the fact that the Child Development books I've been looking at say that 15 year olds are just going through a bad phase, I thought I'd take a quick look at the chart of the town to see if anything cropped up to see if anything would indicate why this particular town would be having problems. It seems that there have been other problems here, some guy beat a homeless man to death. The 9/11 bombers stayed here for a night in early September, 2001. What a drag.

Found a couple of interesting things.

Deerfield Beach, Florida
inc. June 11, 1925

Sun 21 Gemini; Moon Aquarius or Pisces; NN 8 Leo

Deerfield Beach is currently going through a Uranus Return in Pisces. Natal Uranus is at 26 Pisces. Natal Uranus is trining natal Mars 21 Cancer which indicates there might be some impulse control problems somehow connected with the town. Mars in Cancer can, of course, show trouble at home. Deerfield Beach also has a conjunction of Lilith to Mars which adds to the trouble making situation. This place is probably a mini Peyton place. The incorporation chart also has Venus and Pluto in Cancer, widely spaced apart. With these planets in the sign of the home and family one can expect some problems in these areas and also heightened emotional struggles. The place even attracts suicide bombers. There would be some sort of magnetic draw to these problems that are not explainable.

The current Mars Rx is also keeping Mars within orb of a transiting trine with Uranus right now (off and on). So, this mirrors the Mars-Uranus trine energy shown in the incorporation chart for the city. They might consider checking their electrical infrastructure. Perhaps there are problems in that area. Ungrounded electrical or out of control emf's can cause emotional problems.

Another interesting thing to consider with this city's chart is that it has Sun and Mercury in Gemini. Gemini rules school kids, siblings and neighbors. The natal Mercury is placed very strongly in the incorp. chart because it is in its own sign and is unaspected. With Sun at 20 Gemini, the town was directly in the line of sight for the last big Saturn-Pluto aspect which was the opposition back in 2001-2. Maybe explains the connection with the 9/11 attacks.

Just for the Hell of it I looked up the publication date for the book which all school kids used to have to read in middle school. Guess maybe they don't read it anymore and perhaps ought to. That's Lord of the Flies, by William Golding. Like a lot of books that become successful for authors, the book was published within two days of his Solar Return, on Sept. 17, 1954. (Golding was born Sept. 19, 1911).

The chart for the book has Saturn at 7 Scorpio and a North Node at 12 Capricorn conjunct Mars 12 Capricorn. By coincidence, Deerfield Beach incorporation chart has Saturn at 9 Scorpio Rx squaring the Nodal Axis. This reflects the bullying nature that a difficult Saturn-Pluto aspect can describe. Right now there is a very difficult t-square between these two planets and Uranus.

I saw an interview on Larry King Live about these beatings. The boy who was attacked in October was doused with rubbing alcohol and set on fire by a gang of boys (Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune in Aquarius). He is having a miraculous recovery.

The girl who was beaten last week is still in a coma. The boy who beat her apparently found his brother who had suicided back in October and is obviously in a state of grief. Apparently he was having words back and forth over a cell phone with his victim and she mentioned the death.

Dates and a little astrobabble for the attacks.

Both happened close to 3 pm in the afternoon, 5 months apart.

Mars within a degree of the same spot for both attacks due to the Retrograde transit.

Michael Brewer, Age 15, set on fire at apartment complex by gang of boys. 60-80 percent of his body is burned. He jumps into pool.

Oct. 12, 2009 police dispatched at 3:14 pm, Lime Tree Apartments, Deerfield Beach, Florida

Sun 20 Libra; Moon 8 Leo; NN 26 Capricorn; ASC (for 3:10pm)7 Aquarius; MC 22 Scorpio

Moon conjunct Descendant, Mars just past conjunction with Descendant, is conjunct SN
Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune in H1
Venus conjunct Saturn in Virgo conjunct Mercury in Libra in H8 opposing Uranus 24 Pisces and squaring Pluto
Mars 29 Cancer

Josie Lou Ratley, Age 15 beaten into coma by Wayne Treacy, Age 15
is thought to have been goaded on by mutual friend, Kayla Manson, Age 13

Mar. 17, 2009 about 2:45 pm school bus stop at Deerfield Middle School

Sun 28 Pisces; Moon 19 Aries; ASC 26 Cancer; MC 18 Aries; NN 18 Capricorn Rx

Sun conjunct Uranus (H9) opposing Saturn and squaring Pluto
Mars in H1
Venus and Moon conjunct MC
Mars 1 Leo trine Sun-Uranus, sextile Saturn

Wayne Treacy found his brother's body after the brother had hung himself. This is supposedly 1 or 2 days after Treacy's 15th birthday (Solar Return). The brother was 30 years old, going through a divorce and struggling with finances. Saturn Return.

Oct. 10, 2009 Deerfield Beach, Florida

Deerfield Beach kids, read Lord of the Rings. Do something nice for the victims. I pray that Josie will come out of her coma and be fine. Some of her artwork was shown on Larry King and she is extremely talented. Michael Brewer seems like a total Saint. He now plans to go into social work to help others.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Suicides at Cornell

Cornell University in Ithaca, New York has been put on suicide alert as 6 students have committed suicide during the current school year. 3 committed suicide during the Fall, 2009 semester and 3 more have committed suicide since the 2010 Winter/Spring Semester began.

I'll list the names and birth information that I have found for the 3 students who passed most recently. All 3 were white male and all 3 jumped off the bridges that apparently surround the school. From what I can gather Cornell had a high suicide rate in the early 2000's, especially among its Asian students. (some sort of Pluto in Sagittarius transit due to Sagittarius rulership of international affairs?) Between about 2005-2008 there were no suicides.

The 3 young men who are listed below were born while Pluto was in Scorpio and just as Uranus and Neptune were in conjunction in Capricorn. This is going to be more reserved and driven generation. They are probably more vulnerable to not thinking they can live up to all their ambitions. These are slow moving planets that a generation shares.

Pluto/Scorpio is related to all topics that are taboo, such as Sex, Death and Other people's money. This generation won't show its feelings easily only to express it self in a crisis type of manner. The Capricorn planets, Uranus and Neptune, can show a generation that is very aware of what doesn't work in the world. They will either be intolerant of such problems or will go to great lengths to fix the problems. Either way, they might be either more insecure than other generations, or colder in feeling. I heard that a pair of students who observed one of the jumpers made sure that 911 had been called and then left the scene. This is the practical Capricorn mentality. Capricorn is very ambitious and success oriented and has a great fear of failure. These kids need some touchy feely. Oh, yes they do. Yes, those cute little Cornell kids, bite your head off with their big fat brains, Goochy-goochy-goo most certainly do. I doubt they spent much time playing tickle games as kids and just laughing. Oh yeah, they were probably all disciplined with that "Time Out" slogan. That's so Capricorn (rules "time"). Bah. They're not like us Pluto in Virgos who were just fine sitting in front of the Boob Tube for hours. We had Pisces on the other end of our Axis. Time to bring back goofy Cancer comedy gags. Hope I'm wrong. I can see them standing in utter mortification at reading this.

Either way, this is the generation that is probably most advanced culture-wise. They might not have a sense of their own individuality, however.

Either way, they were born during a serious recession and they might have been more vulnerable to the current one, i.e. the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square.

May these young kids' spirits' Rest in Peace. I send my condolences to their families.

The information is here for anyone who wants to study it maybe later down the line. I didn't save the sources, but tried to get it off of obituaries.

Bradley Ginsburg, Age 18
b. Apr. 26, 1991 (maybe from Boca Baton, Florida)
d. Feb. 17, 2010 slightly before 10:10 am, Ithaca, Cornell, NY

Sun 6 Taurus; Moon Virgo or Libra; NN 24 Capricorn
Uranus-Neptune conjunction possibly in Grand Square with Moon, Mars, Mercury all in early Cardinal degrees

William Sinclair, Age 19
b. Apr. 10, 1990
d. Mar. 11, 2010 Fall Creek Gorge, Cornell, NY

Sun 21 Aries; Moon Libra or Scorpio; NN 14 Aquarius

Matthew Zika, Age 21
b. Jan. 23, 1989 Lafayette, NY?
d. Mar. 12, 2010 3:45 pm Ithaca, Cornell, NY

Sun 4 Aquarius; Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 7 Pisces

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Healthcare Bill and Sibley Chart

Probably this is all over the Internet, I just couldn't find the information.

The Chart for the United States which was figured by Sibley, the one with the Sagittarius Rising, has 1 Libra Midheaven.

I wonder if Obama really will manage to get the Healthcare Bill smooshed through Congress tomorrow. Have no idea if this is the correct chart, of course.

July 4, 1776 5:10 pm Philadelphia, PA

This means that Saturn is currently conjunct the Midheaven. That's the natural ruler for the President, Government, Civilization. Jupiter and Saturn are said to rule the two major political parties but I can't remember which is which. Bills is on the floor of the passenger seat, I'll get it later.

Saturn is involved in this t-square which shows a major challenge. Currently Saturn is opposing the Sun which is conjunct the IC of the chart (public). Uranus is also opposing from Pisces (charity, etc.) and the 3d House. Uranus rules the future and hopes and wishes. It probably rules Unity. Pluto is squaring from the first house. This is going to show self-reliance, and also perhaps selfishness, though.

And the thing with t-squares is that they are supposed to find resolve through the empty leg opposite the t-square. In this case Venus and Jupiter are in this spot at 3-5 Cancer in the 7th House.

What a potent combination on the angles. Jupiter rules this chart. And Venus rules the 6th House of Health and also the Midheaven!

Wow, he might really do it. Saturn pushes and it is in its favorite spot. North Node in Capricorn as well. South Node within conjunction of natal Sun.

Progressed Moon (public, caring) is in a great spot as well, at 20 Virgo (health) and is approaching conjunction with Neptune in Virgo (dissolving boundaries/health).

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Charles I's Bloodstained Shirt

Here's a photo of a silk shirt which is said to have been worn by King Charles I of England at his Execution. There are red stains on the shirt which are thought to be left over blood. Previous examinations of the stains have been inconclusive as to whether or not they really are blood and whether they really are the blood of the King.


I looked up Charles I's chart on Astrotheme and found this:

Charles I
b. Nov. 19, 1600 Dunfermline, Scotland

Sun 29 Scorpio; Moon 19 Taurus; ASC 5 Virgo; MC 25 Taurus; NN 13 Capricorn

My question was this: Why is the Dude's blood stained shirt cycling back into the public consciousness now? Found some crazy stuff and really wonder whether the scientific tests will turn up anything.

The main thing is that Charles I lived so long ago that he is having a secondary progressed Venus Return. It's exact to the Degree at 11 Sagittarius this year. Venus rules clothes. Apparently the guy was a total stud muffin (Scorpio, of course). Van Dyck painted a really famous portrait of him, if I could link to pictures I would put it here:

(((((( ))))))

In addition to the amazing progressed Venus Return, Charles I's progressed Sun and p. Mercury (rulers of 12th House (Ghosts) & Ascendant (physical body)) are in conjunction with his natal North Node. And he is having a Nodal Return!

He is also about to have a progressed Lunar Return as well! It's all just really coming around for him.

He became a legend as a Saint. I guess he was good for the Church but bad for the coffers, so chop chop. This is why I hate politics. Anyway, his blood is something very special for the English. There are stories that the crowd dipped their handkerchiefs in it after he was executed, so maybe this is just another delusional thing for them, sort of like Sasquatch appearances are for the Americans.

Anyhoo, Charles I's Neptune (martyr) is at the perfect spot for a Saint, 1 Virgo. That puts it in the 12th House within conjunction with his Ascendant. On the day that the newspaper published this photo the Sun was at 1 Pisces, directly across.

I think I've got a crush on a headless corpse. Scorpio's are known to be Phoenix's who rise up from their ashes but this is truly amazing. His natal Sun is conjunct his IC (end of life)

d. Jan. 30, 1649

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A Day to Celebrate the Emerald Isle

Happy St. Patrick's Day! May you find the 4th Leaf on all the Clovers you happen to find this year.

Today we celebrate the Death of St. Patrick. I thought we were celebrating a Leprechaun who found Pots of Gold at the ends of Rainbows. Guess the story gets re-told a lot after 1500 years of sitting on a bar stool.

I also thought that St. Patrick drove out the snakes from Ireland but Ireland had no snakes to chase out, the Ice Age took care of that. And the "snakes" were maybe actually the Druids. And St. Patrick drove the natives out.

So what were the Stars doing on the day that St. Patrick died? I mean, because you know that a million Irish Souls must have been cussing the holy dickens out of the guy.

There was a Grand Trine in the sky. Sun in Pisces was in conjunction with Jupiter in Aries. A little Aries Point action. Maybe that's why the legend lives on. Sun-Jupiter was trining Neptune in Scorpio and the North Node in Cancer. The Sun was also opposing Pluto. And Mars was conjunct Uranus to the degree in Aquarius. Was his death an accident? It would be interesting to know how St. Patrick died. Somebody must have pushed him off his bar stool.

Erin go Bragh!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Margaret Mead

I spent most of Saturday night digging through the magazine racks at the Barnes & Noble. Even spent a while gawking at the latest issue of Skeptic Magazine and found an interesting story about a guy who spent 40 years trying to discount Margaret Mead's findings about the sex lives of natives in Samoa. Mead was the anthropologist who is said to have opened the gateways for the sexual revolution of the 1960s with her writings about how the free sex lives of the natives of Samoa. Apparently this wasn't true for all Samoans, just the ones who Mead, as a closeted Lesbian, was most attracted to.

The article in the magazine was was actually trying to debunk Mead's debunker. This magazine just loves to disagree with everything. There was also some kind of article about how professional Magicians are more skeptical than the average person. Maybe this was the once a year Introspective Issue where the Skeptics turn on themselves, sort of like watching a dog chew its own tail off. Capricorn Moon here; I was entertained.

At any rate, the debunker was Derek Freeman. Like Mead, he was an anthropologist. Freeman said that he interviewed the two women who Mead had originally interviewed as old ladies they told him that they had sort of made up the stories because they were embarrassed by Mead's questions. Sounds reasonable, but who knows.

At any rate the story in Skeptic magazine says that the fateful interview was on Mar. 13, 1926. I just love it when they give the date. Actually the article even said that the interview happened at night. It's sort of like Skeptic Magazine was tossing a bone to me so they could have a new person to attack. Wonder if they could sell an issue that attacks a blog called "Out the Comet's Ass?" That would be even more perverse than the tail chasing scene. By the way, are there any women who write for Skeptic Magazine or is this sort of White Boy thing like the Astrologers who live in Tempe, AZ?

Either way, I wanted to take a look at Mead's chart to see if it could show that she would be vulnerable to deception on that date, or whatever else it could explain. And I also wanted to look at what happens in a chart when there is a great public reaction to a person's idea and then a gradual wearing away of that idea. Scorpio Midheaven can show this.

Margaret Mead
b. Dec. 16, 1901 9:00 am Philadelphia, PA

Sun 24 Sagittarius; Moon 27 Aquarius; ASC 18 Capricorn; MC 12 Scorpio; NN 12 Scorpio;

Mead has the type of chart you'd expect to find in an independent, educated woman concerned with humanitarian causes, a real adventurer. She was a Sagittarius with an Aquarius Moon. Her Sun is conjunct Uranus which repeats the Uranian theme of her Moon.

Mead's Ascendant is also really interesting. It is Capricorn which shows a serious ambitious personality. She was born during a conjunction of Jupiter to Saturn in Capricorn which is tightly conjunct the Ascendant and Mars. Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions are thought to influence world politics. They were connected for a long time to Tecumseh's curse which led to the attacks of Presidents in the U.S. The last George Bush was the first President to break this curse. Tecumseh has a really witty ghost apparently.

Mead's Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-ASC stellium does not make any aspects with the rest of Mead's chart. This shows that her personality would have been quite strong. It also will show down the line as affecting her relationships in some way as ASC/DESC shows this area of life. Saturn not only rules her chart and is in conjunction with the Ascendant and the natural ruler of the Ascendant, Mars, it is also the final dispositor.

Respect is important to everybody, but for a Saturnian a loss of respect can be deadly. It can show fear of failure. Either way, Mead's work was kept stable until after her death. She has Scorpio on her Midheaven with a conjunction of her North Node on the same degree in Scorpio. How great is that for the woman who is thought to have a great influence on the Sexual Revolution of the 60s? Freeman waited to publish his debunking book until after Mead's death, that's a Scorpio MC I guess. Scorpio also gives one the magnetic and powerful ability to hold on to one's reputation. I looked at Donald Rumsfeld's chart which showed all kinds of different things. (The post is somewhere, I don't know where.)

On Mar. 13, 1926, a number of aspects were setting off Mead's chart. She was going through her first Uranus square transit. By coincidence the Sun was conjunct Uranus in both her Natal Chart and in the Transiting Chart of that day. There may also have been a New Moon on that night in Pisces which means that the Moon was approaching conjunction with Sun-Uranus by transit and squaring the natal.

That much Sun-Uranus action could have indicated that she was perhaps coming on a bit too strong for the natives. Her enthusiasm may have influenced their responses and reactions. Sun is Ego and Uranus is sort of the alter Ego as it rules the opposite end of the Leo polarity. I suppose if we want to start a Revolution, we might as well be going through a major Uranus aspect like this, though. Mead already had that Mars-Saturn conjunction on her Ascendant natally and was no doubt a bit of a pushy personality. She would have needed this in order to do what she did in a man's world, even today.

Further influencing Mead at this time: she was going through both a Venus Return and a Mars Return on that day. Since these are the two planets that rule the love life of an individual it seems that Mead would have been taking the meeting with the two women in Samoa on some sort of personal level.

Further echoing the influence of the New Moon transit at the time of the meeting, Mead's progressed chart shows a New Moon aspect as well in Capricorn. And this New Moon was at 17-18 Capricorn is right on top of her Ascendant and Mars-Jupiter-Saturn Stellium! (Saturn 16 Cap; ASC, Mars and Jupiter 18 Cap)

The planets are definitely lining up for Mead to make a break through in some sort of way through the planets related to sociology, Jupiter-Saturn, by some sort of one on one relationship (interview). One of the women she interviewed, Fa'apua'a Fa'amu may have been born with the same Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in her own chart as well, as both women may have been born in the same year (can't vouch for the birth date I found on the Internet but it is listed below).

So, during a Pisces New Moon there can be deception or confusion at least. Since Fa'amu's Sun is at 10 Taurus and Mead's is at 24 Sagittarius I sort of wonder if the New Moon aspect was at the midpoint between their charts. There is a point between 5-7 degrees Pisces which I'll show is significant in Mead's progressed chart with relation to Retrogrades. Hey! I just noticed that I've been writing this just as we're approaching a New Moon in Pisces conjunct Uranus!!!!! Cool!!!

I was wishing of course to be able to determine from Mead's chart that her ideas would be "debunked." That's probably a stupid thing to look at for such an achiever but a subject that most real people can relate to more in their own lives (how many of us get to be one of the top Anthropologists of all time and the spark of a Sexual Revoluation? Can't relate? I didn't think so). It seems that this debunking is considered acceptable in Scientific communities and is part of the method. It's why everyone believes in Science. Since most Scientific ideas are debunked every 50 or 100 years that's not maybe the most logical point of view, but who am I to get in the way of progress?

I found some interesting connections between Mead's debunking and her progressed planets. Her progressed Venus went Retrograde in 1942 at 4 Pisces. Venus is going to describe a person's love relationships. Mead went through a few of these. The Retrograde can bring some kind of stalling with whatever is ruled by the planet involved. With Venus perhaps more with women than with men because Venus rules Women. Mead had 3 marriages and 3 divorces. By 1942 she was married to her 3d husband. He left her in 1950. She said that he was her true love and that he broke her heart. At this point she seems to have switched sexual preferences and have become Lesbian. She completely changed the identity of her love relationships in order to have one that would work. I think that is often what happens with prog. Venus Rx in whatever way. The extended stay at the same place in the chart makes a person have to look deeper into how they love and are loved. A Sun-Uranus person with Venus in Aquarius is probably going to take experimentation a bit further than most.

In 1957, Mead's progressed Mercury went Rx at 6 Pisces. I wonder how things went for her as Mercury rules communications. I think she taught for a long time in her later years.

I wonder also what the significance of this specific area of Pisces was for Mead's chart. Both Venus and Mercury went Rx near the same spot in Pisces in her progressed Chart. This point is in the 2d house of her natal chart and is trining her natal Neptune 1 Cancer-Sun opposition, so it is significant in some way. It certainly shows that she influenced the idea of "values" in society, a 2d House topic.

Mead's Mercury stationed Direct in 1978. This is the year that she died. (Mercury ruled her 4th House which shows "end of life" so I suppose this could be one interpretation for that aspect although I wouldn't want to use it in any readings.

I'll just quote the paragraph from Wikipedia here which explains Mead's debunker. He spent 40 years re-researching her research. One can line up his story along side the dates that I've just given. The correspondences are pretty interesting for trying to figure out exactly how Retrogrades in Progressions can figure in a person's life.

Freeman described incongruities between Mead's published research and his observations of Samoans:
“ In my early work I had, in my unquestioning acceptance of Mead's writings, tended to dismiss all evidence that ran counter to her findings. By the end of 1942, however, it had become apparent to me that much of what she had written about the inhabitants of Manu'a in eastern Samoa did not apply to the people of western Samoa...Many educated Samoans, especially those who had attended college in New Zealand, had become familiar with Mead's writings about their culture...[and] entreated me, as an anthropologist, to correct her mistaken depiction of the Samoan ethos.[5] ”

Freeman conducted research for more than forty years, describing his research as concluding in 1981 when he was finally granted access to the archives of the High Court of American Samoa for the 1920s;[6] consequently, his refutation was published only after Mead's death in 1978.

Derek Freeman's chart
b. he was a Leo, I forgot where I wrote down his birth date.

The woman he interviewed:
Fa'apua'a Fa'amu

b. Apr. 30, 1901
Sun 10 Taurus; Moon Virgo or Libra; NN 24 Scorpio

Fa'apua'a had a conjunction of Sun to Venus in Taurus. Venus is strong in her own sign here. This aspect certainly shows a woman with a lot of sexual charm. A sort of Helen of Troy. No wonder she sparked the Revolution.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The 12 Cartoonists of the Apolcalypse

Gadzooks, Batman! Jihad can't take a joke. Can't we just send some more Coca Cola out to the Arabs? They are seriously dehydrated if they really are putting out hits on cartoonists. Dudes, just brush it off. Please? Pretty please?

Jihad, I know you like folks who have good manners, so please? With Sugar on Top? It's a joke. It doesn't matter. Muhammad himself is probably freshly hydrated because he doesn't have to live in the desert anymore and he's probably laughed it off himself by now. Come on guys, it's the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square. Life is difficult. We really don't need to circle back to the 1930s. Let's spiral out to something good like a DNA coil.

So now we have Jihad Jane killing the Cartoonists. It started on Sept. 30, 2005 when a Danish newspaper published 12 insulting cartoons of Muhammad. The Danes are cool. They were just having a moment.

So, now Jihad hired our Jane, American Blond Blue eyed Internet Sensation to kill a guy who drew a picture of Muhammad as a dog and now they want to end the world in nuclear catastrophe. Of course, that's not funny, the picture of Muhammad. I don't have an opinion about Muhammad, but I definitely like dogs and wouldn't want to see one in pain.

Also, it turns out, Jihad, or whatever their name is, hired a bunch of people from their outpost in Ireland. Hey, stay the Fuck out of Ireland, Assholes. That's my ancestors. My Irish Grandmother? I remember her telling us to deal with verbal assaults with the phrase "Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names can never hurt me." Learn a lesson here from the old lady. Of course she drank a lot and never really felt the pain and was as verbally abusive as they come .... but that's another story.

Lighten up here. We're playing with some seriously ugly energies and it's all for nothing. As I said, wherever Muhammad is, he's refreshed and I'm pretty certain he does not want this poo. We can do better.

What's super interesting is that my Irish Grandmother was a Gemini. So is Lars Vilks who Jihad Jane was going to kill just as soon as she could get around to it. Jane is also a Gemini. Isn't that weird? This is a Gemini Story in a way.

Geminis don't get along. Personally I can tell you, I have the rising sign, and they drive me nuts. Although my Gemini Grandmother was my idol and my Gemini Cat was the only best friend I've ever had. (Maybe I should draw a picture of Muhammad as a Burmese Cat. If Jihad gets upset over that then they are absolutely hopeless, because Burmese Cats are the highest spiritual beings on the planet.)

I've been told that the Aryan Invasion left us with some platinum blond Jews, so I can see where Jihad Jane might be coming from, or not. Wait, she was pro-Muslim, so anti-Jew, and apparently anti-Swede and anti-Dane. Kind of weird that she had recently moved to Pennsylvania Dutch land, huh? Maybe the Amish are involved.

Jihad Jane
Colleen La Rose
b. June 5, 1963 Michigan

Lars Vilks
b. June 20, 1946 Helsingborg, Sweden

Both Gemini Suns, both born with Mars within a degree conjunction of each other at 1-2 Virgo. Jane's Mars is conjunct Pluto to the degree and is caught up in a t-square with Uranus, Sun and Chiron. Did I really need to say that or was it just so obvious you're rolling your eyes.

My boyfriend Lars, who just can't keep his fingers to himself was born during a conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Libra which has been mirrored in the recent sky in the sign of Aquarius. Let Freedom ring, baby. Try to stay alive, Lars. Take some drawing classes, for Christ's sakes, your bad draftsmanship is upsetting the Persians. No wonder Ikea wouldn't hire you.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why Me?

Wow, you know you have had transiting Pluto on your natal 7th House Saturn for too long when you go to log out of your Blogger account and read the message:

"You have been signed out"


"You have been singled out"

a little paranoia goes a long way with this transit. Actually, I've had stuff stolen about 3 times since this thing started.


Major Earthquakes in Turkey and Taiwan, March 2010

Major earthquake in Turkey on Monday. More than 50 people have perished. The chart is classic earthquake chart.

6.0 Earthquake
Mar 8, 2010 4:32 am (0232 GMT); (2:32UTC) Bingol, Turkey, or Basyurt (can't read my writing)

Sun 18 Pisces (H1); Moon 23 Sagittarius (H10); NN 19 Capricorn Rx;
ASC 20 Aquarius; MC 7 Sagittarius

Rulers of all the angles were in the 1st House. Uranus 27 Pisces; Mercury 12 Pisces; Sun 18 Pisces; Jupiter 12 Pisces

The Mars Rx is in fine form still Rx at 1 Leo in H6. Mars is prominent because Lead Planet of a Locomotive Chart. Makes a Grand Trine with Venus 1 Aries and the Midheaven.


There was a 6.4 earthquake in Taiwan as well.

6.4 Earthquake
Mar 4, 2010 8:18 am near Naohsiung, Taiwan

Sun 14 Pisces; Moon 29 Libra; ASC 22 Aries; MC 16 Capricorn; NN 19 Capricorn RX

Mars is even more prominent in this chart. Is Ruler of the chart; is lead planet of Locomotive Chart; is out of bounds; is singleton in Fire. Is Retrograde of course at 1 Leo. Is placed in the 4th house. And is squaring the ruler of the IC which is the Moon. The Moon is placed on an angle as well, conjunct the DESC.

Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are now within orb of full blown t-square.

For some reason I looked up the date that Kaohsiung became a municipality: July 1, 1979. Sun in Cancer shows the Moon-Mars IC vulnerablity perhaps. This chart is a locomotive chart with Mars as lead Planet so that part was mirrored in the earthquake chart.

House 11 and 12 here are loaded.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

0 (Zero)

No astrology here. I'm just wondering a couple of things and am going to post them on the Internet.

Two things I'm wondering.

First of all, I'm wondering about all those defective Toyotas out there on the market right now. The accidents seem to occur mainly in the United States. Does this mean that all the cars that are accelerating out of control on the Freeways were Toyotas that were made in the U.S. by idiot Americans? I heard that the Japanese aren't really upset by all the recalls because they aren't dying in car crashes in their country.

Let me guess. Those defective cars were made by employees who were hired from all the lay-offs from GM and Chrysler. They made American cars for Toyota.

Blame it on a childhood made of Wonderbread.

Second thing I'm wondering about is the Health Care Reform Bill. Has anyone thought of trying to work on it in phases instead of dumping the whole 2,000+ page bill on the drunk Congresspersons' desks? I mean, who can read that and vote yes or no?

Why don't they organize the presentation? Split it up into comprehensive PowerPoint presentations? Walk the Congresspersons' through a couple of Cancer Clinics. Baby Steps. Show them how to file a years' worth of Chemotherapy bills with the Insurance Companies? They'll get a clue at this point, for sure if you really make them sit on the phone with the Insurance Companies. Try taking care of an Alzheimer's patient for a week-end without help. One baby step at a time rather than flushing the whole damn thing down the drain all at once?

Okay, okay. So, this is the U.S. We have to talk about the money thing first. And with nothing but Pluto in Virgos to do the talking nobody but nobody is going to be able to listen to that crap without falling head over heals into a big snore. I mean, anything that's 2,000 pages -- I personally am going to wait for the movie version before I read it. Oh yeah, the movie version was already made by Michael Moore.


Thursday, March 04, 2010

Home Building and Housing during Pluto's transit in Capricorn

I was just wondering if the Housing and Real Estate Industry will finally go through a major change while Pluto is in Capricorn. The Lending Industry isn't the only part of this field that needs a change. One could also use a couple of well trained architects.

Saw this article on how wealthy people are essentially building themselves huge Mobile McMansion Homes within days.


If the Rich can't think of ways to spend a little extra, take a risk on a new design concept, and in educating themselves on what good taste is I don't know who will. At any rate, I'd love to see one of these dropping down a Southern California mudslide. Hopefully there will be some talented designers getting hired in there as well.

I know that many budding architects are building extremely beautiful prefabricated homes. Even toured a Frank Lloyd Wright "mobile" home a while back. (The one linked to in the picture is hideous, of course).

Anyway, while Pluto was passing through Cancer the United States developed an attitude that every family should own his own home. Now that Pluto is in Capricorn it seems that people might be returning to Urban Environments and apartments. Nothing like a penthouse apartment way up there where the Goat likes to go.

On the other hand, people may just move to the tops of mountains in order to get away from rising sea levels.

At any rate, I was realizing just how seriously the Gemini professions tanked, or shifted while Pluto was transiting the opposite end of Gemini's pole, Sagittarius. Not only have traditional news sources struggled to stay alive but the idea that news is delivered with "just the facts" has gone. So many opinions. So much "expertise." So much hypocrisy and bloat in business. The U.S. Mail Service is also suffering. Even keypads are disappearing on computers. If Pluto had stayed in Sagittarius for one more year maybe our opposable thumbs would have become obsolete.

At any rate, I wonder what a Capricorn Style of House really would look like. No basements, that's fore sure. Goats gotta climb. I don't know about Goats and craftsmanship. Sometimes a little lacking. Too busy climbing. Maybe everyone will just carry a tent folded up on their backs.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I Smell A Rat

I keep wondering about the Silicon Valley's Sewer problem. So, I remembered how the Internet was down last April for a day. I wrote about it in my Apr. 9 post called "Fiber Optic Cables Cut, San Jose, CA."

Apparently someone went underground somewhere and intentionally cut the cables in South San Jose and in San Carlos, California. The news reports are full of suspicion and quotes about how we're gonna get the guys and then there's nothing else. Did they ever figure it out?

Then I started to think that these are pretty much the same areas where the sewers are spewing all kinds of undesired problems into the tap water. What if the vandals actually switched the water supply as well? It's just interesting because Campbell, which is a city down in the South doesn't have a problem with water quality. The areas that suffered from the Fiber Optic sabotage are the ones that have the greasy meats coming out of the water. Just try doing your laundry along a laundromat anywhere along El Camino Real.

Looked back at the chart. With Pluto conjunct the Ascendant at 3 Capricorn it sure does look like sabotage. Pluto also rules Sewers.

The Moon was Full within 3 degrees orb and the Sun and Moon opposition is conjunct the IC/MC axis in Aries/Libra.

Mars is conjunct Uranus is right on the 3d House cusp and opposing Saturn in Virgo in the 8th House (Sewers). That's a great chart for cutting and rerouting just about anything in the infrastructure.

So, I googled and found that the Fiber Optic Cables are installed in the Sewer Pipes underground.



Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Be Prepared

LAFD's published a PDF file on what to do in an earthquake.



Poles Are Shifting

Did I write this anywhere on this blog? I know that I told the hair stylist that the poles were going to shift this year because of the Cardinal Sign stuff, the big t-square and the Eclipses. The Aries Points are the Poles of the Astrological Wheel after all.

Hair Stylist charged me extra for the hair cut. Don't blame her. I was talking crazy stuff. California pressures: Gotta keep it positive, upbeat, and mellow.

And now the Scientists say that the Chile earthquake caused that poles to shift 3". Crazy stuff. Wonder if this is caused by the big icebergs that are breaking off down in Antarctica. Those guys look pretty close together on the map.

Well, the Spring Equinox is coming up... The real Rodeo is supposed to be after the Summer Solstice though.


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Missing Birth Dates of the 1928 Heroes

1928 has been sticking out for me as a real pain in the buttox ever since I started writing this blog. A great deal of people who I consider to be "real heroes" were born during this year. No Ooga. No Booga. No politics. Weird personalities sometimes. And real answers. People who have looked at a big problem and have come up with real solutions and yet their ideas and their works are getting passed over.

The problem for me with these people is how difficult their birth dates are to find over the internet. With the astrology I've been floundering around thinking that this is just a really cool crop of Gemini North Node people who had some sort of Geminian way of fixing things. I used to have a Gemini girlfriend who could literally fix anything with a paper clip. She fixed the CD player. She crawled under the house and fixed the plumbing. Do not ever underestimate the abilities of a Gemini Female and her paper clip.

The first of these heroes is Jack Kevorkian. Okay, so he's weird. And he sort of kills people. But, I watched my Father get unplugged and my Sister In Law die from chemotherapy poisoning and so I tend to wonder what's up with that "Do No Harm" line anyway? So, I've talked about Jack Kevorkian before and won't go into that now. Either because he's fearless or because he was convicted as a criminal and sent to jail he has divulged his birth date to the public. Anyway, a Doctor who was sad to see his patients suffer. Imagine that.

The other two 1928 folks are probably even more incredible because what they do ought to have been common practice from the second they introduced their ideas to the world. Since I'm studying the effects of early transits on child development I sort of wonder if this is related to some sort of early retrograde. I suppose that being born a year before the Great Depression began and sandwiched between two World Wars might have something to do with this in a bunch of ways. But that's all theory and would require a really long post.

The first is Australian Bill Mollison who introduced the idea of Permaculture in 1978, a self-sustaining form of agriculture which he has practiced in all types of weathers and environments. Mollison developed the practice along with David Holmgren, born in 1955.

There are books and videos about Mollison's work for anyone who's interested. An entire self sustaining housing project was built in the 1970s in Davis, California. Problem with Davis is that it has very little water. By shaping the land and placing certain plants in certain spots the builder (not Mollison) managed to create an entire complex that created its own food supply. The houses are set into the land for maximum energy conservation. I believe during the first years the plants needed to be watered in order to set the place up, but once, established they could thrive on only the 8" annual rain fall that Davis regularly receives.

There was a conjunction of Pluto to the North Node in Libra in 1978. Perhaps that's a bad time?

Uranus would have had a conjunction with the North Node in Scorpio in 1976 when Thomas Hanna introduced the idea of Somatics in 1976. Maybe this was too revolutionary an idea? One must wait until Saturn is squaring Pluto in order to get people to pay attention to their stiffness and pain?

Hanna introduced an anti-aging bodywork technique which hopefully the Pluto in Leo's will benefit from, if they know about it. On a video published by the TV program Thinking Allowed called "Unlocking Your Body, Regaining Youth Through Somatic Awareness." Hanna teaches the interviewer Jeffrey Mishlove a few simple exercises and within minutes Mishlove's stiff body is bending into all kinds of pretzel configurations. It's really remarkable. Hanna was killed prematurely in an auto accident in the Summer of 1990.

Hanna says that the stiffness in old age doesn't happen because bones and muscles break down or deteriorate, but because there is an amnesia that sets in between the brain and the motor responses. This amnesia can be alleviated by the "somatic cat stretch."

So, I've been fumbling along looking and looking for these guys birth dates over the years to no avail. And the reason why I'm mentioning them now is because of the planetary aspects of 1928 and today.

This Summer we will experience a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the sign of Aries. It's got me pretty spooked because it's involved in a t-square with Saturn and Pluto-NN are at the apex. But, back in 1928 there was also a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 1 Aries in January, 1928. Pluto was in the Cardinal Sign as it is now, but out of orb in Cancer. Saturn was in Sagittarius which makes a big difference, I suppose.

I'm at the point with my stupid research project where I'm daunted by the task of trying to edit the tangles out so I'm feeling pretty negative right now. And just had to look at what truly inspires me. And these guys really do. And, of course, I can't find their damned birth dates.


Monday, March 01, 2010

Native American "Scorpion" Calendar found in Central California

Back in the day when Californians used to look up at the sky to see what was up there instead of what is in their big fat narcissistic egos.

Back in the day.... before the extreme lawn plantings and the divorces and the sunglasses and the psychologists and the convertibles, California had people who could sit still. And they could look up at the sky! And, I repeat, they could sit still...

Well, some things never change. Same as today, I doubt the Californians were sober back then. If you've ever seen the Sun set over the Pacific Ocean in November, or watched the Whales swimming up North to breed, you know why this is.

Recently found: a Scorpion carving on a tree in San Luis Obispo County is now thought to have been a Chumash motif showing the constellation Ursa Major traveling around Polaris the North Star.

A paleontologist working in Arroyo Grande named Rex Saint Onge discovered the "Scorpio Tree" in Fall 2006 up in the Santa Lucia Mountains. There is a type of astrolocality technique which splays the 12 signs of the Zodiac over the Globe. I've forgotten what it's called, but do remember that the signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio split right around this area. If you know anything about California you know how much the environment changes right around this area. Southern California is open chapparal. The light is so bright it's actually really difficult to see without sunglasses. The people are open and sunny. Northern California is greener, darker and sort of sparkly. The light casts long dark shadows.

So, I think it's extremely interesting that the Scorpion motif for a constellation is found right at this spot. And the astrology for the finding corresponds really well. In Fall of 2006 Jupiter was changing signs from Scorpio to Sagittarius and was moving toward conjunction with Pluto! Both Venus and Mars were in Scorpio that month as well.


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