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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's

2012 is almost here. The anonymous group, a bunch of Pluto in scorpios no doubt, has erased half the stuff off my computer and is constantly breaking into my car and is banded together it seems through the brotherhood employment at big box stores. They openly wear those pointy little guy Fawkes beards, I guess to let you know that they have control over your credit card. And that's good because I need to stay out of the big box stores anyway. And stay off the free wifi places.

Here's an article from USA Today about finding no tracking software for your computer from an articles called "more web surfers tell trackers to keep out." by Byron Acohido.

2012 marks the end of the Mayan calendar. That's on dec. 21, 2012. I still don't know why they picked that date. But, it's the end of a 24,000 year cycle and that's important. 24,000 years is the shelf life of all the weapons grade Plutonium that Lawrence Livermore Labs tossed into the sewer system in Livermore, ca. So, for 50 miles all around that site, which includes most of the bay area, there is the same amount of plutonium and trillium, etc. As there was in Big Boy. Livermore is trying to draw tourists through it's wine industry but it's wine has 4x the amount of plutonium as the average glass of wine. Kind of strange how the philosopher
Plato was obsessed with a 24,000 year cycle.

Venus also ends a significant cycle this year in June. This is a pair of sun-Venus

conjunctions that happen 8 years apart and don't happen again for another ----years.

When the ball drops in new York city tonight it really will drop hard. It will be amazing all that crystal doesn't shatter. Reason why is that the sun will be conjunct the ic at the same degree Capricorn and will be in conjunction with Pluto who is a couple of degrees into the 3d house.

The Moon in Aries will also be in conjunction with the descendant to the degree. And the sun and moon will be in a square with each other and with the ascendant and the midheaven. That repeats the cardinal sign energy, Aries point stuff which we've been going through. All kinds of new beginnings.

Ruler of the ball drop chart is Venus and she's in Aquarius in the 5th house of fun and games. Also in the 5th house is Neptune-Chiron. Some sort of hypersensitivity thing going on. Age of Aquarius starts in 2015 so maybe this prep for that. Neptune is in a trine/sextile aspect to an opposition of Saturn in libra in the 1st house and Jupiter in Taurus in the 7th house. Interesting because this out of sign opposition is layered over the angles and is in signs that are both ruled by Venus the chart ruler. Just keep your eyes on the pretty crystal ball and play nice.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Did the U.S. Give Leftist Latin American Leaders Cancer?

Wow, I hope not. I suspect that the U.S. invented most of the treatments that the Leftist Latin American leaders are getting treated for. Anyway, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has just conjectured out loud that the U.S. probably infected all these leaders with Cancer. I think our Lone Wolves are too busy shooting up the House of Pancakes, the White House, and little kids to bother with infecting Leftist Latin American leaders but I can't be sure. I know that I'm being gang stalked by Mexican, East Indian and others. Wow, Hugo, I'm sorry for your pain, but have to admit you look better with a bald head. I suggest trying Homeopathy and Acupuncture and Macrobiotic Diet. Most Americans go down to Mexico for cures. Maybe sleep on a couple of Aloe Vera leaves for a week.

All the Leftist Latin American leaders have different signs and different types of Cancers so if the U.S. infected them then I guess they tailored the stuff. All the Leaders are just past their 2nd progressed Lunar Returns. Most are about to enter their 2d Saturn Returns. In other words, they're in their 50s and that's when Cancer rates begin to go up.

What they do have in common is placement of Neptune in the sign of Libra. This explains their leftist politics. And they should include listening to music of the Beatles in their therapies. Music is extremely important for this generations' well being. Saturn has just passed over their natal Neptunes which can sap energy. Saturn rules old age. Right now we're having a trine between Saturn and Neptune in the sky. Don't know that that means a hill of beans, you don't really hear astrologers talking about it too much right now. Neptune removes boundaries and Saturn builds boundaries, so obviously there is a disagreement between what both want to do. Trines can lend an ease to the tension so that they might help each other put form into chaos. Trines might also bring out a problem that both these planets can grapple with in that they both can buckle under fear and guilt. These guys all need to do some deep breathing exercises.

What is interesting in connection with Chavez' blame game is that both Libra and Neptune rule enemies. Libra rules open enemies and Neptune rules secret enemies, and poisons and gases and blame.

I'm not real interested in looking at the charts further so I'll list the Leaders and dates below. I wish everyone rapid and full recovery and freedom from suffering.

Cancer in Astrology, I suspect, is ruled by the Moon/CAncer and Pluto/Scorpio but I haven't even looked that up. The Houses related to Health are (as far as I know) the 6th House of Daily Health Habits, the 12th House of Chronic Health Problems and the 1st House of the Physical Body.

I'm not in any way whatsoever a Health Astrologer so my investigations here are kindergarten.

Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, Colon Cancer which has erupted into Pelvis, gad I'm totally cringing right now thinking about how that must be.

Colon Cancer ruled by Virgo, Mercury.

b. July 28, 1954 4:00 am Sabaneta, Venezuela

Sun 5 Leo; ASC 7 Cancer; Moon 15 Cancer; MC ; NN

Christina Fernandez, President of , Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid Cancer rules by Gemini, Mercury

b. February 19, 1953 12:15 pm

Sun 1 Pisces; Moon 18 Taurus; ASC 12 Taurus; MC ; NN

Fernando Lugo, President of Paraguay, Non-Hodkins Lymphoma, Blood Cancer

Blood Cancer, Blood ruled by Jupiter?

b. May 30, 1951 (unknown, 12:00 pm) San Solano, Paraguay

Sun 9 Gemini; Moon Aries; NN

Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil, Lymphatic Cancer

Lymphatic Cancer ruled by Pisces, Neptune

b. Dec. 14, 1947 Belo Horinzonte, Brazil

Sun 22 Sagittarius; Moon Capricorn

Luiz Inaciolula, previous President of Brazil, Throat Cancer

Throat is ruled by Taurus, Venus

b. Oct. 27, 1945 Caetes Garanhuns, Brazil

Sun 4 Scorpio; Moon Cancer or Leo; NN 2 Cancer

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Return of the Ring

Okay so this ain't no JRR Tolkien blog post, my precioussssssssss.

And it ain't no Mahler song. (Rhinelegendchen from Des Knaben Wunderhorn)

But it's still a story about a really cool married couple, a ring. And, well, eh, a toilet.

In case I messed up the link:


Terry and Donna Claver have been married more than 38 years up in Billings, Montana. I don't have their birth dates and I don't have their wedding date but this particular story from their marriage sounds like a Nodal Cycly thing to me.

Terry proposed after the couple had gone on only 3 dates back in August, 1973. About a year and a half into the marriage, Donna was very very pregnant. While in the bathroom she took her engagement ring off to put some lotion on and watched as the ring fell into the toilet bowl. The couple did what they could to try to fish the thing out, but to no avail. A few years later they moved to a bigger house. This house was sold many times over and eventually bought by a group of hunters. This past Fall, the toilet froze up and broke so, by coincidence, just as the hunters were visiting their little one room cabin and removing the toilet, Terry the husband of our miracle story was across the street working on the neighbor's house. Terry asked for the toilet. The hunters handed it over. And when Terry got back to his shop he took a sledge hammer to the porcelain and released the engagement ring for once and for all. The story of how he used it to propose to Donna is really cute and is explained in the newspaper story linked to above.

Well, what do we expect from the Astrology? Rings go on the hand and fingers and hands are ruled by the sign of Gemini and its ruler Mercury. Marriage is ruled by Venus through her rulership of the sign of Libra. Venus also rules jewelry through the sign of Taurus. The ring was made of a pink sapphire. Sapphires are ruled by the sign of Virgo and Virgo's ruler, Mercury.

So, we see a lot of Mercury and Venus imagery. And here we go. This probably won't make sense.

Don't know the exact date that Terry reclaimed the engagement ring. But on Nov. 10 Mercury, ruler of fingers and rings, was in conjunction with Venus, ruler of marriage and Jewelry, at 10 Sagittarius. They were in conjunction with the North Node which was at 16 Sagittarius. I'm not sure what the significance of the sign of Sagittarius is except that Sagittarius is considered lucky and also a little clumsy. Sagittarius rules Hunters, so maybe that's the connection. I don't know what rules toilets freezing up and cracking. I think we'll just give chalk that one up to Global Warming weirdness, or maybe the weather in Billings, Montana. This transit of Mercury through Sagittarius is more significant than others because it is very long due to Mercury's Retrograde on Nov. 21. And also Merucry has had a very long conjunction transit with the North Node which rules the idea of events having to do with one's Destiny and Life Path.

Retrogrades are said to bring things back to you from the past. I've found that Uranus can as well because he rules circulatory systems and inexplicable events but don't know how other astrobuffs would feel about that.

Wish I had the exact dates. There might be a lot going on with these charts which explains this amazing event. It helps that Jupiter is passing through Taurus because Taurus, as said before, rules cash and possessions. It seems that Donna gave up on the ring but Terry continued to wish he could get it back. That's a Taurusy kind of thing.

It looks possibly like some interesting stuff through progressions in the charts. Again, I don't have the exact dates so this is very very fictitious.

In August, 1973, when the ring was bought, Mars was at 2 Taurus. This brings us back to Taurus thing. Taurus rules objects so a ring would be considered partly under its rulership. If the Aug. 15 is progressed forward from 1973 to 2011 to about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving (I used the date Nov. 10) then we notice that prog. Mars is now Retrograde. It stationed back in 2007-8. Transiting Jupiter is hanging over that point right now. Maybe that's when the Hunters bought the house. Jupiter represents luck, and also clumsiness and all kinds of accidents that occur like this.

Also interesting is that t. Neptune stationed Direct at 5 Sagittarius in August, 1975. (exact date: Aug. 17). I'm using what I'm assuming is the purchase date for the ring. Not the date that it went down the drain.

Prog. Neptune took roughly (very roughly) 2 years to come out of Rx by progression. The outer planets move extremely slowly by transit and almost not at by progression. The ring was lost during Donna's first pregnancy because she set it down on the toilet lid and it slid into the toilet where it jammed at the base.

So, the Mars and Neptune progressions probably don't have anything to do with anything. I just mentioned them because I'm always interested in seeing what planets do when changing direction whether by transit or by progression. It does seem that perhaps Neptune st r and Mars coming out of Rx by progression might be connected, but who knows.

During Aug, 1973 there was also a Venus-Pluto conjunction. The love vibes were very intense. Venus was either at the end of Virgo or beginning of Libra. Pluto was at 2 Libra. Venus rules marriage and Pluto partially rules plumbing as it rules anything that moves under ground. Venus also rules Love and Pluto rules Sexual attraction -- a minor part of this 38 year old marriage, I'm sure.

Pluto was at 3 Libra and Saturn was at 2 Cancer so they were in a close square. So, right off the bat we see that the marriage was due for a revamp during the past couple of years because these two planets were again squaring each other over other beginning Cardinal sign degrees.

Cancer is actually the other sign/planet which rule plumbing as it is a water sign and rules the home and anything that "drains" from the home.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter Solstice 2011

Missed publishing anything about the Winter Solstice on time. What I had surmised about it I found on Michael Lutin's site anyway (michaellutin.com). He said something about walking through doors. I think that's what this Solstice is about. Unfortunately there is an unfortunate side to extreme, immature and impulsive behavior among humans. Nothing dumber than trying to herd toddlers through a doorway. Trying to get those big butts and heads to coordinate together looks a lot like Washington politicians on any given day, that's for sure. Bring da diapers. I guess we all pretty much know at this point that we need to forge ahead with something new.

Kind of interesting when you look up the planetary symbols of doors in Rex Bills book of Rulerships.

Doors are ruled by Saturn, Capricorn, Uranus. Saturn is in Libra right now. Libra is the fence sitter sign. Actually, being Cardinal it's not a sign to sit still, it's just a sign that knows how to get what it wants by doing nothing and grabbing the brass ring after everyone else has fallen on their asses trying.

Libra is my North Node, can you tell I struggle with this way of working out life's plan? I've had to watch Libras take over by doing just this. Last year was the end of a long painful relationship with an ex-double Libra. So, when Libras and Virgos start telling you what's wrong with anyone else, or right with them for that matter, beware the underlying motive. Scorpio comes after those signs and is finely tuning his skills at understanding motive.

Doorways, according to Rex, are ruled by Gemini and Aries. These signs are often motive free, or at least, motive-ridiculous. They just sort of walk into the room willy nilly.

Aries in this rulership makes total sense because it is the first sign of the Zodiac. First degree Aries is the birthing degree. MOst important point in the astrological wheel.

That leap from Pisces to Aries is a mighty creative jump and that's where we are now.

Interesting the Uranus is on that point.

Gemini relates easily to Doorways because Gemini likes to walk around and wiggle things like doorknobs with their grubby little hands. Gemini will be most likely to open a new door because Gemini is curious, not because of some big plan about how to interact with whatever's on the other side. And we all know what happens to the curious cat. Gemini Governors like Spitzer and that South Carolina Guy and that other Senator who didn't kill Chandra Levy but, uh, opened her door, so to speak, get caught. Just read the news and watch these guys go. (I apologize for making fun of Levy who was tragically murdered by some random nutzo in the park and not the Senator).

For funsies I looked up the rulership for the word "Threshold". Threshold seems to be a high octane version of "Doorway." Something that God and the Pope would approve of. Sort of says things menteo and spiritio about how to walk through a door, etc. Endings, beginnings, clutching to the very end and screaming for help the way we Cancers do.

Rex says that Uranus rules Thresholds. How cool is that? The groom takes the bride over the threshold of their new home. That ought to be a Libra thing, because Libra rules marriage and one on one partnerships. But, Uranus rules the threshold and Uranus also rules Divorce. Hahaha. Surprise, surprise.

The thing that might be useful in understanding walking through Doorways and Thresholds is how stressful it is. People are often sort of confused that Uranus transits bring so much stress. Uranus represents Hopes and Wishes. You wish for something. You get it and you regret getting it. "Be careful what you wish for." Uranus.

And then it might be useful to understand how it's easiest to deal with these stresses when they occur. And I propose that you look up your Pluto. No, not up your anus (haha, sorry, just couldn't help the pun).

Pluto rules a water sign and all the water signs, imo, are connected with memory. And memory creates problems when trying to move into the future. It makes the future glow with depth and wisdom, but often it just holds you back and makes you fearful. The Water Signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Cancer doesn't let go of anything it develops an emotional reaction to. Cancer represents your deep, long memory, your genetics, where you were born, your roots. You spent the first year of your life doing nothing but completing Lunar returns going goo-goo with your Mommy, for good or bad. So she taught you how to react. You don't need to forget those things but sometimes you do have to have a conversation with yourself about letting go or just letting things happen without you.

Then there's Pisces which is the last sign of the Zodiac and the sign which dumps you through the doorway over that big Spring Solstice point, Aries. Neptune practices forgetfulness on a daily basis because everything is just so emotionally painful and delicate. But, Neptune has that big universal memory to draw on of how we are all connected over some sort of ethereal universal plasma. Neptune has no boundaries and includes all. And anything with no boundaries doesn't work on earth, or at least that's what makes the world spin around. And, in reality, we have compassion only for the things that we know we aren't bonded to. Trust me, this is true. No family bond, friendship, or law of bondage can create compassion for that little ant which needs to be allowed to walk around. Well, pesticides are also Neptunian, so that's not all it's racked up to be...

But, Pluto and Memory. Pluto is interesting in Mythology. Two really interesting stories tell how the underworld deals with Memory and I think this is relevant for us right now. First there is the story of Pluto abducting Persephone. He takes what he wants. Pluto's selfish. Then along comes Demeter who demands her daughter back. Pluto gives daughter back, but for only half the year. He can give things up, halfways. Pluto represents shared resources. As a woman I resent that Persephone is called a resource rather than a person, but maybe Pluto is where we need to make adjustments in fighting for equal rights.

The second story of Pluto and Memory is of Orpheus. Orpheus is a poet in love with Euridice. I can't remember the whole story, but Euridice dies and goes to the underworld and, grieving and heroic, Orpheus goes after her. Because he's not dead Orpheus can't stay in the underworld and because Euridice is dead she can't come back to earth. Orpheus is allowed to return to the real world but only on condition that while walking on the path out he never looks behind him for a second chance to see Euridice. This is very difficult. He has to say his good byes. Pluto rules Death, of course, and the grieving process. And, Pluto seems to represent this way of moving forward with intention, not allowing ones self to look back because it is understand that one can't have things both ways. What did my Scorpio Father used to say? "You can't have your cake and eat it too." (I actually used to argue back that what's the point of having a cake if you can't eat it too? Scorpio logic is easy to argue which is why I think they often don't say anything. Water signs aren't supposed to do the logic thing.). The feelings are all there, heavy as hell, but there is this extreme discipline involved in also moving forward.

Anywhoo. Thing that got me on this tangent was an episode on the Freakonomics website about research which may show that walking through doors seems to automatically cause forgetfulness in people. This does seem more Uranian than Plutonian. Uranus does things sort of automatically or without intention. That's the wonder of Air.

This also seems more connected with the Aries and Gemini rulership of doorways. Aries and Gemini rule the brain and neurology, along with Uranus/Aquarius. I think that Taurus is probably also involved as a motivator. Taurus represents our first attachments to physical objects and the sensual delight they give us. It's a lot easier to walk through that doorway if we think there is a bone on the other side. It's all connected to that big rotating wheel.

At any rate, the Winter Solstice had Uranus at 1 Aries. So, this symbology (that is a word, isn't it?) really seems relevant.

Here's what I wrote a few weeks ago. I was sick and getting the shit gang stalked out of myself so am having some problems working on anything. Oh yeah, and I knit 4 scarves for Christmas because I'm sometimes a nice bitch.

Dec. 22, 2011 12:30 am EST Washington, DC

Sun 1 Capricorn (H3); Moon 27 Scorpio (H2); ASC 8 Libra; MC 9 Cancer; NN 14 Sagittarius Rx


Dec. 21, 2011 9:30 pm PT Sacramento, CA

Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Scorpio is sort of a preparation for when Saturn moves into Scorpio. Ought to know when that will be. Either way Saturn and Pluto will be in mutual reception. This is great if you live around well bred and kind and trustworthy people because they will be motivated to work extra hard to build solid structures of whatever people build solid structures of. If you live around people who are ruthless worthless dishonest pigs, then you are in for some grief and pain.

Mars is unaspected in this chart, except for square to the Nodes which is not a particularly good sign unless you're a creative person. So Mars could be trigger happy, especially since next Saturday's Total Lunar Eclipse has the Sun-Moon opposition squaring Mars. This is a mutable sign signature so people who talk too much are really going to piss other people off.

There's a real sense that things are ending and other things are just starting because all the planets except the Mars-Nodes are at the very end or beginnings of signs.

That particular degree situation of the Nodal Axis sort of reminds me of 9/11, 14 Gemini-Sagittarius, but I'm a Cancer Sun and cling on to old outdated ideas. Arab Spring Envy as brought to us by Eastern Europeans living in British Columbia. Well, Jupiter's sorting himself out in Taurus these days. Material possessions seem to look a lot like Human Values. Have to sabotage just a little bit more to even out the playing field.

Uh, well, the Sun at 1 Capricorn is conjunct Pluto 9 Capricorn and Mars at 18 Virgo is unaspected except for a square to the Nodal Axis. This is in Mutable Houses for the East which tells me to say that maybe it's not the best day on earth to be driving or taking a train or walking the dog. This is violent, maybe on a personal level because all inner planets involved.

In California Mars is in the 1st house squaring the North Node-Sun in the 4th House. So, it looks like it's a great day for shooting up the neighborhood. Or maybe Jerry Brown who's an Aries will take a roller coaster ride and the local TV channel will advertise. Or, maybe a really psycho person will set fire to some prime Real Estate.

Mars is in the 12th House of the Washington chart so it looks like convicts will escape their prisons and secret enemies will be young men. With Libra Rising, maybe the young men will be dressed as young women. Maybe he Occupy Wall St. group is going to hack the banking system. 12th House represents secret enemies, institutions, prisons, escapism and surrender. It also rules artists but in general California is too full of nouveau riche people to ever foster a decent art movement.

This chart has a Jupiter-Saturn opposition which shows some social stand-off or balancing act. Jupiter 1 Taurus Rx-Lilith 1 Taurus shows some tricks with cash and banking.

Oh, yeah, and then there's Uranus. He's extra potent at the first degree of Aries the way he's been for the last year and is Stationing Direct on this day. In the Washington DC chart he is in the 6th House within 4 degree orb conjunction with the Descendant. So he's hooked into the angles and working on behalf of jobs, service employees, public health, good habits and small household pets among other things.

Uranus is also connected with the other major aspects of the Washington DC chart. He is trining the Moon 27 Scorpio in the 2d House (emotional bankers) and is squaring the Sun 30 Sagittarius in the 3d House (siblings, neighbors, communications).

Pluto is in conjunction with the IC. So it looks like we're walking on quicksand a little. Be sure to bring a long rope and something to hook it on to if you plan on saving anyone.

In California, Uranus is in the 8th House of Sex, Death, and Taxes. He's trining the Moon in Scorpio which is in conjunction with the Scorpio IC so the Pluto thing is still involved. The Sun in this chart is in the 5th House conjunct Pluto. That's nice and strong.

Dudes!!!! Party Hardy! 3 hours behind and 11 light years ahead.

All I can think about is leaving so I can have a happy rest of my life.

There's an out of sign Grand Trine between the Leo Ascendant, Sun in H5 (Sagittarius) and Jupiter 1 Taurus-Lilith 1 Taurus (H9).

Mercury's conjunct the Sagittarius NN. Something good must be cooking in the education field. Maybe immigration as well.

In the astrolocality chart for Washington DC Solstice chart I sort of just x'd out everything except Uranus. Should have looked up Mars too. Uranus AS line passes over the very Eastern edge of Australia and bottom of Japan. The Uranus MC line runs through Pakistan and Russia, etc. The Uranus IC line runs through San Diego and up to the border of Idaho and Oregon/Washington. (ew, earthquake?)

The Venus ASC line runs through Iran. Wonder what that means. Maybe they'll calm down now that we're out of Iraq.

The Mars ASC line runs through the middle of the U.S. Looks like it crosses the Nodal Axis line in Minnesota. Whoa, wonder what Target's new product line will be. The heartland will be on fire. Good thing it's Winter. That line runs through some countries on the other side of the earth as well. Are they fracking over there as well?

I wonder if you could predict Presidental hopefuls through these charts. Neither Jupiter nor Saturn has a line running through the U.S. which pretty much sums up the political weather in the States right now.

Moon line running through Ventura/Santa Barbara. Neptune line running through Bay Area. Remember, the Sacramento chart has Moon conjunct IC and Neptune c. DESC.

Ew, Pluto line running through Washington DC in the DC chart.

California Dec. 21, 2011 9:30 pm

Sun 30 Sagittarius (H3); Moon 27 Scorpio (H4); ASC 29 Leo; MC 24 Taurus; NN 14 Sagittarius Rx (H4)

Washington DC Dec. 22, 2011 12:30 am

Sun 1 Capricorn (H3) Moon 27 Scorpio (H2); ASC 8 Libra; MC 9 Cancer; NN 14 Sagittarius Rx (H3)

Total Lunar Eclipse
Dec. 10, 2011 9:36 am EST New York, NY

Sun 19 Sagittarius; Moon 19 Gemini; ASC23 Capricorn; MC 17 Scorpio; NN 15 Sagittarius Rx (H11)


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Comet

Another comet passes by earth on Dec. 22. This is either a Jesus thing or it's a solstice thing.http://news.yahoo.com/spectacular-christmas-comet-amazes-skywatchers-chile-051310793.html

Still got iPad problems. Pasting links was never my thing.

Am just understanding now how advanced the spirituality of Christianity is. I'm not exactly ready to get baptized or anything because i spurn the stupidity of group mindset, but really do appreciate the concept of Grace and Mercy, especially in comparison with mob mentality.

Spend the next week thinking about what you wish for. Uranus, planet of wishes, is on the Aries point. then temper you desires (Pluto) with wisdom (sun and Saturn). Golden rule.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pepper Spray Week

2 stories came out within a week about crowds being pepper sprayed.

The first is a story of police brutality. Occupy Wall St. students who were protesting Greed obediently sat in a line while a police man whose name is 2 four letter words, can't remember it though, systematically pepper sprayed them. The students had already been arrested and had been warned that they were about to be pepper sprayed so were completely covered up. The officer whose name is 2 four letter words I can't remember which ones hosed them down as if he were watering the lawn. He actually back tracked over a couple of the students to make sure they got a double wizz. Two officers have been suspended for pepper spraying what looks like about 10 students. The various email computer hacker people have been harassing the officer with the name that's two four letter words ever since.

The Moon is connected with the 4th House here and maybe that means that Moon is connected with using force that's sort of passive aggressive like pepper spray. You use Pepper Spray for crowd control and self defense. That does sound like a Cancerian doesn't it? We're nice until you poke us too much and then we start to walk sideways on you.

Occupy Wall St. Pepper Spraying at University of Davis
Nov. 18, 2011 4:54 pm Davis, CA

Sun 27 Scorpio (H6 c. DESC); Moon 2 Virgo (H3 c. IC and Mars); ASC 29 Taurus; MC 8 Aquarius; NN 16 Sagittarius Rx (H7)

Sun and Moon are in conjunction with the angles. Scorpio Sun is conjunct the Descendant. Moon is cojunct the IC. Moon is comfortable in that spot because this is the house that it rules. Moon, however, is in conjunction with Mars. There's volatility over boundaries, who owns what. NN in Sagittarius indicates problems at the College level. NN is in the 7th House. The officer with the name that's 2 four letter words should have waited until things moved into Sadge. Sadge's have panache and they can get away with things. Mars is opposing Neptune over the IC/MC angles which shows issues between the public and authority.

The second incident occurred on Thanksgiving Day. A 32 year old Mother named Elizabeth Macias pepper sprayed 20 shoppers who got angry with her two teenage kids who cut in line at the Ex-Box display. Macias pepper sprayed 20 people, some were children. The police have decided not to prosecute her for Felony. And, here's the kicker, Macias is planning on suing Wal-Mart for distressed which was caused to her and her two children.

How do you say "Thanksgiving in Spanish? el día de Acción de Gracias (que conmemora la primera cosecha de los Pilgrim Fathers

How do you say "I want an Ex-Box in Spanish? yo le corte tan malo.

Thanksgiving Shopping Pepper Spraying
Nov. 23, 2011 10:20 pm Porter Ranch, Los Angeles, CA

Sun 3 Sagittarius; Moon 3 Sagittarius; NN 15 Sagittarius Rx; MC 14 Taurus

This is a New Moon chart that's in conjunction with the NN that's on the point where the Saturn-Pluto opposition was on 9/11. Oh, yeah, I think this is an partial Solar Eclipse. Mercury is stationing Retrograde. Trouble through electronic, or something like that.

Mars in Sagittarius in the 1st house. That's some competitive consumerism.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011


This seems to be the year of the Pom-Pom in knitting. Not cheerleader types of pom-poms. Serious pom-poms that make you happy in the same way that dandelions do.

I'm trying to figure the reason for this phenomenon according to Astrology.

Unemcumbered by Fashion Sense myself, I've been noticing this weird coincidence between whatever sign Jupiter is in and an obsession with the body part associated with that sign in the current fashion trend. Jupiter changes signs once a year. That's long enough for a fashion trend, too long for many fashion trends. I think that Jupiter is responsible for all things having to do with good taste, but that's because I had a Sagittarius Mother who was fascist about having good taste.

In the knitting fashion world, at least, when Jupiter moved into Pisces all the knitters were making socks. Pisces rules the feet. The inspiration hit when Jupiter hit Neptune in Aquarius and then became a fanatic, weird obsession when Jupiter hit Uranus in Pisces. Sock knitting went global. People were buying sock knitting machines, antiques and modern. All the knitters were traveling long distances to do nothing but make socks with each other on long week-ends. The technologies involved in making socks during that time was unbelievable. It combined multiple cultures, historical scholarship, cabling, multiple toe cast ons, top down, toe up, heels turned in mulitple languages, striping, color combining, lace, yarn spinning and yarn dying. Some people even bought their own alpacas, goats, sheeps, yaks, camels and bison. The yarn came from all over the world. The knitting shops remarked that the recession wasn't touching their business one bit.

One woman even allowed her goat to live in her house...

And then about 9 months ago I heard a knitter say that she was so over socks.

Jupiter moved into Aries last year and that rules the other end of the body. Everyone began to knit hats. Well, people always knit hats. Hats are easier because you only have to make one. But knitters began to make snoods and turbans and whimples and hoodies. Hat Scarves that you could keep your hands warm in. There was even this weird trend toward trying to make bonnets like Little House on the Prairie. The latter was one of the few Jupiterian trends that didn't become popular, Thank God. I actually think that Jupiter may have already moved into Taurus by that point because I associate Taurus with wagon trains more than I do Aries, don't know why. Either way, it's obvious that for a while Jupiter got stuck in that big outer planet t-square with Uranus-Saturn and Pluto and that can snag anyone's yarn if you know what I mean.

But, back when Jupiter was in Sagittarius the lace knitting started to turbo charge. Don't know why, it must be the abstract, mathematical aspect of lace. I keep finding that Fire Signs are somehow connected with lace knitting. They must have good eyesight or something and are able to maintain a positive optimistic attitude about ripping out mistakes. You'd think that Pluto is in there somewhere as well, because of the spider webby kind of thing.

Jupiter in Capricorn brought on the knee warmers and knee socks and muck lucks and big boots. Nobody wants cold knees when Jupiter is in Capricorn. Well, actually, knee socks have been trying to make a comeback ever since Pluto moved into Capricorn, but I guess the Italian mafia keeps getting caught by the police before too many knee joints are removed.

This year, we are yearning for pom-poms. The bigger the better. If you see a skimpy one, that means that the creator ran out of yarn. Hey, we've been going through a longer than usual recession and skimpy is in. We also love tassles and fringes and bobbly things hanging down. It's all hanging around the neck. Some people are walking around looking like they have snow pack all around their necks.

The French are the leaders in fringes and bobbles and pompoms, of course. They know how to wear dangles without looking overdone, they just do.

Taurus, of course, rules the neck. Circular scarves and cowl necks which drewl all the way the front of a person. I saw the directions for one scarf says to knit with 5 strands of yarn on needles the width of broomsticks and to just keep going until the thing is almost too heavy to carry. That certainly sounds like Taurus the earth sign.

Maybe this is why the pompoms? A big pom-pom will droop down the back of the head pointing to the back of the neck. It's psychic protection from backstabbers subconscious thing maybe? Taurus is at the opposite end of Scorpio after all. Wow, what will the French think of next?

An additional note, I think the pompom thing would be more connected with Uranus myself. Uranus is at the beginning of Aries and Uranus rules Whimsy and Whirligigs so of course we want to adorn the head with a surprise. And weird thing about pompoms...as much as you enjoy another person's pompom, you probably won't want to steal it from them. I mean, people don't covet pompoms and that's kind of a Uranian way of thinking, isn't it?

Next year with Jupiter in Gemini, I can only imagine what will be going on with the arms and the mittens.


Friday, December 09, 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse 2011

Tomorrow we'll see a Total Lunar Eclipse. This one is hitting my chart pretty hard. The Mars in Virgo is squaring the Nodes and Full Moon crossing the Gemini-Sagittarius pole. A policeman shined a big white light in my face watching me try to parallel park last night. Have to admit my maneuvers were a little outside the box, but, hey, I didn't need the blinding lights while my foot was still on the gas pedal. Nothing says What the Hell are You doing You stupid bitch like Mars in Virgo. I ought to know, actually, I come from a family of them. All this Mutable Sign stuff is as gang stalky as it gets. I, for one, am not in yoga class anymore, that's for sure.

So, there are lots of good writings about this eclipse. Have fun googling them. Google and Yahoo are bringing us gang stalking. Yay!! The 3d world has more fun than most with the honor system.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Flying Squirrels In the Emergency Room

Now this is what I call an out of body experience.

Flying squirrels keep showing up in an emergency trauma room in a New Jersey hospital.

At least, a second one showed up last night which is the second time in two weeks.

Trauma and emergencies are Marsian. Hospitals are Neptunian. Weirdness is Lunar and Uranian.

Well, there's been an opposition of Mars in Virgo to Neptune in Aquarius so those two are working together these days. Neptune is in conjunction with Chiron in Pisces, so it looks like the idea of wounds that don't heal are messing with the Dr's. heads.

Don't know what time the first squirrel began to swoop the patients, but the one last night showed up at 10:00 pm. The opposition is past close orb but is apparently still in effect. At 10:00 pm Mars in Virgo was in the first house. The Moon in Aquarius was in conjunction with the Descendant and Neptune and Chiron. The Moon is ruler of the 12th House of Hospitals. There's no doubt that this is a psychic intervention from someone who died in there.

Mars (H1) is squaring the Sun-NN conjunction in Sagittarius which is in the 4th House (end of life, environment). The Sun rules the chart here, as does the vibe in the room. Sagittarius likes to fly, that's for sure. It also rules Laws.

You can't file a malpractice lawsuit after you're dead, so I guess this is the next best solution for bad treatment received. With Neptune moving into its own sign and in conjunction with Chiron there might be more to come on this subject.

Well, and Uranus 1 Aries is unaspected in the 8th House of Death, Sex, Taxes and other forms of Vengeance. Those squirrels don't fark around. Did Snookie comb out her rat's nest? Give these poor things a new place to land.

Robert Wood Something Something Hospital
Flying Squirrels in the Trauma Room
2d Visitation

Nov. 30, 2011 10:00 pm New Brunswick, NJ (I'm not sure if this is the correct town)

Sun 9 Sagittarius; Moon 24 Aquarius; ASC 21 Leo; MC 13 Taurus; NN 15 Sagittarius

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Planet out in the Cancer Constellation is a Roller Derby Queen

A New Scientist article describes astronomers' discovery of a planet out in the constellation of Cancer which has more water than any other planet yet discovered.

Article: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn21189-astrophile-supercritical-water-world-does-somersaults.html

55 Cancri e the closest of 5 planets to it's star which is called 55 Cancri. Like a clingy Cancer, it is so close to it's star that it's year is only 17 hours and 41 minutes. I think that's the length of the average TED Lecture.

55 Cancri e e is more than twice the size of earth and has constantly changing orbit because it's star has a companion star which throws all ideas of gravitational pull whacky. That's another typical cancerian characteristic. Well, whacky. But also ever changing orbit.

55 Cancri e is 70 percent rock at the center and 30 percent water. Because of extreme temperature and pressure changes from all that rolling around, the water is called supercritical water and is in-between a liquid and a gas.

Article says that you couldn't really do any star gazing from this planet and sea creatures couldn't exist in it's waters because of the changing orbit.