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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Earthquakes in California?

Read Richard Nolle's coverage and predictions of the Uranus-Pluto square which is going to be exact this month. Spooky. I think this is the last exact square of these two but maybe wrong. Should maybe bring finality to some issues for people with planets at mid Cardinal, for the better I hope.

Am wondering how this square may affect California's vulnerability for earthquakes, especially with two Eclipses coming up. My first post erased itself so I will try to repost but my patience is a little frayed.

There will be a Total Solar Eclipse (New Moon) at 30 Pisces on March 20. This is within orb of the Aries Point which gives it extra significance for change, but, still it's in Pisces which means that it's maybe too tired for a big trembler. New Moons start things. The Aries Point definitely starts things. It is a huge door that we pass through. This is the Spring Equinox. Uranus at 16 Aries will be in conjunction with its dispositor Mars and will be squaring Pluto. This hits Los Angeles' Sun 15 Aries. Los Angeles has a huge stellium in Aries. Mercury 2 Aries, Saturn 12 Aries, Sun 15 Aries, Venus 23 Aries, Uranus 26 Aries. They sure have been quiet down there considering the astrological transits going on. All these planets disposit to Mars which is at 18 Capricorn and is about to be transited by Pluto. So, apparently Astrology doesn't work because these aspects signify total mayhem.

There will be a Lunar Eclipse on April 4, 2015 which is a full Moon of Sun 15 Aries opposing Moon 15 Libra. This hits Los Angeles' Sun even harder. The sun will be in conjunction with Uranus 17 Aries and these guys square Pluto 16 Capricorn. Putting lots of effort into change.

California's chart has a conjunction of Uranus-Pluto at 30 Aries so maybe the big one will wait until Los Angeles and California have their Uranus Return. California's also got a conjunction of Mercury-Mars at mid Cardinal degrees 12-14 Libra.  

California's North Node at 15 Leo is being transited by Jupiter so probably all those people on Cape Cod who have ice bergs growing on their beaches will rush out West to buy real estate. Looks like the Stock Market is going down. Maybe that's where the crash is happening.

Anyway, most of these big Cardinal Sign squares seem to cause an earthquake in Mexico. California seems to be a crap shoot. 

Northern California tends to get the big earthquakes in April so I suppose I should have looked at San Francisco's chart. And Eclipses don't necessarily bring earthquakes but in case they do look for one between March 20 and April 4.

There could be some infrastructure collapses also. And there could be some nasty Internet hacking and cyber warfare.


Saturday, March 07, 2015

Void Moon by Michael Connelly

Am reading a book by mystery writer Michael Connelly called "Void Moon." A gangster follows astrology and warns the lead character Cassie not to do anything during a Void of Course Moon.

Cassie:  'Okay, so you chart the moon. What's a void moon?"

Leo: "it's an astrological situation, okay? See, when the moon is moving from one house to another up there in the constellations, it sometimes is in no house at all. When that happens it means it is "void of course" until it finally gets into a house. It's a void moon. And like I said, on Wednesday night going into Thursday morning there's a void moon for those, what sixteen minutes. It's hanging out there between Cancer and Leo. It's void of course from three twenty-two until three thirty eight. I worked it all out here."

"...it's a bad luck time, Cass. Anything can happen under a void moon. Anything wrong. Just don't make your move during that time.'

Moon void of course happens when Moon doesn't make anymore aspects to another planet before leaving a sign, but I like Connelly's description.

The signs chosen are significant because Connelly's Sun is on the cusp between Cancer and Leo. It's officially in Cancer at 29 degrees. Cancer is ruled by the Moon. His Moon is in the sign opposite in Capricorn so maybe was void of course at the tail end of that sign when he was born. Don't have a birth time so don't know. 

Wonder how the story will progress. Will Leo's prediction turn out to be correct or is he just a superstitious criminal?