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Friday, March 25, 2016

Birth Data of the MKULTRA Folks

I wrote about the CIAs amazing program called MKULTRA before. Here is a list of as many participants as I could find. Doctors, military, CIA, Victims. You can access Ancestry.com through your local library. Hope this is correct information. Pretty interesting to research what happened. Won't go into it.

It looks like there are no Virgos on the list of perps. So, make sure your Shrink is a Virgo. Definitely don't trust a Taurus or a Sagittarius. Apparently they like to do weirdness on others. Virgos and Geminis stand out on the victims list. There were thousands unwittingly experimented upon so maybe these two mental signs are the only ones cognizant of what was going on. Is cognizant a word? P.S. I've added some new names to the lists, still no Virgos that I can see (6/21/16)


Dr. Saul Krugman, NewYork University. Fed mentally challenged children with hepatitis at willow rook state school.
b. April 7, 1911, Bronx, NY

Dr. Robert W. Hyde, Boston Psychopathic Hospital
 born Jan. 29, 1910 Bakersfield, VT. D. August. 1, 1976 Bakersfield, VT

Dr. Harold Abramson, Mt. Sinai Hospital & Columbia University, NYC
 b. Nov. 27, 1899   d. Sept. 29, 1980, NY

Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, University of Illinois Medical School, Champaign-Urbana
 b. Mar. 19, 1908 Peoria, Illinois.  D. Nov. 18, 1988

Dr. Gerald Klee Edgewood Army Chemical Center
B. Jan 29, 1927 New York, NY

Dr. Harris Isbell, NIMH sponsored Addiction Research Center in Lexington, KY
 b. June 7, 1910, Arkansas. d. Dec. 23, 1994, Lexington, Kentucky

Dr. Louis Jolyon West. University of Oklahoma, Stillwater. UCLA
 b. Oct. 6, 1924 Brooklyn, NY. d. Jan. 2, 1999, Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Harold C. Hodge, University of Rochester, New York
 b. Dec. 19, 1904, Chicago, IL.  d. Oct. 8, 1990.

John W. Gittinger
 b. Nov. 1, 1917 Cleveland, Oklahoma. d. Oct. 19 or 29, 2003 Norman, Oklahoma

Dr. Amedeo S. Marrazzi, U.S. Army Physician
 b. Feb. 6, 1905, New York, NY. d. Jan 11, 1980 Wayne, Michigan

Dr. Paul Hoch
 b. Oct. 31, 1902 Budapest, Hungary.  d. Dec. 15, 1964, Albany, NY

Ira "Ike" C. Feldman, CIA
b. Dec. 10, 1918?  Died Aug. 10, 2008, Uniondale, Nassau County, NY

George Hunter White, U.S. Bureau of Narcotics, Operation Midnight Climax
 b. June 22, 1908 Los Angeles, Died October 23, 1975 maybe in Stinson Beach, liver disease

Lyman Kirkpatrick, CIA Inspector General
 b. July 15, 1916, Rochester, New York. Died March 3, 1995

Richard Helms, CIA Director, One of final architects, destroyed most of mkultra documents
B. Mar. 30, 1913 Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Sidney Gottlieb. Director of Program
b. August 3, 1918 12:39 pm. died Mar. 7, 1999 Washington, D.C.

Dr. Max Rinkel, Army neuropsychiatrist, 1st LSD Experiments in U.S.
 b. Aug. 18, 1894 Neisse, Germany. Died June 9, 1966, Harvard, Boston?

Dr. H.E. Himurich

Dr. James Alexander Hamilton, specialized in sex and interrogation
B. June 9, 1907 Pecartonica, Illinois. Died Dec. 11, 1997 San Francisco, CA

Dr. L. (Luther) Wilson Greene
 b. Nov. 9, 1900, place?. Died Jan. 19, 1973

Dr. Ewan Cameron, psychiatrist. "The Memory Thief" documentary
 b. Dec. 24, 1901 Bridge of Allery, U.K. (Scotland I think), d. Sept. 8, 1967

Ronald Stark, CIA Operative at Stanford who gave "Merry Pranksters" LSD to distribute

Robert V. Lashbrook, CIA
 b. July 9, 1918.  Died Sept. 28, 2002, Ojai, Calfiornia

Allen Dulles, CIA Director
 b. Apr. 23, 1893 3:00 am Watertown, NY, or Apr. 7, 1893, d.vJan.v29, 1969 Georgetown, D.C.

Richard Helms, destroyed most of documents
 b. March 30, 1913 Philadelphia, PA

Major General William Creasy
 b. Apr. 26, 1905 North Carolina, d. Mar. 22, 1987 Palm Springs, CA

Owen Winkle
B. Jan. 14, 1899 Arkansas d. jul. 10, 1962 Kern County
Jan. 15, 1918 d. jul. 11, 2000 Oklahoma

Harry Ansligger, Federal Bureau of Narcotics
 b. May 20, 1892. Died Nov. 14, 1975

5 defendants in trial re death of Harold Blauer

General William M. Creasy, former Chief of the Army Chemical Corp.
 b. Apr. 26, 1905 Wilmington, North Carolina

Dr. Amedeo S. Marrazzi, Chemical Corps project officer
 b. Feb. 6, 1905.  d. Jan 11, 1980 Grosse Pt Woods, Wayne, Michigan, Detroit.

Dr. James P. Caltell, Dr. who injected Blauer with chemical. Had no idea what it was.
 b. Dec. 21, 1916 Ohio. d. July 3, 1994, San Diego, CA

Dr. Newton Bigelow, former NY State Commissioner of Mental Hygiene
 b. Jan. 15, 1904. place?  Died. Jan. 30, 1991 New Hartford, NY?

Dr. George Schnack, psychiatrist who provided talk therapy to Blauer who was not aware of what he was being given and stated he did not want to continue.

Feb. 15, 1932 chapel Hill, North Carolina d. October. 18, 1995 Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Maybe lived in Hawaii
July 21, 1925 Marion, Ohio
Or Jun 8, 1917 Allens Grove Top, Iowa. Marvin George Schnack

Dr. Robert G. Heath, Chairman of the Dept. at Tulane Medical School.
 b. May 9, 1915.  died. Sept. 24, 1999, Florida


James Thornwell, given LSD while in Army
 b. Aug. 30, 1937, South Carolina. Died June 25, 1984, Hayward, California

Ken Kesey, given LSD, paid study at Menlo Park Veterans Hospital as student at Stanford
 b. Sept. 17, 1935 4:24 pm La Junta Gardens, CO. D. Nov. 10, 2001 Eugene, Oregon

Whitey Bulger, given drugs while in jail for a lighter sentence
 b. Sept. 3, 1929 Boston, MA

Robert Hunter, paid to take LSD at Menlo Research Institue in Palo Alto, maybe SRI?. Grateful Dead lyricist
 b. June 23, 1941 San Luis Obispo, CA, still Alive

Harold Blauer, given Mescaline/Ecstasy derivitive while checked into Mental Hospital after divorce
 maybe Dec. 16, 1910?.
 Injected for 4th time on Jan 8, 1953 between 9:53 and 9:57 am w/ 450 mg. of EA1298. Pronounced dead at 12:15 pm.
 Another woman given same drug but reaction so bad injection stopped 1/3 way through

James Stanley, career soldier. Was in Military Feb. 12, 1958
 b. Apr. 15, 1939 .died Oct 1, 2003
 sued for damages, U.S. v. Stanley. 483 U.S. 669 (1987)

Wayne Ritchie. U.S. Marshal, Dosed at a Holidy party, San Francisco
 b. June 15, 1927 Auburn, WA.  Died. Aug. 17, 2012, San Jose, CA

Ruth Kelley. San Francisco Waitress and Singer at the Black Sheep Club, 645 Geary. 1960.
 b. ?????, deceased by 1998.

Frank Olson. Dosed by Gottlieb in a bottle of Cointreau on Nov. 19, 1953, Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. and possibly murdered or died by suicide by jumping out window of hotel. Shared room with Robert Lashbrook.
 b. July 17, 1910 Hurley, Wisconsin.  Died, Nov. 28, 1953

Mary Pinchot Meyer.
 b. Oct. 14, 1920, NYC, NY. Died. Oct. 12, 1964 12:45 pm Washington, DC

Allen Ginsburg, paid at Menlo Research Institude in Palo Alto
B. June 3, 1926 Newark, NJ d. April 5, 1997 East Village, NY

Jerry Garcia
B. August. 1, 1942 12:05 Pm San Francisco, CA

William F. Chaff in, Seargeant in U.S. Air Force, b. April 2, 1930?  D. June 1984, Tucson, AZ
Edgewood arsenal, Maryland

Mary Ray, research assistant at psychiatric hospital, university of Minn, 1964-1966. Injection of LSD Jan 15, 1966. No birth date

Wendell Queen, army Seargeant 1964 Edgewood, b. June 27, 1901?
Given drug that penetrated skin, caused a rash, then paranoia and flashbacks.

George Danald, colonel at Army Chemical School, fort McClellan, Alabama. Transferred to Edgewood arsenal. Died a suicide a year after taking LSD.

Stanley Glickman, Gottlieb put LSD in drink in Paris, October or Nov. 1952. he sued. died, and sister continued lawsuit

B. 1927, NYC, New York, d. dec. 11, 1992 also known as Paul gal an or Paul Stanley


Karen wetmore, mkcotton program?
B. Brandon, Vermont

Possible Disinformation:

Claudia S. Mullen. R.N.?

Christine DeNicola Ebner, b. July 1962



Safe houses in San Francisco

225 Chestnut
Plantation inn at Lombard and Webster room 49

261 Green St., mill valley

44 colleges and universities, 15 research foundations and pharmaceutical companies, 12 hospitals and clinics, 3 penal institutions