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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oil Rig Explosion and Spill in Gulf of Mexico

Oil has been spewing out into the Gulf of Mexico for the past week ever since an Oil Rig exploded. 126 people were on board the rig, all have been recovered except for 11 who are still missing and presumed dead. The Rig sank 2 days after the explosion.

Oil keeps spewing from the pipes which were drilled into the ocean floor and the Spill apparently can't be contained. Jupiter in Pisces?

Attempts were made to set the oil on fire in order to keep it from reaching shore which will cause an environmental catastrophe but these have failed. Reports are now saying that spillage will begin to reach shore tonight.

The conjunction of Jupiter to Uranus in Pisces has been passing over the 4th House and IC around 10:00 pm every night this past month. 4th House = Environment. Pisces = Ocean and Oil and things that can't be contained along with Jupiter. Jupiter-Uranus is opposing Saturn in Virgo Rx. The cause for the spill is thought to be a "Blowout" but is still undetermined.

Please pray that somebody can figure out a way to solve this problem soon.

Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Rig Explosion
Apr. 20, 2010 10:00 pm

Sun 1 Taurus; Moon 23 Cancer; ASC about 4 Sagittarius; MC about 13 Virgo; NN 16 Capricorn

Sinks on Apr. 22, 2010

Oil keeps spewing, can't be contained and will reach shore tonight, Apr. 29, 2010. This is just after the Scorpio Full Moon where Sun was conjunct Mercury Rx to the degree. Moon will be in early degrees Sagittarius tonight which is conjunct the ASC of the explosion.

The Rig was made by Hyundai of South Korea in 2001. Guess you'd expect something made during a Saturn-Pluto opposition to fall apart during a Saturn-Pluto square...

The second worst oil spill of all time also occurred in the Gulf of Mexico back in 1979. Saturn was in Virgo at that point as well (conjunct the North Node).

Ixtoc I Oil Spill due to "Blowout"
June 3, 1979 600 miles south of Texas, close to Rancho Nuevo, Mexico?

Sun 13 Gemini (opposite Neptune); Moon Virgo; NN 14 Virgo

The Largest Oil Spill of all time was from the Gulf War of 1991.

Jan. 21, 1991 Sea Island Terminal, Kuwait (I used Al Kuwayt for place)
Sun 1 Aquarius (conjunct Saturn); Moon 4 Aries; NN 29 Capricorn

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Toilet to Tap"

It's a Barnum and Bailey World, that's for sure. Here's a reason not to stop in Orange County to eat when driving through California. These folks are currently drinking their piss. They were bowled over by some engineer who "educated them" on how NASA Astronauts drink their own pee while in space and so they can too. So back in 2007 the County began to filter its sewer water in order to turn it into drinking water. They actually bought the pitch! I read about it in the Water issue of National Geographic.

Even if this were a good idea. Even if infrastructure didn't break down after multiple years of use. Even if employees were fully competent and didn't make any mistakes. This is still just bad design. Orange County is next to the ocean and if there's one thing they'll have plenty of in the future it's going to be Ocean Water. So, a desalination plant would make sense. NASA engineers don't have sea water in space, that's why they didn't develop the technology.

I remember once my brother came in from surfing and said that the French were installing panels out on the cliffs to try to trap the fog and turn it into water. The French are cool. The French are a little annoying but overall they always do nice things for us. They gave us the Statue of Liberty. They want to serve us liquid clouds to drink from off the shores of La Jolla.

This guy down in Orange County is creepy. He even admits that he wants to develop the process so he can sell it to the Arab countries who need it. Orange County is his cage of lab rats. This is just disgusting. I've had Salmonella. I almost died. There was even a story about an astronaut who got Salmonella on a space flight. NASA wouldn't say what was the cause so I was trying to figure out what the cause was through astrology. HaHa! Shit, in every sense of the word.

So I found a New York Times Article dated Nov. 27, 2007 which said that Orange County was going to start flushing the next Friday. (lost the link)

The chart is kaka:

"Toilet To Tap" Indirect Potable Water Reuse
Nov. 30, 2007 Fountain Valley, CA

Sun 9 Sagittarius; Moon 1 Virgo; NN 2 Pisces

The North Node was just about finished with his 1.5 year transit through the sign that rules Poison and Deception and Hidden Enemies. Good one, Orange County. Mercury, the planet of communicable diseases was squaring the Nodal Axis from 29 Scorpio. Scorpio is the other sign that rules poison. And there was a Moon-Saturn conjunction. It's in Virgo sign of Public Health, but it's on the South Node. Isn't Moon on the South Node one of the worst placements?

There's tons of outer planet stuff going on.

Of course, anything goes at the County Water Department during a mutual reception between Uranus and Neptune. Just try taking a shower or washing your clothes in the Silicon Valley.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius. Success!!! Irrational Exuberance. The same people who bought 700,000 mortgages off a 15,000 year income are now drinking their neighbor's pee.

Jupiter at 26 degrees (Galactic Center) and Pluto at 29 degrees (Aries Point). Orange County victimized by people halfway across the globe who are so scared of their own shit they only use their left hands for wiping.

The Saturn-Uranus opposition (man made) was just forming. And the Sun was squaring it. Hubris?

The real clinker is Mars. Mars is placed in its fall in the sign of Cancer, Hearth and Home. Mars is Retrograde. Mars is out of bounds. Mars is lead planet in a Locomotive chart. That's some gnarly fire water you're brewing down there, Orange County.

Progressed Mars comes out of retrograde for this chart around the year 2068. Wonder what that means.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Drink Me" or Stories About the SEC

Found a great article written by Marjorie Orr over at Astrology.com on all the Virgo stuff going on over at Goldman Sachs. I don't understand where she got some of the dates for Goldman Sachs but I didn't look very hard. What I did notice over at Wikipedia's entry for Goldman Sachs is that it was Founded 1869 right as the Neptune-Pluto conjunction in Taurus was forming. Interesting to match up what Robert Blaschke says about Mercury Rx in Taurus while keeping that in mind. My original intent was to figure out why Goldman Sachs is denying its wrong doing. And to do that I was looking for some kind of lyer aspect. And to to do that I was preparing myself to focus on Neptune-Mercury type stuff. Maybe adding Jupiter and Pluto in there for good measure. And so far this looks good in that regard. Perhaps this Mercury Rx in Taurus is going to dredge up all kinds of bad stuff that began around the time of that conjunction. I was just thinking that all kinds of good stuff started around the time of that conjunction, but the stuff I was thinking about was mostly in the Arts and Imagination. That's the other side of Venus besides the money thing.

Looked up the SEC's chart. Have to admit I wanted to find the reason for the porno, the getting caught with the pants down aspect, so to speak. I got distracted by the other stuff which is equally fascinating but not quite as funny. So, wait just a second and I'll go have a peak, so to speak.

Oh, haha, it's right there. Progressed chart shows that the SEC is just finishing up a Venus conjunction to natal Pluto in Cancer. And not progressed Mars is 3 degrees away and approaching. They're going through a sexy phase, what can I say?

The thing about being attracted to the kinky in the first place, and getting caught, is the natal Mars-Chiron conjunction in Gemini squaring the natal Saturn in Aquarius. The Internet is just laying the foundation for one big long game of Screwdriver for these boys and girls. Progressed Venus has moved into Leo now so perhaps they'll get free tickets to the opera and start whacking off in the boxes. Or maybe they'll do it at NASCAR races. Who the hell knows? This story would only appeal to a Gemini Riser, that's for sure. Thanks CNN.

Okey dokey, back to the Rules and Reg's for this organization.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
procreated: June 6, 1934 Washington, DC

Sun 16 Gemini; Moon Aries; NN 14 Aquarius

Wow, what a weird chart for Securities Exchange Commission. This is basically the chart for Meth Freak. As I said, natal Mars conjunct Chiron in Gemini squaring Saturn. These guys don't know if they are making the laws or running from them.

Then there's the Venus. Venus rules money and banks. But these guys have a very artistic idea of what that means. Venus is in Taurus in the procreation chart. That's awesome. And it's conjunct Uranus which doesn't do rules and regs but it does do entrepreneurship and innovation. Venus-Uranus in Taurus is trining Neptune. Venus-Neptune trine likes to sing and dance and sell dope. HaHa this is great.

Pretty crazy. Saturn, which rules governance and regulations, is in Aquarius and disposits to Uranus, which doesn't do governance and regulations. Uranus went into Rx by Progression back around 1995 just when the market went on its long Spring Break, thank you Weird Alan.

Pretty crappy stuff started to pull the party apart. First of all, that Gemini Sun in the natal. That got hit by the Saturn-Pluto-Chiron opposition back in 2001-2. That's just when progressed Venus was exactly conjunct natal Pluto and inconjunct Saturn (prog.). That's when the porn market must have exploded, so to speak.

Gee-ad, this is how everyone knew that Elliot Spitzer was renting hookers. They were the ones who told him about them.

Is this really the story of American Finance or is it another Disney version of Alice down the Rabbit Hole? Is this why I've developed such a crush on Chairman Ben and Big Haired Tim?

Stay tuned --- I've gotta go watch a movie about Mussolini.

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Robert Blaschke on Mercury in Taurus Rx.

Robert Blaschke talks about the current Mercury Rx in Taurus online over at The Mountain Astrologer. Found it while looking for information about Goldman Sachs who was just accused by the Feds of screwing up. Hey, did you hear about what the folks at the SEC were doing while Goldman Sachs was screwing up? They were watching Porn via their workplace internet connection. One employee logged 8 hours worth on his Government Issue computer. Ah, the Good Old Days. Now those are the charts that I'd like to take a look at.

This Mercury Rx is a baddie, or a "longie," as Blaschke calls it. 128 day Synodic Cycle. The SEC will have to go for 128 days without porno, I guess.

This one is on my 12th house cusp, health problems and computer hackers.


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Monday, April 26, 2010

The "Night Shining"

Another great article in New Scientist Magazine, April 10, 2010: "Mysterious 'night shinig clouds have a solar controller." p. 14.

Clouds that are placed very high up in the atmosphere. They glow at night. And they may be linked to the Sun's rotation on its axis. Both follow a 27 day cycle.

Researcher is Charles Robert of the University of Bremen, Germany.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ready For Your Close Up, Old Man

Rachel Sussman is a photographer who has been traveling around the world taking pictures of the world's oldest living organisms.

She was written about in a recent New Scientist Magazine article (April something something). Some of her photos are included on New Scientist website along with her own website.

I was happy to find that California, land that currently builds most buildings with the idea that they will be standing for only about 20 years, also houses a large percentage of the world's least transient plants.

We have Sequoias in the Mountains, and Creosote Bushes in the Mohave and down by L.A. in the White Mountains there is an old pine tree called "The Old Man" which is thought to be the world's oldest tree, currently about 4773 years old.

Things that grow very old are said to grow very slowly. Old Man stays alive by looking like he's dead all over except for one branch which sprouts leaves at a time. In 2002 he was said to be 4767 years old! That's where I tried to get his current date from.

This means that he would have sprouted around 2765 B.C. give or take a year and a typo or two.

In 2765 B.C. exactly there was a conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn and the North Node in Cancer which opposed Neptune at 2 Capricorn. So, Pluto is passing over Old Man's natal Neptune. Kind of interesting that his picture gets taken right now and presented to the World. That is an Aries Point which brings one before the world (according to Noel Tyl). Pluto rules "Fame" and Neptune rules "Photography." Let's hope it doesn't equal another of Noel Tyl's explanation of Neptune-Pluto transits which is "Wipe Out."

Either way Old Man has got some Cardinal Sign action going right now in his chart if this is the correct date. Pluto was in mid-Taurus back then. This means that both Saturn and Pluto were in signs of their detriment. Old Man's whereabouts are kept hidden in order to keep people away. Hope this secret is maintained. Probably some pot growers will think he's a weed and douse him with Round-Up. I guess an actual researcher murdered another very old tree.

Uranus, planet of cycles and returns imo, is in Pisces. So, Old Man's been going through a Uranus Return right now.


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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Get Down

Kind of a weird thing I remember. Back in the late 80s and early 90s it seems that I kept meeting people who were having knee surgery for whatever reason. It seemed to suddenly stop after a while. Maybe I just started hanging out with younger people, don't know.

I suspect that this was perhaps because of the outer planet conjunction that was going on back then. Uranus and Neptune were together in Capricorn which is the sign that rules the knees. The kicker, so to speak, would have been when Saturn, Ruler of Capricorn, joined them. Capricorn doesn't want to kill you, it just wants to make you slow down even if it hurts.

Now I wonder if Pluto's entrance into Capricorn will either bring back the old wounds. Or perhaps there will be incredible new treatments, especially surgeries as Pluto seems to like the knife, that treat hurt knees.

Either way, I thought I would add this link for an article called "6 ways to ruin your knees" by Shahreen Abedin. With cautious Capricorn they say "forewarned is forearmed" so maybe it will help. Maybe all those people who struggled with their hips while Pluto was in Sagittarius can get a little breather from what they just went through.


Maybe this just means that a lot more people will be getting married. The need to get down on one's knees and propose may just be too strong a pull. Just make sure you're sober.

There are a couple of great homeopathic remedies for arthritis. I've seen Rhus Toxicodendron do wonders. http://www.answers.com/topic/rhus-toxicodendron. That's poison ivy, so only take it in remedy form.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NASA Snaps of the Sun and a Lullaby to Keep Sol Asleep

The geniuses at NASA figure use these photos to try to predict when the Sun is going to start to roar. They are beautiful. Hope the Sun waits until next year. Don't need the him waking up until after this year's other aspects finish doing their thing.


(Guess my linkee thing is working but Blogger doesn't allow cut & paste and there's no way I'm trying to type that string into the computer).

I never noticed how many Lullabies are written about either Broad Daylight or really disturbing subject matter. They should be call "nightmarsies." A parent is supposed to sooth the baby by singing a song about falling out of the crib. Might as run your fingernails up and down a chalkboard while you sing.

Okay, here goes...

ah one, ah two, ah

You are my sunshine, My only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You'll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away.

Airline Stocks - Computer Gliches - Hospital Bullies

Because of the Volcano that's erupting in Iceland many of the airports in Europe have been shut down. That means no air flight. The reactions of people is sort of weird. They are getting angry and selling their airline stocks. So I suppose the opening bell charts ought to show something having to do with Airline stocks going on sale.

The European Markets have a different opening bell which I don't know and am too lazy to figure out. The Opening Bell charts right now for Wall Street have a Gemini Rising. Chart ruler, Mercury, has gone Retrograde up in the 11th House and is squaring Mars in Leo in the 2d house. This shows transportation snafu causing a quick dip and maybe a quick way to make some extra cash?

The bigger picture of the stress caused is shown by the big Outer Planet opposition hanging over the 4th and 10th Houses. Saturn 30 Virgo Rx (H4) is opposing Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces (H10).

This morning there was also a gliche in the McAfee Antivirus program caused by a recent update faux pax. The program recognized the shut-off programming on Windows software as a virus and shut all the computers down. Even the computers at Intel were affected. Why does Intel use such a bad anti-virus program? McAfee Antivirus stock also dropped a bit.

It's a good time in History to be a corrupt person. You will free to express your absolute worst side right now. There's a lot of potential victims out there. Stick out those fangs. Be a Bully. I wrote a bad review I had of a Doctor who I went to a year ago. She should have been fired for how she treated me. Actually her entire staff was abusive. I looked up her reviews on Yelp to see if anyone else had had the same experience and all the reviews were absolutely glowing so I gave my two cents. The girl at the front desk was short with me and slammed the glass partition in my face. The Nurse barked my name at me in the waiting room and didn't say a damn thing after that. No small trick considering she had to get me to follow her, step on a scale, follow her back into a room. Good thing I'm psychic. I saw down in the exam room next to a metal tray table on wheels that had remnants of the last exam. There was a tube of open lubricant on the table that was oozing goo onto the metal and a used paper towel with what looked like a pubic hair in it. The Doctor walked in and I told her my situation. I was actually there to see if I could get a referral to a specialist. I'm not sure what exactly she was upset about but she started screaming at me. She was from another country and I think she got so red-faced she was even screaming in her native tongue. At any rate, it was pretty upsetting. In the middle of this the nurse pokes her head in and starts telling us about how another patient's test results came back negative. They continue to talk about that poor patient. After the nurse withdraws her head and closes the door, psycho Dr. starts screaming again. I called the hospital to complain about her and the administrator had no reaction at all. So that was the upshot of my review. Evidentally, Yelp allows folks to go in and change their reviews. Now the review for the date that I left it says something about how the person at the front desk was discourteous. Someone has hit the "Funny" key in the row below the review.

This is unbelievable. These are health care professionals. Doctors and Nurses from very corrupt countries who are openly abusing the system in this country to get money. We will never hear about this behavior on the news. Rich white people will even do everything they can to suppress it. Before I die I will probably come back in and add the Hospital's name and Doctor's name, but why bother at this point? We are so worried that an Irish girl killed herself because she couldn't handle bullying from some High School kids. That's what's on the news. Everyone knows that kids are cruel. That's why God created parents who pay attention to their kids. Or at least he used to. It's a tragic loss of life. From the pictures one can see that the girl who died was ten times prettier than the girls who bullied her. Thing is. What I'm experiencing is a Doctor. I don't know what the bitch thinks she's doctoring, but she's very proud of her status in life.

Oh hell, I'll say the Doctor's name. I just want to see what happens. God knows she must be Googling herself 30 times a day at this point to keep things "unter kontrol." ((((deleted due to fear of retribution, man, Big Brother is the Medical Profession)))). They are in the highly politically correct Bay Area where everyone is a pacificist, politcally correct person albeit hypocrit.

We should just shut all the computers down for the rest of the year. It's not going to be worth the trouble. Here I am babbling away. "Loose lips sink ships." That was the Family Motto in my Plutonian family growing up. Lone Gemini Riser here. Anybody got some spackle for this thing?

Queen Elizabeth's Uranus Return

Queen Elizabeth II of England is turning 84 years old today. That means that she has just completed her Uranus Return which occurs around the age of 83. With Uranus in the sign of Pisces what does that mean? The restrained Monarch has released photos of her baby pictures to the public. Pisces rules Photography.


What a cute little baby. Looks like there's more to the Queen than that Capricorn Rising and Saturn conjunct Midheaven will normally show us.

Maybe Astrologers should routinely suggest this as a Birthday Present for people who are lucky enough to make it to their 83d-84th year.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Saturn in Virgo

The writer of the blog 10 Minute Astronomy talks about how beautiful the Moon and Saturn were last night.

Says that he/she has never seen Saturn so clearly. "I have never seen so much detail." Guess everyone's relieved that Saturn has moved back into Virgo at this point.



Friday, April 16, 2010

Cyber Warfare

Are the big Astrological Events this Summer going to bring Warfare into the 21st Century?

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bjork Sings to the Earth And ...

Those triple Scorpios are manifesters, that's for sure. Plutonian Icelandic Singer Bjork sang to the sick earth and now the mountains are screaming from underneath the glaciers. And, except for the Icelanders who have been evacuated, this could be a good thing if it doesn't go for too long. I read a while back that we were needing a volcano to erupt because a little ash in the ionosphere could stave off Global Warming for a while. (Don't know if that's true, and things could cool things down too much if the volcano erupts for too long).

On the Spring Solstice (March 20) a volcano in the southern part of Iceland erupted. Yesterday it erupted again in what is said to be 10-20 times more powerful reaction. That was the Aries New Moon!

Ash is spilling out into the skies and air transport is called off due to low visibility. People have been evacuated. This is expected to continue for a couple more months. If the lava melts some of the neighboring glaciers another volcano may erupt and this could send the earth into a deep freeze.

Wow, this is definitely triple Scorpio stuff. Whatever's been bottled up will eventually spew out. Pluto is conjunct Bjork's natal Mars. And she was born during the Uranus-Pluto conjunction and opposition to Saturn of 1965. This opposition is layered over her natal IC/MC Axis! It mirrors the current t-square between these 3 Outer Planets right now. (IC represents 4th house and environment and geology). Her chart at Astrotheme. (http://www.astrotheme.com/portraits/8B49CTJDeDZ9.htm)

The first eruption happened right on the Spring Solstice. I wrote a little bit about it here and unfortunately didn't add the exact time and location:

Iceland has caught the brunt of the geological tension today as one of its Volcanoes erupted. The news reports said that around 500 people were evacuated. The volcano is in the Southern part of Iceland about 100 miles from Reykjavik.

Volcano Erupts

Sun 1 Aries; ASC 5 Scorpio; Moon 30 Taurus; NN 18 Capricorn Rx; MC 29 Leo

The houses for Placidus don't really work that far up North. I'm not sure what house system they use. This chart is amazing just by placement of the planets. The Sun is on the Spring Equinox point conjunct Uranus.

This conjunction is in the big t-square formation with Saturn 1 Libra and Pluto 6 Capricorn. It is also trining Mars 1 Leo to the the degree.

Neptune-Chiron are conjunct the IC in Aquarius.

The last time this volcano erupted was from December 1821 to January 1823. At that point, Uranus and Neptune were in conjunction at the beginning of Capricorn where Pluto is right now. Pluto was at 28 Pisces very close to the Aries Point.

So it looks like Iceland is affected by early Cardinal Sign outer planet activity. I guess that Bjork was the Lava that came out during the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn back in the early 90s.

Well, the Scientists were saying that a volcano could buy us some time with keeping Global Warming at bay.

Hey, Bjork, could you try singing a lullaby right about now?

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Polish President Airplane Crash / Katyn Forest Massacre

On April 10 an unbelievable loss of Polish Government Officials. The President of Poland's airplane crashed while trying to land in dense fog at an airport in Smolensk, Russia. All people on board are pronounced dead. The Officials were arriving in Russia to memorialize a tragic event from World War II known as the Katyn Forest Massacre. Around 22,000 lives were lost during this event which occurred mostly in April, 1940 near the vicinity of Katyn. The purpose was to execute all members of the Polish Officer Corps. So, of course, there are major conspiracy theories going on. Poland has only been a Democracy for a short while.

For some reason I haven't been able to figure out from news reports what time the airplane crashed. So I'm not going to look at that right now. Anyways, it seems that there are many great accounts written by astrologers.

I did find some really eerie astrobabble that could add a psychic element to the massacre. Hope that investigations show that this was simply an accident due to what looks like pilot error. I mean, that's a drag for the pilot but the political strife that could follow would be devastating.

Polish President Lech Kaczynski died on April 10, 2010.

Lech Kaczynski
b. June 18, 1949 2:45 am Zoliburz, Warsaw, Poland

Sun 27 Gemini; Moon 22 Pisces; ASC 18 Gemini; MC 11 Aquarius; NN 23 Aries Rx

Kaczynski has a natal Sun-Uranus conjunction in his first House. Uranus is right on the first degree of Cancer, an Aries Point. 1st House rules the physical body and Sun-Uranus shows sudden, shocking events. I'm not going into long description of what all that means. Thing is, this is filling in the empty leg of the long going current transit of the t-square between Saturn-Uranus and Pluto. As a matter of fact, Pluto, planet of death is exactly conjunct the 8th House cusp in this chart and opposing Sun-Uranus in 1st house of physical body.

Death is shown by the water houses in one way or another and they are all afflicted here. In K's chart, natal Pluto is conjunct the IC from H4. The extra long current Mars transit has had Mars transiting back and forth over K's natal IC. Mars rules K's other house of death, House 12. He had Mars in this house natally conjunct Mercury, ruler of his 1st house of physical body. This is squaring natal Saturn, ruler of H8, major house of death. K's Solar Arc progressions also show a conjunction to the degree of Neptune and Pluto. One is natal and the other SA, can't remember which is which.

I suspect that House 12 rules ghosts. I know that Neptune and Pluto do, and that's where I'm going now.

(Oh, before that I gotta mention Jupiter since Jupiter rules airplanes. Jupiter is placed in the other sign that rules aviation and in the 9th House. It is trining the Mercury-Mars conjunction.)

If I'm understanding Wiki correctly the Katyn Forest Massacre occurred mainly in April, 1940. It began on either Apr. 3 or 4 and continued for 28 days. But, I also read that the Russians continued on through May because they took off work to celebrate May Day.

The document that outlines the ideas behind the Katyn Massacre was dated Mar. 5, 1940. It was apparently signed afterwards, but this date progresses into some interesting stuff.

Katyn Forest Massacre paper dated
Mar. 5, 1940 Smolensk, Russia

Sun 15 Pisces; Moon Capricorn or Aquarius; NN 23 Libra Rx

This shows classic creepy Mercury Retrograde stuff. They say to never sign a document during a Mercury Rx. Things come back to haunt you. Bad Intentions never seem to die, at any rate. The paper was signed while Mercury was at 1 Aries and about to go Retrograde in a few hours. Mercury was extra potent because on the Aries Point and trining the two outer planets that are most difficult to deal with on earthly level. Mercury trine Pluto 1 Leo and opposing Neptune 25 Virgo.

This Mercury is also set off heavily by the current outer planet t-square which is forming off and on currently and be at the Aries Points this Summer.

A Momento Mori from World War II?

The idea to execute all the Polish Officers was dreamed up by a total freak named Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria. Beria was an Aries so he was having a big Solar Return during this event. This guys sounds totally evil. It is said that he used to drive his car around town and rape women willy nilly. Total abuser.

Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria
b. Mar 29, 1899 Merkheuli, near Sukhum, Georgia, Russian Empire

Sun 9 Aries; Moon Libra or Scorpio; NN 4 Capricorn Rx

Beria's progressions are really creepy. Right now his prog. Sun is conjunct prog. Mars within a degree at 25-26 Cancer. His prog. Mars-SAturn and Pluto are in a violent t-square with each other:

P.Mars 19 Virgo squaring p. Saturn 18 Sagittarius opposing p. Pluto at 17 Gemini.

This t-square layers right on top of President Kaczynski's ASC-DESC and natal 4th House Pluto!

His North Node is conjunct where Pluto is now. This is conjunct President Kaczynski's 8th House.

Okay, I'm creeped out. I'm also looking at too many charts at once. Hope all info is correct. If we ever get a solid time for the crash it will be interesting to see how any of these point connect up. The reason for the crash is said to be dense fog (Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius). Also pilot error. Maybe this is a case similar to a couple of the runaway Toyota crashes. People stepped on the gas instead of the brake and thought they had been victimized by the brake-accelerator problems that have plagued Toyota Priuses.

Oh, P.S. the airplane was a Cancer and Pluto would be opposing it's Sun and conjunct its natal Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn. Natal Mars is at 21 Aries apex of a t-square to a Jupiter-Saturn opposition. Not the greatest chart for an airplane, imo.

2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 Crash
June 29, 1990 for Polish Air Force

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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Aloha Bell

Who says what goes up must come down? When the Opening Bell Charts of the NYSE put an 11th House Sun into all things financial every Business Day of the week, the motto ought to be "What goes down must come back up." According to Wall St. Americans are made of rubber.

Anyways, Tim Geithner (sp?) forgets to pay his taxes sometimes but he sure knows how to lay out a nice Stock Market come back. It's that big Leo head of hair he's got. Roarin back.

How come I'm not feeling it? (Personally, I'm utterly Saturn-Uranus-Pluto'd out.)

Today the Stock Market made a major psychological breakthrough. Or is that psychotic breakthrough? Sorry I'm too depressed to enjoy the thrill. Barack, you are awesome. So are you big haired Tim. And Ben, you know I love you even though you own Philip Morris.

Stock Market hit the 11,000 point mark. Yay. This is a spot that it last gave up on July 15, 2008. The lowest point of the Market was on March ______, 2009. Who cares about the date? When the Sun is in a Water Sign, everyone just says, "That figures." I think the opening bell charts showed something around that time which I said was perhaps a "buying opportunity?" Can't be sure. It was something to do with Jupiter. I ought to look it up to see if it is true so I can qualify to toot my own horn (ah, pfft, why bother?).

How come I'm not feeling it? Oh yeah, because watching a manipulated market bugs me. I want education and smart people with good manners and innovation and productivity. Also, there are no interest rates at all for people who want to hold on to their capital so the little guy is being forced back into this risk stuff. Well, Risk is Leo. Big head of hair stuff. Nice visual of a lion roaring fearlessly. Get with the program stuff. pfft x 2.

Kind of an interesting thing to compare the "Aloha" charts so that's what I'm eventually going to do here. In Hawaiian, "Aloha" means both "hello" and "good=bye." I guess if you live on a small island there's nowhere really to go so it's not important to distinguish between coming and going. That's pretty cool. Should have gone to Hawaii someday.

Compare the two Opening Bell Charts:

Day that Dow dropped below 11,000 points:

July 15, 2008 9:30 am New York, NY
Sun 24 Cancer; Moon 23 Sagittarius; ASC 9 Virgo; MC 5 Gemini; NN 20 Aquarius

Day that Dow rose back up to 11,000 points:

Apr. 12, 2010 9:30 am New York, NY
Sun 23 Aries; Moon 30 Pisces; ASC 22 Gemini; MC 27 Aquarius; NN 17 Capricorn

Both charts have Sun in Cardinal (they square each other within a couple of degrees) / Trend to start a new phase?

Both charts have Moon in Mutable, (these also square each other within a couple of degrees) / feeling flexible?

Both charts are ruled by Mercury. That represents the Markets. Virgo gives it up. Gemini picks it up.

Mars is in Leo today within a degree of where Venus was back then. Show Time. Drama. Risk Taking.

In the 2008 drop chart the Sun was in Cancer opposing Jupiter 17 Capricorn. Today the Nodal Axis is layered over that opposition to the degree at Jupiter's spot. (But t.Node is approaching Pluto, dark unless you're really into the Big Boys' rides at the Carnival.) This opposition is layered over the cusps of the H2-H8 in today's Opening Aloha Chart. Those are the financial houses. "Destiny" lines up with Jupiterian luck from 1 1/2 years ago in the financial sector (so obvious in hindsight).

This looks like a Saturn in Virgo thing. The earth signs probably came out pretty here. Saturn had just entered Virgo when the Market began to drop. That shows a feeling of a loss of power and a need to connect back to reality. Saturn has just dipped back into the last degrees of Virgo after being in Libra. After a couple of months of Aries Point action, everyone's now glad to be back in good realistic Virgo. The Stock Market is back. But the jobs aren't. And the Interest Rates have fallen to 0. And the Real Estate Market might go for a second nosedive because the Fed knows that a lot of people out there still have a lot of cash that they need to somehow lose because they've printed a whole lot of extra bills.

The banks have paid back a lot of their bail-out so they will probably now bail-out of the Stock Market. "Interest Rates go up, Stock Market goes down." Thank you Marty Zweig on your yacht wherever you are for a financial lesson I can actually remember. (The other one is "the Trend is your Friend") Both were learned while Uranus and Neptune were passing over my 8th House Moon so maybe they don't really apply anymore, especially since Pluto is heading toward the same spot.

The Neptune-Chiron conjunction in Aquarius has been in on angles in both of these charts. Deception, Fuzzy Thinking, Loss of Boundaries, Healings, Wounds that don't Heal. In the 2008 chart it is conjunct the Descendant. In today's chart it is conjunct the MC. That must be why I don't believe this stuff for a minute.

The 2d and 8th Houses (Banks-Money and Investments-Other people's money) are empty in both charts. Pluto is hovering over the cusps of the 8th House cusp in the 2008 chart right now. Saturn has pulled back a bit. Saturn will once again hit that spot in July-Auqust.

There are Moon-Uranus aspects in both charts perhaps reflecting the U.S. Aquarius Moon. The Market is an emotional and erratic critter. The Moon is squaring Uranus in 2008 chart. The Moon is conjunct Uranus in today's chart. That's the surprise/emotional element. The U.S. natal chart is thought to be Aquarius Moon so perhaps this is a signature to look for for changes in the markets.

Wow, the 2008 chart had a conjunction of Mars-Saturn on the Virgo Ascendant. That's the "Driving with the brakes on" signature. Virgo just had had enough. Today's chart with Gemini Rising shows a little curiosity about what all is around the corner. Curiosity kills the cat every time. Ask me about it, Gemini Rising.

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Friday, April 09, 2010

Of Dame Edna Born

Was listening to an interview with everyone's favorite Australian Lady, Dame Edna, and really, really, really started to wonder about her astrological chart. I also wondered about her "alter ego" Barry Humphries, chart as well. It turns out that Dame Edna is a Sadge. No wonder she's so charming, and so much fun.

I assumed that Dame Edna would have a Leo Moon, but I was wrong. To my personal (well, heh) delight, the Dame actually has a Capricorn Moon. Well, we Capricorn Moons certainly do make a good spoof of the female ego, don't we? The control thing; The "Mature Woman" who leaves her invalid husband behind in order to go after her career, jet-setting around the world, confidante to the Queen (in her own mind at any rate).

Well.... the astrologers like to tell us Capricorn Moons that life gets better after we get older (b.s. interpretation) ... Edna's thriving I guess because she has the charming Sadge Sun and North Node to fall back on.

Humphries himself has the zany Aquarius Sun, perfect signature to play an "alter ego" since opposite sign Leo rules the Ego proper. His natal Moon is in Aries. Mom was a spitfire? Interesting that Dame Edna was first "born" in 1955 when Humphries progressed Moon was probably in Capricorn, he must have been really depressed that year to the point that he had to do something about it.

Humphries has a loaded 12th house with Sun, NN, Saturn and Venus in that house. Great for an actor who escapes into other characters. His Saturn is conjunct his North Node to the degree and it's interesting that his Wikipedia entry says that his absent, strict Father was his inspiration for wanting to escape into other characters during childhood.

One would want to take a look at Humphries' natal Venus, of course, to understand his ideas about women, and art. His Venus is in Aquarius and unaspected and retrograde. That means that weird women are a strong signature for him. At any rate, tt's no surprise that he is involved with Arts and Comedy and the Unusual and with Shock. When he was younger he performed as a Dada-ist. That certainly embraces the unusual.

Onward to the Mommy story. It's connected with Humphries' natal Rx Venus, so prominent in his natal chart, which went direct around 1942 by progression when Humphries was around the age of 8. During the same age his progressed Mercury stationed Rx. I went back to Wikipedia to find out if any significant changes in psychology would show up around that time. Wikipedia says that his Mother threw away all his books when he was 9 years old! Mercury = Books! Rx equals being held back and forced to stew in the juices of the planet for a while longer than other folks.

Rather than turning to sports, or whatever, as Aries Moon Mom probably would have preferred after tossing out all her sons' precious books, Humphries became a voracious reader and turned to all kinds of Mercurial antics. His natal Mercury is in his first house of personality conjunct Mars in Pisces and is opposing Neptune. Humphries also suffered from Neptune's flip-side problem and turned to drinking early on. He was sent to Rehab in the early 1970s when his parents found him passed out face down in a gutter. His progressed Mercury had stationed Direct back in the mid-60s. It passed into Aries around 1991.

Right now Dame Edna herself is close to celebrating a New Moon in Aquarius by Progression. This means that her Sun (and possibly Moon) is at 22 Aquarius and is going to be in conjunction with her "Alter Egos" natal Sun in about 6 years. No walker for this old lady, her mind will stay sharp as a tack.

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

7.7 Earthquake in Indonesia

Indonesia had another whopper of an earthquake yesterday morning. The 7.7 earthquake had almost the same epicenter in Sumatra as the 8.9 earthquake that struck in 2004. Interesting thing is that this one didn't cause any deaths and almost no damage. And it didn't create a tsunami. Neptune rules the chart and Neptune is conjunct the H12 cusp along with Chiron so that makes no sense at all.

Of course, there's a huge difference between the size of the two earthquakes. 8.9 is probably twice as powerful as a 7.7. And there probably isn't all that much left to knock down in the area at this point anyway.

I thought I would compare the two charts to maybe see if I tell why one would cause so much damage and why the other one wouldn't. I can't. I just don't have the time. Maybe it's impossible to tell. (But, trust me, this has my curious Gemini Rising all inflamed.) Someday it should be an interesting study for someone. The USGS should really teach its astrophysicists (or whatever you call them) to study astrology because this stuff is just too incredible to ignore.

First of all, yesterday's earthquake showed the same Cardinal Sign emphasis that I'm seeing a lot of the time. Sumatra must be at some spot that's vulnerable to inflamation around the time of the Equinoxes and Solstices the way that California is. The Sun here is in Cardinal, so is the Nodal Axis and so is Saturn in both charts. The Sun and Moon are in major aspect with each other. In 2004 they are opposing (Full Moon/Eclipse). Yesterday they were squaring each other and Moon was conjunct NN.

7.7 2010 Earthquake

Sun 17 Aries; Moon 23 Capricorn; NN 17 Capricorn; Saturn 1 Libra;

8.9 2004 Earthquake

Sun 5 Capricorn; NN 29 Aries; Saturn 26 Cancer Rx (H7); Moon 28 Gemini (well, almost Cardinal)

Yesterday's Earthquake is Classic Earthquake Chart. Uranus is conjunct the Ascendant opposing Saturn on the Descendant. Pluto is up in H10. That puts the big t-square on the angles.

The 2004 Earthquake had the approaching Full Moon (Gibbous) crossing the ASC/DESC Axis. I think it was right before an Eclipse as well. In that earthquake the Sun was just passing up over the Ascendant (notice both earthquakes happen around Sun Up) and was at 5 Capricorn/ASC was at 7 Capricorn.

Pluto's Station and placement is perhaps a big trigger for yesterday's earthquake. Amazingly, it was about to turn Retrograde within 4 hours and was at 6 Capricorn. This is right on the ASC/Sun of the 2004 Earthquake (Sun 5 Cap-ASC 7 Cap).

Mercury and Venus are also in conjunction in both charts. I know this is a trigger for Market Crashes in October in the U.S. Why shouldn't it also be a trigger for humongous earthquakes in Sumatra?

2004 earthquake: Venus 12 Sagittarius-Mercury 13 Sagittarius.
2010, yesterday: Mercury 6 Taurus-Venus 8 Taurus.

Both earthquakes are part of the big Uranus-Neptune mutual reception. But both charts have other mutual receptions: 2004 Venus and Jupiter are in mutual reception. 2010 Sun and Mars are in mutual reception.

Mars in major aspect to Uranus in both earthquakes. Square in 2004, Trine in yesterday's 2010 earthquake.

It looks like 28 degrees Mutable is a trigger point for major elements in these charts.

7.7 Earthquake in Indonesia

Apr. 7, 2010 5:15 am offshore close to Sibolga, Sumatra

Sun 17 Aries (H1); Moon 23 Capricorn (H10); ASC 28 Pisces; MC 28 Sagittarius; NN 17 Capricorn (H10)

8.9 Earthquake in Indonesia

Dec. 26, 2004 6:58 am (Local Time) (00:58 UTC) offshore close to Banda Aceh, Sumatra

Sun 5 Capricorn; Moon 28 Gemini; MC 11 Libra; ASC 7 Capricorn; NN 29 Aries

Interesting article wonders why yesterday's quake didn't cause more destruction: http://www.ens-newswire.com/ens/apr2010/2010-04-07-02.html.

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

7.2 Baja California Earthquake

The Easter Bunny can't blithely stomp around like he used to. He created a major 7.2 earthquake in Baja California on Easter Sunday about 40 miles from the U.S. Border. The earthquake was felt about 200 miles up into California and Arizona.

It's Tuesday now and reports say that there have been about 500 aftershocks.

Sunday's earthquake was felt all the way up the California Coast to Ventura County. Many reports say that it was felt up in Santa Barbara but I was in Santa Barbara and didn't feel a thing and I can tell you that there are a lot of really high people who probably feel dizzy all day. The weather was really strange, though. The day before was beautiful and sunny, then all of a sudden a rain storm came in. The next day was very windy. I know there's an official "earthquake" weather and can't remember which one it is. Thought it was the freaky wind thing, just depends on the time of year. I do know that there was more weird weather in other parts of the country.

There are some cool videos out there of people eating Easter Eggs and squeezing Easter Bunnies and suddenly running for cover. Lots of David Hockney images of swimming pools with water sloshing out. Almost nothing showing what happened at and near the epicenter. California needs its own independent cable news channel.

Two people have been reported to have been killed. I send my condolences to the people who lost someone and to all who are struggling without water and power and blocked roads right now. The news reports up here suck.

According to the USGS the town closest to the epicenter is Guadalupe Victoria, Baja, Mexico. I used Mexicali because there are 3 Guadalupe Victoria's in Mexico listed on Solar Fire and I don't have enough time to figure out which one this was.

7.2 Earthquake Baja California, Mexico
Apr. 4, 2010 3:40 pm Guadalupe Victoria, Baja

Sun 16 Aries; Moon 29 Sagittarius; ASC 3 Virgo; MC 30 Taurus; NN 17 Capricorn

The big thing to notice is that this earthquake sticks with the Cardinal Sign theme that I talked about for this year for California earthquakes. Although I don't really know what I'm talking about I have been saying that the months after the Equinoxes and Solstices are very vulnerable for earthquakes this year in California. They hit both the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square and the Eclipse Points. The Haiti and Chile earthquakes were much bigger but, hey, the year is only half over.

In January, California had a major earthquake in Eureka up at the far North end of the state. This Baja California earthquake hit the low end of the state. Parkfield's in the Center of the State. It's the place that for a long time had regular earthquakes every 20-25 years. Last time was 2004, but that came late. Back in my post on this series I did find a 100 percent correlation between Jupiter's placement in Cardinal Signs and this series. Jupiter will enter Aries (Cardinal Sign) beginning of June and will be in conjunction with Uranus, one of the natural rulers of earthquakes.

This chart has the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square placed off the angles in the Resources Houses. The Moon is at the last degree of Sagittarius (Aries Point) conjunct Pluto in the 5th House.

Uranus doesn't rule any of the angles, which knocks my interpretations way off. But the Neptune-Chiron conjunction in Aquarius is conjunct the Pisces Descendant and is placed on the Axis part of a Kite figure. Neptune rules the House cusp that it is in conjunction with. The Kite contains a Grand Earth Trine between Virgo Ascendant trine Mercury-Venus conjunction (rulers of 2 angles, H1 and H10) trine Moon-Pluto (H5).

The Moon and Sun are prominent in the chart as the Sun is unaspected to other planets from H8 and the Moon is out of bounds (H5).

The Aries Sun (H8) in this chart is squaring the Nodal Axis (NN Capricorn), however. This is important as this earthquake is sandwiched between two Eclipse Sets in Cancer/Capricorn.

Uranus and Mars are trining each other and conjunct the H8 and H12 cusps to the degree. That's probably irrelevant.

Jupiter is also unaspected in this chart in Pisces. It is actually about 10 degrees away from conjunction with Uranus. These two will be pretty much connected for most of the rest of the year. As I mentioned in the Parkfield Series Earthquake post, Jupiter tends to only strike that area when its in Cardinal Signs. It will move into Aries in June same time as Uranus so perhaps Central California will be hit. Hopefully not. The kids born during this time sure are going to be smart.

I've said that Southern California tends to have earthquakes in Winter (Capricorn)-Summer (Cancer) and Northern California has earthquakes in Spring (Aries) and Fall (Libra), but this turns everything upside down. The Eureka area didn't surprise me because I sort of lump that area in with Oregon Coast which seems vulnerable during January/Capricorn.

According to the USGS, this particular area has been struck by similar 7.0-7.2 earthquakes back in 1940, 1934, 1915, and 1892.

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