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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sabotage, South San Jose

Really great charts for studying sabotage.  There have been 2 incidences of sabotage of what seems to be focused on AT&T in South San Jose.  The events occurred 4 years apart yet the charts have amazing similarities.  The first event occurred in 2009 and involved cutting fiber optic cables which cut off service.  The second event occurred in 2013 and involved shooting out the transformer in a power station.  Both events occurred during an Aries sun while Pluto, the planet of sabotage and most crime, was in the first house.


Fiber Optic Cables cut, South San Jose
Apr. 9, 2009. 1:15 am south San Jose

Sun 20 Aries, Moon 17 Libra, Asc Sagittarius, mc 18 Libra, nn 7 Aquarius

Pluto 4 Capricorn (H1)

Full moon layered over Ic/mc axis.  Sun conjunct Ic.

Jupiter rules chart and is in h2 conjunct Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius.

Shooting at Power Station south San Jose

Sun 27 Aries, moon 3 cancer, Asc 4 Capricorn, mc 25 Libra, nn 17 Scorpio

Pluto 12 Capricorn (h1)

Saturn ruler of chart, in h10, Scorpio.  Moon conjunct Descendent.

Sun conjunct mars 27 Aries and Venus at Ic.

Sun at bottom of charts suggest power and territory.

Venus is in conjunction with mars in both charts.  In both charts mars rules Ic and Venus rules the mc again suggesting territory and governance.  The pair are in conjunction with Uranus in the fiber optic chart and are in conjunction with the Sun in the shooting chart.

Saturn is lead planet of bucket shapes in both charts.

Sun and moon are both in cardinal signs and on angles in both charts.

Ceres is in a grand trine in both charts.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Surfing the 61 foot wave

Last December a surfer rode the largest wave in recorded history.  Yesterday's Sunday Chronicle contained a great article about the 61 foot monster and it's rider, Shawn Dollar. 


Dollar and his team rode out to a spot off the shore of San Diego.  This alone takes 8-9 hours to accomplish.

Largest wave ever surfed
Dec. 21 , 2012. 3:30 pm San Diego, CA. (Not precise location)

Sun 1 Capricorn; Moon 21 Aries;  Asc 14 Gemini; mc 24 Aquarius; nn 26 Scorpio

I wondered if Jupiter would place prominently in the chart as he, along with Neptune, rules all things enormous.  And yay,  Jupiter has just passed over the Gemini ascendant into Neptunes 12th house of large bodies of water. 

 Jupiter is apex of an exact Yod figure to a Saturn sextile Pluto.  Jupiter 9 Gemini inconjunct Saturn 9 Scorpio sextile Pluto 9 Capricorn.  Jupiter with Pluto seems often to signal record breaking moments.  That combines the idea of luck with forces of nature.  This yod conforms into a kite shape as Jupiter is opposing Venus 8 Sagittarius (h6).

Just as important is sun on an Aries Point (Noel tyl says this brings one before the public) and sextile Neptune also on an angle and strong in its own house (oceans) at 1 Pisces.  Pisces and Neptune also rule the feet.  Hang ten.

Just found Shawn Dollars birth date.  Looks like the moon was conjunct his Sun.

Shawn dollar
B. April. 12, 1981. Santa Cruz, ca