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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Such a Stimulating Bell

I did not remember that there is an opposition between Venus and Pluto going on right now, that's the truth. But, I did look at today's Opening Bell Chart intending on gaining an understanding of why Ben Bernanke looks so sexy when he's promising to bolster the economy with more Stimulus.

I'll write that again: Stimulus. Venus in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Stimulus.

Today's news had a big nice picture of My Magic Federal Reserve Chairman boyfriend Ben Bernanke. He's so photogenic. Must be the Pisces Moon. Ben was saying the Federal Reserve is ready to bolster the economy with 3 different plans if the Budget poo in Congress can't be resolved. He mentioned 3 solutions but I only remember the word Stimulus. I don't think I have a single hormone left in my body.

It helps that the Stock Market rose 100 points after Ben said that. Venus likes a guy with deep pockets.

Uranus is in H8. Surprise Surprise. The Sun is unaspected up in the 11th House of Hopes, Wishes, and Surprise, the show must go on. Group Sex if you will. We all get to see the photo of Ben all at once. Hold on to your Optimism America. Greece, the Birth Place of Democracy is in Bankruptcy and nobody's doing much of anything to bolster it back up except Germany who still needs a place to visit in the Summer. Our Hopes don't align with what the rest of the chart is saying, except for Germany, of course, who likes to buy things cheaply.

Well, if Uranus is so close to the H8 and it is opposing Saturn in the 2d house that means that within a few more days those guys will have passed out of the finance houses and will be in the driver's seat. We have to get past the Full Moon on July 15 which fills in the empty leg of the t-square between Saturn-Uranus-Pluto. Great day to do demo. As a matter of fact, Los Angeles is closing a huge portion of the 405 freeway over this next week-end in order to yank down the Mulholland Bridge over the week-end. The force will be with them. Maybe even an earthquake, although I don't think earthquakes need a full Moon in order to happen. Mulholland was the Virgo who brought water to California by building damns. He said something like "Take It. It's yours!" Then he got a little in over his head and built a bad damn that flooded half the valley. So he spent the rest of his life hiding in his mansion. Now they are saying that all the damn systems in California might be the reason why the Hayward fault is not erupting. Apparently the damns stop the flooding and the fault lines tend to erupt after flooding. There's something so incredible about when Virgos make mistakes. It's as if divine reasoning is making them do it in order to improve things on a larger scale.

I think that Mercury rules the ASC/DESC which describes the sales pitch and the multiple solutions for how to keep things afloat. Marketing blitz. Why not? Also good for anything having to do with printing paper bills.

Neptune c. Pisces Descendant. Transparency. Empathy. Poor house. So Good Lookin.

So, Thanks for keeping us posted, Ben. No. Really. I mean it.

Wonder what Gold did with that unaspected Sun.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Way That Neptune Works

Hope the link for this video works. It's a video of a baby playing with a lion at a zoo. There is nothing but a plate of glass between them. Otherwise the child would be toast.

Obviously the child has no Saturn/Fear issues in his chart. I assume that the parents were the people who were photographing the incident. Also ruled by Neptune. I've never really been able to understand the psychological leap that occurs between Pisces and Aries, but perhaps this describes it. The impulsiveness of Aries has the ability to forge ahead and go where no man has gone before. It also is responsible for why folks end up in jail.



Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Mom's Uranus Return

I put the word Uranus in the header for this post so you'd know the story gets weird. Well, we used to think that old people led boring lives. I guess now that so many stay alive to celebrate their Uranus Returns at AGE 83-84 we can forget about that.

This batch of 84-year-old's at any rate is getting some amazing press. As I've mentioned in another story about an 84 year old, these guys are not only going through their Uranus Returns in Aries Returns but they are going through both Neptune and Pluto oppositions. There was that story about the twins who died within hours of each other. What else? can't remember.

If I've got the correct birth date for Lula Cora Hood she's a Scorpio with either a Virgo or a Leo Moon. She was born during a significant Mars Cycle with the Sun called the Synodic Cycle. Mars is retrograde and is opposing the Sun. And her Sun is conjunct Venus in Scorpio. This will show some power struggles within the life and perhaps some restlessness plus a creative spirit that can't express all that she is feeling. This might indicate an early development of some sort of talent early in life. It's interesting that she had 14 children. I've read that all were adopted (from relatives).

Lula has 4 planets in Scorpio so she would need her privacy. It looks like perhaps she over estimated how many children she could raise on her own. Her Jupiter in Aquarius squares natal Mars. Those types can take on too much. The Scorpio reserve would be afraid to ask for help, or perhaps just wouldn't receive help.

Natal Mercury 30 Scorpio (mental, communication) is in conjunction with Saturn 27 Scorpio and squares Natal Neptune 27 Leo, possibly Moon in Leo or Virgo as well. Moon-Mercury and Saturn-Neptune are often connected with mental illness and depression and feeling burdened. The conjunctions and squares between them tie them together in a bond in which they challenge each others' energies.

The year that Lula left was 1970. Same as now, she was going through major outer planet transits at that point. She was a few degrees past her natal Uranus Opposition but transiting Pluto was opposing natal Uranus during that year. She was also going through her first Neptune square. This means that Neptune was setting off that big signature square for depression (Moon-Mercury-Saturn-Neptune) and feeling burdened (Saturn) and needing escape (Neptune). This certainly gives the sense that she was feeling an overwhelming need to escape.

What's interesting as well is to notice her progressions with relation to Retrogrades and Stations. Retrogrades make a planet appear to stay at a standstill for a very long time on the flat Astrological Wheel rather than moving forward. The extended time that a planet stays on a point can create a stressful inner buildup within a person's psyche. The energy can go crazy when it begins to release after stationing direct, moving forward.

I've already mentioned the significant Mars placement in Lula's chart which includes natal Mars Rx. Mars rules aggression and needing to "do one's own thing" as Maritha Pottenger calls it. Both prog. Mars and Uranus stationed direct by progression back in 1963-64. I wonder if this is when Lula started to run away from her family. These planets, along with Jupiter, will often show the need to break free from bondage. Certainly the social vibe during the time was feeling this need.

Progressed Mercury is also significant to look at in Lula's chart as well. Natal Mercury in Scorpio and in conjunction with Saturn can show a very repressed spirit of communication. Progressed Mercury had spent most of Lula's life up to 1970 in Retrograde as well so it spent an unbelievably long time right at the end degrees of Scorpio. That's very difficult emotionally. Plus it was being teased in a way by all the freedom loving vibes of the next sign which is Sagittarius. In 1970 Lula's progressed Mercury was in conjunction to the degree with its natal spot at 29 Scorpio and was ready to jump into Sagittarius. It would also have been caught up in the Neptune Square with natal Saturn and possibly Moon.

It looks like she was finally going to break out of all that emotional bondage and was going to enjoy some firey Sagittarius freedom. She had been living up in the North in Minnesota (I think) and Illinois. It's interesting that she has now been found down in sunny Florida.

Her progressed Sun and Venus were also traveling through Sagittarius during this whole time which needs a lot of freedom and joy.

In either 1996 or Aug. 1998, the police found a body buried in Galesburg, Illinois which they suspected was Lula's body. So she was assumed dead and her family buried her.

But, the case was reopened and the body retested for DNA around 2008? and on June 20 test results showed that Lula's body was not the one that was found. Somehow the Police located her down in Florida and her family was notified, I believe and am not sure, on June 29, Wednesday. She had been going by assumed names during at least part of the time.

With a natal conjunction of Pluto 16 Cancer to North Node 11 Cancer one can see how the current Pluto opposition transit and Eclipses near those point may have activated yet another extreme change in this woman's life. The sign of Cancer is related to family and motherhood.

Lula Cora Hood (Maiden Name)
b. Oct. 30, 1926

source: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?p=6863928

Left 1970 14 children

Thought they had found her body: Aug. 1998 or 1996

DNA test showed not her body: June 20, 2011

Daughter got call on the Wednesday Morning before July 1 that police had possibly located her Mother in Florida.