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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ursus Wehrli

The idea of cleanliness and order do not go hand in hand with the traditional modern idea of creating art. (I know, traditional and modern are not supposed to go together to describe the same thing, but we are in a time of transition right now).

A new artist gives us a new slant, however.

Swiss photographer and comedian and performance artist Ursus Wehrli has published a new book in which he photographs old art cleaned up and set up to look orderly.

I was hoping things would line up perfectly in a Virgonian kind of way and Wehrli would turn out to be a Virgo, the sign most connected with cleanliness and obsessive compulsive disorder. Well, he's just coming off of a 30 year progression through that sign, so I was close.

If the date I've found is correct Wehrli turns out to be a Leo Sunp maybe even was born on a Leo New Moon. That means that he's more of an artist than anything else. Leo is the creative sign. Photography can't exist without light and who provides better light than a person with his Sun in the sign which it rules?

Ursus Wehrli
b. maybe August 13, 1969

Sun 21 Leo; Moon Leo; NN 23 Pisces

Wehrli's natal chart is more telling. He was born in 1969 just after the big conjunction of Uranus-Pluto in Virgo. But his Virgo in this chart, assuming the date is correct, shows Pluto within one degree conjunction of the Virgo South Node. Pluto is the other ruler of obsessive compulsive disorder. This guy is channeling one wiggy past life right now.

Check it out. This guy was born to make all of us want to be obsessive compulsives. Throw out the meds and join the party.

Wehrli's progressed chart is really incredible for showing big changes going on in his life right now, possibly connected with achieving Fame. Three of his planets have changed signs by progression (secondary).

His progressed Sun is on the AP at 2 Libra so it's just spent the last 30 years dealing with public hygiene-organizational compulsions issues in the sign of Virgo. This great gift is coming to the public attention on the Aries Point.

His progressed Venus has just moved in to the sign of Virgo at 2 degrees. So his art (Venus) is all about things Virgonian. Cleanliness is just the punchbowl at the beginning of the party. This guy is probably going to get totally John Cagian on us, maybe a little Buddha party as well.

Progressed Mars (creative spark, self will) is at 3 Capricorn, also just past the Aries Point. That's seriously good for career.

And his progressed Mercury (communication style) is at 12 Libra and went Rx back around 2003-4 or so. He's thinking and rethinking how to mediate what is balance and harmony.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Equinox Fall 2011

Happy Equinox. It's getting dark early. You are getting sleepy. Actually, according to this chart you're too psycho to fall asleep, but what do I know?

The chart for Washington, DC which is supposed to explain all things United States of America for the next 3 months:

Sept. 23, 2011 5:14 Washington DC
Sun 1 Libra (H1); Moon 5 Leo (H11); ASC 12 Virgo; MC 9 Gemini; NN 19 Sagittarius Rx

There are a couple of indicators that things will be volatile and will occur on split notice. There's a Sun-Uranus opposition from Libra to Aries. That's the Aries Points. So that shows oppositions or needs to balance ego with group, resources involving taking risks and showing off with handling unexpected surprises within a group of strangers. Probably more interest in dealing with strangers than with individuals.

There is a Moon-Mars conjunction which is extremely volatile emotionally. Moon = the Public, adoring or not. Mars is impulsive, spark. Together they can be reactive and raging. This conjunction is in the 11th House. That's points back at the Uranus influence of the Sun.

Fall Equinox is always ruled by a Libra Sun, of course, and this may actually show ability to balance and harmonize and use these impulsive influences for good. With Virgo rising the chart is also ruled by Mercury and Mercury is placed very prominently here in the 1st House, conjunct the Sun, and in its own sign at 25 Virgo. Virgo is earthy, practical and shy and may also guide the flamboyant emotional influences usefully.

There are no planets in Water in this chart which shows a need to compensate. Either people will be super callous or super sensitive. Who knows which. And it looks like water, overabundance and drought are heavy in the Weather news.

Sun-Uranus and Moon-Mars in Leo are extremely creative influences. In this chart they hook into each other in a happy way because Moon-Mars is trining Uranus.

One only hopes this will pan out well because in the California Equinox chart which occurs 3 hours earlier the Moon-Mars conjunction is right on the Ascendant. This means that Leo is Rising and the Sun rules the chart. It looks like, if there's anything to astrology something significant will happen to the country through California.

Something to do with angry people, fire and water. A recent study was published which shows that the tap Water here is everything I have been saying that it is. And that is that the Sewer is coming out through the taps. I read it in a Science Magazine at a laundromat last night: www.sciencenews.org, "Cracked sewers link fecal germs" by Janet Raloff. Thank you so much Janet Raloff, you are my Magic Science Writer Best Friend. The sewers in Wisconsin are just as messed up. We don't know about the rest of the country. Anyway, California is agricultural so we have all kinds of chemicals in our water that probably Wisconsin doesn't have. Don't know. I didn't really like Wisconsin much.

Anyway, I also read in an internet article that people who drink Diet Coke are 48 percent more likely to have a stroke. That's probably why all these thin movie stars and news casters are having seizures during their presentations. It's the Diet Coke and the Neurontin which is probably still in the water from when my shrink prescribed it to everyone whether they needed it or not just because the company was treating her to all kinds of free week end trips to Hawaii.

What better Equinox to have a stroke under than one with a Moon-Mars conjunction on the Ascendant (ASC rules the head)?

I've also just read that people who wash their hands 4 times a day have much less fire retardant in their systems than people with less compulsive hygiene. Maybe the stuff acts as an embalming fluid or something and will save your loved ones dollars at the check out, if you know what I mean.

The California Equinox chart has 4 planets in the 3d house of communications, siblings, and neighborhoods. People want community, but they want their community. I for example am pretty sure that I don't want to smell anyone cooking curry because that smell doesn't evaporate, it just sticks. It also shows a lot of stupid gossipy people standing around water coolers. And cars and telephones. And young school kids who cough a lot.

The new iphone is coming out soon. Smart phones are great tools for gang stalkers. They can communicate with each other about your whereabouts 24/7. And then follow you around in their cars. So when you park they can then vandalize your car. Yay! And Homeland Security can hire all kinds of guys to hack your computer. And mafias worldwide can send all kinds of guys to do their own surveillance using whatever wifi hotspots you use. Yay again!

Saturn is in H2 of the Washington DC chart and is conjunct the IC of the California Equinox chart. So that shows crumbling old banks and crumbling old infrastructure.

Which reminds me of the police. You might want to stay away from them if you live in California. Pluto in Capricorn is on the H6 cusp. They will be a little power trippy. Pluto is in the 4th House for Washington so we're still standing in quick sand with enemies standing on the sidelines laughing their heads off.

So listen to me right now. Practice saying "What's the matter Mr./Ms. Police Officer? Can I help you sir/maam?"

Neptune-Chiron is in the 8th House of the California chart. I'm not going to go there. It is, shall I say, very creative. If you have a big ego and know someone with an original idea you will probably get away with taking credit for it and going on to achieve fame. This is the house where plagiarism begins. You will be a scum bag but as long as you don't feel guilt you can get away with it. Trust me, I had a step-family and know what people are capable of.

The Astrolocality chart for the Fall Equinox for Washington DC has Moon and Mars lines running through California, All ends of it. And the astrolocality chart for California has Moon-Mars lines running through Washington! So it certainly looks as if there is a Moon-Mars element to California. If you're Bipolar it would be a great time to move here.

There's million ways to interpret. My first one is always negative of course, in terms of the volatility and violence element. Wherever Jerry Brown goes, violence is sure to follow. Probably upsets him a bit because he's worked so hard to seek peace in his life, but the Dude's an Aries so he's got to deal with a really big shadow in that regard I guess.

This is such a strong "birth" chart with Moon and Mars, rulers of babies and infants and heads, that maybe something incredible will start here. Once half of the population has been poisoned by the aging water infrastructure that is. Or murdered by certain somebodies who are demanding their "rights". With Neptune in the 8th House of finance maybe the Mexican Drug cartels will take over the insurance companies. Or maybe Bank of America will go bankrupt.

It looks like fevers, and issues with public health might be a concern, but that might just be me going on about the underground plumbing again.

So I decided to look up more information about the Moon and Mars influences over the next few months.

There will be a partial Solar Eclipse on
Nov. 25, 2011 (didn't write down the time)

Sun 3 Sagittarius; Moon 3 Sagittarius; NN 15 Sagittarius; G
Grand Square between Mars 7 Virgo (H12) trine Jupiter 2 Taurus (H8) trine Pluto 7 Capricorn (H4)

Then there will be another Total Lunar Eclipse which repeats the Moon-Mars influence on California again for the entire country.

Total LUnar Eclipse
Dec. 10, 2011 10:36 am New York, NY

Sun 19 Sagittarius; Moon 19 Gemini; NN 15 Sagittarius; ASC 23 Capricorn;

The Moon-Sun Full Moon squares Mars 14 Virgo.
Uranus will be stationing Direct at 1 Aries.

Then I looked at Richard Nolle's sight to see if there will be any SuperMoons and there won't be unless I mis-read the charts which is likely.

Then I read Richard Nolle's predictions about Moon and Mars and the Mars activity looks pretty active.


Every 2 years there's a Mars Max period. This year it starts on Oct. 28, 2011. Mars will be at 24 Leo squaring Mercury-Venus at 24-25 Scorpio. That could suck for the markets. I don't like to see Mercury-Venus conjunctions in October.

Mars 24 Leo will also be opposing Neptune 29 Aquarius.

Nolle's "Mars Max" cycle will last fromOct. 2011-July 2012. You can read about what that means over at his site.

Mars will SRx on January 24, 2012. This is the beginning of its Synodic Cycle which means that probably somebody very smart will be born who will be an early success in life, kind of like Mark Zukerberg. The Synodic Cycle is when Mars RX is opposing the Sun. This one will occur on Mar. 3, 2012 so people with significant parts of their charts at mid-Mutable will be under the influence, so to speak. Venus will be in conjunction with Uranus in Aries.

Mars will Sdirect on April 14.

Mars Rx happens once every two years so it's fairly common.

Saturn moving into Scorpio might make the Hayward Fault angry. I seem to remember that many of the larger earthquakes occur when a major outer planet is at mid-Scorpio so that would be in about 1.5 years. It wouldn't take a big earthquake to totally decimate the place. Saturn and Pluto at this point will be in mutual reception and that's a fairly ugly idea. It can show creative determination to be creative and as long as there is inspiration that's great. Maybe lots of fashion models will be born next year as well, good bones. That's a great combination for becoming anorexic. Watch your knees.

Saturn will enter Scorpio while opposing Jupiter 4 Taurus.

So that looks earthquakey although I don't think that Eclipses are predictably associated with earthquakes. The Sun-Moon and Mars lines for this Eclipse run through Southern California.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Show and Tell and the Sagittarius nn

Story that illustrates the transit of the Sagittarius/gemini nodal axis. A kindergartner brought his mom's drug paraphernalia to class to share with the other kids. His 32 year old mother was then arrested and later released on bail.


Gemini and Sagittarius are all about communication and schooling. This year is just made for interesting show and tells. The kids are going to be learning all kinds of things. So are the teachers. And, uh, hopefully the parents. A kindergartner is usually having his first nodal square which happens right before the 5th birthday. This little boy was probably born with a Virgo nn. What better sign to help mama figure out that she would benefit from rehab than a little sharing session from her adoring son?

Too bad it doesn't really work that way. The nodal axis transits in backward motion so it will soon move into Taurus and Scorpio, signs which are known for holding on to situations for good or bad. Mom will probably go to rehab this year and meet someone who introduces her to an even worse recreation.

CChildren go through a major stage of development every 5th year of childhood which seems to equal the first challenging aspects of their nodal axis cycle. The Gesselle institute wrote that children actually seem to plateau at a level of security in their personality development. They literally call the ages of 5 and 10 "nodal points" in stages of development.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Who's My Mummy?

Okay, so that's a cliche title for this post but, hey, talk about returning to the womb. There's a bunch of 5000 year cycles. The Mayans had a 5,200 year cycle which is going to end next year. There are 4 ages of 1250 which adds up to 4800 years, maybe, maybe not depending on whether or not I can do math. Scientists have all kinds of theories about cycles and the tides. Here's a bunch. I can't read it because of all the techno verbage but maybe somebody else can. It's looks like astrology to me but don't tell the scientists that.

Then there's the German couple who went hiking in the Italian Alps 20 years ago and found what they thought was the body of a dead hiker. Turns out the body was 5000 years old and very well preserved.

They found the body

Sept. 19, 1991 Alps of Italy

Sun 26 Virgo; Moon Capricorn or Aquarius; NN 16 Capricorn. This was in trine to Mercury in Virgo. Mercury in Gemini rules Hikers. I guess Mercury in Virgo rules Hikers who find Mummies.

The Sun was squaring the Galactic Center. That's kind of trippy but it happens pretty often, 4x a year.

Neptune and Uranus were in conjunction with the North Node in Capricorn. Uranus stationed direct that day. Capricorn rules all things old and, well, remarkably well preserved. It always helps to have a lot of earth in your chart, it just means that you're in sync with the dirt and the gravitational pull and the red hot magma in the center.

Pluto was in his own sign, Scorpio. A little phoenix rising up out of the ashes kind of thing from old Italian Mummies.

Saturn was at 1 Aquarius Rx.

This means that Saturn and Uranus were in mutual reception in each others' signs. Out with the old and in with the new, or, whoops, forget those rules: Here's something really, really old that you've never seen before.

Aquarius is related to history because he rules cycles and circulatory systems and surprising finds up in the Alps. Can you imagine listening to 5000 years of nothing but yodeling? I can't think of anything worse, no offense, Astrodienst.

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Season of Big Earthquakes

There have been what seems like an extremely large amount of big earthquakes this year. I'm talking about earthquakes over 6.0 on Richter Scale which is big. Honshu Japan just can't seem to settle down. Please pray for those people. I personally think we should give them a third of the coast of California and get them the hell out of there.

I looked at 7 earthquakes which have occurred over the last week. These earthquakes all have a Grand Earth Trine between Mercury in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn.

What's really interesting is that the placement of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto sticks so close to the angles in the charts. Venus has been in opposition to Uranus while Mars trines it and these two planets rule the charts of 5 out of the 7 charts through the signs of Aries and Libra. One chart has Virgo Rising and one has Pisces Rising. Mercury is generally very prominently placed in earthquake charts. Neptune rules its opposite sign. I don't know enough about astrology of weather, but Neptune/Pisces is strongly related to the ideas of Chaos and of having to surrender to something bigger than one's self. The Weather is in that category. Well, not in California so far, knock on wood. That might change as the next eclipse set might bring something bad. And when Saturn moves into Scorpio and is in mutual reception with Pluto even the sunshine state might have a little Lord of the Rings situation to work through. We're moving into Sun in Libra which is bad for the Bay Area. Southern California might get a big earthquake if triggered by the Eclipses in Dec/Jan. I think I read that a Volcano is in the process of erupting somewhere.

So, the charts of major earthquakes in the last week -- signs which were rising approximately, I didn't use exact locations so give orbs a little leeway:

2 in Aries
3 in Libra
1 in Virgo
1 in Pisces

4 of the Earthquakes have Moon in Aries which means that the Moon is in mutual reception with Mars at end of Cancer, very volatile. This means that the Moon and Mars while triggering each other are also triggering the outer planets Uranus, Pluto, Saturn in Cardinal Signs (and, as I said, close to the angles at the times of the earthquakes.

6.1 9/14/2011 18:10 UTC, 9:10 am LT, Attu, Alaska.
Sun 22 Virgo (H12); Moon 18 Aries (H7); ASC 2 Libra; MC 2 Cancer; NN 19 Sagittarius RX

Saturn 17 Libra (H1) Pluto 5 Cap c. IC 2 Cap; Uranus 4 Aries c. DESc 2 Aries
Venus 30 Virgo opp. Uranus
Mars 28 Cancer (H10) trine Uranus

6.0 9/15/2011 7:53 UTC, 7:53 pm LT L'Esperance Rock, Kermadec Islands, New Zealand

Sun 23 Virgo (H7); Moon 25 Aries (H2); ASC 6 Pisces; MC 16 Sagittarius; NN 19 sagittarius

Saturn 17 Libra (H7); Pluto 5 Capricorn (H7) Uranus 4 Aries Rx (H1)

Ruler Neptune (in Aquarius) conjunct ASC along with Chiron

6.2 9/15/2011

Oh, forget it. I'm bored. Look this shit up yourself. I don't even like Astrologers, (except for the ones in San Diego).

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dakota Meyer at the Bridge

Back in college I decided to major in Classics for awhile. Problem with that was comprehension. The Greeks and the Romans were smart folks and I didn't really have all the brain power necessary to absorb all that creativity. From all the boring penguin editions that I read from I can only remember two anecdotes.

Herodotus was actually fun (at times) even when he was talking about Generals of Armies and things. He invented the idea of History by writing down all the mythology and stories about the culture in which he lived. There was no pressure to be accurate at that point and sometimes he is called the Father of Lies for his tendency to include fabrications and fantastic stories that nobody believes.

Among the most boring historian on earth had to have been Livy who lived in ancient Rome. He was dry and long-winded and probably pretty accurate in his tellings. Livy wrote many many many many Penguin Editions. After a while I realized that it was a waste of time for me to read him because I could not remember anything he wrote. Except for one story -- that of Horatio at the Bridge.

At this point, it's about 30 years later so I've got all the details mixed up about Horatio. What I do remember is that the story of Horatio was so out of character for Livy and seemed so unreal that we all just guffawed at it in class. Where the hell did Livy get off including this unbelievable story in his assemblage of mass and accurate detail?

From what I remember Horatio was a Roman warrior who was defending a bridge, a key transport route down to Rome. He spent hours maybe days fending off a bunch of grinning blue eyed Aryans who I seem to remember had just crossed the Alps on the backs of Elephants. Hmm, maybe the elephants were part of another story about Persians, sorry. Anyway, the Aryans were big and brash, you know, basic German tourists, but in this case they were out to sack Rome so probably carrying spears and rocks. By himself Horatio killed them all, however many there were. We all laughed about how Livy must have been on acid that day. Or that he was channeling Hercules who was a myth and didn't exist. Who could believe this story?

So, where was I? Oh yeah. The War in Afghanistan.

On Thursday President Obama awarded the highest medal possible to an ex-Marine named Dakota Meyer. Dakota defied his superiors' orders because his entire group of friends were caught in battle and were calling for help. The superiors denied the help.

Certain unnamed soldiers in command will supposedly lose their rankings/jobs for incompetence demonstrated that day. Meyer and another soldier, Juan Rodriguez-Chavez, should not even have had to do what they did if their superiors had been competent. The names of these guys are left out of the articles, but I think it's important because it looks to me as if there were issues with giving proper attention to where it is due. There were mix-ups. Mercury was stationing Retrograde.

While receiving his medal Meyer said that it seems unbelievable to receive so much attention for what had been the worst day of his life. Would be interesting to see his entire chart but if the date provided on Wikipedia is true then I could see how Meyer's life could unfold in this way. I actually remember the Greek concept of kalon-kakon, situations which is both a Blessing and a curse occurring at the same time.

I don't have Rodriquez-Chavez' birthday so I'm not going to discuss his astrology. He was given the second highest award that the Navy honors its heroes along with another officer, Ademola Fabayo. I've included a link to an interview with Fabayo the day after the battle down below which explains what happened from his point of view. He provides the timing for the battle which is important astrologically.

First thing astrologers will look at here is that Mercury was stationing Retrograde at 7 Libra in the 1st house right as this battle began. Mercury rules the Virgo rising. Mercury rules communications. Retrogrades indicate a time when Mercury's motion is seen from earth as moving backwards so in traditional astrology communications are said to break down more than usual. What it means is that Mercury spends an extra long time in one sign and there's no feeling of moving forward and smoothly.

There was a Sun-Saturn conjunction almost exactly on the Ascendant. Saturn rules cautionary actions, or stoppages altogether. Saturn is so careful that often he won't help. He also rules authority and bosses.

Saturn was opposing Uranus 26 Pisces which was in the 7th House of partnerships. Pluto wasn't quite within orb of squaring either one of them but he was also angular in H4 and on the very important Aries Point at 1 Capricorn.

The outer planet t-square aspect of these 3 planets has been going in and out of orb for the last two years-plus. It is considered a very stressful, life changing configuration. Lots of divorces, lots of market crashes, lots of earthquakes and floods (especially with Uranus and Neptune where they are). Lots of the types of changes that people don't handle very well.

This t-square describes the event pretty well. Saturn represents authority. Sun represents Military. Along with the Sun represents authority in the military. Placed in Virgo there might not be great leadership. Pluto in the 4th House represents spying, espionage, betrayal, death, an environment like quicksand. Mars in Cancer during the fight just enhances this. Pluto in Saturn's sign right on the Aries point shows that there might be some destruction of military command. And then there's Uranus the Revolutionary. He's in the 7th House getting ready to defy orders in order to save his friends. The 7th House is also significant in diplomacy matters and in dealing with open enemies.

Mercury rules this chart through the Virgo Rising. Although Virgo doesn't like to lead he can often do just as much by working through the details. In this case, the soldiers had the mentality to discern that they would have to deal with the situation on their own because the leadership wasn't there. They just kept charging and charging and charging. When one jeep broke they brought in another one.

Sept. 8, 2009 5:30 am
Ganjgal, Kunar Province, Afghanistan (I don't have Ganjgal on program so used another town so chart I'm using isn't exactly accurate.)

Sun 16 Virgo (H1); Moon 25 Aries (H8); ASC 15 Virgo; MC 13 Gemini; NN 28 Capricorn (H5)

I don't have the exact time that Meyer and Rodriquez-Chavez realized that they would have to act on their own. Time given is the beginning of gunfight according to the interview with Ademola Fabayo (url given at bottom). The current articles just say "before dawn."

When I read the first article about Dakota Meyer I just wanted to know what planets he's got in Scorpio. The Marines are all required to remember the birthdate of their corps which is November 10. It just seemed significant since the Marines are considered the hard core fighters who go in at the front lines. Scorpios don't necessarily like a crisis but they tend to be good at dealing with them because of their staying power.

It's pretty interesting that the only other Marine to receive this medal had the same birthday as the Marines. He was Jason Lee Dunham, born Nov. 10, 1981. He died on Apr. 22, 2004, 8 days after diving in to stick his helmet on top of a grenade to save his friends.

The story about how Dakota Meyer worked as the gunner while Rodriquez-Chavez drove the jeep is extraordinary, right out of Livy. These two ran 5 trips over a 6 hour period. Meyer jumped out of the jeep to drag the wounded back while the Taliban were shooting at them. Rodriquez-Garcia was driving the vehicle around to shield the wounded. As the gunner, Meyer was completely exposed. He killed 8 Taliban fighters, evacuated 12 wounded, provided cover for 24 Marines and soldiers (those number might not be exactly accurate).

Dakota Meyer
b. June 26, 1988 Greensburg, Kentucky (from Wiki)

Sun 6 Cancer; Moon Scorpio, Sadge if born very late at night; NN 18 Pisces

It looks as if Meyer is mostly ruled by Water with a Cancer Sun and a North Node (Life Path) in Pisces and probably a Scorpio Moon. Personally I'm amazed that with all that water he performed so well out in the middle of the desert. Maybe he really has a Fire Sagittarius Moon. The water does give him great psychic abilities to see through a situation. Maybe it made him more invisible to the enemy. Ernest Hemingway was a Cancer Sun so one sort of gets that sense in Dakota Meyer as well.

Meyer's chart is amazing to look at in connection with this event.

For one, he has Mars in conjunction with his North Node at 22 and 17 Pisces respectively. Mars is the Warrior of Astrology and the North Node represents the true direction of one's life path. They are combined here in Pisces which isn't often considered the boldest aspect for a soldier by typical Western Military standards. But Pisces has other methods. He is probably very useful in dealing with smoke screens, deception and people who rely on terrorism in order to get ahead. Mars represents speed, impulse, rashness. This squares his natal Venus Rx and Mercury in Gemini. This combines his mental and physical coordination with his basic loyalties to his comrades in a challenging but energized way.

Transiting Uranus (rebellion, groups, friends, shock, surprise, sudden events) is within conjunction with Meyer's natal Mars by 4 degrees on the day of the fight. Uranus rules one's friends and community who he was fighting (Mars) for. Also, Meyer's progressed Mars is at 2 Aries on this day. This is directly squaring not only the big outer planet t-square of the day but is also squaring a huge opposition from Sun-Chiron to SAturn-Uranus-Neptune that Meyer has in his chart right on the Aries POints (coming before the public).

Transiting Mars was also involved at 8 Cancer. So it was right over Meyer's natal Sun and opposing his natal Neptune 9 Capricorn. Pluto, the higher octave of Mars, was at 1 Capricorn opposing Mars and in conjunction with his natal Saturn-Uranus-Neptune.

His natal Sun is in conjunction with Chiron, 6 and 1 Cancer respectively, and are opposing Saturn-Uranus who are in conjunction on the same degree at 29 Sagittarius. Therefore, his natal chart, the transiting chart, and his progressed chart all meld together on the strongest points of the astrological wheel. Interesting that the conjunction of Saturn-Uranus plays out during the transiting opposition of these same planets, but this mirroring seems to happen quite a bit. Everyone born around the time that Meyer was born will have this conjunction but their inner planets might not trigger an event quite as significant.

Pluto (ruler of the Marines) is also important to look at here. Pluto is considered the higher octave of Mars and so is considered sort of a spiritual warrior. He represents the use of human will and instinct.

Meyer's natal chart has Pluto strong in its own sign of rulership at 10 Scorpio. Because Pluto spends so long in one sign this is true for everyone of his generation. Pluto is strong in his chart because it trines his natal Sun. His Sun also disposits to Pluto. And Pluto is the Lead Planet of a locomotive chart shape. (read about chart shapes at www.bobmarksastrologer.com/lessons).

There's so much more to look at here. I'm simply amazed and shocked by this story. I hope he goes on to study great ideas in College and to further learn how to use his great talents. President Obama shared a beer with him on the White House lawn and gave him some good advice to just take it slow. After the Trojan War Odysseus spent 20 years getting lost trying to make his way back home. Interesting how one must go on a second journey in order to unwind from the first journey.

The beginnings of the battle according to DianaWest.net was at 5:30 am. It seems that Dakota Meyer and Juan Rodriguez-Chavez must have defied orders after about 7:30 am at some point.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Birthdays

Today is the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. This is still so painful to watch. I found an interesting story in USAToday about a woman named Dahlia Gruen of Boston, Massachusetts whose Birthday happens to be September 11. She was 10 years old when the tragedy happened and turned 20 this year. Dahlia and the other Virgos mentioned in the article spent years stuggling to celebrate their Birthdays because it is so associated with grief. Dahlia decided to do something about this. She's a Virgo afterall with Sun trining Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn. That would bestow great maturity and management abilities. So she created a website with her Father for these people to contact each other and celebrate with each other on such a complicated day.

The name of the website is birthdayspirit.org.

The name of the article is "Were you born on Sept. 11? Join the deeply conflicted club. Website helps 9/11 birthday folks commiserate -- and celebrate." by Maureen Linke.

It starts out with Dahlia describing her 10th Birthday:

"'I got home and saw my parents on the steps and I was excited, thinking they were home for my birthday,' say Gruen, now 19, of Boston. 'They sat me down and explained what had happened, and I began to realize my birthday wouldn't ever be the same.'"

I took a very quick look at the charts of the people mentioned in the article. They are all women but of different ages. The connections between their charts is really amazing. I concentrated on placements of Venus and the Sun as those are the planets which would be most connected with celebration. The Sun rules the sign of Leo which rules Celebrations. The Solar Return literally is a person's annual Birthday. Venus rules Love and enjoyment. Since all people born on this date with have the same placement of the Sun, looking at Venus's placement also gives a little more information.

For one, it just wasn't a good day for a celebration as the Sun at 19 Virgo was squaring a really difficult opposition between Saturn 15 Gemini and Pluto 13 Sagittarius-Chiron 24 Sagittarius. As far as Solar Returns go, this was the Solar Return from Hell. Saturn and Pluto are often considered the "Heavies" of the horoscope. When working together in difficult ways such as this they bring loss and grief. People who have these planets in combination in their charts are often very strong people because they have this knowledge "built into their spirits."

It turns out that all 4 women mentioned in the article have very strong Venus/Pluto connections. Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio which is connected with deep dark mysteries of life, like huge crises. (It also rules Sex and you know so it has it's good points). The whole reason Pluto exists is to give people richness and depth of spirit. Often he makes things complicated through crises. An old Tarot card teacher of mine said that usually Scorpios, people whose Sun is ruled by Pluto, never have to have dull lives because things just get thrown into their paths.

Two of the women, Dahlia and Barbara Lazar were very close to having their Venus Returns in Leo that year. Leo is ruled by the Sun which rules celebrations. Venus in Leos love to have their parties. They in particular would have been in the mood to enjoy their birthdays.

It's interesting also to see Venus Rx by progression in some of the charts. Dahlia was born with Venus Rx in Leo and it stationed direct about a year after she was born. Jennifer Sumner's Venus went Rx around 2004. These show some sort of in depth lessons on being and giving love in one's life.

Here are the birth dates along with a couple of notes. Hope I've calculated the years correctly. I'm feeling a little woozy so hope I've got everyone's name correct. There is a lot more to study here but for today I think we need to just pay attention to the planets associated with having a party. Hope everybody on the website has blown out all the candles on their cakes this year and will see all their wishes fulfilled this year.

Dahlia Gruen
b. Sept. 11, 1991 (Boston MA?)

Sun 18 Virgo; Venus 22 Leo Rx

Venus squares n. Pluto 19 Scorpio

At Age 10 would have been going through her first Nodal Axis opposition, an aspect associated with the life path and feeling that one's world is turned upside down. This year she has just completed her Nodal Return which is a time of finding one's life path.

Jennifer Sumner
b. Sept. 11, 1962 (Montgomery, Alabama?)

Sun 19 Virgo; Venus 5 Scorpio
conjunct Neptune 12 Scorpio squaring NN 7 Leo Rx and Saturn 6 Aquarius.

Venus is not in aspect with Pluto but is in his sign in the challenging t-square listed above.

Jennifer was 39 in 2001. Her natal chart has a strong opposition between Uranus and Pluto in Virgo which opposes Jupiter-Chiron in Pisces. This shows a lot of outer planet transit activity as it hooks into the big transits that day. Outer planets show activities that are felt by many people. Most people born in the mid 60s would have been hooked into this shift of having a huge world order shift.

Brenda Warwood
b. Sept. 11, 1958 Brentwood, Tennessee

Sun 19 Virgo; Venus 3 Virgo.

Brenda's Venus is conjunct Pluto 3 Virgo and Mercury 1 Virgo.

At Age 42 Brenda had just completed the 2 big outer planet transits of that age, the Uranus opposition and the Neptune square.

On an even bigger scale, she has a natal Sun-Saturn square (Sun square Saturn 20 Sagittarius) which was getting hit by the Sun-Saturn-Pluto-chiron transit of the day.

Barbara Lazer
b. Sept. 11, 1953 Pittsburgh, PA

Sun 19 Virgo; Venus 15 Leo

Barbara's Venus is conjunct Pluto 22 Leo and Mars 29 Leo.

At Age 48 Barbara would have just completed her 4th Jupiter Return. Wouldn't you know? Her natal Jupiter is at 25 Gemini. It squares her natal Sun-Mercury and trines a natal Saturn-Neptune conjunction 24-25 Libra which is possibly in conjunction with her Moon.

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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Grieve the Pressure

No astrology.

Goes better with the music

Which is an album called

Scary World Theory


Lali Puna

"what's the reason to complain?

It's all been candy cream

Really smooth and clean forever

Battles seemed so far away

Never felt the pain.

Then one day it came a little.

Realize your fate.

Shut it down

And grieve the pain.

What's the reason to complain?

It's all been candy cream

Really smooth forever.

And grove the pressure


Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Gasline Explosion Cupertino, CA

Last Wednesday there was another gas line explosion in the South Bay town of Cupertino, CA. This occurred a year almost to the day after the disastrous explosion in San Bruno about 30 miles north in the San Francisco Bay Area. It seems that perhaps underground pipes could be more vulnerable at this time of year. It's certainly interesting that sun ( heat, fire) in Virgo is in the sign opposite Pisces which rules gas and oil and leaks. What's also interesting are the amazing other coincidences between the two charts. Both charts have moon conjunct Saturn in libra. They also have neptune in Aquarius on an angle in conjunction with Chiron.

This gas line explosion was much kinder to the neighborhood than the San Bruno explosion was. The local news was already making stories about the aftermath of the tragedy. The real story would have been if they had covered the problem a few years ago.

The Cupertino townhouse is destroyed but no one was hurt or died. The owner had just left about 15 minutes before. Her dog was home and ran under the bed and has been treated for smoke inhalation. Thank God for the Fire Brigade who no doubt arrived just in time.

The explosion began in the garage. PG&E has discovered 7 leaks in the plastic Aldyl-A piping which was laid in the early 1970s. This type of plastic piping is known to become very brittle when laid into certain conditions (read the article linked to down below).

Story: http://www.orovillemr.com/news/ci_18814074.

Explosion Cupertino Townhome, Dog and Owner Survive
Aug. 31, 2011 12:25 pm Cupertino, CA Wednesday

Sun 9 Virgo (H10); Moon 16 Libra (H11); ASC 18 Scorpio; MC 27 Leo; NN 20 Sagittarius

Pipes laid in the ground are ruled by 4th House. Neptune rules Gas. Neptune 30 Aquarius Rx is conjunct the IC of this chart. This same conjunction was conjunct the ASC in the San Bruno explosion. Aquarius perhaps is good to observe here because Aquarius represents sudden unexplained events and circulatory systems, even pipelines. It also rules innovation so perhaps some Bay Area Tech genius will turn his brains over to developing a better idea with regards to plumbing.

Also, amazingly, similar to the San Bruno explosion are the Moon-Saturn conjunctions. They are both in the same sign of Libra. Moon is conjunct Saturn at 16 Libra to the degree in the Cupertino Explosion. Moon is at 11 Libra conjunct Saturn 6 Libra in the San Bruno explosion. The Moon seems to trigger the Cardinal Sign problems which have shown up in infrastructure problems. Moon also rules plumbing and flow and drainage and all things 4th House.

Mars is placed in Cardinal Signs in both charts as well. In the San Bruno explosion it was at 27 Libra. In the Cupertino explosion it is at 19 Cancer.

Neptune-IC is apex of a Thor's Hammer to a conjunction of Moon to Saturn to the degree at 16 Libra (H11). This conjunction is squaring Mars 19 Cancer (H8). (I still don't have a clue what a Thor's Hammer means except that it's a triangle figure made out of only stressful aspects. Two semi or sesqui-squares are held together by a square.)

Moon-Mars squares are volatile trigger aspects. This square is expanded out and connects in with Saturn-Neptune. Their connections to Saturn and Neptune in this triangle of only challenging aspects must in some way show leaks and things that wear out. Saturn is literally connected with the term brittle which is how the pipes are described. The square taking place from H8 to H11 echoes the energy of the crisis thinking of the current square between Uranus and Pluto which are rulers of those houses.

The Good News is the Grand trine here. The situation was contained. Sun 9 Virgo-Venus 13 Virgo (H10) trine Pluto 5 Capricorn (H2) trine Jupiter 11 Taurus (H6). The owner and her amazing dog have survived. The Jupiter (Luck) in H6 of pets works out nicely here. I hope the little pooch is healing. No planets were traveling out of bounds in the Cupertino chart. So perhaps this explains how the problem was contained to the one house. The plumbing/sewer pipes are also probably are a mess as well.

Although nobody feels it at this time, it's great that people are becoming aware of the hazardous conditions that they are living in and can perhaps avoid another disaster which is inevitable unfortunately.


Deaths at Yosemite this Summer Related to Eclipses?

Yosemite is having a rough Summer. There have been a larger than average number of deaths since the park opened last May.

There have been a total of 17 deaths at Yosemite this Summer (actually now 18, heard of another one on the news this week-end). 5 deaths were due to natural causes, 12 were due to accidents like falls and drownings.

Last year's death toll was on the high end of what is normal so it looks like the Park is feeling the pain of the big Cardinal Sign t-square of outer planets. I read somewhere (sorry, forget to get a source url) that National Parks on the whole are experiencing a drop in deaths. Maybe people just aren't traveling very much because of the high cost of gasoline.

California has a higher than average water/rainfall level this year and the wetness is thought to be a major factor in why hikers are slipping and falling on the rocks. I read somewhere that Governor Brown went to visit the park and once he saw the antics that some of the victims were trying to do he just said "No wonder." Guess this is not the year to take that super awesome snap of your best dude's g-f- standing at the top of the waterfall. Because when she falls, he's going to grab her and fall and then you're going in too. And then the water is going to eat you. Get a long lens for your camera and take up an in interest in birdwatching for christ's sake.

There's no mention of whether Suicide counts as a natural or unnatural death. I suppose that decision depends on one's religiosity. With Neptune strong this Summer in its own sign we have to not overlook this. I tend to think that Neptune is related to suicidal ideation, not always completed acts but I think that most astrologers assign it full on rulership of such subject matter.

The accidents are thought to be very high this year because storms brought a lot more rain. The deaths are most related to hikers slipping on wet rocks or drownings. With Neptune, ruler of drownings, just having passed into its own sign of Pisces this makes sense from an astrological perspective. But, as I said, deaths in most National Parks have been lower than normal.

Neptune's energy is very strong right now and for about the next 13 years as he has just entered his own sign of Pisces. Neptune rules drowning, gobs of water, and photography. He also sort of rules klutzes, well, along with Jupiter (in traditional astrology Jupiter rules both Sagittarius and Pisces so they do sort of share this energy). In modern astrology, Jupiter rules lucky klutzes. They generally land on their feet. When you hear a surfer screaming "Awesome Dude" you know he's getting in touch with his inner Jupiter. On the other hand, Neptune rules self undoing types of klutzes. These guys have to meditate a lot in order to get their spirits on track.

I decided to try to look at the dates of some of the accidental deaths to see if anything stood out. We had a pretty harsh looking Summer Solstice on June 21 and a set of 3 Eclipses from June 1 to July 1, one of them being a total Lunar Eclipse on June 15.

When the Total Lunar Eclipse (dates for all 3 Eclipses down below) chart is set for Yosemite the Nodal Axis lies right over the top and bottom angles of the chart. That's the IC and the MC or Midheaven. Mercury, ruler of hikers, is conjunct the Sun and the South Node which it rules. So, visually the chart looks like there might be some sort of fall involved.

Mercury is also out of bounds for both the Total Lunar Eclipse and the Summer Solstice charts.

With Moon in Sagittarius in conjunction with the Sagittarius North Node and the IC, maybe I was a bit ahead of myself saying that Sagittarius/Jupiter types get all the luck. Maybe not so much at a place called Half Dome which is ruled by the Moon. (Subject of famous Ansel Adams photographs).

Definitely it looks as if the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square has something to do with these tragedies. This is a long transit which has been phasing in and out of transit for almost the last two years. A t-square is a difficult aspect. Because these 3 planets have been on sensitive points of the astrological wheel, at the beginnings of the Cardinal Signs their difficult aspect to each other intensifies their negative sides. Saturn rules Old Age, Caution, Slowness, Falls, Bones. Uranus rules Crises that occur suddenly and unexpectedly, accidents of course, and going out and doing things with your buddies. Pluto rules crises in general, and death in general, and Nature's deep urges, you know: Sex, Death, and, uh, can't explain this one, Taxes.

So one can see how if combined in a big difficult aspect together they can be very destructive. Yosemite had a high number of deaths last year as well. I believe it was 15 which is considered the high end of normal for them. Ugh, some vacation. Give me the tea cup ride at Disneyland any old day.

The deaths seem to have happened in twos and threes. Sometimes they involve friends (Uranus) and sometimes they involve Strangers (Uranus).

The park opened at the middle of May and on May 16 two hikers died.

This happens to have been right before a Scorpio Full Moon which squared Neptune. The Moon was moving fast so perhaps this means that people's reactions are a bit too slow. Perhaps this messes up physical coordination.

Mars which indicates recklessness has been traveling fast. I don't know enough about its speeds to know if this is significant in creating accidents, but it is now slowing down. Funny how prominent Venus is in these charts in conjunction with the Sun for much of the Summer. Meanwhile reckless Mars sort of doesn't stand out in the charts, at least to me.

There is a killer of an Eclipse coming up on Dec. 10 but I haven't looked at it in connection with any specific places. It could indicate either an earthquake or a rebellion in Southern California, at least as seen from a National perspective.

I am concentrating here on the accidents and haven't been able to locate all who died. I can't find information on the people who died from natural causes so they aren't included.

May 16, 2011

Texas professor slipped and fell into Merced River, drowned 11:30 am
Kent Butler, Austin, TX, Age 60

afternoon Berkeley man, James Dunbar, 35, found afternoon

died head injury

In the middle of June two more hikers died.

On Saturday June 13 3:40 pm Manoi Kumar, Age 40, of San Rafael, CA fell off of Half Dome in the middle of a hailstorm.

On Sunday, 23 year old Christopher Hale of Gainesville, FLA was reported missing. His body was found Monday, June 16.

The Moon was once again in Scorpio and was once again not only approaching a Full Moon but a Total Lunar Eclipse.

I think that this Eclipse might be a main Astrological Reason for the bad Summer at Yosemite. Eclipses happen in sets of 2. Usually one Solar Eclipse and then a Lunar Eclipse, or the other way around, can't remember. Sometimes they come in 3's, though, as in this case.

The Moon, as I said was again in Scorpio, was again traveling fast.

Saturn was stationing direct which could indicate safety concerns or slow reactions?.

Solar Partial Eclipse
June 1, 2011 5:02 pm New York, NY, 2:02 pm Yosemite, CA

(Neptune SR on June 3).

Total Lunar Eclipse
June 15, 2011 4:13 pm New York, NY; 1:13 pm Yosemite, CA

Solar Partial Eclipse
July 1, 2011 4:53 am New York, NY; 1:53 am Yosemite, CA

The Lunar Eclipse here shows the whole story.

The Sun 25 Gemini is conjunct the South Node 24 Gemini and Mercury, ruler of Gemini. And this opposes the Moon 25 Sagittarius-NN 24 Sagittarius. This indicates things involving travel. Most of the victims have been from California so they seem to be under the influence of Gemini/Mercury which indicates local travel, now known as "Staycation."

When set for Yosemite locale the Nodal Axis with Sun-Mercury-SN-MC opposing Moon-NN, opposition falls across the IC/MC Axis.

These are the highest and lowest places on the Wheel called "angles." The Nodal Axis is often thought to indicate that an event will occur if it is involved with a major Light (which an Eclipse is) or an angle in the chart. This could mean that this location is probably going to be the center of more activity than other locations and this might indicate why Yosemite is such a disaster zone. Kind of strange because California overall is not suffering from all the extreme weather conditions that the rest of the country is. These activities could be related to end of life (IC) and, literally falls. The Midheaven is ruled by the Sign of Capricorn the Goat who is always climbing.

The Sun in this chart is conjunct Mercury, which rules walking and hiking. These are placed at the top of the chart.

The Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square is also placed with emphasis on this chart. It's in the angular houses with Pluto 6 Capricorn placed down at the bottom in the 4th House.

Pluto in H4 is sort of like having the rug pulled out from under you. It can show crises within the environment. Both planet (Pluto) and house (4) are rulers of certain aspects of death along with Neptune. Ask any Insurance Agent and they will tell you that most significant destruction is caused by water damage. I think they will say that, can't really say who told me that, maybe my Virgo older brother and in that case it's probably accurate information.

As I said, Neptune is very strong in its own sign but has been in conjunction with Chiron for the whole Summer, and last year pretty much as well (am not certain about that). Chiron is called the "Wounded Teacher/Healer." Along with his great teaching capabilities, he represents situations which we can't fix. Death is certainly included that category.

Mercury is important to look at here. He rules the South Node and was in conjunction with it during the Eclipse and Solstice. He stands out in those charts as most elevated planet. He is also out of bounds. Mercury rules Hikers and Walkers and local travel. Mercury is most elevated planet in the Eclipse chart in H10 and is out of bounds which shows a prominence of all things Mercurial, although I wouldn't have guessed this.

The Moon at 25 Sagittarius is one degree away from the Galactic Center as is the South Node at 24 Sagittarius. Moon conjunct South Node is a difficult placement as these energies compete for the shadow side of things.

Since this Eclipse chart basically covers most of California this chart might also indicate why there have been a much higher number of murders in the Bay Area as well.

Mercury represents anything having to do with kids and neighbors, siblings, aunts, uncles.

The Summer Solstice was then crammed in here and had a very drastic lineup of planets as the Sun was filling in the empty leg of the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square. This "Grand Square was placed in the Fixed Houses so I don't really know if this could be considered a genuine influence. In this chart, however, Neptune is conjunct the Descendant along with Chiron and the Moon in Pisces. And Neptune rules the 8th House of death.

On June 29, two friends and employees who worked in an emergency room at a Hospital in L.A. died together. Dr. Gregory Meyer was pulled into raging water when his friend, Richard Fox fell in. Both perished. (Neptune rules Hospitals)

June 29, 2011 8 am Wednesday Wapama Falls bridge near Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

Two friends who worked together in Hospital ER in Whittier Ca. drowned.

Richard Fox, 53 of Hacienda Heights, slipped while crossing a bridge that was submerged in water. Dr. Gregory Meyer, Age 53 medical Dr. fell in trying to save him.

This is a couple of days before the July 1 Solar Eclipse (Partial) which was the beginning of a whole new Saros Cycle (check this).

The Sun 8 Cancer was filling in the empty leg of the big outer planet t-square and was opposing Pluto 7 Capricorn. This makes a Grand Cardinal Square which can be a very difficult aspect. Mercury 26 Cancer is unaspected.

At Age 53 both victims would have been close to their 2d Secondary Progressed Lunar Returns. Don't know exactly what significance that would have except to connect with the dire placement of the Sun in the Moon's sign at the time of their deaths.

On July 19, 2011 3 friends slipped on the rocks while trying to take photos. They had scrambled out past the barriers where they should have been. The Moon here is again traveling fast.

Mars was opposing Pluto which often indicates a time when more care must be taken not to be impulsive.

House 9 is loaded here: Uranus 4 Aries, Lilith 7 Aries, Jupiter 26 Aries, Venus 2 Taurus, Mercury 2 Taurus, Mars 5 Taurus c. 5 Taurus MC) Sun squares Neptune.

July 19, 2011 1:30 pm

Hormiz David of Modesto, Age 22 (Jupiter Return?)
Ninos Yacoub of Turlock, Age 27 (2d Progressed Lunar Return)
Ramina Badal of Modesto, Age 21 (1st Uranus square?)

Haley LaFlamme, Age 26 slipped on wet granite on Half Dome and fell 600 feet.

July 31st, 2011 around noon

Mars 21 Gemini c. SN 22 Gemini squaring Moon 21 Pisces
Sun is conjunct Venus and Venus rules this chart which indicates a female.
The Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square is just past the angles of the chart at this point in H12 (Saturn), H3 (Pluto), H6 (Uranus).

Ryan Leeder, Age 23, of Los Gatos, CA fell from Half Dome

Monday, Aug. 22 at 6:30 pm, Monday.

Sun still conjunct Venus the way it's been for much of the Summer.

Here Sun-Venus is opposing Neptune over Angular Houses 1 and 7.
Moon 13 Gemini conjunct South Node 20 Gemini Rx (H5 to H11).

It does seem that the Moon and Neptune are as to blame for these problems as anything else. They both represent Water and Death (along with Pluto, of course). In many of these accident charts Neptune is in strong challenging aspect to either the Sun or Moon. And right now he is in conjunction with Chiron which is often an indicator of a situation which can't be cured.

It is interesting that in Northern California there are a record number of murders this year as well, at least in San Jose and Oakland. Perhaps the Eclipse charts are showing some vulnerability for those locations.

I send my condolences to the friends and families who lost someone to these tragedies.

Previous falls off half dome occurred during the Saturn-Neptune opposition in Leo-Aquarius
Hirofumi nohara June 2007
2 women:
April 2007
Nov. 2006

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