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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

1850 in San Francisco

Researching for why California enters a Fiscal Crisis today, sending out IOUs to WhoKnowsWhat for Whatevertheydo, I noticed how interesting the year 1850 was in California history. This is the year that San Francisco chartered itself. Because of the Gold Rush suddenly more than 60,000 (white) people were flooding into the city. The events that happened during this year are described here. 1850 is considered the last year of the "Little Ice Age."

San Francisco is an Aries, first City Charter signed on Apr. 15, 1850. This means that San Francisco's Sun is within conjunction of California's natal Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. And Uranus and Pluto were in conjunction with each other at that point. Sort of explains the city's history for Rebellion and Change. During this year alone there were two sets of earthquakes, multiple major fires, all sorts of building and construction and new starts (all that Aries).

And at the end of the year, a Preacher stood up in front of his congregation and announced that there was Sin, terrible Vermin Spirit, in the City. No duh. San Francisco's natal conjunction of Mercury-Sun-Uranus-Pluto in Aries is squaring its Lilith in Capricorn.

(Sort of gives me chills realizing that San Francisco's Big Summer of Love happened in 1967 while there was another conjunction of Uranus to Pluto. This conjunction would have been on or close to San Francisco's Jupiter in Virgo opposition to Neptune in Pisces -- really appropriate.)

1850 is the official ending of the "Little Ice Age." This era peaked between 1645 and 1715 during a time period called the Maunder Minimum. At any rate, just see what happens when you start up a Gold Rush at the end of the Ice Age.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Jon & Kate, Divorce at 8

I kept seeing Kate's face on the tabloids and didn't know who she was. Just kept wondering why a celebrity would have a haircut that makes her look like a bird. Finally I've caught on, Kate is one of the ladies recently who had sextuplets. Unlike Nadya Suleman who had octuplets this year and who has been the butt of all kinds of jokes and downright abuse, Kate is well respected. She has been respected because she is married. Now we'll have to see if the tables turn in that regard.

As part of the Season 5 kick off Kate's husband Jon was seen leaving a party with a good friend of the couple. Now, as a gift from the Cancer New Moon opposing Pluto party, the couple filed for Divorce on June 22, 2009.

It's pretty interesting that natally both Jon and Kate are Aries Suns who are born with natal Pluto oppositions to their Suns. Half the families in the country went through a Divorce while Pluto was in Libra. It's interesting to see the Fame element of Pluto playing itself out here. I discussed that in yesterday's post with regards to last week's passings of celebrities as it relates to the Sun-Pluto opposition).

Here we have a loss in the celebrity family world. Guess that makes sense since this New Moon was in Cancer, the sign of Hearth and Home.

The Divorce Show of the series apparently brought in record viewers for TLC. Sounds like a Roman Forum just waiting to happen. Hopefully, this show will bring up discussions about Divorce especially with regards to how the children react to the situation and what really goes on behind those closed door(s). And especially as to how things ought to be in the house. Fortunately, the Show has decided to stop filming until after the set of 3 Eclipses this Summer. That's some emotional wreckage that nobody really needs to see. The first year of Divorce is generally Hell in which Mommy and Daddy need to take time-outs every 2 seconds in order to get their heads screwed back on. It might actually be more damaging for the kids to lead such a public life and not be able to share the worst two months of their childhoods. They will always have to make "appearances" regarding their families from now on.

My first reaction was, Oh, this couple is sweet and diverting attention from poor Nadya Suleman who I last heard had to go to the Hospital for some kind of damage done by carrying all those babies and is being sued by Gloria Aldred for accidentally hiring some Nannies who were testing positive for Tuberculosis because she had to fire Adlred's Nurse Angels for spying on her. The whole time the Artificial Insemination Docs continue to make these messes and are running around buying stock in companies who make prams with 44 seats.

So, you know, yadda yadda yadda here. What are two Aries doing getting married in the first place? Aries Suns opposite Pluto in Libra too. I already said Pluto in Libra was the Divorce Generation.

There's a lot more to go into sometime. But, what really interests me is that Jon and Kate's children may all have Aquarius Moons, just like Nadya Suleman's kids. Isn't that weird? (Aquarius keyword) I don't have their birth times so I'm not sure of their Moon placements.

The Twins are now about 8 1/2 years old. A Divorce Event will perhaps hook them into a Venus Cycle, definitely a Lilith Cycle as this is the closest Return for them at this time. They are going through double whammy Neptune transits right now as well. The transiting NN is on natal Neptune and transiting Neptune-Jupiter-Chiron is conjunct natal Uranus-Maybe Moon. They probably won't have any memory of this event and will repeat an inability to not remember stressful events later on down the road in whatever way they prefer to express that. On the one hand, people love a person with a sweet disposition. On the other hand, if stressed by this event, they may act out later in life through compulsive problems with envy/jealousy and through relationship or sexual addiction. With Neptune involved there is fear of drug abuse. Of course, this also can show that as a result of the divorce they develop a very refined sense of aesthetics along with diplomatic skills which they can share with the world.

The Sextuplets are just past their first Nodal Square and Saturn square and are moving into their first Jupiter opposition. So, they may develop strong social and political expressions in the outside world and they will probably all take advantage of their College funds and get lots of higher degrees (hopefully). With natal Mars in Cancer they may suffer emotional fall-out later in life. Hopefully they are throwing their tantrums now and the behavior is dealt with through patience and love and caring. There was a picture of Kate hitting one of them in the tabloid at the check-out stand, so she's probably got her Aries thing going pretty high right now. Since Kate's Sun squares their natal Mars-Saturn conjunction she may express to them that they are a burden in a way that is very damaging to them.

Jon Gosselin
b. Apr. 1, 1977

Sun 12 Aries; Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 26 Libra Rx

Kate Gosselin
b. Mar. 28, 1975

Sun 8 Aries; Moon Libra or Scorpio; NN 5 Sagittarius

Twins: Cara & Madelyn
b. Oct. 8, 2000

Sun 16 Libra; NN 21 Cancer; Moon Aquarius

Sextuplets: Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, Joel
b. May 10, 2004

Sun 21 Taurus; Moon Aquarius; NN 11 Taurus

Well, I have to say, I love all the kids' names. Mom and Dad picked really good ones.

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The Rocket's Red Glare

Vanderberg Air Force launched a Minuteman nuclear missile this morning successfully hitting its target 4,200 away in Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. Isn't that where Amelia Earhart went down? No wonder why we've never been able to find her plane. Poor wildlife living around that spot, is all I can say.

The Minteman missiles were developed in the early 1960s. They are the only land based missiles that the U.S. employs. There's a stockpile of the Minuteman IIIs out in the middle of the country somewhere and the missiles are supposedly launched on a regular basis.

Today's blast:

June 29, 2009, 3:01 am Vandenberg Air Force Base, California (Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo County)

Sun 8 Cancer; Moon 8 Libra; ASC 24 Taurus; MC 6 Aquarius; NN 1 Aquarius

source: Yahoo article and VFB Website

What a great day for a nuclear missile launch! That's all I've got to say. The land based Launch is in an Earth sign with ruler Venus conjunct the Ascendant and also conjunct Mars, the trigger planet. There were protests against the launch by people who know better, forgot what the group's name is.

The ASC-Venus-Mars conjunction is squared by the conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune and Chiron which is right on Kim Jong-Il's Butt. You think having a laser pointer aimed at your face is annoying, try this. Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron are placed in the 10th house of this chart, Authority, Government, Mean People Who Screw Up in spite of their High IQ because they are Selfish.

These rockets deliver bombs which are created to split apart and spread the nuclear fall out over a larger area than if just aiming for one target. So, if you've got one of these heading for your neighborhood, don't even bother trying to run away. Now all that shit is floating around in the ocean and a bunch of whales will wash up on a shore and the new agers will start trying to talk to their spirits.

The Air Force's presence is shown in the Midheaven and Moon which are in Air Signs.

The Sun here is opposing Pluto and squaring the Moon. That's Homeland Security for yah. They must have Astrologers employed in the Air Force.


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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Last Week: Farrah, Ed and Michael

The Solstice this Summer preceded the New Moon by a day. This happened in first degrees of Cancer which means that Pluto was involved. The Sun-Moon conjunction was opposing Pluto this past week. This was considered a momentous week in U.S. Entertainment History because 3 major celebrities passed away. How amazing that the Planet of Fame (Pluto) on the Aries Point (Before the public) activated these deaths at this time.

I've also noticed that all 3 celebrities had major Sun-Pluto aspects in their charts. 2 of these charts included the Moon in the aspect as well. The current sky was mirroring major aspects in their natal charts.

Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett both passed away on June 25, 2009 within a few hours of each other in the morning. (Interesting that the genius who made famous a dance called the Moon Walk passed away perhaps as the result of a New Moon in Cancer).

Ed McMahon passed away on June 23, 2009 shortly after midnight. All 3 died in Los Angeles, CA and McMahon and Jackson died at the same hospital.

Michael Jackson had a Sun-Pluto conjunction in Virgo at 6 degrees which opposed his Moon.

Farrah Fawcett had natal Sun at 14 Aquarius opposing Pluto that also involved an opposition of Mars and Saturn. Her 8th House Sun was also involved in a huge Kite Pattern with Pluto, Uranus and Neptune. Pretty amazing chart.

Ed McMahon had a Water Grand Trine of Sun at 16 Pisces and Pluto with his Moon.

One can see that transiting Saturn was also involved in two of the charts as it was in conjunction with Jackson's Sun and opposing McMahon's Sun.

So, here we had Sun-Pluto people passing away during an opposition of Sun and Pluto.

Pluto, of course, rules the House of Death. This is generally not interpreted as literal death, although it can obviously. All three of these people died while their lives were in great distress, a very Plutonian hallmark. Both McMahon and Jackson had major financial debt (Pluto's realm). Fawcett's son is currently in jail for problems related to his drug addiction. She did pass from a cancer which is ruled by Pluto (Anal Cancer).

Along with great problems, Pluto rules many great attributes. Pluto also rules great Fame. In conjunction with the Sun which rules the Limelight its powers are heightened. One can see an interesting conflict here, though, in how these two powers work. In many lives this won't make a difference, but these people were celebrities, the thing which both rulers crave the most in life probably.

One can also see the struggle between the Sun and Pluto described in their lives. Both Sun and Pluto want to be prominent but they want it completely opposite ways. The Sun wants to be out shining under the spotlight and Pluto wants to be in the background in the shadows. Michael Jackson seemed to have shown this struggle most prominently as he encouraged his fans into almost psychotic fevers with his eccentric behaviors and yet had been unable to manage his reaction to all that attention and the power struggles with the parasitism. Ed McMahon played Johnny Carson's sidekick. He was probably most comfortable in that job. That works with his Grand Trine. The Grand Trine might also show that he let his finances get out of control, he was just so used to sitting back and letting things happen for him.

Farrah Fawcett showed great Plutonian depth and grit. She took herself off the bimbo poster girl circuit by leaving the series Charlies' Angels in order to portray more intense dramatic roles, often related to crime (very Plutonian). Younger people won't have a clue how popular she was. In college my roommate and I dutifully woke up early and wrapped our hair in curling irons in imitation of Fawcett's famous blown away locks.

Pluto also rules anything that is deep under the ground and it also rules Research. The United States broke ground last week on a new Science lab which is hailed at the deepest underground laboratory in the World. Very Plutonian. The Lab is being built out of an old Gold Mine (Sun) in or near Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Groundbreaking was on June 22, 2009. Once again, one can see that Death isn't the only interpretation for Pluto. In interpretations, though, one can't mention this as Death is a taboo topic in our culture. Taboo = Pluto, weirdo planet, for sure, no wonder the astronomers want to demote it.

I suppose the extra Saturn transit added an extra stress. The idea that when it's your time, it's your time (Saturn keyword) along with Saturn's usual restriction and exhaustion tendencies. And there are probably a bunch of other transits, progressions, etc. I know there are probably multiple brilliant interpretations out there right now. I just wanted to add this one in case no one else has.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On the Appalachian Trail with Governor Sanford

A South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford, who voted to impeach President Bill Clinton back in the day, recently went missing. His wife didn't seem to mind. His staff kept telling the media funny stories about his whereabouts. They said he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, spending some quiet time far far away from any Cell Phone Towers, not bathing, hugging trees. So Sanford finally shows up and it turns out he was actually off hugging an Argentinian lady, not bathing, no cell phone to speak of. He says he's spent the last 5 days crying over the mess he's making of his life -- into the boobs of his lady love.

Crying? Let me guess, Evita is Mark Sanford's favorite Broadway show. (sorry, just had to say it).

Dude's been having an affair for a year with a home-wrecker he met 8 years ago. It's always interesting to see an 8 year cycle show up in a person with a Sun-Venus conjunction (1-8 Gemini) because the Sun and Venus have an 8 year cycle.

For these past months, the Venus Retrograde in Aries has been all over Sanford's Mars in Aries like an old suit. The Wife found out right before the Venus Retrograde and so they've been in therapy (square to Pluto). Not a good idea. With all that going on in Aries, especially in the case of Love, the heart is just not going to cool down. Aries horny. Aries want. Aries chase. In this case, the "Talkie Talk" is just going to be a "Royal Turn On." Call and Response is impossible. The more repressive, the kinkier. What's the matter with these therapists?

Let me restate here that this guy had tried to impeach the President for doing this very same thing. What did my Grandmother say? "Too soon we get old, too late we get wise."

Why do the Gemini Governors always get caught? Remember Eliot Spitzer?

Mark Sanford, Governor of South Carolina

b. May 28, 1960 Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sun 8 Gemini; Moon Cancer?; NN 21 Virgo

In my Lilith obsessed daze these days, I'm finding extra interesting the Lilith placements with Sanford's chart. Lilith will send you on all kinds of wild goose chases in the Romance department. We're just gonna have to call Mark "Crazy Pants" for right now. He just can't help himself what with Venus and Mars and Lilith and Middle Age and all. It's Porsche-buying Weather, Mark.

Sanford's Lilith transit is even more to blame than Venus here, or at least in addition to. Natally Sanford's got an opposition of Lilith to Jupiter from 3 Cancer to 1 Capricorn. I'd imagine that this isn't really a combo that will scream "stop" during key moments. Jupiter tends to say "Yes" to everything and Lilith mutters "Hubba, hubba, hubba" very deeply under her whiskey breath. And they are on the Aries Points so whatever they do has to come out to the public.

And so then along comes Pluto. Pluto. Pluto. Pluto. Tsk, tsk, tsk to you, Mr. Ruler of the Lacey Thong. Granted this has been a wild transit of Pluto over the APs due to the long Retrogrades from Mars last year and Venus this year. A really passionate set of out-of-control transits, imo.

Just as the Sun (Limelight) has hit his natal Lilith today -- Just past the Aries Point and the New Moon and the Summer Solstice -- Sanford publicly admits (Aries Points involved) that he has been having an affair. Ouch-amundo.

And then there's the problem of getting caught. Gotta look at Good Old Saturn for that. Sanford possibly has a natal opposition of Saturn to the Moon and if so he's caught up in guilt and responsbility and heavy stuff like that when it comes to anything connected to emotional relationships. He didn't have to spend that last 5 days crying like a baby (Cancer Moon), he could have been fucking madly and without reservation and then saying Gracias and Adios mi Amore.

Lilith is doing a Double Whammy thing here. As the Sun tops off natal Lilith so transiting Lilith tops off natal Saturn in Capricorn. And, of course, transiting Saturn is approaching conjunction to Sanford's natal North Node. That sort of puts a damper on his Destiny.

I'm taking a big guess here and I'm going to say that Chiron also has something to do with getting caught. Sanford's natal Chiron is at 3 Pisces opposing Pluto and it's squared by the natal Venus-Sun conjunction in Gemini. I suspect that this wasn't his first love affair. And so now he's riding into his Chiron Return in conjunction with Jupiter and Neptune. Those are some really happy pony pals to be riding alongside while you are screwing up your life. Right now he's probably in that weird mode where you're watching your life fall apart but you're actually feeling super high. The wife, the kids, the employees, the state. What is this compared with the beautiful, exotic Argentinian woman? Therapist is probably writing a prescription out for the Lithium even as we speak.

As for the fibs, Sanford's a Gemini and his progressed Mercury has gone Retrograde so he's getting a long term lesson in the powers and foibles associated with the gift of gab. Too bad this stuff has to go public because does anybody really care anymore? We gave Clinton a Heart Attack, we lost Eliot Spitzer. Perhaps Pluto in Capricorn is going to have more of a What Goes Around Comes Around kind of attack mode. Never really cared for that kind of office politics type of mentality but, you do know that this guy voted to impeach Clinton, don't you?

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I haven't been paying all that much attention to the protests in Iran. The news sort of sent me into a Bush era funk and all I could really think was, how wonderful are the Iranians to fight corruption in their Government. How stupid were we Americans not to have done the same when Bush bullied his way into the American Government. We sat for eight years with our mouths hanging open letting the Hell lose on the World and did nothing.

I just viewed the video of the girl, Neda, who was shot during the protests in Iran and simply can't believe my eyes. How? How horrifying. Why? I was just a kid when the Kent State Shootings happened but I do remember the sense of despair after the protests were over and everyone realized how pointless they were.

I found this great article written by Jude Cowell over at Stars Over Washington about the senseless murder of Neda. Jude points out that 14 Sagittarius was rising at the time of the shootings. She gives an explanation of the Sabien Symbols involved which is really interesting.

Sabien Symbols require a spiritual nature which I'm short on. What I noticed, what I was sort of amazed by was just the sign and degree number. 14 Sagittarius. This means that Saturn is squaring the spot where it was when 9/11 happened. Saturn and Pluto were opposing each other at that time on or close to those degrees. What is it about mid-degree mutable that just sets cultures off? Flexibility? Endings? The great refinement of the human mind? A sense of futility of life? Protests? Bullying?

Since the 20th Anniversary of the Tienanmen Square Massacre just past I took a quick look at that protest. According to Wikipedia the protests in China began on April 15, 1989 and the Government declared Martial Law on May 20, 1989 in order to get the protesters under control. The Massacre happened on June 4, 1989 when Soldiers were sent in at 4 am. Their orders were to clear the Square by 6:00 am. It was "clear" by 5:40 am. There is no real account of how many people lost their lives. The famous photo of the man who stood in front of the tanks and dared them to run him over was taken the next day on June 5. It is thought that he was executed.

The Astrology again shows the mid-Gemini influence. At 5:40 am on June 4, 1989, Gemini was rising at 11 degrees. In the first house, just rising, the New Moon was exact to the degree with the Sun and Moon at 14 Gemini with Jupiter at 18 Gemini! Pluto is also now approaching the spot where Uranus was at the time of that Massacre (4 Cap). Saturn and Neptune were in conjunction in mid-Capricorn. The North Node was in Aquarius just as it is now, but at late degree Aquarius.

In addition to the reminder of Doomsday past (i.e. 9/11), the Iranian Protest chart of Neda's death has great Cardinal/Angular emphasis. There is a Grand Square between H1 Pluto, H3 Uranus/IC, H7 Sun, and the Virgo Midheaven. These events can continue over the next couple of years if strivings for power are not gained through fairness and honesty. The Sun and the IC and the MC on this chart are all on last degrees of Mutable. Warnings? This means that they are within one degree orb approaching the Aries Points. Last protests before huge actions? Can this show a gateway into worse things to come or will lessons have been learned? This event could, and I say could, show a more sophisticated approach to life which will strive for Peace and Harmony? Where are all the damn Libras right now? They always run away and hide when you need them.

I also looked up the Kent State Massacre to see if there is any continuity on the American scene. There was an approaching New Moon in Taurus with Leo Rising so the chart is mostly in a Fixed Mood. But, as with Saturday's shootings there was a Venus-Mars conjunction in, Guess What, Gemini ... Venus at 9 Gemini conjunct Mars at 11 Gemini.

Kent State Massacre
May 4, 1970 12:22 pm Kent, Ohio, 11 Leo Rising

Tienanmen Square Massacre
June 4, 1989 4 - 5:40 am Beijing, China, 11 Gemini Rising (at 5:40 am)

Neda killed - Iranian Protests
June 20, 2009 - 7:05 pm Tehran, Iran, 14 Sagittarius Rising

May Neda not have died in vain. Peace. Justice. Mercy. "Neda" means "Voice" in Persian. How appropriate. With the Saturn-Uranus opposition in Virgo-Pisces, how appropriate, and unfortunate, that loss of innocence and martyrdom is the only voice that can be heard over the guns.



The Sun Will Stay Asleep

More Scientific Predictions on whether there will be Sunspots:

Also, the Scientists say there is no correlation between Sunspots and Climate on Earth or How the Waves of Grain Grow.

Frank Hill has shouted (his words) that there is no correlation between
solar activity and climate. Back in a time when those who studied the Sun
were armed with not much more than an enquiring mind, William Herschel in 1801
noted the relationship between the number of sunspots and wheat prices.
When there were fewer spots, wheat prices were higher. To bring that up to
the current day, when there are no spots at all, wheat prices will be the
highest ever.


Putt Putt

I know, I know. Automobiles don't have Astrological Signs. And I suppose their real birth dates are the days that they roll off the last conveyor belt.

But, when stuck in traffic I tend to read the Registration Labels of the guy in front of me to see what month the car in front of me was born. That's the date that shows what cycle the car hooks into, after all. That's the official Solar Return. Right? That's the Get the Stickers Stuck on the Car Or You'll Be Pulled Over Date.

Then I try to look for clues about what a car with that sign would look like, act like, feel like (yeah, I'm a Cancer, we just naturally wonder about this shit).

The other day I got behind a specialized license plate that reads:


I was so stoked that I could figure it out:

Hate to be Late!

Wow! Is that car a Capricorn?

Not a Scorpio, which might read "MAK M W8"

Or an Aries, which would read "UR SLO."

A Taurus: "IM SLO"

A Libra: "U 1st"

A Pisces: "CLOUD9"

The Car was Grey. And an SUV. Specialized License Plate.


Registration Renewal Date:


Well, could be a nervous (and witty) Sagittarius with Sun just progressing into Capricorn ....

But, I think this was bought as an end of the year deal and that's Capricorn.

Monday, June 22, 2009

What Are You Going to Do On Your Summer Vacation? Summer Solstice.

At this point the Summer Solstice was probably yesterday so I'm right on top of things.

For Washington, DC:

Summer Solstice
June 21, 2009 2:08 am EDT

24 Aries ASC; 14 Capricorn MC; Sun 0 Cancer; Moon 9 Gemini; NN 2 Aquarius

Mars rules this chart and is placed in the first house conjunct Venus at 15-16 Taurus. A feeling of new beginnings and a positive life force? This is a natural chart because Aries is on the Ascendant.

The Sun in this chart is placed off an angle in the 3d House of communications, local transportation, neighborhoods, commerce. The Sun is aspecting most of the outer planets. It is in a t-square with Uranus and Pluto, a combination which indicates big changes and these changes will happen in areas involving H3 (communications, local transport, early education, neighborhoods)-H9 (publishing, law, religion, foreign land, etc.) and H12 (institutions, secret enemies, the unknown) for Washington.

The Sun, Uranus, Pluto lines run through the middle of the country from Louisiana up to Illinois and Wisconsin, I think, is that Wisconsin? so it will be interesting to see if the states involved will somehow be a center of the change.

The Sun is also trining the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction from H3 to H11. That could be great for innovation, commerce and entrepreneurship as long as things are kept in a realistic perspective. Interesting that a Jupiter-Neptune astrolocality line runs through Iran and Iraq just as the U.S. is encouraging a big rebellion in Iran over the corrupt political elections.

The Chart Shape is a bucket with Saturn as Handle so Saturn is a key figure in this chart as it has been in a lot of the charts lately. Saturn in this chart is in the 6th House of jobs which could be a major concern. Saturn is the only Outer planet planet in this chart that isn't in major aspect with the Sun. Since the 6th House rules Health and Public Health and Hygiene and Diet and the Sun rules Vitality, I hope there won't be any concerns for Swine Flu. Common workers won't be doing as well as people with education and entrepreneurs. But Saturn is trining the first house Venus-Mars conjunction. Anybody who wants to be the next Walt Disney, please step up. Corrupt immigrants, also, please step forward and lose control. Just what we need.

The Moon is conjunct Mercury at 8 Gemini in the 2d House. House 2 rules Banking and Money and Values. Interesting that these planets rule Housing and Transportation, two of the big losers in the economic downturn. The Banks will own these entire industries by the time the Summer is over?

6/22/09 edit: Wow, some local problems for Washington, DC today that match up with the Solstice Chart: 2 transit trains collide killing 6 (H3 Sun opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus). Also, an underground transformer explodes.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

That's Not My Mommy

John Barnes has had a buggaboo all his life that he didn't belong in his family. Well, John, don't we all? I mean, some people have a real family, but in California we don't meet too many of those.

John Barnes is this guy.

At Age whatever he is, 50 something, John decided to have a DNA test to figure out if he is really somebody else's kid. He doesn't look, walk, talk like anyone in his family and he's found a photo of an abducted boy from the 50s who he really does look like. He tells the whole media, or at least the media gets a hold of the story, and the media turns it into a Mini Reality Circus. Is John's weird story true? Can Modern Science confirm John's deepest paranoias?

And so today we get the results from the DNA test. Wonder if they sell these in the store next to the pregnancy tests? Does John have the same DNA as the kidnapped boy from the Mid-50s? Will John get a whole new family who makes him feel at home -- finalleeeeee?

Well, well. You already felt like an outsider in your family, John. I don't know how much of this shit they can put up with. 50 something is a little old to be banging a rattle against the crib walls. Your parents must be on death's door. Couldn't you have waited until after they died to have the test? Or at least not have made a media monkey dance out of it?

Well, you gotta do what you gotta do. And, of course, after looking at the chart I find out that John has the same nasty Venus-Mars-Pluto conjunction that I do. Nobody with this conjunction is going to feel at home, except maybe Murderers who are related to other Murderers. John's conjunction is all in Leo and it's conjunct the Sun which rules Leo so it's extra powerful. And Jupiter and maybe even the Moon are within conjunction. This guy needs to feel that he is extra special in some way. He also probably gets really bad depressions during Winter from lack of light with all this Leo. (Leo/Sun, light, get it?)

John, get an Ott light or move to Florida or New Mexico. Or California, it's a State of greedy rich people and screwed up misfits, weird, huh? you'll fit right in.

Mostly I think John's trauma is an example of just how difficult a Neptune transit can be especially when it happens to one's Sun. Transiting Neptune in Aquarius has been opposing John's giganormous Leo stellium for the last few years. Neptune opposing Sun can be rather un-grounding. The opposition puts one in really ridiculous emotional relationships with people. It's the Don Quixote stabbing at wine bags syndrome and the searching for sweet Dulcinea thing.

To add to that, Barnes' progressed Mercury stationed Retrograde back in 1999 or 2000. That's still pretty recent. Mercury rules the rational thought processes. Here his Mercury is pulling U'ys. What a combo. Take a breather, John. You might be somebody else's kid, but you're not going to find it out during a major Neptune transit. Mostly I think you belong to that Flower Power Generation that just needs to rebel against everything in order to find a higher ideal (Jupiter square Saturn, Uranus square Neptune). Whatever, I'm part of the generation that had to follow you guys and you all are utterly exhausting (but highly amusing). The Nodes show that you may be picking up on some really happy past life vibes that you want to re-live so maybe you might want to consider getting into past life regressions and things now.

John Barnes
b. Aug. 18, 1955 Pensacola, FL

Sun 25 Leo; Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 24 Sagittarius


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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Aurora Borealis

Awesome pictures of the Northern Lights. Would really like to see these someday.



Thursday, June 11, 2009

Laura Ling

This past spring I wrote a blog entry that related the Venus Retrograde transit to the capture of female journalists abroad. Roxanna Barberi has since been released from Iran. Laura Ling and Euna Lee are still in detention in North Korea. They were detained on March 17, were given a trial beginning June 4, and found guilty of crossing the borders illegally on June 8. They were sentenced to 12 years of hard labor in a prison camp. Since the U.S. has no diplomatic ties with North Korea negotiations are particularly difficult. According to Wikipedia, Lee and Ling were reporting on the trafficking of women between the two countries.

I haven't found a birth date for Euna Lee. She is said to be 36 years old and originally born in South Korea. She is a producer for Current TV. I've just found a birth date for Laura Ling. I have no idea if this is the correct date for her, many entries are confusing her birth date with her sister Journalist Lisa Ling (who is a Virgo). If this birth date is correct, Laura Ling is a Sagittarius. That's good. Sagittarians are hardy folk.

Laura Ling

b. Dec. 1, 1976 Carmichael, CA

Sun 10 Sagittarius; Moon Aries; NN 2 Scorpio

source for birth info About.com

Laura Ling's chart is dominated by Fire. She has a conjunction of the Sun, Mars, and Neptune in Sagittarius which is trining her Saturn in Leo. This trine may possibly expand out into a Grand Trine with an Aries Moon but without a birth time it is impossible to know where the Moon's exact placement is but it will definitely be in Aries (assuming that this is her correct birth date).

With this conjunction/stellium in Sagittarius it is easy to understand why Ling would be attracted to adventure, publishing, an independent lifestyle like journalism, especially journalism which involves reporting on affairs in foreign countries. This is anything connected with the sign of Sagittarius.

With the Sun conjunct Mars and the Moon in the sign which Mars rules Ling could be attracted to dangerous situations. She definitely would be a highly idealistic person. And with a Saturn-Neptune trine could be a very compassionate person who is very empathetic towards suffering. Placement of the Moon in her chart could really complicate things if it's placed within a Grand Trine with these planets. The Moon rules Feelings and Emotions. This could be an indicator for rash behavior. But, a Trine also brings a lot of luck in life. Fire can flow into and out of situations easily. The Moon might also oppose Pluto which would turn the Grand Trine into a Kite pattern. This indicates that Luck in Ling's chart will focus itself and not stay self-contained within the chart and the life. But, Moon-Pluto oppositions can show some deep, complicated feelings about attracting resentment from others. Her Scorpio North Node repeats this more complicated theme.

Ling was taken into custody during the long Venus Retrograde transit that occurred this past Spring when Venus was in Aries for a really long time. This could have been hovering over her natal Moon for an extra long time. Venus was also squaring t.Pluto for an extra long time because of the transit. Pluto = Power plays and she and Lee are being used as Pawns in big Politics between North Korea and the United States. Their personal problem just seem to explode out into bigger and bigger issues.

Ling's stellium is really fascinating to study. This conjunction of Sun to Mars and Neptune in Sagittarius is prominent because the three planets are also parallel with each other. Parallels are like mini-conjunctions so this means that the 3 planets try to work together in a Double Whammy conjunction. The Sun and Mars together can be a bit self serving, or at least rash, but in conjunction with Neptune they can be directed towards an idealistic, perhaps not very realistic self expression.

With Neptune's ability to blur boundaries it is interesting that Ling has been jailed for crossing borders into enemy territory in a major International case. Neptune/12th House rules prisons and other institutions. Transiting Neptune and Jupiter are also hanging out over Kim Jong-Il's Sun which is pretty interesting. Ling's Sagittarius Sun and Neptune are represented in literal terms here in his chart.

I was curious to see where this conjunction has progressed to by Solar Arc to see if anything significant was going on there. Yes. With Mars and Neptune and Sun hanging out over this Venus there is an Aura of Danger (Mars), Rashness (Mars), Boldness (Sun-Mars) and Confusion, Hiding, Prisons (Neptune). Capricorn is related to Career and Government and Authority. All these symbols are mashing together into Ling's life. Ling and Lee were apparently covering a story about trafficking of women over the North Korean/Chinese Border. It's almost as if Ling has fallen into the story she was covering, very Neptunian. Sort of almost Alice in Wonderlandish.

In addition to this big Solar Arc Progression, Ling's Secondary Progressed Mercury is also in conjunction with this spot. Mercury rules Writing and also communication. A Retrograde likes to throw curve balls. Ling's Mercury stationed Retrograde back around 2004-5. I wonder if there was somehow a mix-up of communications related to her situation which could show a need to be more circumspect with regards to anything having to do with communications. Supposedly the women were caught because they didn't have information about a military drill that was breaking up in the area.

At any rate, there will be a Total Eclipse in July at the end of Cancer/Capricorn right near the spot where Ling's Venus is at the end of Capricorn. I hope that she will be released before then as this could be very hard on her emotionally. As she is of Chinese descent I dont' understand why the Chinese are not working with the North Koreans to have her and Lee released.

Ling's Progressed Mars is also in Capricorn at 2 degrees. That's the Aries Point which brings a person into the public eye. It is also on the same spot where t.Pluto is. Pluto, of course, brings Fame, but usually a great crisis as well. When Mars and Pluto are together they can bring an element of danger and a need for great self will. This aspect is not relating strongly to Ling's natal chart, it is perhaps echoing a situation that occurred when Pluto transited over natal Mars a few years ago. That would have been around the time that Ling's Prog. Mercury went Retrograde.

One last thing (I can't stop.) Ling's chart doesn't have many squares. That's sort of odd for someone who takes so many risks in her life. Squares bring challenges and obstacles. It is considered good to have a few in the natal chart. Dealing with some internal tension early in life sort of helps one to develop an inoculation against when things go wrong later on. But, perhaps this is what will pull her through this situation. A person with a Grand Square would be tortured out of their minds just because the captors would pick up on their difficult vibe.

I only hope that the U.S. will send a Super Neptunian person over to Korea to try to spring these women. It will take some super charm to get to them out. And I hope they do it quickly.

AsianWeek.com has a petition to sign to request that significant measures be taken to secure the Women's release.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hey, What Did You Just Step In?

Well, now that we pretty much know that life is not possible on the Moon we've found another use for Her/Him(gender of Moon is??). The Moon has become the Space Race's garbage dump. The Japanese are slamming a used up space probe onto the Lunar Surface at 2 pm today (6/10/09). I don't know if this is 2 pm Japan time, or CNN time, or Yahoo time. I doubt it's Moon time. At any rate, Pluto rules Waste Products and Pluto is opposing Cancer, the Astrological Sign that rules the Moon. I suppose we can expect more of this. The Moon today is also in Capricorn, the sign of its fall. If Capricorn can't find a use for you he will just trash you.

One small step for man, One big step for mankind ...

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Advice for Pluto in Capricorn Survival

Came across two bits of Wisdom that echo Pluto in Capricorn Wisdom to me. One is a joke, the other is a slogan. Sorry I didn't catch which comedian said the joke, Billy Crystal maybe?

"Sometimes it's better to look good than to feel good."

"Fake it till you make it."


Sunday, June 07, 2009

RIP David Carradine

Eccentric genuis actor David Carradine tragically passed away in Bangkok, Thailand while working on a film. His body was found hanging in a closet in the hotel where he was staying. The Thai authorities at first said this was a Suicide and have since decided that it was an accident due to auto erotic asphyxiation. Carradine's family feel that Foul Play is involved and that another person would have been involved in the death.

Looking at the chart I can see that Carradine would have been vulnerable to having an accident during this time. The chart also shows that an encounter with another person, possibly a sexual encounter or one that brings up intense taboos and feelings of revenge could have a "Fated Destiny" during this time. He could even have been researching for his role.

David Carradine

b. Dec. 8, 2009, Hollywood Beach, CA

Sun 17 Sagittarius; Moon is probably in Libra, possibly Scorpio; NN 25 Sagittarius

First thing I notice here is that Carradine's Sun is conjunct his natal North Node, path of destiny. The Sun rules a person's Vitality and so is related to their health and life. Komilla Sutton describes this as one of the most difficult aspects for a person to have because these two elements are in constant competition to outshine each other in the life.

Carradine's Sun is further involved in a challenging and tight Mutable Grand Square to a Saturn-Neptune opposition and is opposing Chiron in Gemni. I suspect that Carradine went through very heavy times about every 7-8 years when Saturn would have touched this Grand Square. Saturn is in conjunction with natal Neptune right now and is opposing itself. So, needless to say, Carradine's Sun, or basic Vitality/Life Force, was being challenged. Further, it was changing Signs by Progressions, something which shows a major 30 year shift in how a person handles his vitality. Pisces requires receptivity and gentleness. Pisces is also ruled by Neptune which rules Asphixiation (rex bills, hanging not included in book). Saturn, in conjunction by transit and by natal opposition, would have a stifling effect on his Neptune. Pisces, or House 12, is also involved in end of life issues and Drugs which Carradine had had problems with in the past.

With regards to the events of Carradine's death, I'm not sure how long Carradine was passed before he was found. I also don't have a birth time for him so don't have a Moon placement or Angles. Exwives have come forward and made public comments about his Sex Life which indicate that he experimented with alternative forms of sexuality. Sagittarians are broad minded and can like to have a good time with regards to sexuality. Always looking for a new adventure, so to speak. Expansive, optimistic, and youth loving Jupiter sometimes doesn't know when to quit.

Carradine had a natal Venus-Pluto opposition which is in late Capricorn-Cancer. Venus-Pluto aspects can be difficult to read; the most obvious reading is to say that the person is really into kinky sex. Astrologers often abuse their clients trying to read this one. Venus-Pluto can also indicate that a person has strong feelings bubbling under the surface, either feels or understands motivations and compulsions in themselves or others. The feeling nature is often spent in areas unseen and they may not have practical application in the real world. Of course, it shows creativity of some sort but a creativity that doesn't flow easily. Because of that is can show "pressure build ups." (Geologists would do better in interpreting this aspect than Astrologers).

The big aspect here regarding the event: Transiting Nodal Axis was on Carradine's natal Venus-Pluto opposition and it was squared by transiting Mars conjunct Natal Uranus. This is layered over the fact that the planets of his Grand Square were in challenging transits.

When Carradine was found, the transiting North Node Axis was approaching and within conjunction of the Venus-Pluto opposition at 3 Aquarius/Leo. As I said, the opposition in event charts can show relationships with others. Carradine was getting up there in years and his Progressed Sun (vitality) had just changed signs into Pisces. Venus-Pluto can literally indicate prostitutes, especially with Venus in an earth sign like it is here.

Mars-Uranus aspects indicate Accidents. Here transiting Mars is conjunct natal Uranus in Taurus! And this is squaring the Nodal Axis (Fate/Destiny). The Moon may even have been opposing and that would certainly be a slam dunk indicator for a person to lay low.

Also interesting to look at, Carradine's progressed Sun had just passed into Pisces so he was dealing with a new energy for self-expression that he wouldn't understand quite yet (i.e., to be gentle and receptive). Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Neptune rules asphyxiation. Neptune here is squaring Carradine's natal Sun and is heavily afflicted by Saturn (stifling) both natally and by transit (Saturn opposition). I'd normally read that to indicate that he would be working very hard in film and this would be a very creative time.

Since there is the exact conjunction to the degree of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius going on in the skies right now I assume that this was placed very prominently in Carradine's chart.

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Performance Art a la Saturn-Uranus! Participate!!

Here's a chance to share the Saturn-Uranus opposition with the World. Follow the instructions below and type in either a Hope or a Dream or a Fear. You can do it anonymously and compulsively as many times as you want. The event begins on June 12 (2009) and will continue through the end of July.

"Hopes" and "Dreams" find rulership under Uranus in Pisces. Saturn in Virgo, especially in an opposition to anything, will find expression under the term "Fear." So close your eyes, or maybe even open them and look at your life, and then type it into the form. You can follow the Hopes/Dreams/Fears of others by subscribing to the Facebook page.

P.S., since Pluto is moving into a square with Saturn and Uranus I think you might want to avoid "Wishing" for anything. This is one of Uranus' keywords and Pluto may tend to turn it into a "Be Careful What You Wish For" kind of thing. Pluto manifests so you can confront the fear. Uranus just wants everyone to have a voice and to participate. (To keep Pluto at bay, just be sure to pay your Taxes, don't go overboard with the auto-erotica, and buy a Suzi Orman Willmaker kit at Costco.)

Here’s the info for the event from an Artist off of Ravelry going by the nick @Platea:

I’m participating in an online public art project and hope you can join. It’s called “hopes/dreams/fears”, and I hope you can join me. All you have to do is:

  1. Fill out the form at http://tinyurl.com/kj75lc.

  2. Join the hopes/dreams/fears Facebook group at http://tr.im/n6KP.

  3. Wait to see yours and others’ hopes, dreams and fears broadcast over the next month and a half in your Facebook feed.

“hopes/dreams/fears” begins in New York City on June 12 during the FIGMENT NYC arts festival on Governor’s Island and it runs till the end of July with participants across the world. Members of online public art collective @Platea are gathering individuals’ hopes, dreams and fears in the form of status update language (i.e., “Jessica hopes that she graduates with honors next year.” “Fred fears he might lose his job due to the recession”). These will then be broadcast to a broader audience via a Facebook page, with the goal of uniting diverse groups via social media and offering a collective picture of communities’ hopes, dreams and fears during this time of economic crisis and transition.

To learn more about @Platea, please visit http://plateastweets.blogspot.com.

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Dr. George Tiller

The Astrology of Abortion Rights Activism is pretty overwhelming. It seems that a right which I pretty much have taken for granted during my adult life is in the process of being taken away if many people have their way. People who oppose abortion seem to be promoting their opinions as the word of God. On the same note, they are turning more and more to violence.

This past Sunday Dr. George Tiller, one of the few Doctors left who is known for performing late-term Abortions, was murdered. He was shot point blank in the face while attending Church services.

"Late Term Abortion" apparently means any abortion performed after the fetus is 20 weeks old. Accounts are available on the Internet of Women who have had late term abortions performed and why. One woman wrote an account of how she terminated a pregnancy in which the baby developing without a head. Its chances for survival were nil. The tests early on in the pregnancy didn't show this. It would be absurd to expect her to carry the baby after learning this information just because of a rule. People are working with more information than they used to have.

George Tiller

b. Aug. 8, 1941 Wichita, Kansas

Sun 16 Leo; Moon Aquarius or Pisces; NN 25 Virgo

Tiller's a Leo Sun which explains his courage. The only major aspect the Sun makes in Tiller's chart is its trine to his Mars in Aries which also doesn't aspect any other planets (by major aspect). These two sort of float around on their own amongst the rest of the planets. Both are strong because they are both in their own signs. This indicates a Warrior type. Tiller's Mars is also a singleton in his chart, only planet in a Cardinal Sign (Starter, Warrior).

Mars, planets of Guns and Violence, is also featured here in the shooting. Sunday's Mars was at 30 Aries approaching a square to Tiller's North Node on one side and Pluto-Mercury-SN on the other side. That's violent. Tiller was shot at point blank range in the face (ruled by Mars).

Natal Mars was enhanced both by transiting Mars and Progressed Mars which were both in Aries.

Tiller's progressed Mars stationed Retrograde around 1971. It also would have been around the time of his Saturn Return. This is mirrored in his life as his family, including both parents and sister were killed in an Airplane crash. His sister asked that he care for her 1 year old Son (Mars). And, although intending to go into Dermatology, took over his Father's clinic in Wichita where Abortions were performed.

Tiller's progressed Mars was in Aries his whole life and was backtracking through to within 3 degrees of conjunction with his natal Mars (19 Aries) at the time of his murder. Transiting Mars was at 30 Aries so he had just celebrated a return for that planet. The Venus Retrograde in Aries would have further "inflamed" this "trigger" planet (Mars keywords). He was pushing the limits but this had been a constant problem for him throughout most of his years in practice. His clinic was constantly targeted by violent protesters, very Marsian reaction from the public. It was bombed in June 1986 and Tiller was shot in both arms on Aug. 19, 1993.

Tiller's chart has a huge outer planet aspect which can show a strong connection with generational influences. His inner planets don't relate to by aspect but his North Node (Destiny) is connected: Neptune is conjunct the North Node 25-26 Virgo and is trining an out of sign conjunction between Saturn 28 Taurus and Uranus 1 Gemini.

Neptune in Virgo would martyr itself for a cause and ideals, especially a health related issue. A Saturn-Uranus person will struggle with trying to blend concepts relating to Authority and Rebellion, Tradition/Authority/Rules v. New Ways of Thinking/Doing. Here the Martyrdom came during the opposition of Saturn to Virgo which mirrors his natal conjunction. Currently Saturn is on his natal Venus in Virgo. Transiting Uranus is currently conjunct Tiller's South Node in Pisces -- a shock happening that affects his Destiny. The Pisces element reinforcing the Martyrdom.

I was also curious to check Chiron's placement in Tiller's chart since Chiron represents the "Wounded Healer." Was wondering if this would show up in a literal sense here and, yes, it does. First off, looking at transiting Chiron. I have no idea whether Tiller had an Aquarius or a Pisces Moon but there is a chance that the exact conjunction of transiting Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune was within conjunction of Tiller's Moon. Moon-Chiron conjunctions can show victimization, wounding by public reaction. Both transiting Chiron and Neptune were stationing Rx on Sunday.

Next, Tiller's natal Chiron is conjunct Mercury and Pluto which, as I said, was in an approaching square from transiting Mars.

Progressed Chiron is at 14 Leo conjunct Tiller's natal Sun 16 Leo. That's a pretty interesting aspect for a Doctor who was murdered for being a murderer. (Remember that his natal Sun has no other major aspect than its trine to natal Mars.)

Since this man was so heavily involved in Women's health it is good to look at his Venus. As I said without time of birth I can't use the other indicator of women, which is the Moon. Tiller's Venus is in the sign of Virgo natally. It is square to his Jupiter. Virgo is the sign of Health. Venus in a man's chart shows his attitude towards women. Tiller's attitude was practical. He was aware of the health aspect. Interesting that Venus is in the same sign as Neptune (idealism) and his North Node (Destiny). Tiller's progressed Venus moved into Scorpio around 1979. It would be interesting to see if this is when Tiller's problems began. Scorpio is related to reproduction, surgery, the taboo. His business was probably booming as Abortions became more popular so he may have attracted enmity because of that aspect. Of course, Venus in early Scorpio would have squared his natal Pluto-Mercury-Chiron conjunction in Leo. As Tiller's Venus progressed into Sagittarius in 2004-5, his Opinions about Women's Freedom (Jupiter) to Chose (Jupiter) evidently became too much for the Religious Zealots (Jupiter). Bush also signed Legislation (Jupiter) which were meant to curtail the Late Term Abortions.

On a broader scale it is interesting to realize that Pluto's entry into Capricorn is also playing an important role here. Attitudes toward parenting, regulations, right/wrong are going to be destroyed in some way in some attempt to bring about control and order. The Right to Choose may be Decided by Government rather than by Individuals.

Other aspects which I'm finding for the day of Tiller's murder:

Transiting Uranus conjunct natal South Node and opposing natal Neptune.
T. Saturn-Moon conjunction conjunct natal Venus Virgo

Interesting double Sun- Jupiter conjunctions aspects:

T. Sun 11 Gemini conjunct natal Jupiter 16 Gemini
Prog. Sun 21 Libra trine p. Jupiter 21 Gemini

I'd like to wish Tiller's Spirit eternal rest, but somehow I feel that this spirit would prefer to continue the fight. May George Tiller's family and friends find solace in the courage which he exhibited during his time on Earth in speaking out on behalf of women's rights.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Nobless Oblige Award!!

A couple of weeks ago I received a surprise from Twilight over at Learning Curve on the Ecliptic. She was honored with a Noblesse Oblige Award for her excellent blog and in return she has passed the honor on to me.

The conditions for the award are listed down below from off of Twilight's blog. They are listed down below because one thing this blog hasn't achieved is mastery of how to use the word processing feature on Blogger. (The "conditions" come with indented margins and I don't know to remove them.)

One of the honors of this Award is to again pass it on to other blogs. This is really difficult to do because there are so many great bloggers out there.

How many people can I give this to? I hereby pass this Award on to:

Sky Writer which is written by Donna Cunningham
Dharmaruci's Astrotabletalk
John Townley's blog over at Matrix Software

Lastly, I'm supposed to give a brief statement of what my blog has achieved. Well, well, well. First off, Gemini Rising here, I like to get my fingers into a little bit of everything, it's intoxicating. Second off, Aquarius Midheaven conjunct Chiron: Achievement to me just means that others won't be recognized so this isn't really the wording that I would want to use.

My initial purpose in writing this blog was to simply practice writing. That's so embarassing to say because I immediately failed at that. At the time my progressed Mercury was on natal Mars, changing signs, and the Saturn-Neptune opposition was on my natal Mercury. Thats = sloppiness and incoherence. I'm keeping the old posts for all their outlandish problems and as a momento for how impossible the editing was at that time. What I soon found out though was far more important. If I started to look at topics that really interested me, whether in a light hearted way or in a deeper capacity I was finding answers for how the astrology could be related to the subject. I think this is how a Leo Mercury has to work. When I don't write about things which I feel empathy with I tend to bitch and rant, that's for sure.

This is just how I've proceeded. I love using the Internet for the research. Having worked in libraries I remember how much time and hard work it took to find what is now available in seconds. I love working with the past and I love to see how it's connected with the present. Dealing with the future and the human ego is trickier business. I believe that everything is connected and the astrology so often shows how in an elegant way that is both simple and complex at the same time. There is as much to look at as one cares to. Right now Astrology for me is about watching the cycles of the planets. I need to see how this happens in traffic patterns, in the lives of whales, in prairie dogs, in car crashes, in economic downturns, weather patterns, movie stars' noses, haunted houses. You name it, it's all connected. Or, at least, it ought to be....


The Conditions for the Noblesse Oblige Award is as mentioned on Twilight's blog are:
1. -Create a Post with a mention and link to the person who presented the Noblesse Oblige Award.

2. -The Award Conditions must be displayed at the Post.

3. -Write a short article about what the Blog has thus far achieved – preferably citing one or more older posts to support.

4. -The Blogger must present the Noblesse Oblige Award in concurrence with the Award conditions.

5. -Blogger must display the Award at any location at the Blog.

Noblesse Oblige award is for the following:
The Blogger who manifests exemplary attitude, respecting the nuances that pervade amongst different cultures and beliefs.

The Blog contents inspire; strive to encourage and offer solutions.

There is a clear purpose to the Blog; one that fosters a better understanding of Social, Political, Economic, Arts, Culture and Sciences and Beliefs.

The Blog is refreshing and creative.

The Blogger promotes friendship and positive thinking.

Air France Flight 447 Crash

Yesterday AirFrance flight 447 seemed to disappear in thin air after take off from the radar after taking off from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was destined for Paris, France. The plane entered a storm at 9:00pm. Today some wreckage has been found which confirms that the plane crashed. The last communication from the plane was an automated message sent at 9:14 pm saying that the Electrical had failed.

AirFrance Flight 447

take off: May 31, 2009 7:03 pm local time. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sun 11 Gemini; Moon 21 Virgo; ASC 7 Capricorn; NN 3 Aquarius; MC 27 Virgo

Thanks to Eric Francis at PlanetWaves for his writings on the subject and for providing the time which I struggled with figuring out. I may repeat some of what he says in his post which has probably been updated by now.: http://planetwaves.net/pagetwo/2009/06/01/air-france-flight-447-astrology/.

In this chart one sees major planets close to the angles. Pluto has just passed over the Capricorn Ascendant. The Moon has just passed over the Midheaven. Uranus is exactly conjunct the IC in Pisces. That hits all the water elements plus Uranus which promises Thunder, Lightening and Electrical failures. The Water indicates the Ocean. And Uranus indicates Airplanes and Flight. Pluto indicates Crisis.

The chart is tense also because the Sun is squaring Saturn and the Moon is squaring Pluto. Those are just some big tensions between inner and outer planets. Some powerful abilities to "manifest."

The ruler of the chart is Saturn which is up in the 9th House of long distance travel. The Moon has just passed into the 9th house as well.

These are just the set-ups. Alone they won't pull a plane down. Especially not to make it vanish without a trace. (That's Neptune.)

And that's where this chart gets interesting. Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune have been in a conjunction on the same degree. They happen to be in conjunction with the H3 cusp of this Take-Off chart. 3d house rules Transportation as does H9. This big conjunction is squaring Mercury, ruler of H3 so it is in conflict in the chart. Plus, all of these planets are straining at this time. The day before Mercury came out of Retrograde and both Chiron and Neptune went into Retrograde so there is a huge shift of speed or direction.

There is also a conjunction of Venus to Mars here across the Taurus-Aries cusp. They are in mutual reception and if the time I'm using is correct, Mars was conjunct the IC during the last automated communication from the plane.


Edit: Gave wrong information for time of the electrical circut failure as 9:14 pm. It was actually 11:14 pm (I'm assuming Local Time). Can't be certain but this might put the Sun rather than Mars at the IC. Uranus in H1 with Pisces Rising. North Node in Aquarius conjunct H12 cusp with a square from Mars 1 Taurus (H2). Not real certain on that information.

The Astrolocality Chart is interesting to look at. It would be great to compare with the flight route and it might hone down what to look for in this chart as far as what went wrong. In that case the Pluto ASC line was crossing over Rio de Janeiro at the Take Off time. The Moon's MC line along with the Saturn MC lines are crossing each other very closely to Rio de Janeiro. So this reflects the Moon-Pluto square affecting the takeoff for the plane.

Meanwhile, the Moon-Saturn conjunction has passed into the 8th House. And the Moon is translating light to Saturn from an opposition to Uranus. And the Saturn line is just due west of the Moon line in the astrolocality chart.

If an Astrolocality Map is drawn up for 9:14 pm when the plane indicated that it had lost electrical power we see some really wild stuff. As the NN was in conjunction with the Aquarius Ascendant there is a North Node ASC line crossing over Rio de Janero. Crossing over that is the Mars IC line. Aquarius rules Airplane flights, as well as Thunder and Electrical. Combined with Mars it can indicate an explosion. I hope that there wasn't foul play involved.

Out in the ocean the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron ASC lines are packed together because of their conjunction! The line seems to follow the flight pattern. Neptune in Uranus conjunct Jupiter would certainly indicate a huge storm.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Opening Bell Charts and the Saturn-Uranus Opposition

There is talk about how the Economy is improving in the media. Meanwhile there are a bunch of adjustable rate mortgages coming due this Summer. Someone told me that it is feared that as many as 75 percent of these will fail.

So I thought I'd take a look at how the remaining Saturn-Uranus opposition (days of exact opposition) will look in the Opening Bell Charts for Wall St. We are going through a very long pass of this opposition in which the planets will aspect each other exactly 5 times over almost a two year period. The opposition is considered more vibrant because its last couple of exact passes will occur over the Aries Points in the charts. This could indicate problems that are perhaps worldwide and in transition. In traditional Astrology both of these planets are ruled by the same planet, Saturn, so there is a sense that they may not see things all that differently anyway. At any rate, they are here being challenged by Pluto who is in a square with both of them from the beginning of Capricorn. Pluto is a big distillor, he wants to prune away and reduce whatever is dead weight, get to the core. Here he is working on a society level, probably from the point of view of the elite class, the most successful as represented by Capricorn. There is a sense of things going on behind the scenes. Or, perhaps Pluto will get in there and confront the problems and expose them. If you expose too much, of course, you make yourself vulnerable.

Of course, a huge problem with a t-square is that it brings lack in the one spot where it isn't represented in a square. This is the Cancer Aries Point which is so strongly represented in so much of the United States' legislation. Cancer represents the public, the land, anything that nurtures and provides the materials for growth.

The t-square won't ever be exact. They are close enough for Gemini Rising but others might not think this is all that important. Truth is, the Uranus-Pluto square, which isn't going to be exact until 2012 will be within orb of a being considered a square in this Summer's Eclipse so that energy will probably be felt from then on. A good old fixed sign outer planet square is probably good to have for survival when things get tough. The kids born during this time will be able to handle just about anything that's thrown at them.

Eclipses. Again, it's a daunting task to try to follow all this information. The Uranus-Pluto exact squares will be caught in the crossfires of some Eclipses from 2013 through 2015. In May, 2013 the square will be exact right between a Set. That month is when the Scientists say the Solar Cycle will be at its maximum. I wrote about that Virgo guy who was unbelievably great at predicting Financial Crises related to the Solar cycles. Was his name Jevons? Sounds like a Butler.

Saturn and Pluto will square each other 3 times from Nov. 15, 2009 to Jan. 31, 2010 to Aug. 21, 2010. The last time they squared was from 1993-94 and before that in 1973-74.

Uranus and Pluto will square each other 7 times from Jun 24, 2012 through Mar. 17, 2015. The last time they squared was in the early 30s from the signs Aries (Uranus) to Cancer which shows why there is some concern for repetition of the Great Depression.

The following charts are for the Opening Bells on Wall Street and so are set for 9:30 am.
Therefore, the Wall Street's Ego, Vitality, Will, Risk, Creativity, as represented by its Opening Bell Charts, is in the 11th House o f Hopes, Wishes, Community Activities, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Shock, Erratic Behavior, Freedom, Mental Distance, etc. That sets the tone for how Wall St. wants to express itself in its investments. The Sun rules H5 which is a Resource House so this is a great placement.

This also means that often the chart will often be ruled by the Sign that comes before whatever sign the Sun is in. This might be a source of tension as that means that the Sun is often expressing itself through the 12th House of the Sign it is ruling. That can either lead to self-undoing or finding hidden resources. There is always a nagging sense (and, er, knowledge) that there are undercurrents going on which can't be controlled (Pisces, H12). Things aren't what they seem. Off track, back to the charts.

is the world's greatest resource for finding dates for transits along with other great information. http://www.astropro.com/features/tables/geo/sa-ur/sa-180-ur/SA180UR6.html

Opening Bell Sept. 15, 2009 9:30 am New York, NY, Tuesday
Saturn-Uranus opposition is exact at 12:43 PM at 25 Virgo-Pisces
Sun 23 Virgo

Sun 23 Virgo; Moon 9 Leo; ASC 28 Libra; MC 1 Leo; NN 28 Capricorn

Saturn here is placed in House 11 and is conjunct the Sun and Mercury Retrograde. Cautious, disciplined mind. The Mercury Rx will mess up clarity of thinking and communication and might indicate a fearful attitude towards anything having to do with Risk and Entrepreneurship. Opposite is Uranus which is placed in the 5th House. These two are duking it out in the mutable signs of Virgo/Pisces and they are playing with the square to Pluto. This shows an adaptability for change, issues concerning Analysis v. Psychic Knowing, Health, Discipline of Day to Day v. Release into Unknown, and whatever. They are adaptable but nervous. There is a sense that no one knows boundaries and those who feel comfortable with that will either do well or will coerce ire in others. Medical Stocks might come back into forefront but only if they have a product.

So the Saturn-Uranus opposition is taken off the Angles here, which is positive, but Saturn is conjunct the Sun and is squaring Pluto at 1 Capricorn in H3 (Communications). That, along with Mercury Rx shows that Communications will somehow play a part. An Announcement? A lot of Government intervention? Send Congress on a Vacation so that they can't sign any Legislation because they'll just bury us further in. Policing? Ruthless behaviors? Sun-Saturn is also trining the North Node at 28 Capricorn, that indicates that Government is pushing to build. With the 3d House emphasis, just make sure it's not the Tower of Babble we're building. Wonder what will happen with Transportation stocks. Of course, 3 house and Mercury are concerned with the Auto Industry and Newspapers and TV. Kind of interesting, just heard on the news last night that the funds for the Roads are going to run dry in August. Can't remember if that was National or just in California.

Mars here is unaspected at 13 Cancer in H9. Temper Tantrums. International Relations. Academia. A Classical Musician should ring the Opening Bell on this day. Perhaps some infantile behavior that could lead to some good luck. Sounds creative to me. Maybe the Bipolars will have to be taken off their meds and will go back to working in TV and Media so we can finally get some new ideas.

With regards to the houses that rule money directly, H2 and H8, Venus and Pluto, the natural rulers of the 2d and 8th Houses are in reversal position from where they ought to be. They always are at this time of year, maybe why the Market tends to tank around this time, in October. Venus is up in the 10th House and is opposing the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction which will still be in effect in Aquarius (h4). Good time to invest in Real Estate? Maybe a little boom? This will be the event that separates the Haves from the Have Nots? H2 and H8 are empty.

Neptune in this chart is in the 9th House. It is still conjunct Chiron. I wrote a post a long time ago about how Neptune sells so perhaps this is where to look for investment opportunities. In the knitting world the sales are dropping off for everything except sock yarns which are represented by Neptune rulership of the feet. I can't finish two of anything so I'm sticking with Hats for now. I'm so tired of all this mutable sign energy I'm craving some good old Cardinal Aries Sign Head Gear.

Where were we?

Opening Bell Apr. 26, 2010 9:30 am New York NY
Saturn-Uranus Opposition running from H4 (Saturn) to H10 (Uranus)

Sun 7 Taurus; Moon 11 Libra (H4); ASC 5 Cancer; MC 12 Pisces; NN 16 Capricorn

Sun and Moon ruled by Venus, ruler of Banks and Money and Cash.

Once again, the Sun is conjunct a Mercury Rx 10 Taurus. This squares Mars at 11 Leo. Military?

The Moon is squaring the Nodal Axis.

Saturn-Uranus is on the Angles. This is at 29 Virgo-Pisces, gaining on the Aries Points. Jupiter will be at 23 Pisces now in conjunction with Uranus rather than Neptune. (Note the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception is getting one big last hurrah from Jupiter as he passes from one to the next, great for Science and Technology, maybe for politics and law).

Pluto is 10 degrees away from conjunction with the Nodal Axis and is right on the Descendant. Crisis created by others? Both points are trining Sun-Mercury Rx. Relationship problems coming to a head. Anger.

Cancer on H2 Cusp with Mars in Leo inside H2. Emotional volatility concerning finances and security. Points to Real Estate. Moon is in the 4th House and is squaring the ASC/DESC axis and Pluto. Investors, women?

Capricorn on H8 cusp with no planets in H8. Saturn is in the 4th House which doesn't sound good for Real Estate. Saturn is opposing Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Pisces (H10).

Opening Bell, July 26, 2010, 9:30 am New York, NY
Saturn-Uranus opposition is exact at 4:59 pm

Sun 4 Leo; Moon 11 Libra; ASC 17 Virgo; MC 14 Gemini; NN 11 Capricorn

This is the biggee on the Aries Points. Saturn opposes Uranus from 1 Libra to 1 Aries. They are angular by sign and by house. Saturn is in H1 conjunct Mars and Uranus-Jupiter is in the 7th House. They are squaring Pluto at 4 Capricorn in the 4th House. Pluto is conjunct the North Node at 11 Capricorn.

In addition, there is a Full Moon crossing the H5 (Moon in Aquarius) to H11 (Sun in Leo).

There is a big emphasis on relationships here. Oppositions represent relationships, balancing, harmonizing. Libra rules the chart. Feeling of being turned upside down.

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