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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Unclaimed Lottery Prize

I finally figured out that most of the Lottery drawings aren't done in California.  Duh. Obviously, I'm the proverbial 3 hours behind.

So, in preparation for what will have to be a huge win for somebody due to the upcoming Mars-Jupiter-Uranus Grand Trine, I was trying to figure out where the little balls will be drawn. Apparently, it's not set in stone but usually the Powerball is drawn in Tallahassee, Florida at 11pm Eastern time and the MegaMillions are drawn in Atlanta, Georgia at the same time.

So, someone out there who I presume has mid degrees fire ranting hot and heavy in his or her chart will win mambo buckaroonies within a week. Actually, more likely, I have that and it's hitting my Mercury-Uranus so I'll probably just say something bad and get tossed in jail. I can't imagine this transit not manifesting gloriously, though, so I'm playing along with Lady Luck.

But, really, what caught my eye right now, is the page on the lottery website which shows that 3 massive winners from the past 2 years won and never claimed their prize. One really struck me because the winning ticket was hand picked, not randomly picked by the machine. That's so Neptune. You know the uber psychic person just forgot about the ticket, put it in their pants pocket, and then ran it through the washing machine. The ticket probably broke up into little pieces that the person had to spend weeks picking off clothes. The ticket was bought in a gas station (Neptune) in Fresno. I think the lottery should track the person down with the videotape from the security cameras. Not many people handpick their tickets.

213M$ Winning Powerball Ticket, hand picked, never claimed
Drawn Oct. 23, 2013 11pm Tallahassee, Florida.

Sun 1 Scorpio; Moon 29 Gemini ; Asc 8 Cancer; MC 23 Pisces ; NN 8 Scorpio

The Sun is conjunct the NN right in that difficult set of degrees at the end of Libra/beginning of Scorpio, forget what it's called. The Sun and the NN don't like to be in conjunction because they fight for supremacy, or so I've heard.

The Sun is in a Grand Trine with the Moon on an AP in the 12th house and, you got it, Neptune in Pisces in the 9th house of Good Luck.  So we have a big winner.

But, what about the ticket?  Look to 3d house?  There we have Mars (impulse, good number picker) at 6 Virgo (yeah, it went through the wash) opposing big old rosy fingered Neptune in Pisces (gas stations, forgetfulness, psychics, etc.etc.etc).

Yeah, really, they know exactly how the numbers were picked so they no doubt know the exact time that they were picked and have the security video of the winner. That's all the police need in order to track a robber, why can't they track the winner?

Anyway, Good Luck to all us mid fire people this week. Somebody ought to win.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Libras have Dimples

My Mother used to tell me that you can recognize a Libra by their dimples. So, I'm watching Mario Lopez on TV and am noticing that he's got dimples. Is Mario Lopez a Libra? Yes, Mario Lopez has Sun in Libra in the 7th house.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

The "Wow" Signal

Found this article through the Fringe Radio's Facebook post...


 It's about a radio signal received from outer space back in 1977 which may be from aliens. It's called "the Wow Signal" because the researcher circled the code on the readout and wrote "Wow" next to it.

Interesting how we're so close to having a Nodal Return of this time. Back in 1977 Pluto was conjunct the North Node and, in the chart, this was in the 7th house conjunct the cusp. Shows a pretty intense relationship crisis of sorts. The code has never repeated, but maybe we'll get something before the Uranus-Pluto square loses touch with the Nodal Axis.

August 15, 1977 10:16 pm EST (11:16 EDT) Delaware Ohio
signal lasted 72 seconds

Source: http://www.bigear.org/Wow30th/wow30th.htm#est

Sun 24 Leo, Moon 8 Virgo, Asc 10 Aries, MC 5 Capricorn, NN 17 Libra (h7)

The signal was coming from the sign of Sagittarius. Only planet in Sagittarius was Neptune which is most elevated planet in the chart and conjunct the 9th house cusp (Sagittarius' cusp) to the degree.  Neptune is a boundary planet of a bowl shape chart. The opposite end of the boundary is Mars 20 Gemini in the 3d house of communication.  The planet Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is also in the the 3d house. Maybe it was Rod Serling's ghost who was making contact. (Just checked, Serling died in June, 1975)

I hope I'm using the correct chart. I'm not sure if I've used Standard Time or Daylight Time.

The Next Federal Reserve Announcement Opening Bell

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 will be the next meeting of the Federal Reserve. Am looking at the Opening Bell chart for that day. The Market is teeter tottering and preparing for a freefall based on the fact that prices are probably as high as they are going to go and money will move back into safer savings investments once banks begin to offer higher interest rates. At least, that's how I understand things and I may not understand things very well. Only about 13 or 14 percent of Americans own individual stocks at this point. I think that statistic is pretty much the same for amount of Americans who suffer serious mental illness and there is probably a correlation. Investing has become a large institutional and corporate thing (Neptune?).

Opening Bell
Sept. 17, 2014 9:30 am

Asc 28 Libra; Sun 25 Virgo; Moon 12 Cancer; NN 20 Libra

Venus rules the chart through the sign of Libra, so Diplomacy and government service is indicated.

The Presence of the Sun and Moon in the chart are both enhanced. Sun in Virgo is unaspected so the Sun (ego) doesn't flow with any of the other planets. The Sun in opening bell charts is always in the 11th house, at least so far that's how it's been. Virgo is a nervous sign but also heavily connected with markets and marketing. The moon is in its own sign of Cancer, which is good, but is opposing Pluto. This opposition is intercepted in the 9th house-3d house which sort of stresses it out, or at least brings whatever it's doing to the fore. In these houses, this shows emphasis on communications and announcements. Could also show an announcement connected to some sort of international conflict (opposition). Political problems is also reflected in the Jupiter-Saturn square which is angular from H10 to H1.  The Feds' presence is showing heavily in the chart in the 1st house Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio reflects good timing so wonder if any big announcements will be made since this time of year and the current market looks to drop at any time. Scorpio rules other people's money. Saturn can bring a cautious, wait n see sort of attitude towards whatever it touches. Although the markets have reached record levels during this transit, these two together can bring loss, probably much cash has been lost due to not having a safe haven for investment. The announcement crossing the H3-9 pole will reflect some very well educated guesses.

Mars is the lower octave of Pluto and is now in Sagittarius. Wonder if this transit will be a little mini version of the Pluto in Sagittarius transit. Lots of rodeo riding. Would hope that it will bring optimism. inflation and luck. This isn't the best time of year for riding a bucking bronco, though, as the market might plunge.

Pluto in Capricorn seems to have had a leveling effect so far, since the ingress into Capricorn in 2008 the market has moved up, with a lot of bumps. Its location in the Opening Bell charts has shifted at this time of year. Pluto is in the 3d House of the Opening Bell charts instead of the 2d House. It's about to move into the 2d house under the Libra Sun.

Saturn in the 1st made me want to look at Yellen's chart since Saturn represents the Feds and Leaders. Yellen chart is amazingly hooked in with this current chart.

Janet Yellen
August. 13, 1946

Sun 21 Leo; Moon Aquarius or Pisces; NN 19 Gemini

Difficult to read ChairmanYellen's chart without a birth time because the placement of her Moon is important for the reading. It's possible she was born on a full moon which is involved in a Kite formation. That's if she has an Aquarius Moon. She may have a Pisces Moon which is the same as Ben Bernanke. Her Moon is likely handle of a bucket shaped chart which adds to its emphasis.

At any rate (pun intended) it's possible that Yellen was born with no major challenging aspects except for the opposition between sun and Moon. That means that her easy going Leo and libra planets could smooth over this stressful transition time. Hope that's how it works. Yellen has 4 planets in Leo (Saturn, mercury, Pluto, sun) and 4 in Libra (Mars, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter). Her Leo sun is currently conjunct transiting Jupiter and square transiting Saturn. Maybe political strife will deter focus from the stock market to politics and nobody will pay attention. Im sure she's hoping that her actions won't create any political problems. Will have to ask CNN to play some interesting video clip over and over and over again. It's always mesmerizing when they do that and could create some sort of catharsis for the traders.

Also interesting is that Yellen has a conjunction of NN 19 Gemini to Uranus 21 Gemini that trines natal Jupiter 23 Libra. This is mirrored in the sky right now by transiting Jupiter 14 Leo-Lilith 15 Leo) trine Uranus 16 Aries-SN 20 Aries. This trine plays out in house 6 ( jobs, labor, public health) and house 10 (president, ruler, Feds) of the Opening Bell charts. This trine is due to turn into a grand trine with Mars in Sagittarius in another week or so. That should be good right? Maybe even great, right? A fire grand trine should at least be good for energy stocks, shouldn't it? Don't know what this means. Everybody likes Janet Yellen, so maybe everybody will like the stock market this month?

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Jupiter-Saturn Square

Richard Nolle describes the Jupiter-Saturn square aspect over at his website, Astropro.com (link below).

There are waxing (separating) squares and waning (approaching) squares. Everything the faster moving planet can do to the slower moving planet in the challenging square aspect.

Jupiter in Leo squaring Saturn in Scorpio is a waning square and refers back to whatever happened back at the original conjunction 14-15 years ago back in 2000. I think it was in Taurus and was affiliated with a big Market crash. The Tech industry was in a big bubble at that time and was most affected. Although the next couple of months celebrate an approaching square within 3 or 4 degrees' conjunction, Jupiter and Saturn will separate for a while. This conjunction is not going to be exact for another year, until August 2015.


The 3 conjunctions will be Aug. 3-6, 2015 at 29 Leo and Scorpio,

Mar. 19-26, 2015 at 17 Virgo and Sagittarius,

and May 23-31, 2015 at 14 Virgo and Sagittarius.

The Jupiter-Saturn square Opening Bell

Today's market opened down. Volatility is up. So I looked at the Opening Bell Chart and noticed something. What's that Jupiter-Saturn square doing in there? And it's on the angles. Saturn has separated from its conjunction with Mars which is still in the 2d house. Turns out that those two held each other down and volatility was minimal. But, now Saturn in Scorpio is in the 1st house taking charge of all the shared finances and it's squaring Jupiter in Leo which just wants to have fun. Jupiter-Saturn squares happen about every 5 years. The bottom of the market occurred 5 years ago. What's it mean? Well, at least mercury and Venus are not in conjunction so nobody's really in the mood to rattle the markets. Either way, Jupiter is also trining Uranus and will be in a grand trine with Mars for this month. Jupiter will touch the Mc around the end of the month. Jupiter-Saturn represents political issues and squares represent problems, challenges as the humanists like to call them.

Pluto in the 3d house is manifesting. More media reports about hacking customers information. This time at Home Depot. Cyber warfare. Pluto is about revenge and retaliation and sabotage.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Single Winner for $180,000,000 Mega Millions Jackpot

It's a bad habit. I've been buying Lottery tickets. So far, I've won a dollar. But, down in Southern California, San Bernadino or Riverside, a 53 year old roofing manager pulled the lucky numbers, 5 31 34 41 74 Megaball 3. Rick Knudsen of Calimesa, California said he only buys tickets when he's feeling lucky. His story is pretty interesting. He knew he was lucky because he pulled up even dollar numbers when he bought things at stores. Then he went to a casino and won several jackpots.

There are several charts to look at for predicting the lottery which probably would make it almost impossible to use. The purchaser/players chart has to look good. The time of the purchase might have to look good. And, the jackpot timing would have to look good. The latter is the only information I've got.

Big Jackpot Winning $180 M.

August 22, 2014. 8:00 pm place used for this chart was Sacramento, CA

Sun 30 Leo; Moon 4 Leo; Asc 6 Pisces; MC 17 Sagittarius, NN 21 Libra

Jupiter is the planet of luck so it's good that Jupiter is ruling an angle, the midheaven at the top of the chart.  Jupiter 9 Leo is conjunct the Moon 4 Leo in the 6th house.  Venus, planet of money, is also in Leo and is conjunct Lilith at 14 Leo. I had already posted about how somebody ought to win the big Lottery jackpot  when Venus was in conjunction with Jupiter and that happened in this case. Didn't happen when the conjunction was exact, but still within orb.

Neptune is significant in this chart. Is conjunct the ascendant to the degree and is in his own sign ( will be for many more years so maybe this is something to look for in future). Neptune is psychic and gets ahead just by " knowing." So, I guess the ascendant describes the winner pretty well.

The Nodal Axis is significant here as well as it is straddling the cusps of the houses that rule money.  North Node is conjunct H8 and Sn Node-Uranus are conjunct H2. Venus, planet which rules money, rules the 8th house. The mars-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio is in the 8th house.

Pluto is the planet that rules other people's money and he's in the 11th house of hope and wishes. Yeah, no kidding.

Congratulations to Rick Knudsen and his family!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

The Joan Rivers Just Died Opening Bell

Today the Market hit an all time high and then dropped to lose about 9 points. During that time Comic Genius and Legend Joan Rivers passed away at age 81.  Today's Opening Bell had a conjunction of Moon-Pluto in the 3d house trining a conjunction of Sun-Lilith. Rivers was a Gemini. These are completely unrelated topics, but I just thought I'd throw them together anyway. RIP, Funny Lady.

Tomorrow's Opening Bell is significant because the Nodal Axis is straddling the Asc-desc line, i.e., an Angle. The Nodal Axis does this quarterly and I've never watched it before so I don't know what to expect, except that it might show an event. Uranus is conjunct the South Node from the 6th house of employment and jobs and tomorrow's jobs announcement might affect the Market and make it go down. Kinda weird how good news for unemployment could mean that the Feds will begin to raise the interest rates. When the rates go up the market goes down so this is bad news for the Stock Market. With Uranus things are unpredictable and shocking. The only known factor with Uranus is that the "trend is your friend." Will be interesting to see how the trine to Jupiter in Leo will affect this. Jupiter is trining Uranus all month. That should be good, right? Mars will make a grand trine with them in a couple of weeks from the 2d house of interest rates. That should be super good, right? That's such a positive vibe considering I'm expecting to see the market tank tomorrow.

Anyway, the sun in Virgo will still be opposing Neptune in the 5th house of risks and game playing. Maybe a reason to get drunk.

Pluto is in the 3d house of announcements and rules the 2d house of interest rates. Pluto naturally rules the opposite house of shared finances.

Venus rules this chart through the sign of Libra. Venus will be on the last degree of Leo in the 11th house. What will the first female Fed Chairman do tomorrow?  Capricorn moon at bottom of chart squaring the Nodes-Uranus thing. Emotional nerves hidden under reserve?  Maybe strong Federal Chairwoman holding up the markets with the might of her bare hands? Ugh, market has to crash at some point.