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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rape dba Virginity Tests

Wow. It looked like Egypt was really going to enter the 21st Century. But, uh, we forgot about the men.

News reports now say that some women who tried to take part in the "Egypt Spring" were tortured by the police. In Egypt this means apparently that they were electrocuted and raped via "medical virginity test" to affirm that they were not "raped by the military." First they were stripped, while men watched. Then they were beaten and called prostitutes, by men. Then some were electrocuted and called prostitutes. Then they were taken into a room and a man in a white coat did a virginity exam on them, while men watched and took photos.

The Arabs didn't invent Logic. I don't know who did. I don't have much of it myself. But, hey, I know that the tech industry is extremely chauvinistic. So, when they yahoo'd themselves all over the media about how the collective conscious Internet stuff has saved the world of course they forgot to mention what it's still going to be like for women. Still same old, same old for the gals.

So, anyway, what's a good day for having an exam for forced medical examination of your uterus?

PigMen Raping Women Through Virginity Test.
March 9, 2011 Cairo, Egypt

Sun 19 Pisces; Moon Aries or Taurus; NN 29 Sagittarius

Virgins are ruled by the sign of Virgo in the astrology. There's no Virgo in this chart. But 4 planets plus Chiron (Wounded Healer) and Lilith (equal rights ex-wife) are in the opposite sign of Pisces: Chiron 2 Pisces; Mars 12 Pisces; Sun 19 Pisces; Lilith 29 Pisces; Mercury 30 Pisces; Uranus 30 Pisces. Interesting that Neptune was still in Aquarius, he wasn't in his own sign, perhaps that is why we even get to hear about this atrocity at this point.

Mercury, ruler of Virgo is in conjunction with Lilith and Uranus at 29-30 Pisces and this is squaring the Nodal Axis last degrees of Sagittarius/Gemini. Virgo is the empty leg of this t-square, and, yes, the Examiner in the White Coat says he did not find a single Virgin. Of course, with Mercury in Pisces he's most likely a lying son of a bitch, but who cares, he's a man. And Virgo is the sign related to genuine Medical Examinations which was absent from the event. This was torture.

Wow, this is amazing. I didn't even notice Venus' placement while looking at the chart. Going back I notice that she was at 10 Aquarius. She'd have been sextile Jupiter and possibly squaring the Moon (don't have a time so don't have an exact placement for the Moon). Venus in Aquarius would be involved in Rebellions. And it's a good placement for events in which women are elecrocuted for participating in big group events. I'm not sure if the typical rape indicators involving Pluto are here. I didn't look at the centaurs.

What we do know is that if any of the women involved were virgins, well, then, they're not now.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jonathan saffron foer's childhood

Hi. I'm ting on an iPad. I with the spell check. So. Boohoo. This post will be even more unreadable than the others.

Jonathan saffron fore is a wunderkind novelist. I've never read anything he's written but always wanted to. Pluto in Sagittarius made my reading list so long I'll never catch up.

Heard foer's younger brother interviewed on NPR in the car, driving. I was driving. NPR was in the radio. I can't go back and edit. Takes forever for iPad to catch on which word I'm pointing at,bad circulation and cold fingers.

Turns out the are 3 boys in the fore familyand they're all geniuses. Wikipedia says something about fore which shows really interesting planetary cycle development in childhood so that's what I'm trying to explain here. Too bad my mother didn't procreate with the fore oys'father or grandfather, I could write better.

Jonathan safran fore
Spellcheck keeps misspelling his name, not me necessarily but that's good because he can't find this when he googles himself. I'm safely hidden in the silicon valley cloud except for the gang staplers who read all ,y crap because they're freaks.

Born feb. 21, 1977
Sun 3pisces, moon Aries, nn 26 libra

Isn't that weird how spell check knows to capitalize Aries but not libra?

Fore had a freak accident in the chemistry lab when he was 8. He said he was messed up for 3 years after that. This is described perfectly by his astrology chart and the child development phases as described by the planetary return cycles of childhood. 8year olds are mostly under the influence of Saturn because this is roughly the time of the first square that Saturn makes to it's natal spot. Satrun rules father, discipline, etc. It also hacve trouble dealing with failure. It also represents empirical science. Fore's natal Saturn is at 12 Leo. It's a very strongly placed planet in his chart. You can sort of sense that fore gets performance anxiety but is also very driven to succeed. Since he has natal sun in Pisces inspected to other planets y,ou can sort of also sense that a hit from Saturn would constantly pull him towards Leo style self expression. Saturn I. This chart is involved in a lot of major aspects, t-square with Uranus and mars. Grand trine with neptune-Venus-maybe moon which also turns into a house configuration with more planets, merc and mars, and with apex Neptune in Sagittarius. So his first Saturn square set off all those lights.

Physically Saturn rules the bonesand skin. Boundaries. The wiki articles says, and this won't be a dire t quote: for 3years "he wanted nothing except to be outside his own skin.". How's that for describing a difficult reaction to a satrun grant trine, especially with Neptune and Venus and maybe moon?

He spent the next 3years in some sort of turmoil and was then released. Interesting that 3years later he would have been going through his first Jupiter return. This is the first outer planet retrun and symbolizes end of childhood. Like his sun, fore's Jupiter is inspected so it doesn't flow with the rest of the planets. It's at 24 Taurus. Jupiter rules higher learning, opinions. It's connected with publishing and writing. Taurus is connected with writing as it rules the development of the alphabet, historically.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Wellington Burt's "Spite Claus"

Well, in the mind of good children of Christian decent there is the wonderful image of Santa Claus. A strange old man who is chronically jolly and brings secret presents on Christmas Eve. A Jupiterian?

And, I guess sort of to make up for Santa, many good children of White decent at least, also grow up to learn about another Claus, I have just found something called the "Spite Claus" in parents' wills. This is from the resentful, competitive, angry parent. Maybe should be spelled "claws" instead of "claus" for the long lasting bitterness that one's last word of rejection can have. This is probably most understood by those of us who come from divorced families with remarriages, etc. where loyalties are all screwed up. Narcissism is such a common personality trait among the divorced that the parents often seem to delight in screwing up their kids long after they die even.

God, starting off with a little rant here.

Article today about a mean rich old white guy, twice divorced, with 7 kids who totally messed with his heirs' heads through his will. This guy, Wellington Burt, was worth between 60 and 80 million dollars when he died in 1919. And he stipulated in his will that his children and grandchildren would receive nothing. Well, I guess they were bequeathed small annuities of amounts mostly below the amounts he left his employees. He even stipulated that the great-grandchildren, etc. would have to wait 21 years until after the last grandchild had died. This occurred in November 1989.

Burt's astrology chart is pretty amazing to look at. I wanted to look at Burt's chart to understand why he was such a MoFo, and I'll get to that somewhere in there, trust me.

Wellington Burt
b.July 26, 1831 Pike, NY

Sun 3 Leo; Moon Aquarius or Pisces; NN 23 Leo

Burt was a Leo Sun born on or soon after a Full Moon in Aquarius. His chart shape actually emphasizes the opposition between the Sun and Moon and is basically a SeeSaw shape chart layered very close to that Full Moon in the last degrees of Leo/Aquarius.

Funny how his name even seems to be like a seesaw with a typical last name, Wellington, placed first and typical first name, Burt, named last.

Bob Marks has written really great descriptions of chart shapes which I'm too lazy to look up right now (www.bobmarksastrologer.com look in the lessons section).

Burt was strongly Leo/Aquarius. He had Sun at 3 Leo in wide conjunction with Mercury 11 Leo, but otherwise unaspected. Right there we see why he was such an SOB. His ego didn't work with the rest of his chart, let alone with his family or friends.

In addition to Sun-Mercury, there's a conjunction of NN 22 Leo-Mars 23 Leo-Saturn 2 Virgo. This opposes a conjunction of Uranus 13 Aquarius Rx-Jupiter 20 Aquarius Rx-SN 23 Aquarius and possibly Moon in Aquarius.

This means that Burt had Sun in its own sign and Uranus in its own sign, both strong and Fixed, and in a very wide opposition contact with each other of 10 degrees. That's pretty interesting to interpret in terms of describing somebody who wanted to leave everything to relatives of the future. Strangers belong to Uranus and Aquarius, as does all things Futuristic as does weirdness and eccentricity. Adding Jupiter in there describes "lucky" strangers! The part where they are connected with his South Node and possibly Moon sort of casts a long dark shadow on his soul path. Something related to clinging to deep insecurities. Pluto represents resentments and is over at 11 Aries in a sextile to Uranus and trine to Mercury. I ought to like this guy. I have Mercury and Mars in the same sign.

Wellsy well, all is good since the poor kids that this guy spawned are now long dead and released from rejection from their father. Maybe they made the best of it and followed the living well is the best revenge motto.

Right now interestingly enough, Burt's progressed Sun is opposite his natal Sun at 1 Aquarius. And there was a big conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus at the beginning of Aries which sextiles/trines the opposition. The transiting Jupiter-Uranus conjunction mirrors the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in his natal chart. And, as I pointed out, that seems to literally write out the words "Lucky Strangers" which is what his descendants are, except for their genetics. Maybe he did this in order to ensure his blood line? (I doubt it, but nice try).

His big Solar Ego has cast as big a shadow as it possibly could and has redeemed itself. Wish I knew more about that SeeSaw chart shape but I suppose an unaspected Leo sun would be enough to become a big successful industrialist and to have the most patronizing personality in U.S. history.

It's even interesting also that there was a wait of 21 years from the time after the last grandchild died. That's the time it takes for Uranus to square itself from that grandchild's death. He did manage to live long enough to experience a full Uranus Return - 87 years old, died March, 1919. He apparently lived in isolation for his last 30 or so years. And there is other stuff in his chart to show that he might use the Uranian energy in a crueler way than some may prefer: conjunction of Mars-Saturn to NN and absence of water in the chart.

Uranus rules not only strangers, but divorce. I suspect that Burt's bitterness is best explained by his attitudes towards his marriages/divorces. His whole life is interesting to observe through the Retrogrades of his progressions. He divorced his first wife and I'm unclear what happened to his second wife who he married in 1869. He lived alone in his final years. His progressed Venus stationed Retrograde at 23 Libra in 1884 and didn't come out of Retrograde until 1926 after he had died. That would affect his feelings of being loveable (I picked that up from Noel Tyl, hopefully I got it right).

Burt was born with all the outer planets except Saturn in Retrograde. They have now all stationed Direct. That lucky Jupiter-Uranus conjunction stationed direct very close in time relatively speaking for how slowly these things move. Jupiter SD around 1906 when his wealth was at a peak. Uranus SD around 1917 a couple of years before he died. He was apparently senile when he died, perhaps as a result of stomach surgery at Age 80.

Burt's Progressed Pluto (Wills, etc.) Stationed Direct in 1980 at 9 Aries. His progressed Saturn Stationed Rx at 16 Virgo in 1983-84. Then his last granddaughter died Nov. 1989 so that's a pretty interesting comment on the Saturn-Pluto energy regarding loss and selfishness. As someone who went through similar inheritance issues as the kids with my father I know the weirdness of the type of pain that one feels as a result. And I also know the spiteful looks of glee in other's faces when they hear that you've been screwed. And I also know, but don't understand, how creepy and greedy step-parents and siblings can be.

Since Taurus rules money I'll just add that Burt had Chiron (wounded healer) in that sign. Pluto was opposing it when his last granddaughter died.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Caput Algol

The Fixed Stars are really difficult for me to grasp. And Caput Algol is one I don't really want to talk about because of its grotesqueness. But, there is definitely something wrong with my memory. The less I want to think about something, the more likely I am to obsess over it. It just pits itself in my memory. For example, the only joke I can remember is the one that I have no interest in telling to anyone because it doesn't follow my feelings for people of a certain group. I think I've told it to the friend I have who belongs to the group out of guilt. Either way, that friend no longer asks me if I know any good jokes.

There is one Fixed Star that seems to pan out every year like clockwork. It has done so I believe ever since I read about it on Bob Mark's forum. It's Caput Algol. There might be positive interpretations for this Fixed Star but the negative one is that it indicates beheading. It seems that every year when the Sun hits Caput Algol at around 24 Taurus there's a crazy story in the news about someone who beheads someone else in a fit of insanity. Last year Disney sort of saved the day I feel by releasing Alice in Wonderland. There was a great portrayal of the Queen of Hearts played by Helen Bonham-Carter (name correct?) screaming "Off With Her Head!" over and over again. I wrote about it on the blog, link below somewhere, and wish that every year TV shows would draw straws on who will somehow do an off with his/her head! story which airs around the middle of May in order to bring about the Catharsis which apparently is needed when the Sun passes this Star. http://outthecometsass.blogspot.com/2010/05/off-with-her-head.html. I'm sure that Lady Gaga could really do a great job with this one. Monster Ball was great but nobody's neck was put on line.

Anyhoo, it doesn't help that the Star sits in the sign of Taurus which rules necks.

This year there is a gruesome story. A retired English woman, Jennifer Mills-Wesley, was decapitated while shopping on an island off of Spain. Mills-Wesley had asked for help earlier in the day when she noticed that a 28 year old man was following her around but apparently nobody took it seriously. She was a Grandmother of five and from her photos looks like a very sweet person.

Don't know the victim's birth date. She was 60, just past Saturn Return, Or the murderer's. He was 28, prog.Lunar Return.

The incident occured May 13. 2011, Los Cristianos, Tenerife, around 10:20 am in a supermarket. (source: wikipedia)

Sun 23 Taurus; Moon 26 Virgo; ASC 8 Cancer; MC 25 Pisces; NN 24? Sagittarius

Caput Algol, or the Medusa's Head (Death by Decapitation) is at 24 Taurus. The Sun was at 23 Taurus on May 13.

Chart shows Moon c. IC within a Degree and Pluto c. DESC on same degree. So it looks like someone has a Mommy complex.

The top of the chart is loaded, mostly with planets, etc. in Aries which rules the head: Eris 1 Aries; Uranus 4 Aries, Lilith 6 Aries; Nessus 6 Aries; Jupiter 26 Aries; Mercury 27 Aries; Venus 27 Aries.

And then there's Mars, ruler of swords. He is within conjunction with these last planets but has moved in to the sign of Taurus, which rules the neck.

There's definitely an emphasis of planets around the degrees 23-26 of various signs. That probably is significant in a sabian symbol kind of way, but it does mean that Caput Algol was under a lot of tension.

I send my condolences to the family and friends of Jennifer Mills-Wesley for this tragic loss. I also send healing vibes to the family of the perpetrator who suffers severe illness.

Caput Algol, MEDUSA'S HEAD (DEATH BY DECAPITATION) 24 Taurus, this year May 15

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Devastating Tornado in Joplin, Missouri

On Sunday Evening a very destructive tornado ripped through South Eastern Missouri and decimated the town of Joplin. This is said to be one of the most destructive tornadoes of all time, the worst since the 1950s.

Joplin Tornado
May 22, 2011 5:35pm Joplin, Missouri

Sun 2 Gemini (H8); Moon 11 Aquarius (H4); ASC 28 Libra; MC 1 Leo (H2); NN 26 Sagittarius

Don't know anything about Tornadoes. Obviously in that part of the world most of the Tornado Season comes in May so I'm guessing it's a Taurus/Gemini thing. With 195 mph winds I'd assume that Air Signs would be involved. In this particular case that certainly seems to be so since the major factors of the chart, Sun-Moon-Asc are all in Air Signs.

This particular chart has a couple of significant aspects that can be immediately pointed out.

The Inner Planets Mercury, Venus and Mars are in a tight conjunction with each other between 9-11 degrees Taurus in the 7th House. That means that Venus, the chart ruler is also in a sign that she rules. And she is even stronger because she is placed angular in the chart. Now we all know how Libras feel when they have no control over their own lives.

There is also a significant outer planet aspect which is making its last pass with each other. Saturn-Uranus and Pluto are in a t-square. Apex of the t-square, Pluto 8 Capricorn, is placed in H3 (the neighborhood) and is squaring the opposition of Saturn 11 Libra Rx and Uranus 4 Aries-Lilith 7 Aries. These planet's are placed in h6 and h12 of the chart.

I looked up the date of incorporation for the town of Joplin which brought up some interesting astrology.

Joplin, Missouri
inc. Mar. 27, 1873

Sun 8 Aries; Moon Pisces or Aries; NN 26 Taurus

The Sun and possibly the Moon placement show that Joplin is getting directly hit by the big outer planet t-square. This is made more significant by the fact that Joplin has a natal opposition of Saturn 2 Aquarius to Uranus 2 Leo in its incorporation date chart. This shows a sympathetic vibration to current aspects.

Joplin also has a conjunction of Pluto and Venus to its North Node in Taurus which opposes its South Node-Mars conjunction. That's a very volatile (but creative) aspect. Mars was Retrograde at the time that Joplin was incorporated and has since Stationed Direct (1944-45) and has just passed over its "natal" placement by 3 degrees.

Also interesting is the fact that transiting Jupiter (expansion, magnitude) is at 28 Aries. This is in conjunction with natal Neptune 26 Aries and was also exactly conjunct the Descendant at the time that the Tornado rolled through the town.

The Death Toll is currently set at 117. (http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2011/05/24/136610695/joplin-missouri-death-toll-rises-teams-search-as-bad-weather-looms). Hopefully that figure won't rise much more. I send my condolences to all these guys. The best way to make a donation to help seems to be through the Red Cross. The site was in the middle of crashing while I was on it so try googling a little later.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Schwarzenegger is Fruitful and Has Multiplied

Sorry, can't hate Schwarzenegger. Have to admit I'd be afraid to be in the same room with him. But, when I wrote to him about a concern I had about a certain something the situation was dealt with in an unbelievably heroic way. Don't know if I had anything to do with it, but it was amazing nonetheless.

While I was looking up his chart this morning in a coffee shop a woman was staring at the screen of my computer and bitching about what a lying son of a bitch he is. Meanwhile she was staring at the screen of my computer totally unaware of what a fucking nosey bitch she was. So, there you are. We're all nuts.

So Schwarzenegger has revealed that he fathered a son with the housekeeper the same week that he fathered a son with his wife, Maria. The housekeeper worked for the family for 20 years. She has recently stopped working for them but meanwhile is said to have kept her little secret from Maria the whole time. Nice gal, not.

So, man, I feel so bad for Maria right now. First I had to look at her chart to see what the hell her 6th House looks like. That's the house of hired help. She's got a big one so that means that planets spend more time in that house (and in the opposite 12th house of hidden enemies if you know what I mean). It's why she's so much into service. Maria's a Scorpio so she's probably pretty strong. She's also a Leo Moon so she's going to handle this with outward dignity and like a lady. Her Sun squares her Moon so she might hold a lot of tension inside which was picked up from childhood observations of her parents. She probably never expected to have a happy marriage in the first place. But, as I said, she's a vengeful Scorpio, and Arnold's got a Capricorn Moon and with that Moon sign all sins converge back into a big pooper scooper on his head if you know what I mean. Virgo likes to find faults, Scorpio likes to get even with faults, Capricorn just likes to punish you for having faults.

Maria Shriver Kennedy probably not Schwarzenegger anymore
b. Nov. 6, 1955 5:12 pm Chicago, IL

Sun 14 Scorpio; Moon 15 Leo; ASC 27 Taurus; NN 18 Sagittarius

Maria's got a fixed chart except for the Sadge North Node which likes its freedom. The good part about having an a-hole for a husband is that it leaves you lots of time to do whatever you want.

On to the hired help. Maria's 6th House is loaded. She has Libra on the Cusp so her maid tends to be envious of her. And vain about things. I read that the bitch used to screw her husband and then put on her gowns and jewelry and parade around the room in them. She would have done that either way, husband in bed or not. Inside the H6: Mars 16 Libra, Mercury 28 Libra; Neptune 29 Libra; Sun 14 Scorpio; Saturn 23 Scorpio. So, in addition to being envious of Maria, her maid was also polite and well-mannered, and jealous and vindictive and secretive and aggressive and vain and sexual.

And then there's Maria's 7th House with Venus in Scorpio plopped right on the Descendent. I'm not going into what that could mean except that it shows a lot of staying power in the areas of marriage.

And then I wanted to look at Schwarzenegger's chart to see what he was going through 9 months before his two sons were born to see what can set off such a firestorm. I mean, what the hell was going on? Jane Seymour has been talking to the press and has said that she has a know it all friend who says that Schwarzenegger has 2 other kids somewhere as well. So, he sort of frequently makes this mistake. He's his own little third world country.

As a sort of an aside, the news sure is full of Capricorn Moon men who are having affairs and messing up their marriages. For a while it was the Gemini Sun Men, now it seems to be the Capricorn Moons. First there was David Letterman, then there was Al Gore, now there's Arnold Schwarzenegger, oh yeah, and Gavin Newsome (sp?).

Arnold Schwarzenegger
b. July 30, 1947 Thal, Austria 4:10 am

Sun 7 Leo; Moon 4 Capricorn; ASC 20 Cancer; MC 25 Pisces; NN 1 Gemini

So I suppose there is interesting stuff in here exposing how a 25 year marriage goes. I can't sit still for long enough to look it up. I have no patience for the institution of marriage. They have Nodal Axis on same pole in reverse. Gemini/Sagittarius are sort of known for duplicity, but maybe they also had great conversation. Maybe the situation would be easier if both charts weren't so otherwise Fixed and Cardinal, works b. His Sun/Her Moon/his Saturn-Pluto conjunction in his 2nd house. Money, Values, Loss of and through, etc.

So, back in January 1997 when the Terminator was gallivanting. Yes, take me back. It was just after the Holidays. That's stressful and lonely for everyone involved. Oh, no, Terminator's on his Chiron Return. Dude's turning 50. And guess what? Chiron's at 4 Scorpio conjunct his 5th House cusp of children. That's it. That's all we need to know. Screw up, so to speak. There were lots of Total Eclipses within a year. 3 Lunar, 2 Solar. Heightened emotions. The 2 boys were Libras born within a week of each other in 1997. You want to look at a person's Moon to see how fertile he is. Or, basically, whether he will tolerate a condom. So it's good to check the Eclipses. I mean, looking at Arnold's chart I'd have to say that he wasn't into that kind of restriction.

In January 1997 there was an opposition of Mars 4 Libra opposing Saturn 3 Aries layered right over the Nodal Axis at 3 Libra-Aries. This was in Schwarzenegger's 4th House, ruled by the Moon.

There were 5 planets in Capricorn which were hanging out over his Descendant so he would have partnered with pretty much anything (in his own way). That would have set off both his natal Moon 4 Capricorn (H6) and his Descendant. And there was a conjunction of Mercury-Venus at the beginning of Capricorn which mirrors his natal 1st house conjunction of those planets in Cancer (ruled by Moon).

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Harold camping

The doomsday preacher, Harold camping, is a cancer sun!!!!!

We're maybe having a bad day. It's my ex-step mother's birthday. She died this year. The reading of the will was hopefully the last humiliation I will ever have to go through because of her and her evil double libra daughter. Just have to get my spirit on track somehow and it might be too late. Those venusians, wow, they really got the greed thing going.

Peace out. Sorry Harold. Really since people seem to listen to your b.s. You should publish another date for after your death.. Just tobe a real dick about it.

Doomsday @6

Finally there's a good reason to be 3hours behind the east coast. We get to see whether armagedon will happen today as prophecized and then we have 3hours to jump an elephant and run for the hills. Course out west here we prefer our big events to happen at high noon. Call it the ok corral complex. We like our sun to be crossing the mc. The east coast folks like the sun tobe crossing the desc. That's so civil, just after the first cocktail.

Saw the guy whose spent his entire life savings advertising. Don't know his sign. Should look that up.

So, I guess if you and me have been good doo bees we'll be seeing each other in the afterlife, whatever temperature it is.

Just bought an iPad. That way I'm under warranty to keep blogging although no one reads this shit. That's one valid reason to have faith in humankind. Judge this. Judge that. Can't say I like the fascist spell check. If spell check can't understand what I'm trying to write then it fills in automatically a wrong word. There's no going back. Wow iPads are perfect for the Christian faith. I need my old Dell. I think I might really be pc.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Today Is Deadliest Day for Teenagers

Heard this story while driving. Kind of nerve wracking to hear while behind the wheel.


In a study covering the last 5 years, 63 percent more teenager die in driving accidents on this particular day, May 20. Kind of interesting that the Sun is still in Taurus at this point. I would think it would be in Gemini since Gemini rules driving and youth. Since Pluto, planet of death, was at the end of Sagittarius pretty much the whole time the Sun would have been inconjunct Pluto.

Inconjuncts are minor difficult connections between planets.

They represent needing adjustments and are often connected with health concerns. Other than that, I can't literally interpret the connection.

I would expect the numbers to be much higher over the past few years because of the difficult outer planet t-square aspect between Saturn-Uranus-Pluto. This makes for difficult times, overall.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

The French Banker Guy Who Just Tried To Rape the Hotel Maid

Wow, if I saw that a guy had a natal NN, Mars, Sun, Venus type of stellium thingee on the Taurus-Aries cusp which was currently going to be hit by an exact conjunction of Mercury-Venus-Jupiter. And also that the mutual reception of the 2 Planets of Love are in mutual reception with each other both in the natal chart and the transiting chart. I'd say "Party on, Dude!"

And that would be Bad Advice.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is the head of some global banking thing and was in the lead to win the election for President of France and now all that's pretty much gone because of what he did last week. And that's because he attacked a maid at a fancy hotel he was staying at in New York City. The astrolocality is fascinating. His Sun-Venus Ascendant lines are running right through New York. Not only is that great for a Banker, but it's great for a partier. And so, I also would have looked at that and thought "Party on, Dude."

And, again, that would have totally sucked in the Advice Department.

So, I looked at his progressed chart. There's some serious self-undoing stuff in his 12th House. For one, he's got the sign of Cancer intercepted in there. That means that natal Moon in Aries will play out prominently in the life. Or it just means that his 12th House is extra large and he's going to have to experience a whole lot of that house's influence in his life.

Natal Moon in Aries can have aggression issues if the rest of the chart doesn't balance it out in some way. This guy has Aries North Node conjunct ruler Mars which just focuses more energy in that direction. He's had problems before with his aggressive streak. Some French Guy on TV last night said that his behavior tends to go beyond what is normal for French Men.

The clinker is that the Banker guy is having a progressed New Moon at 4-5 degrees Cancer which is, as I said, intercepted in the 12th house of self undoing. And p.Uranus is at 1 Cancer. You know Uranus had to show up because somebody pulled the Joker Card out of this deck.

New Moons are thought to bring new Beginnings and Uranus promises that it won't turn out as planned.

In addition, this chart is just getting hacked to bits by the outer planet t-squarery from Saturn-Pluto-Uranus as well. It's already tripping off his natal Moon-Lilith in Aries opposition to Neptune in Libra. Yuck. Uranus is on Moon-Lilith. And Saturn is on Neptune in Libra. And they're opposing each other and squaring the progressed New Moon.

Uh oh, 12th house is jail. It's also secret enemies, even if your secret enemy is yourself. I mean, it would be so easy to set this guy up right now.

Wow, famous men need to stay out of hotels these days. Probably all of us do. A couple of months ago I stayed in a Holiday Inn that had 9 security cameras planted in to the ceiling of just one hallway. It was unbelievable.

At least he chose the right profession for his Taurus Sun.

Apr. 25, 1949 11:10 am Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

Sun 5 Taurus; Moon 4 Aries; ASC 1 Leo; MC 9 Aries; NN 26 Aries

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Empty Calories

Don't worry if you've eaten every other meal at McDonalds since the 1980s. According to a study the soil is now so depleted of minerals that the food you eat is lacking the nutrition your body needs anyway. You might as well eat the paper the food comes in as well.

Really insane study which measured the change of mineral content of food grown in Britain between 1940 and 1991. Copper content dropped 75 percent in vegetables! Kind of strange that the world has become so electrified yet we are consuming 3/4 less amounts of the mineral which can conduct electricity. Maybe we wouldn't be able to stand all those vibes traveling through our bodies.


Maybe it doesn't make any difference.

Results of a study which began in 1978 through 1991 shows that much of the losses are perhaps just happening from that time.

Found the study at the Permaculture Institute website.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger's Comb-Over?

Well, yesterday I was trying to post a really fun article on astrological reasons why Donald Trump suddenly splained his outrageous comb-over (shock, surprise, Uranus/Leo/Mars) and I go into Blogger to write it but Blogger isn't there.

(((((((( )))))))))

Nobody's home.

Blogger's not really saying why and what happened except that there was a blip in some maintenance procedures. Moon in Virgo.

These blips used to be considered business as normal, a reason to take a break and do nothing for a while, but now there are articles about how Blogging wrecks businesses because the Internet cloud is so unreliable. Neptune in Pisces.

I think that article was written by a snitty Pluto in Libra person. It's the kind of mentality that only someone who makes over $100,000 a year straight out of college can have.

I'm not sure exactly when the problem began. The Huffington Post gives a time of 7:37 am PDT Wednesday May 11, 2011.

Sun 21 Taurus (H12); Moon 1 Virgo (H4); ASC 17 Gemini; MC 24 Aquarius; NN 24 Sagittarius

This shows the effect of what can happen when Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are in conjunction on the same degree with each other in Aries. In this particular chart they rule the Asc and Desc together through Mercury and Jupiter. The conjunction is up in the 11th House of Technology with Eris (chaos), Lilith (homewrecker), and Uranus (shock, surprise, circulatory systems, electrical). Monkey business. Maybe a student did something wrong. Or maybe there was a communication problem. In connection with Venus I think somebody was just getting lazy or lax or aggressive or, as I said, it's that snitty, sneering thing that just gets upset over stupid things. Or, shudder, maybe a female screwed up.

There's another significant opposition. The Moon 1 Virgo is definitely a signature for maintenance. The Moon is opposite Neptune 1 Pisces up in the 10th House of Authority, Business, Career. Talk about a "balancing act" related to "cloud computing."

The Sun is unaspected in this chart so it doesn't flow with the rest of the chart. It does, however, repeat the theme of "clouds" because it is placed in the 12th House in Taurus. Confusion, Self-Undoing, Deception. Since Pluto and the North Node are also placed on an angle (like Moon, Neptune, Chiron) there could have been sabotage.

Or there could have been sex. Or somebody could have been sneezing from pollen.

Wow, well, like I said, Donald Trump's hair comment has an easy answer. This chart doesn't. Trump has Leo Rising which shows that he has big hair. Sometimes Leo can lose its hair. But in Trump's case that's not the case. He has lots of hair and he must have dandruff because he uses Head n Shoulders every day. It takes an hour to dry.

Trump's SA Sun-Uranus-NN conjunction have hit his first house Mars in Leo. So it gets really weird. What other man on earth with a significant head of hair and zillions of dollars to have it styled would choose to comb it back as if he were bald? I think he does dye it, doesn't he?

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

USGS Says There Won't Be An Earthquake in Rome Tomorrow

The Vatican does not have to evacuate. Rome will very likely not fall again. At least, not tomorrow, or at least not because of an earthquake.

USGS to the rescue.


According to Raffaele Bendandi's biographer, Bendandi never made any such prediction. Also, the elephants are not running into the hills. And Rome is not on a fault line.

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Uh, hey, Rome, that Earthquake Prediction?

Had to check to see if Richard Nolle predicted any seismic events for Italy for this month. Yeah. Spooky. I think I'd actually be a little worried about the earthquake prediction for tomorrow.



Voyager Space Crafts Are Way Far Out There

The Voyager Space Crafts are celebrating their 33 year solar return out in space by leaving the Sun's "heliosheath." This is the spot 9 billion miles out there where the last little particles emitted by the Sun end and empty space begins.

Boy, how about that NASA? They sure can build some quality space craft when they put their minds to it.

Solar Return Charts are said to follow a 33 year cycle in which the Sun returns to its original house in the natal chart of a person. This is said to indicate a major turning point of self projection in an individual. And, boy, are these guys ever following right along with this path. This was the Age that Dante entered Hell. Voyager 1 and 2 are entering deep space, far away from the Sun's light. Same thing!!! Dante had Virgil. Hope Voyager 1 and 2 will continue to have NASA.

Well, I checked and this does seem to work. Voyager 1 launch chart has a H12 Sun and the 2010 Solar Return Chart does as well. Voyager 2 has an 11th House Sun. Solar Return Sun in 2010 Chart is in H11. Will wonders never cease? Those are the last houses of the Zodiac Wheel and the ones most connected with the idea of Deep Space.

(Word of warning, I had to calculate LT from UT time so can't guarantee accuracy.)

Pretty interesting how the Voyager Launches were both set off during a conjunction of Pluto-NN in Libra. Saturn is transiting over those conjunctions right now as the space craft venture out into deep space. They must be grieving in some way as that connection generally indicates loss. Amazingly, both launches have the conjunction in the 1st house!! Pluto-NN is in the sign of Libra, partnership and marriage.

Voyager 1 Launch
Sept. 5, 1977 12:56 UTC (-5 hours= 7:56 am LT?) Cape Canaveral, FL

Sun 13 Virgo (H12)

Voyager 2 Launch
Aug. 20, 1977 14:29 UTC (-5 hours = 9:29 am LT?) Cape Canaveral, FL

Sun 28 Leo (H11)


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Monday, May 09, 2011

Will Rome Have An Earthquake on May 11?

Italians sure are good at predicting earthquakes. No one believes them. But, that doesn't stop them from trying to save everyone's lives. Remember that guy who almost got thrown in jail a couple of years ago? It's just the weird Uranus energy of earthquakes I guess, why people won't believe. Or maybe it's annoying to have to make plans ahead of time for something that may not happen. But, just think of all the other things that people will believe without questioning. Gossip and Rumor, for example. Everyone believes psychiatrists but their track record sucks when you bother to think about it. People believe the Weather man. People believe Politicians. Actually people just like to complain after the fact that Politicians don't live up to their campaign promises, they probably don't really ever believe them in the first place. People believe Drug Addicts. People trust illegal immigrants with pretty much everything. Most dangerous chemicals. Hotel Room keys. Children. It's amazing. They wouldn't trust any American from the same economic level, that's for sure.

Anyway, there was this incredible Italian seismologist who was both believed and disbelieved. He predicted 3 earthquakes. And then he apparently never told anyone how he did it. Just some story about how he walked on the beach one day and ideas came to him. But, thing is, he said there was something about how the Planets line up with, uh, the Sun and the Moon. And the Earth's crust....

Okay, time for an Interlude, just thinking about Italy and crusty things makes me so hungry:

"moon hits you in the eye like a big pizza pie it's Amooooorrrrreeeeee!"


Raffaele Bendandi
b. Oct. 17, 1893 Faenza, Italy

Sun 25 Libra; Moon Capricorn; NN 20 Aries

So, Bendandi was hyper Cardinal. That fits with the Cardinal Sign/Earthquake theory. He possibly had a t-square in his natal chart which included the Sun, Moon and Nodal Axis. That means that he grew up absorbing the tension from his parents' miserable marriage. His Sun 25 Libra is in conjunction with the South Node and Saturn 17 Libra. He also has Mars 10 Libra. Don't have his birth time so don't have his correct Moon placement. Noon places Moon in mid Capricorn. With this Saturn, Venus stuff he could pretty much hear the rumblings in his bones.

But what else? His prediction dates show heavy influence on his natal chart. Bendandi was born during the big psychic conjunction of Pluto to Neptune in Gemini which was occurring around the years that he was born. Pluto is at 11 Gemini and Neptune is is 14 Gemini Rx. He also had Jupiter 1 Gemini. They are opposing Venus 7 Sagittarius and inconjunct a conjunction of Mercury 12 Scorpio to Uranus 11 Scorpio. That's hyper sensitive and intuitive at the same time. Don't try to simulate this at home by yourself. You were born into the wrong time zone.

Also, in the predictions I'm looking at the Sun is opposing major outer planets. It doesn't in Wednesday's earthquake, but the Sun will be squaring Moon in the Morning and the Nodal Axis will be at a key point. I haven't looked up all of his predictions though, just the ones for Italy. The Moon will oppose Neptune-Chiron in Pisces at some point during the day.

Here are some of his predictions which I found off a website and did right down URL. I think it's http://scienceray.com/earth-sciences etc.

May 11, 2011 Rome, Italy
Sun 21 Taurus; Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 26 Sagittarius

Moon oppose Neptune-Chiron
Sun square Moon early morning
Grand Trine: NN 26 Sagittarius trine Moon Leo trine Venus 25 Aires Mercury 25 Aries Jupiter 25 Aries Mars 1 Taurus.
This is the last pass of the big outer planet T-square within orb: apex Pluto 8 Capricorn square Saturn 12 Libra Rx opposing Uranus 4 Aries

Marsica Earthquake
Jan. 13, 1915 Marsica, Italy

Sun 23 Capricorn; Moon prob. Sagittarius, Capricorn if very late, NN 24 Aquarius

Sun c. Mars 17 Capricorn Mercury 28 Capricorn opposite Neptune 30 Cancer Rx

Saturn 28 Gemini c. Pluto 1 Cancer maybe opposite Moon

Jupiter 26 Aquarius c. NN 29 Aquarius trine Saturn-Pluto Cancer

Senigallia Earthquake
Jan 4, 1924 Senigallia, Italy was 2 days off for this prediction, thought it was Jan 2, place was off

Sun 11 Capricorn; Moon Scorpio; NN 5 Virgo

Sun opposite Pluto 12 Cancer Rx
Jupiter 9 Sagittarius square NN 5 Virgo
Grand Water Trine: Uranus 15 Pisces trine pluto 12 Cancer trine Mars 19 Scorpio-Moon 15 Scorpio
Mercury 29 Capricorn square Saturn 1 Scorpio
Venus 9 Aquarius maybe square Moon

Frivoli Earthquake
May 6, 1976 Gemma del Frioli, Italy

Sun 17 Taurus (H5); ASC 7 Sagittarius; Moon 12 Leo (H8); MC 30 Virgo; NN 13 Scorpio Rx.

Sun 17 Taurus c. SN opposite Uranus 5 Scoprio-NN 13 Scorpio Rx square Moon 12 Leo
Mars 25 Cancer c. Saturn 28 Cancer
H1: Neptune 14 Sagittarius trine Moon (H8)
Neptune rules H4 (empty)

Will look at some other stuff later, computer just crashed.

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Monday, May 02, 2011

Ai WeiWei

Talked about Virgo artist Ai WeiWei of China in a previous post. An unveiling of WeiWei's latest work in New York has been post-poned because of the death of bin Laden. The work was due to be unveiled today. Very interesting that it is called "Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads." It's a set of 12 sculptures that represent the Chinese Zodiac. WeiWei refers back to an historical pillaging by foreigners in China back in 1860. Two heads showed up at auction somewhere (sorry, can't remember which auction house). So, the piece represents the horrors of pillaging.

He also has set the work into modern New York because he feels that New York, with its wide ethnic variety, comes closest to showing how the entire Zodiac interacts.


WeiWei hasn't been heard from since his April 3 arrest. One article I read has said that under torture he confessed to Tax Evasion. He was arrested under suspicion that he was helping to plan a rebellion.

If anybody reads this please say a prayer for Ai WeiWei's health and for his release.

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Osama bin Laden Dead

Wow, if you're a Pisces terrorist you sure do have to watch your Neptune transits. Pisces Sun Osama bin Laden has been located and murdered, shot twice on the left side of his face. He was living in a well-healed town not far from the capital of Pakistan called Abbottabad. And he was living within yards, apparently, of a military post in Pakistan.

I sort of wonder if the huge floods which occurred over the Summer in Pakistan had something to do with Osama's end. Neptune rules floods. I googled and found that Abbottabad was flooded on or around August 2. Neptune also rules photography. I wonder if somebody ended up locating him on Google Earth while checking the status of the floods.

Osama has already been buried at sea. The report I read said that no country would take his body. So there's more Neptune.

From an article in San Jose Mercury News the attack began early Monday morning at 1:15 am. Another source said that the attack lasted 40 minutes and that Osama was killed towards the end of the fight. The Neptune-Chiron conjunction was prominently placed in the 1st house at that point. Neptune was a singleton in every way possible, Mutable, Water, Angular, and was ruler of the 1st House and the chart. And, of course, Neptune has just entered its own sign of Pisces.

Uranus 3 Aries was still ruling the chart but had just passed up in to the 1st House as well. And Lilith was with Uranus, of course. Aries rules the face and head. Aries also rules gun fights.

So, perhaps this means that the United States is going to get its mojo back. I still don't understand the 18-19 year cycle of the Moon which relates to being out of bounds but it sure does seem to hook in with the 9/11 attacks. The 10-year part of the cycle which the Moon goes on wild swings in and out of bounds began the day after 9/11 attacks. The part of the 9 year cycle in which the Moon doesn't follow these swings began last month. I wrote about it but am too lazy to link to it.

Anyways, the Moon is the ruler of Cancer which is the U.S. Sun.

Hey, how about the Obama Administration? Pretty awesome crowd of folks. Thanks Guys!!!!

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Lara Logan on 60 Minutes

O my God.

I'm so sorry. Thank you for speaking out. I wish you the best recovery. Take care.


Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sexual Mobbing of Journalist Lara Logan

CBS Reporter Lara Logan will be interviewed for the first time on the TV show 60 Minutes tonight. Logan was mobbed by a group of about 200 men in Cairo, Egypt on February 11 on the day that President Mubarak left office. A NY Times interview with her is here: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/29/business/media/29logan.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1.

There are a couple of great articles on the web which discuss the astrology behind Logan's assault. Her natal chart was under assault and the astrology matches perfectly.

I don't know what time the attack was, but the mobbing apparently lasted between 20 and 30 minutes. She has since been contacted by multiple other women who were attacked while overseas. I guess these women are mostly journalists. I'm a little flummoxed by how she and the media say that this is something that happens to women who are working overseas, as if it doesn't happen in the United States. She's blond, blue-eyed, a hundred zillions of billions times more beautiful than I am, and I've been assaulted multiple times in my life. Women get attacked everywhere.
There's a reason why those women wear tents. Maybe they should begin to wear corrupgated tin quonset huts.

I'm really happy Logan has the courage to speak out. This will help not only journalists working overseas, but perhaps will help some of the women living under oppression in the Middle East to seek aid.

Last night I was reading web articles about Logan and the comments which followed on the web and it was unbelievably devastating to see how abuse continues from the public. A couple of Egyptians have written articles saying that they witnessed the attack and didn't see Logan's clothes ripped off and that the mob was partly a circle of men who were surrounding her to protect her. They say that only about one woman showed up. Don't know what the truth is. I do know personally that this kind of discrediting will happen.

Lara Logan
b. Mar. 29, 1971 Durban, South Africa

Sun 8 Aries; Moon probably Taurus?; NN 22 Aquarius

Assaulted by a Mob of Men
Feb. 11, 2011 Cairo, Egypt

Sun 23 Aquarius; Moon Taurus; NN 1 Capricorn

The Sun that day was conjunct Mars and the North Node was conjunct Pluto and Venus. That's prime stuff for a mobbing or for a President to give up power.

This would have been a Lunar Return for Logan. And the Sun-Mars conjunction was on her North Node.

Logan is an Aries Sun so she's game for adventure. Her Sun is involved in a t-square between opposition to Uranus 2 Libra Rx with apex Mars 10 Capricorn. Sun opposing Uranus will show engagement with large groups of people in mostly humanitarian activities. Any harsh combination between Sun-Mars-Uranus is going to put a person in danger at times. This was certainly one of those times as the t-square was heavily activated. Transiting NN-Pluto-Venus conjunction was passing over natal Mars, a very violent and provocative transit especially considering the t-square.

Transiting Mars was also passing over Logan's natal Venus so there was a mutual conjunction, double whammy aspect between the two planets which represent sexuality.

On top of this, the t-square was layered right over Logan's natal Saturn-NN square, Sun 20 Taurus square NN 20 Aquarius. Saturn rules Government, Authority, Career. Aquarius rules Rebellions, Groups of People, Community efforts, Humanitarian deeds. This is reinforced by the fact that t. Saturn was still within conjunction with Logan's natal Uranus 17 Libra Rx.

Solar Sun-Chiron was at 17-19 Taurus squaring SA Mars at 19 Aquarius. The addition of Chiron certainly adds the idea of a wounding through which she can teach and help others.

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