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Saturday, June 30, 2007


Saw Michael Moore's movie SICKO....Can't recommend it enough....Moore gives a Date and Time for when the HMO Hell in the United States started. I wrote it down on my hand in the dark movie theater while Nixon was being recorded on tape and his head apparently doesn't reflect much light so my writing's a little all over the place. I have Gel Ink tattooed half way down my wrist. So hope the information's correct. Before I rub it off:

Feb. 17, 1971 5:23PM Washington, DC

This is the chart for the conversation in which Nixon decided that HMO's were a good idea. It's not a chart for any actual legislation. Here are a couple of highlight aspects:

The chart has a Fixed Grand Square between all the angles with Sun, Moon, Nodes and Saturn. Leo ASC-South Node opposite North Node-Sun 29 Aquarius. This squares Saturn 17 Taurus-MC19 Taurus opposite Moon 22 Scorpio-IC 19 Scorpio.

The Saturn-Moon emphasis is interesting in relation to the movie which opened on a Capricorn Full Moon opposite Cancer Sun.

Saturn rules the 6th House and is conjunct the MC. Mercury is placed at 16 Aquarius in H6 and squares Saturn-MC. Mercury is in the house that it's own house and aspects all the major planets.

Pluto, of course, was in the 2d house. It had to be.

The placement of the Centaurs are interesting and probably show much more aptly the effects of this "Idea":

Chiron is in the 8th House at 8 Aries.
Sun is conjunct Pholus 30 Aquarius.
Nessus 16 Gemini opposite Mars.

Murderers and Victims have same Birthday?

Okay, so this is trippy. Of the Domestic Murder/Suicides that have occurred recently, 4 of the people involved have a Birthday on May 21, different years. All have Sun at 30 Taurus.

Yesterday I noticed that wrestler Chris Benoit, who killed his wife, their son and then himself last week-end had the same Birthday as his wife (info from Wikipedia articles):

Chris Benoit
b. May 21, 1967 Montreal, Canada

Nancy Benoit

b. May 21, 1964 Boston, Mass

(their son, Daniel Christopher Benoit
b. Feb. 23, 2000 Atlanta, GA?)

Then I picked up on an article on John and Susan Townley's website: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2007/6/prweb536456.htm

It looks like Jessie Davis, the pregnant woman in Ohio, shared the same exact Birthday with her Boyfriend, who murdered her:

Jessie Davis

b. May 21, 1981 (place?)

Bobby Lee Cutts, Jr.

b. May 21, 1977 (place?)

Date of murder probably June 14, 2007, Ohio

What are the chances? Is this an Internet Astro joke or something? I wish I could clean up my potty mouth but it won't be today because this is just a pee in the pants moment.


Friday, June 29, 2007

My First Attempt at Forensic Astrology

This was supposed to be a practice quiz on reading an Event Chart related to a murder and has ballooned out into a much bigger project which I don't have the time to look at fully. I saw an advertisement today in the USA Today asking for information leading to yet another horrible murder of a pregnant woman that occurred this month. This was one nasty New Moon. It was opposite Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius with Jupiter squaring Uranus. And it brought to the fore all the exhaustion and depression that can be associated with the final pass of the Saturn-Neptune opposition.

On June 14, in Raleigh, NC, a 22 year old mother of 2 children was murdered while delivering newspapers outside a convenience store. She was 8 months pregnant. Her baby was due on July 8. Add this to the more highly publicized cases: Jessie Davis, 26, and her unborn daughter, Chloe, were murdered by Chloe's father supposedly on June 14. Chloe was due to be born on July 3) Kimberly Ellen Vaughn, 34, and her 3 children, Abigayle Elizabeth, 12, Cassandra Ellen, 11, and Blake Philip, 8, were allegedly murdered by their Father in Illinois. This murder happened on June 14 also.

I thought I would check the chart for the time of Jennifer Nielsen's murder to see if it could describe who her murderer was or what his motives may have been.

The police found Mrs. Nielsen's body at 5 am, on Jun 14, 2007 in Raleigh, NC. They think she was killed between 3am and 4am. The 3am chart has Aries Rising with Mars in Aries conjunct and just rising over the ASC. I assume that the Ascendant would indicate Mrs. Nielsen and the Descendant would describe her Killer. If this is true, then she put up a pretty fierce fight. This would also indicate that she "killed herself" so maybe she did something rash that provoked the murderer. This incident was on the day that there was a New Moon in Gemini. Both Sun and Moon in this chart are in the 2d house, a money house, which shows that the murder was over money. The ruler of the 7th is Venus. Venus is in Leo in the 4th house in this chart. This chart doesn't make much sense to me.

The 4am chart is much worse but makes more sense. It has 20 Taurus Rising with Scorpio on the Descendant. Pluto, Scorpio's ruler, is in the 8th house which it rules. This certainly indicates murder as that is the 8th house's domain. But doesn't indicate that much by itself as this happens every day around that time and there aren't always murders at 4am. Difference is that the rest of the planets were setting it off. There was a New Moon that day, elevating the emotional tensions. Not only was the Sun opposing Pluto (H8) but the Moon at this point was opposing Jupiter in the 7th house (indicator for the murder). Jupiter was squaring both Uranus (erratic, unexpected) and the Nodes (Fate). Saturn was in the 4th house opposite Neptune. This indicates that poverty was a motivator. There's a chance that the murderer was Homeless as the Police are looking in Homeless camps. Mrs. Nielsen was out working at this difficult job in her condition in order to make extra money before her baby was born. Venus, ruler of the chart was also in the 4th house with Saturn, which describes her role as Mother. The Moon was also in the 1st house.

The description and a drawing of both Jennifer Nielsen and a suspect in the case are located on the Internet if anyone out there knows how to read these damn event charts. Here's a link to one: http://www.newsobserver.com/news/story/606281.html. The suspect is described as: Male....17-20 years old, long black hair in a ponytail, black sleeveless t-shirt, baggy blue jean shorts, skinny with a slender face, no apparent facial hair and light skin. Sounds Scorpionic.

I also found the birth date for Jennifer on the website set up for her. She was born Mar. 6, 1985 in Glendale, CA. Unfortunately, her chart hooks into the transits. First indicator that she might be in danger: She was going through her Mars Return in Aries. Natally her Mars is conjunct Venus and trine Uranus with could show a highly aroused and excited time in her life. She had Sun at 17 Pisces which squared her natal Uranus at 18 Pisces and may have opposed a Virgo Moon. Transiting Uranus was at 19 Pisces squaring t. Jupiter at 14 Sagittarius right on top of the natal Sun-Uranus square. The Saturn-Neptune opposition was making its last exact pass and directly squaring her natal Nodes at 21 Taurus.

I don't know how the Raleigh Police Department feels about Astrologers giving them information but if you look at the charts and can glean any useful information, their phone number is: 919-227-6220.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Paris Hilton Wins the Lottery!!!

I know I shouldn't even give it a second thought but Paris Hilton's little jailhouse visit really does have me upset. I watched an interview with the comedienne, Sarah Silverman, who hosted the MTV awards that Paris attended right before "checking herself in" (I really do like to tease about that) to the Jail. Sarah explained that she had to roast Hilton while Hilton was sitting there and the whole crowd booed and jeered Paris for about a minute while zillions of TV Cameras filmed her. The way people hate her amazes me. Why? It's especially odd if she really does have a Sagittarius Ascendant with Jupiter transiting over right now. You're supposed to win the Lottery when that aspect happens after all...

As a matter of fact, this whole media nightmare has been reminding me of that Shirley Jackson story called "The Lottery" in which a whole town buys tickets to a lottery with hopes of winning and it turns out that the person who wins is chosen for a town stoning. The whole town participates in a completely inhumane act as part of a psycho mass mentality. When groups of people act unnaturally cruel for no good reason to a person I remember that story and I finally wiki'd the story to read more about it. Well, Woo Woo Me Not, it turns out "The Lottery" was published exactly 49 years ago today and describes an event that happened on June 27!!! So here's the link at Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lottery. You can actually download the story in audio format.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Open Secret

Yesterday's News contained the story about how the CIA is airing its Dirty Laundry and disclosing all the gnarly plots it has cooked up from time to time in the past. Most notable is an attempt to kill Fidel Castro in 1960. The CIA chose yesterday to hang its stinky underpants on the line. How come?

I began to wonder if this is not a Mercury Retrograde thing. All those intelligent, intuitive folks at "The Agency" instinctually know when to let loose a silencer and get away before others smell it. They know when to hand a bunch of trashy information over to the Press in order to clear their names. And probably a Mercury Retrograde would be a good time to do this in order to avoid an hysterical reaction. People are simply just too discombobulated to respond with anything but "yeah, so what?" And, as a matter of fact, almost all of the planets are retrograde right now. Remember the TB Man story? Yeah -- neither do I. Basically all the lights are out, planets moving in slow motion. So that was my beginning question and it looks like a good idea, an interesting slant to Mercury Retrograde. Confess all your goofs during Merc Retro and ye shall be forgiven, or at least forgotten really quickly.

Then, I needed to know if the CIA has a natal retrograde Mercury. No. It has no Retrograde planets at all, not even a Node.

Then I read about the CIA on Wikipedia. It's sort of the agency that everyone snickers about as being an Open Secret. Everyone knows that the CIA doesn't do anything openly. What kind of "signs" can get away with this? They staffed the original office with Nazi agents to whom they not only gave immunity from war crimes, but well-paying jobs! How American.

Central Intelligence Agency
est. July 26, 1947 (National Security Act). Signed by Harry S. Truman

Sun 3 Leo; Moon probably in Scorpio; NN 1 Gemini

Notable aspects:

Gemini NN sextile Leo Sun and trine Neptune in Libra
Sun in Leo unaspected to any other planets, squaring Chiron 3 Virgo
Mars 18 Gemini c. Uranus 25 Gemini, no Ptolomaic aspects so even more volatile than usual
Saturn 12 Leo c. Pluto 13 Leo square Jupiter 18 Scorpio and sextiling Neptune 9 Libra
The Whole chart's like an H-Bomb until you look at the Daisies:
Mercury 18 Cancer c. Venus 23 Cancer trining Jupiter in Scorpio and possibly Moon.
No Retrograde Planets.
No Planets in Earth.
Planets all on one side of chart bounded by Moon-Jupiter inconjunct Mars-Uranus

The CIA was "activated" on Sept. 18, 1947, a day after it's Director was sworn into office:

Sun 25 Virgo; Moon once again in Scorpio (so James Bondian); NN 26 Taurus

Notable Aspects:

Sun 25 Virgo c. Venus 29 Virgo
Mercury 11 Libra c. Neptune 10 Libra
NN 26 Taurus with Jupiter conjunct SN in Scorpio.
2d Lunar Return in Scorpio after the signing.
Saturn 18 Leo c. Pluto 15 Leo
Mars 23 Cancer. If the office opened at 9am, Mars would have been exactly c. the MC.

So, why the Disclosure now? Well, the CIA has just had its Saturn Return and t.Saturn is triningt. Pluto. Those planets are in conjunction in the natal charts so really respond well to their own big transits. The CIA's Progressed Sun just changed signs from Virgo to Libra and is still conjunct progressed Venus which is applying to conjunction with natal Neptune by 2 degrees. The CIA is just one big Sun-Venus aspect. Since Venus rules the 7th house of "Open Enemies" I suppose it makes a lot of sense that this planets could possibly rule the idea of "Open Secrets." Scorpio's the natural ruler of Spying, but I think we need to take a better look at Venus. It rules the Taurus North Node as well.

When the plot to assassinate Castro was hatched the progressed Sun and t.Uranus were conjunct natal Saturn-Pluto. Progressed Mars was conjunct n. Uranus. And, if using a 9 am time for the chart, t. Pluto and the t. NN would have been passing over the Virgo Ascendant that year. That's a trigger happy combination of aspects!

When the plot was first revealed by a reporter in 1971 the CIA was going through its Jupiter return. Remember, Jupiter (right/wrong, publishing) is in Scorpio (spies, murder, assassination, covert operations) in the natal chart and even conjunct the South Node of the chart for the first day of business (2d chart mentioned). South Node represents a chart's sore spot, behavior to stay away, past life guffaws if you will (I was going to say BoZo NoNo's but I think I used that in yesterday's blog). Prog. Mercury (the media) was conjunct the natal Saturn-Pluto conjunction. T. Saturn was conjunct the natal NN.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Win*Star on Sale!!!

Matrix software is having a huge sale on their software until June 29th!! http://www.astrologysoftware.com/index.asp?orig=. I found it through the link from ElsaElsa's site. I guess it's a Bozo No-No to buy software during Mercury Retrograde. Hmm, maybe I'll try to order it when Neptune and Uranus are in the 1st house tomorrow and I'll magically become a totally excellent astrology whiz.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Chuck Close

I'm taking a look at another Portrait Painter's chart, the artist Chuck Close, a photo-realist portrait painter. There's an excellent DVD Documentary about him called "Chuck Close - A Portrait in Process" which I highly recommend. I knew that Close was a successful painter of Big Heads in a photo-realist style but never really appreciated the extreme Realism of his work or the grid patterns within which he worked. Amazingly, his work became much more playful and expressive after he suffered spinal damage from a blood clot. He had figured out how to strap the brush onto his hand and to continue with his painting and the results actually improved his style! The Documentary does a brilliant job of explaining his unfoldment as an artist.

There were a couple of things I personally wanted to check for in his chart. The first thing was that he's remarkably indecisive and liked to impose rules on himself within his painting in order to deal with that Indecision. He's got a Libra North Node which squares his Cancer Sun. This is a positive quality for him to develop in this lifetime where for most people it would be a hindrance. The Second thing I was curious about was his Saturn, of course. The whole issue about imposing rules, embracing limits, working within a structure, finding Joy in that process. That's not widely accepted among modern artists who want to just start working without a goal in mind. Close has Saturn (limits) conjunct Jupiter (possibilities) in Taurus at one end of the boundary of a Bundle Chart. Instead of a trine as is usual for a Bundle, he has a Quintile to the other end by Neptune in Libra. Quintiles (5th Harmonic aspects) are strong indicators for creative, artistic talent, as well as obsessiveness. Libra and Taurus which are ruled by Venus and naturally rule the Arts and Artistic talent. Close's entire chart is contained within this Quintile which shows a person with a strong focus. What greater chart for a photo (Neptune) realist (Saturn) painter(in signs ruled by Venus)?

Chuck Close
b. July 5, 1940 Monroe, Washington

Sun 14 Cancer; Moon probably in Cancer; NN 16 Libra

Sun in Cancer painters (like Rembrandt and Hopper) often tend to show a very moody streak through intense use of lighting. (Well, Calder was also a Cancer, so this doesn't always apply) Close doesn't do that. Instead he shows very simply a head in a kind of "in your face" type format. Confrontational as he describes it. That's all there is; just a frontal view copied directly off of a photography and painted in a pixilated format through the use of the grid. It seems as far from imagination as one could get. How could this guy be a Double Cancer, both Sun and Moon ruled by the Moon? Well, often the imagination is in the eye of the viewer and Close sets this up for you. When you stand far away, you see the Face. You actually do know a lot about the person you are looking at, their character and their feelings, it's just not expressed through the marks. When you walk up close you see only the marks. And the older (and sicker) Close gets the more fascinating these marks become. For a while he was using his thumbprints. He now fills each square grid up with circles within circles of colors, he says 5-7 colors at a time. They combine, just like your TV or computer screen to create the portrait only from far away. I think this handling of Spacial format is probably a Cancerian quality as the 4th House rules environment and place.

Close's huge tragic life events seem to both coincide roughly with his Jupiter Returns. Jupiter in Taurus conjunct Saturn in Taurus? That sounds like the perfect aspect for a banker or investment advisor. What a difference the aspect to Neptune makes! (I should have checked for marriage dates and birth of children.)

The first set of events happened, shortly before his 12th Birthday when his father died unexpectantly. The Wikipedia article says that in addition to this event that year was full of trouble. His Mother got Breast Cancer, they lost their home due to Medical Bills, his Grandmother developed Parkinson's and he himself spent the year in bed with nephritis, a kidney infection. This all happened just as Jupiter was returning to its natal spot, conjunct Saturn (Father, loss). This conjunction is squaring a natal conjunction Close has of Mars-Pluto-Mercury in Leo. Close describes how he actually observed (Mercury) his Father hit his head (Mars) and felt powerless (Pluto) because he was too weak to pick him up. Transiting Pluto was conjunct t. South Node at some point during that year which would have been squaring Close's natal Uranus, which is in Taurus like his Jupiter and Saturn. Close's Father sounds like an almost Gepetto-type man who built him all kinds of toys for his son, a guy who could build anything. I get the sense that Close learned how to fix his illness, to tie his hand into a brace that would hold the brush for him, by lessons learned from his Father. Unfortunately, once Jupiter, passes over it's natal position at this time, it begins to square his natal planets one after another in rapid succession. That could explain the extreme nature of his experiences. It would have squared his Venus (kidneys, worries about finances) and then his Moon and Chiron in Cancer (mother, grandmother, illnesses, loss of home).

Close suffered his paralysis after a blood clot formed in his spine suddenly on Dec. 7, 1988. At this point, Jupiter was again in Taurus, past the Return, and conjunct Uranus (sudden event, circulatory system in the body). His progressed Sun was on the very last seconds of Leo and passing into Virgo along with progressed Mars so Health issues became a concern. Chiron was passing through Cancer opposing transiting Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. These were all approaching conjunction-opposition to his Sun-Moon-Chiron but weren't yet close enough to be within orb. Once again, Pluto and the Nodes were aspecting each other but this time in a Grand Trine with his natal Sun, perhaps a sign that he would be protected in some way or have the inner strength to glide himself through yet another intense struggle.

Close's Venus is extremely prominent in his natal chart which is fitting for an artist, especially a painter. It is on the last degree of Gemini at an Aries Point (artistic talent to be brought before the public). It's also Retrograde, an Air singleton and it rules his North Node. It's almost as if he was being called upon to impose more limitations on himself in order to develop further his artistic vision. He also has Chiron in Cancer so Venus was set to soon pass over both the Moon and "the Wounded Teacher" aspect. An event that slowly heals over time. Through his determination, he is teaching the rest of the world how to deal with their obstacles. His wife explains that his painting was considered as important a part of his rehabilitation as anything else.

Someday I hope to have his birth time in order to look at the Ascendant and Moon, but as it is his chart tells so much. HaHa, maybe best to read this one while working within strict limitations!

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Circadian Rhythms

Well. Well. Well. The Scientists are finally comin' round to the Astrologers' way of thinkin'. The "Clocks & Rhythms" symposium held earlier this month in New York investigating the biological side of cycles.

Here's a link to a USA Today (blush) article on Circadian Rhythms as discussed at this conference: http://www.usatoday.com/tech/science/2007-06-18-circadian-rhythms_N.htm

Circadian Rhythms are "mental and physical changes in characteristics such as temperature, alertness and hormones that take place over the course of a day. Circadian is a Latin term that describes a cycle roughly 24 hours long." According to the article the body temperature is at its lowest between 2 and 4 am. Could one attribute this to the point at which the Sun is below the Horizon, in the 2d house? Very Interesting. Taurus' House, A Resource House. I guess that's the time when all good Bankers are dreaming about counting gold coins in their sleep. I do know that when I was playing music this was my favorite time to practice. And I've heard other musicians, artists, and meditators say the same thing. And I also read that this is when the Windows Operating program creeps onto your computer and fixes everything. So, sleep tight. Don't let the spyware bite. And enjoy the article.


Chiune Sugihara

What are indicators of Kindness in a chart? Probably each chart has its own indicators. But, there's a side to Saturn-Neptune aspects that I've been becoming more and more aware this year that seems to exhibit exceptional qualities in this regard. I've noticed that people who are born with these two planets in aspect with each other tend to have the quality of kindness a little bit more than the average person. There seems to not only be the Neptunian ideal of Good Intentions and Compassion for others but the Saturnian ability to actually act on and manifest this ideal in real life. Without the help of the other, often Neptune can't "deal" and will escape the situation and Saturn can't "care" and will act out with bitterness and coldness.

I've found a great example of how this aspect works in the chart of Chiune Sugihara. He was a 20th Century Japanese Diplomat who was responsible for saving the lives of more than 2,000 Lithuanian Jewish Refugees during the Holocaust by opposing orders and granting Visas illegally. I highly recommend a biography about his works and life that was made by Public Television and is available on a DVD called Sugihara: Conspiracy of Kindness.

Chiune Sugihara b. Jan. 1, 1900 Yaotsu, Japan

Sun 11 Capricorn; Moon either in Sagittarius or Capricorn; NN 21 Sagittarius

Sugihara's chart has the Saturn-Neptune opposition conjunct the Nodes in Sagittarius and Gemini. His chart further emphasizes this opposition because it is a See-Saw Chart shape and involves almost all the planets in conjunctions and oppositions between Gemini and Sagittarius-Capricorn (with Venus in Aquarius). This is a great aspect for a Diplomat because it can indicate a person who is, not only pulled in two different directions at once, but is aware of needs of both sides and can manipulate them.

Sugihara stood up against the atrocities that were going on around him. As a Japanese Diplomat working in Lithuania he handed out Visas to more than 2000 Jews against the orders of the Japanese Government (and certainly the Orders of the Lithuanian, Russian and German Governments). I wanted to understand how someone could have the guts to stand up against his Government the way he did but who was recognized as a kind person, not the rebellious type one would expect. Of course, I was reminded of Martin Luther King, who was also a Capricorn Sun. Of course, 3 or 4 planets in Sagittarius doesn't hurt one's expressions along Humanitarian lines.

Sugihara's Sun in Capricorn is conjunct Mars (exalted). His Moon is either in Sagittarius or Capricorn. Sagittarius would make sense as he was a Diplomat who lived outside of his own country for most of his life. Capricorn planets show a person with leadership skills, an Authority figure. It would be great to have his birth time in order to know his Midheaven and aspects as he certainly enjoyed opposing authority in his life. Sugihara opposed his father early on regarding his education (Gemini and Sagittarius opposition) and went to the school of his choice and when his Father refused to pay for the school he put himself through and paid his own way. While the Capricorn planets bestow a reserved nature, Sugihara is described as very friendly, broad minded person with a love of other cultures and travel.

In this chart Pluto in Gemini opposes Mercury-Chiron and Neptune in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius, possibly the Moon and all are connected with the Nodal Axis. (Neptune 26 Gemini Rx, Pluto 16 Rx Gemini-South Node 21 Gemini oppose Saturn 28 Sagittarius, NN 21 Sagittarius; Mercury 20 Sagittarius; Chiron 19 Sagittarius)

I always check for placement of Varuna in War Heroes and it never fails me. Sugihara has Varuna at 17 Aquarius sextile/trine the Mercury-Neptune opposition. (interesting that he was a warrior who worked through deception and paperwork). In 1941 when he granted all the Visas Sugihara's progressed Mars (Warrior) was conjunct Varuna (Warrior) within a degree with progressed Sun and Mercury just past conjunction but within orb at 22 degrees Aquarius.

During this time, Sugihara was going through his Neptune square from the sign of Virgo showing heightened compassion but also a time of confusion. His Humanitarian effort and Noble Deeds also ultimately cost him his high ranking job and caused him to struggle for the rest of his life. At Age 47 he was let go from his Diplomacy Job and had to resort to menial jobs. Finally he used his languages skills to locate work in Russia away from his family who remained in Japan. With Neptune squaring the huge Gemini-Sagittarius opposition in his chart on one side, his Progressed Venus was opposing it from Pisces on the other side. Jupiter and Saturn (rulers of his Sun and Moon signs) were in conjunction in Taurus trining his natal Sun-Mars (maybe Moon). He said he couldn't refuse the refugees merely because they needed help. He didn't want honors or fame.

During his lifetime, Sugihara was unrecognized until shortly before his death. There is a monument built in his honor close to where he was born. Israel thanked him and honored him with "Righteous Among the Nations" award in 1985 a year before he died. But his personality was completely changed. Before the War, all accounts describe him as very friendly and kind and afterwards as extremely serious and somber.

He's also been given his own asteroid, Sugihara 25893. I had to check its placement, of course. 8 Scorpio 7. It sextiles his Sun and squares his Venus in Aquarius.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Return of Stolen Car

Here's another interesting story about an item that was stolen many years ago and miraculously was returned to its owner: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2007/06/21/BAGPDQJD9826.DTL.

Ron Leung, now age 59, bought and restored a 1956 Thunderbird when he was in his 20s. It was stolen June 14, 1976 from his auto repair shop in Palo Alto, CA. The car was recovered as a stolen car when it was resold in Ventura, CA just this year, 31 years later -- to the day: June 14, 2007.

The fact that the car was stolen when Leung was 28 and returned when he is 59 sure does seem like a Progressed Moon or Saturn Return miracle. As a matter of fact, if Leung were born in 1948 there's a good chance that he not only has natal Saturn in Leo but Jupiter in Sagittarius and would be having a Jupiter Return as well.

As I don't have a clue what Leung's birth date is I'm going to list outer planet transits for key years. For some reason I just want to keep a record of this. It reminds me of the Stolen Wallet story that I talked about a while back and I just want to think that Planetary Returns can work magic like this.

Jan. 1948: Jupiter Sagittarius; Saturn Leo; Uranus Gemini; Neptune Libra; Pluto Leo; NN Taurus

Jan. 1956: Jupiter Virgo; Saturn Scorpio; Uranus Leo; Neptune Scorpio; Pluto Leo; NN Sagittarius (the car is a 1956 model, maybe the NN hooks in with Jupiter in Sagittarius!).

Jun. 14, 1976: Jupiter 19 Taurus; Saturn 2 Leo; Neptune 13 Sagittarius Rx; Uranus 4 Scorpio Rx; Pluto 9 Libra Rx.

Plus inner planets: Mars 17 Leo; Mercury 1 Gemini; Venus 23 Gemini; Sun 24 Gemini; Moon either in Capricorn or Aquarius. Sun and Venus are in conjunction and unaspected to the rest of the planets in the chart.

June 14, 2007: Jupiter 14 Sagittarius Rx; Saturn 21 Leo; Uranus 19 Pisces; Neptune 22 Aquarius Rx; Pluto 28 Sagittarius Rx; NN 11 Pisces.

Inner Planets: Sun 23 Gemini; Moon Gemini; Mercury 12 Cancer; Venus 8 Leo; Mars 23 Aries



Just heard about 2 minutes of Science Friday with Ira Flatow and voila I've got the subject for today's blog. Ira and some other guy were reading off a list of strange people in the Sciences and I heard the one about the Garbologists of the World. Actually, there's only one Garbologist in the World. These are (this is) people (person) who(s) sift through landfills and peoples' trash in order to study said findings. They do it with the "eye" of an archaeologist. The attention grabber for me was that one of their big findings is that people who own cats read The National Enquirer, i.e., the Garbologists found cat litter wrapped up in National Enquirers while digging around through yours and mine trash at the dump. Repeatedly they found this. They get paid for this shyt -- that's always the real kicker for me.

I rushed to my beloved Wikipedia and Astrodienst assuming that the Garbology profession would be flooded with Pluto in Virgo types as I know that we're all fascinated by human droppings of all kinds (I even saw Cameron Diaz on a talk show saying that she loves to talk about poop. She said it without shame or embarrassment too, she even has Sun in Virgo).

This wasn't the correct surmise, however. The term was coined by a Pluto in Leo guy who was digging through Bob Dylan's trash. And, the profession was founded and maintained at the University of Arizona by an Archaeologist who now teaches at Stanford. They both have Pluto in Leo. Weird thing is: both these guys were born almost within a month of each other in 1945. I had to roll my eyes in Sarcastic knowingness and check how many planets were stationing retrograde during THAT month?

The guy who digs through Bob Dylan's trash:

A.J. Weberman
b. May 26, 1945 location? Upper Class Trash Cans

The guy who teaches how to dig through trash at an Ivy League School:

William Rathje
b. July 1, 1945 location? the Dump

Okay, so, drumroll please. How many planets retrograde when these gentlemen were born? Answer: NONE!!! Okay, so I admit, I know nothing about astrology. I'd like to think that I can eventually learn it, but now I know I'm a lost cause. I don't understand the meaning of retrograde or anything else, but this is a blog, it's experimental, I can't write, I refuse to edit, it's free information. Go bug Noel Tyl or Adrian Duncan Ross or Erin Sullivan or Philip Sedgwick or anybody else if you want real astrology.

Ok, the Gemini guy. It takes a Gemini to coin a phrase. Sun conjunct Uranus. He's not into coining phrases about ordinary stuff. I suppose digging through the trash is a combination of his Saturn in Cancer with his Jupiter and Chiron in Virgo and some sort of sick Hero worship and need to invade the privacy of others. Mars in Aries, that could account for the joy of digging (physical labor). I don't know what his deal is other than to wish him a Happy Mars Return. I used to work with a Sagittarian who refused to dig through the trash can no matter what had been thrown into by mistake and needed to be retrieved so this is truly not a job for everyone.

And the Cancer guy. Cancer rules Archeology. The Fourth House is down at the bottom of the chart and shows all that is one is clinging to and sentimental for. Sun conjunct Saturn and North Node in Cancer with a wide square from Neptune. Well, he chose to dig through trash over suffering the expected depression known for this aspect. Bob Marks says to always throw things out during a Saturn transit, so there you go. Venus and Mars in Taurus, kind of earthy, very conservative, obviously can't let go of much. They're not in conjunction, Thank God, could you imagine having to tell this guy that he's sexy? His Jupiter and Chiron in Virgo are squaring his Uranus in Gemini giving him a keen awareness and oddball fascination in the trends of his Generation. I guess he's a good one to study right after the Cancer Ingress.

There was a lunar eclipse at the end of June and a total Solar Eclipse on July 9 in which Sun-Saturn-Moon and the NN were all in conjunction, so I suppose you might want to say that Cancer and 4th House are somehow related to Garbology and no Retrogrades. Pure and Simple: Cancer can not let go of anything. Would rather sift through trash, make a living off of it even, than let go.

But, you know, the weird thing is, when I had a cat, I actually did read the The National Enquirer every Sunday night. It was kind of a ritual to sit with my Cat and a Beer and to laugh my head off at those stories. And I did stop doing that after the Cat died. Wow! There's something to this! Maybe I'll go sign up for a class.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Solstice

The World's Longest Day. I can't watch the Jon Stewart Show until the Fall because it comes on during Daylight Hours here. According to Poor Richard's Almanac this is the time of year when the Sun is at its farthest point North of the equator. The Sun appears to stop for a moment and from its angle it shines brighter on Earth than at any other time of year. I have 3 planets in Leo, I love it! Jon has probably gone into repeats anyway.

The planets are in different angles according to where you live. Washington's Chart looks much less prominent than California's. This year the Sun is opposite Pluto so we've got some Power games going on, battles of the Will. Where I live the Moon squares this opposition from the 1st house of the chart adding an emotional element. Maybe the Public, Food, Housing are involved. It would be a great time to open a restaurant. Pluto and Jupiter are both in the 4th house so I guess the Real Estate boom (for the rich and successful) will continue through the summer here. Jupiter is also squaring an opposition of the Moon and Uranus. They're all on the angles. I tend to think that many people will be moving here for the weather. With Moon, Pluto, Sun, and Uranus, Jupiter all on the angles you might expect an earthquake but I don't think those really happen in California in the Summer. The Moon is the only planet in Earth. The Part of Fortune for this chart is at 29 Scorpio and unaspected except for a quincunx to Mars. I wonder if this means that people with last degrees of Scorpio prominent in their charts will receive lots of good fortune.

Moon in the First in Virgo. Come ye, come all, as long as you're a cool, analytical, opportunistic pirate-type, you can call California home. So bone up on ye High Tech skills (Virgo) and come make your fortune. Everyone else, stay away, it's too stressful. Yesterday, I just caught a guy walking up to my car with a gas can and I suppose he was going to do a little siphoning. He was driving a 1988 Honda Civic packed to the gills with his belongings. Once he saw me he got back into his car and drove away. -- And then the security guard drove by.....

Of course, the Saturn-Neptune opposition is exact to the degree, so everyone is showing kindness, or, since this is the last pass of the opposition and everyone's emotionally spent and drained and just allowing others to get away with stuff because they're too foggy headed to know which end is up. Venus is very close to Saturn in Leo (H12) and Neptune is conjunct Chiron in Aquarius (H6). All kinds of well-meaning people will be figuring out clever ways to make a comfortable living for themselves by creating non-profit companies that care for those less fortunate, maybe build some hospitals or jails to put them in.

Finally, there's a Grand Trine of Mars in Aries (H8) to Saturn in Leo (H12) to Pluto in Sagittarius (H4). So, the reality is, the rich will keep their money and have a great summer. The poor will be locked out, but will be living in a nice climate.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ellen Barkin on Pluto in Capricorn

"Old is the new sexy."

--Ellen Barkin, newly sprung from marriage to Revlon heir, makes the statement in O magazine (July 2007). She is aging well, very well. I should be so lucky.

Here's a link to Barkin's Chart. North Node and Mars in Capricorn.


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Tinnitus - William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy

There are zillions of reasons to study the charts of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, but when I found out that they both suffer from Tinnitus and that they were born within 4 days of each other I figured there might be a signature within their charts for this hearing disorder. A person suffering from Tinnitus hears a ringing sound in their ears that can be very debilitating. I know that there isn't much information available to astrologers on these types of oddball hearing disorders and I'm doing this with next to no outside research materials so take it for what it's worth. Neil Young and Barbara Streisand also have Tinnitus. Here's a link to a list of famous people with the disorder: http://members.fortunecity.com/nrbq1/tinnitus.html.

Often Tinnitus sufferers know the cause of their affliction, usually exposure to loud sound. Apparently a loud sound effect on the Star Trek set was the cause of Shatner and Nimoy's problems. This show aired in January, 1967 so I'm using a September, 1966 date for inner planet progressions and outer planet transits to understand what may have caused onset. Apparently, it looks like progressed Mars hitting an angle in their charts could be an easy explanation for the onset. Also, their natal charts show some vulnerabilities for this type of stress.

William Shatner
b. Mar. 22, 1931 4am Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Sun 1 Aries; ASC 20 Capricorn; Moon 4 Taurus; MC 18 Scorpio

Leonard Nimoy
b. Mar. 26, 1931 8:30am Boston, MA

Sun 5 Aries; ASC 8 Gemini; Moon 27 Gemini; MC 13 Aquaruius

Natally both men have conjunctions of Mercury-Uranus-NN in Aries which disposits to Mars. Nimoy's Sun is also included in this conjunction (which makes sense since he's the Vulcan). Mars is on the last 2 degrees of Cancer, signature for hypersensitivity. Mars is opposite Saturn in Capricorn, a sign which can indicate a hyper state of awareness in the senses due to need for control. Saturn is further afflicted by opposition to Pluto in Cancer (not in conjunction with Mars). These aspects together explain very well how they fit into their roles as Commanders (Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination) on the Star Ship Enterprise (Mercury-Uranus-NN in Aries). It also shows a highly strung nervous system through the Mercury-Uranus conjunction which is amplified by their Rising Signs which are ruled by Mercury and Uranus. Shatner's is Aquarius and Nimoy's is Gemini. Both men have natal Neptune squaring an angle from an angular house so I think this might enhance hypersensitivity and disrupt the ability to let vibrations flow through their systems.

In 1966, as I said before, progressed Mars (Noise) was within conjunction of angles in both Actors' charts so it was prominent. On the one hand, their careers were taking off, on the other hand they were under stress. Mars hit Nimoy's Leo IC and Shatner's Leo Desc. During September, transiting Jupiter was conjunct their natal Mars in Cancer. In Nimoy's chart this is a 3d house aspect opposite Saturn. In Shatner's chart this is a 6th House aspect. Both 3d and 6th houses are ruled by Mercury, which rules nervous disorders. The transiting Nodes were also conjunct their Chiron, wounds that are difficult to heal. In Shatner's chart this affects the 3d House (nerves, senses) and in Nimoy's this occurred in the 12th house (chronic health).

There's so much more, including Venus aspects, Eris, Chiron and the Centaurs, which I'm just offhandedly noticing seem to come up strong in charts where there's some kind of chaos. But, to be honest, I scribbled so much down in my notes I can't read them anymore.

I don't know if Leonard Nimoy has "cured" his Tinnitus. It seems that his didn't have as debilitating an effect on his life. Shatner was severely affected and he did manage to find a cure through a retraining technique for which he has become a spokesman. It's interesting that his progressed Sun was conjunct n.Moon during 1966. This is in his 2d house within 2 degrees of his 3d house cusp (ruled by Taurus). He struggled with the ringing sounds through the entire time that his progressed Sun was going through his 3d house and began to find relief in 1995 just as progressed Moon was moving into his 4th house (Gemini IC).

I quickly looked at Barbra Streisand's chart and Neil Young's as well. Streisand is a Taurus Sun with Aries Rising. Her Tinnitus apparently began when she was 7 years old. This is near the time of the progressed Moon square and Saturn square. Transiting Saturn was in her 6th house conjunct her Virgo NN. Transiting Uranus was near conjunction with her natal Mars which is close to her IC. Who knows? She may have had a Mars Return at the same time. And t. Neptune was conjunct her Descendant.

Young supposedly only played acoustic music for much of his career because electronics hurt his ears. He contracted Polio when he was 6 years old; don't know if that's related. He's got a Mercury-Uranus opposition crossing the 3d-9th house axis. Also, he's got a conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Cancer in the 10th house. Both of these repeat the elements I spoke about in Shatner and Nimoy's charts.

Eris stands out very strongly here. It is conjunct Streisand's ASC and Young's DESC. Shatner has Sun conjunct Eris.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hollywood Moms

This is another blog based on a USA Today article: http://www.usatoday.com/life/people/2007-06-18-celebrity-moms_N.htm. Okay, so I never said I was deep or read good newspapers. I like it because it categorizes Celebrity Moms according to what types of Mother they are. Unfortunately, the categories are all positive. There are no Neglectful Moms, or Narcissistic Moms, or Slutty Moms, or Competitive Moms or any of the personality traits you'd expect in Hollywood. These are Happy, Playful, Sexy, Beautiful and gobfully rich Moms. These are Hollywood Moms, Best of Breed.

I looked at elements in the charts which might indicate their nurturing styles to see if they matched the labels given to them by the newspaper. As most of these women are Actresses they are experts at projecting any image they want, so I understand that this probably has more to do with Midheaven and Ascendant than actual nurturing styles. At any rate, they have lots of Moon-Jupiter contacts so these Women really are Happy Mommies (and Lucky). I also looked at Ceres as she is supposed to show one's nurturing nature. I often can't relate the Ceres signs to my image of these women so maybe this is a very private vibration. Lilith can be strong or not, so probably has more to do with career aspirations and attitudes toward feminine power than mothering abilities. What stands out for me is the strength of Vesta (Hearth and Home) in these charts. Uranus and Scorpio shows stronger emphasis in the Indie Film actresses, called here "Hipster Moms."

So, here's most from the USA Today List. Chart info is from Astrotheme.com

"High-Energy Mom:"

Kelly Ripa: Moon c. Jupiter in Scorpio. Ceres Taurus. Vesta Libra. Lilith Virgo. Sun in Libra.

Mariska Hargitay: Moon Taurus in Grand Trine with Cap ASC-Vesta-Mercury & Pluto in Virgo. Ceres in Sagittarius. Lilith in Sagittarius. Sun Aquarius.

"Flawless Mom:"

Heidi Klum: 5 planets in Gemini: Sun-Moon Saturn-Venus-Mercury in Grand Trine with Jupiter in Aquarius and Uranus in Libra. Ceres in Sagittarius opposite Sun. Vesta in Cancer. Lilith in Sagittarius.

"Earthy Mom:"

Julia Roberts: Moon in Leo c. Jupiter in Virgo. Cancer ASC. Ceres in Virgo c. Uranus. Vesta in Sagittarius c. Mars in Capricorn. Lilith in Taurus opposite Sun in Scorpio.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Moon in Gemini c. Saturn-Vesta. Pisces Rising. Ceres in Libra conjunct Sun-Mercury-Uranus. Lilith in Scorpio. Sun in Libra.

Kate Hudson: Moon in Capricorn opposite Jupiter in Cancer. Cancer ASC. Ceres-Venus in Pisces. Vesta-Mercury-Mars in Aries. Lilith in Leo. Sun in Aries.

"Super-protective Mom:"

Sarah Jessica Parker: Moon in Capricorn c. Lilith. Ceres in Pisces. Vesta-Mercury in Aries. Sun in Aries.

Katie Holmes: Moon in Leo c. Leo ASC with wide conjunction to Jupiter-Lilith. Ceres and Vesta in Aquarius. Sun in Sagittarius.

Courteney Cox: Moon in Virgo maybe c. Uranus-Pluto opposite Saturn and squaring Mars. Vesta-Chiron in Pisces. Ceres in Aquarius. Lilith in Sagittarius. Sun in Gemini c. Venus in Cancer

"Hipster Mom:"

Maggie Gyllenhaal: Moon in Aquarius opposite Mars in Leo squaring Uranus-Venus in Scorpio. Lilith in Gemini. Vesta in Libra. Sun-Ceres in Scorpio.

Julianne Moore: Moon-ASC in Gemini opposite Sun in Sagittarius; Ceres in Aquarius. Lilith in Cancer c. Mars. Vesta in Aquarius.

Sofia Coppola: Moon in Capricorn. Lilith-Pluto in Virgo. Ceres in Gemini. Vesta-Mars in Aquarius. Sun-Saturn in Taurus opposite Jupiter-Uranus in Sagittarius.

"Rocker Mom:"

Madonna: Moon-ASC-Ceres in Virgo. Vesta in Cancer. Lilith in Aries. Sun in Leo.

Gwen Stefani: Moon in Cancer with wide conjunction to Lilith opposite Mars in Capricorn. Vesta in Leo. Ceres in Capricorn. Sun-Jupiter-Uranus in Libra.


Angelina Jolie: Cancer ASC. Moon-Jupiter-MC-Mars in Aries. Lilith and Vesta in Pisces. Ceres in Taurus. Sun in Gemini.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

The No-Fault Divorce Bill

Ronald Reagan signed the No-Fault Divorce Bill in California on Sept. 4, 1969 thus thrusting the term "Irreconcilable Differences" into the tongues of all soon to be free single middle aged men and women. The divorce rates skyrocketed. The rest of the country soon followed suit and this is how the "Free Love" of the 60s melded into the "Have you talked to your Therapist about This" 70s. The 80s brought Cocaine and AIDS. There were a few years, though, right between the time when the Pill was introduced and the time when everyone had The Herpes when it was all worth it. I thought I'd take a look at the chart.

Family Law Act
signed Sept. 4, 1969

went into effect Jan. 1, 1970

Sun 12 Virgo; Moon in Gemini?; NN 22 Pisces; I don't have a time for the signing but 9 am gives 10 Libra Rising.

Boy, I wish I had the time for the signing. The 9am Chart has a Mercury-Jupiter-Uranus conjunction just hanging over the Ascendant in the 12th house. Jupiter = Law and Uranus = Divorce and Libra = Marriage. Mercury might = Signing. So all this seems very appropriate. When the Bill went into effect in 3 months, Uranus had transited from 3 Libra over to 9 Libra conjunct the Maybe Libra Ascendant by one degree.

It's interesting that there were 3 Eclipses around the time of the signing: 2 Lunar and 1 Solar. Saros 108 ended on Aug. 27, 1969 with its last Lunar Appulse Eclipse. That fits. I was hoping to find a Saros Series that was ending. I remember my Mother sighing "It's the End of an Era" for the first 2 years of her Divorce from my Father.

Saros 134 had a Solar Annular Eclipse on Sept. 11, 1969 with Moon-Pluto-Nodes (breaking apart the family through extreme emotional content).

Saros 146 also had a Lunar Eclipse on Sept. 25, 1969. This Series had just begun in the 1840s.

The Sun trine Saturn shows a positive attitude towards taking responsibility and blame (Saturn keywords). And it hooks into Ronald Reagan's chart nicely because, for one, he was an Aquarius Sun (Uranus = Divorce). For two, he had a natal Mercury-Uranus conjunction and, for 3, Reagan was within range of going through his Saturn Return.

What also fits, however, a less lovely aspect, is his Mars-Pluto opposition. The No-Fault Divorce Bill chart has Pisces NN opposite Pluto conjunct the South Node squaring Mars in Sagittarius. The Pisces NN wants to send only Love out into the Universe, but good Luck trying that with irresponsible Mars in Sagg challenging it and Pluto digging up dirt on the South Node. At 9am, the Moon in Gemini is opposing Mars expanding this theme out into a Grand Square format. Good Luck with that Challenge: Try making it through the emotional volatility of Mars-Moon-Pluto-NN without finding fault! Virgo and Sagittarius are really into fault finding anyway.

Venus at 8 Leo is in mutual reception with Saturn at 9 Taurus which is a good sign, but they are squaring each other which is a bad sign. This explains the fighting over the money and who was going to be stuck with the kids. Burdens, another Saturn Keyword. Saturn was Retrograde from the time of the signing of this Bill until the time it went into effect. And once again I repeat: Mars-Pluto-Nodes-Moon. Let's face it, Divorce isn't about placing blame, it's about fighting over money so you can be free to find partners who will give you enough sex. That's a Pisces NN thing for sure, but minus the baggage.

Anyhoo, when the No-Fault Divorce Bill went into effect, the Sun was conjunct Venus in Capricorn and squaring the Moon in Libra. That's a good "We Can Make it Work" combination. Saturn was still Retrograde. That's called "Forcing it to work." Mars was at 13 Pisces conjunct the North Node at 15 Pisces. This was opposing the Virgo Sun within a degree. "Family" became more about the parents' dating habits and the kids' afterschool programs became about seeing the psychotherapist. I seem to remember that the Interest Rates rose to about 20 percent for awhile in there too, so nobody really had any money to fight over at that point anyway.

Assemblyman James A. Hayes was the Man who put this legislation together. His wife left him 2 years later. She got the Kids, the House, the Car, the Alimony. But, what a ninny. Hayes remarried soon after and stopped paying alimony and child support. I can't find his birth info. Here's his story: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0377/is_n124/ai_18579233.


Friday, June 15, 2007

Problem Solving Skills By Sign - Stupid Exercise

Here's a game to determine how the different signs deal with Problem Solving. It's inspired by an old Capricorn friend who thought that all problems in life could be solved. She was in school to become a therapist so she could solve other people's problems as well. I think some problems can be solved and others must just be accepted and some must be avoided. People are different and have different attitudes. So, here's the game.

First, I began to separate out how the different qualities approach a problem:

Cardinal Signs ask: What can we do to FIX the problem?
Fixed Signs ask: What can we do to CHANGE the problem?
Mutable Signs ask: What can we do to TOLERATE the problem?

"Fix", "Change" and "Tolerate" are the Keywords I came up with.

Then I used a basic keyword for each of the Elements. You will notice that I mention how the quality of this keyword is used in excess so that it actually becomes a problem.

Fire: Too Idealistic
Earth: Too Realistic
Air: Too Intellectual
Water: Too Emotional

So, I mixed the two together to come up with vague statements about how each sign approaches problems:

Aries: Cardinal-Fire. Using Idealism to Fix the problem. (forging ahead through Hell or High Water)
Taurus: Fixed-Earth. Using Reality to Change the problem. (going in the direction that works, ignoring the rest)
Gemini: Mutable-Air. Using Intellect to tolerate the problem. (keeping all your options open)
Cancer: Cardinal-Water. Using Feelings to Fix the problem. (just feed em and they'll shut up)
Leo: Fixed-Fire. Using Idealism to Change the problem. (Circus)
Virgo: Mutable-Earth. Using Reality to Tolerate the problem. (turn them into daily rituals)
Libra: Cardinal-Air. Using Intellect to Fix the problem. (talk it out through diplomacy)
Scorpio: Fixed-Water. Using Feelings to Change the problem. (Attack those problems head-on and transform them)
Sagittarius: Mutable-Fire. Using Idealism to tolerate the problem. (Religious fervor and reverence)
Capricorn: Cardinal-Earth. Using Realism to Fix the problem. (just fix it, for Christ's sake!)
Aquarius: Fixed-Air. Using Intellect to Change the problem. (develop a new attitude to replace outmoded ones)
Pisces: Mutable-Water. Using Feelings to tolerate the problem. (send your feelings out into the Universe with Love).

Public Service is "Not Worth It"

Virgo is the sign of Public Service so I suppose it's ironic that a guy with 5 planets in Virgo would would say that he was quitting his Public Service job after 6 months because "Public service was 'not worth it.'" The guy is Tim Griffin who worked as a U.S. Attorney from Dec. 2006 to June 1, 2007. He was hired after his predecessor, Bud Griffin, was ousted from same job for purely political reasons as part of the Alberto Gonzales fiasco. But, hey, we're talking about Washington and we're talking about Scandals and we're talking about the Legal System, and mostly we're talking about the Bush Administration.

Here's the story: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070615/ap_on_go_ca_st_pe/fired_prosecutors_griffin.

Tim "It's Not Worth It" Griffin
b. Aug. 21, 1968 Charlotte, NC

Sun 29 Leo; Moon either in Cancer or Leo; NN 11 Aries

Mercury 13 Virgo; Jupiter 13 Virgo; Venus 16 Virgo; Pluto 22 Virgo; Uranus 28 Virgo.

Griffin has been going through his Pluto square. That's when you really get to find out if it's all really worth it, especially with Pluto squaring natal Uranus at the same time and 2 sets of eclipses slamming down on your Virgo planets within the last 9 months.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Rags to Riches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yahoo!!!!!!!!! A Filly Won the Belmont Stakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rags to Riches is the first filly to win the Belmont Stakes in 105 years! A girl called Ruthless (Love it!) won the first Belmont and a girl named Tanya won in 1905.

Rags to Riches
b. Feb. 27, 2004 Place? Lexington, Kentucky?

Sun 9 Pisces; Moon either in Taurus or Gemini; NN 14 Taurus.

I started by looking at RtoR's Venus to see where her Superhorsian Girlpower is Amped. Venus is at 23 Aries (Numero Uno) trined by Pluto (Power) 23 Sagittarius and square Chiron 24 Capricorn (Queen). Venus is further enhanced by her mutual reception with Mars (ruler of the 1st Sign) at 16 Taurus. Mars is conjunct the North Node in Taurus (disposits to Venus = girl power karma). In addition, transiting Mars is conjunct her natal Venus as well.

But it doesn't stop there. Rags to Riches' Sun is opposite Jupiter. This shows a great competitive spirit. It also shows a good relationship with Jupiterians. How fitting that her Jockey for today has 5 planets in Sagittarius and his Mars is conjunct her Sun. This vibe is super strong today as there is a Grand Cross pattern involving this Sun-Jupiter opposition. The Nodal axis is right on top of it. At the same time, it is being squared in turn by a Sun-Jupiter opposition!

Between the Mars-Venus and Sun-Jupiter-Nodes contacts, this is a high vitality day for RtoR. One interesting thing I noticed is that she was born with a Jupiter Retrograde and the Jupiter today is Retrograde. I've heard that people with Mercury Retrograde function better during Mercury Retrograde so maybe this applies to Jupiter as well.

Although a very successful jockey, Rags to Riches' Rider, John R. Velazquez, had never won a Triple Crown race so he's feeling extra lucky today. But, of course, it's his Jupiter Return! This squares his natal Mars 10 Pisces which, as I said before is conjunct RtoR's Sun and is conjunct the transiting North Node and is part of that big Grand Square transit in the Sky. He would have had a special affinity for Rags to Riches as she is a Pisces Sun and he has Sun conjunct Neptune.

John R. Velazquez
b. Nov. 24, 1971 Carolina, Puerto Rico

Sun 2 Sagittarius; Moon probably in Aquarius; NN 8 Aquarius

Remember when Street Sense won the Kentucky Derby? He had the same North Node as his Jockey, Calvin Borel, and the Sun was conjunct that point on the day of the Race. I wonder if there has to be a strong North Node connection between Horse and Rider.

Here's a list of the top 100 Racehorses of the 20th Century: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood-Horse_magazine_List_of_Top_100_Racehorses_of_the_20th_Century. Notice that the top 5 are Sun in Aries. Also, horses are bred only at certain times of the year so some signs never race, as horses that is.

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Washed in The Blood of the Lamb

The really cool thing about our Judicial System, in theory, is that true Justice is ultimately delivered along with Mercy. Black and White thinking and personal opinions shouldn't factor in in a humane society. This is a gift that was created and handed down to us by the Greeks.

Now I'm going to apply that high Wisdom to today's most hysterical Media event. The G-8 meeting in Germany is pondering how to handle Global Warming and all I can think about is Paris Hilton crying and handcuffed in the back of the police car. I don't even want to talk about Paris. I would really like to talk about the Judge who has just had her thrown back into jail, Michael T. Sauer. He's sentenced her 45 days for a misdemeanor. Wow. I just haven't been able to find his birth data. He was born in 1937 so this gives him a Sagittarius North Node. Sagittarius rules Opinions and the North Node rules Destiny. Sauer has fulfilled his destiny of giving his opinions about Paris Hilton, that's for sure. I guess his Church gave him a standing ovation for the long sentence. Churches are ruled by Sagittarius.

Paris has Sagittarius Rising so maybe Sauer's Nodal Axis lays "so to speak" across her Relationship Axis. He's a pretty ugly guy and ugly men really have a thing about bimbos. That's an Everest that they know they'll never Mount so they have to conquer it with some kind of loser power trip. He actually had the nerve to say that Paris was making a mockery of the Judicial System. He should look at what he's doing to the Judicial System.

Justice itself is a Libra thing. That whole spiel about being able to see controversy from both sides at once, that's Libra. Paris has this sign on her Midheaven so this is what she's known for in the world. She has 3 planets in Libra: Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct at 11 Libra in the 9th house (Lawyers, Opinions) and Pluto is at 25 Rx Libra in the 10th house (Government). She also has Lilith and Juno at 6 and 9 Scorpio respectively in the 10th house which could account for some of the negative female vibes that she is known for. But, mostly these planets are easily placed. Maybe that's why she didn't take her whole case seriously. I mean, it seems like she and her friends have been competing to see how many DUI's they could get all together.

Jail is ruled by the 12th house and Neptune. Sagittarius rules both Paris' 12th and 1st houses (boy, everything goes straight to her liver, that's for sure) . Ruler of the house, Jupiter, is transiting through that house. Usually they say that this is a very protective influence. At this point, though, Jupiter is opposite the Sun and squaring her natal Mars in Pisces (Jail) and transiting North Node. That's one shitty Grand Square. Pluto, the planet of the Underworld & Crises is conjunct Hilton's Sagg Ascendant and Neptune (Jail). That's Noel Tyl's "wipe-out" for ya. Nobody wants to be in Paris' shoes right now. Well, maybe not the ones she wearing in the jail, I'm sure the ones in her closet at home are worth a couple days of jail time for most of us. One final thing, her Mars in Pisces is inconjunct Paris' Moon-NN in Leo. That's intensely emotional. Transiting Mars is right on her Aries IC opposite Saturn in Libra.

And then there's Paris' Venus which I actually think is more responsible for her troubles than anything. She's got it in Aquarius conjunct the South Node opposing the Moon-NN. So, that's great for an Heiress to the Hospitality business. But, maybe not so hot for a selfish rich girl princess. She needs to learn how to care for others as much as she cares about where she gets her nails done. Venus-SN is where she needs to move away from, Moon-NN is where she needs to move towards in life. Transiting Chiron and Neptune (Jail) are conjunct her Venus-SN in her 2d house. And T. Saturn is conjunct her Moon-NN. That's a very depressing aspect emotionally. But, also, might turn out well business wise for her.

T. Chiron is also squaring her natal Chiron in her 5th house (X out Fun) and her natal Uranus. So the situation is weird with unexpected events and outcomes. She is literally being persecuted for being a spoiled pretty vacuous rich girl by the Judicial System which shouldn't itself with such things. Judge Sauer is going to turn her into Shirley Temple come Hell or High Water by making humiliating the crap out of her.

I was using the astrotheme chart for Paris. I hope it was correct. I just realized that I didn't talk about her Sun at all. One really can't spend much energy talking about ego with t.Pluto on n. Neptune-ASC anyway.

Paris Hilton
b. Feb. 17, 1981 3am, New York, NY

Sun 29 Aquarius; ASC 23 Sagittarius; Moon 10 Leo; MC 15 Libra; NN 10 Leo.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Evelyn Frayre

Evelyn Frayre is the baby girl from Texas whose Mother in a fit of despair hung her four children and herself on May 29, 2006. Evelyn was rescued by her Aunt and is apparently in very good health! What's interesting astrology-wise is that Evelyn was apparently born on the same day as Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannie Lynn Hope (see URL down at bottom). They are not yet 9 months old but these two little girls from completely different environments have led very very tragic lives. They were both born during the Virgo-Pisces eclipse last September that squared Pluto at the Galactic Center. This is some potent stuff!

So, here's another one of these miracle baby stories that I keep finding: tiny babies surviving, 60 year olds giving birth to twins. Evelyn and Dannie Lynn both lost Mothers (through depression) and Siblings and are stuck in Paternity suits and they are not even 9 months old. One thing is for sure, they are survivors. And I sure hope they will experience nothing but joy in their lives from now on.

Evelyn Frayre
b. Sept. 7, 2006 Arlington?, Texas.

Sun 15 Virgo; Moon in Pisces; NN 27 Virgo

When Evelyn's Mother, Gilberta Estrada, was 5 months pregnant with Evelyn, she moved her other 3 girls and herself into a Battered Women's Shelter (June 2006) in order to escape her abusive husband. Because she was pregnant, the family stayed in the shelter until after Evelyn was born. Evelyn is actually named after the family's Social Worker. Already the themes of Virgo-Pisces are showing up here. Social Services, Institutions, probably Drugs.

Evelyn has 4 planets in Virgo opposite 2 planets in Pisces, some touching the Nodal Axis. This reminds me of the chart of Shura Wevill, Robert Hughes daughter, who was killed when her Mother committed suicide and took her too (see Assia & Shura Wevill, Oct. 28, 2006). Shura's chart chart also had a heavy Pisces-Virgo axis. Of course, not all kids with these oppositions suffer extreme crises like this, charts are more complicated than that.

The particular planets involved are important, for example. Mars conjuncts the South Node along with Lilith in Virgo and is squared by Pluto in Sagittarius. Violence, sacrifice, power trips between the parents that are tied in with the Life Path. Lilith is the story of a woman who lost all her children to death.

Evelyn's Moon is conjunct Uranus in Pisces in the noontime chart but could also be conjunct the North Node in Pisces. That could indicate Mood Disorders or erratic behavior of the Mother. I sort of wonder what kind of prescription drugs Gilberta Estrada was given. I assume that the Father had an addiction to illegal drugs or alcohol.

Here are the Virgo planets: Sun 15 Virgo-Mercury 21 Virgo-Lilith 26-South Node 26 Virgo-Mars 30 Virgo squaring Pluto 25 Sagittarius.

I figure that Pluto's conjunction to the Galactic Center and the Eclipses in Virgo and Pisces of the last year had a great deal to do with this chart. I didn't check, but I seem to remember that there was an eclipse very close to this date while looking at Dannie Lynn's chart.

Also, of note, is the powerful out planet t-square that Evelyn has. Saturn at 19 Leo is opposite Neptune at 18 Aquarius. The opposition was just starting at that point and will finally have its last pass this month. The most stressful first 9 months I can ever imagine for a baby. But what a great chart for an Artist or Musician! The opposition was squared by Jupiter in Scorpio at the time of Evelyn's birth (15 Scorpio). That leaves the empty leg of the t-square in Taurus. As Taurus rules the neck area I wonder if maybe this had something to do with her super strong neck. The Doctors said that the baby fat she has around her neck may have provided extra protection.

Finally, Evelyn's Venus is at 2 Virgo unaspected, showing complications in relationships with women regarding pent-up insecurities. She also has no planets in Cardinal Signs. I wonder if this actually helped her as she may not have put up a struggle and this may have helped her wind pipe. I apologize for the weird thoughts, but, I'm trying to understand a Miracle here so cut me a break.

The Transits seem to surround Jupiter which had moved into Sagittarius and was squaring the transiting Nodes at the time of the incident. Jupiter rules Luck and Protection. The South Node would have been conjunct Evelyn's Sun (Vitality).

source: (http://www.star-telegram.com/metro_news/story/120453.html)

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday Banter and Diet Review

I love lists, maybe because I have Gemini Rising. MSN.com had a list of 12 foods that are good for your mood. I saw that magic number 12 and actually thought I could match each food to a different sign. I tried but I can't do it. I did however manage to figure out how to insult each sign according to whatever mental illness they might be most vulnerable too or whatever food might make them sickest in some other sort of way. So, if you're a sweet person please do not read further because it will put you in a Bad Mood.

The list is from the book The Good Mood Diet: Feel Great While You Lose Weight by Susan Kleiner. I personally wouldn't recommend some of these foods from a nutritional stand-point, but, having been anorexic for all of my teen years, I do know that they will help you lose weight. You also have to enjoy starving.

1. Popcorn. Aquarius. That's obvious.

2. Pork. Has neurotransmitter choline which is good for heart attack, stroke, dementia, cancer. B Vitamins for stress. Gemini and Virgo.

3. Coffee. Scorpio so they can work those 14 hour days and still have energy for sex. Great Diuretic. Not recommended for nervous people and self-mutilators.

4. Diet Cola. Knocks off cravings. I personally don't recommended for anyone with weak bones and teeth so Capricorn is out. Good for compulsive signs who need to suck on things and need to diet constantly like Cancer and Sagittarius. I know that the artificial sweeteners in Diet Sodas can bring on psychosis so what this is doing on a list for Moody people? I can't imagine. The writer is "in denial." People who are "In Denial" are often in a very Good Mood, though, have you noticed?

5. Fat Free Milk. I didn't write down what the article said about the "Blue Milk". You can imagine it has something to do with Calcium being calming and good for the bones. I personally don't recommend for anyone who is lactose intolerant which is most of the planet except Wisconsin. Virgo Sun has lots of digestive problems so should switch to Rice Milk. Cancer Moon is allergic to everything so should stay away from everything but maybe they actually like all that comes from the Mammaries. Maybe good for Capricorn for Calcium (although my Virgo friend tells me milk actually causes acidity in the bones). Good for menstrual cramps so maybe good for afflicted Pluto. It's all those artificial hormones they feed to the cows in order to make them crank it out.

6. Eggs. Yolk has Lecithin which is good for brain cells. What was Eraserhead's diet? Remember the Radiator Lady tap-dancing on the chicken embryos? I think Pisces hate Eggs most, something about being the last sign and having to face the rebirthing trauma over into Aries. Maybe best for Cardinal Signs who like things in their beginning phases.

7. Hot Cocoa. Has phytochemicals which lifts mood and lowers blood pressure. Leo and anyone else who like to snuggle.

8. Dark Chocolate. Has anti-aging effect on the brain. Good for all the signs except for Scorpio and anyone else who can get their sex through natural means.

9. Nuts. Brain food. That's nuts! Get it? Has Choline which is good for Alzheimer's & depression. The Air Signs, maybe Pisces. There seems to be a new best nut of the year every year now. This year, Walnuts are the best. My aunt ate 6 raw almonds a day in order to get just the right amount of arsenic in her system to fight off her Lymph Cancer. It worked. She's a Taurus -- so, Almonds are for Bulls.

10. Turkey. Tryptophan. Good for mood and for sleep and for relatives who talk too much at the holidays. In my case that would be the Mutable Signs. You just have to get them to shut up and eat.

11. Whole grains. Good for elimination. Earth Signs plus Pluto. The entire Pluto in Virgo generation just can't get enough roughage although I believe that most Virgos can't tolerate wheat. What can they eat?

12. Grape Juice. Polyphenols good for heart & stroke. Reverses aging in the brain. That's because only people under drinking age drink it. The rest of us progress to Red Wine; then AA. Anyway, I give this one to the Fixed Signs although I think the Water Signs will take to anything liquid most easily.


Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tell Them We're From Venus

As part of my Sun transiting in 12th house celebration, I subconsciously stumbled onto the name of the first guy to claim he saw a UFO. His name is:

Kenneth Arnold
b. March 29, 1915 Sebeka, MN

Sun 8 Aries; Moon probably in Virgo; NN 26 Aquarius

Mr. Arnold was a pilot and businessman who was flying over Mt. Rainier in Washington when he saw what looked like a string of wing shaped crescents out floating around in the sky. At least two other people claimed to have seen a similar sight. A miner actually reported it on the same day. Mr. Arnold was believable because he was a pilot and a businessman (isn't that funny? why do we tend to think that businessmen are credible?).

Arnold's got an Aries Sun, unaspected. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac so he was bound to be the first to do something in his life. This is especially true in Arnold's case, as both Uranus in Aquarius and Neptune in Cancer are also unaspected (by Ptolomaic aspect). With all that outer planet energy bound up and raring to go, it's no wonder he was 1st to be chosen. In addition, his Sun is a Singleton in Fire and his Moon is a singleton in Earth.

Arnold's North Node is in Aquarius conjunct Venus. Can't think of any better manifestation of that aspect but to get friendly with the aliens. Actually, aliens, according to Rex Bills, are represented by Neptune and Jupiter. He doesn't specify "legal" or "illegal" or from Up-Down direction as opposed to North-South-East-West. Is it all handled the same by the Border Patrol?

The time of this sighting: June 24, 1947 2:55pm Mineral, Washington

Neptune was at 9 Libra, within one degree opposition to Mr. Arnold's Sun. Natally he had a conjunction of Mercury-Jupiter-Mars and Chiron in Pisces, all 4 disposit to Neptune. And as I mentioned before, his Neptune is unaspected in his chart. Was he "disposed" to having hallucinations?

Transiting Pluto was almost opposing his n.Uranus with Saturn 4 degrees behind it. That can bring an earth shattering event or series of events that breaks apart one's sense of reality.

Natally, Arnold's Pluto is at 1 Cancer is conjunct Saturn at 27 Gemini. Progressed Sun and Mercury, which were at 8-9 Taurus were squaring this conjunction. In 1947, Saturn and Pluto were again close to conjunction in Leo. They are on the MC of the Siting Chart, Pluto rules this chart and is conjunct the MC to the degree. Arnold's progressed Sun and Mercury were conjunct the Descendant of the Siting Chart. With Neptune opposing his Sun and Saturn and Pluto so strongly hooking him into this event, it's difficult to interpret whether this siting could have been reality or fantasy.

There were multiple sitings of UFOs in Washington at that point. One guy, Samuel Eaton Thompson claimed to have come across a UFO while walking in the woods in Centralia on Mar. 28, 1950. He claimed to have spent 40 hours with the aliens who claimed that the reason why humans can't get along is due to Astrology. They said we can't get along because we have too many signs. These particular aliens were all from Venus, therefore they were all ruled by Venus and henceforth they all thought alike. They were also vegetarians. I've known a lot of Venusian vegetarians in my day and it's true, they do not fight but they do put on some mighty feisty peace rallies. And I'm sure they were very rare during Thompson's time.

Well, in honor of World Peace, I think I'll be off now to write my new astrological Manifesto for the Earthians.

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Lost Girls

I am a Lost Girl these days. The Sun is transiting through my 12th House and this is generally a difficult time of year for me. I go ape face Pisces and don't know which end is up. I've been trying to think of things to write about and before one idea can gel another idea just sort of half assedly starts to ooze out of it and my notes are impossible to read anyway. So it's a good time for looking at stories of little lost girls, all the stories of my childhood. The little adventuresses who eventually gave way to all the literary suicides of my Teen years. (Anna Karenina, Madame Bovary, I Never Promised you a Rose Garden, Sybil, maybe that will be tomorrow's topic). Well, right now I write this from down in the Rabbit Hole.

Seems the world just loves a Lost Girl. These are the stories that hit it big amongst us.

The books I'm talking about were all written by men. I wanted to check the Venus and Moon in the charts of the Authors as all good literature comes Straight from the Chart, so to speak. I wanted to see what their viewpoints of women would be. You can see from the two whose birth times I have available (hope they're right) that Venus and Moon are very prominent in their charts, these men would have identified strongly with Feminine energy. It looks from all the Sagittarius and Aquarius that they just liked their ladies to be very adventurous. Only purpose for falling down the rabbit holes was so that they could have the adventure of getting back out again. This isn't 12th house stuff at all. It's as if these Victorian Men would never be able to date let alone marry the type of woman they would be most attracted to due to the social values of the time. Perhaps through these stories we are seeing the germinating seeds for the Women's Movement. (It is interesting we're seeing it as wishful thinking from the eyes of men).

First on the List:

Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

Lewis Carroll
b. Jan. 27, 1832 3:45 AM Daresbury, UK

Sun 7 Aquarius; AS 4 Sagittarius; Moon 4 Sagittarius; MC 2 Libra; NN 13 LeoRx

Moon in House 1 conjunct ASC. (trine Pluto, sextile Sun)
Venus in House 1 in at 23 Sagittarius. Only aspect is a conjunction to Mars at 26 Sagittarius.
Sun-Uranus conjunct SN in Aquarius.
No planets in Water.
(The Rabbit Hole is indicated by Pluto in H4 conjunct Aries IC.)

Wendy Darling from Peter Pan

J.M. Barrie
b. May 9, 1860 6:30 am KIrriemuir, UK

Sun 19 Taurus; ASC 6 Cancer; Moon 10 Capricorn; MC 23 Aquarius; NN 6 Aquarius Rx

Venus 5 Cancer conjunct ASC from H12 and opposite Moon in Cap c. DESC.
Venus square Neptune 29 Pisces.
Saturn c. Leo IC squaring Sun 19 Taurus in H12.

Dorothy Gale from Wizard of Oz

L. Frank Baum
b. May 15, 1856 Chittenango, NY

Sun 25 Taurus; Moon in Virgo or Libra; NN 25 Aries

Venus 8 Taurus c. Pluto 5 Taurus.
Neptune Singleton in Water.

You can see the predominance of Fixed Signs in these guys, especially Taurus, along with the Sagg and Aquarius influence.

So what happens to adventurous young girls after puberty? Sex, of course, lots and lots of hot, kinky, consensual sex.

A recently published graphic novel shows it all (I haven't seen it, it's just saw something I found while researching Dorothy Gale). All three of these little lost girl characters have been lumped together in a porno fest called Lost Girls. The story was written by Alan Moore, a Scorpio wouldn't ya know? I haven't read it (blush)(no really, I haven't). All the while Mr. Moore was apparently doing the deed with the artist who illustrated the novel who he has recently married. Her name is Melinda Gebbie, I don't have any birth info on her other than that she was born in San Francisco, CA.

Alice, Dorothy, Wendy all grown up. Lost Girls.

Alan Moore
b. Nov. 18, 1953 Northampton, UK

Sun 26 Scorpio; Moon either in Aries or Taurus; NN 26 Capricorn

Sticking with the Fixed Sign theme but flipping over into Taurus' other half: 4 planets, in Scorpio: Sun-Venus-Mercury-Saturn. As a matter of fact, it looks like Mr. Moore may not have any planets in earth if Moon is in Aries.
Sun trine Uranus-SN in Cancer and square Pluto in Leo.

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Philippe Kahn

Philippe Kahn is the guy who invented your Camera Phone. In 1997 he attached his cell phone to something in order to hook it up to something else and a camera, e voila, click click, gun shots at Virginia Tech.

I wondered if Neptune figures prominently in his chart as Neptune rules photography.

Philippe Kahn
b. Mar. 16, 1952 somewhere in France (I used Nice because that's where he went to college and he doesn't look Parisian).

Sun 26 Pisces; Moon maybe in Scorpio; NN 1 Pisces

Voila! Sun is not only in Pisces but it is unaspected and a Mutable singleton. Extra Potent. His NN is also in Pisces conjunct Venus but otherwise unaspected. His bio on Wikipedia shows how Pisces he is. He's a classical musician who practices every day and an avid sailor.

In 1997 Neptune was passing back and forth over the cusp from Capricorn to Aquarius, the sign of Invention. Jupiter and Uranus were already there.

He's got a Cardinal Grand Square in his chart. It seems he's had his share of controversial business maneuvers as a Techie in the Silicon Valley. But, Saturn-Mercury-Jupiter-Chiron and Uranus all in aspect to each other promise outstanding mental abilities. Maybe a bit difficult at times, but, oh well.

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Friday, June 01, 2007

"The Castle"

Do buildings have charts?

On yesterday's Full Moon, there was a groundbreaking ceremony for a $50 Million replica of the Alhambra in Morgan Hill, CA. It will house "The Institute of Mathematics" a 7-year old "School" that gathers the world's greatest mathematicians to solve the world's toughest mathematics problems. The founder of the Institute, John Fry (founder of Fry's Electronics) conceived and is paying for the building. His college buddy, Steve Sorenson, is in charge of managing the construction. An architect from Santa Fe, NM, Jay Bonner, is designing the building.

"The Castle"
groundbreaking ceremony: May 31, 2007 11:30 am Morgan Hill, CA

Sun 10 Gemini; Moon 8 Sagittarius; ASC 24 Leo; MC 18 Taurus; NN 12 Pisces

What better aspect for building a "Castle" than Leo Rising with Sun is in the 10th house? Saturn is conjunct the ASC and is trining Jupiter in the 4th house of "Place and Home". Jupiter rules higher education. Saturn also trines Pluto in Sagittarius in the 5th house: serious ambitions for pursuing deep thought and higher learning.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is conjunct and disposits to Jupiter opposing Sun in Gemini. This is perfect for an educational, intellectual pursuit. The Institute was conceived by Fry and Sorenson when they were in college (Jupiter) together. John Fry went on to make his money through the Fry's Electronics chain. Moon conjunct Jupiter in its own sign promises Luck. A place (Moon and H4) of Higher Thought (Jupiter) of International (Jupiter) Fame (Scorpio IC). Moon is also conservative, the design will be an imitation of a building from the past. All the Fry's stores are decorated with historical themes as well.

The ceremony (Leo ASC c. Saturn) went from 11:30 am to 1 pm. At this point there was a Grand Fire Trine of Jupiter in Sagittarius-Saturn in Leo-Mars in Aries that extended out to a Kite through Saturn's opposition to Chiron in Aquarius. Saturn is also opposite Neptune and this opposition is closely conjunct the ASC-DESC line. A strong focus on gathering people to work in partnerships.

Scorpio rules the IC, indicator of a need for privacy, great for a retreat to discover deep secrets of the universe and also beneficial for fame and power. John Fry didn't attend the ceremony as he dislikes publicity. How Scorpio!

Pluto opposed by Mercury from H5 to H11, respectively. Another indicator of "deep thinking," especially through communication with others (Opposition).

As the purpose of building this building is to encourage great Mathematicians to gather and share knowledge and to work in teams I figured Uranus/Aquarius should be looked at. Gemini rules the 11th house and Mercury (communication) is placed there. The Nodal axis spans H1 and 7 indicating strong drive to work with others. The mutual reception of Uranus and Neptune is aspected in H7. These are the outer most planets, representing the most advanced intuitive (Uranus) and spiritual (Neptune) thinking that Man is capable of. Uranus is squaring Jupiter.

The focus of creating beautiful grounds like the Alhambra as inspiration: Venus in Cancer on H12 cusp trining Uranus in Pisces on H8 cusp.

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