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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Large California Earthquakes: 6.0 to 7.0 By Quality and Element

Earthquakes are considered "Large" when they rattle the Richter Scale between 6.0 and 6.9. I'm looking at the ones that have been recorded on Wikipedia at this intensity in this blog entry. Here I've sorted out 10 earthquakes by Quality and Element. Amazing how much this shows without even looking at aspects!!!

I've already discussed the Parkfield series which are all over 6.0. I'm only including the 2004 Parkfield Earthquake from that series here because that was what was listed on Wikipedia, and I just basically didn't put much thought into what I was doing.

Either way, with all the Parkfield quakes added the Cardinal Signs influence will become much more prominent (or at least it would for Jupiter's placement). At any rate, I've now looked at basic planetary stuff for 10 earthquakes that have happened in California registering between 6.0 and 6.9 on the Richter Scale between 1868 and 2004.

The main part of why I'm looking at these is to determine whether or not California is heading for another big earthquake of some type and it does look like the odds are going up in that regard.

These earthquakes stand out because they seem to be the ones that cause so much damage to humans. People live along the lines that are affected by these earthquakes. The bigger earthquakes seem to have happened out in less populated spots, so far, at least. And that's why I decided to keep them separate from the others for now.

Since I found that in the Parkfield Earthquakes, Jupiter was in Cardinal Signs straight across the board I wanted to take a look at Statistics. So, Beware, my ability to do statistics is cave girl style and until I figure out how to dredge the info up through my Solar Fire program these numbers are tentative. My Capricorn Moon loves statistics but afraid Mercury c. Uranus square Jupiter scoffs at the idea of them.

Kind of an odd thing I'm noticing is that Saturn is prominent in the opposite Qualities from where the other planets are. He is prominent in Fixed Signs while most other planets will tend to be prominent in Cardinal, for example. Saturn's Element preference is for Air and Water while many other planets tend to prefer Earth and Fire. So maybe Earthquakes are a conflicting result of when Saturn is trying to work a different part of the chart from the other planets.

Uranus, on the other hand, will have an earthquake without differentiating element or house placement, as is his style, I might add. But Uranus does prefer to be in a Cardinal Sign for a "Large" earthquake.

Looking ahead to the near future as I did in a previous post one notices that around the time of June 2010 looks pretty crazy. Jupiter will move into Aries so will be in Cardinal. Saturn will be in an Air Sign and Cardinal. Uranus will also move into Aries, Cardinal. Pluto will be conjunct the North Node in Capricorn. As I said before Jupiter and Uranus will stay in conjunction through Retrograde for a long time.

I'm only using 10 examples here which isn't enough. Also, they only cover earthquakes in California that occurred between 1868 and 2004 and were recorded. In spite of it all, there is a pretty even spread between the Outer Planets which slow transits through signs and won't be completely represented. For example, the slowest planet, Pluto, has only transited through slightly more than half of the wheel for these figures.


Most likely in a Cardinal Sign, least likely in a Mutable Sign
Most likely connected with an Angle. Least Likely while Sun is in a Cadent House.
Not likely that the Sun will be in Fire.
Most likely that the Sun will be in Earth or Air.

  • Signs: 6 in Cardinal Signs; 4 in Fixed Signs; 1 in Mutable
  • Houses: 7 in Angular or within orb of Angle; 1 is in Succedent House; 2 Cadent
  • Element: Fire: 0; Earth: 4; Air: 4; Water 2


Least likely to occur while Moon is in a Fixed Sign or in a Succedent House.
Not likely to occur while Moon is in Water Sign. Kind of interesting. This first of all seems like I tallied things wrong which is highly likely. But also these earthquakes aren't big enough to create a tsunami so maybe that's what that's about.

  • Signs: 4 in Cardinal; 2 in Fixed; 4 in Mutable
  • Houses: 4 in Angular; 2 in Succedent; 4 Cadent
  • Element: Fire: 4; Earth: 3; Air: 3; Water: 0.


Most likely while Mercury is in a Fixed Sign, Unlikely while Mercury is in Mutable
Most likely while Mercury is Angular.
Most likely while Mercury is in Earth or Air.

  • Signs: 4 in Cardinal; 6 in Fixed; 0 in Mutable
  • Houses: 5 in Angular; 3 in Succedent; 2 in Cadent
  • Element: Fire: 2; Earth: 3; Air: 4; Water: 1.


Most likely to occur while Venus is in either Cardinal or Fixed signs.
Most likely to occur while Venus is Angular by house placement.
Not much difference in Element.

  • Signs: 4 out of 10 in Cardinal; 2 out of 10 in Fixed; 4 out of 10 in Mutable
  • Houses: 6 out 10 Angular; 3 out of 10 Succedent; 1 out of 10 Cadent
  • Element: Fire: 3; Earth: 3; Air: 2; Water: 2.


Mars most likely Angular by House.
Most likely by sign is Cardinal or Fixed, Least likely is in a Mutable Sign.

Element most like Earth, then Fire.

  • Signs: 4 out of 10 in Cardinal; 4 out of 10 in Fixed; 2 out of 10 in Mutable
  • Houses: 6 out of 10 Angular; 2 out of 10 in Succedent; 2 out of 10 Cadent
  • Fire: 3; Earth: 4; Air: 2; Water: 1.

Least likely to occur while Jupiter in a Fixed Sign, Mostly likely while Jupiter is either in Cardinal Signs or in Virgo or Sagittarius
Most likely while Jupiter is Angular
Element most likely Earth and Fire.

  • Signs: 4 out of 10 in Cardinal; 1 out of 10 in Fixed; 5 out of 10 in Mutable (3 in Virgo and 2 in Sagg, no Gemini or Pisces)
  • Houses: 5 out of 10 Angular; 3 out of 10 Succedent; 2 out of 10 Cadent
  • Element: Fire: 3; Earth: 4; Air: 1; Water: 2

Most likely to occur while Saturn is in a Fixed Sign, not likely while Saturn is in a Mutable Sign.
No preference for House placement
Element preference for Water and Air.

  • Signs: 3 out of 10 in Cardinal; 6 out of 10 in Fixed; 1 out of 10 in Mutable
  • Houses: 4 out of 10 Angular; 3 out of 10 Succedent; 3 out of 10 Cadent
  • Element: Fire: 1; Earth: 2; Air: 3; Water: 4.

Most likely to occur while Uranus is in a Cardinal Sign, not likely while Uranus is in a Fixed Sign.
No preference for House placement, except that Uranus is in H8 for 3 out of 10 earthquakes
Element shows no real preference.

  • Signs: 6 out of 10 in Cardinal; 1 out of 10 in Fixed; 3 out of 10 in Mutable
  • Houses: 3 out of 10 Angular; 4 out of 10 Succedent; 3 out of 10 Cadent
  • Element: Fire: 3; Earth: 2; Air: 3; Water 2

Most likely to occur while Neptune is in a Cardinal Sign and in an Angular House
Element preference for anything but Water.

  • Signs: 5 out of 10 in Cardinal; 2 out of 10 in Fixed; 3 out of 10 in Mutable
  • Houses: 5 out of 10 Angular; 3 out of 10 Succedent; 2 out of 10 Cadent
  • Element: Fire: 3; Earth: 3; Air: 3; Water: 0

Most likely to occur while Pluto is in a Fixed Sign and in an Angular House
Pluto shows Element preference for Water but this may be because these are recorded earthquakes, almost all in the 20th Century, and Pluto was in a Water Sign for the greater portion of the 20th Century.

  • Signs: 2 out of 10 in Cardinal; 5 out of 10 in Fixed; 3 out of 10 in Mutable
  • Houses: 5 out of 10 in Cardinal; 2 out of 10 Succedent; 3 out of 10 Cadent
  • Pluto: Fire: 2; Earth: 2; Air: 1; Water: 5

Doesn't differentiate except by Element where shows preference for Earth

  • Signs: 4 out of 10 in Cardinal; 3 out of 10 in Fixed; 3 out of 10 in Mutable
  • Houses: 3 out of 10 Angular; 4 out of 10 in Succedent; 3 out of 10 Cadent
  • Element: Fire: 2; Earth: 5; Air: 1; Water 2

North Node:
Least likely that NN will be in a Cardinal Sign. However, most likely that NN will be on an Angle.
Element preference might be for Air and Earth.

  • Signs: 1 out of 10 Cardinal; 5 out of 10 in Fixed; 4 out of 10 in Mutable
  • Houses: 5 out of 10 Angular; 3 out of 10 Succedent; 2 out of 10 Cadent
  • Element: Fire: 2; Earth: 3; Air: 4; Water 1

ASC/DESC: Least likely that Cardinal Signs will be on the Angles.
No preference for Element.

  • Signs: 2 out of 10 Cardinal; 4 out of 10 Fixed; 4 out of 10 Mutable
  • ASC Element: Fire: 2; Earth: 2; Air: 3; Water: 3
  • DESC Element: Fire 3; Earth: 3; Air: 2; Water: 2

Least likely to be a Cardinal Sign.
IC preference is Fire and then Air
MC Element preference is Air and then Fire

  • Signs: 2 out of 10 Cardinal; 4 out of 10 Fixed; 4 out of 10 Mutable
  • IC: Fire: 4; Earth: 2; Air: 3; Water: 1
  • MC: Fire: 3; Earth: 1; Air: 4; Water: 2

Here's a link to the page on the USGS website that gives facts about earthquakes:


1868 Hayward Earthquake, 6.8 -7.0 Oct. 21, 1868 7:53 am epicenter: Hayward, CA Sun 29 Libra; Moon 10 Capricorn; ASC 18 Scorpio; MC 27 Leo; NN 23 Leo

Mercury 22 Scorpio c. ASC opposing Pluto 17 Taurus and squaring the Nodal Axis/MC.
Moon opposing Uranus 18 Cancer, Uranus rules IC
Jupiter 7 Aries, Neptune 16 Aries Rx
Saturn 4 Sagittarius (H1), Mars 11 Leo (H9)

1933 Long Beach Earthquake, 6.4 Mar. 10, 1933 17:55 PST epicenter offshore Sun 21 Pisces; Moon 7 Virgo; ASC 21 Virgo; MC 20 Gemini; NN 8 Pisces
Jupiter 19 Virgo conjunct ASC and Neptune
Uranus 22 Aries (H8) squaring Pluto 22 Cancer (H10)
Sun conjunct Desc and Venus 10 Pisces and NN 8 Pisces opposing SN, Moon 7 Virgo, Mars 8 Virgo Rx, Neptune 9 Virgo, Jupiter 9 Virgo (H12)

1971 San Fernando Earthquake, 6.6 Feb. 9, 1971 6:00:55am PST Sylmar, San Fernando Fault Sun 21 Aquarius; Moon 13 Leo; ASC 5 Aquarius; MC 24 Scorpio; NN 24 Aquarius
Sun opposing Moon with Nodal Axis (H1 to H7) squaring MC. Sun-Moon opposition squares Saturn. Eclipse? _______
H10: Neptune 3 Sagittarius c. Jupiter 4 Sagittarius c. Mars 11 Sagittarius

1983 Coalinga Earthquake, 6.5, San Andreas Faultline May 2, 1983 4:42 pm LT Coalinga, CA Sun 12 Taurus; Moon 19 Capricorn; ASC 5 Libra; MC 5 Cancer; NN 28 Gemini

Sun conjunct Mars 21 Taurus
Saturn 1 Scorpio conjunct Pluto 28 Libra (H1)
Jupiter 10 Sagittarius conjunct Uranus 9 Sagittarius (H3) (conjunction unaspected)
Neptune also in Sagittarius (H3) at 29 degrees conjunct SN 28 Gemini
Venus conjunct NN and MC

1984 Morgan Hill Earthquake, 6.2, Calaveras Faultline Apr. 24, 1984 14:14:00 PST 18km east of San Jose, 22 km north of Morgan Hill Sun 5 Taurus; Moon 26 Aquarius; ASC 10 Virgo; MC 7 Gemini; NN 9 Gemini

Sun conjunct Mercury 1 Taurus opposing Pluto 1 Scorpio
Jupiter 13 Capricorn
Mars 26 Scorpio c. Saturn 14 Scorpio Rx squaring Moon
Uranus 13 Sagittarius conjunct SN 9 Sagittarius and IC 7 Sagittarius

1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, 6.9, San Andreas Faultline
Oct. 17, 1989 5:04 pm LT Epicenter: Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, Aptos? Felton?

Sun 25 Libra; Moon 2 Gemini; ASC 26 Virgo; MC 26 Gemini; NN 23 Aquarius

Jupiter 11 Cancer c. Chiron 17 Cancer opposing Uranus 2 Capricorn-Saturn 9 Cap-Neptune 10 Capr (H4)
Sun conjunct Mars 19 Libra (H1 & 2 cusp)
Mercury 9 Libra (H1)

1992 Big Bear Earthquake, 6.4, occurred 3 hours after Landers Earthquake
June 28, 1992 4:57 PDT Big Bear Lake, CA

Sun 8 Cancer; Moon 10 Gemini; ASC 19 Gemini; MC 29 Aquarius; NN 1 Capricorn

Jupiter 10 Virgo (H4)
Uranus 17 Capricorn conjunct Neptune 18 Capricorn (H8)

1994 Northridge Earthquake, 6.7 on a previously undiscovered faultline
Jan. 17, 1994 4:31 am PST Reseda, CA

Sun 28 Capricorn; Moon 2 Aries; ASC 20 Sagittarius; MC 7 Libra; NN 1 Sagittarius

Saturn 29 Aquarius square Pluto 28 Scorpio c.NN. Pluto-NN trine Moon on Aries Point
Neptune-Mars-Uranus-Sun-Venus conjunct within 22-28 Capricorn
Jupiter unaspected 13 Scorpio

2003 San Simeon Earthquake, 6.5, Central Coast
Dec. 22, 2003 11:15 PST am?

Sun 1 Capricorn; Moon 23 Sagittarius; ASC 12 Pisces; MC 20 Sagittarius; NN 19 Taurus

Approaching New Moon on Aries Point conjunct Pluto 21 Sagittarius
H1: Mars; H4 Saturn; H7 Jupiter in Virgo, H10: Pluto-Moon-Sun-Mercury in Capricorn


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Gone Wild

Boy, they weren't kidding when they passed out travel advisories to stay away from Mexico during Spring Break.

Timelines are starting to come out concerning the Swine Flu which is about to be considered a Pandemic. It looks like the 1st victim is thought to be a 5 year old boy living in the town of La Gloria, Veracruz, Mexico named Edgar Hernandez. Hernandez became ill sometime around April 2, 2009. By April 6 about 60 percent of the town of La Gloria, population 3,000, was ill. The first death was 39 year old Maria Adela Gutierrez who was admitted to the hospital on Apr 8 and who passed away five days later. Gutierrez was working as a Census Worker and it is thought that she may have passed the illness by going from door to door. Boy, when I worked for the census all we had to worry about were German Shepherds and Mountain Men with guns.

The virus was officially identified 3 weeks later.

I guess in hindsight I can see how the Sun-Mercury-Venus Rx conjunction at the beginning of April can spread a communicable disease like wildfire. It wouldn't have been my first choice for interpretation of that aspect alone but in this case Venus has been in a long term Inconjunct or Quincunx aspect with Saturn in Virgo. Inconjuncts are related with weakened health systems as is Saturn in Virgo. Virgo rules all things involving Public Health and Sanitation and Saturn likes to teach lessons in whatever sign it happens to roll into.

Venus went Retrograde on Mar. 7, 2009 at 16 Aries. It was not quite within tight orb of inconjunct with Saturn in Virgo which was at 19 Virgo Rx (but that's close enough for my Gemini Rising). Thing is, both planets have been moving Retrograde together at the same time so extending this Inconjunct Aspect over the space of about 2 months.

Saturn in Virgo is already related to a weakening of Health Systems and is under tension from the long term opposition to Uranus. Nobody likes a parade with a whole crowdful of people the way that Uranus does. This is the flipside of community involvement.

An inconjunct from fire sign Aries would indicate the speed with which this illness is traveling. Venus turned Direct on Apr. 18 at 30 Pisces and is now travelling forward through Aries. The Last pass of an inconjunct aspect between the two planets will be on May 20, 2009 at 15 Aries-Virgo.

Problems may be enhanced as Mars will be traveling through Aries through May, conjunct Venus, and will be inconjunct to Saturn during much of this time. I'd expect Mars in Aries to be even faster than Venus in Aries. Saturn stations Direct on May 17 at 15 Virgo.

Mercury will turn Retrograde on the 1st degree of Gemini and pass back into Taurus during the 2d week of May which could either slow the spread of the disease or create chaos for the Doctors who are trying to treat it.

So, this is my simpleton interpretation of things so far. I've already linked to others who have a bigger picture like Noel Tyl and Terry Lamb. Also, Monica at Astrology Mundo has a great post. An epidemic was part of her list of 10 predictions for 2009.

Here's one timeline: http://www.citynews.ca/news/news_34123.aspx

Here's an article about Ms. Gutierrez' illness and death: (article called "Swine Flu: Was first victim a modern Typoid Mary?" by Guy Adams, www.independent.co.uk/life-style ....

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Noel Tyl on Mexico's Latest Problems

Check out this thread over at Noel Tyl's site with regards to Mexico's recent problems all seemingly related to Neptune at 1 Capricorn in the chart.

(In case the url is too long, you can find the thread at www.NoelTyl.com. Click on "Forums" and then go to the "Mundane Astrology -- The Study of Nations" thread.)


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Message In A Bottle From Auschwitz

According to an article I found on a website called "Sky News" construction workers found a bottle with a message written in it by 7 prisoners at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. The prisoners were being forced to reinforce a cellar with concrete at a local school in order to make a bomb shelter. The Prisoners were French and Polish and were between the ages of 18 and 20. Two are known to have survived the camps.

So, when humanity has completely failed you, what's a good date for leaving a note that will be unearthed in the future?

The note was dated Sept. 9, 1944 Auschwitz, (Oswiecim) Poland.

Sun 17 Virgo; Moon 16 Gemini; NN 25 Cancer

The Sun and the Moon here are ruled by memo making Mercury. The Sun is conjunct a Mercury Rx and Jupiter which extends its communication abilities. The Moon is conjunct Uranus in Gemini which pretty much does the same thing. So this chart so far is perfect for anything having to do with communicating.

Cancer is one of the key rulers for Memory (long term memory) so I suppose a Cancer North Node shows the aptitude for a long term memory. Saturn was at 10 Cancer which is suppose reinforces the need to not be forgotten, or for placing your memory in a bottle in concrete.

Pluto in this chart is extra strong as it is a Singleton in every way that a planet can be a singleton. I've never noticed this before in any chart that I've looked at before. The 10 Leo Pluto is a singleton in Fire, Fixed Signs, and Cadent Houses. Pluto rules determination and durability.

The chart shape is exceptional in that it is a Bundle Figure held between a trine between Mars in Libra and Uranus in14 Gemini. I call that the Bunker Busting aspect because of its ability to unleash huge amounts of power in spurts. Interesting that the message was buried in a bomb shelter. Air is a mental influence and, as we saw in the Air Sun and Moon of this chart, Mars and Uranus are also figuring strongly in Air influence.

Also interesting is that Saturn rules construction and concrete. Transiting Saturn (currently 17 Virgo) has been passing over the Virgo Sun of this event chart (17 Virgo). Compounding its influence is Solar Arc Saturn which is close to the same degree as well (14 Virgo) .

There are some significant other outer planet transits as well, but I'll stop here due to time constraints.

Progressed Mercury is currently at 4 Sagittarius. Prog. Mercury stationed direct around 1952. Of course, I don't have a clue if that's significant in any way to anything pertaining to the bottle or its writers.

Article titled "Auschwitz Prisoner's Message Found In a Bottle."

Link is shortened, sorry I still can't do links.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

George Zinkhan, Why The Aquarians Kiling People These Days?

California Girl mentioned George Zinkhan in one of her comments. She pointed out that like the Medical Student who has just been arrested for murders and abductions, Zinkhan is a late Aquarius. This means that both men's Sun are receiving the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction. Interesting that both are related to higher education, which are ruled by both Jupiter and Chiron. Thanks for making the connection and pointing it out, California Girl. Do you have a blog we can follow?

Zinkhan is a well respected Marketing Professor at a Georgia University in Athens, Georgia. Or at least he was until he apparently shot his wife and two other people at a reunion picnic. He quickly dropped his two children off at a friend's house and has disappeared. I think I read somewhere that the FBI suspects that he has gone to Amersterdam where he has a second home.

Wikipedia is offering his birth date and I don't have a place so I'm using Athens, Georgia for birth location. His moon placement might be in conjunction with his Mars in Scorpio which shows someone who holds things in and then explodes. Zinkhan's chart has two other extreme aspects in his chart which I noticed. I'm not really paying attention to this because I'm sort of too anxious right now to look at anything violent right now. I figure there will probably be some incredible interpretations. Zinkhan has a Grand Square which can be a source a great stress for a person. It also can give a person great drive to achieve. He also had a conjunction of Sun in Aquarius to his North Node at 1 Pisces. Hopefully I'm correct about this but I remember Komilla Sutton as saying that a Sun-North Node conjunction is one of the most difficult aspects as these two energies compete with each other to shine. There were definitely some ego problems going on here along with an ability to bottle things up.

What's interesting and pretty gruesome is the way that the Solar Arcs and Progressions are hitting Zinkhan's natal chart. Since violence is a Mars thing I paid attention to Mars. The Mars in Scorpio has now arced to conjunction with the Grand Square through natal Chiron 10 Capricorn. Since Zinkhan may have a Moon-Mars conjunction his Moon would also be setting off the Grand Square.

The Grand Square is made up of outer planets and Chiron: (Jupiter 14 Aries opposing Saturn 15 Libra-Neptune 22 Libra squaring an opposition of Uranus 11 Cancer to Chiron 10 Capricorn). Since Solar Arcs all progress about a degree a year in tandem with the Sun's Progression the Grand Square has arced and was passing over Zinkhan's natal Sun-NN conjunction. It would have been exact about 5 years ago and is past now. Of course, his Sun is just receiving the conjunction of Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter in Aquarius.

Additional sucky Arc: SA Pluto is on his natal Saturn-conjunct Neptune.

Interesting that Chiron is so heavily involved here. Chiron was the teacher-healer and maybe affects college professors more than others. I've read elsewhere on the Internet that one of his students suspected that he had a drug problem as his behavior was odd (well, he was an Aquarius) and one of his fingernails was kept long (possible Cocaine?). Neptune rules escapist tendencies that are the hallmark of drug addiction and Jupiter rules excess of just about anything so it would make sense that substance abuse could figure in.

That's about it. Oh yeah, Mars, Mars, Mars.

Zinkhan's progressed Mars is currently moving Retrograde which can always show a build up of frustration. Natally it is at 12 Scorpio. It progressed forward until around 1988 when it stationed Rx at 18 Scorpio (chart shows it in a Thor's Hammer with p.Sun and p. Pluto, repression of violent tendencies?). Wonder if something from the years around that time is connected with current action? Mars is currently at 15 Scorpio Rx. On Saturday there was a New Moon in Taurus the opposite sign of Scorpio which could certainly show an emotional trigger. Mars is associated with Scorpio because it was the ancient ruler of that sign before Pluto was discovered. It is associated with deep resentments and jealousies and boy would it be difficult to have a Progressed mars that is stuck on the same degrees like that through life. Granted it probably does explain the positive outlets of working in marketing and understanding people's hidden motives and drives to buy crap (Zinkhan's specialty).

The Moon was at 13 Taurus at 12:30 when the shootings occurred so the opposition was precise.

Guess now we know that New Moons that oppose our natal Mars (and maybe Moon) are maybe not the best time to go on light-hearted picnics.

Didn't get a chance to look up what Venus Rx in Aries has been doing to Zinkhan. I sort of remember that his progressed Sun is in Aries somewhere. Sorry, gotta go.

George Zinkhan
b. Feb. 17, 1952 somewhere

Sun 28 Aquarius; Moon Scorpio; NN 1 Pisces

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Swine Flu and Homeopathy

A while back I took a class on beginning Homeopathy, a medical practice that was highly regarded in this country until the AMA turned the practice into a crime. The Homeopaths always claim that they had a much better cure rate during the 1918 Flu Epidemic. One thing I found is that Homeopaths (this might just be an American thing) can sometimes exaggerate the effectiveness of their treatments. On the other hand I've personally that sometimes homeopathy really does work.

At any rate, I'm providing a link to a homeopathy website that lists some remedies for flu.
Oh well, here's the list. The easiest potencies to get are 30C. Trader Joe's also sells an awesome Vitamin C. It looks like Aconitum napellus is great for sudden onset and panic. That seems like one good little sugar pill to consider in this particular Aries style epidemic. (I'm not in any way a practitioner, I just enjoy reading the different remedies).


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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Terry Lamb on Influenza Outbreaks

A while back I along with a bunch of others linked to Terry Lamb's article on the Spanish Influenza of 1918. It's a great article to re-read as Mexico is declaring a state of emergency with an outbreak of Swine Flu. Lamb explains how the flu spreads and also explains the outer planet transits of the time, one of which is a Saturn-Uranus opposition.


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O No! Not Shoulder Pads!!!

It's official, the 80s are back. As the Sun rolls into Taurus, the fashion runways are exploding with Shoulder Pads. Women are once again going to be dressing up like linebackers. Just plan on penciling in the black kohl under the eyes. It must be something having to do with outer planets in Capricorn. Let me guess here -- once the knees give out people want to look like they can still barge into any board room and make the sale?

Basically, there's no excuse for this abrasion. Where's Tim Gunn?


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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Susan Boyle

There's a very informative thread at Noel Tyl's forum concerning Susan Boyle's birth data along with brilliant observations about her chart with regards to her recent fame. Anyways, thank you to the great astrologers over there.

Boyle is the Scottish woman who recently auditioned for Britain's Got Talent and completely shocked and wowed the audience with her wonderful singing. When the show aired on Apr. 10 she became an instant international success. It couldn't be any other way with an Aquarius Midheaven. At any rate, from what I hear, this is an excellent example of the type of career successes a person with a conjunction of Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune transiting the 10th House can have.

Susan Boyle

b. Apr. 1, 1961 Bathgate, Scotland 9:50 BST

Sun 12 Aries; Moon 13 Libra; ASC 29 Gemini; MC16 Aquarius; NN 5 Virgo

First thing I thought about was that Boyle at age 47 is going through a Jupiter Return. Her natal Jupiter is in Aquarius so it's full of surprises. Jupiter, of course, rules Luck. Boyle's Jupiter is special because it is in a conjunction with her Saturn over the cusp in Capricorn. This is the same 1961 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that President Obama has and he has shot to amazing success this year as well.

An interesting story on the Wikipedia entry is that Susan's Mother was 47 when she gave birth to Susan. So Susan is the same age her Mother was when she was born and so they share a Jupiter Return. Since her Mother recently died I have no doubt that she's hanging on Susan's shoulder and giving her a boost in life. 47 was pretty old for a woman to be giving birth back in 1961 and apparently caused some complications with Susan's breathing at birth. It looks as if the Saturn conjunction with the Jupiter was maybe a way of holding her back until this moment. Saturn makes you wait. It also can show a flowering late in life and can indicate an older parent in some way.

The date for the actual performance I believe may have been Jan. 21, 2009 in Glasgow, Scotland. According to (http://forum.unrealitytv.co.uk/index.php?topic=6250.0) the actual auditions may have been on Oct. 22, 23,24, 2008. I get the feeling that some of this surprise was a bit staged, not that there's anything wrong with that. I just don't think the show let Boyle out on that live stage without knowing who they were sending on.

At any rate, on Jan. 21, Boyle was celebrating her Jupiter Return within a degree. It was also conjunct the Sun in Aquarius and Mercury in Capricorn. And remember that it was also conjunct her natal Saturn. So maybe it was her Father who was helping her out. Either way, Saturn equals Career and Social Standing and Ambition. The North Node (Destiny) was at 10 Aquarius having just passed over Boyle's Midheaven which rules all the same things as Saturn.

Mercury rules Boyle's Ascendant which represents Appearance. Interesting that her older, perhaps dowdy physical appearance is being used as a lesson for us all not to judge people by appearances. Mercury here is in the sign of age, Capricorn and is conjunct Saturn. The combination of Gemini ASC and Aquarius Midheaven is always a bit unpredictable.

If this birth data is correct Susan is an Aries born on a Full Moon within a degree. Interesting that her Moon is conjunct Simon Cowell's Sun within a degree. She is being called something like "The Woman Who Shut Simon Up." Or made him speechless, or something like that.

Anyways, Aries Suns are the most lyrical singers. They naturally lead with directness and an ability to flow. I can hear that in the way Susan sings. They don't fiddle with unnecessary doo-dads and embellishment. Billie Holiday and Aretha Franklin are Aries Suns.

Venus rules the voice along with Mercury. Susan's natal Venus is in Aries and is Retrograde. It's just very interesting that she was revealed to the world during a Venus Rx. That would be close to her Venus return (natal Venus at 27 Aries so she's really getting everything she can out of this one).

Venus Rx Aries natally could explain her problems in childhood in which she was thought to have some brain (Aries) deficiency and suffered a popularity problem among her peers (Venus Rx). My new keyword for Venus Rx is "popularity problem". Venus stationed direct by progression exactly on Susan's Sun (Ego, Creativity, Limelight, Vitality) back in 1991-92. I wonder if this was a turnaround time for her with regards to coming out of her shell. I saw that she took lessons in 1995 and recorded in 1999. The progressions, of course, are very slow moving as they show psychological and spiritual development in a person.

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Redux, West Coast's Biggest Recorded Earthquakes

After finding what I think were some really striking commonalities between the earthquakes that occur in Parkfield, California (Parkfield Earthquake Series blog), I'm taking a second look at the biggest of the Earthquakes to hit the West Coast and am finding some interesting similarities there as well.

It's looking like we're heading into a period where the chances are much morely likely by Astrological terms to have an earthquake in California, a big one. The Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square is not necessarily an indicator of a huge earthquake the way I first suspected. Jupiter and Neptune have a big hand in when these things happen. Although some earthquakes seem to happen in relation to an Eclipse it doesn't seem to be a very regular thing. My Eclipse reading skills are barbaric so I can't say anything one way or another about that. I'm looking at event charts for big earthquakes that have hit the West Coast. This means that I'm assuming that different localities have earthquakes according to different transits.

What continues to come up in the charts of Earthquakes with freakish regularity is the presence of Jupiter in Cardinal Signs. The big earthquake down in Chile, 9.5, (May 22, 1960) even had a Jupiter in Capricorn! I've looked ahead at the "Large" size earthquakes of California and have found Jupiter in Cardinal about half of the time and if it's not in Cardinal then it will be angular in the chart (and most likely in the earth sign of Virgo).

As a matter of fact both of the biggest earthquakes, the Fort Tejon Earthquake of 1857 and the Cascadia Earthquake of 1700, have a prominence of outer planets in Cardinal Signs. So this immediately makes the time between June 2010 and June 2011 look mighty scary. Saturn will be in Libra, Jupiter will be in conjunction with Uranus in Aries, then they will sort of retrograde back into Pisces and then move forward together back into Aries. That would be between June 7, 2010 and June 5, 2011 with a Retrograde Period back into Pisces (conjunct Uranus Rx the whole time) between Sept. 10, 2010 and Jan. 23, 2011. Jupiter is in a Cardinal Sign for about a year every three years so this may not be the time. Uranus stays in a sign for about 7 years.

Saturn will enter Libra on Oct. 30, 2009, will Rx back into Virgo Apr. 8, 2010 through July 22, 2010, and will leave Libra on Oct. 2012.

These two big earthquakes both happened in the month of January so one might hone down a worrisome time for January, 2011. There will be a set of 3 Eclipses in a row during the month before that and it's difficult to know whether this will make the land more tense or ease some of the earth tension. Pluto will be in conjunction with the North Node at that point as well which indicates crisis.

I suspect that it might be a very difficult period politically and socially for people. Sometimes the Earth seems to back off when humanity is in upheaval. There is some talk of California possibly splitting in half politically, North and South, as it becomes more populated. This might be the big event. Trying to predict a Uranian event is just a wild goose chase and as Michael Lutin say, you don't want to think of your worst fears in the wake of a Pluto transit because Pluto will deliver it to your doorstep (I've personally found this to be true). I did notice, however, that the earth is sensitive to these things as the Parkfield Earthquake Series made a point out of skipping its 1944 due date, obviously in obvservance of WWII. Quite thoughtful.

Often droughts will come before big earthquakes. Northern California seems to be okay in that regard. I'm not sure how Southern California is doing. They are always a bit parched.

It seems that this upcoming July 21-22 2009 Eclipse could set off something and any planet hitting a key point in that chart could activate some intense stuff. The Eclipses will be moving into the Cardinal Axis for a while in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. The June 26, 2010 Lunar Eclipse contains a Grand Square in Cardinal Signs which is disturbing. Sun-Mercury in Cancer opposing Pluto-Moon Capricorn (along with Nodes) squaring Jupiter-Uranus in Aries opposing Saturn 29 Virgo.

Jupiter will next be in the Cardinal Sign of Cancer from June 27, 2013 through July 17, 2014 roughly so this would be the next big opportunity. During that time Saturn will be in Scorpio, Uranus will be in Aries, Neptune will be in Pisces and Pluto will be in Capricorn. Part of the time the Nodal Axis will be in Scorpio. These are placements I would expect for a really big earthquake with a tsunami but I also think it would be a great transit for creating a new art movement so what do I know? At any rate in May-June 2014 Jupiter will oppose Pluto in Capricorn and square Uranus in Aries. There might be a Grand Water Trine of outer planets Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. If you've got kids, start sticking a paintbrush in their hands now so they'll be prepared to create the Big Un, cause it looks exciting.

Mercury is prominent in Earthquake charts. I'm just going to note that here.


The two biggest earthquakes on the West Coast/California are:

Cascadia Earthquake / Date and time of this earthquake is speculative
Jan. 26. 1700 9:00 pm Epicenter off shore of Northern California/Oregon Coast

Sun 8 Aquarius; Moon Aries (maybe Taurus); ASC for 9:00 pm is 24 Virgo; N 15 Virgo; MC 23 Gemini

Fort Tejon Earthquake
Jan. 9, 1857 8:20 am; between Parkfield and Cholame, California

Sun 20 Capricorn; Moon 11 Cancer; ASC 8 Aquarius; MC 27 Scorpio; NN 10 Aries

Both Earthquakes in month of January

Earthquakes happened 157 years apart.

The Cascadia Earthquake is thought to be part of a 500 year cycle of big Earthquakes on the Cascadia Fault line. 500 years is a big planetary return for all the planets according to a pamphlet I read a while ago. This is usually thought of as the Neptune-Pluto Return cycle but according to a pamphlet I read a while ago there is a 500 year cycle where all the planets return to the same spot at the same time (not in conjunction, of course). The article said that Mars' cycle is actually the one that keeps everyone else waiting. I like that ... a little inner planetary power.

The Fort Tejon Earthquake is related to the Parkfield Earthquakes which have had a 6.0 or bigger quake averaging every 21-22 years. Is on the San Andreas Fault Line. I talked about how this series seems strongly related to Jupiter and Saturn cycles and Solar Arc progressions.

If there's a cycle somehow linking these big earthquakes together then we're coming due: They happened 157 years apart and 157 years from the last one adds up to having another one around 2014. 157 years is closest to the Neptunian Cycle which is about 165 years. In 1700 Neptune was at 3 Aries. In 1857 Neptune was at 19 Pisces. 157 years from 1857 is 2014 when Neptune will be between 4 Pisces and 6 Pisces.

Both Earthquakes happened while many planets were in Cardinal Signs (mostly in early degrees):
  • 1700: Neptune 4 Aries (H1); Uranus 8 Cancer (H10); Chiron 2 Libra (H1); MercuryRx-Jupiter 18-17 Capricorn (H4) (houses based on 9:00 pm time which is speculative.
  • 1857 Jupiter 3 Aries (H2); NN 10 Aries (H2); Moon-Saturn 11 Cancer (H5); Sun 20 Capricorn (H12)
Where was Aquarius/Uranus during quakes:
  • 1700: Aquarius not on angles of this chart (but, as I said, time is speculative). Sun 8 Aquarius opposing Pluto 11 Leo and squaring Mars 7 Scorpio gives a nice Uranian fix.
  • Uranus 8 Cancer is on an angle though (H10), time speculative on this chart. Uranus in Cancer in a Grand Trine with Saturn 2 Pisces and Mars 7 Scorpio
  • 1857: Aquarius Rising conjunct Mercury-Chiron squaring Pluto (H3)Uranus 22 Taurus conjunct Taurus IC squaring Mars 27 Aquarius/Venus 1 Pisces
  • As with the entire Parkfield Series Jupiter is in Cardinal Signs in both of these Earthquakes.
  • 1700: Jupiter 17 Capricorn c. Mercury Rx 18 Capricorn trining NN 15 Virgo
  • 1857: Jupiter 3 Aries conjunct NN 10 Aries. Sextiles Mercury/ASC 7-8 Aquarius and trines Moon/Saturn 11 Cancer.

  • Pluto is in Fixed Signs for both Earthquakes.
  • 1700: Pluto 11 Leo trining Neptune 4 Aries and in a t-square opposing Sun in Aquarius and square to apex Mars in Scorpio
  • 1857: Pluto 4 Taurus Rx trining Mercury/ASC and squaring Mars 27 Aquarius/Venus 1 Pisces
Mercury plays a big role seemingly in the 6.0 quakes which I'll discuss later. Here are Mercury's placements for these charts:
  • 1700: Merucry 18 Capricorn c. Jupiter 17 Cap trining NN 15 Virgo and ASC 24 Virgo (speculative)
  • 1857: Mercury 7 Aquarius conjunct 8 Aquarius ASC conjunct 5 Aquarius Chiron / sextiles Jupiter 2 Aries-NN 10 Aries (H2) / squares Pluto 4 Taurus (H3)
Mars: Progressed Mars for the 1700 quake is interesting to look at moving from one earthquake to the next. P.Mars went Rx sometime before 1800 and then moved forward again. It was close to conjunct its original spot in 1857. 1700: Mars 7 Scorpio, progressed Mars for 1700 earthquake was at 11 Scorpio in 1857. Progressed Mars has been passing over the Sun of the 1700 quake. If the times are correct for the charts then Mars is in a Thor's Hammer configuration with either the MC or the ASC in both charts which makes a lot of sense.

1700: Mars 7 Scorpio: apex of t-square to Sun 8 Aquairus opposing Pluto 11 Leo. Also in a Grand Trine with Saturn 2 Pisces trine Uranus 8 Cancer.

1857: Mars 27 Aquarius: conjunct Venus 1 Pisces. Apex t-square to 27 Scorpio MC opposing Urnaus 22 Taurus / sextiles Pluto 4 Taurus.

It's interesting to look at the progressions between the Earthquakes as perhaps explaining a sort of Shock Wave effect that's going on.

Aspects of planets in 2010 to 1700 quake:

In 1700 Prog.Mars will be at 14 Aquarius conjunt quake's Sun at 8 Aquarius.

Prog. ASC and Prog. Moon conjunct Sun Aquarius.

T. Jupiter conjunct Neptune 4 Aries

Prog. Sun 12 Cancer conjunct t. Saturn 11 Cancer conjunct event Uranus 8 Cancer. Progressed Mercury at 4 Cancer.

Solar Arcs are extremely revealing in the Parkfield Earthquake Series. They are pretty interesting to look at progressing from 1700 earthquake to 1857 earthquake to Earthquake I set for Apr, 2010 (the arcs show that this date may be a bit early)

1700 quake Arced to 1857 quake:

1857 SA Sun 12 Cancer c. 1700 Uranus 8 Cancer
1857 SA Saturn 6 Leo c. 1700 Pluto 11 Leo
1857 SA Neptune 7 Virgo c. NN 17 Virgo
1857 SA Moon 30 Virgo c. 1700 Chiron 2 Libra
1857 SA Pluto 14 Capricorn c. 1700 Jupiter 17 Capricorn-Mercury RX 18 Capricorn
1857 SA Mars 11 Aries c. 1700 Neptune 4 Aries

1700 quake Arced to Apr. 2010 (fictitious date):

SA Mars apex t-square 11 Virgo c. NN 16 Virgo / this square SA Sun 12 Sagittarius opposing Pluto 14 Gemini
SA Neptune 7 Aquarius c. 1700 Sun 8 Aquarius
SA Moon 30 Aquarius c. 1700 Venus 26 Aquarius-Saturn 2 Pisces
SA Uranus 12 Taurus squaring 1700 Sun 8 Aquarius

2013-14 looks like it might make things line up a bit better as far as Solar Arcs go. One can go on and on with this.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Suspected Craigslist Murderer?

Now there's another weird murder story. This time it's about a Med Student in Boston who is suspected of hurting women he meets on Craigs List. One woman was murdered. Reports say that people are completely shocked by the charges so this is another one of those "That little bunny rabbit couldn't hurt anybody" story. (One of my favorite all-time scenes in movies is the little white bunny rabbit protecting the cave scene in Monty Python's Holy Grail.) The thing I was most curious about was whether or not the guy has Venus in Aquarius since he met the women through the Internet.

According to Wikipedia the alleged killer is named Philip Markoff and his birthday is:

b. Feb. 12, 1986 maybe in Sherill, NY?

Sun 24 Aquarius; Moon Pisces or Aries; NN 4 Taurus

First of all I have to from now on apologize to all people of Sun Signs and Moon signs and whatever who share signs with people I talk about. I'm just in the mood to talk about murderers right now. Venus Rx squaring a great deal of my chart right now. I really need to be looking at the charts of real bunny rabbits. They are the only animals who can die from fright.

It's difficult to look at this chart and see a murderer. There are some raspy looking aspects like a Mars-Saturn conjunction (in Sagittarius) and Pluto conjunct the Scorpio South Node. But Markoff has Sun conjunct Jupiter and Venus in Aquarius. I can see why people would like him.

Oh, he does have Venus in Aquarius, so the Women on the Internet aspect shows up literally if he is the murderer. That's creepy.

So, in true Aquarius fashion I think he must have just snapped. Or he's so charming that he was going to work his charm to unchartered territories.

The first attack was on April 10, 2009 and the astrology shows his chart under a lot of stress. T.Neptune has been on the Sun-Jupiter-Venus conjunction and he's going through a Jupiter Return. Capricorn Moon that I am I think that's sort of an overload on the happiness scale and one could certainly be taken over by fantasies. It could, in a weird way, make a person lose contact with reality especially where women and Craigs list is concerned.

If Markoff's got a natal Aries Moon then, for one, he likely has impulse control problems at times, and, for two, likely the very long Retrograde conjunction from the Venus Rx in Aries transit would be torquing his relations with women. Interesting that he has been planning to get married. I imagine that a freedom loving Aquarius Sun conjunct Jupiter person might not be able to handle planning all those oppressive festivities. That kind of person needs space. Repeating this theme, the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius shows a man (Mars) who might naturally feel stifled (Saturn). This was under a whole lot of stress as there has been a Mars-Saturn opposition squaring his natal Mars-Saturn conjunction.

It looks like on Apr. 10 there was an opposition of Moon to Mercury which was right over Markoff's Nodal Axis and Pluto. Pluto and a Scorpio North Node could literally indicate Murder since they both rule that unfortunate subject. Certainly it would show deep and secretive desires that might be taboo. What was that Jeremy Irons movie about the twin gynecologists? I could only watch it halfway through...

Hope to read others' impressions. This is really sensationalistic and I told myself I wouldn't do anymore of these. Can't guarantee the accuracy of this birth data as it's very early in the case.

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Venus Will Jump Over the Moon Before Sunrise!

Tomorrow morning before Sunrise a Crescent Moon will completely cover up Venus. According to this Yahoo article it should be spectacular on the West because these are the brightest objects in the sky. I know it's a little late to be putting it out there but I've checked and the conjunction is exact right around 5:00 am for any West Coast people out there who happen to live in places with clear skies. Venus and the Moon will also be conjunct Mars, all in Pisces. They will be in conjunction with Uranus and squaring Pluto.


This happened only once in the 20th Century on Jan. 13, 1923. Happened at 9 Sagittarius.

It won't happen again until Oct. 11, 2029. Will happen at 6 Sagittarius conjunct Mars and opposing Uranus in Gemini and sextiling Pluto in Aquarius.

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First Day of Internet

The Internet is a Scorpio according to the message linked to below.

Internet 1st Message - Arpanet

Oct. 29, 1969, 22:30 originated UCLA, sent to SRI (Menlo Park, CA)

Sun 7 Scorpio; ASC 30 Cancer; Moon 4 Cancer; MC 20 Aries; NN 19 Pisces

1st transmission only sent 2 letters through and the system crashed. The full message was sent an hour later according to the message on the web. Lots of water influence in this chart. During the first transmission Cancer was on the Ascendant and Pluto was in the 3d House. An hour later when the Full message went through successfully, Leo was on the Ascendant and Pluto had moved up in to the 2d House. Uranus, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in Libra were all in the 3d House of Communications. Amazing how this works out.

The Scorpio Sun was opposing Saturn and this opposition was on the angles in the 4th/10th Houses all along. This shows the roots in the Sciences I guess. An hour after the initial transmission the Sun-Saturn opposition was layered over the IC/MC axis within a degree. After that the Sun would have moved into the 3d House of Communications and the Celebrations would have begun.

P.S. Hope I've set the time correctly.

Copy of the first message sent over the Arpanet:


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Twttr Wildfire

Will Twitter save us from ourselves? It has been called the fastest growing Internet company on the Internet as of last month. Last Month, Twitter celebrated a 3d Birthday according to the TwitterFacts Blog. http://twitterfacts.blogspot.com/2009_03_01_archive.html.

Haven't determined a time yet for the very first Twitter message. At 12:50 and 12:51 respectively 2 of the founders of Twitter logged on to their accounts (after lunch). These are the 20th and 21st Tweets that Twitter ever uttered (sorry, can't think of a witty rhyme).


b. Mar. 21, 2006, Odeo, San Francisco, CA

Sun 1 Aries; Moon Sagittarius; NN 5 Aries

I likes the Fire. Maybe accounts for the brevity. Sun c. NN on the Aries Point, short, sweet, comes before the public. Moon in Sagittarius lends an International voice. The Aries-Libra Nodal Axis always has something to say about relationships through its push-me-pull-you struggle. What more uplifting in a time of recession to text message your favorite celebrity and perhaps almost immediately get a response. Okay, so there's Art and Spirituality and Education and stuff, but hey, this is America. We like to have fun. 140 words. How much can that hurt?

At 9am Gemini was Rising and there was a great t-square for a social networking website hanging out in the angular houses which is a strong influence. Mars was in the 1st House opposing the Moon 18 Sagittarius (H7) and squared by apex conjunction of Mercury-Uranus 14 - 12 Pisces. A t-square with a lot of high tech indicators. Mutable signs are very flexible. A Mercury-Uranus conjunction is also considered good for flash insights. The Mars and Moon add speed. Interesting all the fast planets are in aspect to outer planet Uranus in Pisces here which is one of the most intuition based placements for any of the planets in the chart. Interesting that Twitter is suddenly picking up popularity around the time of its Solar Return this as there was another Mercury-Uranus conjunction with the Sun on Mar. 21 this year. Maybe technical gliches were finally addressed.

So it's a great chart for super high techy genius. Oh, and I forgot, all these high techy Northern California geeks are Sweet, Gentle and Community minded people. It figures they would start up on a day that Chiron-Venus and Neptune were in conjunction in Aquarius. This perhaps explains the appeal through the Celebrities in our culture. Also adds an aesthetic liking for the Haiku 140 word limit of the messages. Saturn rules limitations and what you can do with very little and Saturn is in Leo here both dispositing to and trining the Sun (Vitality, Creativity) and also trining the North Node (Destiny)

Will Twitter lift our spirits now that blogs have become marketing scams by mediocre companies and people who can't write too good (thinking of myself of course, 3 planets Leo)?

On the Astrology Community I think that Neith and Pat over at RealAstrologers.com were twittering for a while. Am not sure if they're doing it now but you can check out their blog anyway. Great astrological insights.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Great Resource on Planetary Cycles

I've mentioned this before but here it is again. Great information concerning planetary cycles

The Historical Ephemeris by Palden Jenkins



Saturday, April 18, 2009

American Female Reporters Detained Abroad During Venus Rx in Aries

With this long Venus in Aries Retrograde one would expect that women who have been too impulsive in some way might get caught. It looks as if Women U.S. Journalists may have overshot their boundaries in other countries as there are 2 separate incidents in the works right now.

Iran has just convicted U.S. reporter Roxana Saberi, Age 31, for charges of Espionage. She has now been sentenced to 8 years in prison. She was arrested on January 31, 2009 in Tehran for buying a bottle of wine. Her Journalist license had been revoked by Iranian officials for a year. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=101315579. Venus was at 28 Pisces when she was arrested and has stationed Direct at close to the same degree as she is found guilty. It has been in a square to Pluto in Capricorn (Paranoia, Governments, Borders, Patriarchy, Convention, Authority, Rules) the whole time and will continue to be in this square for about another Month. This is a good time for us Ladies to get in touch with our Inner Libra. (God Help Me in that case. Born with Libra North Node and the worst natal Venus placement in all of womankind. Actually, my Lilith and Moon placements are worse.)

Likewise, North Korea has detained two Female Reporters for crossing over the Border from China while filming for Al Gore's Current TV channel. I believe they were reporting on North Korean Refugees in China.

Euna Lee (Age? ) and Laura Ling, Age 32, were arrested on Mar. 17, 2009 at around 3am while walking in the Tumen River which borders China and North Korea. (http://groups.google.com/group/soc.culture.korean/browse_thread/thread/8ba677ad567cf363). They were probably trying to film refugees as they were crossing over in to China.

I'm not sure of the exact location where the women were but it looks as if Pluto (Spying, Paranoia) had just risen over the Capricorn (Government, Authority, Patriarchy) Ascendant and, of course, is in this ever-lasting square to Venus in Aries (Assertive Women). Good to know that one must be careful of Authorities when Pluto in Capricorn is rising over the Ascendant. And probably when it's hitting any other angle in the chart.

Capricorn's ruler, Saturn, (Authority, Government, Borders) is in Opposition to a conjunction of Sun-Uranus in Pisces (Refugees, Rivers, Detainment, Rebellion, Free Spirit) in the 3d House of Journalism. My information is a little unclear on this but I believe that their Chinese Guide was also arrested but that two other crew members managed to escape.

A week later it was determined that Lee and Ling would face trial. They face up to 10 years imprisonment in a North Korean Prison camp if convicted. According to the link included down below Euna Lee is Korean-American and Laura Ling is Chinese American. She is the sister of Journalist Lisa Ling. What an amazing pair of sisters. Unfortunately this isn't the Patty Duke show.


I don't have birth dates for the women. I wish them a positive outcome for their Trials and hope that the interrogations aren't as awful as I'm imagining them to be.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Mary Plumb on Current 7th Harmonic Transits

Over at Mountain Astrologer.com I found this great article written by Mary Plumb that discusses recent transiting aspects between Neptune, Pluto and Saturn. These planets were all aspecting each other with 7th Harmonic aspects. The 7th Harmonic works in mysterious ways, that means that it sort of appears to be doing its thing on an irrational level. That's a pretty heavy trio of planets to be working irrationally, at any rate. This explains why Real Life has turned into a weekly episode of Star Trek. Neptune and Pluto are doing this dance together off and on between 2001 and 2012. Well, that certainly explains a few things...

Here's a link to the article which is called "The Seventh Harmonic."


Wow and they say that 8 is a crazy number....

Sure hope that Mary Plumb will write a book on these minor aspects and the harmonics. She explains them very well.

I think it's ok copyrightwise if I quote this much. Want to keep track of the numbers.
On February 19, Neptune and Pluto were exactly septile. This is just one in the current series of septiles between the two planets (beginning in 2001 and ending in 2012). The septile is a 7th-harmonic aspect, which is 1/7 of 360°, or 51°26′. This time, transiting Saturn has also been in a 7th-harmonic aspect with each planet – it is biseptile (103°) to Pluto and triseptile (154°) to Neptune.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Belated Bobmas to Ravelry!!

An insane amount of my time has been spent on a Knitting Website Community called Ravelry. I've been staying up until 2 am compulsively looking at 300 versions of how knitters have made a certain sweater pattern, or at what 2000 knitters have made with one skein of yarn. You can read their notes and thoughts about each project. Knitters take incredible care in giving very generous help with other knitters who can't get their SSP's and Knit2Tog's straight. I don't know, I'm still trying to figure out how to hold the yarn.

At any rate, Ravelry is celebrating its 2d Birthday and the home page has been sporting a celebretory video featuring the Website mascot and amazing Black & White Beast Dog named Bob. The owner/creator of the website Jess/"Frecklegirl" and her husband Casey and the other Ravelry crew celebrate the Moment of coming up with the Idea with an annual "Bobmas" named, of course, after Bob.

It's just too great that they know the date for this because the Astrology is really incredible.

Idea for Ravelry Knitting Community/Website.
dreamed up on Apr. 11, 2005 in the evening at some point , Boston, MA?

Talk about Wildfire! The Sun (Creative Expression) was conjunct Venus (Arts) and the North Node (Destiny) in Aries. This was squaring Saturn in Cancer (Practicality and Building anything having to do with Home and Comfort and Nurturing).

A Sun-Venus-NN conjunction shows great creativity and popularity and a desire to create beautiful things and the aspect to Saturn shows the practical drive and hard work needed to bring it forth into reality. This chart also has a conjunction of Mars to Neptune in Aquarius which is another great creative aspect, especially in relation to anything having to do with the Internet.

(Sun 23 Aries conjunct Venus (Arts, Women) 26 Aries conjunct North Node (Destiny) 23 Aries squaring Saturn (Practical Applications) 21 Cancer)

I wasn't hooked in at the time but it looks like the Internet was full of Knitters who were blogging about what they were making. The idea was to bring/organize everyone together into one place.

It looks like Frecklegirl posted the idea on her blog the next night
Apr. 12, 2005 8:45 pm Boston, MA?

This was about as fortuitous a moment for making this announcement as she could have chosen. Mercury (Announcements) stationed Direct that day at 2 Aries. The Aries Point of the chart is great for anything having to do with success in the world. The Astrology is just incredible!

Secondly, the Sun-Venus-NN conjunction, was further highlighted by an Eclipse Series. Frecklegirl had her Revelation sandwiched between a Solar Eclipse on Apr. 8 and a Lunar Eclipse on Apr. 24. That's practically Biblical! This means that the Moon was first in conjunction with the Sun-Venus-NN conjunction and then was in Opposition to it.

If the Birthdate given on Frecklegirl's profile is correct then she would be a Libra Sun and her Solar Return in 2005 would also have been sandwiched between a set of Solar-Lunar Eclipses! What better energy to bring people together than a strong Aries/Libra Eclipse Series. The only time I've ever really seen the Eclipses work their magic is in bringing forth great creative ventures, especially when they hook in to a person's Solar Return chart the way they do here.

Thirdly, this chart has two Grand Trines (Fire and Air). These are very positive for successful ventures. The grand trines are almost set out in a Star of David formation in the chart. If anything, Frecklegirl/Jess and Casey have to be aware that the success might be too much for them and they need to ask for help at the proper moments in order to maintain the momentum. Scorpio is Rising in this chart and chart ruler Pluto is in the 2d House (money) trining the Sun-Venus in the 6th House of Crafts and Leo (Arts) Midheaven (How the World Views the Matter). The Mars-Neptune conjunction is conjunct the IC, or opposite side of the Midheaven and is in an unbelievably positive trine to Juipter in Libra and the Moon in Gemini.

I wonder what Bob's sign is. He's some sort of breed, black and white and he has Marty Feldman eyes and is full of charm. I suspect he's maybe an Aries Moon. He just looks very inspired.

There's only one other successful website that I've looked at the astrology of and that one is also run by a Libra Sun, Jason Kottke. It's one of the oldest blogs on the web at this point, Kottke.org. I can't remember the astrology but it also was stand-out.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Melissa Huckaby and the Columbine Shooters?

The whole idea of Motherhood is getting turned on his head by society these days. Is this a Pluto in Capricorn thing? Cancer and the Moon rule Motherhood and Capricorn is the opposing sign. We're getting a reality check here. And actually what we're getting is a cleansing because women have been doing this kind of thing for as far back as Lilith (at least). I wonder if the husband or the oldest son just ended up taking the blame or what. (Ever since I heard a really great lecture about Lilith at UAC in Denver last year I've been wanting to study her more. Sorry, I've forgotten the speaker's name, a German astrologer, will have to find that...)

I've found a tentative date for Melissa Huckaby's birth date and can't vouch for its accuracy. I think the website I got it from is called "websleuths.?" Melissa Huckaby is the 28 year old Mother who has been arrested for the abduction, murder and possible molestation of 8 year old Sandra Cantu in Tracy, California.

b. Feb. 23, 1981 Orange County, CA (I used the city of Orange, that will change probably)

Sun 6 Pisces; Moon Libra or Scorpio;
NN 10 Leo

It seems that Huckaby might be a Pisces Sun just because she has those water eyes. Her Sun here would be conjunct Mars at 14 Pisces and squaring Uranus at 1 Sagittarius. That could explain an erratic, excitable personality. Of course, she's going through a Divorce and that over any chart of any type will encourage erratic behaviors and feelings of anger in a person.

I don't want to go on and on about Huckaby's chart until there's more solid information but what struck me last night as I was reading the newspaper was the reminder of the 10th anniversary of the Columbine Shootings. I looked up the charts of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold and was struck that they were both born in 1981. That's the same year as Melissa Huckaby. That was the year that Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were all in Libra.

First it's good to whittle down the chart to notice that all 3 of these people had/have strong Mars aspects in their natal charts to indicate that they might be either loaded with Mars vitality and life force or impulsiveness, rashness, and a tendency to anger, depending on their situations in life.
  • Harris was an Aries Sun conjunct Mars and Venus and opposing Pluto. That's classic school shooter stuff at this point which is totally unfair to say to all the zillions of people who were born on this day and don't go ballistic at the drop of a hat (I apologize to the zillions, but it keeps coming up).
  • Klebold had a conjunction of Mars to the North Node.
  • Huckaby has a natal Sun-Mars conjunction squaring Uranus.
Depending on their birth times all three may have strong Moon-Pluto contacts if their Moons are at or very close to the end of the Air Signs in their charts.

All three of these people were born with a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Libra. This is hardly what I imagine a Killer aspect to be. As a matter of fact it seems to be a very social, peace and harmony kind of aspect. They are setting precedents within the social structures of society with their crimes. What stands out is that both Jupiter and Saturn would have then passed over Pluto very early in their lives. That's a lot of outer planet activity (social knowledge) for a little baby to input and could have caused major stress or "trigger" points for later transits in babies born that year who didn't receive any resolve. Jupiter-Pluto can bring too much of something. That would have happened between Age 6 mos and 9 mos. And then Saturn-Pluto can take it all away or bring some kind of ruthless, unfair loss at around Age 1 1/2 in these people's cases. As Pluto tends to bring crises perhaps there is a non-stop memory of crisis that these people couldn't work out of their systems from very early life. I'm not looking up exact dates as Pluto transits tend to have long after effects, in adults at any rate. A person might later on in life react to circumstances that are out of his personal control (outer planet aspects create a need to deal with the world on a larger scale) with an elevated sense of some kind.

These are very strong outer planet contacts are difficult for an adult to digest, let alone a baby. It seems that perhaps if this stress isn't acknowledged and healed by any of the adults around the child then later transits would set it off when hitting that spot in their charts. That certainly seems to be what happens here but through unexpected trine outer planet transits in Aquarius that hit natal Pluto at the end of Libra. Uranus at 24 Aquarius would have trined Harris and Klebold's Pluto and Neptune would have trined Huckaby's at the times of their crimes (alleged crimes).

Since I don't have birth times for any of these people I don't know where their Moon placements are, but there is a chance that all 3 had Moon in Air Signs that would have been in strong aspect to Pluto, either a trine or conjunction. So, their Moons would have been involved. Moon-Pluto aspects are certainly very complex from an emotional stand-point. The child's feelings may have to be suppressed to very deep levels in reaction to insecurities in the Mother/family.

A stressed Moon would make sense as major motivators in these crimes as Moon Cycles were activated at the times of their crimes. Harris was 18 and approaching his Nodal Return and Huckaby is 28, time around the Secondary Progressed Moon Return. Klebold's major expression seems to come through feelings of being lost and rejected and a sense of the futility of it all. At least that's how I read the negative side of his Virgo Sun square Neptune. Interesting that he had 5 planets in Libra opposing Harris' Sun-Mars-Venus in the opposite side of Aries. That's a classic pair by astrological standards.

The Nodal Placements of the natal and transiting crime event charts also stand out here. Harris and Huckaby were born about a month and a half apart from each other and both had North Node within 2 degrees of each other in Leo. Columbine happened on Apr. 20, 1999 when Harris was approaching a Nodal Return in Leo. Sandra Cantu went missing when the North Node was at 7 Aquarius (a Nodal opposition) when Huckaby was going through a Nodal Opposition. I remember someone making a comment on one of my posts concerning one of the school shooters from a few years back about Leo North Node being common among the school shooters.

Dylan Klebold was born with North Node at 30 Cancer so it was just moved off the Leo-Aquarius Axis by a degree but still affected by that energy as North Node was conjunction Mars 7 Leo (and squaring Venus 29 Libra-Pluto 23 Libra).

Another similarity: there was a Mars-Saturn opposition during both crimes. And there was a difficult Venus-Pluto aspect as well. Venus-Pluto opposition in Columbine and Venus-Pluto square in the Cantu murder.

Columbine happened while the Sun was at 1 Taurus conjunction Saturn 6 Taurus and opposing Mars 6 Scorpio. (this would have squared the 1981 placement for Pluto making it extra potent for people born that year).

The Mars-Saturn opposition of the Cantu murder was actually a Mars Return for alleged murderer Melissa Huckaby. It was extra powerful for her because it hit her natal Sun and squared her natal Uranus. The Sun-VenusRx in Aries conjunction would have opposed Huckaby's Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. Venus Rx is continuing this long transit opposing her Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. And it's in square aspect to transiting Pluto. The transiting Aries Moon may have been opposing her natal Pluto and/or Moon as well.

Eric Harris
born Apr. 9, 1981

Sun 20 Aries; Moon Gemini or Cancer; NN 8 Leo.

Dylan Klebold
b. Sept. 11, 1981

Sun 19 Virgo; Moon Aquarius; NN 30 Cancer

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Phil Spector Found Guilty

Kaylin over at her "Aries Point" blog, has just finished posting a very interesting series which follow the Phil Spector murder trial. After a hung jury during his first trial for the murder of Actress Lana Clarkson, Spector was found guilty yesterday.

Kaylin has been discussing the astrology of many different angles of the trial and has received interesting comments by the Bloggers at "Trials&Tribulations" who have spent every day at the trial posting on virtually everything that went on. Their blog is really interesting as well: http://sprocket-trials.blogspot.com/.

In addition, Kaylin even attracted lawyers who have made contributed to the discussion in the comments section as well. Through Kaylin's intelligent and reasonable interpretations we have a chance to see Astrology used as a great tool.

Read it here:



Sunday, April 12, 2009

Snoring Bunny

Want to know what happens when you stay up all night hiding Easter Eggs?


If that's not cute enough for you check this out --


And then be happy that I'm leaving out the link to the video of the farting rabbit (but it's easy enough to Google).

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fiber Optic Cables Cut, San Jose, California

I finally got to find out what's under the manhole covers on Thursday when I kept trying to call someone and a mechanical lady's voice kept announcing that the phone line was down. When I called my phone carrier the guy on the line didn't have a clue what I was talking about but apparently people in a large part of the area were without phone lines, wireless, internet, and even 911. Some one or some people went underneath and cut the fiber optic cables in San Jose and San Carlos, CA. The lines in San Jose did a lot of damage and the lines in San Carlos are said to have not caused too many problems. People were left without any communication abilities at all and the media is said to have pretty much ignored the problem all day. One lady had to run from her house as it was being burgled because the phone line was down. That's pretty scary.

According to a source which I have lost track of the lines in San Jose were cut some time before 1:30am Apr. 9, 2009 and the lines in San Carlos were cut about 2 hours later. By about 5 pm Thursday the lines were back up again. AT&T is now offering a $250,000 reward for anyone who can provide information leading to the arrest of the people who did this. So, if any wayward astrologers want to take a guess, go ahead and let them know. They'll probably send the Feds after you if you're right though because somehow saying "Look! It's right here in the chart!" doesn't really get much of a response.


Fiber Optic Cables cut, San Jose, CA
Apr. 9, 2009 1:30 am San Jose, CA

Sun 20 Aries, Moon 17 Libra; ASC 4 Capricorn; MC 26 Libra; NN 6 Aquarius

There are a couple of stunners here that point to this event, don't know if they accuse anyone in particular. First off, Pluto is conjunct the Ascendant. Pluto in Capricorn points to Corporations and Big Government. Don't know if it's the actual Corporations themselves sabotaging each other or someone who has a beef with the Corporations/Big Government. Someone was clearly getting revenge on the Silicon Valley. They didn't go for the heart of the Silicon Valley, though. Apparently the best spot for clipping the cables was 2 miles away. This Saturn-Pluto theme is amplified by Saturn's placement. Saturn is ruler of the chart and is placed in Pluto's 8th House.

Second clinker is that Mars/Aries rules cutting, sawing, any utensil that Freddie used in the Friday 13th movies. Telecommunications is ruled by Mercury/3d house/Gemini. The Sun was in Aries, sign ruled by Mars and was 2 degrees from approaching a Full Moon. And the Full Moon was conjunct the IC/MC axis. Mercury was also in Aries. Both planets were traveling through the 3d house of communications during this event. And, Mars was conjunct the 3d House cusp along with Uranus and Venus at 1 Aries.

It's almost as if the people who did this were Astrologers. The Rising Sign for the San Carlos cuttings probably was in Aquarius. Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune had moved into the 1st house by then. The vandals were too drunk to cut the right cables perhaps? This configuration points to either college students, you know, Libra activist types from Santa Cruz who sobered up enough to make the drive over 17 without getting pulled over? It could also be a government test.

Looking at the Astrolocality lines points some fingers at people from Seattle, people from Hawaii, people from Brazil, and people from around the Meditteranean and Eastern Europe. There you go, ATT, my guesses.

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Sandra Cantu's Suspected Killer in Jail

Yesterday I looked as closely as I could to charts relating to slain 8 year old Sandra Cantu. Sandra is a little girl who was last seen around 4pm on Friday, Mar. 27, 2009 in the trailer park where she lived with her Mother and Grandparents in Tracy, California. As it was understood that she was playing at a friend's house in the park she wasn't reported as missing until 8:15pm that night. The search for Cantu was nowhere until Apr. 7 when her body was found crammed into a suitcase in a ditch. On April 6 some farmworkers had drained an irrigation ditch into which the suitcase with Cantu in it had been tossed.

Yesterday when I was looking at the charts with all this information I assumed that some old guy had molested Cantu and had killed her. Perhaps even her Father who has never been in her life reappeared. As Saturn was in the 1st House of the event chart after Sandra was last seen and it was opposing Mars, another masculine planet, I assumed that her disappearance was related to another predator man.

The chart, otherwise, wasn't making a whole lot of sense and I put off making any decisions. Venus was a very prominent part of the whole story as was the Moon. This indicates women and was completely throwing me off. No matter how much I tell myself I won't pre-judge a situation and stick to keywords I just can't seem to do it. But, the situation is complicated because "The Moon" in Astrology indicates the Mother and I wasn't going to accuse the Mother of having killed her daughter in this case. It just wasn't possible. What was possible is that another Mother is now suspected. Her best friend's Mother, is now in custody for the murder. I'm going to study the chart just to analyze all the stuff in hindsight. Everything that was confusing me yesterday is now clear with this extra knowledge.

Beth Turnage at AstrologyExplored comes up with some very good insights very early on in the case here: http://www.astrologyexplored.com/the-astrology-of-missing-persons-sandra-cantu/.

Sandra Cantu

b. Mar. 8, 2001, place unknown

Sun 19 Pisces; Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 13 Cancer

Sandra's Disappearance

Mar. 27, 2009 4:15 pm Tracy, California

Sun 8 Aries; Moon 24 Aries; NN 7 Aquarius

Venus is very strong in these charts. I've been following the ages of children when trauma happens to them as a key entrance into interpretation of their charts. As the Sun and Venus follow an 8 year conjunction cycle I was immediately planning on looking at that since Sandra was 8 years old. In the transit, the Sun was conjunct Venus Rx to the degree on the day of Sandra's disappearance. Sun-Venus is squaring Pluto which amplifies emotionality, resentments, jealousies, and perhaps difficulties in dealings with women.

Sandra's chart repeats a Venus theme. Venus is a singleton in Cardinal which shows that things represented by Venus (Money, Women, Love, Peace, Balance, etc.) would somehow be high-lighted over all else in her life. Venus in Sandra's chart is in Aries and trines a natal Mars-Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius. The Mars-Pluto conjunction in Sandra's chart is conjunct to the degree at 11 Sagittarius. This is a very firey combination which echoes the transiting Venus Rx in Aries squaring Pluto. She would naturally have had to learn to be cautious in dealing with the feelings of others as she would have had great magnetism and the ability to draw out very deep feelings in people which might be considered taboo. Mars/Pluto is very violent. Because of how women are raised this energy can often internalize and attract the violence through a willfulness or other extreme energy.

Sandra was having a long Venus Return transit as Venus was at 8 Aries on the day that she was apparently murdered. As she had just celebrated her 8th Birthday she had just had a Solar Return. Venus had gone Rx the day before her Birthday at 16 Aries which is 2 degrees away from an exact Venus Return. The whole time it has been setting off the natal Mars-Pluto conjunction.

The Solar Return also shows the Sun in conjunction to Uranus opposition Saturn which would indicate some outer planet, things happening beyond one's control type of activity. Problems with Authority.

At 4:15, Leo was Rising at 28 degrees in the chart set for Tracy, California so the Sun was ruling the chart at that time. Saturn was in the 1st House and opposing Mars in the 7th. This really looked like a male influence. Perhaps a rebellion against authority or an argument about boundaries (walls). If Sandra were killed around this time or within 2 hours after it would appear that a man was involved.

The New Moon was just separating in Aries. This can show a strong tendency to be impulsive and rash which is normal for Springtime, but also can be dangerous. The Sun was in the 8th House and the Moon was about to follow and the house was otherwise loaded with Mercury (neighbors), Venus (women) and Uranus(Friends). 8th House rules Murder, among other things.

It's interesting that Venus rules the 3d House (neighbors) and the 10th House (parents). Since the 11th house rules friends and Sandra was perhaps killed by her friend's parent I looked at the 11th House also. It is empty and has Gemini on the cusp. As already noted, Mercury and Uranus were both in the 8th House of Murder. This is echoed in Sandra's natal chart by her natal conjunction of Mercury to Uranus which squares Saturn. She would have been highly intelligent and interested in the truth, but perhaps could be a bit cruel with words. She may have set something off in her friend's Mom. Of course, little kids do this all the time.

Also interesting is that the transiting Moon was passing over Sandra's Venus at the moment of her disappearance.

And also her natal Moon would have been close to have been passing over the Ascendant between the signs of Leo and Virgo the last time she was seen. Yesterday I assumed that just meant that this was the last time her Mother saw her.

AT 5:00 pm 9 Virgo ASC, Saturn (H1), DESC conjunct Mars 11 Pisces, Uranus 24 Pisces unaspected (H7), Pluto (H4). This could have been closer to the moment of the murder as it shows unbridled rage and sudden, shocking behaviors.

6pm: 22 Virgo ASC. Saturn H12 but still conjunct ASC, Pluto H4

7pm: 4 Libra ASC involved in a Grand Square with MC to Pluto/IC both at 4 Capricorn SQUARING Descendant/Mercury/Venus/Sun. Pluto and IC and Suitcases go together. Sandra's Nodal Axis would have been squaring the ASC/DESC axis around 7:45-8:00pm.

8:15pm: 19 Libra ASC sort of opposing the Sun-Moon midpoint. This is when the police were called.


According to: http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=82126

Sandra was born Mar. 8, 2001, I'm not sure where.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Parkfield Earthquake Series

Since the Astrology demands it and Monica at AstrologyMundo got me distracted by it, now I'm back to trying to look at Earthquakes and Astrology of California mostly. In preparation for the Shake Rattle n Roll. Wikipedia and USGS are an endless resources of fun. Unfortunately assembling the data without proper computer software probably makes this a useless study. Nevertheless, I think I have gleaned some pretty awesome information about earthquakes that have been hitting the Parkfield, California area with some regularity on an average of every 21-22 years. These earthquakes are great for a study of cycles. Someday I hope to be able to understand why they skip cycles.

Parkfield is located in Monterey Country, California sandwiched out in the middle of nowhere between Highway 101 and the 5. They have a bluegrass festival once a year, that's how remote it is. It can be read about here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parkfield,_California.

21-22 years indicates a few different cycles. Jupiter and Saturn have a conjunction about every 20 years so I was wondering if that would play a role. A person's first Uranus square also hits at around Age 21 so this could be significant in the spacing of the earthquakes. These are interesting planets to look at in terms of Astrology. Uranus is very significant in Earthquakes as it represents big, sudden, shocking changes of any type. Jupiter and Saturn working together is an interesting aspect to look at as Jupiter rules Expansion and Saturn rules Contraction and it seems that this is what Earthquakes are all about. Parkfield is on the San Andreas Fault line which is one of the biggest fault lines in the world and is where two major continental plates meet up. Sounds like a social Jupiter-Saturn combination situation if nothing else. Wonder if Jupiter-Saturn combinations are responsible for Blue grass festivals ...

Another cyclic type of activity I thought to look at after taking a peek at the dates of the earthquakes was the progressed Sun passage. This is most of all because Sun Spot cycles are said to go through an 11 year and then a 22 year cycle. The people who study Financial cycles really like this cycle.

(Off the subject, I found a page out of a book on Google called Investigations in Currency and Finance by William Stanley and Herbert Foxwell. From the Chapter on Financial Crises, p. 226, there is discussion about the Sun Spot cycles and a big one in particular happened in 1857. The authors were writing in the 19th century and predicted the long depression through these cycles apparently. Book is costing around $500 bucks on Amazon. The Sun Spots stopped all through August last year and the Markets dropped their skirts the next month. I think it's time to ask Dover Editions to resurrect this book from the grave.) Anyway, I'm sure that Stanley and Foxwell could have predicted the Parkfield and Grand Tejon Earthquakes without batting an eyelash. Money and Tectonics, it's all the same material objects in the end.

At any rate, the Sun heats up anything it touches, so it makes sense that it could be linked in someway with earthquakes. Gold, a Solar ruled object, motivates man to do all kinds of stupid behaviors, why not be the motivator also for the earth to crack around a little.

So, I was curious about any cycles having to do with the Sun. I began by looking at Secondary Progressions because of the fact that the successive earthquakes follow the Progressed Sun movement closely at first and then sort of in an out-of whack kind of way. (a long time ago I wrote a blog about how men in the Bush family were born in succession on each other's progressed Sun placements. Sun also rules "Kings." Unfortunately it doesn't specify Good Kings or Bad Kings, that's why discerning Virgo follows Leo in the Wheel).

The Solar Arcs are based on the movement of the Progressed Sun. All the planets move about 1 degree forward per year. This is relevant for our modern Solar type of society (that's based on the Greeks who were really into Apollo the Sun God, etc.). Any way, unlike the progressed planetary chart, the Solar Arc chart keeps the basic integrity of the birth chart so that when a Solar Arc planet lines up with a natal planet or angle, or transiting planet, the potential of the natal chart is activated in some way.

I found that Solar Arc Progressions showed some really amazing stuff. The Solar Arc activity is just really crazy for reasons that I think I have partially figured out at least.

You can read about the Parkfield Earthquake Series on Wikipedia. This particular spot has been studied intensely by seismologists. Astrologers that they really are deep down, they are fascinated by the regularity. The quakes have all been over 6.0 on the Richter scale which is big. The Scientists predicted that there would be an Earthquake by 1993 but nothing happened until 2004. But a 6.5'er went off in Coalinga on May 2, 1983 4:42pm Coalinga, CA which is thought to have distracted energies from Parkfield. Coalinga looks to be up NE of Parkfield maybe less than 100 miles away. At any rate, Uranus and Neptune were clowning around in control freaky Capricorn and there were a lot of other earthquakes happening that year. I think there was also some other major Eclipse or something. Down south there were major earthquakes in Big Bear in 1992 and in Northridge in 1994.

I don't have times for most of the earthquakes but that's just as well in studying them so far. All that extra information would have made the cycles more difficult to read. Here's the list:

1st of the recorded set is considered a foreshock (Uranus) of the biggest earthquake recorded in California, the Tejon Earthquake, which I listed in my 7.0 + blog entry a few days ago.

Jan. 9, 1857
- Full Moon, wonder if a time is available for this.
Sun 20 Capricorn; Moon Cancer maybe conjunct Saturn 11 Cancer Rx; NN 11 Aries

--(t-square: apex Jupiter-NN in Aries square Sun Cap opposing Saturn-Moon? Cancer)
--(Mars 27 Aquarius square Uranus 22 Taurus)

Feb. 2, 1881

Sun 15 Aquarius; Moon Aries; NN 25 Sagittarius

--(Jupiter-Saturn conjunction 16-24 Aries squaring Mars 15 Capricorn)
--(Mars 15 Capricorn trine Uranus 13 Virgo trine Neptune-Chiron 12-13 Taurus)

Mar. 3, 1901

Sun 13 Pisces; Moon Leo?; NN 27 Scorpio

--(Jupiter-Saturn-conjunct 9-15 Capricorn with Chiron at 5 Cap)

Mar. 10, 1922

Sun 20 Pisces; Moon Leo; NN 11 Libra
--(t-square: apex Pluto 8 Cancer squaring Jupiter-Saturn conjunction 6-17 Libra opposing Chiron 13 Aries)
--(Mars 10 Sagittarius squairng Uranus 11 Pisces)

June 8, 1934

Sun 18 Gemini; Moon Taurus; NN14 Aquarius

--(Jupiter 13 Libra trining NN 14 Aquarius).
--(Jupiter in minor aspect to Saturn 29 Aquarius)
--(Pluto 24 Cancer unaspected)

June 28, 1966 9:26 pm

Sun 7 Cancer; Moon 19 Scorpio; NN 24 Taurus

--(Sun 7 Cancer c. Jupiter 12 Cancer)
--(t-square: Mars 22 Gemini squaring Saturn-Chiron 30-27 Pisces opposite Uranus-Pluto 17 Virgo)
--(Moon-Neptune-SN conjunction 19-24 Scorpio opposing NN 24 Taurus)

Sept. 28, 2004 10:15 am - Full Moon
Sun 6 Libra; Moon Aries; NN 4 Taurus
--(Sun 6 Libra-Mars 2 Libra-Jupiter 1 Libra; Mercury 1 Libra opposing Moon Aries)

First thing I looked at were the Jupiter-Saturn relationships. What struck me was the popularity of these earthquakes among the Scientists. That sounds like a Jupiter-Saturn social thing. Sorry, but the National Enquirer effect is the only way to draw my interest in.

What I noticed was that Jupiter and Saturn were not only in relationship in a whole lot of these earthquakes but Jupiter is always in Cardinal Signs. Saturn is in Cardinal Signs for 4 out of the 6 quakes. And, one of the remaining 2 was 30 Pisces, right about to go into Aries (1966). Jupiter travels through one sign about every year so will be in a Cardinal Sign every 3 years. Saturn travels through one sign about every 2-21/2 years and will enter a Cardinal Sign about every 7-8 years (for 2 - 2 1/2 years). They have a conjunction about every 20 years. This has been said to have major political impacts on the world and is connected with shootings of U.S. Presidents and Tecumseh's curse. Obviously it didn't work because there was one when Bush became President and he lived.

3 out of six of these quakes occurred during a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (1881, 1901, 1922). 1 out of six happened during a square of Jupiter-Saturn (1857). One happened during a minor aspect, sorry I think it's a semi-square, can't read those damn symbols (1934). The others were out-of-orb. Actually, it looks like only one doesn't show an aspect between the two planets. Jupiter has been in Libra for 3 times, in Aries for 2 times, and in Capricorn and Cancer one time each. This is interesting because in Northern California the big earthquakes tend to happen while the Sun is in a Cardinal Sign, namely in Aries and Libra. That's just weather and time of year stuff, I know, but still...

The Parkfield quakes seem to have a real Jupiter-Saturn networking ability. First off they are attracting the Scientists. Next off, they seem related to other earthquakes. The first recorded Parkfield quake was in relation to the Grand Tejon quake. The 2004 quake is said to have been delayed by the Coalinga quake in 1983. Parkfield's placement is in Central California so perhaps this quake is balancing the stresses between Northern and Southern California.

At any rate, Jupiter-Saturn. Expand-Contract. Good to remember.

Next thing I noticed were the progressed Sun phases. For the first 3 quakes, the progressed Sun of the previous earthquake would be within conjunction of when the next one would happen. The progressed Sun of the Jan. 1857 quake is conjunct the event Sun of the Feb. 1881 quake to the degree. The degrees start getting more and more off after that. Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, but within close orb. The Pisces Sun Earthquake of 1922 was followed by a 2nd Pisces Sun earthquake in 1934. Both possibly had Leo Moons. Pisces/Leo combinations are drama queens and need a lot of attention, what can I say? Both of these earthquakes happened while Jupiter was in Libra (17 Libra in 1922 and 14 Libra in 1934). The 1934 earthquake, of course, was the first to happen out of the 21-22 year phase and knocked the whole rhythm whacky. That must have been when they brought in the Bluegrass Festival as Pisces/Leo loves music and has bad taste. The 2004 earthquake also had Jupiter in Libra.

The Earthquakes skipped Aries Sun (April) and Taurus Sun (May) and then had two June earthquakes in a row. 18 Gemini in 1934 and 7 Cancer in 1966. Parkfield didn't have an earthquake in the early 1990s as predicted but it would be nice to think that it would have been while the Sun was either in Leo or in Virgo. The next and most recent quake was in 2004, 38 years later. It was with a 6 Libra Sun.

And the 38 years difference between 1966 makes close to a Nodal Return in Taurus. This is interesting because in Astrology the rulers of earthquakes are generally considered Uranus (sudden, shocking events) and Pluto (big crises, underground). These points tie in with the original 1857 earthquake chart. The North Node of the 1966 earthquake was at 24 Taurus conjunct the 1857 Uranus 22 Taurus. The 2004 earthquake was at 4 Taurus conjunct the 1857 Pluto 4 Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign so it seems that having these two planets that rules earthquakes in an earth sign would somehow lead to something significant. Banking certainly has been going through big changes since these planets plowed through Taurus together.

At any rate, this led to a closer look at the Solar Arc Progressions. I began to notice that the spacing between Uranus and Pluto in the chart is set up with a distance of about 18 degrees. This means that in the series, the Solar Arc Pluto was within orb of conjunction with the event Uranus for the first 3 earthquakes in the set. Their going out of sync sort of lines up with why the phases started going out of sync.

But it gets more interesting than this. The chart for the 1857 quake is a Bowl Shape possibly held within boundaries between a Capricorn Sun and a conjunction of Moon-Saturn in Cancer. This means that all the planets are held within one side of the circle by an opposition. In this case the opposition would have been extra strong as it was between the Sun and Saturn, and possibly included a Full Moon opposition.

There are strong conjunctions spaced out within this bowl which shift in time through the Solar Arc Progressions to line up with each other about every 20 years. (In a Solar Arc chart all the planets progress one degree per year following the progression of the Sun). The Progressed Sun has been hitting these conjunctions and setting off the earthquakes. At the same time the Moon would have been opposing them. This is major Full Moon bombardment aspects.

The conjunctions are as follows:

Sun 20 Capricorn. Chiron-Mercury 5-6 Aquarius (p.Sun 1881). Mars-Venus (p.Sun 1901) Aquarius-Pisces. Jupiter-NN Aries (p.Sun 1934). Pluto 4 Taurus (p.Sun 1966). Uranus 22 Taurus. Saturn-Moon? Cancer. The orbs aren't exact for the progressed Sun conjunctions to the natal chart but are fortified by other conjunctions of the Solar Arc charts to the beginning charts and to the following event charts. What I don't understand is the lack of an earthquake in the series as Progressed Sun hit the 1857 event chart Uranus. That should have been a doozy. The Progressed Sun will hit natal Saturn, possibly Moon sometime around 2030 at which time the Solar Arc chart will perfectly oppose the 1857 earthquake chart.

This means, of course, that the chart is constantly bombarding itself. Pluto is bombarding Uranus. The t-square of apex Jupiter-NN are always squaring Saturn-Moon? opposing Sun.

I also progressed the 1857 earthquake which shows interesting stuff which is sort of difficult to make sense of. Wish I had the time of that earthquake to understand placement of the moon. Right now p.Sun is conjunct p.Mars in that chart and prog. Mercury is about to come out of Retrograde. If Secondary Progressed Charts affect earthquakes this looks sort of nasty. Jupiter next hits a Cardinal Sign in Jan. 2011 in the sign of Aries. There's this t-square thingee coming up involving Saturn-Uranus-Pluto as well.

L.A. had its shake rattle n'roll day in which it informed the public about how to act during such an emergency but Northern California has done nothing.

Having lived through an earthquake and the aftermath I have some recommendations. Keep in mind that I'm being silly here but these are very useful to know about beforehand.
  • Hang Ikea chandeliers from the ceilings in every room in your house. The first thing people do is to look at the ceiling to figure out if it's an earthquake. Chandeliers are very pretty and will tell you because they swing. Ikea chandeliers are flimsy and won't kill you when they fall.
  • Next, keep a 12 pack of beer in the refrigerator. The electricity will go out and everyone will be thirsty and you will need to make friends with your neighbors.
  • Keep a loaded camera and fresh batteries available for taking pictures. CNN will buy them. CNN will buy anything. And this will later buy you a bus ticket out of town. This is your moment to tell people that you're an artist.
  • Stay away from Windows, they break. If you go outside where there are tall buildings you will get cut into tiny pieces.
  • Likewise, if you're on the bottom floor of a building realize that you may very well squash. Find out if you're living on bedrock or landfill. Landfill is remarkably unreliable.
  • Call the Fire Department to get information on how to get people out of elevators once the power goes out. Do this before the earthquake and post it next to the doors of the elevator. People panic in elevators. Okay, so they might not scream but they will have to pee soon. And no matter how many people you know who can make all kinds of cool crafty crap with duct tape and rope these supplies are never around when you need them for getting people out of elevators.
  • It's also really cool to know where to shut off the gas and water mains. The electricity will go out on its own, it always does.
  • Keep a full set of clothes in the bathroom at all times. Every damn earthquake I've ever been in the news has covered a story about some poor schmoe who got stuck naked in the shower. It's embarrassing.
  • Those are my suggestions. You can tell I'm useless in an emergency. I tend to have laughing attacks.

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