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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Barack Obama's Moon

I've really been struck by a part of Barack Obama's story that nobody else probably cares about. He's part of the big Pluto in Virgo Divorce generation. In addition to this, Obama's parents died while he was young. So he had his share of painful family experiences early on and managed to thrive in spite of them.

Barack Obama

b. Aug. 4, 1961 7:24pm Honolulu, HI

Sun 13 Leo; Moon 4 Gemini; ASC 19 Aquarius; MC 29 Scorpio; NN 28 Leo

A while back I was reading about how he expressed regrets that he was writing his book about his Father while his Mother had Cancer and was dying. He felt that he should have concentrated on his relationship with her instead at that point. His Mother died a few months after the book was published. That seemed like such an awful set of opposite experiences to go through. But it really explains his Moon. Obama has a Gemini Moon. Gemini moves in multiple directions at once. He's certainly had to multi-task with family issues. The Moon, of course, is a major indicator of one's relationship with one's Mother. Obama's Moon is placed very strongly and quite stressfully in his chart. It is conjunct the IC so is angular. It is also apex of a t-square to a heavy opposition between Pluto at 7 Virgo (H7) and Chiron 6 Pisces (H1). These are all on the angles. Moon, Pluto and Chiron working together really like to test a person on an emotional level to make sure the person is plumbing the deepest emotional depths possible. They learn this through real life experiences. These bring about issues related to Death, Family, Emotions, Woundings that can't be healed. Also they bestow a great depth of caring and insight which can be harvested from these experiences to help others.

I was reminded about this because Obama just took a couple of days off from his campaign to see his Grandmother in Hawaii who is said to be very ill. What difficult timing. He is once again facing this horribly stressful split between deep emotional inner pain (Moon at bottom of chart) and great outer success. The empty leg of a t-square is said to fulfill in some way the stresses caused by the squares and opposition. In this case, Obama's t-square points straight to his 10th House. That's house of Career and, well, President (should the corrupt side of U.S. politics not prevail before next Tuesday's election on Nov. 4). By coincidence this is very close to the anniversary of Obama's Mother's death which was Nov. 7, 1995. She'll be hanging out over his shoulder, for sure.

Obama was 2 when his parents separated. I don't have a date for that. His parents didn't divorce for a while after that.

Obama's Father died of a car crash when Obama was 21 years old. He never really knew his Father, only spent a month with him when he was around 9 or 10, and apparently couldn't mourn the death. This led him to eventually write a book about his Father and his Father's side of his family. In 1982, transiting Uranus was passing over Obama's Midheaven. Uranus is very mental and distant and is often known for not being able to feel. It also marks an initiation of joining a bigger societal entity than one's own clan. Obama's Midheaven is squaring his Nodal Axis to the degree so any planet hitting that point is going to affect his sense of his own destiny very strongly. Uranus is also Obama's Chart Ruler so his projection out into the world may have changed quite a bit. Interesting that his book about his distant Father became his entrance into successful public life.

I don't have a date for the Father's death but during 1982 there was a conjunction of Saturn-Pluto in Libra. This would have been in Obama's 8th House of Death and squaring his natal 12th House conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn at the end of 1982. 8th, 12th and 4th Houses all rule the Death experience in some way.

The progressions at this time were very strong. Obama's progressed Moon would have been passing through his first house, maybe conjunct natal Chiron and hitting his t-square. His progressed Sun was at 3 Virgo also hitting the t-square by conjunction with natal Pluto and North Node. And exactly square natal Moon in the 4th House (Parents). Transiting Chiron also would have been very close to conjunction with natal Moon. One can definitely see how his "Roots" (not being funny here, that's a literal translation for Moon/4th House issues) would figure so importantly in his public life. Obama is about to go through a Secondary Progressed Moon return for this time of his life as his Progressed Moon is now passing into his first House.

When Obama's Mother passed away on Nov. 7, 1995, his angular Moon-Pluto-Chiron t-square was again strongly activated. Remember he's got this connected with the angles; it includes the IC/MC which rules the parents. When his Mother died, transiting Pluto was passing over Obama's Midheaven (t.Pluto 30 Scorpio, MC 28 Scorpio) and so squaring his Nodal Axis and also opposing natal Moon. His progressed Moon was at the opposite spot of where it was around the time of his Father's death at 28 Leo. It was in his 7th House and conjunct his North Node to the degree and widely conjunct Pluto at 7 Virgo.

Progressed Venus was at 12 Leo conjunct his 13 Leo Sun (it's so strange how Venus so often is involved and no one ever acknowledges that. When Obama's Father died, t.NN may have been conjunct natal Venus).

Transiting Uranus and Neptune were in conjunction at 24 and 27 Capricorn and conjunct his natal SAturn 26 Capricorn-Jupiter 1 Aquarius conjunction in the 12th House. The Transiting North Node was at 27 Libra up in the 8th House of Death. This squares the natal Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (and transiting Uranus-Neptune). It also is at or close to the same spot where the Saturn-Pluto conjunction were around the time that Obama's Father died in 1982.

As I said before, Obama's progressed Moon is now passing over his Ascendant, moving into the same spot where it was when his Father died and opposing the spot where it was when his Mother died. It is at 17 Aquarius in conjunction with Neptune-Chiron-NN and moving away from opposition with his Sun (13 Leo). This is close to being a Return Point for the Secondary Progressed Moon (Mother, Family, Public, Women) for when Obama was Age 21. It seems that he is closing a Chapter in his life and beginning another really big one. For what it's worth, his progressed Venus is at 28 Leo conjunct his North Node to the degree and also conjunct n. Uranus 26 Leo.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today's Bell: Triple Plutonian Uptick

Today's Dow rose 889 points which is a rise of 10.9 percent and the second biggest Stock Market gain ever. The Closing Bell hit over 9,000 points at 9,065. The Biggest Point Gain ever was on October 13, 2008 where the Dow closed up 936 points.

Today's Chart was Triple Scorpio. That's Determination, Investments, Behind the Scenes dealings and wheelings. This shows that the Ascendant and New Moon (Sun conjunct Moon) were all in Scorpio. Except for a sextile to Pluto, the Sun-Moon conjunction was unaspected by major aspects which emphasizes its influence in the chart.

And illustrating the "Do or Die" attitude, I read somewhere (would have been on Yahoo) that the "Government" "told" the Bankers to start lending money now. There's an urgency to the message.

Pluto rules lending and its influence in the chart is very strong as I pointed out. Saturn (the Authorities) is conjunct its natural spot at the MC. It is opposing Uranus and so they are both angling over the IC/MC axis for the next week. Today they were squaring 1st House Venus (Banks) in Sagittarius which has now moved Out-of-Bounds. Venus is parallel/contraparallel the two Houses of Finance, House 2 and 8.

Interesting to note that Ben Bernanke is now celebrating a Venus Return. His natal Venus is at 10 Sagittarius and transiting Venus is at 12 Sadge. Venus is now moving towards his Sun at 21 Sagittarius. That's imbues some serious snake charming abilities.

Mars is at 17 Scorpio up in the 12th House showing a lot of pushing behind the scenes. Paulson's still hanging in there, evidentally. Wikipedia says he's Christian Scientist. They're tough as nails. I don't know whatever happened to that other guy, Cox. Boy, I can't wait for the TV movie to be made on this crisis.

Looked again at the October 13 Chart to see if there's anything significant about these big point gain charts. The Moon is very connected with the Resource Houses in both charts. It disposits to Pluto (Moon in Scorpio today and in Aries on Oct. 13, rulership through old school). It is also in aspect to Pluto.

On the 13th, the Moon was in the 5th House and today she was in the 11th House. These are the Houses having to do with the more psychological versions of Resources, like Risk, Creativity, Confidence, Wishes, Hopes, Groups. They will show a more positive vibe than the 2d & 8th Houses which show what a person really has or what he/she can make out of others.

A couple of other similarities between the charts is that Venus has been in the 1st House and Jupiter has been in the 2d House. Overall, one would think that is a positive influence on things having to do with money. These aspects alone aren't really that rare so they are just adding to the overall tone. I'm not sure that they can hold up against Pluto's big crossing into Capricorn. Saturn opposing Uranus can be connected with serious, long term financial depressions as I've said before.

One more similarity is that Pluto, at 29 Sagittarius is in aspect to the Angles which are about to change signs in the charts. This might be significant, since Pluto rules investments. Pluto also probably embraces changing signs more than most of the other planets as it can do its transformation thing more easily that way. Today, of course, Pluto's presence is extremely prominent ruling the Sun-Moon conjunction and the chart. The Ascendant today is at 30 Scorpio so tomorrow Sagittarius will rise and Jupiter will begin to rule the Charts for about a month.

For comparison, on October 13, the Midheaven was at 29 Leo and was about to change into Virgo. I did notice a big quieting down surrounding reactions to the crashes. Even remember hearing on the radio (NPR) that the Drama was over. People just became resigned, or the smart ones just got busy and started shopping for bargains. Nobody's better at bottom fishing than the Virgos because they are naturally discerning.

According to Yahoo the biggest gainers in Today's market were the Telecoms and the Oil Companies. With North Node and Neptune in the 3d Houses, I guess one would expect to see them doing well. Verizon managed to post a big gain for its quarterly earnings as have many tech companies. The Oil Companies are such jerks I'm not even going there.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Alan Greenspan

The Crash is being blamed on Alan Greenspan for the most part. He kept Interest Rates too low for too long and sort of led all kinds of innocent homebuyers to the slaughter. He says that the Homebuyers are to blame. I blame the Money Lenders, myself. This is the same U.S. public that elected the Bush Administration into office twice in a row. Anyway, Greenspan did nothing to try to deal with the problem that comes up with these bubbles apparently. Maybe he did, they don't show that kind of thing on TV so who would I know?

Alan Greenspan
b. Mar. 6, 1926 New York City, NY

Sun 16 Pisces; Moon in Scorpio or Sagittarius; NN 2????? Cancer Rx

Greenspan's chart is very similiar to the U.S. chart so whatever he does just reflects what the U.S. would do anyway. I'm not one to let a Pisces go off scot-free because they tend to do that way too much but in this case the astrology says that he's just part of the bigger picture.

Greenspan got on the horn and confronted his accusors and the media with a "Whoopsy, I goofed" statement yesterday. I wanted to look at his chart to see a couple of things. I wanted to see what indicates being blamed. I also wanted to look at the Nodal Cycle that would be associated with his 18 plus year reign at the Federal Reserve. I figured that must be a hum-dinger and it is.

The Blame Thing. Greenspan called the Crisis a tsunami yesterday and said he was in shock and disbelief. No wonder. He's going through his Uranus Return. Good time for a Shocker. Greenspan's chart is set up to receive the Saturn-Uranus opposition like bread and jam. Natally he has a (wide) Grand Trine between the two planets to his natal North Node at 25 Cancer. Right now he is approaching his Uranus Return at 20 Pisces. The Uranus-Neptune mutual reception has been linked with one weather catastrophe after another, why not a global financial one as well?

The synastry with the U.S. chart is really amazing. For one, the U.S. also has a trine between Saturn 15 Libra and Uranus 8 Gemini so they have a matching energy here.

In addition, the United States' opposition between Mercury and Pluto is conjunct Greenspan's Nodal Axis with Mercury Rx conjunct North Node and Pluto Rx conjunct South Node. Remember he's got a wide Grand Trine between North Node-Saturn-Uranus.

This means, there is a strong Kite configuration between Mercury and 3 Outer Planets: Saturn, Uranus, Pluto. In a way, this seems to show a lead up to the problems of the now upon us Saturn-Uranus opposition which will turn into a t-square with Pluto over the next few years.

In either the Gemini or Sagittarius Rising Charts for the U.S. this Kite's spine of Mercury to Pluto for the U.S. and Nodal Axis for Greenspan crosses the 2d and 8th Houses of Finances.

Natally Greenspan has a conjunction of Venus to Jupiter in Aquarius. The United States has one in Cancer. Those are rulers of Money in astrology. Venus in relation to Jupiter and Aquarius is a sky's the limit kind of thing. A conjunction in Cancer like the U.S. Chart has would show massive consumerism, probably greed, especially where home and land is concerned. The country has gone through an incredible rise in almost non-stop prosperity since Greenspan took over. My family was struck really badly by the Recessions in 1974 and 1982 so I'm old enough to remember what it was like before Greenspan showed up.

Greenspan's Venus-Jupiter conjunction is unaspected by Ptolomaic aspects so it sort of "runs away with the chart" to use Noel Tyl's words. No kidding. The conjunction, however, is in a minor aspect, quincunx/inconjunct, to Pluto, planet of Crisis and Investments. This seems to add a cog in the wheel to all the Bliss. Inconjuncts show energies that just don't blend.

Greenspan's Nodal Cycle as Fed Chairman. The Nodes return to their original spot about every 18 3/4 years. Greenspan took over as Chairman of the Federal Reserve on Aug. 11, 1987 and left on Jan. 31, 2006. The Transiting North Node was just approaching the Aries Point when he took over and when he left. This is conjunct his natal Mercury at 1 Aries. In 1987 his progressed Venus, ruler of Banks, was conjunct this spot to the degree. Aries Points show great prominence and projection out into the world.

The United States Sibley chart has Venus at 3 Cancer. This shows the Banking Systems of the Country and hooks right into Greenspan's natal Mercury, transits and progressions and also the Nodal Transits for when he took his leading position.

Looking at this even closer, one realizes that the Federal Reserve Bank's chart is strongly affected by this Nodal Transit as the Nodal Axis was squaring the Federal Reserve Bank's natal Sun-Pluto opposition on the Capricorn-Cancer Aries Points.

And Looking at this with Eyes Full of Horror is the current Pluto transit with Pluto at last degree of Sagittarius and moving on to the Capricorn Point.

Breathe. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale, Exhale. Pass out. Wake Up. Move on.

When Greenspan left the post in 2006 his progressed Venus was at 21 Aries and approaching a square to his natal Nodal Axis at 25 Cancer. Right now his Progressed Venus is conjunct his natal Chiron which squares his Nodal Axis. Once again, Keyword for Venus is Banks, Values, Money. Chiron is the Teacher/Healer who can fix everyone around him but can't heal his own wound.

Coincidentally, Greenspan was born on a Chiron Return for the United States so they have this planet in conjunction with each other. His Chiron is at 26 Aries; the U.S. Chiron is at 21 Aries. And by really strange coincidence, the progressed Venus's for both charts are very close to this point. Greenspan's progressed Venus is at 24 Aries and the U.S. progressed Venus is at 18 Aries.

And, this is right on the U.S.' t-square between Sun-Saturn-Chiron so it is heavily afflicted right now. (Prog.Venus-n.Chiron opposes natal Saturn 15 Libra and squares natal Sun 14 Cancer.) And to add an extra corrosive element, progressed Mars for the U.S. chart is moving backwards toward Saturn and is now at 19 Libra Retrograde.

Anyway, I've seen Chiron as a Scapegoat type symbol before. Scapegoats come from a mass mentality type of thinking.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bats in the Opening Bell-Fry - Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sun is on last degree of Libra, moving into Scorpio. Time to admit that there's Bats in our Ding Dong. Somebody get Ozzie Osborne to bang the Opening Bell next week.

Have been sort of choking on trying to write anymore Opening Bell Charts for the Stock Market. Jupiter-Saturn trines apparently rule choking. Jupiter expansiveness is where you eat too much and Saturn constriction is where your throat finally says enough is enough.

We're in a Freefall. WEeeEEEEEEEeeeeeeEEEEEEE. And we didn't even have to pay admission to Disneyland. Breadline, Mickey? Unemployment, Minnie? And Pluto? Pluto's still in Disneyland, somebody tell the Mother Effin Astronomers....

Okay, that was weird. Back to normalcy.

Neptune's been separating from conjunction with the North Node and people are coming out of denial. Out from that fluffy pink idealistic cloud that says that maybe we can fix it. This week is sort of the Fuck it phase. Control will begin to return next week, or at least a temporary lift. People will have to start paying to heat their homes and then they'll get the bill and then the Sun will move into Capricorn. Brrrr.

The price of Gas (ruled by Neptune) is now down to $68.00 barrel from its high of slightly over $140.00 (I think). The Dow is down to 8655. Nasdaq is down to 1546. S&P is down to 912. The Quarterly earnings for the idiot Banks is terrible. At least the Government will be able to buy their stock for rock bottom prices. Since the taxpayers are buying it I suppose that's a good thing. But, who are they going to get to run the Companies? I assume all the current CEOs are going to jail. Maybe not, Neptune won't be in stressful aspect to the Nodal Axis again for a while yet.

The significant thing I noticed about last week's charts was that the unaspected Mars and singleton Pluto which I said were representing Human Will of some sort (I was assuming positive) actually played out. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, an Aries Sun, called 9 Top Bankers over and "forced" them to sign a paper allowing the Government to buy some of their stock. If they can get their shit together in the future they can buy the stock back. That's an odd form of regulation but these guys belong in shackles. The Hot Dog seller on the street corner is a better businessman than these guys. At least he has a product to sell. So that was the Mars and Pluto prominence.

Jupiter has me flumoxed completely. He's in Capricorn which is in its Fall. I am going to start putting much emphasis on Dignities from now on. Everything about his placement is excellent for Money. Jupiter is expansive, opptimistic, okay, he overdoes it. I have a badly placed Jupiter, though, and when he comes along to make a positive transit generally he just overloads me. He'll give me 3 great options to follow so that I have to always live with the fact that I'm losing 2 options in order to gain 1 opportunity. Go into a bar and talk to a really mean drunk person. That's my Jupiter on a typical day, though. But, man, the Opening Bell Jupiters. What a shock. He's in Capricorn but he's trining Capricorn's ruler, Saturn. Trines are positive. This is a positive political aspect. This has led to positive global cooperation amongst Bankers and is sort of organizing the World's economy into a functioning unit (fingers crossed). I heard some guy on NPR say that the entire world is watching the presidential election with bated breath.

This Jupiter-Saturn trine is the last trine for a few years. At this point, I'm saying "Hasta la vista, baby. Who needs trines if this is what trines are about." The upper houses of the astrological wheel are definitely churning right now as represented by the outer planet transit aspects. Juptiter and Saturn rule Sagittarius and Capricorn which rule the 9th & 10th Houses. Now this is moving into a shift where Saturn (ruler of H10) is going to oppose Uranus (ruler of H11). Signs that are right next to each other don't really get along. They don't share Elements or What's that called? Always forget the word for "Cardinal, Mutable, Fixed". I got my own Bats, Fuch it. Jupiter is Fire and Mutable. Saturn is Earth and Cardinal. Uranus is Air and Fixed. Somebody asked me what I think about Saturn and Uranus together. It's an energy that I'm dreading personally but I've been thinking about it and will hopefully write something later on. I'm sure the World is on pins and needles for this, har har.

This weeks Opening Bell charts have a couple of big shifts happening in the energies. It's interesting how last week when the Midheaven shifted in the Opening Bell Charts from Leo to Virgo all of a sudden the energy of the panic quieted down. The change happened almost overnight on Thursday-Friday. I even remember some guy on NPR remarking on it. Leo is all Drama and Action. Virgo is passive and practical. Virgo thinks, ah, let it fall, I can buy into the bottom. Leo has risked everything. Paulson probably had to take a nap.

Today's chart has Sun at 30 Libra. This is the last day where anybody asks anyone else's opinion about things. Tomorrow the Sun moves into Scorpio and things might start feeling more under control. The chart ruler Pluto is still in the 2d House of Banking but is about to move up into the 1st House which is also has more of an in control feeling. Anyway, Pluto rules investments and other people's money. The Bankers (ruled by opposite sign of Taurus) have lost control of their companies. While Pluto and Jupiter were in their House (2d House) the Government (Saturn in H10 trining Jupiter) had to step in and bail them out and take control (Saturn) of what they wouldn't regulate (Jupiter) themselves. This falls on the heels of the Saturn-Pluto trine which was forming around this time a year ago so that these planets would have been in the 2d and 10th Houses at opening bell at that time as well. There was actually a wide trine forming at this time back in 2006 as well. And Jupiter and Pluto's conjunction in Sagittarius would have exaggerated the whole expansiveness, overly optimistic energy as well.

The Banking crisis, according to that study I linked to, apparently popped in August, 2007. Bernanke's spent his whole life studying Banking Crises and knew exactly what to do in order to contain them. Apparently nothing has worked so far and Bernanke's in unchartered territory at this point. Good thing he's such a cute guy. (Hey, Ben, the answer is: "Streamline" i.e. Saturn-Uranus. Look for an old Italian Modernist Architect or Furniture Designer with Pluto in Cancer and ask him to Design a new Economy for you. Read St. Augustine and do for the economy what he did for the Catholic Church. I know you're Jewish but you've also run out of ideas and have to look elsewhere. Those Romans knew how to built on a large scale).

This Saturn-Pluto trine seems to have been the call to self-regulate as both planets are known for that. With trines I guess you don't do this unless you really have to. I ought to know, my chart is loaded with trines.

The Ascendant in today's opening Bell Chart is at 25 Scorpio. Pluto's still ruling the Chart from the 2d House. By next week, Jupiter will be ruling the Chart from the 2d House.

Volatility is shown in this chart as Mars is apex of a t-square to Moon conjunct South Node in Leo which opposes the Aquarius North Node and Chiron. Mars, the Moon and Jupiter are the most aspected planets in this chart so they are in communication at least with many elements of the chart.

Moon is at 14 Leo in this Chart in the 9th House. Moon represents the Public and Emotions. In Leo it is Dramatic and Risk Taking. Moon disposits to the Sun (Will) which is weakly placed in the chart. It only has a sextile to Pluto. This again shows a passive approach to just letting the chips fall where they may.

Venus in this chart is at 5 Sagittarius so both Venus and the Moon, which are major rulers of Finance are keeping Pluto company in Fire. Venus in this chart is unaspected by major aspect to any planets so her energy is bottling up. Venus in Sagittarius is also risk taking, maybe a little irresponsible. She's also parallel to Sadge's ruler Jupiter. And I'm afraid of Jupiter overdoing things right now.

Oh, yeah, Jupiter's on my Moon right now. That's a planet in its Fall conjunct a Planet that's in its Detriment, unaspected in the 8th House. For the uninitiated, that's like saying, "whew, Glad I don't have that chart." Have been buying Lottery Tickets and not even checking to see if I won. That's how bad it is.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

"The Aries Point" Blog

Here's a link to a blog that's written by an Internet buddy. Her point of view is always very insightful and there's some interesting coverage of the Election.

Great title for a blog too:


Thursday, October 16, 2008

3:00 PM Meeting With Henry Paulson

According to some articles I've read in the newspaper, on Monday at 3pm, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson called Bankers from the top 9 Banks in the Country and "forced" them to sell Bank Stock to the Government. This is considered "UnAmerican, but necessary." (Kind of strange how Republicans are anti-socialist but keep using Government to control people.) Down the road, the Banks will buy their stock back.

I was amazed at how this represents what I was talking about in my blog entry from Sunday/Monday where I noticed that Mars and Pluto have been unaspected. I wondered if this would represent an act of sheer human will. It looks like it panned out. I also made a mistake and said that Pluto would be unaspected. I was wrong there. At 3 pm on Monday, October 13, Pluto was very much aspected as apex of a t-square. I also noticed that Henry Paulson's chart is lit up like a Christmas Tree (does he celebrate Christmas, he's into Banking, they'll celebrate any holiday).

Article here: http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/081016/meltdown_paulson.html

The Stock Market has been unbelievably volatile and had a major advance on Monday, almost a 1000 points, and has since fallen by just about as much. The Banking sector yesterday suffered a double digit decline yesterday but today did very well. The entire market ended 400 points up. Don't know who the major nine banks are. Bank of New York Mellon is the first to sell off its stock.

article: http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/merrill-citigroup-report-more-losses/story.aspx?guid={50ADB381-5151-4E8D-8369-D09D669AE145}&siteid=yhoof.

Don't think it's one of the "Big Nine" but by accident I pulled up "The Bank of the Ozarks." That stock was the stock to own today. Stock went up about 2 points, gain of 8.5 percent. The little banks' stocks seem to have gone way up. Citigroup went down.

First of all, I wanted to look at the 3 pm chart to see where Mars and Pluto, the planets associated with Force and Will would be. Mars was unaspected in this chart and up in the 9th House, just having passed over the Midheaven (Government). Pluto was in the 11th House and apex to a t-square of Moon 7 Aries opposing Mercury 8 Libra Rx in the H2 (Banking) and H8 (Investments).

Venus (Banking) in Scorpio is almost exactly conjunct the Midheaven in Scorpio (Other people's money). She is squaring the ruler of the 2d House cusp, Neptune which is in the 1st House.

Aquarius is rising and the Signs representing Resources are on all of the angles. The Ruler of the chart, Uranus, is conjunct the 2d House cusp. It is opposing Saturn in the 8th. This is a very interesting event to attribute to the Saturn-Uranus opposition.

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Faster than a Porsche

I guess the only way to turn the tide of CO2 consuming automobiles is to make sure that the Upper Upper Class has a little sports car to drive. Yahoo has an article that lists 5 Green Vehicles that not only don't pollute (CO2 at any rate) and are faster than a Porsche.

Gemini rules Cars and this is a great tribute to Pluto's passing over the final degrees of its opposite sign of Sagittarius, the other transportation sign.

Link: http://www.treehugger.com/files/2008/10/5-eco-cars-faster-porsche-911-acceleration-0-to-60-mph.php

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Didn't See It Coming

Paul Krugman is an Economist who just won the Nobel Prize for Economics. I learned about this by hearing an interview with him on the radio on Monday. Just as I tuned in the Interviewer was asking him how it felt to win such an incredible award in the middle of a huge economic crash. He said "I wish I had seen it coming."

Man, that looks like some tragic human condition thing. So I looked into the astrology to see if I could see anything there. While looking for his chart I noticed that AstrologyMundo has a good introductory blog about Krugman's brand of Economics. He's Liberal, probably wants to help others.

Anyway, I've already talked about the Weatherman who didn't see the Galveston Hurricane (early 20th Century one, not recent one) coming. It happens. I know that the Astrologers were predicting the crash at UAC. But, Astrologers are lumped in with psychics and many of them cry wolf all the time. This wrecks one's believability.

Paul Krugman

b. Feb. 28, 1953 Albany, NY

Sun 10 Pisces; Moon in Virgo (Maybe Leo); NN 13 Aquarius

One can see Krugman's compassionate side from his Pisces Sun/perhaps Virgo Moon combination. He was also born during a conjunction of Saturn to Neptune in Libra which shows that he feels strongly for the less fortunate.

Interesting how Krugman's Venus (major planet that indicates money) is in opposition to the degree of Neptune. That shows a very idealized idea of how to deal with money and also a blinding and denial about reality. Saturn should have been helping him out but it looks like he used it for other purposes.

One can also see that Krugman has an Aquarius North Node which shows a destiny that's directed outward into Humanity and Abstract and Innovative thinking. This is squaring his Jupiter in Taurus which ties in the interest to money and finances. The Sun, bringing recognition, is in Pisces. It's interesting that recognition comes for this Pisces Sun while its dispositor, Neptune, is conjunct the North Node.

I've already mentioned Krugman's Venus. It is strongly placed in Krugman's chart because the Saturn-Neptune in Libra conjunction disposit to it. And so does Jupiter in Taurus. Venus itself is at 23 Aries and is conjunct Mars, the planet to which it disposts. Mars is strong here in its own sign. It represents action, rashness, forthrightness, the soldier. Mars acts now, thinks later.

Right now Krugman is approaching his Nodal Return and Neptune and Chiron are conjunct the North Node. Since Jupiter is squaring his Nodal Axis it makes sense that he would receive a huge award for his work. He is probably also somewhere close to going through or having gone through his 2d Progressed Lunar Return. I'm not sure if this is in Leo or in Virgo so don't know have much to say about it.

What's interesting is that his progressed Venus has been Retrograde since the mid 70's sometime. It went into Taurus for awhile and then started back tracking into Aries. Right now Krugman's progressed Sun is at 5 Taurus which would be close to Venus' Rx Station. The Sun brings recognition. Interesting how in this case, it's through economics.

Venus is now in a long term conjunction with natal Mars in Aries and progressed Mercury. Venus is interesting to look at because she rules Money and Values. When she turns retrograde by progression it can show an extended period, most of a person's life actually because this is a long term progression, where he/she has to question his self-worth/lovability by constantly adjusting values. Of course, this can strain personal relationships as well. Evidentally, it's doesn't affect an Economist's success. One constantly has to question the effects one has on others as one will be more aware of this. P.Venus in Aries conjunct Mars is a very complicated position as Mars rules just the opposite notion. One does what one wants to do and that's it.

Krugman's progressed Venus will Station Direct sometime around 2017-18. It will still be in conjunction with his natal Mars at middle degree of Aries and transiting Uranus will just have passed over it. Natally, Mars is involved in a t-square with opposition to Chiron in Capricorn and squaring apex Uranus in Cancer. So this will be a "challenge/action" spot that will be activated by the very long Uranus-Pluto square that will be coming up.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blue Bell

I don't know if tomorrow's Opening Bell for the Stock Market really looks Blue. Monday's are Blue, that's why I gave this blog entry the title. Things just look volatile tomorrow and Monday. Still Scorpio Rising, still Pluto in H2. The planets that both symbolize "Red" are really flailing right now. Human Will is highlighted. Both Mars and Pluto will be unaspected by major aspects. Mars is in Scorpio in the 12th House. That shows private, secret dealings behind the scenes. Financial advisors from around the World are meeting this week-end to try to figure out a solution.

The Moon is going to add to the drama big time this week. Tomorrow's Bell has it at 4 Aries in the 5th House of Risk. On Tuesday it will be will be at 18 Aries 3 degrees within approach of a Full Moon. Aries Moons are volatile (but positive). Full Moons are volatile. The good thing is that the Moon will be keeping Pluto company in Fire. And say what you want about Moon and Mars working together, they like to act. And often they can act with great powers of intuition.

Monday's Moon will oppose the Mercury Rx though and Tuesday's Moon will be apex to a Yod with an inconjunction to Venus in Scorpio trine Saturn in Virgo. It will also be traveling very fast. There may be extreme levels of impatience which will be made worse by Mercury's rush to turn forward on Wednesday. Fortunately the Sun is in Diplomatic Libra.

Before Wednesday there will be an Opposition of the Moon to Mars but not in the opening Bell Charts. Wednesday's chart has Mercury in Direct motion in H11. It also has a Taurus Moon (Banking Sign) conjunct the Descendant and in a Mystic Rectangle with the approaching Saturn-Uranus opposition (I use orbs that might be a little too wide for some people. I figure if you can feel the aspect coming then you might as well use the astrology). This might indicate some sort of resolution to the tension although Mars and Pluto still seem to be mostly unaspected which is sort of nasty.

It's very interesting to see how this is aspecting Secretary Treasurer Henry Paulson's chart. He's got natal Sun-Mercury Retrograde between 4 and 8 degrees Aries. Tuesday's Moon at Opening Bell will be at 18 Aries. This will be on top of Paulson's t-square of Mars-Saturn in Cancer square Venus in Aries opposing Jupiter in Libra. In other words, the Full Moon is right on top of an opposition in his chart that includes Venus and Jupiter, the two biggest money planets. These are squaring Mars-Saturn in Cancer.

I don't know what that means other than to say that he's really in the thick of it. I've also noticed that by using Placidus Houses, Jupiter is not only ruling the 2d House of Money right now, and placed within that house, but it is parallel to the 2d and 8th House cusps. I hate to say this but this screams out "Buying Opportunity." As long as you remember to sell pretty soon down the road.

I also wonder about Neptune's involvement. I read a funny article in the newspaper (sorry can't remember name of reporter) who warned people not to look at their statements, not to open the envelope. Denial is a good thing, it is the only thing that will get us through this.

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John McCain and Mercury Retrograde

Mercury stationed Retrograde at 24 degrees Libra on Sept. 24 and will Station Direct on Wednesday at 8 degrees Libra. I've already looked at how it has affected the alleged U.S. natal chart by tripping off a t-square of Sun-Saturn-Chiron. It doesn't seem to have affected Barack Obama's campaign but it sure seems to have affected John McCain's behavior which has been erratic and ahem, Mercurial.

McCain "suspended his campaign" in order to go to Washington to work on the Economic problems. This was unusual and he did it abruptly. At last week's debate he used the phrase "My Friends" something like 22 times which showed that he's very stressed and is a babbling Mercurial guffaw. He stood David Letterman up and has been the butt of non-stop jokes on that show. Well, he would have received that treatment either way. This morning I read an announcement that McCain will now appear on Letterman's show on Thursday, the day after Mercury turns direct. He was shown as his old self again over the week-end correcting an old white woman with serious bed head issues about some racist thoughts she was having concerning Obama's character.

Today, as well, the NCGR weekly bulletin came up with an interesting new tidbit about McCain's birthtime. Retrogrades are supposed to bring up old issues for review. The post comes from Pat Tagliatello over at Astrodatabank who was notifiied that some old newspapers have found birth announcements for McCain which indicate that the commonly used birthtimes of 9 am and 11 am are incorrect. The announcement says that McCain was born in the afternoon. This is interesting because a birth after 3pm would move his Moon into Aquarius. Astrologers will start to say nice things about him if that's true.

From the newsletter:

Shelley Jordan has kindly sent me an article from the Panama American newspaper dated August 31, 1936. Page four of the newspaper carries a birth announcement that says, "Lt. and Mrs. John S. McCain, Jr. of the Submarine Base are the parents of a son born Saturday afternoon at the Submarine Base Hospital." Although his mother is on record as giving two different times for his birth (9 AM and 11 AM), this article points to a time between 12 noon and perhaps 5 PM. Mothers' memories as we know from experience are often faulty; and sometimes newspapers make mistakes or are vague as this one is. In the absence of a birth certificate or other official record, his birth time is considered unreliable.

If you haven't already seen them, here are the two links (the first to the newspaper announcement) that Shelley sent me:

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/politics/documents/mccain_announcement_041708.pdf and

Sincerely yours,
Pat Taglilatello

NOT PART OF THE QUOTE, I just can't figure out how to undo the quote thingee:

Taking a look at his natal Mercury shows how important Mercury's influence is in McCain's chart. He has natal Mercury at 3 Libra, very close to an Aries Point. It is also the only planet squaring his Nodal Axis which is right on the Aries Points with North Node at 1 Capricorn. His Mercurial Qualities come out into public very readily.

McCain's natal Mercury is not Retrograde but it is at 3 Libra so one can see that it has also been receiving an extended visit from the Retrograde Mercury in Libra transit.

One knitting blogger who I follow said that his behavior seemed like some sort of PTSD. I thought the same thing. McCain's progressed chart may also indicate this as it shows similar Mercury Retrograde activity as at the time that McCain was held as a POW in Vietnam. Mercury rules the nerves and thinking processes and is known for moving in all directions at once when under stress. McCain was tortured to the point that he tried to commit suicide. His arms, ruled by Mercury, are permanently damaged because of what was done to him.
John McCain
b. Aug. 29, 1936 ((( 9:00am ????)))) Cocosolo, Panama

John McCain's natal Mercury is at 3 Libra and squares his Nodal Axis at 1 Capricorn (NN) / 1 Cancer (SN). So, this lends a strong Mercurial influence to his Destiny in life.

(((For the record, McCain's current Progressed Mercury is at 13 Scorpio. And McCain's current Solar Arc Mercury (Solar Arc doesn't go Retrograde) is at 14 Sagittarius.))))

This month transiting Mercury went Retrograde on Sept. 24, 2008 at 23 Libra. It will station Direct on Oct. 16, 2008 at 8 Libra. Keep this 8 Libra degree in your mind as you read this. This point is very important in McCain's Mercurial History.

McCain's prog. Mercury had gone Retrograde sometime around 1956 in his 12th House while it was conjunct his chart ruler Venus, which is natally in the 12th House. (House placement may no longer apply.). 12th House rules prisons and imprisonment.

McCain was captured by the North Vietnamese on Oct. 6, 1967 and was sent to the "Hanoi Hilton" where he endured extreme torture for about 6-7 years. The worst of the torture was in August, 1968.

At the time of capture, prog. Mercury was at 9 Libra Retrograde (remember this week's position of Mercury Station Direct at 7 Libra) and conjunct Prog. Sun at 7 Libra. The rest of his chart was going ape-face crazy as well but I'm trying to concentrate on Mercury here. With the work I'm doing on cycles I've been seeing how much a repeat cycle like this will influence a person down the road.

The whole time McCain was imprisoned Mercury was Retrograde and at one point was conjunct the progressed Sun in the 12th House (again, house placement may no longer apply) further emphasizing the prison theme. It also places huge amounts of stress on McCain for anything happening at early degrees Libra.

Mercury was conjunct within to a degree of its natal position when McCain was released on Mar. 14, 1973 and was conjunct to the degree with transiting Pluto at 4 Libra.

Right now, through the Retrograde, McCain's Mercury is having an extra long Return.

The theme of Pluto-Mercury-Nodes related to McCain's release date from the POW camps is repeating itself for McCain. When Mercury stations Direct this week it will be at 8 Libra. That's within wide conjunction to his natal Mercury and also wide square to his natal Nodal Axis. Transiting Pluto is at 29 Sagittarius conjunct his North Node and squaring his natal Mercury which repeats the Mercury-Pluto-Node aspect of his release date from prison.

McCain's progressed Mercury went out of Rx around 1977 at 2 Libra while it was conjunct the transiting North Node. This is the year that McCain entered Politics. This was his "real entry into the world of politics and beginning of my second career as a public servant." McCain's marriage was falling apart at this time. He met his current wife Cindy in 1979 and divorced his first wife in 1980. His wife said that he turning 40 and acting like a 25 year old. That's middle age of course but is also a very Mercurial behavior.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Dead Cat Bouncing - Stock Market, Friday October 10, 2008

Wall Street suffered its biggest losses ever this week. Lost around 1874 points and 18 percent of its total value. That's a loss of $2.4 trillion dollars lost in market value. (source: http://money.cnn.com/2008/10/10/news/economy/g7_statement/index.htm). I wonder how much in Capital Gains taxes that is.

The G-7 will meet over the Week-end in order to try to figure out how to try to stop the problems. Markets worldwide are suffering similar losses. I guess that's what it means when Jupiter moves into the 2d House of the Wall Street opening Bell chart. The problems went international as soon as it did. Not what I was hoping for. People are now realizing how the World is interconnected financially and are talking about the "Global Economy" rather than the "National Economy."

Today's Market showed a lot of volatility. My amounts may not be totally accurate. I wrote them down while watching a man on CNN point to a chart and while drinking a beer. According to my bad hand writing and inebriated state the Market started the day by immediately dropping almost 700 points; then immediately went up to 43.89 points above opening levels. By 1:54 it was down 595 points and was up above opening levels by 322 points. By Closing Bell at 4:00 it closed down a "mere" 128 points.

So this forced me to look at what the charts are doing through out the day.

Venus in Scorpio is conjunct the Ascendant at opening Bell for what seems like forever. Venus has been squaring the Nodal Axis with NN conjunct Chiron to the degree and Neptune and the IC. When the Market closes, Aquarius is Rising with this Nodal Stellium in conjunction and with Venus still squaring from H9.

The Saturn-Uranus opposition starts and ends the day angular. At Opening Bell Saturn is up in the 10th House opposing Uranus in the 4th House. Saturn is in its own house and with Aquarius on the IC cusp Uranus rules that house. At closing bell, Uranus is in the 1st House which it rules and opposing Saturn in the 7th house.

Today both Mars and Pluto started the day unaspected by major aspect to other planets. Pluto rules the Opening Bell Chart and is placed in the 2d House of Finance.

The CNN experts say that the volatility shows that the Market may have hit bottom. Buyers are buying some of the better known stocks. A 20 year old called in on the show and asked if this was a good time to get in on the market. I think I had heard on NPR a bit earlier that Citigroup and GE had posted a gain of 10 percent today but haven't checked.

This is what I pulled from CNN News. Numbers would need to be double checked for accuracy:

Opening Bell, 9:30 am: Market drops down to 697 points.

Venus in Scorpio conjunct Scorpio ASC squares Moon 24 Aquarius conjunct Neptune and Aquarius IC.
Mars in Scorpio unaspected in House 12. Pluto in Sagittarius unaspected in House 2.
Saturn - Uranus opposition crosses H10-H4 angles.

10:12 am: Market up 43.89 points

24 Scorpio Rising. Venus has passed up into H12 and is still in conjunction
Mars is still in H12 and making sextile aspect to Virgo MC.
Pluto is unaspected in H2

1:54 pm: Market down 595.13 points

12 Capricorn Rising. Jupiter in conjunction at 15 Capricorn (H1)
Pluto in H12 making sextile aspect to Moon in Aquarius (H2)
Mars 5 Scorpio conjunct MC 7 Scorpio and otherwise unaspected.

3:36 pm: Market up 322.18 points

12 Aquarius Rising conjunct Chiron-NN at 17 Aquarius.
1st House is loaded with Chiron-NN-Neptune-Moon in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces
Mars has passed into H8 and is aspecting Ascendant
Uranus-Saturn opposition is angular from H1 to H7
Sun-Mercury Rx conjunction is in H8; squaring Jupiter and trining NN

4:00 pm: Market is down 128 points

21 Aquarius Rising conjunct Neptune 22 Aquarius-Moon 28 Aquarius
. Venus squares from H9.
Mars (H8) & Pluto (H11) both with wide aspects to Moon.


Progressed U.S. Chart and Financial Crisis

I want to point out some aspects related to the Progressions in the United States Chart with regards to the last few weeks' Collapse of the U.S. Economy.

Before that, I'd like to point out that, along with a number of other transits, the Financial Crisis may somehow be related to the Saturn-Uranus opposition that is coming up. In earlier research I found that the U.S. has a natal Pluto Retrograde at 28 Capricorn. The year that prog. Pluto (1872-73) stationed Direct the U.S. entered a more than 20 year long Depression known as the Long Depression. This was preceded by a collapse of the Viennese Financial System which happened in May, 1873 and was indicated in the Chart for the day of the Collapse by an opposition of Saturn in Aquarius to Uranus in Leo. Saturn-Uranus oppositions don't seem to coincide with Financial Collapses but we now have two solid examples that when they do the effects are Global and very serious.

It is interesting that Pluto came out of Retrograde just as the U.S. dropped into the "Long Depression" in 1873. This depression was Worldwide and lasted more than 20 years. Even though the financial markets were messed up, production world-wide sped up. Perhaps the U.S. Leadership in this area could be attributed to Pluto's extended stay in Capricorn and sudden direct motion by progression? Say what you want about Saturn and Pluto working together, but they are workaholics and they do like to be productive.

In the Progressed Chart for the United States, the planets are so strongly aspected with regards to the financial crisis that I'm not using progressed ASC, MC and Moon right now. It would be great to look at them in order to understand how the U.S. is handling the Crisis but since there is no real consensus about accuracy of any of the U.S. charts I'll leave that to someone else.

It's interesting to notice how many planets are in moving Retrograde in the current progressed Chart. The U.S. has 2 natal Retrograde planets, Mercury and Pluto, and they are in opposition to each other in the chart. Both planets have come out of Retrograde since 1776 and Mercury has again progressed back into Retrograde.

Right now the progressed U.S. chart has 5 planets in Retrograde: Mercury 24 Aquarius Rx; Mars 19 Libra Rx; Jupiter 16 Cancer Rx; Saturn 4 Scorpio Rx; and Neptune 27 Virgo Rx.

The Progressed U.S. Sun is in early degrees of Pisces which shows that it is going through a transition phase. As with any of the signs this could show both positive and negative reactions to the new energy which it must adjust to as it emerges out of the Aquarian energy and into the Piscean energy. It is in the learning phase of this transition and can exhibit some of the pains associated with adapting to a new energy. The positive side of the new Pisces Progression is an increased sensitivity and compassion to suffering of those less fortunate. The negative side is a fatalistic, self-destructive streak that comes with such awareness. Hopefully, the U.S. won't begin to plant opium fields out in Utah and form huge crime syndicates. (Well, the Crime is already there it will just get worse and the jails will get even worse also.) These represent some cliche ways that Neptune deals with loss of psychic boundaries due to absorption of all the energies around its self. The U.S. Sun should eventually gain some increased Vitality from this progression as it is a Water Sign and will receive a trine contact in about years.

I'm using the Sibley Chart for the United States with Sagittarius Rising, (July 4, 1776 5:10pm Philadelphia, PA) but, as I said, I'm only showing the planetary progressions and not dealing with House placements.

First I'd like to mention how the transiting Mercury Retrograde is super strong with regards to contacts to making stressful contacts with both the U.S. natal chart and the U.S. Secondary Progressed Chart. It is making 3 passes over the United States' natal Saturn at 15 Libra. As Saturn is involved in a t-square formation opposing Chiron in Aries and squaring the U.S. Sun at 14 Cancer this is a major sore spot dealing with Vitality, Will, Fear, Government and Woundings. This could account for the extra anxiety and mental stress as Mercury and Saturn together are major rulers for Anxiety (from Rex Bills). Whether the U.S. has a Gemini or a Sagittarius Chart, Saturn still rules a financial house because Capricorn will be either on the 2d or 8th House cusps.

In addition to that stress one should notice that the Progressed U.S. Mars is now moving in Retrograde Motion at 19 Libra and so is within 4 degrees conjunction with the U.S. Saturn and subsequently is in contact with the natal t-square with Sun and Chiron. Mars will continue to move in Retrograde Motion closer to Saturn over many years. Mars and Saturn don't work well together. I'm not sure of the source of this imagery but I've heard of them described as "Driving With the Brakes On" aspect. Both want to act but Mars wants to act impulsively and Saturn wants to proceed cautiously and with a plan. In Libra one can only imagine how much vacillation this involves.

These aren't financial indicators necessarily except that progressed Venus, ruler of Banking, Money and Material Possessions is conjunct Chiron! This brings into the game the ruler of Money, Finances, Material Possessions, Banking. She is conjunct Chiron to the degree at 18 Aries and disposits to Mars. She happens to be in conjunction with the "Healer" who can't heal his own wound. Sounds a bit like the U.S. and World Governments at this point.

There's one more progressed Planet in strong conjunction with this natal U.S. t-square. Progressed Retrograde Jupiter is also Retrograde and so in a long conjunction with the U.S. Sun at 16 Cancer. Both Jupiter and Cancer are associated with consumption and the extended retrograde can show all the problems that uncontrollable consumption can cause.

So, all the planets that rule money are in a stress contact with the natal U.S. Chart through progression. They all seem to be pointing to the empty leg of the t-square. This is the missing element which the t-square needs in order to resolve its problems. This is the middle degrees of Capricorn. Interesting how Pluto is about to permanently enter Capricorn by transit while it is on the last degree by progression. It is experiencing both the Anticipation Anxiety of entering the sign and the Anticipation Anxiety of leaving the sign.

So, now I'll mention Pluto because his Progression is extremely important right now. Pluto rules Investments, Loans, Debt, Bankruptcy, Insurance. The United States was formed while Pluto was at the end of Capricorn at 28 degrees Rx. He opposes Mercury at 25 Cancer Rx. Commerce wouldn't happen without Mercury and his Communications. Right now this opposition is being hit by the progressed Nodal Axis at 27 Cancer/Capricorn. The South Node is within a degree conjunction of Pluto. Along with all the financial indicators mentioned above Pluto rules Crisis and Disaster on a Massive Scale, and together with the Nodes sort of acts like a Big Machete in the Sky.

Progressed Pluto must really be stressed out right now as he is perhaps tired of all things Capricorn and fearful of entering into Aquarius. Plus he has to face transiting Pluto retracing all those Capricorn steps. I haven't checked to see when the Pluto Return for the U.S. will be in order to compare when it with when Progressed Pluto finally moves into Aquarius. It would be interesting to see if these dates coincide. Interesting that productivity in the U.S. is at such a low point already. We are really experiencing a major lesson in dealing with materialism. One thing that Saturn and Pluto like to do when working together is to create loss. Hopefully there will be a transition to detachment, energy efficiency and innovation as Aquarius rules electricity, invention and circulatory systems. This could be the beginnings of a powerful new identity which will be embraced on a Global Scale. This won't happen for years so we have to be able to learn to handle the anxiety of this transitional time and use the energy for preparation and planning for the future.

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What Man Can Do

As the financial markets disappear I just want to link to this blog which shows what can be done while financial markets are going well. It's a blog that shows great Modern Architecture around the World and has been starred as exceptional by Blogger today.

It's glorious and uplifting. Both my Father and Brother were/are Architects so this kind of thing was sort of the family "Religion":


I wonder if an old movie from the 1960s is still around that was shown in my elementary school a bunch of times. It's called Why Man Creates and is really awesome.


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tomorrow's Opening Bell & Halloween's Cauldron

I spoke too soon about yesterday's Market. Around 3-4 in the Afternoon there was a sudden sell-off. The Aquarius Moon was passing over the Ascendant and still squaring Mars in Scorpio. That's volatile.

Today the Market continued the volatlity again and sold off extremely heavily towards the close and is now down around 8,500 points. Paulson's still saying that Banks are going to close while the Internet whizzes are starting to scream about how this is a buying opportunity. Last I looked the Asian Stock Markets are in the middle of tanking.

It seems as if so far nobody in the real world has been paying attention until today. Probably my imagination but it seems that I saw a lot of old rich guys this evening out talking together in coffee shops. That's about as emotional as those guys get. Others were driving their fancy Middle Age Complex sports cars slowly around parking lots while the skin on their faces pulled g's as if they were spinning around on the teacups ride at Disneyland. Don't know if this is a joke or not but on one of the talk shows Bill Maher made a comment about how 20 percent of U.S. Income is made through the financial services sector. What a useless bunch of idiots we've turned into. This also means that 20 percent of the country can't figure out how to get us out of this mess. People are saying that the Feds have run out of "things to do." I guess they're gonna let Pluto run its course.

So tomorrow's Stock Market Bell.

15 Scorpio Rising. That's half way through Scorpio. That's sumpin. Pluto is still the chart ruler; still in the 2d House at opening of Stock Market Bell. Pluto is still a singleton in Fire. Tomorrow it will be unaspected by major aspect to other planets but will be trining the Leo Midheaven.

The Moon will still be in Aquarius and will be conjunct the Chiron Rx-NN-Neptune Rx stellium blob which has moved into the 3d House. Will somebody make a speech? With Moon-Neptune in the 3d house both natally and astro-stock-marketly I'd assume that it would be President Bush. I assume that it's unfortunate that this blob stellium disposits to 4th House Uranus. I've been sort of worrying that somebody was going to commit hari-kari or something.

Uranus is unpredictable. In the 4th House it's like living underneath a couple that constantly rearranges the furniture at 2:00 am. It isn't happy down at the bottom of the chart in a house that is ruled by feelings, that's for sure. And Saturn is at the top. And Saturn is still the only planet that is at a Northern Declination right now and that's got to be significant.

I've been curious about when the Saturn-Uranus opposition would cross the Midheaven / IC axis of the opening bell charts. That's such a good aspect for an earthquakes, especially with aspects to Mars and the Moon. Halloween happens on a Friday this year and this will be the Stock Market where the opposition hits this angle. After that Uranus will move into the 3d House where its probably more comfortable and Saturn will have moved into the 9th House where it might be more optimistic.

The Halloween Bell is a very interesting chart.

The Saturn in Virgo opposition to Uranus in Pisces is conjunct the IC-MC Axis. And the Sagittarius Moon is conjunct the ASC. This seems more like a social uprising or earthquake kind of chart except that Saturn rules the 2d House and the Moon rules the 8th House, those are the finance houses. Plus, Venus will be apex of a t-square and squaring Saturn-Uranus from the 1st House.

The Ascendant will be 2 Sagittarius.

Three planets, Moon-Venus-Pluto will be in the 1st House all in Sagittarius. They will all disposit to Jupiter which is going to still be in the 2d House of Banking and Money. Sagittarius is expansive, opinionated. Sometimes it's lucky and optimistic.

Venus and Jupiter and the Sun and Moon and Pluto are the Main rulers of money and they are very wildly placed in this chart.

The Scorpio Sun and the Sagittarius Moon will both be unaspected to other planets. The Moon will be conjunct the Ascendant, however.

Venus and the Moon are both out-of-bounds. And out-of-bounds in Sagittarius in the 1st House and believe me that's out of bounds.

As Saturn rules the 2d House and the Moon rules the 8th House of this chart this means that both rulers of these houses are conjunct the angles.

The one thing holding this chart down, believe it or not, is Mars. Mars is secretive up in Scorpio in the 12th house and he's sextiling the Jupiter-Saturn trine.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Snowball in Hell and a Conspiracy Theory

My Mother used to always use the phrase "That'll be the day that there's a Snowball in Hell." I think that she may have just looked at the market this week and said plain old "Hell. Are those Snowballs?" The snow would have melted immediately, it's still hot in Hell, but I think there were little flurries down there.

So, Sun in Cancer that I am I just want to know: "Is it ok to stick my head out and look yet?" (Answer: Heads are still rolling).

The Capricorn Moon has opened the Stock Market for all 3 days this week as it rolled through the 2d House of the Opening Bell Chart. Capricorn is the sign that the Moon is least comfortable in. On Monday the Moon was conjunct the chart ruler of the Opening Bell chart, Pluto (H2). On Tuesday the Moon was conjunct Jupiter (2d House ruler and placed in 2d House) at Opening Bell. This morning it was in the 3d House squaring Mars at 3 Scorpio in the 12th House promising volatility. Both Venus and Mars are in Scorpio which disposits to Pluto. Venus is still conjunct the Ascendant and squaring the Nodal Axis-Chiron.

Ben Bernanke announced an Interest Rate cut in order to keep the Stock Market from tanking further. We got to see the photos of the Trader's faces making the obligatory screeching expressions on their faces and it was panicky all around. People don't care about Interest Rates anymore, we just want to keep what we have, or at least use it to buy crap on the Internet with, not to bail out crooked Bankers and Mortgage Brokers and Incompetent Presidents.

The Stock Market was still very volatile and looked like it was heading toward making more snowballs down in Hell. But, interestingly, at 1:00 pm (these inexplicable rises seem to always come right after 1:00) the Bankers and the Analysts and the President and Ben Bernanke and Warren Buffett obviously finished their lunch and started shopping. This is how the Rich get richer. And get this, the Moon was at 0 Aquarius and had just risen into the 1st House at 1pm. Pluto was conjunct the Ascendant within a degree at that point. And the Ascendant was Sagittarius and Jupiter was in the 1st House and all of a sudden All Was Good. Or at least the Market went back up into Green Numbers on the Yahoo Ticker. Green is such a refreshing number. As I said, I'm a Sun in Cancer and looking at the numbers right now is a lot like sticking my head out from the sand.

So, that's fascinating. What else was I thinking about? Oh yeah. A couple of things. A Conspiracy Theory and a Look at the U.S. Chart which is fictitious but I'm using the July 4, 1776 date anyway.

The Conspiracy Theory. I was wondering if part of this panic was staged. Leo is on the MC Cusp of Government right now and Neptune (Fantasy) and the North Node have been opposing it. The Nodal Axis is right over it with the North Node-Neptune and Chiron down at the bottom. Mars is in the 12th House right now in Scorpio. This is all pretty manipulative stuff.

I was already thinking that if Obama wins he'll probably go back to raising Capital Gains taxes on Stock purchases so the Republicans know that they've got to sell stuff before then.

The thing is this. Suzy Orman said on one day that the Stock Market lost 2 trillion dollars. That's a lot of Capital Gains taxes. Isn't that 15 percent automatically in the Government's pocket? Wow. The Bush Administration might end up leaving behind a much less significant debt to go down in the History books. I wouldn't put anything past those rats.

Since Suzy Orman said that the Market lost 2 Trillion Dollars it probably has lost another 2 Trillion Dollars. Somebody out there has that money and 15 percent of whatever gains is coming from it is going to Uncle Sam. I can't do the math, but I do know that's a lot more Capital Gains taxes. Now the Republicans can buckle up, shop till they drop, what is that newfangled alternative energy stuff anyway? and buy for the long term. They basically just borrowed the money from the Retirement funds of America and are now having repositioning the funds in this never ending volatile Bear Market. A Bear Market with a swing between 9,500 and 14,000 points. Wowee. Doesn't it seem like something a Cowboy would dream up?

Okay, that' far fetched. But, man, if you ever saw that movie about the 9/11 Conspiracy this sure does fit right in. Dick Cheney's last stand against the United States. He hasn't shot any lawyers in the head and just had to do something.

Here's my Second Thing to Wonder About. It mostly has to do with the U.S. Moon. The U.S. Moon is very important because it disposits to the Sun. It also ruled the 2d House of the Gemini Rising Chart which is the Banking Industry and it rules the 8th House of the Sibley Chart which is the Investment House. And it's placed in Aquarius which rules Resources of Community, Friendship, probably Democracy, Hopes, & Wishes.

Sorry, my internet connection is too slow. I'm ending for right now.

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Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Wrong Things Froze

I remember back in the Good Old Days while speculating about how to speculate on the upcoming Pluto in Capricorn transit's effect on the Stock Market I was thinking that Ice would be a great commodity. Don't know if due to Man's Invention or Nature's Intervention but things were sure to freeze back up. I remember telling somebody that anything that had to do with Freezing would be a great place to invest in and thought that this would be a Great Thing for Global Warming. I could only see it in terms of the environment.

Things are getting Frosty, that's for sure. But it was the Financial Markets that Froze. Namely the lending markets. Just listened to a great show on NPR about the Freeze. Saturn and Pluto working together like to express themselves in Business terms. I think they might be a little bit too "Human Centered" to be worried too awfully much about "Nature and Environment." They are actually nature's best defense because they represent Humankind Choking on its own spew. I should look up the astrology for the Mad Max movies. I know that Mel Gibson is a Capricorn.

Emotionally Saturn and Pluto pretty much work through repression and through terror. Just watch a couple of Alfred Hitchcock movies (I think he had a hard aspect between the two planets) in order to get an idea of Saturn and Pluto working together.

So according to the NPR Show, This American Life (http://www.kqed.org/radio/programs/index.jsp?pgmid=RD47#R810041200), the thing two weeks ago that set everything off was the fact that the Mortgage crisis spilled out into the real world when Lehman Brothers went bankrupt. Money Market Funds had made their money lending to Lehman Brothers and they suddenly didn't have an income and were paying 97 cents on the dollar. That's not supposed to happen except in very dire times because these funds are so conservative that they are so conservative. The Government stepped in and guaranteed the funds. But now I pretty much have the story behind the story of why Paulson got down on his knees and begged Nancy Pelosi to pass the pass the Bill. (Nancy Pelosi said she agreed on passing the Bill, the decision wasn't hers to make). But when one Aries gets down on his knees to beg another Aries, you really know something's up.

I'm working on some interesting projects but am having trouble with both Internet connections and Concentration so am bogging down.

Today's little project was to look at yesterday's Market according to the different charts of the New York Stock Exchange in New York, the Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond, Virginia, the U.S. Senate in Washington, DC and the House of Representatives in Washington, DC. It's a Bug's Eye view of the situation, sort of a Kaleidescope vision due to Ascendants and Locations. I'm not sure that I've found correct times for any of them. I've emailed the Feds and asked what time they open their doors but I also suggested that they ring a Bell and televise some Celebrities in order to pump up their image so I'm not sure I'll get a response. Right now they have bigger fish to fry anyway.

Here's what I've got so far. I'm trying to give minimal information. The Charts as is are very interesting just to watch who's got what conjunct the Ascendant at these various times and places. Remember that the progressed U.S. Mars is Retrograde somewhere in Libra. People are saying things like "Wall Street is Dead." Ben Bernanke said on Thursday that the U.S. won't have an Economy on Monday if the Bills isn't passed and the Funds aren't passed on.

Two planets are on the last degrees of signs and will move into new signs over the Week-end. The Scorpio Moon was Out-of-Bounds. It is passing through Sagittarius this week-end and will pass over Pluto and into Capricorn by Opening of business on Monday. Mars is on the last degree of Libra and will be in Scorpio on Monday.

Pluto is a singleton in Fire in H2 of most of the charts. It is ruler of most of the charts while Libra is still ruler of some. Either way, Venus is in the 1st House in all the charts. This is a really interesting time to understand how complicated a planet Venus is. The Politicians are in overdrive trying to cooperate with each other and resolve mistakes of the past with how they will destroy the future. And of course, Money, Money, Money. And nobody is saying that this Bail-Out is a completely good thing. And I sort of doubt anybody thinks it will be a complete answer.

Mars is now conjunct the Ascendant in many of the charts at opening of business. That shows our Aries buddies, Paulson and Pelosi. We're acting. Everyone seems to know that we're bluffing.

I'll try to take a look at Monday's Charts quickly as well as I seem to remember that NYSE's for that day was a bit scary.

New York Stock Exchange, Stock Market went up 300 points beginning of day and ended down more than a 100 points at Closing.
Opening Bell Friday, Oct. 3, 2008 9:30 am New York, NY

Sun conjunct Mercury Rx in Libra. Moon in Scorpio. Pluto singleton in Fire, Moon out of bounds, Uranus moves into H4, Uranus apex of a Yod to MC and Mercury Rx (In Stock Exchange Chart only). Bowl Shape chart bounded by the Saturn in Virgo (H10) to Uranus in Pisces (H4) opposition.

ASC 11 Scorpio: conjunct Venus 12 Scorpio (H1), sextile Jupiter 14 Capricorn (H3); square Chiron Rx & NN Aquarius.

MC 19 Leo: sextile Mercury Rx (H11 on H12 cusp), square Venus (H1), oppose Neptune (H4), minor aspects to Mars (H12), Jupiter (H3), Uranus (H4)

Sun 11 Libra (H11): conjunct Mercury Rx H12 cusp; trine NN 17 Auqarius-Chrion 17 Aquarius-IC 19 Aquarius

Moon 30 Scorpio (H1) square Neptune (H4); minor aspects Mars (H12), Jupiter (H3), Pluto (H2)

Federal Reserve Bank, Board of Governors
Oct. 3, 2008 Richmond, Virginia

Don't know what time they open so am looking up 3 different times:


ASC 21 Libra conjunct Mercury Rx (H12), square Jupiter (H3), trine Neputne-NN-Chiron (H4); minor: Uranus (H5)
1st House: Mars 30 Libra, Venus 12 Scorpio

MC 24 Cancer: trine Moon 29 Scorpio (H2), square Mercury Rx-ASC; square Mars (H1), trine Uranus (H5), ??? Neptune (H4)

H2: 19 Scorpio cusp, Moon; H5: 27 Auqarius, Uranus in Pisces; H8 19 Taurus cusp, empty; H11 27 Leo, Saturn in Virgo

Sun 11 Libra (H12)
Moon 29 Scorpio (H2)

8:30 am

26 Libra Rising conjunct Mars 30 Libra (H1)
H1: Venus & Moon 29 Scorpio

1 Leo MC

Sun 11 Libra (H12)

Moon 29 Scorpio (H2)

9:00 am

3 Scorpio Rising conjunct Mars 30 Libra (H12)

11 Leo MC

Sun 11 Libra (H12)

Moon 29 Scorpio (H2)

U.S. Senate Opens??
Oct. 3, 2008 9 am Washington, DC
ASC 3 Scorpio conjunct Mars 30 Libra (H12); sextile Pluto (H2); minor aspects: Jupiter (H3), Saturn (H11)

MC 9 Leo: sextiles Sun (H12); squares Venus (H1)

Sun 11 Libra (H12)

Moon 29 Scorpio (H2)

House of Representatives Opening?
Oct. 3, 2008 8:30 am Washington, DC

ASC 27 Libra conjunct Mars 30 Libra (H1); trine Neptune (H4); sextile Pluto (H3), minor aspects Moon (H2), Uranus (H5)
House 1: Mars 30 Libra, Venus 12 Scorpio

MC 1 Leo trine Moon (H2), square Mars (H1), minor: Saturn (H11), Pluto (H3)

Sun 11 Libra (H12)

Moon 29 Scorpio (H2)

H2 25 Scorpio Cusp, Moon in Scorpio; H8 25 Taurus cusp, empty; House 5 4 Pisces; H11 4 Virgo, Saturn.


MONDAY'S Opening Charts The Sun will be conjunct Mercury Rx within a degree and will be squaring Jupiter to the degree. Jupiter rules the 2d House of most charts and is now in the 2d house in most charts. Good time to invest in mattresses because if anyone can get their money out that's where they're going to be sticking it. This Leo Midheaven sort of sucks because it disposits to the Sun and the Sun is conjunct the Mercury Rx and squaring the Jupiter-2d House stuff in most charts. Has Congress convened? Maybe they aren't even going to work on Monday. What do I know? I just watched a video on CNN where an Elephant was told to choose between voting for Obama or McCain and chose his trainer instead. That's what I'm watching on the News.

NYSE: 9:30am New York, NY

ASC 13 Scorpio conjunct Venus 16 Scorpio (H1)

MC 22 Leo, Saturn in H10

Sun 14 Libra (H11)
Moon 4 Capricorn, out-of-bounds at 26 degrees plus, conjunct Pluto and in the 2d house with Pluto and Jupiter.

Federal Reserve, Richmond, VA
8:00 am

ASC 23 Libra, Mars 2 Scoprio and Venus 16 Scorpio in H1

MC 27 Cancer

Sun 23 Libra (H11)

Moon 5 Capricorn (H3) conjunct Pluto

9:00 am

ASC 6 Scorpio conjunct Mars 2 Scorpio (H12)

MC 11 Leo

Sun 14 Libra (H12) conjunct Mercury Rx 15 Libra (H12)

Moon 5 Capricorn (H2) conjunct Pluto 29 Sagittarius

House of Representatives

Opening 8:30 am?? Washington DC

ASC 29 Libra conjunct Mars in Scorpio; H1: Mars and Venus

MC 4 Leo

Sun 14 Libra (H12)

Moon 5 Capricorn (H3) conjunct Pluto (H2)

U.S. Senate Opening 9:00 am??? Washington, DC

ASC 5 Scorpio conjunct Mars (H12) House 1: Venus 16 Scorpio

MC 12 Leo

Sun 14 Libra (H12)

Moon 5 Capricorn (H2)

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tomorrow's Bell-Out

The Stock Market has dropped below 10,000 points for the first time in 4 years today. Over the Week-end the European Markets started having problems so as of today the problem is officially Global. Maybe Sagittarius ruling the House 2 cusp of the Opening Bell Charts these days has a bit to do with the swing to the International Crowd. Also Jupiter is now officially in the 2d house chart and squaring the Sun/Mercury Rx. There are three planets in the 2d House of the Opening Bell Charts these days: Pluto at 29 Sagittarius, Moon in Capricorn and Jupiter in Capricorn. Today the Stock Market opened with Moon conjunct Pluto. Tomorrow the Moon-Jupiter conjunction squares the Sun-Mercury Rx conjunction from the 2d to 11th Houses so Resources are definitely still stressed. Venus in Scorpio is still conjunct the Ascendant and squaring the North Node-Chiron-Neptune Axis.

The Charts are still a bowl shape bounded by the Saturn-Uranus opposition in H10 (Saturn) and H4 Uranus. There's a feeling that things are under control but something's missing (Bob Marks' interpretation of Bowl Shape Charts).

Both Saturn & Uranus are strongly aspected in these houses by rulerships. Saturn naturally rules the 10th House. Uranus isn't comfortable in the 4th House, that's Earthquake Weather, but it's placement is extra strong there right now because it rules the Aquarius IC right now. I've actually heard this Financial Market described as "an Earthquake." It's also been described as an Abyss. October is also literally Earthquake Month in California.

What's interesting is that no one, absolutely no one feels that this is "just a correction" the way they usually do during a volatile swing. Guess this isn't a swing. I started wondering about this while listening to an NPR interview this morning. A financial expert (sorry, don't know name, but he was really great) said that people keep asking when will things go back to normal. I looked up normal in Rex Bills. "Norm" is ruled by (Jupiter). I would have thought Virgo but what do I know. Bills also says that "Correction" is ruled by (Jupiter) as well. I'm sure he wasn't talking about Financial Markets but just thought I'd mention it. People's attitiudes have definitely switched from the Jupiterian style to the Saturnian style.

At any rate, last week I read an interesting article on a study that was done on Bailouts. And it turns out that this Financial Crisis started in August, 2007. England went through one at the same time. England nationalized its banks and the U.S. Well, The U.S., being a Cancer, must internalize its angst before acting. The first part of a Banking Crisis is called the containment phase. I now am able to recognize when the experts talk now about "Containment." This is where one tries to stop the crisis from overflowing into other areas of the economy. The 2d part of the Bail-Out situation is the "Resolution" or "Restructuring" phase.

The Yahoo article is here: "History of Bailouts: What Kinds Work; And Why Ours Won't" by Henry Blodget.

The Link to the PDF File of the original IMF Working Paper "Systemic Banking Crises: A New Database" by Luc Laeven & Fabian Valencia is here:

This is a study of 42 recent Bailouts which describes which ones work and which ones don't.
There's a pretty clear explanation of how Banking Crises happen and how they are fixed.

Interesting that peaks in banking crises across the World (mostly 3d World countries) correspond with major Astrological Outer Planet transits in Cardinal Signs. One group of Crises peaked in the early 80's, notably 1981 which corresponds with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra. Another one occurred in the early 90's with peaks in 1994-95 which corresponds to the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. The article separates Banking Crises into 3 different types. Sometimes a Crisis only has one type, sometimes it goes through a twin crisis. Sometimes a triplet crisis. The early 1990s had "Banking" and "Currency" Crises whereas the early 1980's had a "Sovereign Debt" crisis.

We ought to blame Venus since she rules Money, Currency, Banks but I'm not sure how we go about gathering evidence against her since her orb is so fast. She is in the middle of her 8 year cycle with the Sun as well as at the beginning/end of a larger cycle.

I, of course, immediately look to Pluto for the cause and effect stuff but probably that's not appropriate. I mean, make a crisis and Pluto will be there. Probably why people fear Scorpios. It's interesting that the article says that one of the ways to improve confidence is to provide Insurance which is a Plutonian keyword. Confidence tends to also be a Scorpionic trait. Interesting how money and confidence are so tightly interlinked. Business people have the best understanding of human nature. Pluto rules Scorpio which is the sign opposite Taurus which rules Money, Currency, Banks. Bills give rulership of Confidence to the Sun alone. Scorpios would probably agree with that. They are just determined which is probably the best a Water Sign can do.

An interesting rulership I ran across was the one for "Conscience". Bills gives rulership of this to: Sun and (Pluto). That's very interesting considering how Pluto rules Power. True Power can only come with a clear conscious. That's when one's got integrity. There's the flip side where absolute power corrupts absolutely. Pluto also rules Corruption along with (Neptune). The Scorpio's have a full plate, that's for sure.

Over the week end I picked up a used audiobook that was written in 1995 about how the world was going to Hell back then as well. Nobody will have read this far into this blog so I guess I don't have to go out to the car to check for the title. Either way, the writer mentioned the importance of Hope and Wishes and Dreams are in the Economy. This apparently is true. The real problem is that no one knows what to do with the problems that face us. These aren't qualities that I would expect during a Uranus-Neptune mutual reception. It seems that those two are avoiding the human race at this point. Perhaps mutual receptions work the same way that Grand Trines do (a la Noel Tyl's description) in that they insulate each other from interacting with the rest of the chart.

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Ban Against Short Selling

Short Selling is where an Investor is anticipating a decrease in the market and buys Stocks with money he/she doesn't have. Explained here:


The SEC today has extended a Ban it placed on Short Selling in something like 800 financial companies so that they couldn't make things worse than they already are. The original Ban went into effect on September 18, 2008 and can by law only be kept in effect until Oct. 17.

I looked back at the Sept. 18 Opening Bell Chart to see what may have indicated the idea of authorities doing something to keep monkeys under control.

Sept. 18 was the day that the Moon in Taurus made an Earth Grand Trine to Jupiter (H3) and Saturn (H11). What a great use of a Grand Trine. The G.T. relates to the chart strongly as the Moon (Public) disposits to Venus which conjunct the ASC. Jupiter disposits to Saturn from its 3d House position in this chart. In addition, Capricorn (Controls like Bans, Cautionary Measures, Gvmt. & Authorities) was intercepted in the 3d House. Government (Saturn) containing the Monkeys/Traders/Short Sellers (H3, Containment indicated by the Grand Trine and the Interception in the 3d House of Trading/Selling). I'd definitely give Mercury Rulership of Short Selling to Mercury, 3d House. The upcoming Mercury Retrograde couldn't hurt with this as well although the Short Sellers are probably watching this market and feeling very repressed.

Good work to whomever (whoever?) timed this. The SEC must have an Astrologer. Speaking of Monkeys, I wonder what they did with the media that day.

The Feds did this just before Scorpio began to Rise on the Ascendant at Opening Bell. It was at 29 Libra. Pluto had just begun to stick in the 2d house of Money on that day as well and was squaring the Sun.

The Head of the SEC is Christopher Cox who is a Libra Sun. I briefly mentioned him in the post on the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. His Libra Sun is conjunct Saturn & Neptune. He's apparently very intuitive. Neptune-NN is opposing his natal Pluto. That's the "psycicist" transit vibe on the planet. But, he's probably going through serious black outs right now.

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