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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Make Way For Turtles

They say it happens every year around this time. The Turtles show up to hatch their eggs on the beach that's right next to Kennedy Airport in New York. That's what they did this morning. In order to get there they had to cross a runway at JFK. About 150 turtles waddled across this morning and Air Traffic Control stopped all incoming and outgoing on the runway in order to let the turtles cross.

Kind of a cool juxtaposition of the Man's fastest machine stopping all its motors to make way for Nature's slowest creature. And, actually, those turtles aren't so slow.

How long does it take for one hundred and fifty turtles to cross a runway together? About 15 minutes. Squares do bring their challenges. They're pretty organized folks.

The article doesn't give the time other than to say that the mass migration took place this morning.

Mars, Moon, Venus are in the of the Pedestrian, Gemini.

Neptune 1 Pisces was crossing the ASC just after 10:00 am.

And there's an Eclipse coming up on Friday in the sign of Cancer (Motherhood and Babies) which is the very beginning of a new Saros Cycle. Those are going to be some mighty fine little babies.


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Monday, June 27, 2011

Asteroid 2011 MD

Today at around 10:00 am Pacific Daylight Time (1700 GT) an Asteroid blew past Earth. Very politely without causing too much damage.

If you look at the webpage down below you can see how the asteroid is at the other end of the solar system from Mercury-Venus-Mars right now. It is inside the Moon's orbit and is even coming closer than many satellites' orbits. But it is not going to hit us.

Pretty interesting that the Sun is filling in the empty leg of the big outer planet t-square today all on Cardinal Signs. At the point of closest approach this Grand Square was doubly Cardinal as all planets were very close to the angles of the chart.

Sun 6 Cancer (H12) opposition Pluto 7 Capricorn (H6)
Saturn 11 Libra (H4) opposing Uranus 5 Aries (H10)

Mercury was in the first house 23 Cancer and rising. Just checking out the neighborhood. Hopefully not bringing in any communicable diseases.

Asteroid 2011
June 27, 2011 6:26 am PDT (13:26 UT)

Closest approach to earth

Sun 6 Cancer (H12); Moon 21 Taurus (H11); ASC 13 Cancer; MC 25 Pisces; NN 23 Sagittarius Rx (H6)

Looks like my software program is giving different degree placement from astrodienst so don't know if things are accurate.


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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Whitey Bulger: The Gig Is Up

So, if you're a gangsta, a real wise guy, and you're on the lamb, runnin wit yer broad, hiding out in plain sight, how do you know when you're about to get caught?

Well, palsy, blame it on the t-square and the eclipses.

The FBI did an amazing thing yesterday, maybe it was 2 days ago. I actually remember looking at the photos. They published pictures of a woman as she looked a while ago and as she looked after having plastic surgery and they asked if anyone knew her and almost immediately someone did and reported her. She looked completely different in the photos. That's why I was looking at them. I remember thinking she could be half the people I pass on the street every day. And she came with baggage. She has been living with, maybe even married to, an old mobster from Boston who has killed 19 people. He also worked as a snitch for the FBI and "corrupted" the department. That makes him interesting.

James "Whitey" Bulger
b. September 3, 1929 Dorchester, Mass

Sun 11 Virgo; Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 16 Taurus

Funny thing is he is a Virgo Sun with Moon either in Leo or in Virgo just like Anthony Weiner who just got caught in the sex scandal. How weird is that? Guess it's not so weird for the Virgos. Saturn was really hard on them. And someone over on the Noel Tyl forum pointed out that the recent Eclipse squared Weiner's Sun. So maybe it's the same for Whitey.

This guy, "Whitey", has been on the 10 Most Wanted List for years. Now he's 81 and on death's door and they take him in. I swear. Only a Virgo could get away with this game.

The Outer Planet t-square is right on Whitey's chart. For one, he's just entering his Uranus return within a few degrees. Uranus in Aries. I guess that's sort of a scary thing for these new kids to have to think about. Natal Uranus is 11 Aries. T. Uranus, I forgot to write down. It's in there somewhere.

This guy has natal Mercury-Mars conjunction at 6-9 Libra opposing natal Uranus. What a fast talker. Not so fast with Saturn, the slow planet, transiting over, I guess.

And then there's Pluto. And Pluto is transiting close to natal Lilith at 12 Capricorn. Well, those two are happy in the sack together. It was the dame that got him busted.

And transiting NN looks like it's the clinker. It's exactly conjunct natal Saturn at 24 Sagittarius. It looks like maybe Sagittarius is playing a big chart in this guy's natal. His progressed Sun has just changed signs from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Wow, he must have gotten sloppy for one instant there and downloaded himself to the FBI.

They say he's sick. Maybe some sort of Liver problem? He's old, that's for sure. Just read about some guy who held up a bank for 1 dollar just so he could go to jail and get some free healthcare. Maybe that's what's up for Whitey. The gal probably turned him in because she couldn't be bothered with the caretaker's role.

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The Empty Leg of the T-Square: Cancer

Environmental Working Group says that the single most important piece of legislation that will be battled over in the next 18 months is "The Food Bill." This has to do with how screwed up farming is at this point.

Read about it here: http://www.ewg.org/agmag/farm-bill-take-action/?utm_source=foodweek2&utm_medium=email&utm_content=second-link&utm_campaign=farm

Saturn in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries and squaring Pluto in Capricorn can focus an incredible amount of energy toward the common goal that the empty leg of this t-square presents. That's anything connected with the sign of Cancer.

So, first of all, go call your Mom. She loves you. She drives you nuts. She's nuts. She's needy. But, when they're gone, they're really really gone. And Cancer has the longest, saddest memory in the whole wide world. Think of it as Emotion Insurance for the future. And tell her you only have 15 minutes.

Then there's more. I wonder if everything Cancerian is a little screwed up right now. In terms of Internet, I think we have too much memory. Maybe not, but just think about it. Every turd that you put on the Internet will be saved forever. Or at least until some hacker comes along and erases it or steals it or uses it to blackmail you.

Bob Marks says the way to handle a Saturn-Pluto transit is to throw things out. And he's right. So, don't throw your Mother out. Put limits on the call. You can do it. It's called management. Remember? Saturn needs limits. Your Father also needs a call. I'm talking to folks who grew up in Divorce because we're a completely ignored crowd of folks and we have Mom and Dad and not necessarily in that order and definitely not living in connection with each other and certainly not in harmony.

Cancer equals Home, Land, Real Estate, Food, Taking Care of What We have, Loving it unconditionally (the Pluto in Virgo generation can only do that to its household pets, by the way).

Cancer also represents The Public. The Common Man. Time to dig out some old Courbets and Millets and read Zola. The French in the 19th Century were really in to this. Now they are struggling with the immigrants. That's what happens when you've figured everything out. The neighbors show up and want a cut. And they don't feel obligated to be nice because they want to be themselves and they are: The Common Man.

Anyway, be the Public and sign the petition as The Common Man yourself. Actually the immigrants resent anyone taking over that role so Good Luck with that.

What else does Cancer represent? Oh yeah, silliness and the crazies. Giggle. Go whacko. Spill your milk out your nostrils, that looks funny in old people too. Don't tell everyone you're too sophisticated for Jerry Lewis movies, for Christ's Sakes, he's a God send for this type of transit.

Oh yeah, and little babies. Googie googie goo. I don't know what you do for little babies right now. Have you noticed these Pluto in Capricorns? They are born looking really really smart and competent. They look good wearing grey and black. They also look a little dehydrated. They're not noisy like the P in Sagittarians.

And Ken Cook at Environmental Working Group. He's awesome. He's probably not a Cancer though. All these awesome not for profit Pluto in Leos never give their birth dates. What a drag.

Anyway, sign the EWG's petition, send them some money. Non organic food at this point has only slightly more nutritional value than McDonald's.

By the time they sign the bill I guess that Saturn will be in Scorpio. With Pluto in Capricorn? I wonder if any babies will be born during those years at all? Maybe only Corporate Exec's.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Article About Homeopathic Treatment

I think this might be a leftover story from the Pluto in Sagittarius era.


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Pharmacy Shootings

A messed up burglary in New York turned in to a tragic shooting of 4 people in a pharmacy yesterday. I send my condolences to the friends and families of the victims.

Suffolk County Police identified the dead employees as Raymond Ferguson, 45, of Centereach, and Jennifer Mejia, 17, of East Patchogue. Bryon Sheffield, 71, of Medford, and Jamie Taccetta, a 33-year-old woman from Farmingville, were identified as the two customers

Source: http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/article/20110620/NEWS05/110619019/Police-review-video-New-York-pharmacy-massacre-?odyssey=nav|head

The event chart portrays the crime unbelievably well. Neptune, which rules drugs and pharmacies is in 2 degree conjunction with an angle. It is at 1 Pisces in conjunction with the 29 Aquarius Descendant and Chiron 6 Pisces. And it is squaring Mars (violence) 29 Taurus (H10).

Neptune has recently moved in to his own sign this year so we can expect a period of pronounced activity in the areas of the Astrological wheel which he rules. Neptune on average takes about 13 years to pass through a sign and I'm too lazy to find the exact dates for how long this current transit will be.

Neptune rules loss of boundaries and feelings of compassion for others, but also of helplessness and abandon. He rules the concept of surrender and of letting go which is probably the highest form of spirituality when used by highly spiritual people (and, really, folks, how many of those are there on the planet). Things never are what they seem with Neptune.

Since Neptune passed into his own sign there has been another story of a killing within a pharmacy on May 26 when a pharmacist in Oklahoma City was convicted of 1st degree murder for killing a burgler in his store. During that event two men walked into a pharmacy pointing a gun in the Pharmacist's face. The pharmacist responded by pulling out a gun and shooting one man. The other burglar escaped and the pharmacist chased after him. When the pharmacist returned he got another gun and shot the downed man a few more times. This pharmacist has been praised for having saved the lives of the 2 customers in the store so the conviction is considered controversial.

Kind of interesting the difference in attitudes between the two shootings in relation to the Neptune influence. Currently it appears that the public and the judicial system would rather have 4 dead innocent people than one dead criminal.

Don't have a time for the Oklahoma Shooting but this is the rest of the info.

May 19, 2009 Oklahoma City, OK
Sun 29 Taurus; Moon Pisces; NN 4 Aquarius

Both charts show Sun c. Mercury, but the Oklahoma Shooting has Mercury Rx. Mercury rules the Marketplace so this describes the basics for location of the events.

This conjunction of Sun-Mercury is also squaring a tight conjunction of Chiron (Wounded Healer) 27 Aquarius-Jupiter (Law, Opinion) 26 Aquarius-Neptune (Pharmacy) 27 Aquarius. That certainly seems to explain the difference in the two stories. Aquarius is much more concerned with Vigilante Justice as it is concerned about people who work on their own against the system (Saturn). The Moon was in conjunction with Uranus in Pisces during much of the day. This repeats the picture of vigilantism, victimization and pharamcies.

The chart for yesterday's shooting shows the Sun 28 Gemini-Mercury 6 Cancer filling in the empty leg of the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square.

The pharmacist, Jerome Jay Ersland, is currently 59 years old so he has been going through his 2d Saturn Return during the entire jail process. He was found guilty of murder in the 1st degree on May 26, 2011 Oklahoma City, OK because videos (Neptune) of the crime show that he shot at the burglar in execution style. Apparently he also lied (Neptune) or boasted (Sun) or exaggerated (Jupiter, Mercury) about his qualifications for shooting at burglars who are robbing him which disqualifies his credibility during testimony.

It's important to pay attention to Mars in these charts, of course. In Ersland's shooting at the Oklahoma pharamacy Mars was powerful in its own sign at 21 Aries. It's only aspect is a conjunction to Venus which is also in Aries at 15 Aries. That says a lot about someone who will respond quickly to any provoked adreniline rush. It may or may not explain the lack of understanding from the Judicial System. I don't have a time for the burglary so don't know which house Mars was placed in for that event.

Mars was elevated at the end of Taurus in H10 of the New York shooting yesterday. He was squaring Neptune-Chiron-Descendant.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Solstice 2011

Summer Solstice for Washington DC and the U.S. looks a bit ominous. The Sun is conjunct the Midheaven within a degree. High Noon at Okay Corral? Sun is finishing off the empty leg of the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square which are all on the angles. We should really be taxing those gang members for all that pot they grow in the ticky tacky stucco houses. They could get the country through at this point.

Summer Solstice
June 21, 2011, 1:21 pm EDT Washington, DC

Sun 1 Cancer; Moon 11 Pisces; ASC 3 Libra; MC 3 Cancer; NN 24 Sagittarius

So, Repeat after me:

I hate White People.
I hate White People.
I hate White People.

That's all you need to say in order to make it through the Summer alive. I'd like to say that we can return to our regularly scheduled programming in the Fall, but it looks like change is a coming on. It's friendly fire if you're the one behind the gun and after this mess is over you may be the only one alive. I think we're calling all this "Collateral Damage" because that's a big phrase that's really in right now. Pluto's in Capricorn and really can't be bother with sensitivity training right now. Gemini and Sagittarius, signs that rule the Media and Publishing are intercepted in each other's houses and the media's balls are clipped at this point. The Lawyers are telling everyone to keep their mouths shut.

Give us another story about Weiner's Weiner and I swear I'm gonna gun all the Satelitte dishes down.

Uranus conjunct Lilith on the Descendant. Technology, gangs, inventors, collective unconscious.

Saturn is in the 1st house. If you meet a new person, immediately blame him for something. Be the first to draw blood here or you lose. Or just dress real pretty and sit in the corner sipping a Vodka Tonic. Saturn is supposedly happy in the sign of Libra so play that game, whatever it is. Saturn will handle the responsibility but will suffer from depression because of it. Complain about your responsibilities. That's a tactic that will work this Summer.

Pluto at the IC. That sucks for housing. For those who can plan big it's the buying opportunity of a lifetime. Hope you like to do demo. That's the swamp that is created from having to put up with Saturn in the 1st house.

Sun is at the top shining over the whole mess so at least we're gonna see some action. What we've got here is Sun/MC opposing Pluto/IC. There's a real power struggle going on between public/private.

Saturn opposing Uranus gives a sophisticated syncopated rhythm. That's why nobody bought Lady Gaga's album. We need something that's more interesting right now. Gaga's an Aries, that's hot. We need something cool and refreshing. An earthquake perhaps?

Rulers of the ASC/DESC are Venus and Mars and they are both in Gemini intercepted in the 9th house. Religion, Publishing, Lawyering, Media, International Affairs, Hypocrisy, Fun. It's all there.

Jupiter is hanging out at 4 Taurus in the 8th House. Wonder what that means. More of the 9th House energy. Expansion. Putting a Bull on Steroids in the house of the Stock Market. Market can't go up any higher. They keep saying that we're heading for a huge crisis. Eck, Jupiter represents International Affairs. The Banks will become the Mafia. The Insurance companies will be matter of fact about cutting the cords, especially with pragmatic Saturn in H1. Well, perhaps Jupiter will have require a discussion about what's wrong with that before anything really comes of it.

In the astrolocality chart, the Uranus DESC and Pluto IC lines run through the East Coast, practically right smack dab on New York and Montreal. Isn't all the Uranus/Pluto energy supposed to center on California? The Mars MC line runs through Phoenix. It seems that about a quarter of Arizona has already burned down this past spring so don't know what that could entail.

Oh yeah, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and the Moon in that sign as well. They are trining the Sun/MC in Cancer. The new seed will come from having compassion for others, the way it always does. Fake humility and pretend your gentle. And watch your back, these types are total weasles when they want your stuff.


So Muscley?

Maybe Astrologers need to rethink who is the more sensitive Sex. Water is supposedly a receptive, feminine element which is attributed to Women. But it turns out that most men have more muscle than women, and therefore more water, in their bodies than women do.

The following quote is from Nutrition for Dummies, 4th ed. by Carol Ann Rinzler. Mars rules Men. According to Rex Bills Rulership Book, Mars and (Pluto) Rule Muscles.

p. 175

"Your body is mostly (50 to 70 percent) water. Exactly how much water depends on how old you are and how much muscle and fat you have. Muscle tissue has more water than fat tissue. Because the average male body has proportionately more muscle than the average female body, it also has more water. For the same reason -- more muscle -- a young body has more water than an older one.

Don't worry, ladies. We can still argue that we're superior even though we have no upper body strength. Water is the universal solvent which could explain why men are so destructive.

Women have more fat. Guess that's why we have so much, uh, flavor?

Young people also have more water in their systems than old people do. That makes sense. Younger people are more sensitive. Not real Wise, but, more sensitive.

Water is constantly flowing through the body trying to balance out the Sodium levels. According to Rex Bills, Sodium is ruled by Mars. Salt is ruled by Saturn, Capricorn.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Fruit With Highest Pesticide Levels

The Environmental Working Group regularly publishes lists of the most toxic and least toxic fruits and vegetables that are offered for consumption according to how much pesticide residue they contain.


Well, it's good that California doesn't have many Nuclear Power Plants because we've got agriculture and all the pesticides which are used to keep the bugs and fungii off. Good place to get a Pluto/Neptune fix on a regular basis I guess. Kind of interesting to consider who it is we trust to apply this stuff but I won't go into that. Here's the list from Worst to 15th least worst.

1. Apples
2. Celery
3. Strawberries
4. Peaches
5. Spinach
6. Nectarines (imported)
7. Grapes (imported)
8. Sweet Bell Peppers
9. Potatoes, well at least that's Idaho.
10. Blueberries (domestic)
11. Lettuce
12. Kale (collard Greens)


The fruits/vegetables with the least amount of pesticides are listed in the article as well. Keyword for health here is "Thick Skin." Pluto is in Capricorn, after all.

Got a little curious to see what kinds of nutrition we'll miss out on if we avoid these fruits. I guess one could always just buy organic but I truly don't know if they are real honest about that stuff. Used to live around Apple field which were supposedly organic and helicopters came in twice a year and dumbed unbelievable amounts of poison all over the place.

Apples are best for fighting asthma and diabetes. The vitamins are kept right under the skin, right on the other side of where the pesticides are. I got that little bit of info from an interesting article at:


Looks like the fruits that are good for fighting inflammation are no longer very good for that purpose if they're full of pesticides. Strawberries? Forget about it.

Fruits that are good for Pluto in Capricorn Issues perhaps:

Kiwis, Blackberrys, Cherries, Pineapple, Papaya, Watermelon, Tomatoes, and Prunes. These are said to help with skin, bone, old age, and prostate. This is just me having fun. Read the article and make your own opinion.

"The top 25 healthy fruits: Blueberries, apples, cherries, bananas and 21 more healthy picks"

By Cara Rosenbloom, RD

Here's a list of fruits and some of the ails which they may help to cure or avoid. I guess "Fruit" overall is ruled by Venus. Have added astrological rulerships from Rex Bills The Rulership Book:

Apples: Diabetes, Asthma /// Venus
Avocado: Cholesterol ///
Banana: Lower blood pressure, potassium ///
Blackberry: stroke, cancer, gout /// Venus
Blueberry: #1 antioxidant but my Dr. says it's the worst for Diabetes, parkinson's alzheimers ///
Cantaloupe: cataracts ///
Cherry: reduce inflammation, arthritis, gout /// Venus
Cranberry: urinary tract infestion, kidney stones, ulcers /// (Mars)
Dried fig: heart disease /// Jupiter (Venus)
Gojiberry: prevention of diabetes and cancer ///
Grape: heart disease, blood pressure, cancer /// Venus (Sun)
Grapefruit pink, some cancer, cholesterol /// Sun
Kiwifruit: bone, cartilage, teeth, gum ///
Orange: cholesterol, pergnant women /// Sun, Leo
Mango: vision ///
Papaya: digestion, skin //
Peach: immune system, infection // Venus
Pear: constipation, cholesterol // Venus
Pineapple: digestion, speeds wound healing, cancer // (Mars)
Pomegranate: heart, blood pressure // Venus, (Mercury)
Prune: osteoporosis, laxative // Saturn
Raspberry: cervical cancer, colon cancer, esophogeal cancer //
Strawberry: anti-inflammatory // Jupiter, Venus, Libra
Tomatoes: prostate cancer // (Jupiter, Neptune, Mars)
Watermelon: hydration

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Don't Use These Passcodes

Abracadabra! password. It's easy to hack most of the cell phones on the planet. I'm so fed up with passwords. Wonder if Jupiter and Uranus passing over the Aries Point this past year was an Astrological Boon for Hackers worldwide. I know that pretty much all of my accounts have been hacked.

HuffingtonPost article on the 10 most common passcodes for an iphone:


all make sense, well, why would somebody choose 2222 over 3333 or 4444?

Don't understand

must be connected with words.

Yeah, 2580 and 0852 are the middle keys of the keypad.

5683 is LOVE

Don't have a clue what 1998 is.

Anyhoo. There are a lot 4 letter words out there that you can use. I'm sure you can think of something else...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Al Gore's Twitter Feed


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Eclipse? Big Bad Eclipse? Big Bad Eclipse?

This Eclipse set has me spooked personally. Maybe because there are 3 Gemini/Cancer combo's which reflects my signs. I guess the last one is the only which hits my natal planets, my Sun, H2. Wednesday June 15 is the 20th anniversary of my Mother's death. Got a little turned upside down on that day.

My Step-Mother died this year on February 11. That was a lesson in greed.

So, I'm trying to simplify what it's about. I think it's best to look at the astrolocality for that but this is what I've just pulled up.

Partial Solar Eclipse
June 1, 2011 New York, NY 5:02 pm EDT

Sun and Moon at 12 Gemini (H8)

Moon Fast, Mercury 28 Gemini Out of Bounds

Total Lunar Eclipse
June 15, 2011 New York, NY 4:13 pm EDT

Sun in Gemini (H8) opposing Moon in Sagittarius (H2)

Jupiter Singleton Fixed, It's at 3 Taurus conjunct the Descendant of the chart for New York. Banks.

Partial Solar Eclipse
July 1, 2011 New York, NY 4:53 am EDT New York, NY

Sun c. Moon 10 Cancer

Pretty balanced Chart. Saturn lead planet of Locomotive Chart, exactly c. the 12th House cusp for New York.

Isn't this hitting the U.S. Venus-Jupiter-Sun situation?

Well, that Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square is off the angles. And it's going to say bah bye soon. But, the message is: It ain't over, Fat Lady needs to sing.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

RIP Raymond Zack

What was I saying about how with the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square you have to watch your back?

Well, here it is folks.

If you need help, ask for it politely, very politely. Today's Heroes simply don't respond to people who describe their needs, wants, desires through less civil means.

A guy in Alameda, California went down to the beach to kill himself on Memorial Day and once people caught on to what he was doing they called the fire brigade. The brigade showed up, 10 or 12 of them, all glossy uniformed and stuff and they just stood around watching the guy from on shore. I think I read that they raised the ladder on the fire truck really high so they could get a better look. An article written by someone who was there. This writer said that the First Responders she talked to were genuinely concerned about the guy's welfare. Huh? They say that there's nothing new under the Sun. I think we just broke through that barrier with this story.

The fire department was there. The police were there. The coast guard brought in a helicopter and a boat, no wait, they said they couldn't get the boat (they're the Coast Guard?).

In California when you call 911 at least two cars show up. Often multiple fire trucks. These guys are flashy, but they never throw fits like other police you see on TV. They know how to make you talk just by staying suave. They also make a lot of money, 70,000 to 100,000 a year probably on average. So, when contemplating the budget crises that everyone says we're in, just think about how much money this weird event cost the taxpayers. And we didn't get our prize. We didn't get the 53 year old Rocky-Wrestler-Loser guy out of the water to complete some miracle with the last 10/20 years of his life.

Since Pluto in Virgos and Libras don't have any desire to be heroes this is the sort of story our generation is leaving to the world. Face it, we are a couple of generations who were born to do paperwork. Our most successful people sit in front of a camera looking botoxed.

Don't. Get. Your. Boots. Wet. America.

Neptune was the only planet in a Water sign. He was all on his lonesome in this chart. Neptune rules Suicide, Drownings, and the Ocean, so I guess that he plays a stand out role here. He was hanging out prominently on an angle in the 7th house. So I guess he represents Raymond Zack out there in the ocean, lungs filling up with sea water that the propellers from the helicopter are blowing into them.

Zack was in 4-5 foot deep water and apparently it takes about 1hour 15 minutes to drown yourself in front of a big crowd like that. Some woman on shore finally ran in and pulled him out. The First Responders (have so much trouble calling them that, I bet they don't have a single planet in Aries among themselves) claimed that the guy was too fat, or they didn't know how to swim themselves, or there wasn't funding. How can you live in an ocean community and be so afraid of the friggin water and destitute people?

I wrote about the Kitty Genovese story which was the previous famous Uranus-Pluto in Virgo bystander effect story of all time. I think this one could easily trump that one if only the National Media would report on it. I think I've linked to it down below. The Bay Area has one upped the new Yorkers for sheer callousness and non feeling. I'm not personally surprised, but I know some ooga boogas out there who probably are. Love and Light, mo'fo's. (Actually I think all the Love n Lighter's have all retired up to Oregon and Washington where they're driving all the natives nuts.)

So, is this what the Pluto in Virgo generation is like all grown up? Yes.

Or were these Pluto in Libras? Have you noticed the lazy attitudes of the Pluto in Libras? They all go into service jobs because they can't really manufacture anything and then figure out ways to gang stalk the customers because they can't deal with actual personal interactions.

Either way, the Bay Area has grown up. It has seen New York's ante and it has raised it one. Kitty Genovese, you are history. The Raymond Zack story occurred during mid day on a Holiday. Beat that. I know someone was probably saying "This is my day off I can't put up with this shit" and someone else was nodding his/her head in agreement. That's the attitude in the Bay Area. But, Alameda's finest, the first responders who stood around and watched from shore for more than an hour while a suicidal man drowned himself, how do you explain that? It wasn't their day off.

The first responders said they simply weren't trained for water rescue. I think they might try to find a job for which they are better suited, but who am I to criticize, I know I can't do their job. The guy weighed 300 pounds and they figured he wanted to die anyway. I talked last year about watching the ugly fat guy die in the library because the First Responders didn't show up in time. I wasn't gonna dive in their and kiss that guy on the lips. Some old lady had to. Trust me, people who die can look really cruddy.

The local media has been extremely activist on keeping this article afloat but the national media has completely ignored it. We're all concentrating on the Weiner scandal, dude's got Sun conjunct Uranus-Pluto in Virgo so he's showing the world how the Virgo's like it. The West Coast needs a real media outlet, that's for sure. Kind of interesting coincidence that California is a Virgo with a Uranus-Pluto conjunction.


Raymond Zack Commits Suicide in Front of Crowd of First Responders who do nothing to help.

Memorial Day May 30, 2011 11:30 am

ASC 23 Leo; Sun 10 Gemini (H10); Moon 15 Taurus; MC 16 Taurus; NN 25 Sagittarius RX

The public/circus style nature of the death is shown through Leo Rising. The Sun is up in the 10th House. I think I've mentioned before that in homeopathy Suicide is often represented by Aurum, which is Gold, and is therefore related to the Sun. I equate some Sun aspects with Suicide (especially in conjunction with Venus) but probably no one else does.

The Sun is at high noon, a very odd place, but this was a very public suicide. It is squaring Chiron in Pisces which is in the 7th House conjunct Neptune 1 Pisces. There were articles about how everyone on shore was feeling very concerned for the guy, nobody was going to risk their own lives for him (and he was only wading in 4 feet of water). Everyone on shore was obviously consciously aware that the guy had nothing to live for. The Sun trines Saturn 11 Libra Rx (H2). That explains the cold attitude? The need for regulation in such an event? As a matter of fact, the chart is heavily populated by planets in earth. The First Responders said that no one had budgeted for water rescue, therefore they could do nothing. It would be great to see what signs these people were. It's fascinating to see that they haven't been instantly fired.

The Moon was in conjunction with Mars to the degree at 15 Taurus. That's as volatile as it gets. First Responders who prefer not to get their feets wet should maybe schedule days off when the Moon is in hard aspect to Mars. This was also in conjunction with the Midheaven 16 Taurus, and Venus 19 Taurus (suicide, told ya), Mercury 25 Taurus.

Since Zack was either 52 or 53 years old he may have been going through his 2d progressed Lunar Return which would have hooked in to this angle. His step-mother was on shore in a frenzy, all 84 years of her. Talk about the Uranus Return from Hell.

The IC, or 4th House cusp, rules end of life. This was 16 Scorpio ruled by Pluto, planet which rules Death. The Moon ruled the 12th House cusp and Neptune ruled the 8th House cusp, another planet which rules Death and Suicidal tendencies.

Zack didn't actually die until about 1 hour, 15 minutes after the first cop showed up. At that point the Ascendant switched signs into Virgo. Neptune was conjunct the Descendant by 1 degree. And an innocent bystander ran in to the water and pulled him out. So there you go, the Virgo/Mercury/Pisces/Neptune energy finally kicks in for what it's known for. Was probably a young Pluto in Scorpio woman. Mercury was ruling the chart and was in conjunction with the MC and Venus which is the MC's ruler.

There's a Grand Fire Trine between 23 Leo ASC, NN 25 Sagittarius (H5) and Jupiter 29 Aries (H9). That explains how the Suicide attempt was successful. Fire is usually the sign that I expect the Heroics from. Perhaps the Grand Trine encased the courage in a cocoon, a vortex if you will, the energy that Noel Tyl talks about, the Heroics were sealed off in the minds of the people on the beach. I mean, I have mostly earth in my chart as well so I understand the idea of letting a guy do his thing, but I don't think that's my best characteristic.

I guess this is like the Weiner scandal. It brings up the problems of generations brought up on TV and Internet and their parents' Divorces. Stressed out people who can only watch and can't speak and who basically just can't give a shit.

It must be connected in some way to Uranus-Pluto transits. Kitty Genovese incident occurred with Uranus-Pluto in Virgo. Uranus rules Strangers and people who keep their distance emotionally. Uranus also rules Step-families. Zack's 84 year old Stepmother was helplessly standing on shore as well, unable to help, Uranus Return.

I sort of see this as probably being an example of how different Pluto generations develop. Virgo is supposed to be related to public service. Perhaps the Pluto erases those qualities? And Libra probably could learn a couple more lessons in how to feel guilt about how much they expect from others. I have noticed a weird phenomenon occurring in the U.S. which is probably related to Pluto in Virgo and Libra issues. At the same time that we've been reduced to a basically service oriented country, we have a workforce that has a "blame the customer" attitude.

I tend to think that Virgo and Libra are the signs most likely to stand around doing nothing. In the good sense they are probably the most accurate witnesses during a crime because they do not give a shit. On the bad side, they would rather watch you die than help. They are the ones who are diligently watching you through a spy cam and reporting your b.s. That's why the Weiner scandal which is not in any way interesting at all whatsoever, none of my business, keep that poo to yourself.

Sorry, just can't believe this story. What rules apathy? Got to look that up. Maybe I just did. Even Jon Stewart has missed this one, but he cut his hand reporting on Weiner.

Couldn't they have at least thrown Zack a rope, tossed him a donut, give the guy a chance to change his mind?


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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Opening Bell June 2, 2011

I think it was last Thursday. Opening Bell Chart for the NYSE shows Saturn in the 3d House of announcements. Magic Federal Reserve Chairman made his announcement that we can expect 5 weeks of falling Stock Market Prices and since then the Stock Market has lost something every day. That was the first of 3 Eclipses in a row which will happen over the next 5 weeks. Neptune was also Stationing Direct at 1 Pisces in the 8th House of this chart. There's that conjunction of Mercury-Venus-Mars in Taurus, sign of money as well. I've noticed before that Mercury and Venus conjunctions often tend to be part of stock market crashes. They're pretty common. And I'd rather have one in June than in October because everyone's going on vacation.

It all seems so controlled and staged. 5 Leo Rising. The last within orb contact between the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square was set off the angles. Maybe the Real Estate Market will start to pick up after the Cancer Eclipse in July. People are really tense. Some guy in a Taco Bell asked me what I thought of the money situation and I told him that we are screwed for 15 more years. He seemed to believe me. People are pretty messed up right about now.

June 2 Opening Bell 9:30 am New York, NY

ASC 5 Leo; Sun 12 Gemini; Moon 20 Gemini; MC 21 Aries; NN wherever it is, Sagittarius something. Oooh, it's getting close to Magic Federal Reserve BF's Sun.

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Monday, June 06, 2011

Weiner's Weiner

Well, at least this Congressman from New York has lived up to his name.

Anthony Weiner has admitted that he lied about sending a photo of his bulging underpants to a strange woman online. I sort of wonder. Is this going to stay in the Google archives forever and ever? I mean, knowing the way that things go in life, the entire Google archives will be wiped out in an online War with China over who gets to stay on the planet once Global Warming decides that only 1000 can people can remain on earth. All will be lost from what was the United States of America except for Congressman Weiner's bulge.

Only a Virgo could get away with this. Maybe his bulge isn't all that ... threatening?

Anthony Weiner
Sept. 4, 1964 Brooklyn, NY

Sun 13 Virgo; Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 29 Gemini

Has a "tight conjunction" of Sun 13 Virgo to Pluto 14 Virgo-Mercury 8 Virgo Rx-Uranus 11 Virgo. Let's face it. Virgo would rather just watch. Why do I get the feeling that porno is what really built the internet?

Natal Saturn is at 1 Pisces Rx. His biggest lessons in life come through photography. These planetary placements never really make sense until real life kicks in. If only Dad had provided stronger leadership during those vulnerable years while Mom was changing his ...

o lookee,

Mars is in Cancer at 24 degree conjunct Venus 27 Cancer and sextiles Jupiter 26 Taurus. Explains the diaper fetish. Should have been an astronaut.

Google is already censoring so much of what it keeps online. Why don't they just admit to that? I mean. What's the bigger lie here? I mean, this guy grew up in the Shadow of AIDS. This is how the Pluto in Virgo's get their rocks off. It's better than HIV, isn't it?

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Pennies From Heaven

My Health Insurance was just raised another $100.00 a month so I feel a little bit vindicated by this story:

"Man cited after paying bill with 2,500 pennies"


A 38-year old man was arguing with a Hospital about $25.00 he owed on his bill. He finally gave up and decided to pay the thing. But. He paid entirely with pennies. 2,500 of them. He dumped them on the counter and then he stood there and insisted that the employees count them while they spilled over into everything. The employees got so upset they called the Police who charged him with disorderly conduct.

Yayyyy!!! How did the police keep a straight face? Will he pay this ticket with pennies as well? Maybe the metermaid can take the change with her little machine?

Okay. Okay. I'll shut up. Gemini Rising just can't let this story go without a hoot.

Don't know what rules the different currencies. Venus rules copper and Venus rules Money through the sign of Taurus. Taurus can be a real penny pincher sign. Either way Venus was in Taurus on May 27 in tight conjunction with Mercury and Mars (employees, police, making a statement) . The stellium was trining Pluto (revenge) 7 Capricorn Rx.

Unfortunately the Gemini Sun was squaring Neptune (Hospitals).

I suspect that Hospitals are going to be in the news a whole lot during the next 13 years or so while Neptune transits through its own sign.

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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Twin Friars Die on Same Day at Age 92

A pair of identical twin brothers died last Wednesday within hours of each other. The exceptional thing is not that they both dedicated their lives to working for the Church but that they were 92 years old. You know there's going to be some really bizarre astrology in there.

92 years equals close to 90 degrees which is a square aspect on the Astrological Wheel so I was wondering if there would be a significant square setting off this event. I immediately noticed that the brothers are currently going through a significant transit on their chart, that of the Pluto Opposition. This is a very rare transit for anyone to have. People rarely make it to this age. But, also, only a few generations live with a natal Pluto which orbits through signs quickly enough so that Pluto can oppose its natal position at birth.

At age 92 Brother Julian and Brother Adrian Riester were born with Pluto at 5 Cancer in conjunction with Jupiter at 4 Cancer. On Wednesday when they passed transiting Pluto was at 7 Capricorn. This activated a significant square in their natal chart between Sun-Chiron in Aries (4-6 degrees) and Pluto-Jupiter in Cancer.

This is doubly activated as their progressed Sun was at 6 Cancer possibly in conjunction with their progressed Moon. They were possibly going through a New Moon in Cancer in their progressed chart. And they died on a Gemini New Moon. Gemini is sign of the twins.

Their charts are even exceptional for showing twin boys all around. The brothers were born during a conjunction of Mercury to Mars in Aries. And they died just after going through a return conjunction of those planets. Mercury is the sign of twins and siblings. Mars is the sign of boys and is extra strong in its own sign.
Mercury and Mars along with Venus and Jupiter as those planets have been having a long conjunction through the signs of Aries and Taurus this spring.

They died on Wednesday June 1, 2011, which was a full Moon in Gemini which would have occurred in conjunction with their South Node. Gemini is the sign of the twins and siblings. Sagittarius (NN) is the sign of Religion. The Nodes show the life path (that's simple terms). Pretty amazing literal translation of that Nodal Axis.

Brother Julian and Brother Adrian, born Jerome and Irving Riester
b. Mar. 27, 1919 New York

Sun 6 Aries; Moon Capricorn or Aquarius; NN 8 Sagittarius rx

d. June 1, 2011 St. Petersburg, Florida
Sun 11 Gemini; Moon Gemini; NN 25 Sagittarius Rx

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Germany Has Worst E.Coli Outbreak in Modern History

An outbreak of a new strain of e.coli bacteria has so far killed 22 people in Europe and has infected 450 people, possibly as many as 1213 more. The Hospitals are said to be filled to capacity. How's that for Neptune's entrance in to its own sign of Pisces. I suppose we might look to blame the water supply somehow, but apparently it's the produce. At first Germany blamed the outbreak on some organic cucumbers from Spain which almost sent Europe into WWWIII. Now they say that they suspect the source was some bean sprouts which were served up at a restaurant in Lubeck, Germany. I've read that bean sprouts are really notorious carriers of these types of disease. Wonder why the hippies like them so much. At any rate, they are now the villains. I saw a photo of some being held in some tongs. They looked like vile worms. Never thought you could make a bean sprout look so creepy. Just read a story about 6 people who came down with the disease, 3 women and 3 men. They said they had only one bathroom for the women and one bathroom for the men and this severely affected their ability to queue properly. Can you imagine? I can. I had the Salmonella when I was a kid and was quarantined for a month.

I picked up some dates from Wikipedia. The deadliest outbreak of all time makes sense as Saturn-Pluto and Uranus sort of are in their final pass of the notorious t-square pattern. Neptune rules poisons along with Pluto and it is strong in its own sign. Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn which just expresses issues regarding being stuck and also in using force. It is squaring Saturn which is ruling Capricorn. Saturn in Libra shows a weakening of the kidneys which this food poisoning is said to be very good at. Something called hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS).

Probably having the South Node in Gemini doesn't help the matter. I tend to think that diseases spread rapidly with this sign.

The first case was confirmed on May 2. That's a new Moon in Taurus. The Moon had just passed over a huge stellium in Aries: Uranus 3 Aries; Venus 14 Aries; Mercury 17 aries; Jupiter 23 Aries; Mars 23 Aries. These were all setting off the outer planet Cardinal Sign t-square. Interesting that Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and this is considered a new strain of e.coli, only confirmed one other time in Korea.

Of course, since Aries is the God of War I'm suspicious that this is some biowarfare thing, but I'm paranoid, of course. With New Moon in Taurus, the people at the catered event were probably just over-eating.

The first death came on May 21, 2011. The Sun changed signs to Gemini and was exactly squaring Neptune-Chiron 1-6 Pisces. The Moon was in Capricorn. There was a tight conjunction of Venus-Mars-Mercury at 7-8 Taurus. This is close to the placement of where the New Moon was when the first case was noticed which would have been about 12 Taurus.

Perhaps the guilty vegetable is some sort of Taurus thing.

Here's an article about what kinds of foods Taurus' like. Cucumbers are in there but I guess it's not the Cucumbers: http://www.ehow.com/how_2180348_cook-taurus.html

Here's an article about what kinds of foods Aries like. Cucumbers are in there as well. http://www.ehow.com/how_2180334_cook-aries.html

But, it's not the cucumbers. Of course, they blamed organic. And the Spaniards are p'o'd about being blamed. And then it turns out that the new strain probably was released from a creepy laboratory somewhere.

There were no planets in Virgo for this one, let me tell you. I'd suspect there could more problems with food that arise from this t-square. I guess there was a huge rise of suicides among farmers in India. I hate to think what the reason for that is, but it should certainly be of more concern to more people, imo.

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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Missing Nurses in Bay Area

A beautiful young Nursing Student went missing a week ago Friday. She was taking a break from her class at a hospital in Hayward, CA. Her name is Michelle Hoang Thi Le.

EDIT: Michelle Le's body was found
Saturday Sept. 17, 2011 10:30 am near Sunol, CA

ASC 9 Scorpio; Sun 25 Virgo (H11); NN 19 Sagittarius

Pluto Stationing Direct 5 Capricorn squaring Venus 4 Libra opposite Uranus 3 Aries Rx.

An old high school friend has been arrested for her murder:

Giselle Estebar
b. Feb. 4, 1984 (Place)

Estebar suspected that Le was involved romantically with her child's Father. I'm not sure of the age of the child because of news reports. Estebar is said to be 7 months pregnant with her second child.

Either way, my interpretation was way off. Will never publish another crime in progress like this again. My apologies to the family of Michelle Le.

end of edit.

Michelle's disappearance bears many similarities to another missing person case from last year which ended up as an unsolved murder. This was the disappearance and murder of Phuong Le who disappeared a few days before her 25th Birthday.

The events of the disappearances share some remarkable similarities. Both women are born within a year of each other so are the same age. They are both nursing students. They are of Vietnamese descent and they live in the Bay Area. They even drive similar white cars, SUVs, and have the same last name (although it's pretty common). Their cars have been found along with most of their belongings left inside.

They also went missing around the same time of year (April 25, 2010 and May 27, 2011). And they were both seen just as Scorpio rules the chart. Scorpio rules violent crimes so this is of extreme concern. Taurus rules the Descendant in these charts. Assuming that this describes the Victims, it is interesting that from the birth dates I have found for the women that they are both Venusian Sun Signs. Phuong was a Taurus Sun. Michelle may or may not be a Libra Sun.

Since the Ascendant and Descendant describe the victim and victimizer in an event chart this might indicate that the cases are related. There's about a 2 hour window time frame for this particular Rising Sign and we don't have official times for either event chart. The articles I've read say that the police say there is about a 30percent chance that their crimes are related. It seems as if the Taurus/Scorpio Axis will describe whatever motives and tensions occurred between victim and victimizers. We don't know for sure that Michelle Le is a victim and didn't just skip town for some reason, but reports from people who know her say that it would be very uncharacteristic of her to do so.

At 7pm, Mercury (sibling), Venus (female), and Mars (male) were in a conjunction in Taurus and passing over the Descendant.

Both event charts contain the stressful Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square configuration which can show that stresses from the environment and culture at large may play in to the crimes. Since the event charts may possibly have similar house placements the t-square may be placed in the same houses within the charts for each crimes. This has apex-ruler Pluto in Capricorn in the 2d House (Taurus, Money, Self worth). The Saturn-Uranus opposition is hanging out over the H6-12 cusps. They are in different signs in both charts as both planets have changed signs over the last year. Pluto is the planet of jealousy. It shows the motive. This t-square points to the empty 8th house which Pluto rules. This t-square has been at these locations, though, every night in April-May for the last 2 years, though, so the crimes can't really be described through them, except to say that they could have occurred as result of long standing stressors.

I'd guess that any suspects involved might have had this t-square playing heavily on their natal charts. But, often, victims and victimizers will have the same aspects and transits so it's always difficult to draw conclusions.

Both women's charts were under stress from this t-square in the following ways:

Phuong Le had a natal square between Venus 7 Aries to Neptune 4 Capricorn Rx in her chart. This will show that she had heightened romantic fantasies and artistic talent. This combination is often connected with drugs in some way, so nursing is a natural positive outlet.

Michelle Le has a conjunction of Neptune 29 Sagittarius-Mars 5 Capricorn-Jupiter 7 Capricorn in her natal chart. This would show heightened fantasies as well, maybe a Prince Charming complex. Mars shows the types of men women are attracted to. Venus shows how women express their end of their love lives.

I wrote about a month ago about another missing Nursing Student in Tennessee who possibly happens to have the same birth date as Michelle Le who just disappeared. different year, but, wow, these stories are pretty bad. By strange coincidence she happens to share the same birthday with Michelle (different years)(I'm not sure the date I have is accurate) http://outthecometsass.blogspot.com/2011/04/abducted-woman-in-tennessee-holly-bobo.html.

I can't make heads or tails of the charts aside from the fact that, if I'm working with the correct birth dates, both young women were born in a difficult year. Both Saturn and Pluto were in Scorpio when they were born. Phuong had had a relation with a boss who is married and has a family. She had had an argument with a sister earlier in the day. And she had recently graduated from school and was concerned about finding a job.

Michelle was supposedly on her way to Reno for the week-end. The news isn't mentioning this but sometimes that can indicate a gambling problem. Scorpio tends to present complications like this.

Both women have transiting Pluto passing over natal Neptune in Capricorn right now, or very recently. This is a signature for "Wipe Out" (usually just in the spiritual sense) as Noel Tyl calls this combination.

Young Women: Venus
Nurses: Virgo, Pisces
Automobiles: Mercury, Mars
White Cars: I'm not sure what rules the color White. I'd say Sagittarius, but that's only because Emily Dickenson was a Sagittarius and she only wore white. Should try to figure that out as the color white is also closely related with nurses because of their uniforms.
Book store: Mercury
Hospital: Neptune
Names: Ascendant, Gemini, Mercury?
Students: Higher Learning: Jupiter
Cell Phones: Mercury

Here's the information I've pulled up.

Phuong Le went missing last year.

Left house: April 25, 2010 around 4:00 pm Suisun City, CA.

Sun 6 Taurus (H8); Moon Libra?; NN 16 Capricorn Rx

ASC at 5pm was 2 Libra; at 8:30 pm it was 14 Scorpio
Is said to have been seen by an employee at Barnes & Noble, Fairfield, CA around 8:30 pm. Security cameras don't show her presence but that may be because they are angled to show the employees rather than the customers. Her brother found her car in the parking lot early the next morning when he went out to look for her.

Phuong's body was found in Napa by a woman who was out walking her dog on Friday May 7, 2010 at around 9:00 am (near Fairfield, CA).

Phuong Le
born Apr. 30, 1985 Saigon, Vietnam

Sun 10 Taurus; Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 19 Taurus

Phuong went missing 4 days before her 25th Birthday. She was a year past her first Jupiter Return.

Sun is widely conjunct the North Node in Taurus and is widely opposing Pluto 3-4 Scorpio. Her n. Saturn 26 Scorpio is widely conjunct the South Node 19 Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign most often connected with Murder. Pluto rules that sign. The Nodal Axis can show events/conditions affecting life path/destiny. Sun and Saturn and Pluto connected together like this can show issues surrounding use of force. It's also a very unforgiving connection. Saturn-Pluto types are somehow not as forgivable as other people. They are often seen together in the charts of healers as well because the sense of forcefulness can be emotional or psychic as much as physical. Phuong also has a conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces which would have really enforced her desire to help others in the world. This mirrors the transiting conjunction of those planets which occurred this past year.

Phuong's chart also shows a conjunction of Mars 3 Gemini c. Chiron 7 Gemini which opposes the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and may or may not square her natal Moon. This might show a restless spirit and an attraction to restless men. She had had an affair with her boss at a previous job at a Postal Store (the Gemini works literally here). Her boss was married and was questioned a lot during the investigation, as one can imagination.

Michelle Hoang Thi Le, Age 26
I'm leaving out the birth date I have for her because I don't know if it's accurate and if it is would violate her privacy. I've mentioned some parts of her chart already, but can't guarantee that it's correct info.

May 27, 2011 Hayward, CA 7:00 pm Friday

Sun 7 Gemini ((H7); Moon 13 Aries (H5); ASC 22 Scorpio; NN 25 Sagittarius Rx (H2); DESC 22 Taurus

The Neptune-Chiron conjunction is conjunct the IC. That certainly describes the Hospital location so this event chart looks accurate.

article describing the case: http://newsfeedresearcher.com/data/articles_n23/police-hayward-michelle.html

Mercury plays strongly in the charts that I've looked at. That can indicate a number of things. Phones, Cars, Siblings, Neighbors, Children, Communications, Jobs.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Set of 3 Eclipses

Looked at the eclipses because the market tanked more than 200 points today. This is something the banks have been planning I guess. Interests rates go up, Stocks go down.

Both June Eclipses have Scorpio Rising (Investments, Bankruptcy, Insurance). Ruler Pluto is in the 3d house. Guess that means that business and shrewd, quick witted types win. The Sun, Moon and Nodal Axis are all crossing the H2 (Banking) AND H8 in both charts.

The Saturn-Uranus opposition is crossing the H6-H12 houses. If you're not the one creating the shock, you the one who just got farked.

Jupiter is conjunct the Descendant from the 6th House in both charts. It rules the 2d House of Banking (expansion? or inflation? or just a rise in interest rates?). International Banking? Foreign interests taking over the banking industry? Hope you've been saving your Yen.

Europe is suffering from some virulent form of e coli that nobody understands. The Germans say it's the Spanish Cucumbers. Don't know what the Spanish are saying. Russia won't buy from either country. What rules Cucumbers?

added 6/2: (So, there were at least two very big announcements which could be indicated by the Pluto (3 house) t-square to the Saturn-Uranus opposition over the H6-H12 cusps of health. Europe is suffering from a new super toxin e-coli, one of the most deadly (Pluto). It affects the kidneys (Libra rules Kidneys, Saturn in Libra on H12 cusp). And the other announcement was that the economy is very weak and the employment figures don't look good (Uranus on the H6 cusp, which can also show the health concerns that Europe is having). http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110602/ap_on_he_me/eu_contaminated_vegetables_europe

The solution for t-square problems shows up in the house opposite the apex planet. This is the 9th House with Cancer as the sign. These two elements don't blend well and require constant adjustment, love of home. Then there is giving opinions, higher knowledge and love of other people's homes. The solution might be through what these two signs have in common. That indicates long distance travel which is maybe not as easy to do right now. Another solution is to maintain a sense of humor. There's a problem with that as well because Sagittarius usually makes fun of others as a sense of humor and Cancer feels picked on. So, if in doubt, make fun of yourself or of the Cancer/Sagittarius tension which struggles between being clingy and needy and with wanting freedom and independence.)

June 1, 2011 Solar Partial 5:02 pm EDT NY, NY
Sun 12 Gemini; Moon 12 Gemini (H8); ASC 3 Scorpio; MC 10 Leo; NN 25 Sagittarius Rx (H2)

conjunction of Mar 17 Taurus to Venus 21 Taurus in H7, unaspected except for conjunction to each other. Mercury 29 Taurus H7 also.

June 15, 2011 4:13 pm EDT NY, NY
Sun 25 Gemini (H8); Moon 25 Sagittarius (H2); ASC 5 Scorpio; MC 11 Leo; NN 24 Sagittarius (H2)

This is a Total Lunar Eclipse. You think you're crazy now, just wait.

Oh no, bring back Osama. We need a common enemy to keep us united. We'll have to bomb Wall Street ourselves!

July 1, 2011 8:54 am Solar Partial
Sun 10 Cancer; Moon 10 Cancer; ASC 1 Cancer; MC 7 Pisces; NN 23 Sagittarius

A Solar Eclipse that is a triple Cancer ruled by the Moon. Sun/Moon is opposing Pluto 7 Capricorn across the 1st and 7th Houses.

Well, Cancer rules Real Estate. I'd like to think that the Bankers are figuring that all kinds of house hunters will be out buying up Real Estate? And the double dipper will be a short term thing?

Today's Opening Bell chart has the Sun-Moon conjunction in the 11th House squaring Neptune-Chiron in H8. The Rising is 4 Leo so Sun rules the chart. Jupiter and the Mars-Venus conjunction in Taurus is in the 10th House. Jupiter trines Pluto in the 6th House. Pluto is squaring the Saturn-Uranus opposition which crosses H3-9. Saturn is close to the IC but kind of strange that the announcement that the Real Estate Market is a double dipper in many spots (not in California) doesn't show a more traumatized chart. Only angle that's heavily populated is the 10th House so there's leadership. Nobody's really steering the oars. And the public has vanished. Maybe it's good to announce a double dipper just after the start of Summer. Maybe this year's crop of college grads won't end up being such arrogant spoiled brats for a change. I guess I'm old and bitter and a total failure, huh?


3 eclipses in a row

Eclipse at around 11 Gemini today. There will be another on June 15 at somewhere around 24 Gemini Sagittarius. Then there will be another one at early cancer in July. Sorry I don't have the exact information. The newsletters I've received that are written by astrologers are better than usual even. That's maybe the beneficial side of the Gemini Sagittarius. Would like to link to them but don't really want to send any weirdos over there in case some anti-socials are reading this. Gemini rules contagiousness, disease. So you always have to wash your hands really well. Don-t use anti-bacterial soaps though because that goes down the drain and kills the nice fishes. Just open all doors with your non-dominant hand, keep you pockets empty, and figure out how to use spell check on your iPad or you will go insane.

Keep your car maintained. If you really want to destroy a person spread gossip about them. Maybe a bunch of announcements. Yesterday a bunch of scientists announced that cell phones create cauliflowers in your brain. How appropriate. In California the police are allowed to go through your cell phone without a warrant. Can't tell you what a relief that has brought for me due to the gang stalking thing. I've sort of collapsed me life though because of the stress so we'll see. I should write an essay about legal tortures that people from 3dworld countries use. I know more about illegal immigration at this point than the INS. Fortunately for all involved nothing I say is ever believable. Must've the Gemini rising. Fucking apple spell check. Sorry Steve jobs, love ya babe. I bought this thing to draw on anyway. There is no spell check in the art world.

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