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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

David Cassidy Pleads Not Guilty to DUI

Well, my Blogger account looks really screwed up right now. Do you think that Wikileaks is after me? I do. At any rate, nobody else is. Just googled myself on Alexa website and my popularity is down to something like 770,000. Do they ever congratulate you for that type of thing?

Wow, there's so much software attached to my keyboard that it's almost impossible to type. Oh no, that's my Virus scanner which I turned on due to paranoia about being tracked by Wikileaks.

Anyway, like the U.S. Government, I'm not popular. So I thought I'd go to Yahoo to see who is trending and then figure out why they are trending for whatever they are trending for. And then if I also write about them really quick and publish it my Alexa rating will go up.

Today we have David Cassidy. He's an Aries so he likes to be #1.

Boy, does this take me back. For some reason I can't remember David Cassidy without also remembering my Francie doll. Francie was the total Capricorn. She was like Barbie but with better bone structure and with legs that bent. And, just like a Capricorn, when you bent her knees they creaked. And I remember bending her knees to the song "I think I Love You" as a sort of percussive audience participation thing.

Maybe I've got my boy singers all mixed up. I think that Francie pre-dated David Cassidy. But right now I think he's feeling older than Francie. This is just a temporary thing and it will pass. David's progressed Sun has a few more years to go before leaving the adolescent, Mercurial sign of Gemini.

David probably doesn't realize that he really is old and that the reason why he got caught driving drunk is because he is an old drunk. Reality doesn't interest him. That's why he's an artist. His natal Aries Sun is opposing Neptune in Libra. So, yeah, he likes to drink. So what? Well, right now Saturn is right on top of natal Neptune. Saturn symbolizes Father Time and Old Age. And, like I said, Saturn reminds you that you're old from the knees on up. His teeth might be bugging him. Well, alcohol just eats right through the gums and before you know it, no teeth. Or maybe he has a bad dentist.

And then there's David Cassidy's Moon. You always want to look at the water elements to see why a Dude's filling up. Plus the Moon rules David Cassidy's entire chart. Cassidy's a naturally happy guy. His Aquarius Moon is conjunct natal Jupiter. What an optimist. He just doesn't see why we any of us needs boundaries. Just drink from the spigot, David, it's got less walls than a glass or a bottle.

Jupiter just wants to fill up and up and up. Those cups just overflow, when you're young it's with Love and when you're old it's with Beer and when you're old and rich it's with Chevas. Gawd, you were hot. You still are. You just look gross when you're barfing and swerving all over the road. I would totally not have wanted to watch that sobriety test. I'm sure the cop is still laughing his head off about it. With the current transits and progressions and what not, you've got to be careful. You can't get away with anything.

What's the matter? Did the batteries run down on your police scanner? Or were you just to drunk to notice when it was beeping? Or had you passed out? Well, with your chart ruler being the tidal flowing Moon which is conjunct Jupiter who's just a girl who cain't say no being passed over by transiting rosy colored Neptune conjunct Chiron who always gets caught at everything at the end of Aquarius. You got caught. It's so that you can come back to humanity, Lover Boy, and sing us some new songs. You've forgotten what us minions are doing and you need to come back down to earth. I couldn't throw my Francie Doll away so my Mother did it for me and my heart has been broken ever since. But, enough about me.

I think you can lie your way out of this one. You have Mars in Virgo so you know how to finesse the fine details of reality. You're being asked to sober up by Saturn, however, if only you could get over the relationship problems you had with your Dad and you won't be able to do that. You're older now than he was when he had his first grandchild. If you haven't learned by now. . . well, you had heard enough of that by the time you were two to last you for a lifetime. Be Happy. Put in the old Bobby Mcferrin 8 track and cheer up.

Why do you feel like you're always being picked on?

With progressed Mars just passing into Libra and squaring natal Uranus and the transiting Nodal Axis/Pluto conjunction, wow, you really need to be careful while driving, even if you're sober. With that aspect you need to be careful walking. You can thank the Mr.Police Officer for channeling your Daddy complex. He saved your ass. (Nice one that it is). This aspect could do a lot for your sex appeal by the way. That's why you're Number 1 Trending on Yahoo right now.

At this point, you don't even need a Francie Doll. You can use your own knees. (Teehee, I know that's mean and it's dumb).

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Taking a Leak With Julian Assange

The United States has sort of become a fire hydrant for The Wikileaks website to lift its leg on. The website has published huge quantities of dangerous information related to U.S. Diplomatic relations. It has already leaked various bits to newspapers around the world for about the last 2 months (heard on NPR this morning while driving). The poor schmucks at those newspapers are trying to analyze it. Fie. What's a Pluto in Virgo generation to do? The previous leaks which the website have buzzed us with gathered no real attention, so maybe this will be the big deal.

Pluto is conjunct the North Node in Capricorn right now to the degree. This is hitting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's progressed Sun and Mercury at 7 and 4 Capricorn, respectively. Geez, can someone give that woman a break? Her Progressed Mercury is out of bounds as well. Transiting Mercury and Mars are too.

Hillary was born about 2 seconds (slight exagg) after an Rx Station of Mercury and she dealt with it during her entire childhood (up to about 1962-63) and it's her chart ruler, so she's probably getting hit in a spot where she's got some residual insecurities left over from childhood. With this Mercury, she's always had to put extra effort into making sure that all the t-s are crossed, all the i's dotted, and all the diplomats who work for her know what they are doing.

The official release of the documents for Greenwich Mean Time (I think) is

Wikileaks does it again
Nov. 28, 2010 9:30 pm GMT

Sun 7 Sagittarius; Moon 8 Virgo; ASC 19 Leo; MC 3 Taurus; NN 4 Capricorn

depending on where the Leaks was published from this chart will change.

This particular chart has unaspected Saturn in Libra down in the 3d house. How's that for a little lesson on being on your own while perfecting the fine art of diplomatic relations? As exposed by the media, the internet, and some scatter brains who can't figure out what else to do with their lives.

Venus (women) is also in the 3d House of this chart. Venus is at 30 Libra. That symbolizes a woman, in literal format. That also means that transiting Venus is conjunct Hillary's Sun at 3 Scorpio. And that's good for America because she's gonna sckooch us on through this. I mean the shit that Wikileaks is publishing is probably nothing compared with what China, Russia, and Israel haven't already been ciphering out of the web for 10 years already anyway. Think of this as a big lesson in Military and Security issues in how America the Beautiful Communicates.

The chart has the exact conjunction of Pluto-NN in the 5th House. It also has a square between Sun and Moon from H2 to H4. And it will have an exact conjunction of Neptune to Chiron in Pisces which is the 7th House (that represents Assange). These aspects are very tight in orb which means that they've been coming to a head for a while.

Interesting that the above chart has the same Ascendant (18-19 Leo) as is in Hillary's Progressed Chart. Hillary's natal and progressed Saturn and Pluto are hanging out right over this point! President Obama's Sun is at 13 Leo so he's included as well.

So, what's the real story here? Dunno. Saturn and Pluto? Wow, that's just a whole lot of reality, man. I just wanted to talk about Julian Assange' childhood in this post, not this other stuff. From the little info that's available it sounds like Assange was sort of raised in an anti-reality machine or something. His parents ran a circus or something. His Mother married a jerk and she and her two sons had to go into hiding to get away from the guy.

But, first, the Wikileaks release chart. It sort of looks like a case of TMI. Too much information. Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter traveling in conjunction with Uranus back and forth over the Pisces/Aries cusp for almost the last year. Neptune is conjunct Chiron to the degree in Aquarius in H7 and there's a Sun-Moon square in mutable signs. Mercury conjunct Mars in Sagittarius. Both out of bounds. This just sort of shows a lot of babbling with no direction to me. Truthiness? The information will hurt in small ways. Out of the zillions of bits of notes that have been looked at I heard on the radio that one reporter estimates there are about 100 stories to tell.

It just also looks a little bit staged and controlled. The major emphasis in the chart is a huge square of planets over the 5th and 8th Houses. In the 5th House of Risks, Entertainment, Ego trips, Military Might, and putting on a Striptease Act or something: Mars is conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius. These two planets are both out of bounds and they are loosely conjunct Pluto-NN on the same degree of Capricorn. These are squaring Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces up in the 8th House. That's power tripping. If you want to enlighten us, don't do it directly from the shadowy 8th House, it will sound like you're talking from under water. With Taurus Midheaven (and I'm not sure it really is Taurus because I don't have the place of publishing) there is some sort of Dictatorial Need to take control.

So, on to Julian Assange's troubled childhood which is panning out for him on the world stage just fine, unless of course, he is in the middle of committing suicide right now because he's not as powerful as he would like to be.

Only birth date I have for Assange is his year, 1971, who knows if that is correct. This means that he has natal Pluto in Virgo. That means that he has been going through his Pluto square. That's a good time to be accused of spying and rape. And, as I said, it's a good time to turn into that which you hate and have unhealthy obsessions over. We don't always know what we hate until after we have turned into it and someone tells us to go look in the mirror. Some healers say that Pluto represents transformation. Overall, I'd say that humans are too stupid to do transformation.

Pluto and Neptune are the planets which humans can never really grasp. They have super long transiting orbits. We can never complete a full orbit of them during our short life times. And if you haven't felt how the planet touches every last bit of your soul, I'm sorry, you can't claim it. So Neptune and Pluto are sort of the mystery spots for what human individuals can and can't understand in life. You know Pluto. You always have to ask "WTF?" when Pluto's around. (Neptune you just alwasy say a plain old "Wha?") Pluto's motivations are way beyond comprehension. Sex. Death. Taxes. We have to trust that things will work out, and they will, about 3 years after a major Neptune or Pluto transit. That's how long it takes to recover or wake up or come out of hiding or ween off the pharamceuticals, for everyone except the Uranians. Most of us don't even get a complete Uranus Return. That happens at about Age 83.

And without any information about Assange I just got curious about a couple of things and wanted to take a look at them from the point of view of my Astrology Research project on Children of Divorce in which I notice that 1st planetary returns hold trauma within a child over his lifetime.

There's a recurring theme in Assange's life having to do with custody battles during divorce. Assange went through hell moving around while his Mother and StepFather fought over his brother. This would have occurred between 1982 (Saturn c. Pluto) and 1987 roughly. Then, Assange went through the same thing with his own son later on.

Talking about feeling like an outsider, wow.

I'm trying to see if there is a connection between big custody battles and Ceres and Pluto in children. In mythology, Pluto, lord of the underworld, abducts Ceres' daughter Persephone. Ceres goes ape face and calls a drought on the land so Pluto makes a deal and returns Persephone to her Mother above land for 6 months out of the year and then takes her back for the other 6. Ceres here is the parent, and Pluto is a Child Molestor, not a Father. But you get the picture. We never hear from the child, Persephone. And this myth is repeating over and over again in the households of America even as we speak.

For my research I want to assume that Assange's own parents divorce during his 1st Ceres return. My thesis is that kids can become stuck in the growth stage of development at whatever is the most recent planetary return. For Assange this would be around Age 4 or 5. There are a bunch more influences at this age. Jupiter is making first hits to itself, the square at age 3 and the trine at age 4. Juno and Pallas are having returns. The whole Belt of asteroids held between Mars and Jupiter's orbs is having returns at this time. Assange doesn't seem to have much influence from those, especially Pallas, who is the Goddess, Divine Wisdom, who added the concept of adding mercy to the harsh black and white thinking of the judicial system. Sort of the beginnings of the Jesus myth, not Pluto revenge stuff. So that could be Pluto. Or it could be Ceres because remember how p'o'd she got and who can blame her. The Nodal Return cycle is also very closely linked in time to Ceres with its first square to itself at about age 4.5 ish.

And what I would look for in this case is to see if later Ceres Returns have brought Assange back to sort of the same unhealed place that he was in during the first difficult version. Ceres' orbit is too fast to ever know this unless talking to the guy himself and he seems particularly close lipped on his own personal stuff (it may not actually be secretive, it may just be that no one ever bothered to ask him, a Child of D thing).

It's interesting, though, to see that Ceres was in Sagittarius and conjunct Neptune at least for a time during 1982 when his Mother separated from his stepfather and took the family into hiding. That indicates the wanderlust that Assange continues to have. He was in hiding with his Mother and Brother for apparently about 5 years. That's from Age 7 (approx) to Age 12. That takes us from his first prog.Moon/Saturn square to his first Jupiter Return.

Ceres was again in Sagittarius in 1991 for a time when Assange broke up with his own first lover and began a long custody battle. Pluto was in Scorpio, his own sign, during all these years which emphasizes perhaps a prominent hidden theme here.

I'm not sure what Assange was doing the whole time that Pluto was passing through Sagittarius, I guess just hacking into past and current girlfriend's emails and stuff, such a fun guy. My Mother had a Sagittarius boyfriend who recorded telephone conversations with her and offered them to my brother after she died.

Ceres again hit Sagittarius at the beginning of last year. So I guess this meant that Assange's stress recurred and he decided to abduct all kinds of boring information from Hillary Clinton's natal Mercury Retrograde. How can these guys be so smart and so stupid at the same time? At any rate, this helped me to waste a bunch of time.

Assange, you're getting in the way of Anderson Cooper's face on the broadcast. My eyesight isn't what it used to be and so all I can really see is premature grey hair. I can't tell, did North Korea just bomb South Korea or not? Oh, is that the cute Gay guy or the rapist, computer hacker? Thank God I'm too old for both of them.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Barack Obama's Busted Lower Lip

On Thanksgiving Day Barack Obama decided to shoot a few hoops with his friends. A little leisurely diversion from the turmoil of leading the World. Things turned out badly for the President as someone, name not disclosed, bashed the President in the face. The gash in the Presidents' lip required 12 stitches.

Yesterday, the President didn't show up to inspect the White House tree when it arrived. The Newscasters made a point out of saying that only the girls, Michelle Malia and Sasha, were going to do that this year. The President obviously looks so much like Mickey Rourke right now he would even scare a Christmas tree.

So,I wanted to quickly look at the President's chart. For accidents one looks at Mars and Uranus. For physical problems one looks at H1 and H6. For clutsiness one looks at Jupiter. I suppose a couple of inconjuncts and sesquisquares wouldn't hurt. Something that shows that things aren't lining up quite right.

Obama's chart is natally ruled by Uranus and he has natal Mars in Virgo so he might catch a wayward fist from time to time as it is. This might be his own personal way of knowing when he needs to withdraw and take a little R&R. Go Getters need that extra help.

On Thanksgiving Day, Mars and Mercury were in conjunction in the sign of Sagittarius. I don't know what kinds of things occurred in the Sports World overall on that day, but they were probably a little more goofy than usual. Mercury and Mars working together rule the motor skills and, as I said, Jupiter can sometimes misjudge spacial perceptions, through use of good will, thinking that one can make that shot, misjudging that fist that just happens to show up from out of god damned nowhere. Mars-Mercury were squaring Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces too. That just makes things a little more extreme. Actually, way more extreme.

This all opposes and and squares Obama's natal Mars. Mars rules the head. I think that the lips are co-ruled by Mars and Venus.

So, Obama, plays basketball all the time. Mercury and Mars are in conjunction quite often. Why did this have to happen to him this year?

Obama's progressed Chart is backing things up. His progressed Mars and Mercury are within 2 degrees conjunction of his progressed Descendant right now. 23-25 Libra. Mars rules his progressed Ascendant which is currently at 24 Aries. So, natal Ascendant ruled by Uranus. Progressed Ascendant ruled by Mars. Thank God this guy doesn't have as much time to exercise as he used to, who knows what he would have done to himself by now.

His Progressed Sun has just moved into Libra (1 Libra) and is in an exact opposition to his Progressed Moon 1 Aries. That's a progressed Full Moon. Wow. Even mellow Hawaii born Obama probably felt like howling a bit over this aspect.

One remembers of course that transiting Pluto is conjunct the North Node to the degree right now. This is just a couple of degrees away from a square to his progressed Sun and Moon and pulls in his natal Venus in Cancer. There's the necessary Venus rulership of lower lip fiascos.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Bell

Market didn't tank again. What a Jealous Possessive Mother is to her daughter, so the Moon-Pluto aspects are to the Stock Market? Yah, can't figure it out. Control and Power and Subterfuge. It's actually Saturn and Pluto and the Moon working together.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reality Check Bell

Somebody tell Magic Chairman B-F- that no news is good news. Pluto's at the Ascendant during opening bells on the stock market and the Federal Reserve just let out the news that 2011 markets are going to suck. Tomorrow there is a t-square right on the angles of the opening bell charts. Pluto is on 1st, Moon is on 7th, and Saturn is out in left field doing an apex thing. Venus, the Bitch of Stocks and Bonds, is right on the Mideaven on the last degrees of Libra. She's getting ready to go turn a couple of tricks over in Scorpio in order to make ends meet.

This is a short week followed by a long meal and 4 days of what will be a lot of indigestion.

Thanks a lot. I'll go eat my Swanson Turkey Dinner by myself. Pilgrims my ass.

Somebody made it so that I can't pull up Opening Bell charts on my astrology program. In the words of Martha, "That's a Good Thing." Hey, and where the Hell has she gone since she got out of jail. She always sounds loaded when she talks, obviously got a little prescription drug thing going and we haven't had a good Holiday ever since.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Pluto-NN in Capricorn - Turning Away from Imploding Bridges

Now this is what I'm talking about.

The conjunction of Pluto to the North Node in Capricorn has been one spooky build from an astro point of view. I mean, how can that combo possibly be good?

The conjunction is exact right now. And so ... A live news cast of a bridge being blown up in Chicago became such a boring wait (capricorn is slow, very slow) that the show switched to the weather caster (light hearted Uranus-Neptune mutual reception) for just a second. And during that second the bridge imploded. And the newscasters missed it! And because this happened in Chicawgah, they went ape face. They were throwing and chewing up and spitting out the papers their news cast was written on. Awesome!


And all kinds of stuff has surfaced this week. On a literal scale, Natalee Holloway's jaw (bones - Capricorn) washed up on the beach (from depth of ocean - Pluto) so Joren Van de Dukandavitch-whatsisname is going to go through a few more years of Beth Holloway.

What else? All kinds of things. Obama came back from a big tour of Asia and had to immediately leave for Europe because the Europeans were whining that we don't love them anymore. Do they really care? Oh yeah, Ireland and Portugal went belly up. The U.S. Banks are soon to follow. Lots of news casts of Big Ben so that has an upside until the electricity gets disconnected.

And as long as we can't pay for anything, California's so far in debt, Dianne Feinstein finagled California Law to continue to offer illegal aliens free college tuition. If only they would ban them from majoring in psychology and make them study something constructive. Ah well, this way they get to learn what's wrong with the minds of White People while ignoring their own problems. (What problems?)

So who has the highest drop out rate from College?

Turns out, kids from Divorce have a much higher drop out rate from College, assuming they go in the first place, but they're not eligible for squat, unless, of course, they're Mexican. California doesn't even keep statistics on the numbers of kids from Divorce, neither does the CDC. Studies have shown that divorce is known to be more destructive psychologically than death of a parent but for some reason this is ignored because it hurts the parents' feelings. I know how to fix this problem. I learned it from the Mexicans. We just have to start planting bed bugs in the Mexican communities. They seem to understand revenge better than any of the other emotions.

While we're distorting statistics and talking about numbers, it turns out that China rerouted 15 percent of all internet traffic on a day back in April for 18 minutes. This info was just published this week. That's no doubt the last we'll hear of this. I'll post on this later, it's fascinating.

And it brings us to the subject of Censorship. And spying. And abuse of authority. And creepy old cultures that can't change over to Mama's way of thinkin'. That's the one that we're going to be dealing with now.

And this brings us to the Tea Party. They've been quiet this week. That's how we know we're really screwed. When people have stopped talking. Oh yeah, Sarah Palin did announce that she's considering running for President. That's not Pluto. That's Aquarius. Actually, that's not astrology, that's, that's just plain old funny. Oh yeah, this post was originally about imploding bridges. So much infrastructure, so little time.

Where was Pluto when the Christians burned down Rome? There must have been about 5 Pluto's in the sky. Tarnas' book is in storage at all the most inappropriate times. And I just read that Scientists were able to measure Eris on Nov. 5 or 6. She's the planet that got Pluto kicked out of the Planetosphere (or at least he had to go underground, old issues with Ceres). The Scientists thought that Eris was bigger than Pluto. Turns out that's not true. Eris is just really far away and hard to measure. The Scientists are just irrational wind bags who might, just might, i'm not speakin in absolutes here because i tend to wonder what the hell astrology is all about as well, but the scientists might just open their little minds a tiny wee bit more and focus their big bad hubble on just a teensy bit of what we're babbling about. I mean, human intuition is a pretty miraculous thing, and science is just in its infancy, but, hey, yeah, this is all about the best part of Pluto in Capricorn.

Bless my heart for mentioning it.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Does It Do?

Story about how Bill Nye the Science Guy passed out while giving a lecture at University of Southern California and nobody in the audience got up to help him. They just pulled out their smart phones and began to twitter the story.


I had to wonder which outer planet generation is this? I've been noticing that the younger people in who live in my area are totally snotty brats but just figured that was a caste system thing. And, yeah, lots of money and bad upbringing.

Then I remembered. Well, it's USC. The student body is either rich kids or affirmative action kids who aren't going to do anything about some white guy in need. Then I thought, oh yeah, here they come, the Pluto in Scorpios. I just got a Plutonian "friend" off my ass who was healing me from afar with her ultra sonic ego, uh, vibe. Then I remembered, oh yeah, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune in Capricorn.

Can somebody please ram Faust down these brats' throats? While some of us were watching the BP Oil Spill and freaking out about the poisoned birds these kids were studying about how to make it happen again sometime soon, maybe in two places at once. I keep thinking that wow these kids are probably raised by the Pluto in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio generation. As a Sun in Cancer I knew enough about parenting instinct to know that I wasn't born with any. I guess others thought they could fake it.

Tabloid Terror

This is so Pluto in Capricorn-y. The publisher of the National Enquirer and the Star has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Now that Pluto is out of Sagg we've pretty much heard it all, seen it all, and aren't going to plunk down another damn cent on whatever the Stars are doing. Everyone has sued everyone else for whatever dirt they had on em. And those who still have power are just resorting to spying, sabotage and censorship.


If things get any worse we're just going to have to put 24 surveillance cameras on My Magic Federal Chairman boyfriend. That's kind of a delightful visual except that I may no longer be able to pay the electrical bill in order to watch. I guess maybe Big Ben's too busy put stress tests on the banks.

Sigh, I guess that people who are going through bankruptcy don't really buy gossip rags anymore. Wonder how the porn industry is doing right now, that's probably profession proof.

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Monday, November 15, 2010


2 million people die every year due to bad sanitation. 20 percent of the world's population poops in the open. 20 percent of all childrens' deaths are related to such bad sanitation. So there are a bunch of white people out there who intend to fix this problem. Hope they know what they're getting in to.


After the last couple of years living in the Silicon Valley with super rich and successful people (I'm told that young Asian girls won't date a guy unless he makes at least $200,000, can't get more materialistic or arrogant than that) and failed sewer and failed underground plumbing infrastructure (water, sewer and gas) and seeing how immigrants can't smell any of this over their diet and how they think you're being a bigot if you say "Hey, why does the water in the toilet smell like General Fo's Chicken?" and seeing how the newspapers won't print articles about it unless it happens on a Siberian tundra and how the public utilities won't do a damn thing about it unless half a town blows to smithereens (San Bruno, Sept. 9) -- well, after all that, I can't imagine what all the hullabaloo is about. Why bother fixing the sewers? Some people of the world will then be able to smell their food, and, well, these people can move across oceans, they can learn 30 languages, they can dress in Brooks Brothers, but take their grease away and they kill. Dudes, there's flavors underneath those flavors, give it a try. Flavors, textures, Julia Child, ah well, gotta admit I prefer Yan can Cook.

What can I say? People resist the idea that their shit stinks. This is a universal struggle that plagues all of mankind no matter where you go on this stinky old globe. I'd like to say that White People know that their shit stinks, but I keep remembering the Bush Administration. And, also, I've noticed that those big boned blond milk maid types never wash their hands after using public bathrooms. I've literally stood there stricken for ten minutes before putting my hand on the door knob after watching one of them grab it and smear their bacterial poo all over it.

I listened to a book on tape called "The Lies Your History Teacher Told You" (I think that's what it's called) and it turns out that the European settlers killed off the Indians on the East Coast just by exposing the natives to diseases which were directly caused by their reluctance to take a bath. This was unintentional, no one knew what the hell was going on back then, but the book says it as if it were intentional. This is why Stephen Hawking is warning us not to talk to aliens when they come. They won't be mean, our biology just won't mesh well right off the bat.) Back to the Stinkers. The book tells of One Tribal Chief who actually couldn't follow through with negotiations with one of the pilgrims because he couldn't handle the way the guy smelled. Now, Good Luck finding an East Indian who isn't waiting for his neighbor to complain in order to file a lawsuit against the poor puss. East Indian food comes through the walls, it clogs the drains, it clogs the electrical wiring, it gets in all your possessions, it gets in the heating ducts. And, it smells bad to begin with. Those spices are used for people who don't have access to water in the first place.

So we're going through this again and we are not learning from history. Immigrants honest to God don't know the difference. Or they do know the difference and they realize that their diet is the best WMD on earth. Cleaing out the neighborhood with it. Sweet n. Sour pork comes out of their faucets and this just means to them that last night's dinner tasted great. This is not a health issue. No. It's not.

So, after watching Jon Stewart's Comedy Show a couple of weeks ago, I sought out another episode through the Internet and found last Friday night's show. Rosario Dawson was on and she's cool so I sat through it. Then I got to see the Latino bigot thing. Rosario started in on her Latina activism which is impressive, but then she had to add her knowledge of American History which is, no shock, not vast. And so Rosario mentioned that the Chinese built the railroads. She said it with a gasp as if they sacrificed in the same way that Mexicans do who are carving shrubs into spheres and cubes. Since, in my area you can't hear a Latina talk about the Chinese without hearing the word "fish face," there's never a thing where they are given credit for being decent people, so that's nice of Rosario.

But, Rosario forgot to mention that the Irish also built the railroads. The Irish are white, lily white, and that's why Rosario couldn't register their presence in her little actress head.

So I had to check.

Were the Irish too drunk to show up for work all those years?

Did they just take credit for what the Chinese actually did.

It's possible.

It sure as hell wasn't my relatives.

But it's also possible that Hispanics don't know History.

Jon Stewart's show is never bigoted, after all. They would have hacked that bit of bigotry out, even if it was about White People and we are all just on auto-pilot about the White People. But, Comedy Central likes to be nice and make Rosario Dawson look like a girl who appeals to a broad audience. Does Jon Stewart hate the Irish?

So I looked up the History of the Railroads story on the Internet and found something written on the PBS website about the building of the railroads.


Yes, the Irish did build the railroads. But PBS hates the Irish and likes the Chinese. The Chinese obviously give generously at pledge drives and the Irish probably not so much. And, it's probably true, the Irish were butt heads to work with. They were hungover and complained a lot so the railroad started to employ the Chinese who are hard workers. The Irish are hard workers but they also can't keep their damn mouths shut and the Chinese spoke Chinese and the Irish need to gab, it's their gift, and, like I said, they were hungover.

The Chinese don't drink which is a lot easier for employers. That would have been really difficult for the Irish. This isn't because the Chinese don't like to get drunk. It's because their kidneys have morphed over centuries of famines to process glucose in a survivalist mode which turns their faces beet red if they take even a swig. So the Chinese can't fly on two wings as my Grandmother called it.

I can't explain the physiology, maybe it's not true, but I think I read that factoid somewhere and it's fascinating. And the Irish had gone through a couple of famines themselves which could possibly explain their situation with glucose tolerance or lack thereof.

So the PBS story said that the Irish couldn't get along with the Chinese for several reasons, all of the reasons were blamed on the Irish. Chinese xenophobia would have had nothing to do with any of it. At any rate, it's good policy to stay silent unless you want to be blamed for everything that happens by PBS. I stopped donating at pledge drives because I got tired of all the junk mail. The Chinese ability to be silent is perhaps the reason why they are complaining about being censored right now. And, of course, both cultures could have learned from each other and tried to get along but that usually happens after it's too late.

So, back to the original topic. One of the reasons why the Irish couldn't get along with their co-workers was that Chinese food stinks. The Irish were just supposed to suck it up in the same way that I'm supposed to pretend that bathing in other people's back flow is okay in the Silicon Valley. Obviously this is something that affects even a person who is only 1/4 Irish.

And then the article went on to say that the reason why the Irish nose is just so hyper super duper neurotic sensitive is because the Irish boil all their food which makes it bland. Yes, well, I have some childhood stories about flushing boiled potatoes and oatmeal down toilets so I can agree on that. And the Irish came to the U.S. because for a while there they couldn't even get the potatoes to grow.

Thing is, boiled food is a lot easier on the plumbing than fried food is. If you come from a land which has a lot of rain you sort of inherently understand how water works. And, this isn't bad. If there's a leak in a gas line somewhere an Irish person will smell it. Obviously, Hispanics can't. And the Irish compensate for the lack of taste in their food by talking a lot at dinner. That's why they are interesting people to talk to and the Chinese are sort of boring. And talking must build mental muscle or something which creates a need to come up with original thought, okay so most of it is just either offensive or weird. It might have something to do with why White People like the Irish think of things like good hygiene, newspapers, dam building (something the Chinese have taken a liking to doing on sort of a massively stupid scale in their own country). And the Chinese invented gun powder which means that in the end "theirs" is bigger than "ours" anyway.

And, well, the Irish don't boil everything. They also bake and saute and visit Italian restarants and they would barbecue if it weren't so cold outside, I'm pretty sure of it. And they sing and dance and recite poetry and laugh their heads off.

So, Hello PBS, your article, like Jon Stewart's show, is smacking of super awesome bigotry against White People, er at least against the 1/4 Protestant Irish in this one little instance. The Irish suffered great debility through famines so we have a glucose complaint of our own.

The Irish were as poor as anybody who came to this country. And they worked extremely hard and they invented all kinds of cool shit. They created the idea of the American Dream just as much as anyone did.

And they didn't bring the bedbugs the way the Latinos did, Rosarioooooooooo. I know because the bed bug infestation was one of my Grandmother's scariest immigration to L.A. stories. Her Father told the children that they were going to live in the city of the Angels and they thought there would be fairies and angels under every rock, every White kids' fantasy upbringing stories, etc. And they kept saying where are the Angels, Daddy? What's biting me? Ooo gross, fucking get it off of me!!!!!! oooo, ooooo, eeek! Hurry hurry squash it.

So, Jon Stewart isn't necessarily a bigot. I mean, he's a double Sadge so in his private time he's probably got some thoughts about things. His show? They should have axed that comment. Rosario Dawson? She must have been in the 50 percent Latino group that doesn't graduate from high school. She's highly successful so what's she complaining about anyway? Guess she is stuck having to take care of all those damn relatives if we don't. But PBS? Wow, that situation just really stinks.

And good luck fixing the sewer systems of the world. There's no tougher resistance to self improvement than to think that one's shit really does stink.

And did I ever tell you about E.T.A. Hoffman? Talking about fairies. He's the guy who wrote Nutcracker Suite, the famous Christmas ballet. Thing is, before he wrote Nutcracker Suite he was hired by the Prussians to give the Jews their crazy last names. Literally he forced the last name "Kanalgeruch" on some poor schmo. Read about it here. This also, really stinks.

"In Prussia special military commissions were created to chose the names.
It became common that the poorer Jews were forced to adopt derogatory,
offensive or simply bizarre names.

Among those created by Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann were:

Ochsenschwanz - Oxtail

Temperaturwechsel - Temperatureglitch

Kanalgeruch - Sewerstink

Singmirwas - Singmesomething".

Jews who wanted a desirable name had to pay for it.
There is a joke about the man whose friend consoled him because he hadn't
had enough money to buy a nice name such as Rosenberg or Lilienthal and
ended up with Schweissgeruch. His response was, "oi, what I had to pay for
the w".





Friday, November 12, 2010

Jon Stewart on The Mystery Missile

The Comedy Show explains the Missile Launch.


Actually, the Pentagon had explained it already. It was a contrail from an airplane. Even the helicopter pilot said he saw it coming from OVER THE HORIZON. I had heard that he said it came from OUT OF THE OCEAN. Venus is Retrograde in her own sign after all. The story goes that Venus was born from the froth in the ocean.

The guy who was filmed explaining it was sitting at a desk with a dog on his lap. That was the weird part.

Well, my Astrology Program is bonkers so until I get it fixed I probably won't be doing too many more posts for a while.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Forget It

There still is no explanation for the Missile Launch. The Military doesn't know what it was but does know that it wasn't a scheduled launch and wasn't fired by an enemy and that it came from the water. Maybe that explains the chart which is ruled by Venus. Wow, I wonder if this was caught on Google Earth. My Virgo older brother said that he was caught out getting the mail, something about his pajamas showing his butt crack, maybe that was a fib, i never really catch on to these things, maybe I could work for the U.S. military, probably they should hire my Virgo older brother who would at least come up with a story.


There was a report that 4 former Marines in San Clemente were arrested for selling weapons to gang members in the San Fernando Valley. Is this part of the PTSD diagnosis or are the Mexicans about to take back California? Will the Huffington Post ever tell us the truth or is it too important to be PC?


I think I'm just going to keep posting about this just to see how long it takes for the news media to not do enough investigation.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

ThE RoCkETs rEd GLarE

A Mystery Missile shot out of the water 35 miles off the coast from Los Angeles in Southern California was filmed yesterday by a CBS News Helicopter. The military isn't forthcoming with information about what it was. But, has said that it was not coming from another country. The Helicopter filmed the contrail which had come from the missile.

Vandenburg Air Force Base which is up the coast past Santa Barbara said it didn't jerk the damn thing off. An official of some sort has said that perhaps it was part of President Obama's peace negotiations in his travels in Indonesia to show what kinds of things we can do. I wish the whales would just jump out of the ocean and kill all of us.

Mystery Missile Launch from ocean

Nov. 8, 2010 PST around 5:00 pm 35 miles off coast of Los Angeles, close to Santa Catalina Island

Sun 17 Scorpio (H6 c. DESC) ; Moon 24 Sagittarius (H8); ASC 20 Taurus; MC 3 Aquarius; NN 6 Capricorn (H8)

Well, Scorpio Sun with Sagittarius Moon. I think maybe this is VP Joe Biden's idea, a pre-birthday salute? Scorpios know how to negotiate with toys rather than with words. But the Sun was on the Descendant which could indicate Obama as he is a Leo.

What stands out to me in this chart is the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces. Pisces rules Mysteries, after all, and strange plumes of froth. Jupiter-Uranus is in the 11th house of the chart at 5:00 pm. That's the house of whirligigs and toys and techno weirdness and it is in Pisces, sign of the Ocean and it is in major contact with both the Sun and the Moon and it is the end planet of a bowl shaped chart which is led by Saturn 13 Libra. Diplomats and their toys. International relations, drugs, manipulations, cover-ups?

Maybe this will stop some problems for somebody somewhere. The chart has 3 unaspected (by major aspect) planets. Pluto (War) is conjunct the NN 4-6 degrees respectively) in the 8th House. Mars (War) at 9 Sagittarius is unaspected in the 7th House. Saturn (Government) is unaspected 13 Libra in the 6th House. There's a very heavy Pluto influence, spying, sabotage, power plays behind the scenes.

(Placement of planets in houses is probably off in some cases because I could only find that the contrail was filmed around 5 pm - Daylight Savings Time just ended and I had guessed that time from the picture as well).

Source: http://www.cbs8.com/Global/story.asp?S=13468118

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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Powerful Women Politicians and Breast Cancer

I've noticed that quite a few women politicians at this point are Breast Cancer survivors and was curious to see if there was a strong Moon-Pluto contact in their natal charts or at the time of the disease. Since the diagnosis generally comes much later than the onset of a tumor I know that this date can't really be tracked easily. I can only remember 3 powerful women right now and am impatient to share this. I'm working without adequate information because I don't have birth times for any of them so can only speculate on the location of the Moon in their charts. It is highly likely that there is a connection between Moon and Pluto by natal and by transit and by progression. Also, two of the examples got the diagnosis very soon after their progressed Venus' went Retrograde.

Interesting, and sort of difficult to observe how their Breast Cancer diagnoses coincide with their Political Success. Very inspiring to see their strength to fight the disease while also taking advantage of their career opportunities. You'll only see that in a Plutonian, well, maybe also a Uranian. And, well, two of the women have Mars conjunct North Node, sign of the fighter.

Christine Gregoire, Governor of Washington
b. Mar. 24, 1947 Adrian, Michigan

Sun 4 Aries; Moon (noon time) 29 Aries; NN 6 Gemini; Pluto 12 Leo

diagnosed 2003

This is just after Prog. Lunar Return either at end of Aries or beginning of Taurus.

If Gregoire was born late in the day she possibly has a square between Moon and Pluto.

Nodal Return came in 2003, Saturn opposed Pluto-Chiron close to this axis in 2001-2.

P. Sun 28 Taurus during this year. Prog. Venus 30 Aries (not Rx). Both about to change signs.

Janet Napolitano, Governor of Arizona, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

b. Nov. 29, 1957 NYC, NY

Sun 8 Sagittarius; Moon 12 Pisces (noon); NN 10 Scorpio Rx (c. Mars and Neptune in Scorpio); Pluto 3 Virgo

Natal Sun square Pluto, possibly in a t-square with natal Moon

Diagnosed in 1998

Transiting Pluto square.
Transiting Pluto passed over natal Sun during this year and possibly aspecting huge t-square Moon-Sun-Pluto.

Secondary Progressed Lunar Opposition possibly also aspecting this big t-square.

Secondary Progressed Mars 13 Sagittarius just passed over natal t-square.

Secondary Progressed Venus had stationed Rx 1996-7 conjunct natal Chiron.

Carly Fiorina, Republican nomination for Governor of California, 2010

b. Sept. 6, 1954 Austin, TX

Sun 14 Virgo; Moon 28 Sagittarius (Noon); NN 12 Capricorn Rx c. Mars 6 Capricorn

Possible Moon trine Pluto in natal chart.

Possible conjunction of Moon to natal Mars

Secondary Progressed Lunar Return maybe c. natal Mars and North Node. Transiting Pluto is over this point as well.

T. Saturn passing over n. Sun.

Secondary Prog. Sun conjunct natal Saturn 6 Scorpio-Lilith 10 Scorpio

Secondary Progressed Venus 30 Scorpio Rx. Had Stationed Rx back around 2003-4 at 1 Sagittarius.

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Friday, November 05, 2010

Everywhere that Hillary Goes An Earthquake's Sure to Follow

Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio Sun. Her natal Uranus is conjunct her Ascendant (assuming 29 Gemini Rising with 8pm birth time). And she's got a conjunction of Mars-Saturn-Pluto in Leo.

So, one might assume that Hillary's a bit disaster prone. This article describes how she seems to end up planning her travel around all the earthquakes which have been happening lately.

I thought I'd check her progressed chart against those aspects to see if anything can explain the rock 'n roll.

Well, the angles are loaded.

Hillary's progressed Ascendant right now is 19 Leo. So the natal Mars-Saturn-Pluto conjunction is conjunct that.

Her progressed Sun is conjunct p. Mercury at 7 and 4 Capricorn, respectively. So they are in conjunction with the Pluto-NN square Saturn transit. P.Sun and Mercury are in her natal 7th House, that's angular.

And, yowzah, her progressed Mars has just passed over the Nadir of her chart. At 7 Virgo it is trining progressed Sun at 7 Capricorn to the degree. Perhaps this exact trine in earth signs is making her a bit sympatico with the earth right now. (Well, she's always seemed to be that way anyway).

That's just the progressions. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction which has been moving back and forth over the Pisces/Aries cusp is right over her natal Moon. Jupiter and Moon both rule overseas travels and Uranus rules sudden shocking events.

And, considering the transits, home base in the United States has been having lots of small earthquakes but nothing like what Hillary's experiencing in her travels. All she has to do is step off a plane (Jupiter-Uranus).

Hillary Clinton
b. Oct. 26, 1947 8pm Chicago, IL

Sun 3 Scorpio; Moon 30 Pisces; ASC 30 Gemini; MC 6 Pisces; NN 21 Taurus Rx

Source: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=131090324

P.S. (Nov. 6, 2010): I started to realize that maybe Hillary's astrolocality chart explains things and that maybe we could make some really accurate earthquake predictions if we could just get hold of Hillary's travel plans for the next few months/year while her chart is still under such stress.

Yow! With Uranus conjunct her Ascendant she's going to be a lightening rod of some sort. Let's use it. This is one of those major boons for earthquake prediction that nobody's ever going to take advantage of. We just need to get Hillary's travel plans for the next 6 months and match those time with her Uranus and Mars-Saturn-Pluto lines! And it's so easy.

Hillary's Uranus ASC line runs right through all of the key spots noted in the article. It runs through Indonesia on the whole Asian side of the Pacific Rim and then up to Alaska and down through Chicago to Miami and Cuba and then down through Columbia and the middle of South America. She's got a Venus-Mercury-Chiron set of lines running through California and India. I bet she's already sold California to the East Indians. Crap. The sewer lines are never going to get fixed.

Pakistan is another story. Because of her natal Mars-Saturn-Pluto conjunction the lines for those planets run close to each other and right through India and Pakistan. They cross a bunch of other lines (Venus, Mercury, Chiron) in India.

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