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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rest In Peace: Isabelle Caro

Isabelle Caro was a young french woman who posed nude for a photographer while at the peak of her struggle with Anorexia. Caro passed away on November 17, 2010 at the age of 28 from a respiratory illness.

At Age 28 Caro passed away very close to the time of both her 1st Secondary Progressed Lunar Return and also with in a few degrees of her approaching Saturn Return in Libra.

This is very significant to look at when reading her chart because her illness began at Age 13 which is one of the equivalent childhood transits of both of these planets. The 1st major transits of the Secondary Progressed Lunar Cycle and the transiting Saturn Return Cycle occur very close together in time in early life and represent major phases of development for children in the maturation process (Moon rules Infancy, Saturn rules Maturation/Old Age, both rule the parents and parenting).

When we look at Caro's biography we see how much her difficult childhood and relationship with her parents affected her so it's stunning to see how strongly reflected these needs are shown in her natal chart. It would actually be interesting to see if something very traumatic happened to her around the time of her first prog. Lunar square/Saturn square which occurs usually between the ages of 7 and 8 years old.

Caro passed away between two Total Eclipses. The Solar Eclipse this past Summer which occurred on July 12 hit her chart very strongly as that marked a Nodal Opposition transit over her natal Cancer/Capricorn Nodes. Her Moon, which can't be exactly placed without a birth time or place, is possibly in conjunction with her North Node in the sign of Cancer. This will show a life expression that is closely linked with Food, Women, Mother, Family, Emotional Reaction and Public Reaction. Many anorexics want to disappear and hide and live in a world of great secrecy hiding their disease.

Caro said that she was very close to her Mother early on and became anorexic because she didn't want to become a burden. Her Father wasn't around very much and left Isabelle alone to deal with her Mother who suffered from Depression and who was probably very needy herself. I imagine that a Capricorn South Node child would naturally try to take over the Father's role for an unhappy Mother. Of course, these are naturally indicated symbols of a Cancer/Capricorn Nodal Axis and of a Cancer Moon.

Isabelle was born during the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra. Saturn and Pluto working together must be very self-reliant and contained, and this is sick but something that Anorexics will understand: Discipline and Control. If there is trauma in such individuals there will be no easy way to express the pain. These two planets deal with reality and "the bottom line." This is even further stressed by the fact that Isabelle's progressed Sun, symbol of health and vitality, is currently at middle degree Libra somewhere degrees of Libra in close to the same spot. Her Prog. Sun and prog. Venus were squaring her Nodal Axis/possibly Moon placement.

The Moon can represent "pop" culture as well as the more personal attributes. Caro had a natal Mars-Uranus conjunction over the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp which opposed Chiron (wounded healer). Mars and Uranus working together will shock. It's no wonder that the shocking image of her emaciated body on Billboards posted over Italy was banned in France. Chiron seems to be a natural indicator to look for in anorexia because as a disease it is so difficult to cure.

Natally, Caro was a Virgo Sun. As already said, Sun rules the Health by showing the basic vitality. And there are zillions of Virgos in the world so this alone doesn't indicate anorexia, but Virgo is also the ruler of perfectionism, diet and hygiene, of course. It does make sense that Virgo and Cancer, both signs with deal with Nutrition would come up in the charts of Anorexics. Virgos can have obsessive disorders as this sign is related to enjoyment, for good or bad, of daily habits and rituals. Virgo is also related to wanting to be clean and pure which can be related to Anorexia which is often a disease related to not wanting to grow up. So, although Anorexics can come in all signs, one can see how a Virgo Sun could become a "Poster Child" for the disease. The Sun projects the qualities of the sign that it's in more than the other planets do.

Isabelle's natal Venus (expression of female love) is in this sign as well. A Virgo Venus person will want to be of service to those he/she loves. Isabelle became Anorexic at age 13 apparently because she didn't want to become a burden and she wanted to remain her Mother's little girl. Some anorexics may have other reasons for developing the disease but this is one of the more common reasons for the types who become anorexic just as Adolescence begins.

Of course, the Virgo Sun and Venus work ethic and desire to succeed in an industry which forces anorexia on its employees wouldn't help either. Capricorn SN will show a struggle to get away from difficult career choices and ambitions.

Caro has Jupiter in Scorpio which trines the Nodal Axis. This can show struggle to balance self-denial/aestheticism with abundance. She would want to belong to the "cool set."

I also noticed that Isabelle's progressed Sun had just shifted signs into Libra when her Anorexia began at Age 13. For Virgos this is a sensitive shifting of ego projection from looking for perfection in the world into looking for beauty, harmony and balance in the world. It can bring a crisis in understanding how to relate to other people on a one on one basis, and to not be stuck as mediator for other people's problems. And, at this point, so close to an Aries Point, it could manifest as a public issue.

By coincidence Isabelle's Progressed Mercury is currently right on this degree, 2 Libra, and is currently Stationing Direct after many years of moving in Retrograde motion. Mercury through Gemini rulership relates to health of parts of the respiratory organs. Doubling the effect of this particular and signicant progression, Caro's Progressed Sun is within 1 degree conjunction of her natal Mercury (as well as within orb of conjunction with natal Saturn) in Libra. So she was going through a Double Whammy Sun and Mercury connection. Perhaps Mercury rules her Ascendant, and thus her body. Already it is significant as dispositor of her natal Sun and Venus. Her disease would have begun in 1995 just as Pluto was passing in to the sign of Sagittarius. There seems to be a strong Jupiter connection with Anorexia which I can't really get a handle on. Isabelle has natal Jupiter in Scorpio which can be a problematic placement as Jupiter naturally wants to expand while Scorpio wants to contract.

Isabelle Caro
b. Sept. 12, 1982 (don't know birth place, used Marseilles, France?)

Sun 20 Virgo; Moon Cancer?; NN 10 Cancer

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Celebrities Who Need Makeovers

Found an article with a list of celebrities who need makeovers and am wondering what might indicate that you're looking a little set in your ways.

Article is here: http://www.beautyriot.com/makeup-beauty/celebrities-need-makeunders-g6941

Will try to hone down what I look for in the charts or I'll be here all day. These guys are all so beautiful no matter what it's just sort of fun for those of us lesser beings to see that they need an up-do. Courteney Cox didn't get a great photo-shop job. Her new suggested styling makes her chin stick out because of it but I sort of like it. The rest look pretty good. Oh yeah, what they did to Jennifer Aniston is pretty bad. The bleached blond thang. I don't see that happening.

Ascendant - physical looks
Sun - Vitality, maybe showing loss of
See if the current t-square on the Cardinal Cross has hit these Celebrities pretty hard, that's enough to let rigor set in.
Venus - cause that what makes you think about wanting to be pretty.
Neptune - has been in conjunction with Chiron which can be debilitating. Neptune rules Film, TV, and that inexplicable allure.
Uranus - because that shows whether you are falling behind in the trends. "The Trends are Your Friends."
and, as usual,
Pluto, Pluto, Pluto. Sex, Death, Taxes, feelings of personal power.

Okay, the list is already too long.

All the article does is give the celebs some ideas for a new haircut so, hate to say it, that's bringing in Mars and Saturn and Leo.

At this point the only thing we've left out are Mercury and Jupiter and from my knitting website obsession it's almost impossible to leave these two out when talking about Style. Because these planets will work to invent a new "It" factor.

Okay so I'm not into all this work. Venus equals fashion, but it also equals laziness. I'm just going to try to look at the charts superficially and blah, blah, blah.

Lindsay Lohan. She's sort of turned the wrong side of Neptune. What used to give her success in film acting has gone in to jail time and drugs. Well, maybe a hair cut is all she really needs. Oops, maybe not. With Venus in Leo she needs Big Hair or she won't feel powerful. On the other hand, maybe she expects to have everything handed to her on a silver platter. Lindsay's progressed Sun has just passed into Leo (about 3 years ago) so she'll going through a big attitude adjustment of sorts. And she needs to keep her mane. She might prefer a leadership role once she sobers up. With Sun in Cancer and Moon in Taurus Lindsay's probably pretty conservative. She will get her act together if she gets married and has kids. Unfortunately, it's a big difficult to put that foot down first whilst in rehab. Or, is it? Princess Diana got married to a Prince and sort of turned the House of Windsor into a prison sentence. We Cancer women, we can make do with so little, after all.

Okay, enough about Lindsay. Oh yeah, Sun opposing Mars and Neptune, a little anger management thing that's hard to get hold of? Got hit big time by the Eclipses this year, so yeah, there's the rigormortus connection. Mars in Capricorn needs to work. Progressed Mercury has gone Rx around 1991-92 in Leo. It will station direct around 2016. She feels like she's faking it.

Demi Moore. Oh she's beautiful but yeah she's got to lay off the straightening iron. Pretty good if you're pushing 50 and that's all the experts can suggest. Another Taurus Moon here. Gorgeous women. Demi's doing the family thing, although it's pretty weird. She's a Scorpio with Sun conjunct Venus Rx and Neptune. So, no wonder the stylists couldn't figure out how to upgrade her too much. But, Scorpio likes to make a change. Scorpio likes the crisis. I remember how my double Scorpio roommate took me out and got me drunk after I got a haircut that made me look like Caligula. Then she told that's why she keeps her hair long.

Demi's got a Jupiter opposition to Uranus-Pluto which has been mirrored in the sky lately, so maybe that's what's making her seem suspended in motion. No big Cardinal Sign problems, except that her Progressed Sun is in stodgy Capricorn. That's not bad for a 50 year old woman, actually it's great. What could be the drag is that her progressed Asc has just switched to Gemini and MC to Aquarius so people are going to respond to her in an "Air" kind of way. That means that she's going to have to turn to Gemini Cyndi Lauper for a few style suggestions, or people are going to start calling her crazy.

Jennifer Aniston. Yeah, Jennifer Aniston's chart has been getting hit hard. She's naturally the opposite of Demi, she's an airy Aquarius with Libra Rising with a Sagittarius Moon. But people just want to look at her Cancer Midheaven and it's been getting whomped by the Eclipses this year. Also, although she's pretty easy going and stuff, right now she has a progressed Venus-Saturn conjunction squaring her MC/IC thing. She's sticking with the status quo. Wonder if she's got any business dealings going on right now. Either way, I think that the Uranian shock of getting a new hairdo right now might not feel very safe. And that's what she needs right now. Well, she might be feeling a little old and sad, so that's not good.

Jen's also got a strong conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto in her chart right on her South Node and opposing Venus in her chart. Maybe that means that her adoring public wishes that she would be "good old Jennifer Aniston" for them right now. Libra Rising, ick, those guys just go through the ringer with the relationships.

Okay, I'll look up Angelina Jolie and then quit because I have to pee and this whole thing is going to have to be edited (sigh, so boring).

Angelina Jolie. Boy, what a frump. You know what I mean? I mean, do you know what I mean?

She hasn't been looking top form lately. But she's got ten thousand kids to take care of and so in that case she's looking great. Hmmm, I wonder what rules Mom Pants. Could you imagine seeing Angelina Jolie in Mom Pants? That'd be so totally awesome. Wow, another Sun opposite Neptune like Lindsay Lohan. Angelina's a Gemini though with an Aries Moon. Her Ascendant is within the same degree as Jennifer's MC in Cancer. That means some weird shit connecting with Brad Pitt that I won't go in to. (But, it's interesting, MC is the part of you that people will accept. ASC represents your outward appearance and the personality that you will develop during your lifetime (or something like that). I have Sun in late degree Cancer. I'm the real deal. Brad could have had me. Just think.

Anywhoo, where are the rigor spots in Angelina's chart? Oh, well Angelina's progressed Sun is at 25 Cancer so it's been passing through her 12th House. You just need to withdraw from society to recharge sometimes with that going on. She'll be back once it passes over her Ascendant.

Oh, my astrology program is doing that thing that it does and I can't pull up the charts for anyone born between 9 am and 10am. Some hacker doesn't like my Opening Bell Charts or something.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boycott "Mel's" Strawberries

The California Coast doesn't get the conventional seasonal weather. Our "weather" is composed of much different factors. We have a rainy season which varies widely each year. Often there is a week of freezing temperatures which can kill much of the Citrus crops. Succulents which are outside sort of deflate like balloons. Then during the Summer we have "brown out" in which most of the landscape along the coastline turns yellows and orange and brown. I like to think that there are Earthquake Seasons although that's not based on any kind of regular rhythm. Northern California often has earthquakes during April and October. Southern California has them during January and July. And there are no set rules for this.

A few years ago while living in Watsonville which is an agricultural area south of Santa Cruz and north of Monterey, I got to learn about "the Pesticide Seasons." The locals don't like to talk about this. Sometimes you hear about 20 year old kids getting leukemia and colon cancer and stuff like that. And people drive like total assholes during these times due to uncontrollable fits of rage that seem to come from nowhere.

I lived out in the middle of some apple orchards. Twice during the year that I lived there helicopters would fly overhead all night long and the next day I would feel really sick.

So, around January, the ground is prepared (disinfected) for planting of strawberries. They blast it with pesticides so that a certain type of insect that destroys the Strawberry crop can't live. Every year it's bad. The locals won't say anything. I just remember people saying they had headaches. They would also walk really rigid and some people got Parkinson's.

My cat developed a stomach Cancer in January and died in February. I went to an animal grief group with two other women who lived within a mile of where I had lived (I actually moved at the end of that January). My cat was already old and sickly. But the other two women had young animals who died unexpectedly.

This year, for some reason, the farmers have decided to begin using a Pesticide which is even more toxic than the one which was probably used the year that I lived in Watsonville. They are doing this for the money and for whatever other reason. The immigrants who spray the chemicals often don't use them correctly. I remember that once they just dropped some big canisters of a highly toxic pesticide on the side of the road because they didn't know what to do with it.

And so, read this: http://www.montereyherald.com/ci_16863409

Read this about "Mel" the chemical which will be used: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methyl_iodide

And buy only organic. Non-Organic Strawberries, by the way, are considered the most toxic fruits you can eat anyway. The pesticides stay right in the plant.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Vogue Stages the Star Signs

The December issue of British Vogue hired set designer Shona Heath to stage her idea of each Star Sign. My favorite is Aries because of the knitting. I think the model is wearing a hat that looks like rams horns. In the back a huge sweater is knitted in Aran style. I also love the Cancer one. The model is walking around wearing a huge seashell.



Friday, December 24, 2010

Where's Santa?

Right now, he's in Cancun, Mexico.

Santa Tracker.

Dump greasy cooking into trash and not down drain because that clogs the sewer systems, you idiots.


July 12, 2007 Airstrike on Baghdad / Collateral Damage Video

Bradley Manning is the information specialist responsible for copying the video of a U.S. air strike on civilians in Baghdad back in 2007. He was tattled on by a hacker named Adrian Lamo and the tape was released in part by Wikileaks earlier this year.

Manning has been kept in isolation in jail since June 2010 which is now subject for debate. I looked a bit at his chart. He has a Sagittarius Sun which is caught up in a big outer planet configuration which shows that he somehow "speaks" for his peers. He struggles very deeply with all matters relating to ethics and law and philosophy. Sun is conjunct a Saturn-Uranus conjunction which trines Jupiter in Aries. Sun is also in conjunction with Mercury. Such an emphasis on the mental planets (Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus) and Fire shows a person who is freedom loving and also very idealistic. But, people who have Saturn-Uranus conjunctions are trying to balance an ever conflicted set of mindsets, the old v. the new, what is v. what ought to be.

Nothing like a t-square transit which uses all those heavies to really bring a big event into such a natal chart's life. And that's what's happened to Manning this year. And then there's Manning's Pluto.... Pluto, Pluto, Pluto. Manning's Pluto is in Scorpio, possibly in conjunction with his Scorpio Moon. The army made a good choice in sticking this guy in intelligence, but I think they underestimated his need to win all wars against evil.

I wasn't supposed to talk about Manning. I wrote something about him a while back, it probably sucks, that just snuck up on me.

What I really wanted to look at is the chart of the actual Attack in Baghdad. I found a blog post on Wikipedia which runs through the verbal interactions between teh Helicopter pilot(s) and their commander. Apparently the pilot was not relaying honest information back to command. You can read it here: http://willyloman.wordpress.com/2010/04/09/wikileaks-video-shows-apache-gunner-lied-to-command-at-least-8-times-to-gain-permission-to-kill-unarmed-civilians/

From the wikipedia post about the actual attack I believe that this is the timing for the attack. I only have "start" times. The video is 39 minutes long but does not include some parts of the attack. Apparently the gunner did engage in real combat with real combatants. This may account for his apparently irrational behavior, the type of behavior that Malcolm Gladwell describes in one of his books (the psychology behind what becomes police brutality, there's some chemical situation that trips on that's difficult to control).

Apache Helicopter Crazy Horse 18 (why name Crazy Horse? that's so rude) left camp Taji

July 12, 2007 9:24 am

Crazy Horse 18 arrives New Baghdad at 9:53 am

Sun 20 Cancer (H11); Moon 21 Gemini (H10); ASC 7 Virgo; MC 5 Gemini; NN 10 Pisces (H7 c. DESC)

The blog article and the comment reactions constantly describe Neptunian types of problems in this particular event. "The Fog of War" The out right lies of the gunner to the command, about killing people with cameras, shooting at photographers because mistaking their cameras for guns.

So, it's pretty interesting that this event occurred during the big Saturn-Neptune opposition. At the point that the helicopter reached New Baghdad this opposition had just passed over the ASC (Saturn-Venus in Leo) and Desc (Neptune). The Nodal Axis with North Node in Pisces was in conjunction with this Axis with North Node on the Descendant. This was squaring Jupiter in its own sign, Sagittarius, and Retrograde down in the 4th House along with Pluto (not in conjunction). Two Reuters journalists were killed in the fire. There was a coverup (Neptune) by the Government as Reuters was denied access to the video back in 2007 while they were trying to investigate the deaths.

I'm not sure what sign rules "Unarmed Civilians." I believe Helicopters would be ruled by Uranus and Uranus here is on an angle in H7 in the sign of Pisces.

It's always good to look at Mars in these situation what with him being the God of War. Mars is very weak in this chart at 13 Taurus (H9), but is also emphasized. He had no major aspects to other planets and is in minor aspects to Jupiter and Pluto in the 4th House and he is squaring Chiron in Pisces (H6). The gunner was just going "off."

And helping the gunner out with this was the Moon which rules the irrational. The Moon was way out of bounds at 28 degrees 03 minutes and was traveling fast 14 degrees 13 minutes. It was elevated in the chart and would have been passing over the Midheaven soon after arriving at the location. Interesting about the communication snafus and lies with Moon in Gemini.

Wikileaks released the video on the day that transiting Jupiter hit the spot where Uranus had been in this chart, 19 Pisces. Pisces also represents Jail and Isolation and all 3 of the key players in this exposure have spent time in jail now because of their involvement. Even the hacker who snitched on Bradley Manning was forced to spend 9 days in a Mental Hospital this year.

Supposedly Bradley Manning's health is suffering because of his extreme isolation. I suppose that he must be punished for treason in some way, but it would make me feel better if he were to be convicted before this level of torture engaged.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

2 Dinky Earthquakes Yesterday in Los Altos

Are we preppin for a big one?

2 Dinky Earthquakes in Los Altos yesterday which occurred on the Cascadia fault line. That's the fault line that I've been paranoid would have an earthquake, a slammer, next month for the past couple of years. But, since earthquakes are very Uranian things, and Michael Lutin says that when dealing with Uranian transits you think of everything that can go wrong and then they won't happen because Uranus always has to surprise you. So, if I write this we won't have a 9.0'er. And if I don't feel fear while I write it Pluto won't manifest anything either. I keep thinking about that bitch doctor I went to a couple of years ago. I bet she lives in Los Altos right on the Fault Line so the whole idea of her house falling down sort of gives me a feeling of relief actually. And FEMA will come in and fix the sewer systems. And the Gas Lines will all explode. That's a drag. Just remember, if stuck in an elevator there's a manual lever either up at the top or down at the bottom that will release the elevator. I still wouldn't be able to figure that out and I don't have a clue why people don't post this info right inside the elevators because all the people who are trained to deal with such things, i.e. middle management, tend to never actually be in the building when shit happens.

Here's the 2 dinky earthquakes. There's a conjunction of Mars-Pluto-NN-Sun which of course squares everyone. But it's conjunct Mercury Rx in Sagittarius which more means that Santa will fall on his butt while crawling down the chimney and won't feel a thing because he's fat and jolly. There's the Neptune-Chiron conjunction which means that people ought to know where the shut off valves are for their gas and plumbing lines. There's the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces which means the same thing, except you need a bigger wrench and a guy in bright orange vest to turn off the lines from the street.

Morning quake, one jolt, teeny tiny but those rich folks in Los Altos could all feel it. Crap, that's where my favorite yarn store. I can't think of anything better than to be in a yarn store during an earthquake and having beautiful balls of yarn fall all over me.

3.1 Breakfast
Dec. 19, 2010 9:28 am

Sun 28 Sagittarius (H11); Moon 8 Gemini (H5 unaspected and out of bounds); ASC 30 Capricorn; MC 21 Scorpio; NN 3 Capricorn Rx (H11)

Neptune-Chiron in H1, only planets on angles.
Saturn rules chart, is unaspected at 16 Libra in H8. Lead planet of Locomotor chart.
Venus ruler of IC, 13 Scorpio in H9 just past over MC.

2.4 Dinner
Dec. 19, 2010 6:38 pm

Sun 29 Sagittarius (H6); Moon 13 Gemini (H11); ASC 22 Cancer; MC 7 Aries; NN 3 Capricorn Rx (H6)

Saturn 17 Libra in H4 is only planet on an angle.


More Information on the Rarity of Having Solstice and Eclipse on Same Day.

Can't see the sky where I'm from.

Last time we had the Winter Solstice occur on same day as a Total Lunar Eclipse was 372 years ago, video from Yahoo:


The Total Lunar Eclipse occurred Dec. 21, 1628 1:12 to 2:47 UT

The Solstice occurred the same day at 16:05 UT

The opposition was last degree Sagittarius opposing last degree Gemini Moon.

The background energy from the Outer Planets looks pretty exciting. Events for 1638 from Wikipedia.

1st planned city in the U.S. The Finns start a Post Office. I love the Finns. Let's let the Finns rule the World.

Here's 1639 from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1639

Lots of founding of things. Reflects the Cardinal Signs stuff. Plus Jupiter-Neptune will dream and with Pluto will build.

Jupiter 25 Scorpio was in conjunction with Neptune 23 Scorpio and opposing Pluto 29 Taurus.

Saturn early Aquarius. Uranus 28 Libra.

I'm no doubt screwing up the details.

Here's a good article which explains everything: http://www.csmonitor.com/Science/2010/1219/Lunar-Eclipse-First-to-coincide-with-Winter-Solstice-in-372-years

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

What Good About This Solstice/Eclipse: Factory Farming Exposed

With Sun/Pluto/Mars in the 6th House opposing Moon in Cancer in the 12th House and Saturn in the 4th House, I think that exposing the extremely disgusting ways that our food is raised is a good outlet:



Winter Solstice 2010

The Winter Solstice is a big one this year. This is because the Solstice occurs just hours before a Full Lunar Eclipse. This Eclipse will be seen just before dawn all over North America which makes me want to think that North America will receive the benefits of its energies for bad or hopefully for good. Remember Plato said that people are all essentially good. I've never agreed with that, but I have no qualms about admitting that Plato was smarter than I am.

Just heard on the radio that this is the only Full Lunar Eclipse which will affect Northern California for 84 years. That's a Full Uranus Cycle in its self. There are going to be 2 Total Lunar Eclipses in 2094: June 28, 2094 and Dec. 21, 2094. Wonder which parts of the country will be submerged in water at that point. Uranus rules the U.S. Moon and this Solstice Chart is heavily ruled by the Moon, so perhaps the U.S. will be all for one and one for all again.

Jude Cowell always gives really great interpretations, so check them out here: http://www.starsoverwashington.com/2010/11/winter-solstice-2010-horoscope.html.

Winter Solstice
Dec. 21, 2010 6:38 pm Washington, DC

Sun 30 Sagittarius (H6); Moon 9 Cancer (H12); ASC 25 Cancer; MC 9 Aries; NN 3 RX

The Moon here is really strong. It rules the chart. It's in its own sign and is handle of a bucket chart (read Bob Marks description of Funnel Chart, which is bucket chart: http://www.bobmarksastrologer.com/funnel.html).

The Moon Is conjunct the South Node and placed in the 12th House. That's very psychic. Lots of water imagery. 12th House is represented by the sign of Pisces, the 2 Fishes who swim around in circles. Moon represents the tides. Good time to learn how to walk around on stilts. Moon in Cancer will put its own needs first. Pisces will just give up and walk away. They aren't the ones who really are likely to kill themselves, though. That's the old white guys who do that. Can't say that I'm real excited to see how this is going to play out, if you work in a large institution, especially a mental institution, you will have job security -- and probably not for a good reason. Corruption and dishonesty might be a problem within government. There might be problems with terrorism. The violence won't be overt.

The Sadge Sun will be conjunct the NN, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn and Mercury Rx in Sagittarius. The combination of Sagittarius with Capricorn is a combination for high intelligence so I personally like that. Mars rules the Midheaven (President). In the 6th House there will be analysis and analysis and detail after detail. But at least it's off the angles.

Saturn (President) in this chart is down in the 4th House which is the Moon's house. The President is very aware of the needs of the people. He is trying to make the changes through use of Will and Service. I think he's awesome.

The Sun is on the Aries point about to move in to the sign of Capricorn. But, it's still in Sagittarius, which means that people's opinions still count. People are still searching, but are sick and tired of the search. The Sun (Vitality) is opposing the Moon here. So that might be bad. It might also keep the relationships open for awhile in order to fix things in the areas related to H6 and H12 interests. We do need a strong willed Sun conjunct Pluto and Mars in the 6th House of jobs and public health. Mercury Rx in Sagittarius is kind of clumsy, but I personally like clumsy, especially when people are cracking jokes about how stupid their opinions are. Moon opposite Mars can be violent. Full Moons are sort of known for bringing out the same sort of whacky, although statistically New Moons are more thorough in that regard. But how things are and how they appear are often totally different things. With Saturn down at the bottom of the chart, one thing's for sure, we're feeling the pinch.

But this is the point in time when the builders can begin to set a solid foundation. Too bad the 3d house is so empty and its ruler, Mercury is Rx. That's the education of the children thing. I guess that won't kick in until the families and the parents start doing their thing. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is up in the 9th House so the higher education thing is still highlighted.

This is an extra potent Solstice because it happens so close in time to a Full Lunar Eclipse which will be seen over North America. I believe I just heard on the car radio that this is the last Full Lunar Eclipse which will be seen over North America for 84 years. That's a full Uranus Cycle so Uranus' placement at the end of Pisces/beginning of Aries is also very important at this time.

For the United States this is just really incredible because the U.S. Moon is in Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus. The U.S. Sun is at 14 Cancer. This is in conjunction with this Solstice Moon. The U.S. Jupiter is at 6 Cancer and Venus is at 4 Cancer. So the U.S. is very strongly Cancer/Aquarius. This eclipse is basically telling giving us report card right now and pointing us in whatever direction we need to go.

Funny how the Neptune-Chiron conjunction right now is conjunct this Moon sign and the Moon in this Solstice Chart is in the 12th House. Neptune rules the Oceans, Institutions, the Imagination, Drugs, and hopefully, the Arts. This is great for Ipad sales. Do we still have any Art in this country or has it all been wiped out by Reality TV shows and Pluto in Virgo penchant for criticism rather than creation? Go dig out your old Beatles album and try to just get through this. Neptune/Pisces needs some quiet time.

So, yeah, with Saturn in H4 and Moon in Cancer one wonders what this will do regarding flooding and earthquakes. I can't find it but a while back I mentioned that Jan. 2011 was the time I would be most concerned about Earthquakes on the West Coast. Well, actually any time starting from now. There have been major 6.0 or over earthquakes during every Solstice/Equinox month this past year (all in Mexico, one in Eureka, CA) which shows the Cardinal influence aspect which seems to influence earthquakes. And that makes sense because the 1st Degrees of Cardinal equate to the poles of the earth, especially Cancer and Capricorn which represent North and South.

Financially don't know what to say. All the Resource houses are empty except for Neptune-Chiron in H8. That looks like some bankruptcy issues. Saturn in the 4th House might indicate some more problems with housing. Venus is in this house as well so there might be some emphasis in beautifying what one has. Check out the REI for new innovations in tents. Well, with Venus in Scorpio, maybe more like caves. (invest in Arizona R.E.?).


Neptune-Chiron lines run through South California/Baja.

The big 6th House stellium DESC plus Moon ASC lines run through Texas/Lousiana and up sort of Northward and Westward. New Orleans seems to be the land of opportunity right now along with the states which are directly above it.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

In Which I Take a Looksie at the 2012 Thing, Or at Least a Part of It

The U.S. right now is having a Saturn Return. Why are countries always bombing other countries during their Saturn Return?

This is a reminder (to me) that the U.S. Saturn is at 15 Libra (H10) and is in a square with Sun 14 Cancer (H7) and is opposing Chiron 21 Aries. The House placements are for what I seem to remember as the Sibley Chart with the Sagittarius Ascendant, give or take a couple of degrees.

U.S. of A.

July 4, 1776 5:12 pm Philadelphia, PA

So I'm still trying to catch on to the 2012 panic attack thing. That's when I believe the Earth will be lining up with the Galactic Center. And some other stuff.

What I just noticed the other day are the Solar Arcs. That's when the planets are all moved forward about one degree per along with the progression of the Sun. On Dec. 21, 2012. This is a good way to begin with this chart because it really lights up the natal planets in a super duper hysterical way.

At that point Solar Arc Pluto will be on top of natal Neptune at 23 Virgo, and Lilith will be close by. Wow, the U.S. just completely blacks out? In the Sibley Chart this occurs up in the 9th House. So public. So corrupt. At least we might get a couple of good paintings or symphonies out of it -- finally. Noel Tyl calls that aspect "Wipe Out." It will be a Beach Boys song from Hell? So either we wipe out the rest of the World or the Rest of the World wipes us out? Or this is just what happens when illegal immigration occurs from countries from 3d worlds. Bring us your greediest, your most aggressive, your least sensitive, intelligent or talented. And don't ever, never, pay taxes or nothing. And never show gratitude or grace. Just learn to use the Internet and steal from other people's accounts. Maybe it will be easy and the Afghanis will give up on their own country and come to our Country to plant their poppies. So, so pretty.

Or the Oceans wipe us out? Or become dead zones?

Or we become truly psychic beings who have stare-out contests with fish, wherein the fish win. Whalerider, anyone?

Either way, it's up at the top of the chart so people in other countries are going to be watching with baited breath, isn't fun having to have diplomatic relations with people who just want you to screw up so they can show up in your country and flush grease down the drains?

Maybe it's not all grease. Maybe some of the aliens are from other planets. Maybe we'll feed them to the fish. Either way, Stephen Hawking has already warned us about Stranger Danger so we're partially prepared. You see those big old mesmerizing Neptune-Pluto eyes and, baby, you fucking book it the hell out of there!

Imagine two spirals spiraling here.

The U.S. has a natal square from Mars in Gemini (H7) to natal Neptune. When Pluto is added that could indicate that things get a little unfriendly. One could look at which houses these planets rule to get more info but I don't like to get that involved with a chart with only a speculative Rising Sign. (Okay, okay, Mars rules the IC of the Placidus Sibley chart, Pluto rules H11 and H12, and Neptune rules Pisces which is completely intercepted in the 3d House. So, there will be territoriality issues.)

And then right there on the Descendant of the Sibley Chart Saturn will be just past conjunction with the country's natal Uranus is at 9-10 Gemini (Desc 13 Gemini?). Saturn and Uranus don't really get along well with each other in mythology. Saturn represents the Old Guard who tries to contain Uranus and Uranus represents the New Guard. And their fight is basically a total drag because it starts the Wheel on its downward turn. People will have just an inkling of why we need introverts. And why our thinkers need more depth. And why we don't have the old creative spark to get through it all the way we used to. This will happen in the sign of Gemini which rules Siblings, Neighbors, Communications, Transportation. Actually Gemini is a very creative sign with all kinds of thoughts about how to fix problems and the U.S. Uranus is trining the U.S. Saturn and the Solar Arc Uranus will be trining from its own sign of Uranus (H2).

So, Houses involved in the Sibley Chart are H2 (Banks, Money, Values, Material Objects), H6-7 cusp (Partners, Marriages, Open Enemies, Diplomacy), and H10 (Status, Ambition, Direction). Grand Trines can show Ease of Feelings, Flow. Can also show self-satisfaction and self-containment and this will manifest through mental (Air) channels of detachment, reason (wouldn't that be nice for a change?).

The other big Solar Arc conjunction is Solar Arc Venus at 28 Aquarius which is conjunct the U.S. Sibley Moon at 28 Aquarius. More detachment. That's so Age of Aquariusy. This is in the 3d House of communications, early education, neighbors, siblings, etc. Maybe there will be a big change in public schooling. Parents will write a year long excuse to stay out of class for their kids.

In the secondary progressed Chart there is a long opposition of Venus to Mars layered over the U.S. Saturn-Chiron opposition. Venus on Chiron in H4 of Sibley and Mars Rx over Saturn. In 2012 p.Moon and p. Lilith will be over natal Saturn. Oh God, that's women. Sarah Palin may really run for President. How sad.

Squaring that is natal Sun, of course, which is in a very long term conjunction with progressed Jupiter which is moving in Retrograde back towards Sun from the 8th House.

So, that Sun-Saturn-Chiron t-square is heavily lit up.

Then we look at the transits to ask why Dec. 21?

Mercury and Venus will be at 16 and 8 Sagittarius right over the Ascendant. They will be opposing natal Uranus, SA Saturn and transiting Jupiter at 9 Gemini! And Lilith will be there, Lilith is always there when something happens.

Then the Moon will at some point during the day pass over natal Chiron 20 Aries in the 4th House. This will trip off the Saturn-Sun-Chiron t-square. So there is an emphasis on 1st House: Our Identity is heavily challenged by folks who are doing their Jupiter-Saturn thing. And by coincidence, the transiting Sun and Pluto will be in the 1st House of the Sibley Chart. And Mars will be in conjunction with natal Pluto (Will) in the 2d House (Values). And that's Capricorn.

And Neptune will have just moved into Pisces, it's own sign. There will have been an Eclipse Set back in November: Nov. 13 (Total Solar) and Nov. 28 (Appulse Lunar).

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Trending: 2,400 Year Old Pot of Soup

Chinese archaeologists have unearthed a 2,400 year old cauldron full of soup near the ancient capital of Xian. The soup was sealed in bronze somehow so that when it was opened the liquid was still in the pot. It is said to be called "Bone Soup" and is from the Warring States period of 472-221 BC.

Don't have a clue how to read any astrology into this other than to notice that the announcement is made while there is a conjunction of Mars to the North Node in Capricorn, sign which rules bones. With Neptune (liquid) conjunct Chiron in the sign of the Water Bearer, I suspect that the person who was buried with the soup didn't want to be dug up.


Thursday, December 09, 2010

Trending: Tilda Swinton

Actress Tilda Swinton was topping the trending lists over on Yahoo. She has two movies coming out pretty soon. In one she plays an Ice Queen in the C.S. Lewis series.

Ice is frozen water. That will be ruled by Neptune and Pluto and Saturn and other "cold" signs which show a lot of reserve. Swinton's natal chart naturally fits this as she is a Scorpio Sun with a Virgo North Node. Her natal Sun is conjunct Neptune and Mercury Rx in Scorpio. Not only does this enhance the Icey and Ethereal Qualities, but it bestows great talents as an actor (dissolving into another character) and photogenia (is that a word?). However, this isn't a personality that "shows off" in a flamboyant way so it may be thought of as sort of cold.

Right now the transits and Swinton's progressions have lined up in the sign of Capricorn. Not only is Capricorn related to Saturn which is a sign which is very conservative and reserved, but it rules Government and Leaders. Queens and Kings are still ruled by Leo and Leo's ruler the Sun. At the point when Swinton was leading the Trending Polls, maybe she still is, a stellium of planets is passing through the sign of Capricorn and this was hanging out up at the highest part of the astrological wheel. Mars 2 Capricorn, NN 4 Capricorn, Pluto 5 Capricorn, Mercury 6 Capricorn (and Stationing Rx).

Swinton's natal chart and progressed chart are hooked into this point as well. Also at this point is Swinton's natal Jupiter at 2 Capricorn. Her natal Saturn is at 14 Capricorn. And, most importantly, her progressed Sun (Queen) is at 4 Capricorn.

I don't have a birth time for Swinton so I don't know her entire natal chart.

Tilda Swinton
b. Nov. 5, 1960

Sun 14 Scorpio (c. Neptune); Moon Taurus or Gemini; NN 13 Virgo (c. Pluto)

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Friday, December 03, 2010

The Two Libras

Saw this Video over on the Mason Dixon knitting blog. This has got to be what 2 Libras do with each other when stuck in a room alone together.




Upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse and Arsenic Eating Bacteria in Mono Lake!!!!

This is exactly what I would have expected from the Pluto conjunction to the North Node in Capricorn but never could have imagined. It's an example of how Reality is always more imaginative than anything the human mind can make up. This shows the combination of Pluto and Saturn working together. And Neptune is there. And Uranus. And the 3 upcoming Total Lunar Eclipses are there as well. Dorothy, we're never gonna make it back to Kansas!

It turns out that NASA Scientists have discovered that a living creature exists on earth which uses Arsenic as the backbone for its DNA. The Arsenic replaces what Phosphorus did, whatever that is.

Between the Eclipses in Cancer/Capricorn and the big outer planet t-square between Saturn-Uranus-Pluto and Jupiter over the Aries Points, or the spots of the wheel which represent new beginnings, the earth might be shifting to a new method of survival. What used to be poison might now start to be the beginnings of life.

The point of discovery for this is in Mono Lake, California. As I talked about in a previous post, the California environment has an interesting connection with the past. We have 2 of the oldest planets on earth. The oldest trees and the oldest shrubs. Methuselah (bristle cone pine) and Creosote (down in the desert somewhere). So, maybe this organism is actually very old and not a new thing.

Well, the Poles, they are a-shifting.

After a very quick look on the internet to find connections between Arsenic and Astrological rulerships I found the connection with Neptune. The glyph of Neptune looks like the symbol for Arsenic. http://www.symbols.com/encyclopedia/05/0510.html. Neptune right now is in exact conjunction with Chiron in the sign of Aquarius. Neptune is one of the big rulers of Poisons. Arsenic is used in a lot of pesticides and California, being strongly agricultural, is totally maxed out on the pesticides. Arsenic exists naturally in the Southwest and other spots. The discovery was made by NASA so it's also interesting that the agency related to Space Travel made the discovery.

Interesting blog called "Paradise Preoccupied" explains the NASA discovery in ways that I can't because I don't have Science knowledge. The article gets really interesting in discussing how different life forms may actually account for other realms of existence.

So, now things get really crazy.

There are 3 Total Lunar Eclipses coming up within a year of each other. The Moon rules giving Birth. Maybe ... Oh, it's so Sci Fi.

The upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse that's coming up on December 21? When it is relocated to Mono Lake, California:

Total Lunar Eclipse
Dec. 21, 2010 :13 am Mono Lake, CA

(sorry, my program is showing the minute before the Eclipse so Sun and Moon are still in Sadittarius, but remember this is occurring right on the Aries Points)

Sun 30 Sagittarius; Moon 30 Gemini; ASC 4 Libra; MC 4 Cancer; NN 3 Capricorn

Okay, for one this is a Full Moon. It is an Eclipse. Hoot, Hoot. It is strong in its own sign. The Moon is also out of bounds at 23 degrees 44 minutes. It is also moving fast at 14 degrees 43 minutes. It is also handle of a bucket chart. It is also the Most Elevated Planet in the chart. It is also conjunct the South Node which according to Komilla Sutton is its most uncomfortable placement.

And it is opposing a huge wad of planets that are in tight conjunction down in its natural house, the IC. That's Mercury 27 Sagittarius Rx; Sun 30 Sagittarius; Pallas 1 Capricorn; NN 3 Capricorn; IC 4 Capricorn; Pluto 5 Capricorn; Mars 11 Capricorn.

Gahhhhhhhh! Dudes!!!! This is so FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU,,,,,&***%($)$)$))@@@@ing Amazing!!!



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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Trending: Pink

The Singer/Entertainer Pink's at the top of Yahoo's Trending List right now. She has recently announced that she and her husband are expecting a baby. She is also on Number 1 on the Song Charts at this point. Wonder what indicators point to this in her chart.

Pluto and Scorpio rule Fame, along with Saturn which rules Achievement. Pink has natal Pluto at 18 Libra. Right now transiting Saturn is within a few degrees approach of that spot. And Pink's progressed Sun is at 16 Libra.

This hooks into the Pregnancy/Family thing because Pink's natal Pluto is squaring Mars in Cancer (Family, Motherhood) and is opposing natal Ceres (Motherhood, Love) and possibly natal Moon in Aries. These are a lot of indicators showing something going on with Maternity and Family. There might be some concerns about health and safety, so I sort of hope she paces herself career-wise and keeps her home life settled. I read that she has had a previous miscarriage so she is probably a little fearful at this point. Mars rules heat so she should be careful if she runs a fever.

With a huge stellium in Virgo in her natal chart, she will probably pay close attention to health situations and daily habits but may not be able to ask for help if she needs it. Since Virgo rules the digestive tract I sort of wonder if she is more or less likely to have serious nausea during pregnancy. It seems that the situation may be extreme in one way or another. Pluto likes to keep things under control, but both Moon and Pluto are related to hormonal extremes. With transiting Jupiter and Uranus past the opposition point of this stellium she probably won't be feeling like she is on as much of a see-saw as she used to be.

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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Earthquakes Off Shore: 6.something in Japan/3.9 in New York

Two earthquakes in the past two days. It looks like my computer program really is on the fritz so I'm not pulling up the exact charts. It looks like the Sun in Sagittarius is unaspected in both charts. These earthquakes have happened when it is up at the top of the chart. Also suspect, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction as those two rule the charts. The Pluto-NN conjunction is now separating but is still very close and we are aproaching the Winter Solstice/Full Moon situation on December 21. Neptune-Chiron conjunction are still on the same degree in Aquarius. Mercury c. Mars in Sagittarius. Venus moved back into Scorpio after Rx.

The earthquakes have been happening off shore in the ocean, interesting coincidence. Luckily so little damage. The New York earthquake was small, but was the first one in 18 years.

6.6 or 6.9 Earthquake off Ogasawara Islands (Bonin Islands), Japan
felt in Tokyo, not much damage?

Nov. 30, 2010 12:25 pm (325 gmt)

Sun 8 Sagittarius; Moon 25 Virgo; NN 4 Capricorn; ASC 15 Pisces; MC 21 Sagittarius

3.9 Earthquake, New York
Dec. 1, 2010 10:45 am 80 miles off shore of Southhampton, NY

Sun 10 Sagittarius; Moon 17 Libra; ASC 5 Aquarius; MC 27 Scorpio;

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Threatening Messages and Julian Assange's Birth Date

Somebody left me a threatening message on my post about Julian Assange telling me to never, ever play a guessing game about him again. That's scary.

Anyway, Assange is a Cancer Sun with either a Libra or a Scorpio Moon.

His Venus is conjunct Ceres and squaring Pluto in Libra. Geez, that's so about abduction and the underworld.

July 3, 1971
Townsville, Australia

Sun 11 Cancer; Moon Libra or Scorpio; NN 16 Aquarius

Trending on Yahoo: 300 Sextillion

Scientists say there are now 3 times as many Stars as they originally thought. I don't think the U.S. Budget Deficit is even this big of a number, but I don't know for certain. That must be the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces talking, along with Pluto's passage through Sagittarius.


World's Most Boring Day

NPR hosted an interview with a Cambridge Computer Scientist who has determined that April 11, 1954 is the most boring day of modern times so far. Nobody (so far) famous was born or died on that day. And nothing happened.

Apr. 4, 1954 GMT (I used noon time to set chart)

Sun 22 Aries; Moon Cancer/Leo; NN 20 Capricorn

Well, people born on this day were likely born with a Cardinal Grand Square in their charts. Grand Squares hit a lot of road blocks in life and that doesn't always lay out the easiest path towards success. The Aries Sun opposition to Neptune-Lilith squares the Nodal Axis with Uranus conjunct the South Node.

Looks like a bunch of hippies who born on got lost at Woodstock. These people would have been very idealistic and had Grand Dreams about how we all get along. And then nobody wanted to be around them. The ones born around Noon have a t-square with apex Moon in Leo squaring stodgy Venus in Taurus opposite constipating Saturn in Scorpio. If these people ever came down off their 60s high they probably spent all their money at the therapist's office. Or they skipped Woodstock and became dentists and real estate agents and are content to have a nice practice and an annual trip to somewhere exotic. Nothing fancy. Venus in Taurus is the final dispositor of the chart, they just want to be comfortable.

Kind of interesting to notice that Mars is at 29 Sagittarius. Along with Gemini Sagittarius is probably the sign that's most conceited about not wanting to be boring. Interesting that Mars is on the last degree of Sagittarius which happens to be the Aries Point, assuring that at some point it will become known for something big, even if it is for something, well, not big. And the Announcement has been exposed just as Pluto (Fame) and the North Node are just hitting each other within very close range (4 or 5 degrees).

It's also a Nodal Return in Capricorn.

And the day's progressed Mars has turned Retrograde and is at 8 Capricorn (Rx) so it hasn't moved much since that day.

And who knows what people will be saying about that day in another 100 years, history being what it is, assuming that Progressed Mars will have turned direct.

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