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Monday, April 23, 2012

Who's Zoomin Who? Hypersonic Airplanes, Meteors and North Korea

Just read an article on Yahoo about a spacecraft which was launched off the coast of Central California last August.  This thing reaches top speed of MACH 20.  It fell into the Pacific Ocean after only 9 minutes of flight.  That's not so bad if you realize that it was created to blast around the World in less than an hour.  It would only take 12 minutes to jet from L.A. to New York.

What really attracted me to today's story was the factoid that it flew so quickly it flew right out of its skin.  Made me wonder what was going on with Saturn and Capricorn in the chart.  Those are the astro rulers of the skin.


I can't find an exact launch time.  Someone who blogged about it wrote at 2:49 pm that it had launched roughly 3 hours before time of writing.  At 2:49 pm Saturn would have just passed over the Ascendant (Skin on Face(H1)). Saturn was maybe emphasized because unaspected by major aspect to major planets.  

Falcon HTV-2, 
Aug. 11, 2011 about 11:49 am PDT  Vandenburg Airforce Base, California

Sun 19 Leo;  Moon 26 Capricorn (approx);  Ascendant maybe Libra;  MC Cancer or Leo;  NN 21 Sagittarius Rx

Lots of Saturn-Capricorn-H10 in the potential chart.

Moon in Saturn's sign.  All falls down with that one.

And up in Saturn's House 1 the Sun was conjunct Venus in Leo at 18-19 Leo.  Good time for a chemical peel on the face.

So, and yeah, look at that Mercury Rx at 29 Leo.  It seems that blast offs into Outer Space don't give a hairy fig about Mercury Rx but I think that the folks at DARPA (don't have a clue what that stands for) ought to pay attention to Mercury Rx.

Supposedly this is the 2d test launch for this Hypersonic aircraft.  The first one was launched in 2010 and I can't get the info straight.  The current news says that it also landed in the Pacific Ocean after a 9 minute flight. But, other articles say that it dropped into the ocean at 4:21 BST (British Summer time, I think that's 8:21 PDT time but can't vouch for it).  These reports say that it had a flight lasting 36 minutes which doesn't make sense because it would have been halfway around the world by then.

Mercury was also Retrograde on that day at 12 Taurus.

HTV-1 Falcon Hypersonic
missing Apr. 22, 2010  4:21 pm BST, or maybe 8:21 am PDT 
so launch would have been either 9 or 36 minutes earlier.

Sun 3 Taurus;  Moon 14 Leo;  NN 16 Capricorn

Yesterday morning there was a bright flashing light and sonic boom which was heard-seen-felt all over California at around 8:00 am. I'm just going to be a conspiracy theorist here and wondering if maybe they are related?  You didn't hear it from me.

This flight had a big outer planetary lineup.  Jupiter was conjunct Uranus in Pisces (sorry I didn't write down the degrees) and opposing Saturn 30 Virgo.  

Big Boom in California, unexplained phenomena, they say it's a meteor

Apr. 22, 2012  7:52 to 8:00 am California/Nevada

Sun 3 Taurus;  Moon 18 Taurus;  ASC 3 Gemini;  NN 8 Sagittarius Rx, MC 14 Aquarius

Mercury 6 Aries c. Uranus 7 Aries
Saturn 26 Libra Rx and unaspected in H6

Great aspects for a meteor huh? Moon conjunct Jupiter in Taurus just passed over the Ascendant. That's like a big f@art, but you didn't hear that from me. Just happens to have been perceived out there near Area 51.  But you didn't hear that from me.    

And North Korea made good use of that Mercury-Uranus conjunction in Aries and Saturn to threaten to pulverize South Korea.   Scary.  Wish that hadn't really happened.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Pulitzer Prize and the Mars Rx

Just as mars in Virgo stations direct the Pulitzer prizes are announced and lo behold two categories don't receive any awards. Mars in Virgo is so critical that during this extended retrograde period nobody could see fit to give any awards for editorial writing or fiction. Virgo rules editing, so, basically, all attempts at editing last year were edited out. Virgo lacks drama and gets a little bogged down in details so the lack of a fiction award isn't all that surprising. Virgo loves horror and I think that's the only subject that it could Overlook typos on. Virgo is actually strongly associated with writing because it rules editing and perfecting the details, you do want to have some in your chart.

It's also good to pay attention to the fact that people my age are probably now starting to give out the awards and we were born at the beginning of the Pluto in Virgo generation. Not only has the mars Rx been affecting our natal plutos, but Neptune-Chiron has been opposing. That's wipeOut, thank you Noel tyl. And Pluto in Capricorn is training so our earth stinginess is running on full fire. I hate us right now. Actually I've never really liked us very much except for the organic farmers.

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Monday, April 09, 2012

Fly the Scary Skies

Two Airline employees got their wings clipped last month when they freaked out while on board. The times of the Mind Blowings occurred at about the same time in the morning so that Jupiter in Taurus is suspiciously close to the Ascendant. Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius and is connected with flying through its rulership of long distance travel. So, the charts are friendly to the ideas of something going on in the Airlines.

The North Node is currently in Sagittarius, which is Jupiter's sign, and that indicates something typically Sagittarius will be connected with events. Lots of child molestors being caught in the public school system in California.

And Jupiter is in a Grand Trine aspect with Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo. Pluto is in the 9th House of Air Travel in this case. Mars is Retrograde in Virgo, the sign of one's job and health issues. Mars is in the 5th House in both charts, but is only one degree past conjunction with the 6th House of Health (ruled by Virgo). So it has been passing through this house for the 2 hours before the flight. And, it has been in this house for about the past one or two months every day at this time so there is build up.

Uranus and the sign which it rules, Aquarius, are also sort of connected with Airline travel, mostly of the outer space kind. After looking at the videos of these two poor employees I'd say that they were definitely having the ride of their lives in Outer Space. Mostly it seems like someone's been slipping the flight crew some meds and letting them exhibit some PTSD concerning all the fears related to their jobs, but what do I know? It looks like maybe the stress of working in the airlines has finally taken its toll. I remember losing a couple of dentists during the beginnings of the AIDS scare back in the 80s in San Francisco. I can only imagine how different people must look when you have to try to read whether they have a bomb on them every day all day.

Jupiter in Taurus has been in a Grand Trine configuration with Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo. Mars has been involved in the configuration for an extra long time because of its Retrograde. Virgo is a sign connected with nerves, worries, anxiousness, insecurities, and one's job and daily habits and diet. Pluto has been in Capricorn. Capricorn rules one's Career, as opposed to daily job, and also rules repressed emotional feelings like deep depression. Jupiter is a freedom loving planet associated with feelings of optimism and boundlessness. It's problems arise because it overdoes everything. So the big trine aspect maybe contained these aspects in a sort of cess pool which finally came out. Mars-Jupiter-Pluto working together in a Grand Trine will show a lot of success in some way. I can only look at this figure in relation to these events with a ?

Perhaps these guys overloaded on sugar right before the flight. The chart definitely shows that. Noel Tyl swears that Venus-Jupiter connections are signs of Diabetes and Glucose problems. Jupiter here is in Venus' Sign and right on the ascendant which rules the physical body. In an event chart it will show the person involved. Just read that highly chlorinated water becomes poisonouswhen mixed with some thing else .

Venus is in conjunction with Jupiter and Lilith in the first house of the chart when the Stewardess lost it. Venus rules women, of course, so this describes a woman acting out, especially in connection with good old Lilith. The stewardess admitted that she is diagnosed Bipolar.

Stewardess flips out while airplane is taxiing, American Airlines 2332 scheduled take off from Dallas/Ft.Worth 8:25 am to Chicago O'Hare land around noon

March 9, 2012 8:25 am Dallas-Forth Worth, TX

Sun 20 Pisces (H12); Moon 6 Libra (H6) ASC 26 Aries; MC 16 Capricorn; NN 10 Sagittarius (H8)

Venus is in later degrees of Taurus when the pilot flips out but is still in the first house and rising over the ASC all through his episode. He is said to have come to the flight preparation late so it is assumed that he was having troubles before he actually started having problems in flight.

Pilot flips out while JetBlue flight 191 in midair, 191 departs JFK Airport NY,NY 7:28 am.

March 27, 2012 about 9:30 am over Texas
emergency landing 10:11 am LT Amarillo, TX

Sun 7 Aries (H12); Moon 20 Capricorn (H1); ASC 15 Taurus; MC 29 Capricorn; NN 9 Sagittarius Rx (H8)

The pilot, Clayton Osbon, is said to have told the CoPilot that someone was observing his behavior that day. No shit. That comment freaks me out no end. Both charts have Sun in the 12th house of Pisces which among other things rules secret enemies and terrorism. So the 2 crew members could have been slipped a mickee. These were particularly good days to do this because Mercury and the Moon, rulers of one's mental health on a physical level were in difficult aspects with each other.

The Stewardess, I believe is 42 or 43, and so just past her Uranus Opposition and Neptune square, a time when people sort of "rewire." Mercury here is at 7 Aries c. Uranus 4 Aries (H12) squaring Pluto 10 Capricorn and opposing Moon 6 Libra (H6).

Mars 12 Virgo Rx (H5) is conjunct H6 cusp by a degree, is opposing Chiron-Neptune and is grand trine with Venus-Jupiter-Lilith 5-9 Tauurs (H1) and Pluto 10 Capricorn. Mars' energy is sort of stunted, bringing back past trauma because of Rx and is strongly influencing the chart as lead of a Locomotive Chart shape. The Moon is just past Full and is traveling Fast.

The event chart for the Pilot's adventure down the aisle has Moon 2 Gemini (H1). Moon is in Mercury's sign and is highly conflicted because in a Grand Square configuration on the angles. It is conjunct the SN opposing the NN in Sagittarius (H7) and is squaring the opposition of Mars 6 Virgo Rx (H5) to Chiron-Neptune 2-8 Pisces (H11). He is said to have a sideline business selling some sort of Diet Drink which is probably loaded with Splenda and Psychosis. Mercury 27 Pisces Rx in H11 in wide conjunction with Uranus-Sun in H12.

The pilot is said to be 49 years old. So, he's just past his 4th Jupiter Return and heading into his Chiron Return. There are only reports about how this is atypical behavior for him. Scorpio is on the Descendant so I'm good with that idea. The FBI is said to be holding him in psychiatric treatment in an undisclosed location.

Did you ever read about those burgluries of all the psych meds last year?

Mar. 14, 2010 12:00 am Enfield Connecticut, late Saturday or early Sunday night.

Sun 24 Pisces (H3); Moon 6 Pisces (H3); ASC 6 Sagittarius; MC 24 Virgo; NN 18 Capricorn (H2)

Giganormous Stellium at the bottom of the chart opposing Saturn up in H10 on an AP, 2 Libra. Well I don't know what time it actually happened but the burglars came in through the roof.

Stellium: Neptune 28 Aquarius-Chiron 28 Aquarius-Moon 6 Pisces-Jupiter 14 Pisces-Mercury 24 Pisces-Sun 24 Pisces-(MC 24 Pisces just at midnight)-Uranus 27 Pisces-Venus 9 Aries.

No updates in the investigations of where these pharmaceuticals went which is mighty suspicious considering how dangerous they can be.

Would certainly be interesting to see the natal charts.

Computer's wigging out. Sorry about typos.

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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Mars and Teenagers in Trouble, Trayvon Martin and Sierra Lamar

Hindsight is so telling. With Mars squaring the last Total Lunar Eclipse on Dec. 10, 2011, that's Mars squaring the Sun and Moon and Nodes, most of the major factors of the sky for events, I suppose that now we can know that children will be susceptible to violence more than usual.

There will be another square between these planets, sort of a Grand Square with Chiron, in the June Lunar Eclipse which will also include the big Venus Rx cycle.

So right now, Eclipse wise, we're wenched between 2 Eclipses which represent emotional volatility. Also, Mars is spending a lot of time in Virgo not really moving anywhere, so he's not really flowing very much. And since he's the guy who acts first and thinks second, he's burbling away like a pit bill on a leash. And Mercury has been in Retrograde so nobody can think straight, but apparently can still shoot straight which is an extremely scary thought. And Venus will move Retrograde soon after Mars goes direct at the end of this month. So, get out your suspension rope, don't offend the gang stalkers because they're not very nice, and they make sense to all those mean brats born with the Pluto in Scorpio and Neptune-Uranus in Capricorn who were raised by parents who called themselves helicopters because they didn't really want kids, they wanted money, and the kids just happened to be part of the Plan to get the money and the success. It's a Material World, don't ya know.

Okay, high horse. I think I was just fed psych drugs in my orange juice 2 days ago and I'm coming down off a really scary high

Basically, there's a lot of frustrated inner planet energy. A cess pool if you will. Third World Country thinking (except for Nancy Grace and Mark Klaas, in this case)

Kids are mostly about inner planet energy.

Who? What's a kid? I live in California. We just have transplants who act like kids.

Teenagers are just past their first Saturn oppositions and most are launching out into a 4 or 5 year period in which they are not developing through any major planetary cycle phases or parts of phases.

The two big stories in the news have been of Trayvon Martin, a 15 year old Black teenager who was shot for suspected trespassing by a citizen security guard named George Zimmerman. This occured in Florida in a town called Sanford. Zimmerman has a typically Jewish name and he says he's Hispanic, so right there he's a civil rights catastrophe waiting to happen.

Sierra Lamar is a 14 year old White girl (I think) from Morgan Hill, CA who went missing in MidMarch, having never boarded the bus to go to her school. Her cell phone and her bag with some clothes have been located a couple of miles from her home but nothing else is known about her whereabouts.

Trayvon Martin was born at the beginning of 1995 and Sierra Lamar was born near the end of 1996. They share the Uranus-Neptune conjunction from those year in their natal charts. Trayvon's is in Capricorn at 24-28 Capricorn. Sierra's is Neptune 26 Capricorn-Uranus 1 Aquarius.

Capricorn is the sign associated with parents, usually the Father. On a societal level these events are bringing up a lot of topics for society and the media to discuss. Outer planet transits are said to project out into the bigger picture in this way because slow moving as they are many people within a generation share them. Trayvon Martin's murder has become a huge talk about racism and civil rights. Both kids were from Divorced families so now there is talk about how kids from Divorce get into trouble. I read an article yesterday about all the kids in the news right now who are from Divorce, the theme was lack of Fathering more than lack of Mothering. Sorry don't have a link. Should try to find it.

I've been studying kids from divorce and have found that, at least in the cases which go public in the national media, most of the women who get murdered by boyfriends and husbands seem to come from divorce. I'm not going into the reasons why this is so, mostly because kids from divorce wander around a lot and don't shelter themselves from the strangeness of others very well, either that or they are manipulative spoiled brats as anyone from an intact family will readily tell you. One can see the strange allegiences which occur within step families when Sierra Lamar's mother is interviewed. She can't seem to discuss her husband and boyfriend, even at the expense of not being able to find her daughter.

The Divorced kid thing is a long story. Since these two are/were teenagers we can focus the conversation on how to avoid that topic.

I said that I'm not going to discuss crime stories as they are occurring so already I've screwed that topic up. What I'm going to try to focus on is Mars in the natal charts of the victims and in the event charts of their victimhood. I've looked at a chart for Sierra's last cell phone call. It says something important but I can't say what.

The reason why I'm looking at Mars is because both Sierra and Trayvon had natal Mars within a degree of each other at 25-26 Leo. Mars also rules impulse and violence and bullets and knives. And it's just odd that they shared a Mars Return.

Mars is prominently placed in both of their charts as it is Lead Planet of their chart shapes. Sierra has Mars 25 Leo lead planet of a Locomotive Chart. Trayvon had Mars 26 Leo lead planet of a Bucket Chart.

Mars rules Men, mostly young impulsive boys and represents the male side of a person within a relationship, and also describes the impulsive side of a person. So these kids may have had a bit of a good soldier style of action, valuing honor and courage. Being a Fire Sign Leo can perhaps get itself into difficult situations, especially if offended. Leo is the sign of Pride, Romantic, wears Heart on Sleeve. Leo rules creativity and kids, so kids being raised by parents who aren't doing their job properly might dramatize through behaviors but most of all they just want to be good kids and to be rewarded for it.

Mars is prominent in the skies right now because he is moving Retrograde in Virgo and has been opposing Neptune. Virgo is the sign which comes after Leo, it's the sign of discernment and attempt to seek clarity through analysis of all the Leo drama. So, these kids' Mars is in the shadow of this current rx transit. Perhaps something they did back on the day when they had their exact Mars returns somehow led to what happened to them on the days of their victimization.

The Virgo-Pisces pole will often bring up issues regarding Civil Rights, most notable the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s which came about during a huge configuration in Virgo-Pisces. There is a weird chance that Sierra Lamar ran off to join the revolution, from looking at the chart, and this revolution could be related to immigrants' right just because Morgan Hill is an agricultural town.

Mars Opposing Neptune brings fogginess and lack of clarity, though, which seems to be part of both of these cases. There can be dishonesty and cover ups or just difficulty in discerning reality. Both cases are bringing about searches on mass scale, in civil rights in Trayvon's case along with Mass Media screw ups, and in the actual physical search in Sierra's case. Football players are tromping out in the fields in Morgan hill right now along with many other people looking for traces of what happened.

It's interesting that the Mars-Neptune opposition had just passed over the ASC-DESC pole of both event charts, but on opposite sides.

Pisces was Rising at 7:11 when Sierra sent her last text message to her friend so Mars was in the 6th House and Neptune was in the 12th House. (Since this is at the end of Pisces, Aries may have been actually rising when she was went missing).

Virgo was rising when Trayvon was shot so Mars would have been in the 12th House and Neptune in the 6th House. This is interesting just for the reason that everyone knows what happened to Trayvon and Mars represents guns and violence. He was also misidentified which would be a Neptunian problem. Neptunians can't really do eyewitness situations, but they can instantly identify the murderer (or more likely, crack dealer) in the room if they've never met the person before.

In Sierra's case nobody knows what happened to Sierra which is very Neptunian and unclear. If she disappeared soon after making her last text, Neptune is ruling the chart and is in its own sign and in its own house. The Sun is unaspected and in conjunction with the Ascendant at that point which shows a burst of ego that has nowhere to go.

There is a tight conjunction of Mercury-Uranus. which could indicate a runaway situation, just depends on the time of the disappearance. The chart is also unclear because there is a conjunction of Moon-Pluto in Capricorn up in the 10th House which squares the Mercury-Uranus conjunction. Pluto is connected with abduction and pretty much all types of shady crime and taboos. This is a very intense square aspect which is right on the angles. Plus, another quasi planet influence, Ceres, which is also connected with abduction is also in the 1st house. That's interesting because Ceres and Pluto are connected together through the myth of daughter/abductee, Persephone, in Greek myth. This myth is also about agriculture and Morgan Hill is a farming community. And there was recently another shooting of teenagers back in November which was related to gang activity. Maybe gang activity in Ceres?. Sierra's natal Jupiter is at 12 Capricorn and is unaspected except through a square to her Nodal Axis, so she may have run off to join the revolution (Uranus in Aries) and has long since flown out of the area.

I can't find any reason to connect Mars at 25-26 Leo with the events in either of these cases. It's out of bounds to be considered a Mars return for these kids. Mars will return back to 4 Virgo next week and then will move forward. This is an exact Mars Return for Trayvon Martin's killer, George Zimmerman, who has natal Mars at 4 Virgo. Mars will station right on his natal Mars next week.

Trayvon Martin was born with both Mercury and Mars Retrograde. So this mirrors the current Mercury-Mars Retrogrades that are in the sky right now. Mercury was not Rx when he was shot.

Sort of weird how there are no out of bounds planets in the natal or event charts. I always expect something to look really wiggy in the case of crime.

Trayvon Martin

b. Feb. 5, 1995 (no place, I used Miami, FL)

Sun 17 Aquarius; Moon Aries or Taurus; NN 10 Scorpio

Trayvon Martin killed
d. Feb. 26, 2012 7:17 pm Sanford, FL

Sun 8 Pisces (H6); Moon 4 Taurus (H8); ASC 21 Virgo; MC 21 Gemini; NN 10 Sagittarius Rx

Sierra Lamar
b. Oct. 19, 1996 (no place, I used Fremont, CA)

Sun 27 Libra; Moon Capricorn or Aquarius; NN 7 Libra Rx

Sierra Lamar goes missing
Mar. 16, 2012 7:11 am Morgan Hill, CA

Sun 27 Pisces; Moon 16 Capricorn; ASC 23 Pisces; MC 27 Sagittarius Rx; NN 9 Sagittarius Rx;

Total Lunar Eclipse Dec. 10, 2011 7:36 am EDT NY, NY
Sun 19 Sagittarius-NN 15 Sagittarius opp Moon 19 Gemini square Mars 14 Virgo

Partial Lunar Eclipse June 4, 2012 7:11 am EDT NY, NY
Sun 15 Gemini oppo Moon 15 Sagittarius squaring Mars 17 Capricorn opposite Chiron 10 Pisces. NN 5 Sagittarius Rx squaring Neptune 4 Pisces SD. Venus Rx c. Sun, end of 8 year cycle that's part of that big cycle, I forget what the name of it is.

George Zimmerman
B. Oct. 5, 1983 somewhere in Virginia, I used Richmond

Sun 12 Libra; Moon Virgo or Libra; NN 20 Gemini Rx

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Monday, April 02, 2012

Money Changes Everything

Just saw the quote on an advertisement for MSN.com saying that "money changes everything."

Astrology can improve that thought, I think. We can take that idea one step further, and into the realm of the taboo.

Taurus rules money and Taurus is a very conservative sign. I don't think that Taurus changes much. Taurus wants to accumulate.

However, scorpio is the sign opposite Taurus. And scorpio is related to deep transformation and change.

So, I think that the truly wise saying might be:

"Other people's money changes everything.". Along with sex, death and taxes. And personal power trips, of course.

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The Weather in a Cup o Joe

Instructions on how to predict the weather from a cup of coffee:



At What Age Are You Happiest? At What Age Are You Wealthiest?

A study from out of the u.k. Says that people are happiest at age 33. The Sun in your Solar Return chart is said to begin a new cycle at this age because it returns to the same house it was in when you were born. So, perhaps this is the year when you are reborn? Kind of an interesting thought Christianity wise. Jesus was 33 when he was killed, and risen. However you say it. I'm appreciating Christianity more these days. It seems to have taken some of the best of Greek thought and tried to bring it to the people. Sometimes works, sometimes not.

Here's the article. On iPad so can't figure the links.



Financial disaster prophet, Henry S. Dent, supplies a bunch of different statistics about ones age. He says that most people are the wealthiest they will ever be at age 48. This is at or right after a person's 4th Jupiter Return.

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