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Monday, February 28, 2011

Why Mankind Has To Believe In God

I read somewhere that Herman Melville's main message behind writing Moby Dick is that Man can never truly know God. And I like that.

I have no opinion about whether there is a God or Gods or Goddesses, or Dog God or Cat God. I can't say. And I pretty much can't stand people who say that they "know" that God does exist or that he doesn't exist. How can you know? You can't. So fake humility and say "I don't know."

Here are my thoughts for why humankind has to turn over part power to "God" (this is truly bombast stuff to write, but I'm having a bad day, and am blowing off mambo steam). We are part free, part chained, if you think it's all free will then you have simply led an easy life:

1. We don't experience a complete planetary return of all of our planets. That means that we don't have a complete experience of all the knowledge the Solar System has to offer us.

Most of us don't live to our first Uranus Return which occurs at around Age 83.
None of us lives through a complete Neptune (165? years) or Pluto Return (200 and something years) Plus the roughly 500 year cycle when all the planets re-align (supposedly).

If we could hold on to to the wisdom we have gained through literacy and historical studies we might be able to get a lot closer to God. We can't access God without these things.

But, that won't happen. Somebody will erase the Internet in some sort of War and we'll have to start over again. Kind of like what happened in the Middle Ages. It's already happening, backwards people are moving into the Internet and forwards people are moving all their stuff on to the Internet.

2. The Planets don't revolve around the Earth. The Planets revolve around the Sun. Therefore, the Sun gets to know all. We don't.

3. There's galaxies and things out there beyond the Solar System, it goes on and on.

Tah Dah!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Sound Only Teenagers Can Hear

A high pitched sound, known as "The Mosquito", is something only teenagers can hear. Back in 2008 it was being sold as a ring tone for cell phones that kids could use in class. The teachers couldn't hear when their phones were ringing. The Astrology of the Teenage Years. Man, that must be some trippy stuff. I remember that Dell Magazine published some articles about this years back. The teens probably being with the Jupiter Return which comes on Average at around Age 11. Then there is the first Progressed Lunar Opposition to itself, probably around Age 13. And then the first Saturn opposition to itself at around Age 14. These ages vary widely. There are also a bunch of tertiary or minor progressed returns of the Inner Planets (sorry, I've blanket out which, should look that up). They occur at different times because of Retrogrades. Chiron will also make its first square to its natal position approximately Age 12.5. So, kids at that age are loaded with information.

Then there seems to be nothing much at all happening until the Nodal Return which comes a couple of months before the 19th Birthday. Except for kids who have natal Sun-Venus conjunctions. They get a special Sweet Sixteen present because those two planets complete their second Return together.

I'm back to listening to my Brilliant College Lectures about Aging and Sensations. We lose our hearing when we get older, but, apparently not as much as Doctors used to think. It turns out that testing older people for sensations gets extra tricky because of the Saturn Effect. We become much more cautious to say when we do and don't hear the little tones in the hearing tests. The class even explains what kind of deafness Beethoven suffered from. Boney things in his ears. Beethoven was a Double Sagittarius with Scorpio Rising. That means that his Sun first progressed into Capricorn when he was pretty young. Then once it had progressed into Aquarius, his Ascendant progressed into Capricorn. That could make a person hard-working, grumpy, and could affect the hearing. Apparently he could still hear when he put his head directly on the piano. Maybe Mosquitos are Capricorns. Who knows? Actually I think that they must have some mutable sign stuff in there as well.

You can test your own hearing in the following article about this sound.


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This is so exciting! A biotech company in Massachuesetts, Joule, has genetically engineered some sort of creature-blob that can (my interpretation of what it can do, read the article linked to below for reality check) give off diesel fuel after absorbing Sun, Water, and CO2. Who says that Rumpelstiltskin is a fairy tale? Can't friggin believe it.


Sun = Leo, 5th House
Water = Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, 4th, 8th, 12th houses,
CO2 = Saturn, Capricorn, H10.

Joule Unlimited was founded in 2007 by Flagship Venutre Labs. The company worked in "stealth mode" for 2 years. That's a little Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius (spark, humanity's understanding of nature at its best).

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gang Stalking


The Freeway -- Flocked and Blocked

Report tonight of a herd of goats in Sacramento who ran onto the Freeway and blocked traffic for an hour. According to reports a couple dozen were killed. Bless their sweet souls. May they all be reincarnated into Car Company CEOs.

Goats, of course, are represented by the sign of Capricorn in Astrology and Capricorn's ruler Saturn. Saturn also rules blockages, brakes, and Car Company CEOs. So, naturally I was curious to see what was going on with Saturn in the chart.

Herd of Goats runs onto Freeway, blocks traffic for an hour:

February 26, 2011 8pm Sacramento, CA
Sun 9 Pisces; Moon 6 Capricorn; ASC 5 Libra; MC 5 Cancer; NN 30 Capricorn

Saturn is in the 1st House of the Chart! MoFoSo-o-B!!! Astro-amazing! Saturn is very prominent as it is angular, is unaspected by major aspect to other planets, and is also the lead planet of a bowl shaped chart. By 9 pm the traffic was freed up. At this point Saturn was exactly Rising at 17 Libra.

Furthering the Saturn-Capricorn-Goat imagery, we have Moon in Capricorn in conjunction with Pluto right at the IC of the chart and moving into the 3d House of Transportation and Freeways. Moon-Pluto-NN shows the tragic loss of life on the freeway.

Jupiter, planet of hooved animals, was in conjunction with the Descendant and a singleton in Fire. Okay, so that's a stretch, thing is, Jupiter is still widely conjunct Uranus which represents big flocks of things. Sun, Mercury, Lilith and Uranus were all in the 6th House of Barnyard animals.

There was a 7 car accident in there somewhere, but it is not clear from the article whether this was the reason why the animals panicked in the first place.


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Gang Stalking Video

Interesting Video on Gang Stalking with John Quinones and produced by Eric M. Strauss.

A man in a leather jacket stands outside a supermarket and asks strangers walking by to commit illegal acts on a woman who is standing inside with a baby in a stroller. When people question his authority he flashes a badge which he has bought online. Only 1 out of 22 people doesn't do what he says and that person ends up helping him to steal the woman's baby anyway. People steal the woman's wallet, place what they think is a drug into her drink, steal her baby. It's really amazing.

Interesting what a Neptunian crime this is. The man gets them to commit the illegal acts by appealing to their empathy. All he has to do is to tell them that the woman has stolen the baby.

Imagine how much damage a real police officer could do if he decided to hurt someone.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Christchurch Earthquakes

Christchurch, New Zealand has suffered two serious earthquakes in the past 6 months. It looks like this place, known as the "Gateway to the Antarctic," is vulnerable to the Virgo/Pisces Axis. The first earthquake, 7.0, occurred last September when the Sun was at 12 Virgo. Today's earthquake logs Sun at 3 Pisces. Christchurch's Solar Arc Sun is at 14 Virgo, SA Uranus is at 25 Virgo. I found that interesting correlation with successive Solar Arc charts and earthquakes while studying the Parkfield earthquake series back whenever that was.

Christchurch's Nodal Axis is at a major Cardinal Point at 1 Libra (NN)-Aries (SN). I personally look for strong Cardinal sign tensions in earthquakes and this Axis has been going through major outer planet t-square transit of Saturn-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto over the past year. Jupiter and Uranus have been passing together over this spot for almost a year at this point. And the Sun-Mars conjunction passing over Pluto-NN, Uranus and then Neptune-Chiron has been a pretty trigger happy set of transits.

Today's earthquake, an aftershock to September's quake, happened right in the middle of lunch hour with the Sun at 3 Pisces. This is one reason why it's done more damage. Also, it was a shallow earthquake which rattles things up more. The Christchurch cathedral has suffered major damage, which perhaps explains the strong Jupiter (Religion) and Neptune (Spiritual) transits of this earthquake.

First off, Christchurch is going through it's Neptune Return. Natal Neptune is a 2 Pisces. That's just for beginners. Pluto is in conjunction with the North Node right now so when doubled up with any other significant transit could bring some problems. And today's earthquake Pluto is exactly squaring earthquake (transiting) Jupiter. This Jupiter is conjunct Christchurch's natal Sun to the degree and is squaring natal Jupiter 12 Cancer.

Current reports say that there are about 65 dead and 100 unnaccounted for. I send my best thoughts to the suffering right now.

New Zealand Earthquake 7.0
Sept. 4, 2010 4:35 am (LT); (Sept. 3, 2010 16:35 UTC)

Sun 12 Virgo; ASC 20 Cancer; Moon 6 Cancer; MC 17 Taurus; NN

I wasted a bunch of time fiddling to see how the Eclipses might have contributed but my computer is set to calculate everything for New York time. There's a chance that the Sun-Moon conjunction of the July 10-11, 2010 Eclipse is conjunct the ASC of the September earthquake.

New Zealand Earthquake 6.3, Aftershock of Sept. 4, 2010 earthquake
Feb. 22, 2011 12:51 pm Lyttelton, New Zealand

Sun 3 Pisces (H10); Moon 25 Libra (H6); ASC 10 Taurus; MC 20 Aquarius; NN 30 Sagittarius (H10)

I suppose an earthquake which is considered an aftershock has different astrological indicators which will fine tune the charts. Don't have a clue what they would be.
--The Venus ruled Moon and Chart might be one.
--It looks like the IC/MC Taurus Axis is now the ASC/DESC Axis. That would make a lot of sense in Astro terms.

Christchurch, New Zealand given its name:

Mar. 27, 1848 Christchurch, New Zealand

Sun 7 Aries; Moon Sagittarius or Capricorn; NN 1 Libra

Jupiter 13 Cancer; Saturn 19 Pisces; Uranus 18 Aries; Neptune 2 Pisces; Pluto 26 Aries

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy President's Birthday!

Isn't it funny that both Lincoln and Washington had Capricorn Moons?

Yet, if you ask an Astrologer what great leaders had a Capricorn Moon all the Astrologer will say is "Hitler?"

Maybe that's why people don't like Astrology. Do you think? I mean, between George Washington's wooden teeth and Lincoln's depressions and possible closeted gay guy thing, you'd think that Astrologers could expand their chit chat a bit. Don't ya think?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

4 Humps, or 5?

No, it's not tea time in Scotland, it's Loch Ness Monster Sighting time. Yesterday's Full Moon took place on the last degree of Leo. It is conjunct Mars and opposing Neptune. So we're getting the tail end of Leo/Aquarius energy right now. Drama, Fiction, Pizzazz. It looks like there are some Tall Tales in that regard.

Literally, Tall Tails. A Loch Ness Monster sighting.

story: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3417860/Bow-nessie-Mystery-photo-of-English-Loch-Ness-Monster-taken-in-Bowness.html?OTC-RSS&ATTR=News. Pictures are a bit hazy, the way that Neptune likes it.

And Doctors pulled out a rusty knife (Mars) from a guy's head in China which he said had been there for 4 years. Symptons: Halitosis.

They're saying it's a Miracle. Yeah, yeah. And the Pope is a Mormon.

Story: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110218/ap_on_re_as/as_china_knife_in_head

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kissy Kissy

A sunspot the size of Jupiter sent the largest size of solar flare hurdling towards earth just in time for Valentine's Day. This is called a Class X Flash. It caused some disruptions to radiowaves in the very Northern part of the hemisphere but mostly curved around the earth.

The largest flashed by on Tuesday:

Class X Flash from Sunspot
Feb. 15, 2011 0156 GMT

Sun 27 Aquarius; Moon 12 Cancer; ASC 29 Scorpio; MC 24 Virgo; NN 30 Sagittarius

Well with Sun conjunct Mars in Aquarius along with Mercury, Neptune and Chiron in the 3d house of radiowaves, what do you expect? It's sort of like the Sun was saying "Test. Test. Test."

At this particular point in time the 1st and 7th Houses of relationships were empty. Maybe that accounts for the lack of relationship. It was just a peck on the cheek compared with what's probably coming up.

source: "Earth dodges geomagnetic storm: Scientist" by Jim Mannion



Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Viral Video about U.S. Economy Tanking


This is a big advertisement which educates about hyperinflation and what could happen during a panic when the U.S. Dollar loses status as Global Currency leader. That would line up pretty well with the earth lining up with the Galactic Center. We have to stop printing currency in order to bail ourselves out. Just hope to Hell the Obama administration will get get cooperation with other countries to be involved in making the new currency.

Suggestions at the end of the video: You have to sign up to receive free pamphlets to learn 4 investments that you can legally make without the U.S. Government knowing what you're doing. Invest in Silver at this point. Supposed to be the best hedge against the crisis. The 3d and 4th weren't really explained. The guy never says what his name is, so, you know the drill, a sucker is born every minute.

I thought it was much scarier to hear my Magic Federal Reserve Chairman Boyfriend say that the employment picture isn't going to get up to speed for another 10 years. Now clothing prices will go up 10 percent, because China is raising its wages. Go ahead and pay the 10 percent, that's a good thing. Go see what happens to servant Chinese laborers in the movie Biutiful. Nobody ever mentions the California situation. We have 10 million illegal aliens who don't have responsibility for anyone or anything. They actually have a lower unemployment rate and longer lifespan than citizens. Immigrants used to be either talented, or running from bad situations and so were either wonderful to have around or grateful. These folks are just the family members that the old immigrants were running from. Well, actually one set of immigrants has always been a problem, but they are here in huge numbers now. Who needs a financial depression. If I didn't think it was already there I would suggest just dumping a bunch of lithium in the public water supply. I've been accosted twice in the last week and my car is vandalized weekly. The stuff that the guy in the video says about major chaos happening in urban areas couldn't be more on target.

Suggestion: Currency called "Bancor," Apr. 13, 2010. Wow, isn't this the date that the comet is supposed to hit the earth in 2036 or something. And there was some other story that cropped up around this date, can't remember what it was.

Go to the Bank and get about $100 in pennies and bury them for about 10 years. For some reason I keep thinking that's the best poor man's investment right now. And I don't have a clue why so if you actually do it you're probably doing something really stupid. But, there, I said it anyway.

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Earthquakes Tabulated Per Year

The USGS has tabulated the amounts of earthquakes per year for the last 10 years.



Monday, February 14, 2011

Posture and Depression

I was flipping through one of those encyclopedic books that covers all kinds of information about health conditions in statistics and bullet points. I think this particular one was put out by Reader's Digest and I don't have the title. Sorry.

One interesting point spoke about a connection between Depression and Posture. I can't remember if the Chapter was about Mental Health, Back Pain, or the Aging Process. The comment, I think it was in an off-set box to the side of the rest of the text, said that usually people assume that a person will express depression through bad posture. The point here was that a person with Bad Posture might also become depressed as a result of not holding himself up correctly.

This is interesting to look at from Astrological Keyword Point of View. Nobody really can pinpoint one indicator for Depression. Capricorn? Cancer? Pisces? Scorpio? Mercury?

Old Age is ruled by Saturn. Saturn also rules the bones.

The Back is ruled by the Sun. That's what I think is interesting. I suspect that the Sun is a key indicator of really bad depression. The reason why I think this is because when I took the Homeopathy for Idiots class we learned that you give the Homeopathic form of Gold to a person who is Suicidal. They suffer from a loss of light, vitality, and glow. Homeopathic remedies seem to follow all kinds of what seems to be illogical connections so anyone who is interested will probably be confused if reading about Aurum. I can't go into it any deeper than that, because, as I said, it was a class for dabblers in Homeopathy, not for anyone who knows much of anything about anything.

There can be all kinds of reasons why posture could be strongly connected with Depression. If you are slumped over your inner organs don't work right. You can't get air into your lungs. You probably can't digest correctly so you might have heartburn and constipation. Mobility is more difficult. You will have bad circulation to your hands and feet. Your head might roll right off your body (haha, not really, but you might wish it would).

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Christina Aquilera's Performance Problems

Singer/Actress Christina Aquilera has suffered two big performance snafus in the last week. She forgot the lyrics to the National Anthem while singing at the Super Bowl. Last night she tripped while singing on stage and had to hold herself up with the microphone stand. I didn't watch either event, I'm just reading about it, so don't really know the real story. I also don't remember all the words to the National Anthem at this point so I wouldn't have known if Aquilera would have messed them up. Aquilera's been going through a Venus Return in Capricorn. Venus is a major ruler for singers, Capricorn's always the pro. But, there are always multiple ways to read these things. Capricorn is the sign of karma, so guilt gets in there and sort of sabotages one's behaviors from a very deep place. Either way, the thing that Capricorn can handle least well is social humiliation.

Was wondering about the Astrology. Aquilera is going through a Divorce so one doesn't really need Astrology. But, according to the parents who won't leave my other blog alone, there are good divorces and bad divorces and so we shouldn't assume that Aquilera is going through a bad divorce. But, frankly, after looking at the Astrology all I can't think is, this must be one bad divorce. The news says that it's a "messy divorce." The husband has been living in the house with Aquilera who has moved a new boyfriend in. Aquilera is a Sagittarius with Aquarius Rising so we don't expect the grass to grow under her feet for too long in the relationship department. But, that's not necessarily a good thing.

When you're rich, the divorce revolves around money and so you want to look at a person's 2d and 8th Houses. Aquilera has natal Moon in Taurus in the 2d house. This shows that she's probably pretty attached to her possessions and money for emotional security. She has an exact conjunction of Moon to Chiron at 15 Taurus. That's wounding.

There's another exact conjunction of Jupiter to Saturn at 9 Libra in the 7th House very closely conjunct her 8th House of shared finances. Saturn in H7 means that one is pretty much on one's own no matter how many folks are trying to help. One naturally understands that it's good to take on a self-management attitude with regards to relationships. The couple had a pre-nup. With Jupiter in H7 it could mean that you're going to attract some folks who want to help you. I guess it might also explain the two men in the house tension. Too much good stuff is just too much. With the two planets so closely entwined in Libra, the sign of Marriage, and in Libra's house, there's definitely a signature for some super intense socialization in one on one relationships.

Aquilera's going through her Saturn Return right now, so Saturn right now is strongest. Going through a divorce during a Saturn return with an angular Saturn isn't going to be easy. She has to watch that she's taking care of herself with regards to depression, etc. With Neptune passing into H1 she probably is just so horny she can't control much else. But, hope she's not taking any drugs right now. There's no way in hell she's telling anybody the whole truth, nothing but the truth right now. There's just these little lapses of aphasia going on which somehow always work in her favor. With natal Sun conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius she probably has a naturally low tolerance for drugs and is probably really good at forgetting any promises she makes. And right now there is a huge stellium of planets in Aquarius passing over her natal 27 Aquarius Rising. Among these are the same Sun-Neptune conjunction along with Mercury, Mars and Chiron. Sun (on stage), Mercury (fine motor coordination), Mars (gross motor coordination) are all related to walking and accidents and remembering lyrics for songs. Neptune and Chiron can account for the memory loss. Well, Aquarius is strongly linked with Divorce as it is so it's just pretty amazing that Aquilera is going through such a mambo transit over her relationship pole during her divorce.

Aquilera should just put everything on hold for a couple of months and go hang out in a luxury vacation spot where she can sing and enjoy herself.

Christina Aquilera
b. Dec. 18, 1980 10:46 am Staten Island, NY

Sun 27 Sagittarius; Moon 15 Taurus; ASC 27 Aquarius; MC 12 Sagittarius; NN 14 Leo

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day with Tempel 1

Comets seem to have difficult love lives. It's those unpredictable orbs, I guess.

And NASA just can't leave them alone. At least the Comet called Temple 1 has become a stalker target for the space agency.

Back in 2005 as a sort of July 4 celebration another NASA spacecraft called Deep Impact shot a bullet into Temple 1. This created a big dust cloud. I seem to remember watching President Bush get excited about that in an interview on TV. Cowboys need to say "Yee Haw" when stuff like this happens.

At that time, Temple 1 was shaped like a potato. Wonder what he/she/it is now.

Tomorrow, as a sort of Valentine's Day kiss off the NASA spacecraft called Stardust will fly within 125 miles of Temple 1 at a speed of 24,000 mph. What's a little Fly By to Break a Comet's Heart? Geez, I thought we Mars in Leo women attracted bad dates. Love em and leave em, yeah, yeah, I know the drill, always imagined NASA scientists to be more stable than this but how would I know?

Was wondering where Temple 1's Mars is. He/She/It was discovered on Apr. 3, 1867. This gives a tight Sun-Neptune conjunction at 14-15 Aries. That explains her mysterious allure. Also, to be honest, she's probably no stranger to pole dancing herself. This also explains why she threw up such a fluffy cloud of billowing dust to hide in when NASA shot her (I'm assuming she's a she when I shouldn't be, not PC).

Temple's got Venus 1 Pisces which explains her extremely dramatic love life, as well. And, oops, with Mars 21 Cancer, that gives some turbulence on the home front. All the rest of the comets get to just spin around in their weird little orbs, minding their own business, and nobody hounds them.

Turns out that Mars in Cancer really does seem to be the attraction for NASA, astro-wise. When NASA shot Temple 1 back in 2005, the Sun was passing over the comet's natal Mars. Tomorrow, or Feb. 15 maybe?, the Moon will be in conjunction with the placement of Mars when Temple was discovered. There is also a Sun-Neptune conjunction (in Aquarius) which mirrors the original Sun-Neptune conjunction. This promises to be a very Romantic Interlude of missed connections and unrequited love for the Comet.


Temple 1 Discovered
Apr. 3, 1867 Marseille, France

Sun 14 Aries; Moon Pisces/Aries; NN 23 Virgo

Temple 1 Shot
July 4, 2005 5:52 UTC (1:52 EDT)

Sun 13 Cancer; Moon 18 Gemini; NN 19 Aries (c. Mars) how's that for an assassination attempt, Mars c. NN right over Sun of natal chart.

Temple 1 Valentine's Kiss and Run
Feb. 15, 2011 4:42 (UTC)

Sun 27 Aquarius; Moon Cancer; NN 30 Sagittarius

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Red Velvet Cake

What is this new food stuff: Red Velvet Cake? I'm seeing it everywhere. It must be all the rage.

I'm sure there's an astrological reason for it, so I thought I'd take a look for some sort of connection. Hmm, let me try to drewl on this. Probably Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto represents Deep Red, and this cake is chocolate with red food coloring. Wikipedia says that this is because it was originally made with beetroot. Who would think to try to out-do chocolate by adding coloring? It's kind of like Pluto can't become "Pluto" enough. That's the Planet of Intensity, Power and Crisis, for you. I suppose it would make more sense to expect to have "Devil's Food Cake" be the ultimate Pluto in Capricorn cake since the Devil is associated with Capricorn in addition to Pluto. But, perhaps that's only when discussing things of a Religious nature and not of a sensual nature.

When talking about Pluto and Capricorn working together, Red Velvet Cake does seem to work better as a Pluto in Capricorn thing. Devil's Food Cake probably already out did itself back when Pluto was in Scorpio and everyone was looking for a sexual release during the beginnings of the AIDS crisis.

The Red Velvet Cake does work well as a sort of elitist thing. In order to truly appreciate the flavor of the Red Velvet Cake, you have to join some sort of secret club, or make more than $200,000/year in order to eat the thing. You've got to have Status or Membership or simply to be weird enough to brag that you just ate a piece of Intensely Red Cake. Maybe I've got it all wrong and Red Velvet refers to foods that Prostitutes prefer. Red Light District Cake? No, that's taking us back to P. in Scorp. Capricorn's more about "just call me Madam." Status, Superiority.

And that's pretty much how it was created. Some chef at the Waldorf Astoria in New York created R.V. Cake for the Hoity Toits. And people wanted to give credit for its creation to Lady Eaton who married a guy who owned a department store up in Canada. She was a Sadge born Nov. 25, 1868 Dayton, Ohio. The Sagittarians do well as muses, they invoke fiery enthusiasm.

This Department Store where Red Velvet Cake became all the rage, during the 40s and 50s after Lady Eaton had passed, went defunct in 1989 - 1992. That's when the big conjunction of Saturn-Uranus-Neptune Capricorn was. The store was called Eaton's. At the same time the cake became more popular in the U.S. through the movie Steel Magnolias which came out in 1989. So there does seem to be some sort of Capricorn transference thing going on here. I am a chocoholic so I totally understand the power of this food.

Either way, I finally had a piece of Red Velvet Cake and thought it was bland as hell. Yeah, there could be some Capricorn in there. That's probably the attraction for Rich Women. If you live in a world where nobody is ever too rich or too thin you pretty prefer that all the food tastes like styrofoam.

Here's description plus a recipe:


I'm pretty sure my piece of cake didn't have the cream cheese frosting. How are we supposed to know these things on the West Coast when we only have a picture to go by?

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I don't remember hearing about this project. And, maybe that's intentional.

While laughing my head off at some of the videos having to do with gang stalking I found one of President Clinton confirming and apologizing for CIA experiments that were done on unwitting citizens back in the 50s and 60s.

Sorry, don't mean to laugh about the videos, it's just that they seem more like a cover-up than reality.

Anyway, back to the CIA and Mind Control and how much Fun is that?

Apparently there was this one operation called "Midnight Climax" in which LSD was given to men who went to whorehouses and their behavior was observed by the CIA through two way mirrors. This happened in San Francisco and Marin and New York, was supposedly shut down in 1965, and is probably the real reason for the Summer of Love in 1967.

So it sort of looks like Sun-Neptune is involved in mind control. And also in victimizing people without their consent. Venus is involved as well. And maybe unaspected Mercury.

The CIA program, MKULTRA was started on a New Moon in Aries conjunct Venus Rx. That says something special about the relationship axis right there. Sun and Moon in Aries in aggressive and Venus RX can't move. What a great time to start a program where you target people without their consent. This conjunction opposes an outer planet conjunction of Neptune 23 Libra Rx-Saturn 24 Libra Rx. This hooks the Mars-Venus personal energy into an overall feeling of being fearful and depressed and out of control by the general public.

Apr. 13, 1953 Washington, DC?

Sun 24 Aries; Moon Aries; NN 9 Aquarius

The program was ended in 1973. At that point the Venus Retrograde in the natal chart was Stationing Direct by progression at 15 Aries. And transiting Uranus was in conjunction with the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Libra. Gottlieb was a stutterer and had a club foot. His life goal was to figure out "how to crush the human psyche."

Gottlieb had a natal conjunction of Sun to Neptune and Saturn just like the one which was occurring when he set up MKULTRA. His natal Saturn-Neptune conjunction was in Leo. MKULTRA was started during a Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Libra. And I thought that was just a signature for Broadway Musicals...

Sidney Gottlieb.
b. Aug. 3, 1918

Sun 11 Leo; Moon Gemini or Cancer; NN 20 Sagittarius Rx.

The CIA was giving LSD to whomever they felt like giving it to. So they gave it to a Biochemist who they met at a meeting. 10 days later the Biochemist committed suicide by jumping out a window and the CIA made up a story about how he had suffered from depression.

His name was Frank Olson. Olson had Sun conjunct Mercury and Neptune in Cancer which opposed Uranus 24 Capricorn Rx.

He was going through his Neptune square and his Uranus opposition at that point, so that significant natal opposition was under serious stress. Notice the death date. 1953 right after the program was started. It went on for 20 more years. Everyone at the CIA didn't give a shit. You know, a friend of my Mother's had always said that she had been given LSD and she was never quite right again. At the time she was going through a divorce so everyone said that this was just the stress from that. I don't know what her husband did, but I do know that there's a high probability that he worked for the Defense dept. How great to work for the Government when you're trying to avoid making alimony payments.

Frank Olson

b. July 17, 1910 d. Nov. 28, 1953
Sun 25 Cancer; Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius; NN 26 Taurus

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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Planetary Cycles and the San Bruno Gasline Explosion

It's not a surprise that last year's stressful outer planet t-square made between Saturn-Uranus and Pluto could have brought some break-downs in anything having to do with infrastructure. It did bring a lot of fixes as Obama channeled stimulus funds into that area. Roads, plumbing, telecom got fixed. Cyber security was probably studied, but Wikileaks showed where some of the vulnerabilities were.

Article in today's San Francisco Chronicle, Feb. 6, 2011. Article discusses the findings for why the underground gas lines blew up in San Bruno, CA on Sept. 9. It'll be somewhere on the sfgate.com website. I went over there and got distracted.

"PG&E spiked 'highest risk' line: pressure increased on East Bay pipe despite 'high likelihood' of failure." by Eric Nalder and Jaxon an Derbeken.

Inspectors have honed down two most likely reasons for the explosion: Vulnerable welds in the pipes and pressure spikes in the gaslines. They've known all along that the pipes which were installed by a company called A.O. Smith way back when had big problems with this.

The astrology is totally amazing. There was also a huge t-square aspect between Saturn-Uranus and Pluto back in 1930 in Cardinal Signs. Jupiter was also hanging out in the aspect as well. I continually observe about how a natal chart is more vulnerable to transits when the transits mirror the natal aspects. Here we have a great example of that. Everyone knows that an 80 year old pipeline is old and might explode, especially in California where things were built very quickly to accommodate rapid growth.

Making this transit even more vulnerable, connecting the years 1930 with 2010 is the fact that this is a Uranus Return for the pipes. Uranus in Pisces, to be exact. And Pisces rules oil and gas.

PGE intentionally increased pressure (Mars?) on its line on June 19, 2009 on the Fremont-Livermore line 107. I don't know why that has any effect on the lines which run through San Bruno which is on the other side of the Bay from there and is sort of at the mouth of where Lines 109 and 132 split off and run up in to San Francisco. There's some weird talk about how there's a gold course in Pinol that should have been blown off the map with the power surge. I can totally understand how anything associated with Neptune would avoid the golfers, but I have a really bizarre sense of humor.

Line 132 is the one that exploded. But this "long festering issue" on line 107 out in the golf course is to blame, though. The article shows a map. You can see how far apart these are. I guess a fireball started underneath the golf course in Pinol and blasted down through Fremont and towards Milpitas (this is an area which reeks of Asian food pools under the freeway because they built into the Wetlands and the plumbing doesn't drain). Then after the fireball hit Milpitas it switched over to Sunnyvale which also doesn't drain, and then over to Mountain View, which also doesn't drain, and then up through Los Altos and Palo Alto and what's above Palo Alto? They've been working on the plumbing in parts of Palo and Redwood City, so they might occassionally drain. These lines run up along the freeway 280 so they pretty much miss where people live. Wow, that's a bizarre explanation these scientists and engineers have dreamed up. I'm just an Astrology Buff so I can believe pretty much anything, but this Science is really a big mystery. I mean, I get it how some golfer ate too many burritos for lunch thus launching the fireball from the country club bathroom, plus those golfers wear really ugly clothes, not good for Neptune sensibilities at all, but ... well, guess you had to be there. It's Science.

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Friday, February 04, 2011

Tutankhamun Hits the Switch

For 5 days the Egyptian Government, led by President Moubarak, sporadically turned off Internet Service access as a way of avoiding a revolt by the people. The revolt has happened anyway.

The minute the switch was turned back on mobs of people, thought to be working for the President began attacking people, especially U.S. Reporters. Last night any U.S. reporter with blond hair was reporting from undisclosed locations. Katie Couric was there. Anderson Cooper, prematurely grey, was there with about 3 tow-heads. I mean, really guys, I'm mouse brown and grey and I live in constant fear just while shopping at WalMart. Actually, they even hit Christiane Amanpour who's half Iranian and dark haired. (When this stuff happens to dark haired people they freak out because they actually have feelings, so, tonight we will probably see Christiane heavily medicated.)

Wow, this younger generation. They are special. No, really, I am happy the Pluto in Virgos have aged out. We were such door mats. But we raised kids who can really throw a rock. Can hardly wait for Egypt to re-create its Government. Please America, stay out of it (except for Google, of course, do no evil, my computer crashed while I was writing this).

Hope they don't reincorporate while the Sun is in a mutable sign again. Turns out that both Egypt and Tunisia have the same Sun and Moon, both mutable which means unstable. Gemini Suns with Virgo Moons. They will never become leaders in that case, and will have to revolt all over again in 30 years.

Great speaker on the radio show Coast to Coast last night was talking about how the U.S. Senate was just taking up a similar "Kill Switch" legislation less than 24 hours before Egypt flipped their switch. The Senators say this is to protect against intruders from outside, not Coca Cola, IBM, and all the U.S. Corps who are stationed in Egypt...

I think these are the times and dates for the event:

Switch Off: Social Network Sites on Internet (Jupiter 1 Aries c. Uranus Pisces):

Sun 8 Aquarius (H3); Moon 26 Scorpio (H1); ASC 6 Scorpio; MC 9 Leo; NN 1 Capricorn RX (H2)

Jan 28, 2011 12:10 am Cairo, Egypt
Twitter and Facebook switched off

Complete Black-Out (sorry, didn't check times)

Switch On:

Feb. 2, 2011 11:29 am Cairo, Egypt

Sun 14 Aquarius (H10); Moon 6 Aquarius (H10); ASC 19 Taurus; MC 4 Aquarius; NN 1 Capricorn

Kind of amazing how the order to turn the Internet off started as the Sun-Mars conjunction in Aquarius was at the IC with the Moon in Scorpio in the 1st house.

It was switched back on as there was a New Moon c. Mars 14 Aquarius conjunct the Midheaven (H10).

IC and Midheaven show Government and The People. Aquarius rules Rebellion and also Democracy and Equality. This President has been ruling for 30 years. Seth Myers cracked a really funny joke about this fact on Saturday Night Live, something like How can you have a Democracy with a President who has been elected for 30 years? Hmm, google it.

H10, NN at 1 Capricorn all points to control freak behaviors by Government/Corporations. Aquarius shows rebellion by the people. I don't know exactly what indicates hitting blond, blue-eyed reporters from the U.S. but I know this is just the beginning of that.

Check out those Ascendent/Descendent lines. They describe Hosni Moubarak, who is a Taurus with Moon either in Libra or Scorpio.

Hosni Moubarak
b. May 4, 1928 Ealr-El Meselha, Manoufia, Egypt

Sun 14 Taurus; Moon Libra or Scorpio; NN 12 Gemini Rx


Googling Without Google

Informative show on Coast to Coast radio show last night about ways to achieve the difficult task of using the Google search engine without being traced and controlled by Google.

George Noori interviewed Katherine Albrecht about consumer privacy on the Internet. Apparently Google keeps keywords from all its gmails messages.  That's creepy. Revenge of the nerds.

Anyways, haven't tried it yet, but Ms. Albrecht says that when on the Internet at hotspots such as a Bookstore or a Starbucks, one types in a special URL:

One types "https" instead of "http." I'm not sure how that works, but am just making a note of it.  Hackers won't be able to get your passwords.

Also, one can start using a European privacy search engine which uses Google but doesn't keep track of cookies or whatever is used to gain information. It's called startingpage.com.

Here's the link put in with an s on the http address.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Ken Bradshaw Surfs the World's Biggest Wave

Vanity Fair has written a very interesting article about the day that a surfer road the world's largest wave. The wave was somewhere near 85 or 90 feet high and riding it was like jumping out something like a 10-story window.


The surfer was Ken Bradshaw. The wave he rode was in Hawaii during the 1989 El Nino. Seriously, Dude, what's your sign?

Ken Bradshaw

b. Oct. 4, 1952
Sun 12 Libra; Moon Aries or Taurus; NN 19 Aquarius (source: Wikipedia)

When I saw the Oct. 1952 date I was curious to know if Bradshaw has a Sun-Neptune conjunction. Neptune rules the Ocean, and that would just be too pat. Turns out his chart is even better than that. Bradshaw has both planets in the same sign, Libra, but his Sun is actually in conjunction with Saturn in Libra. He has a stellium of four planets total in Libra: Sun 12 Libra (Vitality & Will); Saturn 18 Libra (control); Mercury 20 Libra (thinking); Neptune 22 Libra (Ocean). Saturn rules Boundaries and Neptune rules letting go of boundaries so, when combined, they often create some really interesting circumstances. Bradshaw's Sun stellium is trining his NN 19 Aquarius. And it is squaring his Uranus 19 Cancer.

The Uranian element seems as important here as the Water element. The article instructs us to think of waves not as water that is rolling but as "pulses of energy." The article explains some of the science involved in understanding how the waves will form. More speed, bigger size. Bradshaw's Uranian North Node is in conjunction with a stellium of planets in Aquarius on the day that he caught his big wave. These are trining his natal Libra stellium. Both charts have a Mercury-Neptune conjunction.

"Condition Black" Bradshaw rides biggest wave

Jan. 28, 1998 I used 11:30 am as time, actual ride probably occurred later. Bradshaw was out in the ocean between 10:30 am and 4:30 am that day. (source: V.F. article)

Sun 9 Aquarius; Moon 18 Aquarius; ASC (11:30 am) 29 Aries; MC 21 Capricorn; NN 13 Virgo

This was a New Moon with Sun conjunct Uranus to the degree.

(Amazingly, we just completed the New Moon in Aquarius which was in exact conjunction with Mars. Again, the world has again experienced Extreme Weather as the U.S. was caught in a record breaking Blizzard and Northern Australia has suffered a Category 5 cyclone, the worst possible kind with 186 mph winds. The Eclipses have a strong influence on the current problems. (The political upheaval that is occurring is explained very well by Mary Plumb over on the Mountain Astrologer blog.)

With anything this extreme we want to look at the planet which rules Daredevils. That's Mars. Impulse, Spark, Action, excitement.

Bradshaw is part of an elite set of surfers who rides large waves and he was scheduled to participate in a contest at North Shore on Oahu but, due to the extreme conditions of the waves, the contest was called off. Bradshaw went off to his favorite spot, "Outside Log Cabins," to surf with his friend who towed him out.

In the event chart, Mars is a singleton in Water in the event chart at 3 Pisces. Mars is also a singleton in Bradshaw's natal chart, as well as being in conjunction with the Galactic Center 25 Sagittarius. In the event chart, Mars rules the chart until just a little past 11:30 am. It is conjunct Jupiter (rules anything big) and squaring Pluto 8 Sagittarius (rules anything extreme, also rules Jupiter). Bradshaw's natal Mars is at 25 Sagittarius and is a singleton in mutable signs. It's also conjunct the Galactic Center and is trining Pluto 23 Leo and possibly in a Grand Fire Trine with the Moon. That shows that he has great strength and is willful and emotional, perhaps a loner, and is protected within these characteristics. The article explains how a friend of his was killed by a wave while they were out surfing.

Bradshaw's Moon can't be figured out without a birth time but it sure would be interesting to know. It is the lead planet of a locomotive chart. In a 12:00 pm natal chart it would be both moving fast and out of bounds. That would in very literal termes explain a dare devil surfer who can ride waves at very fast speeds.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Venus and the 8th Cranial Nerve

I've never really been able to get a handle on how Venus could manage to rule the two signs that she does until last week when I learned about how the 8th Cranial Nerve works in the Human Body.

Basically, the two signs that Venus rules seem sort of unrelated. Taurus rules Money and Values, Physical Sensations like Touch. Libra rules Marriage, One on one relationships, open enemies, Balance & Harmony. Now I'm really wondering what genius astrologer from ancient times knew enough about the human body to link these two signs together through Venus' rulership.

The signs are set in to the astrological wheel with a Quincunx relationship to each other. This means that they don't share similarity by Element or by Modality(?). If they want to relate at all they require constant "Adjustment" of their own natural tendencies.

Taurus is Earth and Fixed.

Libra is Air and Cardinal.

When astrologers refer to Venus and her rulerships they almost always default to the Libra signatures (unless the market has just tanked, of course). This could be because Libra belongs to the Cardinal Signs and rules an angle on the Astrological Wheel. The angles are considered a stronger influence in natal charts. Libra kicks off the start of the Autumn Equinox. I'm not sure if she kicks off the start of the football season as well. That could be another post I guess if I liked football even a tiny bit, but I don't.

It is sort of odd that the Planet which rules Harmony and Love rules two signs which can't relate to each other in anything but an artificial way, but I'm pretty sure that most Libras, if not Tauruses, would agree that there's probably something to this. Adjustment, along with compromise, are probably the two major hurdles to get past in having any real relationships with anyone. (Well, maybe not with stalkers and Plutonians, but, like football, that's another post).

The one thing that both signs tend to share some similarity with each other is through their love of beauty, the arts, and leisure. When looking at the charts of musicians one always looks at Venus first. Through Taurus, Venus rules resonance of the human voice. Through Libra, one looks for Harmony and Balance.

So, I've been finding really amazing relationships between stages of Child Development and when the first planetary cycles occur in a child's life. The completion of a planetary return seems to equate very closely with basic stages of development in children.

Since studying childrens' charts in this way I've been most fascinated by the Venus Cycles. Venus seems to play an interesting role in cognitive development that I don't generally hear discussed by astrologers.

In order to understand this better I bought a set of Brilliant College Lectures from The Teaching Company. Gotta get the real title, it's about Aging and Sensation in Humans.

The lecture on hearing is really revealing about how Venus rules the areas of the body that she does. Hearing is controlled by the 8th Cranial nerve. That number alone suggests the Venus Cycle as the Sun-Venus Retrograde Cycle is one of the more exact planetary cycles and takes 8 years to complete. During that 8 year cycle, the Sun will be in conjunction with Venus 5 times during times that she is retrograde.

Taurus is said to rule the ears and physical sensations relating to touch. Taurus is also often related to hearing. I suspect that Saturn and Mercury are also involved as well, maybe even Mars because of the role that the eardrum plays, probably other signatures. I'm definitely not a Medical Astrologer.

The way that the neurology of hearing works strongly relates to Taurus rulerships. I remember the Hierophant card of the Tarot deck which is related to the sign of Taurus. The Hierophant is a Philosophical and Religious Leader with very big ears and a great sense of hearing.

The lecturer of the Teaching Company tapes explains that hearing is actually a very acute system of touch. The ear hears by picking up on very slight movements of air molecules. So, this very simply explains how Taurus can rule hearing.

What's interesting is how Taurus and Libra are connected through the nervous system. Hearing is controlled in the human body by the 8th cranial nerve. Hearing in the Taurus sense has to share use of this nerve with the Vestibular System. I haven't gotten to that lecture yet, but the Vestibular system is what rules "balance" in the human body. And that's the major keyword for Libra! There is all kinds of talk about how hearing doesn't work well along the mid-line of the body. Mid-line has such Libra like connotations.

Probably have the information a bit skewed and was writing notes while driving so as I understand it:

There are a few different categories for understanding human hearing. One equates roughly to range (pitch, high/low). Another relates roughly to amplitude (decibels, loud/quiet). Another relates to being able to eco-locate, to determine where sound is coming from. It turns out that the human ear can locate where a sound is coming from unless the sound is directly in front of, behind, or above the midline of the head. There's the mid-line Libra element!

So, Libra is probably related to 1/3 of how humans hear. And Astrologers wanting to understand human hearing must pay attention to that sign as well. Libra will perhaps rule things like Sonar which require ecolocation. I always assumed that Bats, which use ecolocation, are ruled by Pluto, but maybe not.

(and, with hearing, Saturn is going to be in there as well because there are bones in the human ear which create resonance) (And I suppose, actually, that Mars will be related for perhaps ruling drums, as in eardrum, vibration).

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