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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Code Red! Code Red!

I used to know a person who worked in a Hospital. She was kind enough to explain Code Colors which are intercomed over hospital loudspeakers from time to time. All the Colors had a special meaning which alert the staff to various situations.

Code Brown means that a patient has just pooped all over his bed.
Code Pink means that a baby has just been abducted.
Code Red means that there is a fire.

I actually was in a hospital once when a 20 something female with a really shaky voice came on the loud speaker and announced a code red. The same person who explained the code colors to me also explained to me that this particular hospital that I was in was run by totally incompetent idiots. I was sitting there because I was taking a friend in for some tests. While she was frantically drinking some chalky white crap that would show up on her colon scan, I was sitting there explaining all this to her. What Code Red means. How my Hospital friend said that the employees don't give a shit about the patients. I never had to take her to the hospital for tests again.

So China is a few hours ahead of the U.S. timezone wise. And I doubt my astrology program is up to date on its timing because I haven't updated it in about a year and a half. But, this is one of those stories where you might be able to save a life in the U.S. by reading the news to see what goes wrong in China. In other words, and the story gets weird I'm telling you, don't get in a car crash tonight.

Because, if you end up in the hospital knocked out under anesthesia because you need to get an amputation because your arm or leg got pinned under the butthole of a diesel truck somewhere, there might be a Code Red in the operating room next to you and instead of wheeling you out of the room stat the staff might just drop the scalpel on you and run. That's what happened in Shanghai at the People's Hospital in Baoshan District. The nurses and doctors all ran out of the room and left the patient on the operating table to bleed out. Well, maybe he was clamped because he died of smoke inhalation.

I'm guessing that they probably don't watch House in China. And they are very very pragmatic people.

49 year old patient dies from smoke inhalation after being abandoned on operating table while going through amputation after car accident because the room next door Codes Red

Aug. 31, 2011 10:00 pm Shanghai, China
Sun 8 Virgo; Moon 13 Libra; ASC 26 Taurus; MC 9 Aquarius; NN 20 Sagittarius

Wow, well, where to start?

Sun in Virgo rules the Health field.

Hospitals are ruled by the sign and house opposite Virgo: Neptune, H12, Pisces. Neptune is at 30 Aquarius Rx in the 10th House. It is conjunct Chiron 3 Pisces Rx. Hospital's reputation (H10) gets a ding. Well, maybe not from a practical point of view.

Jupiter 10 Taurus is in the 12th House. Lilith is right on the cusp. That's supposed to mean that an angel is on your shoulder. Protection from the elements. Perhaps the patient really wouldn't have wanted to survive the car crash and have an amputation? I'm pretty sure that he wouldn't have wanted to be in a car crash.

Jupiter is also in a protective Grand Trine with Pluto 5 Capricorn RX in the House of Death (H8) and with the Sun8 Virgo-Venus 12 Virgo (c.H5 cusp). Virgo is the sign ruling public health issues. I'm not sure what really rules patients but I suspect that it's 6th House and Virgo. Pluto in its own house of death is a creepy signature.

The Moon is at 13 Libra and is in conjunction with Saturn 16 Libra and the 6th House cusp. The Moon is traveling fast at 14 degrees 56 minutes. That's supposed to mean that one can think very quickly but in this case maybe it means that one reacts emotionally. Moon-Saturn on the H6 cusp could possibly show an overly practical attitude towards what is worth saving and what is worth leaving on the operating room table. Moon-Saturn and Virgo's house definitely shows a screw up due to emotional insensitivity.

Moon-Saturn is squaring Mars 19 Cancer in the 3d House. That's emotionally volatile, certainly indicates the fire. Moon-Saturn-H6 cusp is inconjunct Neptune 30 Aquarius Rx in the 10th House. So maybe it was an electrical fire next door? Mars is sparks and Neptune is fumes, maybe smoke. Neither Virgo nor Libra plays the Hero in most situations. They're all about adjusting and readjusting their own oxygen masks.

Pluto rules surgery. Pluto is placed in its own house so it does describe going into surgery. It rules the Descendant of the chart. Death of a patient?

Whatever, the guy died. I send his relatives and friends my condolences. Hopefully there's a humanitarian side to this story.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Super Congress

Quickly looked up the 12 members of congress who have been ferreted out to go off on their own and duke it out over the country's debt.


The group is made up of 6 republicans and 6 democrats. 3 from the senate and 3 from the house.

2 of the republican house are from Michigan. That seems odd but maybe michigan is the only state left that's not on the brink of bankrutcy.

By astrology sign there are no Aries, leos, virgos or Pisces included in this crowd.

Libra patty Murray from Washington senate is leading.

There are 3 sagittarians, 2 tauruses, 2 cancers and one of each of the other signs. Hopefully that will work out to 12. Haha, it's predominated by the yod pattern (finger of god, middle finger in this case) of Sagittarius in conjunct cancer and Taurus.

I wish these poor 12 fools lots of luck.

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Earthquake on the Wrong Coast

On Tuesday a big earthquake, a 5.8, hit the East Coast. Yes, Virginia, that's you. Literally, it's you.

Wow, the biggest earthquake I've ever been in is the Loma Prieta earthquake and that was a 5.9. Would like to say that I'm jealous but I'm totally not. That was hell. It's also not a good testament for earthquake building standards and safety in California as we had a lot more damage than Virginia did. Many deaths, 50 or 60.

5.8 Earthquake in Virginia
Sun 1 Virgo (H9 but c. MC); Moon 22 Gemini (H7); ASC 28 Scorpio; MC 10 Virgo; NN 20 Sagittarius Rx (H1)

Moon is conjunct SN across angles of H1-H7.
Sun-Venus opposite Neptune-Chiron across angles: H10-H4.
Uranus in H4 squaring Pluto (chart ruler) in H2
Mars 14 Cancer intercepted in H8, singleton in Water, not out of bounds like it was. It's squaring Saturn 15 Libra (H11)
Mercury Rx 20 Leo (H9) trining NN and Lilith in Grand Trine

So weird. I'm busy living in terror because I'm being gang stalked by every immigrant who has a cell phone so I can't screw around with writing about the earthquake. The East Coast just does things differently. I mean, the Uranus-Pluto square is a no brainer. That's going on for a few more years so just put some springs on the soles of your feet and wear a helmet, wherever you are.

Back in my Summer Solstice 2011 prediction I wrote:

In the astrolocality chart, the Uranus DESC and Pluto IC lines run through the East Coast, practically right smack dab on New York and Montreal. Isn't all the Uranus/Pluto energy supposed to center on California? The Mars MC line runs through Phoenix. It seems that about a quarter of Arizona has already burned down this past spring so don't know what that could entail.

There was also an earthquake, about 5.3, in Colorado so wonder if it was on that Mars line. Arizona is pretty close to Colorado, isn't it?

Here's the URL for what I wrote about back in June. along with some truthful but vaguely understood ponderings about what manifested as "Our Little Devon Sharma" who needs to put his Shiva where the Sun don't shine. http://outthecometsass.blogspot.com/2011/06/summer-solstice-2011.html

Today a huge SuperStorm is hitting the East Coast.

Biggest earthquake on record to hit Virginia. Looks like Sun-Neptune contacts with Mercury Rx could be among indicators, but as I said I'm not looking at this closely. This chart is really intense.:

5.9 May 31, 1897
Sun 11 Gemini; Moon Gemini; NN 10 Aquarius

Sun 11 Gemini-Moon Gemini-Pluto 14 Gemini-Neptune 20 Gemini
Saturn 27 Scorpio Rx-Uranus 27 Scorpio Rx opposiing Mercury 27 Taurus Rx
Mars c. SN

Strange connections between Venus and Jupiter in both charts:

1897: Venus 3 Taurus trine Juipter 3 Virgo

2011: Venus 3 Virgo (c. Sun 1 Virgo) trine Jupiter 11 Taurus trine Pluto 6 Capricorn

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

CNN Reporter Don Lemon Pushed By Big Blonds

This is a butthole of a story. CNN Reporter Don Lemon was nagging Tea Party Lady Michelle Bachman as she was trying to leave the Iowa State Fair. Bachman's husband Marcus shoved Lemon so hard he fell back into a golf cart and people spilled drinks. Bachman's body guards look to be two bleached blond women in perfect little black dresses.

What a show.

Thing is, Don Lemon is a great reporter because he gives the time of the ordeal on his video. He says that Bachman was supposed to show up at 5:00 pm in order to speak for 20 minutes but she was late and showed up at 5:30 pm and spoke for only a couple of minutes. Lemon could have used that time to go pet the cows or check out the blue ribbon quilts but instead got all hot and bothered and now has a bump on his head.

Here's a link to the article with the video:


Here's the data for the event chart as close as I can tell:

August 12, 2011 5:32 pm Des Moines, Iowa State Fair

Sun 20 Leo; Moon 10 Aquarius; ASC 3 Capricorn; MC 28 Libra; NN 21 Sagittarius Rx

This event chart is absolutely nasty.

Pluto, planet of murder, is opposing Mars, planet of murder, right now from Capricorn (pushy) to Cancer (public) and it was layered right over the ASC/DESC just around the time of the incident. Lemon could have died or at least the cameraman could have snapped some footage. God damned Mercury Retrograde.

Capricorn indicates that Bachman was trying to stick to her schedule.

I'm pretty stoked about the Angelina Jolie body guards to be honest. I wonder if they were carrying guns. Certainly looks like they might not need them. I think they might carry poison blow darts in their 10 inch spike heels. Bachman has a t-square and possibly grand square that includes Venus-Saturn-Pluto and Moon so her inner feminine doesn't exactly f#ck around.

The Sun right now is conjunct Venus in Leo which might explain the women with the extremely blond hair. Leo is all shiny and stuff.

Lemon's progressed Venus is currently at 10 Pisces one degree away from conjunction with his natal Sun in Pisces. He's just going to be getting in touch with his inner feminine right now. That's a rough one with all the election coverage coming up.

Lemon has Sun, Saturn, Chiron, Mars, and Mercury in Pisces which is the sign of the victim. It is opposing an exact conjunction of Pluto-Uranus in Virgo, also the victim. He may not have been asking his questions as kindly as he thinks he was. Or maybe he actually pushed back in order to avoid stepping in some kind of 4-H doo doo as often happens at County Fairs. You're not in Kansas anymore, Don. You're in Iowa.

Bachman is an Aries. It looks like she wasn't directly involved and was just trying to work her way through the maddening crowd of Tea Party Supporters and Journalists who hate them.

Don Lemon

b. Mar. 1, 1966 Baton Rouge, LA

Sun 11 Pisces; Moon Gemini or Cancer; NN 30 Taurus Rx

MIchelle Bachman

b. Apr. 6, 1956 Waterloo, Iowa

Sun 17 Aries; Moon Aquarius or Pisces; NN 10 Sagittarius

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Angry English Boys

Young English men have been rioting in the streets. So far no one knows why.

There are 3 charts for england listed at astrolgoyweekly.com so those are the ones i'm looking at.

The boys/men say that no one is helping them so the Capricorn/Saturn blame thing transfer through all the charts.

The 1066 chart has sun at 4 capricorn c. Mercury 7 Capricorn, Uranus 29 Sagittarius and possibly moon either in Sagittarius or Capricorn.

The 1801 chart again as sun at 12 Capricorn which trines 12 mars (boys, anger, agreesion).

The 1927 chart has Saturn 8 Sagittarius Rx conjunct sac 7 Sagittarius so the opinions aren't easily internalized.

There are some serious neptune-Pluto conjunctions occurring in these charts. I can't list them all because I'm on iPad and am fighting spellchekc and slow download speed.

There are also a lot of contacts with the cardinal angles in the charts, especially with radical planets Uranus and mars and Pluto.

The progressed suns for the walker charts are both in Leo so perhaps there's an arrogance thing. Or maybe they just thought is was big block party.

For understanding men we need to look at mars and mercury for young boys. We also need to look at mercury and Uranus both for revolution and for telephone warfAre which is pretty much what this is about in my opinion (for what that's2worth).

Mars in the 1066 chart is a singleton in air . Singleton planets seem to explain lots of

england's problems. This chart has singleton Uranus in fire and singleton Pluto in water. Progressed mars os this chart is at 22 cancer which is volatile and is about to be contacted by t. Mars in cancer.

The 1801 chart has mars 12 taurus trining sun. This is getting hit currently by Jupiter so the country's men are making their needs known. Progressed mars is at 5 Virgo. This opposes n. Pluto 3 Pisces. Interesting that both of the earlier charts for England were created when Pluto at the same spot within a degree at 3-4 Pisces. So t.Neptune-Chiron is at that spot. And, of course, the big t-square of Saturn-Uranus-Pluto has been hitting the Capricorn suns of
the two earlier charts.

The 1927 chart is having it's Uranus return in Aries so we don't have to look any farther really. It's also having a mars return and these two planets are squaring each other.

But, natal mars in the chart on the Aries point at 28gemini in conjunction with n. North node 1cancer. So this chart is also having a mars return and t. Mars is currently in volatile cancer on the ap and is out of bounds and is opposing Pluto.

In addition progressed sun is in cancer at 13 c. The n. Pluto 14 cancer. Cancer rules babies and so boys sometimes will be boys and sometimes they will just be big stupid fat babies.

Singletons once again figure prominently in this chart. Mars is once again a singleton in air. Venus is a singleton in earth. The girls and the boys in Britain just can't relate to each other. This is a crisis of hormones which can't express themselves.

I send my condolences to those who have lost someone in this crisis. And also to those whose property has been damaged. And to those who have actually tried to read this.

Can't look up the mercury stuff. Just too painful.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

World on fire

Well, last week the scientists said that earth is due to get blasted by some solar flare activity which would blast the crap out of our electronics. And, boy, a little black out would be just what to dr. Ordered at this point.

Kids in England are rioting and burning the country down.

The US suffered a huge military loss in afghanistan when a helicopter full of navy seals was shot down.

And standard & poors has downgraded the U.S. Credit score a notch which has made a huge dent in the U.S. Reputation (Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, saturn's sign) and looks to a step forward for China and East India to either remove the dollar as form of international exchange or to create a universal form of exchange. I suspect it won't be real clear which is the real motive. Yoga, gang stalking, and malware. Now the lowering of the reputation. A french guy once said 'vilify, vilify, some of it will stick.". He was right. I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

With Saturn in libra we're getting a big lesson in how diplomacy doesn't really work real well for all involved. Saturn has been squaring the u.s. Sun -Venus-Jupiter. It just means that those with nothing to lose sneak in under the carpets, usually they're quiet and polite, and they can always go back to their real homes if things get bad.

And mars is in cancer out of bounds and opposing Pluto. That's great weather for sabotage.

With Pluto in Capricorn


Monday, August 08, 2011

The Passive Aggressive Bell

The Market tanked more than 600 points today in reaction to the downgrading of the U.S. Credit Rating. President Obama spoke and said that the reason for the downgrading was not because the U.S. cannot pay her bills, it's because of the lousy politics. We're blaming this mostly on the Tea Party. They're a great place to start but I can think of a few more folks who could take the blame as well. With Saturn in Libra in the first house of the chart it makes sense that politics could be involved. Certainly placing blame is.

Opening Bell
Aug. 8, 2011 9:30 am New York, NY

Sun 16 Leo; Moon 13 Sagittarius; ASC 27 Virgo; MC 26 Gemini; NN 23 Sagittarius

Hey, Sun in Leo. Those who bought gold are cashing in.

There are two ugly signatures here.

I've seen before that Mercury-Venus conjunctions often accompany crashes in the Stock Market. I suspect that is just because these two rule the Markets together and show that people are more likely to make trades on those days. Right now we're in an extra long conjunction of Sun-Venus and Mercury is moving Retrograde. This conjunction will last for pretty much the rest of the month.

Also of concern is the Mars-Pluto opposition. Mars is at 4 Cancer opposing Pluto 6 Capricorn. Mars is generally pretty disruptive when in the sign of Cancer because the combination of Mars in Moon ruled sign generally signals volatility. Mars is also out of bounds and will continue to be out of bounds for most of the rest of the month.

Mercury Stations Direct around Aug. 26. Mars drops down below the Ecliptic around Aug. 21.

Right now, Mars is opposing Pluto and this opposition is layered over the 4th-10th House angles of the chart with Pluto in the 4th House. What a great time to pull the rug out from under Wall Street's feet. Saturn is roughly squaring that from the 1st house and Uranus from the 7th House. So, the angles are loaded and someone's shifting the poles.

With Virgo Rising Mercury currently rules the Opening Bell charts. And then Venus will rule the Opening Bell Charts. And as I said these guys are going to be in conjunction for a while. They will be opposing Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius/Pisces. This will affect the 5th and 11th Houses.

Chart leader is Mercury Rx placed in the 12th House. An announcement from a secret enemy.

Jupiter's hanging out in the 8th House in Taurus and the Moon and NN are in Sagittarius in the 3d House. The Moon is fast at 14 degrees 09'. The rich are getting richer. This is just one big pony ride for some folks.

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Sunday, August 07, 2011

US Credit Rating Downgraded by Standard & Poor's

Wow, the only things you can find graded triple and double A are eggs and the U.S. Economy.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a Wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great Fall
All the king's horses and
all the King's Men
Couldn't put Humpty together again.

Okay, that's not funny. What is funny is when you look at the goons who grade the U.S. Economy. Turns out there are 3 credit Agencies who publish report cards on the International Economies. I, a member of the U.S. public, don't have a clue what they do. CNN and NBC and all those guys are pulling out the stops on creating a panic over this shit. 2 of the companies gave stern warnings but maintained the AAA grade for the U.S. for now. Standard & Poor's has downgraded the long term outlook for the U.S. credit borrowing. That seems really sensible to me seeing as how we've become addicted to bombing the Middle East and do pretty much nothing else. Cocaine would be a less expensive alternative.

So, I thought I'd take a quick look at these three agencies to
*** calm ****
*** myself *****
*** down ****

Pluto in Capricorn. Like we're supposed to be sensible.

So, Standard & Poor's is not the only Credit Rating firm in the Universe. It is actually not the biggest or most influential one. Moody's is. Moody's has 40 percent of the market share. Market share of what I don't know, I'm just going off of what Wikipedia says and that can be quite funny.

Moody's and S&P were both begun as ways to track the financial dealings of the Railroads in the U.S. and then they moved on to other industries. The Astrology for these companies seems to be crisis motivated. Don't have a lot of dates to go on here but noticed that they seem to incorporate and hire leaders during years when there is a big war. I guess that the guys who don't go to battle have to figure out something to do while staying at home.

So we'll look at Moody's first.

The company is called "Moody's" and it's a Cancer Sun. Get it? Cancers are moody. God knows I am. HAHAHAHAHAHA, made ya laugh.

Moody's founded 1909.
Incorporated July 1, 1914, NY, NY

Sun 9 Cancer; Moon Libra; NN 9 Pisces Pluto 1 Cancer

Moody's really is Moody with Sun widely conjunct Pluto at the beginning of Cancer, but also in control. Two of these credit agencies were created just as Pluto entered Cancer so they are both going through their Pluto opposition same as the Federal Reserve.

At any rate, Water Signs don't mind fudging the figures a little in order to live the dream or to at least believe in the delusion of dreams.

According to Wikipedia, the Executive Officer of the Company seems to have way too much luck with his investments and is obviously a crook. That's according to Wiki, mind you. This guy, Raymond W. McDaniel, Jr. probably has a birth date. I don't know what it is. Financial officers are really cagey with their birth dates. Did you know that it's extremely easy to figure out somebody's S.S.# if you work for Verizon and know where the person was born? First 5 #'s are codes for where you are born and the last 4 #'s are used for access to your Verizon Account and is generally yelled out across the store by the asshole employees whenever you go in to buy a new phone or even a new power adapter. Just thought I'd mention that, it's really scary.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Raymond McDaniel, Jr., head of Moody's, was born in 1957. He joined Moody's in 1987 and became President in 2001.

Now we have Standard & Poor's. As I said, it was first created as a result of studying the railroad business. Some guy whose last name was Poor wrote a book about money. Isn't that cute?

Standard & Poor's founded in 1860.
Incorporated 1941.

The founder was Daryl Lethbridge. No date.

The President of Standard & Poor's is Deven Sharma. He became President in August 2007 which was right when Wall Street caught on that the markets were tanking. The current Wikipedia article says that he ran 1-800-Flowers for about a year before working for Standard & Poor's. Hahahaha, that's a joke, probably written by Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke.

Here it is, it won't be on Wiki forever:

Sharma serves on the boards of CRISIL, The US-China Business Council[3] and Asia Society Business Council. He served as a Director of 1-800-Flowers.com Inc. from May 12, 2005 to March 16, 2007. He has authored three publications: The Truth About Customer Solutions, Customer Solutions-Pilots to Profits, and Connecting the Demand Chain.

Deven Sharma was born in 1956. So, with Neptune in Libra he probably does like to wear flowers...

There's another even smaller Credit Rating Agency called Fitch Ratings. It is currently headquartered in Paris but was first incorporated in New York:

Fitch Ratings
Dec. 24, 1913 New York City, NY

Sun 2 Capricorn; Moon Scorpio; NN 19 Pisces Rx

Well, I think I'd like to hear what a Capricorn Sun with Scorpio Moon has to say about the U.S. economy. They gave a AAA rating as well on August 2, but with warning.

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Friday, August 05, 2011

Look Ma, No Hands!

No one's behind the wheel at Google and they're bragging about it. For a year they've been sending cars out into the neighborhood to fend for themselves without human intervention. And there hasn't been a single accident until this week when one of their self driven Priuses rear ended another Prius.

I need to write to the insurance company to tell them that with the current line up of planets, namely Mercury (cars) going Rx at 1 Virgo and Mars (bumper cars) at 1 Cancer opposing Pluto you sort of have to expect a little kissy kissy between bumpers. (Actually the kissy kissy part is going to come from Sun conjunct Venus in Leo). At any rate it's a good bunch of aspects for making what Google calls "Automotive History."

Wow this takes the idea of No Fault Insurance to a new level. With Saturn in Libra I'm sure the lawyers are considering this argument.

Google says that a real person was at the wheel and that's why the Prius bashed into the Prius in front of it. You know those computer geeks. They've been letting their cars drive them around for years as it is.

Personally, I suspect that it was just a little love making situation between automobiles. Well...if you want the car to drive on its own you have to expect that it will have it's own feelings as well, don't you?

With this latest update I guess that 4 cars were involved so maybe the person driving the Googlemobile should have googled the speed limit.


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NASA did a funny thing with the orbiter it just sent off to visit Jupiter today. NASA called the orbiter Juno. In Greek Mythology, Jupiter is called Zeus. Zeus is the King of the Greek Pantheon and he is married to Juno. And Juno reigns as Queen and she's happy about that but in humorous circles she is known as the Jealous wife because Jupiter/Zeus, uh, is a bit of a philanderer.

The chart for the launch is pretty funny. Libra, sign that rules Marriage, is on the Ascendant so Venus rules the chart. She is conjunct the Sun in Leo up in the 10th House. This shows Social Status of the Ruling Class.

And then there's the jealous Moon (woman) in Scorpio in the 1st house opposing Jupiter in the 7th House of Marriage. Oppositions often show relationships as they represent opposite ends of the same pole. They just as often show balancing acts and the need to harmonize.

Mars is at 1 Cancer. I guess you could say that this will be a story of household discord.

Juno the Orbiter will reach Jupiter's orbit in July 2016 and will circle around him 33 times. She can't actually land on him because he's a big ball of gases (and she'd be the first to tell you that). After her orbits Juno will crash into Jupiter in October 2017.

You can read about what Juno will really be doing to Jupiter in scientific terms here:


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Monday, August 01, 2011


No, this isn't about you and your bong.

Oxygen molecules have been found in deep space, only 1500 Light Years away.

Oxygen molecules were discovered on earth in the 1770s. It's a Pluto in Capricorn thing. Who would have thunk that in a hundred million zillion years?


The Debt Ceiling has been raised by Congress, so we can exhale as well.

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Mars in Cancer, You Can't Squeeze Blood Out of a Turnip

Just yesterday I was thinking that I've got to check when Mars will move into Cancer. I tend to have eyesight problems at that time -- among other things. So, this ingress promises to be a real shit because Mars is already kind of a drag when in the sign of Cancer. This is the Summer that many people will remember their divorce or their parents' divorce. The little Capricorn kids will be super power trippy and sabotagy. Even the little late Sagittarians whose Suns are progressing into Capricorn will get in on this act.

So on August 2 or 3, that's either tomorrow or the next day Mars will be in a Grand Square with all the planets that it tends to get into trouble with most easily. Mars opposite Pluto (Power) 6 Capricorn and squaring Moon (Reactive) in Libra opposite Uranus (Rebellious) 5 Aries.

The Moon will hit Saturn at 13 Libra just afterwards and Mercury will be stationing Rx so someone is going to hit the brakes but everyone else is probably going to go through the windshield. I guess I could write about the Debt Crisis Bell which is the time when the U.S. Credit Rating goes down. Or I could call it the Bigot Bell, although I'm not sure which side is most bigoted because if you've ever been gang stalked by Mexican, East Indian and Chinese Immigrants you get really confused about these things.

Or I could call it the Playing Chicken Bell.

Maybe the Liberty Bell was made during one of these transits. That's why the Liberty Bell is cracked. And that's why they hung it anyway. A little Wabi Sabi in the Political Arena, either that or the Bell maker moved out to California right after. Okay, I can't turn this into a good story.

President Obama needs to hang out in the basement bunker for a while. He has a Solar Return in there somewhere. Hopefully, they will give him a cake with the kinds of candles that don't blow out and it will just take him an extra long time to figure out that that's the problem. And then everyone will laugh and it will be all over.

So, the potential for accidents is pretty strong in the next couple of days. And some of the accidents won't be accidents. Lots of people are getting divorces right now.

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Within Vesta's Orb

Back in 2007 NASA launched a rover-gizmo on an 8 year mission to fly up to Vesta to check out how the Hearth and Home are doing. Vesta rules the Hearth and Home for those of us who believe in astroblab. She is the only asteroid that can be seen with the naked human eye. We're not going to land on Vesta, just doing a drive by and then moving on to Ceres and then probably junking the craft so it will hit an Alien in the head someday.

At the time of the launch, Vesta was in Sagittarius wedged between Jupiter and Pluto in that sign. That sounds like a very modernistic aspect, like a club that wouldn't invite me to be its member, actually.

launch Sept. 27, 2007 11:34 UTC Cape Canaveral, Florida

Sun 4 Libra; Moon 14 Aries; ASC 8 Libra; MC 9 Cancer; NN 7 Pisces

Vesta was launched on a Full Moon which was just rising over the ASC/DES axis.

The Outer Planets are currently hitting the most important parts of the chart for this launch. Actually, they are hitting the angles of the chart: Saturn 11 Libra conjunct Ascendant, Pluto conjunct IC; Uranus conjunct DESC in Aries. There's even close to a Mars Return in Gemini up in House 9. The Neptune-Chiron conjunction is very close to the North Node of the Launch chart.

Maybe I pulled up the wrong chart, who knows? The Sun is also in conjunction with the ASC for this chart as well, just a few hours past the Full Moon.

Dawn enters Vesta's orbit: 7/16/2011 about 5:00 UTC

Sun 24 Cancer; Moon 5 Aquarius; ASC 22 Cancer; MC 24 Pisces; NN 22 Sagittarius

An average Vesta Return is 3.63 years. This 8-year mission is about 2 Vesta Cycles.

Bill Meridian found a connection between Financial Market swings and the 4 year Mars-Vesta cycle: http://www.billmeridian.com/articles-files/marsvesta.htm. Can't keep the home fires burning if you can't pay for the logs and the Gas Company Bill.

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