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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Missing Child Zahra Baker

Zahra Baker is the 10 year old girl who was reported missing by her Step-Mother and Father on October 10, 2010 in Hickory, NC at 2:00pm. It's presumed that Zahra was killed by her parents. Zahra was observed being abused by her Step-Mother. Previous landlords/neighbors of the family reported having to evict the family because of the chronic screaming (both parents have Mars in Gemini).

Police dogs sensed Zahra's smell in a pile of wood chips and Zahra's prothetic leg has been recovered. Zahra and her Father are originally from Australia where Zahra's bio Mom still lives. Zahra was diagnosed for Bone Cancer in 2005 and had a leg amputated. She also suffered hearing loss.

Both parents have been arrested for writing bad checks. Her Step-Mother continues to be held for having confessed to writing a fake ransom note.

When I look at the charts which I located from off of the Forensic Astrology website at Websleuths.com I see that both parents might have a tendency for cruelty. Elisa Baker has a conjunction of Sun-Venus-Mars in Gemini squaring Uranus-Pluto in Virgo. She could be a very verbal person, and probably abusive. She also might tend to have problems with parenting due to constant need for self satisfaction and excitement/stimulation.

(note about prog Mercury: She was born just as Mercury was Stationing Rx at 3 Cancer. Her progressed Mercury has turned turned direct and has passed over the natal spot and is at 7 Cancer. Perhaps she was very frustrated with her bad parenting).

Right now Elisa is going through her Neptune Square. Her natal Neptune is conjunct her step-daughter's Sun. This could mean that she is being blamed for her step-daughter's death so her chart is certainly linked to her step-daughter's. Or it could mean that if she did kill the little girl she probably did it through the use of Neptunian means such as poison, drugs or gas. As Neptune is related to dishonesty, fantasy, and cover ups and doing jail time the Neptune square transit certainly adds up in Elisa's chart. Uncanny how even her step-daughter's prosthetic foot (ruled by Neptune) is described here.

When I look at the charts, I am particularly concerned about Zahra's Father's chart. He has a natal conjunction of Sun to Saturn in Leo and a conjunction of Pluto to his North Node in Libra. These are both aspects which can show tragedy in a person's life but also an extreme need to get what one wants. He might have an overbearing authoritarian character at times which isn't readily apparent.

The current transits at the time that Zahra was reported missing are echoed in the event chart. I might think they point more to the Father than the Step-Mother. It's strange that the parents waited until 2:00 pm on a Sunday to report their daughter missing. Maybe they are late sleepers, but they certainly are lousy parents. At that point the current transiting conjunction of Pluto-NN in Capricorn were just rising over the Ascendant. The Ascendant in an event chart will show a perpetrator. The Capricorn conjunction disposits to and squares t. Saturn which was in Libra conjunct both Sun and Mercury. The Saturn emphasis connected to the Ascendant describes "Guilty Father." It's difficult to read though because obviously he's going to be feeling guilty right now no matter where his daughter is.

His chart is very strongly hooked in with this event. The transiting Sun-Saturn Libra conjunction layers right over Zahra's Father's natal Pluto-NN conjunction.

At any rate, one can see that he was born to suffer great responsibilities in life, some serious losses and he was due for an upset in his life at this time. I question his honesty because he has a t-square with apex Mercury 11 Virgo squaring Mars-Lilith 14 Gemini opposing Neptune 14 Sagittarius. He would certainly be a difficult person for the police to interrogate. A Sun-Saturn person naturally feels guilty and responsible for everything and after a certain age this can degrade into just the opposite sense that others are to blame for everything. It seems that the couple was suffering from financial problems as well as just not getting along.

Trying to filter the two charts down to see violent tendencies one looks at Mars. This couple shares Mars conjunct in the same sign of Gemini. This means that both have progressed Mars in Cancer which is a terrible aspect for anything having to do with home life and over emotionalism.

Zahra Baker
b. 11/16/1999 Giru, Queensland, Australia

Sun 24 Scorpio; Moon Aquarius; NN 8 Leo

Father Baker
b. Aug. 6, 1977 Sydney, Australia

Sun 14 Leo; Moon Taurus or Gemini; NN 19 Libra Rx

Elisa Baker
b. June 6, 1968 North Carolina somewhere
I saw another dob which is later in June so can't vouch for this date

Sun 16 Gemini; Moon Libra; NN 15 Aries

Step-M Elisa reports missing Zahra
event: Oct. 10, 2010 2:00 pm Hickory, NC

ASC 10 Capricorn; Sun 18 Libra; Moon 28 Scorpio; MC 30 Libra; NN 7 Capricorn


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oliver Sacks and the Moon

As usual, interesting interview on the NPR Radio Show Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Terry interviews neurologist Oliver Sacks about his new book The Mind's Eye.


Sacks has so many neurological problems himself and yet is so likable he sort of makes me want to be psychotic. This latest book discusses visual perception and is influenced by Sacks' personal health problems in this area. During the last few years, ever since the Saturn-Neptune opposition it seems, Sacks has been fighting some serious problems with vision. As a neurologist he has amazing insights into what is going on with receiving a Cancer diagnosis, going through treatment, and with losing the eyesight in one of his eyes, and also living with the thought that he may lose sight in the other eye. As a writer he can express what he is going through with amazing clarity. This past year Sacks has suffered the loss of eyesight in his right eye. The Right eye is often said to be ruled by the Sun and relationship with the Father. The Left eye is often said to be ruled by the Moon and the relationship with the Mother. Sacks is a Sun in Cancer person so I suppose he could be one or the other.

Sacks also suffers from a condition called "Face Blindness." This means that he can't easily recognize faces, even his own. Sacks and Gross talked about the famous portrait painter Chuck Close who apparently suffers from a very pronounced version of Face Blindness as well. That's a very interesting idea since Close is one of the most prominent modern portrait painters. He paints huge portraits which he graphs off of photographs in the super realistic style. Close has survived a very devastating neurological disorder which left him in a wheel chair and unable to hold a paint brush. Yet he has managed to strap on paint brushes and to continue painting his huge pixilated portraits.

I've discussed the charts of both men on this blog somewhere, Sacks and Close, (can't find Gross' birth date). I think it is interesting that they are both Cancerians. Perhaps this is a sign which struggles to recognize faces. This is especially interesting since the Moon is more closely related to facial imagery in myth, through the Man in the Moon lore. Close is a double Cancer with both Sun and Moon in that sign. Both men also struggle with neurological problems. They both also live on the East Coast which probably means that they just think too hard or something (that's a joke, I'm just saying that it's obviously just a coincidence).

I wonder if the sign of Cancer is related to the face, or maybe our projection of the face. Most people agree it looks like the face of a man from our point on earth. But, on a different level, maybe, since it reflects the light of the Sun perhaps it provides clues to how we perceive others. I've always assumed that this was a Libra thing but maybe they are interrelated. No? Okay, far fetched. Here's something stupid to think about. Maybe Facial Recognition software works best on a Full Moon, haha. I believe that newborns are thought to be able to recognize their Mother's faces around 1 month old. This coincides with the first Lunar Return. The Moon represents the Mother in Astrology.

What does seem to work is the fact that in the legal field, witnesses to crimes are considered very unreliable as evidence. People can't "see" reliably during a highly emotional and stressful event such as a crime. People also can't "remember" well either. Memory is often heavily related to the sign of Cancer. Shakespeare's Juliet does tell Romeo not to swear by the inconstant orb.

I do tend to believe, after working for lawyers for many year, that Capricorns, the opposite sign, have unbelievably reliable memory for fact. They can perceive and retain correct information really well. (They just can't tolerate people who can't do as well as they can) Or, at least, the ones in my office did. The Capricorns were known as rainmakers because they could use this talent not only in the courtroom but socially they could easily shmooze with the clients. It helps if you have instant recall for names and faces, very few of us do.

This Face Blindness only indicates that a person can't recognize faces. A person can recognize facial expression and can appreciate beauty. Terry Gross asked about that, really interesting question. (Sure wish I knew her birth date so I could find out what Venus/Voice is doing in her chart)

In my post on Sacks (I think I published it, hope so) I seem to remember that I was concentrating on how secondary progressed Mercury has moved through his chart during his life. That's an interesting thing to look at in a neurologist because Mercury rules the thinking processes along with Uranus which rules the nervous system (and probably Sun which rules the spine). From what I remember Mercury had gone Rx at some point during his childhood right around the time that he was sent to boarding school because of the War. And it stationed Direct at some point just as he was entering into the work world and made his L-Dopamine discovery (What was that movie?). He says that he began to have Visual Migraines at around Age 4-5 which caused some temporary blindness problems. He said that in 1965 while taking amphetamines he went through a 2 week phase where he had heightened sensory perceptions related most to visual memory involving concrete details. He could suddenly draw. I'm too lazy to look it all up right now and I still don't have a birth time for him and I don't believe that Astrotheme has his chart readily available so I'm putting it off for now.

Wow, I've got to get that book. Maybe it will include the exact week in 1965 when Sacks was tripping. (Terry Gross kept pushing to get more info about that and Sacks was getting defensive, it was a gas).

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The Impulse Buys at Borders Bookstores

This is a cute little story about the recent stellium transit in Scorpio.

I got in line at a Border's bookstore to buy a coffee and as usual they had all kinds of impulse buy items near the register for customers to snap up last minute while they were waiting. In this particular store there was a rack with book bags hanging. I noticed one with a small woodland creature standing over a puddle. It was cartoony and pastel colored in a Japanese sort of way and at the bottom it said something like "It's so watery." It was just such a weird picture and a weird quote. So I picked the bad off the hook and asked the guy at the counter why they were selling bags with pictures of squirrels who were standing in their pee. The guy snorted and corrected me with the information saying that he had no clue why the store was selling bags with pictures of beavers on them. I looked again and saw the two buck teeth and without thinking said "Oh, a wet beaver!" And the 20 year old guy at the register and I started laughing our heads off.

So, after we recovered and I got my coffee I put the bag back on the rack and noticed another cute little cartoon on the bag down below it. Also, in pastels, this one had a picture of a squirrel -- he was flinging his nuts!"

Oh well, guess you had to have been there. Anyway, designs made to delight all ages.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

A Cholera outbreak which broke out in Haiti on Oct. 20, 2010 in the town of St. Marc is said to have been imported to the island. There have been no records of outbreaks in Haiti before this going back to mid-20th century so it appears that the disease has been brought in from the outside air workers rather than from bad habits of the natives. The outbreak occurred in a town which is north of Port au Prince where the destruction from the January earthquake occurred. So far around 4,700 people have been hospitalized and around 330 have died. Scientific tests are being done to determine where the disease was imported from. Protests are now taking place asking Nepalese Peace Aid workers from the United Nations to leave the country. Apparently Nepal has suffered recent outbreaks of the disease which brings high fevers and watery diarrhea. And carriers often don't know they are carrying the disease.

Since a new group of soldiers arrived at the site on Oct. 9 it is very interesting to think that perhaps some peace keeping United Nations workers would have brought the problem in. At that point the Sun was in conjunction with Mercury (communicable disease) and Saturn (governance) in the peace keeping sign of Libra. These were inconjunct (Health problems) Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius (Water bearer). The Haiti natives are protesting to have the U.N. workers removed from the country. (Man, I wish we could openly protest things like that in the U.S.)

Venus, which rules Libra, had just turned Retrograde the day before in the sign of Scorpio (waste, water) and was in conjunction with Mars (fever) and the Moon. This pair was inconjunct (Health issues) Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces.

The first illnesses were identified on October 20 just as the Moon was passing over the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.

Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune are all related to having good intentions. Of course, with Saturn squaring Pluto and the North Node in Capricorn, just about anything can go wrong. This pair brings exhaustion and loss. It's not good for international relations or family relations for that matter.

Source: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5iN1uwE-9KLX2DhVrwJ2xFY8al04g?docId=ca81eb8dde964130890281c3409ce9f9


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The RSVP Cycles

The RSVP Cycles was a textbook I read for an experimental music class in college. Having grown up in Southern California in the 1960s in a town where 35 modernist architects lived, one of whom was my Father, I think I took this type of thinking for granted. The book was written by Lawrence Halprin, a landscape architect, (and innovator) and his wife, Anna Halprin, who is a dancer, choreographer (and healer and innovator). RSVP stands for "Resources" "Score" "Valuaction" and "Performance." There's a nice explanation on Wikipedia. These principles propose a new way of understanding how to create, sort in the way that John Cage's books do, but with more structure. For the music class it was a text on composition. It could just as easily be a text on design, or dance, or painting, or anything else. Beyond that, I have to say that I didn't really "get the whole idea." Lessons in those days were usually kept pretty vague as a way of avoiding any authoritarian set rules.

What attracts me now is the word "Cycles," especially connected with the word RSVP, since I'm so much into studying Return Cycles as points of development. Lawrence Halprin passed away last year in 2009 on October 25. There must have been a mention in a newspaper somewhere about this anniversary on Monday that caught the corner of my eye because I suddenly started thinking about that book.

So, I decided to take a look at Anna and Lawrence Halprin's charts. What I found is a really amazing pair of Sun-Venus conjunction people. Sun-Venus is related to both the Arts, Harmony, Balance and Beauty, and also Marriage Partners. I can't find astro data about their actual marriage and don't know if they remained married. It appears that they stayed together, but with Uranus leading both of their chart shapes they probably kept their relationship pretty loose.

Not only did they share the conjunction but they shared it in the same sign in Cancer. The sign of Cancer is really appropriate for people who are involved in environmental design. (Think Buckminster Fuller, Tesla, Viktor Schauberger). Water is an extremely important element in Lawrence Halprin's design. The idea of allowing things to evolve and to grow from a seed is also a Cancerian ideal.

What's even more interesting is that Lawrence Halprin, who was born first in 1916, had a natal Sun conjunct Venus Retrograde and Pluto in Cancer. Sun-Venus conjunction people sometimes follow a really interesting 8 year cycle of 5 which is related to the proportions of the Golden Mean. It appears that Sun-Venus Rx people follow a 4 year Return cycle as well. Lawrence was going through a Sun-Venus Return at Age 4 when his wife was born. Both even have the conjunction aspect connected with outer planets by conjunction, but not in major aspect to other planets. Lawrence had a huge stellium in Cancer with Pluto, Sun, Venus Rx, Lilith, Saturn and possibly Moon.

Anna's Sun-Venus conjunction is later on in the sign at 21-24 degrees. Her Pluto is 8 Cancer.

It's really fascinating to flip the animation wheel on the software program and watch how the Sun-Venus Rx conjunctions cycle back on through every year on Lawrence's Birthdays in childhood. I said before that Sun and Venus seem to have been in conjunction every four years (something I don't understand because I thought this occurred every 8 years). Lawrence also experienced really intense Sun-Pluto conjunctions every year on his Birthday for about the first 10 years of his life.

Because Pluto is placed farther apart from her Sun, Anna also would have had the same type of Solar Return aspect every year during her childhood starting from about Age 6 or 7 and lasting through High School. That explains their need to completely change and transform their environment and ways of healing. They shared a very deep emotional core, that's for sure. They must have been left alone a lot as kids.

Lawrence Halprin

b. July 1, 1916 Brooklyn, NY
d. Oct. 25, 2009

Sun 10 Cancer; Moon 24 Cancer; NN 1 Aquarius Rx

Anna Halprin

b. July 13, 1920 (Place?)

Sun 21 Cancer; Moon Gemini; NN 13 Scorpio Rx

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RIP Paul The Octopus

Paul the Octopus, who predicted the outcome of the World Cup Scores from his tank in Germany, died yesterday. I talked about him previously and just took another look at his chart. He embodies the Neptune-Chiron conjunction in Aquarius. He was born while the North Node was at the end of Aquarius as well and has died just as the Neptune-Chiron conjunction was about to pass over that point. Highly psychic. Able to communicate across all boundaries. He knew what we were thinking and we don't have a clue what he was thinking. Paul was either a Capricorn or an Aquarius Sun.

At any rate, Paul was born in January, 2008 according to Wikipedia. He was perhaps born during a Mars Retrograde in Gemini which opposed Jupiter and Pluto. This means that he would have had great interest in Sports and all forms of competition.


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Monday, October 25, 2010

Market Hasn't Tanked, Sumatra Had Another Earthquake

Market hasn't closed yet, but it looks like Election Year Magic has saved it. Well, that and Ben Bernanke is getting the Federal Reserve involved in researching why my Bank gave out so many rotten loans to people. I guess my Bank may fail. It's too big to fail. At any rate, this is connected to Earthquakes because my Bank became big by giving out loans at reduced rates to survivors of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Now I know that Saturn in H10 of opening bell charts may mean that I get to see my Magic Federal Reserve Chairman's face on the news that day. He looks kind of tired and really peeved these days. Sagittarians aren't real patient people and this Recession/Depression is a hum dinger. So, the Mars on the Ascendant thingee shows MFRC B-F- doing his Arnold Schwarzenneger imitation. And the opposition to Moon is the housing/mortage market fiasco.

Sumatra had a huge earthquake while the Moon-Mars opposition was layered over the 6th/12th house cusps. The Outer-planet t-square planets are no longer in a t-square really but they were all on the angles thusly: Jupiter-Uranus conjunct MC 27 Pisces. SAturn in H4. Pluto-NN in H7.

This earthquake was very mutable signy. Mercury rules ASC and IC. Did I ever say that I think that Mercury is generally very prominent in timing of Earthquake Charts? It seems to be but I don't have statistics. It also moves so quickly that it's hard to pin down without actually doing some sort of big statistical survey. Mercury seems involved but one day seems almost as good as any other day for Mercury to cause an earthquake. Here Mercury is intense because he's conjunct Venus Rx to the Degree and it's in Scorpio.

The Earthquake caused some small tsunamis. Neptune's ruling the MC. Neptune is in a Grand Trine with the Ascendant (H1) and the Sun (H5).

There was a t-square of Mars in Scorpio opposing Moon in Gemini and squaring Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius. Out of Sign T-square is in the Mutable Sign Houses. Moon in a Yod to a sextile of Sun in Scorpio to Pluto. It's just after a Full Moon. Lots of Moon/Neptune stuff.

No Planets in Fire.
Pluto singleton in Earth, angular in H7 and conjunct NN and squaring Saturn.
Locomotive Chart with Saturn Lead Planet from H4, angular.

Don't know how much damage or injuries or deaths. Quake struck at 9:42 pm so people were out running for the hills in the middle of the night. That's terrifying.

7.7 Earthquake Indonesia
Oct. 25, 2010 14:42:22 UTC 9:42 LT 150 miles w. of Bengkulu, Sumatra, Indonesia

Sun 3 Scorpio; Moon 2 Gemini; ASC 26 Gemini; NN 6 Capricorn; MC 27 Pisces

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Double Scorpio Opening Bell

Well, so it's an Election Year and they say the Market doesn't tank during an Election Year.

Tomorrow's Opening Bell is going to test that theory. At 9:30 Wall Street is going to be a Double Scorpio. It's been a Double Scorpio Bell ever since the Sun entered that sign last week. Scorpio rules Investments in Other People's Money. It sort of looks like this Bell isn't concerned with that stuff right now, really, though. The trend is going more in the opposite direction as Pluto, Ruler of Scorpio is in the 2d House conjunct the Opening Bell. That's Banking and Cash (and how much you value yourself).

An Interlude from Billie Holiday:

God save the child that's got his own,
that's got his own.

Opening Bell Monday Oct. 25, 2010 9:30 am

Sun 3 Scorpio; Moon 1 Gemini; ASC 27 Scorpio; MC 11 Virgo; NN 6 Capricorn

Anyhoo, a Crisis gets Scorpio all hot and bothered. Scorpio is the Phoenix who rises up out of the ashes and brags about how transformed he feels from the purification process. That's because Scorpio is a very determined and strong willed sign. Everyone else is sitting around totally wasted and doesn't know why the Hell we have to bother with the idea of transformation. Well, if you garden you know how much better the plants grow if you prune them back. That's Scorpio. Give a Scorpio a set of clippers and a rose bush and you'll see what I mean. So, think about how good the market will feel after you've been flushed out along with all the rest of the dead weight.

At any rate, there's going to be some huge manipulations in the money markets tomorrow. Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Rising, Gemini Moon, Who we kidding here? The media will be involved and the Real Estate Market will be involved. And probably some immigrants will be involved. And the Republicans. And the President will be right where he ought to be but he won't be feeling real good about it (Saturn exalted and in its own house, squaring Pluto, Capricorn intercepted in the 2d).

The reason why I'm looking at this Bell is because my Father always told me that 3d Quarter Reports are a good reason to avoid investing in Stock Markets. He was a Scorpio and he grew up in the Depression so you can tell they screwed up his childhood Birthdays royally.

Also, I'm looking at this bell because I've noticed that often there is a correlation between Mercury-Venus conjunctions and crashes. It will be great at the end of the week to look back and say, hey, that wasn't so bad and I can throw that theory out the window. Mercury and Venus together rule marketing (maybe along with Moon) and the idea is that this combination will show that people are more likely to dabble in the markets. Tomorrow the conjunction is to the degree.

And there's a very volatile opposition of Mars to Moon layered right over the ASC/DESC of the chart which could show panic. What may make this a different one is that the planets are in Scorpio in the 12th House so the dealings may be more shrewd, tight lipped and behind the scenes. And there's an election coming up.

The Sun is always in the 11th House in U.S. Stock Market Opening Bells but right now the Sun is really close to the 12th House cusp and it's conjunct Venus Rx-Mercury in Scorpio which are in the 12th House. Venus rules Banking and Money so this Rx and conjunction to Mercury and Sun in the sign of other people's money is looking very complicated. 12th House might indicate some sort of angelic influence, the Neptunians always like to see it that way, Rose colored glasses and stuff, and deception. And boy, do I ever hope they pull out all the stops on that deception stuff because 12th House also rules self-undoing (once Neptune and Pluto and Mercury move away we all start chanting about how honesty is the best policy, but generally by then it's too late to do anything about it).

At any rate, a Moon-Mars opposition set right over the ASC/DESC is volatile and could show panic. This is squaring Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius. Neptune keeps showing up and this brings in the Hollywood thing, and hopefully not the jumping out the window thing. Spin the Wag, or Tail the Dog. Chiron added might show something different but who knows. The Neptune-Chiron conjunction has moved off the angle of the IC but Neptune still rules that angle. 3d House shows that the media will be wagging their tongues and nobody's gonna know what they're saying (but sometimes that's all it takes). 4th House shows Real Estate and the Public and Emotional Reactions. Mercury rules the Virgo Midheaven and Mercury is in the 12th House conjunct Venus Rx (Banking).

Pluto, the Ruler of this chart is squaring Saturn, the Ruler of Democrats (from what I've googled/gathered, Jupiter rules Republicans and Saturn rules Democrats). A Saturn/Pluto square brings loss, the painful kind. It can bring new motivations for leadership and ethics, just because all acts are pretty ruthless and probably a little corrupt right now. Saturn is very strongly placed in this chart in Libra (exhalted) and in the 10th House (natural house). Saturn shows governance and the President and in Libra there's a need to get along.

The Moon at 1 Gemini is apex of a Yod to a Sun 3 Scorpio (H11) sextile to Pluto 4 Capricorn (H2). There's something wrong with the female element in this chart. It's very out of balance.

Jupiter-Uranus, both Rx, are in conjunction in the 4th House. As I said this could be Real Estate, Farming, Overseas investments, Techies, Public, Oceans, Water.

By Closing Bell, Pluto-NN will be conjunct elevated in H10. Saturn will be in H7. Jupiter-Uranus will be in H1. That's angular and so the influences are strong. Sun, Mercury, Venus Rx, and Mars in Scorpio will all be in the 8th House. They will be trining the Jupiter Rx-Uranus RX conjunction in the 1st house. Neptune will rule Closing Bell chart. That's compassion, emotionalism, self-undoing. However, Neptune will be in his own house, the 12th, so perhaps, hopefully, compassion will rule out. We're all more compassionate towards others after a day of huge losses in the Stock Market, aren't we?

For the rest of this week Mars will be conjunct the Ascendant of the Opening Bell and both change signs from Scorpio to Sagittarius. So, the tone will change to Optimism. Friday shows a Grand Trine between Mars/ASC to Moon in Cancer (H8) to Jupiter-Uranus (H4).

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Fire in the Water Events

In the car this morning the news was spewing with the current astrological aspects. Currently there is a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces, both retrograde. And Mercury is conjunct Venus Rx in Scorpio. And Mars is in Scorpio as well.

First off a Cholera Epidemic has started in Haiti, although it seems that it's not in the areas which seemed most likely to be affected by last January's earthquake. About 140 people have died in the past 2 days. The Moon today is in Aries. That makes for a fire water influence. Sure does indicate diarrhea and dehydration.

And San Jose has broken ground for a new waste water treatment facility that recycles waste water. Seems like Plutonian thing. Would have liked to have seen a couple more planets in Virgo for this event, though, in order to think that maybe the outcome will be related to Health.

Also, the Wikileaks website has disclosed many more military documents about all the screw-ups by the U.S. Military in the war in Afghanistan. Scorpio rules spying. Neptune probably does too. The official date for the disclosure was supposed to be at 10:00 am tomorrow morning (Oct. 23) somewhere in Europe. That's 5:00 am Washington Time. Puts Mars right on the H3 cusp. And Sun right at first degree Scorpio in H2. Maybe this will keep the markets from tanking next week. The news for the Stock Market seems very good, especially the Tech Stocks (run by Democrats).

Boy, the folks born at the end of Aquarius must sure be burning out by now with that conjunction of Neptune to Chiron on their Suns.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

6.9 Earthquake in Baja / More Than Average Amount of Earthquakes This Year?

Not vouching for accuracy or anything here but this blog says that there has been a big rise in Earthquakes for this year. As of this writing in September there were 13 big earthquakes this year. Today Baja Mexico just had another earthquake which I'll list below. That coincides with the big t-square between Saturn-Uranus and Pluto (plus Jupiter) which is happening this year. Uranus is the big Earthquake planet, but Pluto and Saturn are certainly involved. These planets were well placed on/near the angles in todays' chart. Uranus and Pluto will continue a really long square transit with each other for a few more years but Saturn is now separating from the t-square. Saturn is heading towards mid-degree Cardinal which is a vulnerable point for the Hayward/East Bay area in California (hits in December, square Pluto, in the December 21 Eclipse). So far the earthquakes in the areas have caused minimal deaths and damage. So far. Fingers crossed. I noticed a funny thing, though with the Hayward area and that it requires an outer planet in mid-Cancer which is not going to happen soon, there is actually a strong absence of Cancer connected with these planets).

What is also involved according to my half-assed theory of California earthquakes is/are prominence of Cardinal Signs in the charts. The Eclipses this year have been in the signs of Cancer/Capricorn which adds another Cardinal Sign element to the current astrological weather. Cancer/Capricorn are related to North and South Poles, probably so perhaps there is some sort of movement in that area. If the birds start getting confused in their migrations and flying East and West we'll really know something's up. Right now, there is a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at the end of Pisces moving Retrograde, so when those two station back on around and move forward into Aries we might see more of the scary.

Today's 6.9 earthquake occurred between the Baja California peninsula and mainland Mexico. So far, Mexico seems to follow my theory of Cardinal Sign Sun quakes for this year. I had wondered if California would be hit by this energy after studying the Parkfield series of earthquakes. In January, California did have a major earthquake up in Eureka which is very far North in the State. And most of Southern California felt the April Earthquake in Mexico. The Sun in Cancer season brought an earthquake to Mexico but California didn't feel it. We've got another day I guess before the Sun leaves Libra so maybe California won't fall into the ocean this month (the Stock Market could crash next week though, a little).

Today's earthquake had the t-square planets mostly on the angles. Pluto-NN in Capricorn was in the 1st house. Saturn in Libra was conjunct the Midheaven to the degree and opposing the Moon-IC in Aries. The Moon 14 Aries was angular and Cardinal in the 4th House. The Sun was also angular and Cardinal in the 10th House.

Jupiter ruled this chart with 28 Sagittarius Rising (pretty close to the beginning of Cardinal Sign Capricorn). Jupiter was at 25 Pisces Rx conjunct Uranus 28 Pisces RX in the 3d House. Mars rules the 4th House of land and environment and was trining Jupiter-Uranus from 26 Scorpio up in the 11th house.

There were no deaths from this earthquake and I think no major damage. Perhaps a bottle of tequila fell off a shelf and a surfer caught an extra big wave. Gnarly session, dude.

The chart is bowl shaped with Saturn as lead planet and most elevated. The Moon is a singleton in fire.

Whew, I don't do predictions but it seems almost certain something will happen in January.

6.9 Earthquake Baja Mexico
Oct. 20, 2010 11:53 am LT (1753 GMT) 65 miles South of Los Mochis, 85 miles northeast of La Paz

Sun 29 Libra (H10); Moon 14 Aries (H4); ASC 28 Sagittarius; MC 11 Libra; NN 7 Capricorn (H1)


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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Anorexia and Birth Month

Interesting study by Dr. John Eagles finds a relationship between birth of anorexic women and their birth month. Don't have the actual figures for the study but anorexics born in Scotland between 1965 and 1997 were most likely to be born between March and June. One article I read said that March and June themselves were the most common months which hooks up with the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. The Doctor uses the prenatal theory that some sort of Winter infection affects babies while still in the womb, the same sort of thing that is thought to maybe cause schizophrenia.

Study: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/eat.1069/abstract

Babies born in Scotland are certainly born into a very dark climate and I don't know if these figures would be similar for Californians since most of the anorexics I've known were Scorpios and Sagittarians. I definitely equate the illness with Pluto because it is associated with control and denial and invisibility and manipulation. As I've said before I struggled with this problem for years (you're never really over it).

A couple of years ago I went to a panel discussion of people who billed themselves as experts in the field. It was sad. These people were running a clinic on the subject and were telling people that they didn't know a thing about the disease. After sitting there for the 1 1/2 hours it was really easy to see why. There were no anorexics on the panel. Two fat psychotherapists were there. One of the psychotherapists had lost her weight and was talking about psychology of being overweight. The leading psychologist was rotund and very merry, just the type of woman who make an anorexic not want to eat for the next 30 years, and this psych. was complaining about how the anorexics have such dismal, pale personalities. A male psychiatrist was there saying that the field has recovered virtually no information about the illness due to lack of funding, very Plutonian. And an actual anorexics' parents were there talking about how they learned to deal with their daughter's manipulation games. The actual anorexic was not there. As a matter of fact, nobody had anything good to say about anorexics, sort of Plutonian? Plutonians don't really talk a lot, don't draw a lot of attention to themselves.

I was wholeheartedly pissed off already. Before the talk I was sitting on a bench next to a glum fat woman who was smoking her cigarette. Another happy fat woman came over for meet n'greet and asked us why we were there. The glum fat woman sitting next to me said that she was a social worker and had to deal with the pathetic adults who grow out of anorexia and are hopeless in treatment. The happy fat woman then asked me why I was there. I admit I should have made up a lie, but, well, Cap Moon-Gemini Rising, set it direct, I said I was one of the pathetic poor souls the woman sitting next to me has to deal with all day. Hehehe, she stubbed out her smoke, didn't apologize, just stood up and walked away. So did the happy fat woman. Nobody expected an anorexic to show up for the event!!! At any rate, this whole situation made me realize how Plutonian anorexia is. People are fascinated by the disease, fat women especially. Truth is, anorexics become anorexic because they are trying to make themselves invisible and to have no needs. Two of my friends tried to compete with my weight loss but their parents intervened immediately when they started losing weight. My parents were getting divorced, going through bankruptcies, dating like rabbits, I couldn't ask for anything. I won't even go into what happened once my Mother caught on that I had a problem.

So, anyway, it would be interesting if Dr. John would re-do the figures using Californians. Between 1965 and 1997 Pluto was basically moving from mid-Virgo to early Sagittarius. Most of the subjects in the study would have had Pluto in either Libra or Scorpio.

Scorpio is Pluto's sign so it would figure that there would be a lot of anorexics born during those years.

Pluto in Libra would be square to the Solstice and Equinox Suns so there would be a lot of Sun-Pluto square kids born during those years.

Since Pluto is related to Viruses and things underground perhaps there really is a pre-natal illness involved as well. Pluto also rules research so probably if a little funding were put in that direction a whole lot of answers would pop up pretty quickly. And, of course, it wouldn't hurt to keep the fat women away from the anorexia clinics. Fat girls have enough of their own poo to work on. And, if you don't have enough common sense to realize that girls who are living off of 900 calories a day and 4 hours of exercise are going to be a little slow on the draw mentally, then you really need to go find another job anyway.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Meals Live Forever

No decay? No decomposition? Jupiter looks down on this one with some amazing favoritism. McDonald's has found the Fountain of Youth. Defies all Gravity. No Saturn. No Pluto. No Neptune.

One photographer photographed a McDonald's Happy Meal over a 6 month period and the thing never changed. I think this is what happens when Aries, Moon, Jupiter and Uranus gang up on us. Don't expect there to be any interesting time lapse photography here.


Wish I had a picture to refer to of a cow's eye that I saw in a photography show from a few years ago. The cow was living on a farm where McDonald's buys its meat from.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Living the Dream

California is about to have a Neptune Return, but, we're not quite there yet. The exhaustion is mounting that's for sure. We definitely need a new act and a new art form. But, in California, I keep hearing very cynical people yelping about how they've met yet another person who is out here "living the dream." "Living the dream" usually involves doing something really stupid.

So, here's one of those stories.

A rock band of aging 30-something ego problems blocked 4 out of 5 lanes of traffic on an L.A. freeway yesterday afternoon at Rush Hour by jumping on top of a truck plastered with their band logo. The marketing was all there. People who drive the rush hour traffic in L.A. are never in a very good mood and sitting in one's car for extended periods of time isn't really all that special of an event. What they are pissed off about is that the band has no talent and this was just another obnoxious act of desperation.

The lack of talent will hopefully ease up when Neptune hits Pisces. Granted the drivers on the L.A. freeways are among the most chemically altered in the World, but, still, they could use a little Neptune influence themselves to enjoy this stupid shit. Best to put this stuff off until after the Saturn, Uranus, Pluto stuff passes over. Those planets like to use the Infrastructure for other purposes.


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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Good Samaritan Rescues Kidnapped Girl

I'm definitely not coming up with a very good chart reading for an abduction of an 8 year old girl in Fresno which occurred on Monday night, Oct. 4, 2010 8:30 pm. But, I think I have found a good indicator in a chart for "The Good Samaritan."

The 8 year old girl was playing with friends outside her home when a man in a red truck pulled up and harassed them. The girls tried to flee but the abducted girl fell down and was grabbed by the man and abducted. There's a really intense conjunction of Venus to Mars in Scorpio right now so one would expect to hear a lot of stories like this. Scorpio is the sign of sex, death, and abduction. Venus and Mars are the two planets who rule love relationships and sexuality along with Pluto. And Venus and Mars are in Pluto's sign here. It is said that the girl was molested. With Pluto conjunct the North Node in the 8th House of the Abduction chart I just sort of assumed she wasn't going to survive. Don't have a source, but seem to remember reading that 74 percent of abducted children are killed within 3 hours of their abductions.

I'll list some reasons why I think maybe this girl survived, but have to admit they are weak. I wouldn't have been able to read the chart. Just want to give the data here so that maybe down the line others will have a chart to refer to.

But, what's amazing is the girls' rescue. First of all, she survived. Yay! It turns out that Pluto in Capricorn is not such a bad thing. I believe that either Sun or Saturn or the connection between the two might indicate Good Samaritans after looking at the rescue chart.

On Monday Night an Amber Alert went out through the media notifying people of the abduction. I suppose a Mercury-Sun-Saturn conjunction might be a better time for an Amber Alert to work, Mercury rules communications and Saturn rules Caution and effective administration.

At around 7:00 am on Tuesday morning (the next morning) a guy named Victor Perez looked out his window and saw what he thought looked like the abductor's red truck. He got in his own car and proceeded to follow the guy. He saw the little girl's head in the car and tried to cut the guy off and after the 3d attempt the little girl was able to run away. The abductor, a gang member, was later located by Police because Perez was able to provide a partial license plate number.

Story: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_california_girl_abducted;_ylt=AqwMQeOy3A7FEcCiNZk6TXDs.6F4;_ylu=X3oDMTJ1aGRtZ3RxBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAxMDA3L3VzX2NhbGlmb3JuaWFfZ2lybF9hYmR1Y3RlZARjcG9zAzYEcG9zAzYEc2VjA3luX3RvcF9zdG9yaWVzBHNsawNtYW5ob25vcmVkZm8-.

Whoa, look at those stars! At this time, the Sun-Saturn-Mercury conjunction in Libra was rising over the Ascendant! Sun = Courage, Risk Taking, Honor, Citizenship and Saturn = Public Standing and Doing the Right Thing. Mercury describes the situation involving automobiles and cleverness and quick thinking. The Ascendant/Descendant axis shows the people involved in an incident in an event chart.

What's interesting is how much Saturn imagery is going on for Perez right now in his story right now. He is 29 years old which means that he is close to his Saturn Return. If he really is close to having a Saturn Return right now, the Aries Point connection shows coming before the public. The square from Jupiter-Uranus opposition to Pluto-NN shows how he's been struggling recently. He lost his job in Southern California and has been living with relatives and picking grapes. Now he is getting all sorts of attention and the Governor (Saturn) has just honored him today and even put in a plug for getting him a job. Another interesting tidbit that I read is that a Dentist immediately came forward and offered to fix a tooth (Saturn, Mars, Venus) for free. Would be great to see his birth chart.

8 year old girl abducted and miraculously rescued through Amber Alert and Good Samaritan intervention.

Oct. 4, 2010 8:30 pm Fresno, CA

Sun 12 Libra; Moon 5 Virgo; ASC 24 Taurus; Venus 14 Scorpio; Mars 14 Scorpio;

Perhaps some indicators that the child would escape:

Venus rules little girls and Venus rules this chart through Taurus Ascendant. Venus also rules the Rescue chart which occurs 11 hours later (sign is Libra). Venus is conjunct Mars in the 11th house of Hopes and Wishes which perhaps lends a coping ability. The Sun-Saturn-Mercury conjunction in Libra also disposits to Venus so the little girl's placement is very strong possibly showing her survival of the ordeal.

Sun c. Saturn shows level headed behavior. Sun-Saturn can show cruelty as well. It can also indicate that the Amber Alert system will work, especially in conjunction with Mercury in Libra. Libra is aware of others.

Nothing in chart is out of bounds which repeats the lack of extreme influences.

Only planet on an angle is Neptune-Chiron up in the 10th House (Abduction chart). Neptune rules escape.

Pluto-NN is in 8th House of Death and Sex, but houses indicating end of life, 4th and 12th, are empty.

The Venus-Mars conjunction in Scorpio indicates sexuality but can also show that people are on edge and are more alert and aware of their surroundings. Reaction time is good for dealing with crises.

When looking for luck one looks to Jupiter in the chart. Jupiter is conjunct Uranus in Pisces in the 11th House. Jupiter rules the 8th House. Perhaps the abductor was so strung out on drugs that he just couldn't think straight? Okay, I'm at a total loss.

The Rescue Chart. The rescue occurred almost 11 hours after the abduction:

Oct. 5, 2010 7:00am - 7:15 am Fresno, CA

ASC 12 Libra; Sun 13 Libra; Moon 12 Virgo; MC 14 Cancer; NN 7 Capricorn

The Sun is conjunct the ASC by a degree and conjunct Saturn (blocking) 9 Libra and Mercury (car) 4 Libra. This was squaring the Pluto-NN conjunction in the 3d house of automobiles and neighborhoods. Nothing like a Saturn-Pluto square.

Another Story on Tuesday which also shows the Venus-Mars conjunction and the Pluto-Saturn-Uranus-Jupiter square pulling u-e's was that the electronic monitoring system of the sex offenders in 49 states went down. They weren't notified of this fact, but between 9am and 8 pm on Tuesday they couldn't be tracked. The Sun-Saturn-Mercury conjunction was conjunct the 12th HOuse cusp of incarceration when the system went down. It was squaring PLuto-NN which was on the 3d house cusp (Networks)

BI Corp looses track of the Sex Offenders
Outage of Electronic Monitoring System

Oct. 5, 2010 9 am Boulder, CO

The Venus-Mars conjunction was in the 1st house.

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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Keep Singing "Staying Alive"

Last Spring I was sitting in a library and a man had a seizure. I never found out what the reason was for the seizure. This guy was walking towards the door and he suddenly just flopped on to his stomach, flat jack style. Nobody knew what to do. I ran to ask the Librarian to call someone and she nodded at me looking annoyed. She was on the phone. I assumed that she was calling 911. She was standing, looking in the direction of the man and all the people crowding around him. But, apparently she was talking to someone else. I ran back to the group and told them that 911 had been called. An old woman walked over and said she was a nurse. She and another man rolled the man over. The man was out and out ugly and was drewling and frothing at the mouth. The rest of us backed away and eventually the nurse started giving him mouth to mouth. I asked if we should do chest compressions. Sorry, with Venus in Virgo and Capricorn Moon there's no way in hell I was locking lips with that situation. The nurse said no. No compressions.

It turns out that "yes," you chose compressions over mouth to mouth. The reason is that time is of the essence and most people who need chest compressions are unhealthy, probably ugly like this guy, and everyone's going to stand around waiting for someone else to say that they'll do it.

I just found this article here: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20101005/ap_on_he_me/us_med_hands_only_cpr. There's an explanation. And there's a song to keep the beat which is pretty fast. "Staying Alive." Like 100 beats a minute.

So we all stood there for a couple of minutes believing that the Librarian had called 911 and that the nurse was a nurse. The guy was still really stiff and eventually he turned very purple. Another woman screamed why hadn't somebody called the paramedics, whipped out her cell phone, and dialed 911. This time they showed up. But the man had turned limp and white and was frosting over blue. He had died but no one said he was dead. You could see the panic in the paramedics' faces. The Librarian never left her desk. Man, I think I'm useless in emergencies, at least I stand around and lend a panic. The paramedics took out the defibrillators and got some color back in the man's skin and put him on a gurney and wheeled him out. He didn't look as ugly at that point.


Monday, October 04, 2010

Viktor Schauberger

This post is probably about the guy who invented flying saucers! That's right, June Lockhart, if the United States Air Force hadn't confiscated this guy's papers maybe he could have finished his design and the Jetsons Cartoon hour would have become reality. (We won't discuss the Global Warming "embarassment"). Schauberger knew all along that modern 20th century carbon based machinery knocks everything out of balance.

Viktor Schauberger
b. June 30, 1885 Holzschlag, Austria

Sun 9 Cancer; Moon Aquarius; NN 30 Virgo

Schauberger was a forester who grew up under a tree in Austria. He was fascinated by the way that streams and creeks flow. He used his first observations on nature to figure out ways to transport logs down streams in ways which saved huge amounts of transportation money for the foresters. He developed a theory that "nature creates vortices to create equilibria." As 4th House/Cancer rules drains I guess the astrology is right on target. Schauberger developed theories about the structure of water. He said it is densest when cold and also just after the Full Moon. Interesting because he himself was born just after a Full Moon. I'm getting and probably misinterpreting his theories from the blurb on Wikipedia so go there for a better explanation. There is a great movie by Caleb Coates about Schauberger's theories. The first part has an incredible explanation about how Trout live perfect lives just because of how they are shaped. They can let the current of the water flow right past them in perfect waves while they remain motionless. All they have to do is open their mouths in order to let the algae and plankton food come right into them. It's one of my all time favorite scenes from a documentary.

As the Wikipedia article says, Schauberger felt that "nature creates vortices to create equilibria." I was looking for Libra influence in his chart and didn't notice anything outstanding. However, his North Node is at 30 Virgo. This means that it had just finished an entire transit of Libra so he was perhaps born with a special amount of knowledge in all things Libra. It is also conjunct Uranus which shows an ability to be very innovative. And this is still considered an Aries Point which brings public prominence to whatever expression he uses of that energy.

Schauberger was trying to figure out ways to create effortless natural motion. This hooks into his natal chart and the transits of his life perfectly as Schauberger was born during a very powerful trine aspect. He was born during the big 19th century conjunction of Neptune to Pluto so he was part of a generation that was given an abnormal amount of information about all things mysterious and beyond understanding of normal human behaviors. These are the two outer most "Planets" in the solar system (well until recently). They are also the only two planets which human beings can never experience an entire cycle of in their lifetimes.

Neptune 25 Taurus c. Pluto 3 Gemini was trining an exact conjunction of Uranus to the North Node at 30 Virgo in Schauberger's chart which I talked about earlier. Uranus rules innovation and Virgo is an earth sign known for exceptional abilities in technology and understandings of how things work. This trine may actually expand out into a Grand Trine with Schauberger's natal Aquarius Moon. How's that for an innovator of working with "effortless natural motion" and the structure of water and how things flow and really incredible understandings of how to work with, not against, Nature? If you want to understand how to make things move, don't build a motor (Mars), let them flow in the direction that works best. Yay! Come on Americans, work this!

Okay, I don't have a time for his Moon but it will be in Aquarius.

So, it appears that Schauberger fell in with a bad crowd. Namely, he fell in with Hitler. Grand Trines can make a person a little too trusting. I've seen them come up in the charts of spies, however, because they can usually help a person get out of whatever he gets in to.

According to Wiki, Schauberger first met Hitler in 1934. So perhaps he willingly fell in with Nazi ways of thinking at first, eventually he was forced to work for them. Maybe at that point Hitler was interesting. The Swastika was originally an ancient symbol for something I don't know what. It looks like things got weird really fast, however, and by Schauberger was sent to a mental hospital in 1941 where he was incarcerated. He was forced to design for the Nazis after that. In 1944 he had designed something called a Repulsine which is basically a UFO. In 1945 he designed a Klimator which was to cool and warm air in living spaces.

After the war the U.S. kept Schauberger in custody for 9 more months. At that point they and the Russians confiscated his papers and prototypes. The timing hooks up too beautifully with the U.S. interest in UFOs. The War ended 1945. The U.S. Air Force set up various projects which studied Unidentified Flying Objects from 1947 to 1969. These were called Project Sign, Project Grudge, and Project Blue Book. Kenneth Arnold (I wrote about his sightings in a previous blog post) reported the first sighting of a UFO at Mount Rainier, Washington on June 24, 1947. The guy who was in charge of Project Blue Book was also a Cancer. It looks like Cancers have a natural fascination with the vortices. I guess also that Pluto's transit over their Cancer Suns early in life gave them a little extra oomph in occult understandings.

So, back to Schauberger's natal chart. Mercury 13 Cancer is out of bounds in his natal chart at 24 degrees 25 minutes. This says that there is something exceptional in his thinking processes. His memory would have been really long, it would have gone all the way back to the big bang probably. Mercury is conjunct Sun 9 Cancer. Both of these would have passed over Venus 25 Cancer by progression early on. Perhaps this is why he began to understand the need to keep things in balance early on. He has no planets in Fire in his chart, perhaps this explains why he has such an interest in motion and speed and expense of energy.

So then the yucky. Here comes Hitler. Schauberger was born with no planets Retrograde. That's sort of unusual but also indicates that he didn't have to doubt himself much early on and can lead to great leaps of creativity. Schauberger's Mercury Stationed Retrograde in 1935 the year after he met Hitler. This was at 19 Virgo. (Remember, he's got that conjunction of Uranus-NN on the last degree of Virgo.) This will show that something is slowing down in his mental processes. In his case "slowing down" could be interpreted in really interesting ways. Either way, his judgement and ability to express himself clearly might not have been at peak performance. Also, his progressed Sun was at 26 Leo which is squaring his natal Neptune-Pluto conjunction over the Taurus-Gemini cusp. Sun squares to Neptune-Pluto? OO-boy, that's just a tough one. By 1941 he was halfway through creation of his UFO. He was also sent to a mental institution. Considering the progressions, he may have been acting oddly, but wouldn't you be acting oddly as well if this is the type of stuff you were capable of creating? At any rate, Neptune rules being incarcerated, Pluto:paranoia, so, there you have it.

In 1941 when Schauberger was incarcerated there was a conjunction of Saturn-Uranus at the cusp of Taurus-Gemini (1 degree for Uranus) which was trining a conjunction of Neptune to the North Node at the end of Virgo (22-28 degrees). This is layered right over Schauberger's big natal Trine of Neptune-Pluto to Uranus-NN! In May of that year there was actually a huge stellium in Taurus right over his natal Neptune: Lilith, Mercury, Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus (Jupiter and Uranus right over Neptune).

His progressed Mercury was also Rx in the vicinity of Neptune-NN transit at 18 Virgo along with p.Jupiter at 14 Virgo. And his progressed Sun was exact on natal Jupiter 3 Virgo. That looks lucky?

But, also his progressed Saturn was approaching conjunction with natal Sun by about 2 or 3 degrees. That's the Government intervention stuff. It's also just a snuffing out of the creative energies by selfish authority figures. Perhaps it could also account for the loss of popularity. I mean, the anti-Nazi sentiment after the War had to have hurt this guys' chances. I guess the Rx Mercury could also account for the confiscated papers and stolen ideas by Governments. One can really see how the Outer Planet stuff can mess with a person's inner planet problems.

Schauberger eventually did come to the U.S. to work for a while. It's really frustrating to read his story from the vantage point of more distant future. This is the guy whose road ought to have been taken. Okay, okay, I don't know if all his ideas work. But, can you imagine where we'd be if he'd been able to live in ordinary times?

So, there you have it. Yes, the aliens are out there. But, the humans are as well. Go roll a log down a stream and figure out how to fix Global Warming.

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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Suicide Crisis Among Gay Teen Males

More than 5 boys have committed Suicide within the last month, mostly due to bullying and harassment from others concerning their sexual orientation. The death of Tyler Clementi who was a freshman at Rutgers University in New Jersey brought the whole crisis to major national attention. His death was extra horrific because he was basically raped by his roommate and dormmate over the Internet. It also occurred while there was a Full Moon placed over the big outer planet t-square.

I don't have birth dates for any of the victims so I will provide dates of death down below. I send my condolences to the friends, families who are affected. Hopefully, all communities are feeling affected by this epidemic and are now on the alert for their behaviors.

One first has to try to understand what astrological indicators indicate "homosexuality" and then one has to try to understand what indicates "Bullying" and then one has to understand what can happen involving "Suicide." None of these three subjects has been dealt with very well by Astrologers as far as I know so everything I say here is going to be my own opinion. Basically, I don't know. I'm just going to babble a few things that I think might be related.

Out of about 10 charts of homosexual men that I've looked at 9 had a challenging aspect from Mars to Uranus in their birth charts. Many also had a challenging aspect from Venus to Uranus. I haven't looked at gay womens' charts so I don't have any opinion about those. Mars represents the Male Energy. Uranus represents rebellion and very open minded thinking so this could just be the result of my having lived in California which is a place where Gays can live more openly than in other places. Venus represents the female principle of relationships and one on one relationships like marriage so one can see how if configured with Uranus it might make one more open to experimentation.

There are probably several reasons for homosexuality so one would have to understand all the possibilities in that regard. If homosexuality is genetic, then the Moon, Cancer and 4th House will somehow be involved. If abuse is involved, then one might look more at Mars or Pluto. That would take a doctoral degree's worth of study to understand.

There is currently a conjunction of Venus to Mars happening. This shows things connected to relationships, especially involving sexuality. On Sept. 9, 2010 the first Suicide occurred (from the list that I have, this is part of a bigger problem which started earlier on) in Greensburg, Indiana when 15 year old Billy Lucas hung himself after being bullied. Venus was at 1 Scorpio conjunct Mars in Libra at about 25 degrees . Both planets are debilitated in these signs. Libra rules Relationships and Mars rules Sex and Death so one can easily see the elevated significance of these planets working together in this situation. This conjunction was trining Neptune 27 Aquarius conjunct Chiron 28 Aquarius. Neptune is often connected with Suicidal feelings, feelings of being martyred, and Chiron is connected with aspects of ourselves that we can't fix but can teach others through. They are in the sign of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus which I just said I think is related to homosexuality. Trines will often show a need to get a release from problems whereas Squares and other hard aspects will show an ability to internalize and perhaps fight against the problem.

All the Suicides after Billy Lucas' occurred with Venus-Mars in Scorpio conjunctions. The intensity of sexuality and death as indicated by this connection is very powerful here. Scorpio relates to extreme actions. It might also be connected with a viral type of emotional despondency which will lead to suicide. Young men, going through the extreme hormonal changes at this age would be especially vulnerable. Scorpio rules sexuality. Kids at this age lack balance(Venus-Libra) as they try to understand how they relate to others (Aries-Libra Axis).

The Sun and Moon are also involved in hormonal problems. The Sun, at least for a while, on Sept. 9 was unaspected by major aspect to other planets. The Sun is probably also strongly related to Suicide as it relates to Vitality and Freedom from Self Consciousness, and fear of the shadows. Unfortunately, bullies need a little more self-consciousness, more fear of their own shadow behaviors and motivations.

As far as I know the next Suicide didn't happen until Sept. 19 when Seth Walsh hung himself in California. At this point the Sun was opposing Jupiter-Uranus and thus joining the big outer planet t-square. Tyler Clementi was the next Suicide on Sept. 22 when he jumped off a bridge. There was a Full Moon on both the Aries points and the outer planet t-square. The Sun on last degree Virgo was conjunct Saturn and the Moon was passing over the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This really does illustrate the transfer of energy from Pisces to Aries. The Moon in Cancer was then opposing Pluto-NN on Sept. 30 when Caleb Nolt died in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He's the latest, as far as I know. Please, kids, let it be the last.

NOTE: I don't know times of death so don't have exact placements for the Moon in any of these cases.

On September 9 there was also a conjunction of Moon in Libra to Saturn in Libra. Libra again brings up the idea of relationships and being super sensitive to what others think of one's self. Moon and Saturn are the planets which provide conservative structure within society. They rule family traditions and status in society. They also rule feelings of being picked on (Moon) and of being a failure (Saturn) and of not being respected (Saturn).

Saturn in Libra is actually exhalted which is supposed to be a positive thing. But Saturn is heavily aspectged as he has been for a year now. For one is going through a square to Pluto and the North Node in the sign of his rulership. Saturn-Pluto squares are the ultimate Bully aspect, probably along with some other negative problems like out of control Sun and/or Jupiter and Mercury. Pluto in Capricorn will be very concerned with power and domination and status and conformity. In the end it may cleanse and wipe out bad ideas concerning these traits in society on the large, but it will sacrifice many people before that. Saturn and Pluto working together can make the greatest changes in whatever they touch. This can be a magical level of force when used for good but if basic sensitivities and ethics aren't taught they will simply tread on everything in their path for their own benefit. Most of our best politicians have a strong conjunction of Mars-Saturn-Pluto in their charts. Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and Bill Richardson. One can see how brilliant these people are but one can see how much they tend to be pulled back. All 3 have suffered serious set backs in their careers that would wipe out most other politicians. Saturn-Pluto can set very high standards and drive as easily as it can turn a person into a bully and a lot of this can be related to upbringing.

I've tried to discuss racism a little bit before. That's never discussed by astrologers either. Nothing can be described by a birth chart absolutely and depends on many other factors in an individuals' life. I suspect that Racism comes from some sort of prominence or imbalance in the first 3 or 4 signs of the Zodiac but certainly anything that occurs on a mass scale involves all the signs. Xenophobia, or fear of anyone who is different from one's self will come from not understanding how to deal with and accept strangers within one's tribe. Usually there is a good reason for these fears and often the Outer Planet signs won't allow discussion of the reasons. Sometimes it is lack of tolerance which can be a Saturnian/Capricorn thing. Fear of change can be a Fixed Sign thing. In the end it is pretty easy to see how all signs can be involved.

Looking back at the big t-square that's occurring right now, we see that on September 9, 2010 Jupiter and Uranus were opposing Saturn-Moon and squaring Pluto-NN. Jupiter represents Opinions and Uranus, at least in part, will represent homosexuality as it exists in current society at least. Jupiter-Uranus were both at 30 Pisces which is at the Aries Point. This is the birthing point of the Astrological Wheel when a whole new cycle begins, like the eve before Spring. I've already mentioned Pisces' connection with suicidal feelings and martyrdom. On the larger outer planet scale, society is deciding what growth it wants to encourage. Obviously young Gay men are suffering a whole lot. It seems that they might be benefiting from the public controversies over Gay marriage but maybe this is actually making their adolescence years even more difficult. Probably the pushing (Saturn) of the older Gay community for equality in Marriage rights is bringing up a lot of challenges for the community as a whole. Saturn in Libra is a great time to think about this problem, but the current t-square will set the kind of tone that creates Loss. Overall, this isn't the best time. Not only are these young boys going through hormonal changes, difficult as that is, but their sexual attractions are being hotly discussed from all angles. Their self-identities are in upheaval. Older generations maybe couldn't be as open about their coming out but they also weren't the center of attention.

EDIT 10/4 to ADD:

Just to tie this in with my other research about trauma in children of divorce I will point out the theory (don't know how much of it is my own) that the stages of development in children and people correspond remarkably close to the first planetary cycles. A child will go through a major stage of development during the first progressed Moon/Saturn opposition which occur around Ages 13 and 14. There is another major phase of development around the time of the first Nodal Return at around Age 18.8. (Children with Sun-Venus conjunctions in their charts often seem to go through major 8 year cycles - age 8 and 16 in this case.) The ages of these boys seem to mostly correspond with those cycles and the two astrological influences involved are caught up in the big outer planet t-square. Saturn in Libra and, wow, talk about a difficult Nodal Return with Pluto in Conjunction to the North Node right now.

Two boys were 15 years old. I think that might be connected with Chiron, but mostly I think that age 15 just sucks. There's a wide gap during adolescence where most kids don't go through major planetary cycles, or parts of cycles. It seems that this is their first real chance in life to express themselves. Most of us remember what kind of pain is involved with that exploration.

Here's the list.

~Rest In Peace~

Billy Lucas (Age 15) Greensburg, Indiana, died September 9, 2010

Seth Walsh (Age 13) Tehachapi, California, died Sept. 19, 2010

Tyler Clementi (Age 18) Rutgers University, New Brunswick?, NJ, died Sept. 22, 2010

Asher Brown (Age 13) Texas, died Sept. 23, 2010

Harrison Chase Brown (Age 15) Colorado, died Sept. 25, 2010

Raymond Chase (Age 19), Providence, RI, died Sept. 29, 2010

Felix Sacco (Age 17), Massachusetts, died Sept. 29, 2010

Caleb Nolt (Age 14), Fort Wayne, Indiana, died Sept. 30, 2010

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Friday, October 01, 2010

Haym Solomon

Living in California my whole life the historical markers I grew up with are so different from the East Coaster's childhoods. American History as it is written in history books is so accessible to people on the East Coast. They can visit the sites.

As a child I visited Spanish Missions. The swallows came back to Capistrano every year. The friars and the Catholics and the Mexicans and the Indians were mentioned on the placards I guess but nobody read that stuff. We were there for the birds.

When I was older I played my harp at a wedding in an incredible Mission in San Diego and, Dude, the acoustics were awesome. One certainly didn't read the plagues that are set up in that place.

I think it might almost be impossible to know what the real history of California is at this point. I suspect that almost nobody would have been able to live in Southern California because of the mudslides and wildfires. It is said that the Native Americans would intentionally set fires in order to control when they happened. Once I went to an exhibit of Native American basket weaving and those baskets gave a lot of information. The baskets from Washington State area were finely detailed and crafted. You could tell those guys could sit down and concentrate for hours and hours. But, in comparison, the baskets from the California tribes were sort of all over the place. I mean, they were in pretty much the same style, but put together roughly and looked sort of like they were created while under the influence of some mind altering problem. ADHD and Divorce must have plagued the natives, even back then. I had never realized how an exhibit like that could tell so much about the differences of the psychology and probably of the life style of the people who made them.

What am I babbling about here?

Oh yeah, the Jew who funded the American Revolution. That's someone you never hear about. Thing is, all I really remember after visiting the grave of Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia is the pauper's grave of the guy next door to Ben. This was a guy named Haym Solomon who immigrated from Poland in the 18th Century. He had traveled around Europe before coming to the States and had learned about finance. According to the placard on his grave, he provided much of the money that was used to fight the Revolution against England. And he died bankrupt. He is forgotten and unknown, but he is lying there right next door to Ben. It's the strangest thing. I don't think the folks on the East Coast know what they've got there.

Can't find Haym's birthdate. Wikipedia claims that he was born in 1740 in Leszno Poland. This means that he was born while Pluto (planet of other people's money and bankruptcy) is in its own sign while he was born. Sure wish I could get a date for this guy. Whichever end of the year you look at the outer planet activity there's something going on. Uranus in Capricorn was in conjunction with the South Node for pretty much the entire year. That sets up the theme of the Revolutionary for everyone born that year.

At the beginning of 1740 Saturn in Cancer would have been opposing Uranus and in conjunction with the North Node. Towards the end of the year Neptune and Jupiter would have been in conjunction with the North Node in Cancer. That's a lot of Rebellion against Government and Idealistic Thinking about setting up new forms of "Homeland."

At any rate, Thanks, Haym.

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Pink Hippopotamus

Sounds like a new girly cocktail, but, no, Pluto's not in Sagittarius anymore. Pluto's in Capricorn. And Capricorn rules the skin so maybe we'll be hearing more and more information about skin and hair and any other kind of barriers. Capricorn's an earth sign and earth keeps it real and this baby's for real.

A couple was out in Kenya shooting the wildebeast, whatever the hell that means, and they photographed a real live pink baby hippopotamus. It's very young so possibly it was even born while Pluto was right on the Aries Point. That accounts for such a rarity being exposed before the public. Apparently this baby is shy, though, and hides behind his Mother, so hopefully he won't be forced into circus slavery by the media. The hippo isn't albino but some other skin type. Most animals with his condition can't survive out in the Sun and Heat but hippos are protected by their sweat.

He must have an extra special Neptune and Venus, what with the pink color and the water imagery.