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Monday, August 25, 2014

6.0 Napa Valley Earthquake

Napa suffered a pretty large earthquake Sunday morning. No deaths but some injuries and a lot of damage. I think maybe even the post office was red tagged.

 I was sort of thinking maybe the Bay Area would skip the earthquake triggers that have been in effect. California seemed to be  coming out of the big outer planet tsquare pretty well with no big earthquakes in populated spots . But, I remember from the little research that I did on the Hayward fault that past earthquakes in the East Bay seemed to happen when an outer planet was at mid Scorpio. That's where Saturn is right now (at 18 Scorpio) along with mars 17 Scorpio. Tomorrow the conjunction of these two will be exact.

Other influences which could show earthquake activity are:

Uranus c. South Node in Aries;

 Uranus square Pluto (has been going for a really long time).

Also, the new moon is approaching in Virgo and may have influenced the water table? What do. I know about these things?

Napa Valley Earthquake 6.0
August 24, 2014. 3:20 am Epicenter American Canyon, California

Sun 2 Virgo(h2); Asc 22 Cancer; Moon 19 Leo (h2); MC 6 Aries

Moon 19 Leo rules the chart and Venus 15 Leo rules the Ic and these two are in conjunction in the 2d house. Venus/Moon squares mars/Saturn in the 5th house.

Uranus/SN are up in the 10 house so the Nodal Axis is angular.

Jupiter 9 Leo is angular as well in the 1st house of the chart.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

James Wright Foley, RIP

ISIS has released video of the beheading of an U.S. Journalist, James Wright Foley. Foley was kidnapped from outside an Internet cafe in Binesh, Syria on Nov. 22, 2012. He was held captive since that along with other journalists. One other journalist, Steven Joel Sotloff, was seen in the same video apparently (I didn't watch) and his life was threatened as well.

Here's a video of James Foley's parents talking about their son:  http://news.yahoo.com/james-foley-parents-video-183644711.html

James Wright Foley
b. Oct. 18, 1973 place?

Sun 26 Libra; Moon Cancer, Leo; NN 1 Capricorn

One can see from the emphasis on cardinal signs in the main elements of Foleys chart that he was an initiator and a leader. His Libra Sun was peace seeking. It disposits to Venus which is at 11 Sagittarius showing a desire to travel and work with other cultures, perhaps in an extreme way as Venus is out of bounds in the chart at 24 degrees 43' S declination. Venus may also be unaspected depending what sign the Moon is in. There was an eclipse back in April which directly triggered Foley's Sun.

I was eager to look at the placement of Mars since Mars indicates violence. Mars is placed at 4 Taurus Rx natally. This means that Mars, like the Sun, also disposits to Venus in Foley's chart. Mars stands out as it is retrograde. I checked to see if it had come out of Retrograde by secondary progression yet and amazingly it turns out that mars Stationed direct at 26 Aries the year before Foley was kidnapped.  This is exactly opposing his natal Sun and Uranus conjunction. The combination of these 3 energies together can bring about shocking, rebellious, and volatile events.  There is a huge conflict between the energies of the sun in Libra and the Mars in Taurus which are nonviolent, and the combinations of these planetary energies together.   The day that Foley was kidnapped, transiting Mars was at 4 Capricorn which is in conjunction with his natal North Node and also transiting Pluto at 8 Capricorn.

Foley had two Yods, or "fingers of God".  These are triangle aspects which combine 2 inconjunct (aspects which require adjustment of some kind) with a sextile (easy aspect indicating talent). Both yods include Mars inconjunct Neptune 6 Sagittarius. Mars is apex of one yod and Neptune of the other. This probably shows the martyrdom which Foley got caught in. I'm not clear how to interpret yods but think they play an important part in Foleys life. On the day of Foleys kidnapping both the transiting Sun and progressed Sun were in conjunction with natal Neptune (martyr) in Sagittarius (international affairs, journalism).

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Venus-Jupiter conjunction and the MegaMillions Jackpot

If there's anything at all to Astrology somebody ought to win tonight's Lottery. The Jackpot has risen to 160$ Million George Washingtons. Venus, planet of money, is conjunct Jupiter, planet of good luck in the sign of Leo, games. The square to Mars in Scorpio, could make the Luck swing either way. Either to compulsions and bankruptcy, or, well, anything having to do with other people's money. Maybe an IRS agent will win. The clerk at the store said that you have a better chance of becoming President than you do of winning the Lottery. I bought my tickets anyway.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Last weeks Bells

My negativity for yesterday's market results was wrong. The Market was up almost 186 points and ended the week higher than it started. So that's what Moon-Pluto conjunction in the 4th house in Capricorn can do!

 But what a ride. Everything that happens is completely different from what happened the day before. Up Monday, down Tuesday, up Monday, down, Thursday, up Friday. All this after last weeks losses. Like being whirled through a dryer at the laundromat.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

The Sink or Swim Opening Bell

Dow sold off 75 points today. Lots of up and down. People sell. People buy. Mostly people sell. Guess Saturn in the 2d house indicates a "managed sell off".  Saturn either wants a bargain or high quality, preferably both.

Nodal axis is now angular with north node in Libra in the 1st house and South Node in Aries in the 7th house conjunct Uranus.  Where's all that crazy weather we were told would happen?  Market needs a distraction. At least insurance companies are happy if they don't have to pay for damages. Uranus makes for unpredictable relationships.  All the angles are now loaded. Venus is in cancer up at the top of the chart in the 10th house. Venus is women, so wonder what Janet yellen is thinking. There has to be a crash soon after a new federal reserve chairman comes in. Funny how the job never seems to age them the way it ages the president.  I feel like I've aged 5 years in the last week.  10th house is governance and also old established firms. Looks like the blue chips are going down too. Maybe they'll raise the interest rates earlier than expected. Looks like they're prepping.

Pluto is also on an angle, down at the bottom of the chart in the 4th house in the sign of Capricorn.  More Capricorn influence. That's business.  Tomorrow the moon will be in conjunction with Pluto. That's a pretty reserved but emotional influence. Playing cards close to the chest. Ought to be cautious. Lots of ambition. Ruthless. All this might focus on any 4th house activity like real estate, the public, family, mothers, land, homeland, defense mechanisms, plumbing, food, water, etc.  Sink or swim.

Virgo still rising and ruler mercury still in conjunction with the sun. Public health, public service, jobs, market activity, technology.

How to go apeface.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The Eat Mexican Food Bell

Doing this to calm myself down.

Tomorrow's Opening Bell still has the Virgo Rising. Virgo is an earthy, mental sign prone to anxiety and worry. Speaks straight from the hip. All kinds of experts are saying the market is going to tank. Lots of prophets predicting doom. Why don't they interview a few CEO's to see what they think. I read one article written by a guy who said that he would love to buy back into the market when it drops to 15300. So, I guess that's what they figure the market is worth?  Nobody's excited about Disney's earnings although the market did go up a smidge, 13 points today and not down 140.

Chart ruler is Mercury still up in the 11th House one degree conjunction with the Sun and trining Uranus (shock, surprise) in the 7th House. That's intellectual and inventive. Interesting announcement today that a couple of expected mergers didn't pan out just as Uranus, planet of sudden reversals, moves into the House of Partnerships. Maybe tomorrow will bring another surprise. Better weather for technology stocks. Or maybe they will all tank tomorrow.

Moon is the only planet tomorrow that changes house in the opening bell chart. Moon will be in its own house 4 down at the bottom of the chart. That's comfortable. Food, real estate, the public, babies, your Momma. Moon is on the last degree of Sagittarius (Law, Education, Publishing, International Affairs). Moon in Sagittarius might bring some news about Fast Food Restaurants or Immigration or women shooting bows and arrows.

Venus is worrisome. She's squaring the Nodes and is ruling the H2 through Libra. She is up in the 10th House trying not to rule, most elevated planet. The stock market is having serious self worth issues.

The Nodes will pass into the 1st house either on Friday or by Monday. They like to create a big event when they hit an angle but I'm not sure what kind of event.

 The planets in the 2d house, Mars and Saturn in Scorpio, are squaring the planets in the 11th House, Sun, Mercury and Jupiter. That's a lot of activity surrounding Resources since the Stock Market is all about Resources. Self-Worth related to having cash over Hopes, Wishes, Groups of people, "Build it and they will come type of thinking."

Not with Pluto in the 4th house right now squaring Uranus in the 7th. Don't like to see what those 2 do when they hit the angles for the next couple of weeks. Moon will be in conjunction with Pluto on Friday. That scares me a little. Very watery. Maybe somebody will come up with a new idea about how to solve debt.

 Saturn and Uranus are inconjunct, they both like a little panic but with this aspect they can't really coordinate what they're panicking about. That's adjustments between the old guard and the new guard. Jupiter in Leo shouldn't allow anything to crash. Jupiter's just my blind spot though.

Have keyboard, will type.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Waiting for the Grand Trine Bell

The market so far today has been crashing. Yesterday brought a nice break and it went up about 70 points. Wish I could look at opening bell charts and see if they will show the difference. The moon is the big changer as it moves quicker than the other planets. The Moon today moved into the 3d house which shows announcements. Seems that earning reports are related to moon type of companies. Family retailer target gave a bad earnings report and the market dropped. Family media company Disney will give earnings report after the market closes. This might be positive for tomorrow's market as the moon, 16 Sagittarius, will still be in the 3d house in a grand trine with Uranus 17 Aries (h7) and Sun in Leo (h11).

These charts are definitely showing the sentiment that cash is king.  Venus, ruler of cash, is up at the top of the chart and squaring the nodal Axis in the 2d (ruled by Venus) house -8th house.  The 2d and 11th houses are still loaded. It looks like maybe this planned by some intellectual puppet masters, merc-Jupiter in 11th squaring Mars. Sun squaring Saturn in same houses.

My ipad has some sort of malware.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Error about Mars and Saturn in Opening Bell Chart

I think I said that mars and Saturn are in conjunction in Scorpio today. That's incorrect, they are both in the 2d house but not yet in conjunction. The moon is conjunct Saturn in today's opening bell chart. That's in the sign of Scorpio and in the 2 house. That shows a heavy influence in the financial markets, both in the banking and cash side and in the side which deals with other people's money. It shows an emotional need to start a new tradition, or to reinstate maybe even an old tradition. Emotions are tempered by a wait and see attitude. Mars in house 2 just wants to act.

The mars-Saturn conjunction will be within orb by August 10. That's the day of the Supermoon. I hope its on a weekend. The conjunction will be exact at 18 Scorpio on August 25-26. That's a Monday and Tuesday. Then the conjunction will separate by orb until September 8. It will stay in the 2 house the whole time and Mars will continue to stay in the 2 house for a couple of weeks more. Saturn will shift to the first house in the opening bell charts.

Mars and Saturn don't enjoy working together.  I think it was Rob Hand who coined the phrase for this duo as "driving with the brakes on." Both planets rule Cardinal signs so want to start new phases. Mars is impulsive and wants to jump right in. Saturn is conservative and wants to make decisions based on a wait and see attitude.  Saturn is in some weird minor aspect with Uranus. This duo can bring about panic in major aspects, at least.  Uranus is prominent in the charts coming up because is on an angle in H7 and is conjunct the South Node. They are on the 8 th house cusp of other people's money.  And Pluto down in the 4th house isn't helping. That's kind of an aspect which creates quicksand environment. Maybe good to invest in mining or anything that involves digging deep in the ground.

Does the Stock Market Crash After A New Federal Reserve Chairman Is Appointed?

The stock market crashed almost immediately after Alan Greenspan took over as Federal Reserve Chairman in 1987.  The recovery was quick.  The Stock Market crashed 2 years after Ben Bernanke took over and the recovery was slow. Now I wonder if the stock Market will again crash because we have a new Federal Reserve Chairman, Janet Yellen. Jupiter will be hitting her 4 Leo planets this year. Jupiter is benefic for everyone but me so I wonder if that can really be associated with a crash. Raising interest rates will be tough.

Alan Greenspan
B. mar. 6, 1926 New York, NY
Sun 16 Pisces, Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius, NN 25 Cancer

Black Monday
Oct. 19, 1987
Sun 26 Libra, Moon Virgo, NN 2 Aries
Saturn 18 Sagittarius c. Uranus 24 Sagittarius

Ben Bernanke
b. Dec. 13, 1953.  Augusta, Georgia
Sun 22 Sagittarius, Moon Pisces, NN 25 Capricorn

Sep. 16, 2008
Sun 24 Virgo, Moon Aries, NN 17 Aquarius
Saturn 14 Virgo opposite Uranus 21 Pisces

Janet Yellen
b. Aug. 13, 1946 Brooklyn, NY
Sun 21 Leo, Moon Aquarius or Pisces, NN 19 Gemini

Crash?  Calling it a correction.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

The Panic Button Bell

Waiting for tomorrow's opening bell on the stock market has got me spooked.  I think it's got lots of people scared out of their minds as well because I just tried to contribute to an online poll over at yahoo asking what people think will happen and the answers were turned off. Censorship can be a good thing I guess.

I've read ray Merrimans weekly post and, not that i can understand it, but I think this sell off is a boon for investors who are taking profits (at over 17000 market was as high as it could go) and are shorting stocks. They are taking profits from the midsummer slump and they will come back to play again in the Fall, right?

Merriman mentioned that Mars in Scorpio is choppy for the markets, but Jupiter just rolled into Leo. What's that mean? A lot of game playing?  Jupiter is up in the 11th house of hopes, wishes, dreams and is conjunct the sun and mercury, ruler of tomorrow's chart through the Virgo ascendant.  Virgo ascendant in opening bell charts shows shrewd market activity but keeping things middle of the road?

Fed chairman Janet Yellen is a Leo who will have birthday next week. As a matter of fact, she has 4 planets in Leo all spread out so this transit of Jupiter will be in strong contact with members of her chart all year long. She will be playing the game as she decides when to start raising interest rates next year. Last week brought a rise in the unemployment rate, job market (Virgo) is a little worse than previous month. The market went up a little then crashed back down. Kind of crazy how Wall Street enjoys a bad unemployment report. Shortly after that the investors continued to sell and the market dropped down to below where it started at at the beginning of the year.

It looks from the opening bell chart, and don't quote me on this because I know nothing about the stock market, that there will be more sell offs tommorow.  Could be buying as well. The 2 d house in
the opening bell chart is full with NN 22 Libra, Ceres 30 Libra, Mars 6 Scorpio, Saturn 17 Scorpio, Moon 19 Scorpio.  According to Rex Bills Saturn represents both buying and selling. He says that rulership of buying and selling is Mercury, Saturn, Capricorn, and (house 4).  Saturn and moon will be in conjunction in h2 tomorrow in Scorpio. Buying could happen in high quality stocks. The 2 house of banking and Money is ruled by a Bull.   The fear may subside within a couple of days as the 8th and 12th that show fear houses remain empty.  The 11th house is connected to panic as it is ruled by Uranus and that has a stellium of sun, mercury, Jupiter. Media companies are reporting earnings. This stellium squares the 2d house stellium.

There will be positive reports from companies but these may not have an effect on the market
because both h3 of communication and h9 of publishing are empty. No one is looking for announcements. The media is trying to stay out of this.  There's a 7 year cycle where the market tanks
and this is the 7 the year. Investors are Plutonian types so occult influences are important to them.

The drag part of the chart is the Uranus-Pluto square. It is now on the angles with Uranus (partnerships) in the 7th house and Pluto in the 4 (real estate, swampland, unhappy public). The tsquare from Venus (money, relationships) in cancer is now out of orb with Pluto but is still within aspect of Uranus. The disruptive stuff might still be going on.

Difficult to believe there will be a crash while Jupiter is in Leo, more like all kinds of tail wagging and circus to hide it.

I don't take responsiblity for anything I just said and no one reads this blog anyway. And I can't proof it because of ipad issues with blogger.