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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Not A Word

I tend to not like words that end in "y" and "ie". This is a trait I learned from my ever tasteful Sagittarius Mother who pulled me out of a foot doctors office totally offended that the doctor recommend that I wear my "tennies" rather than "tennis shoes."  The word I'm having my big beef with these days is the word "yummy". "Yummy" is used way too much, even by grown men, when referring to food that is delectable.   But, something about that word just makes me want to spew. I began to wonder about its etymology.  Under what hellish aspect was this word created?  Because of my Sagittarius Mothers reaction to the foot doctor I assumed that not a single planet would be in Sagittarius.  I assumed there would be some sloppy immature moon or Venus thing going on.  Maybe an insecure Saturn problem?  Well, well, well.  Wonders never cease and could I not have been wronger?

According to whatever online word origin dictionary I looked it up on "yummy" was created in 1899. Both Saturn and Uranus, even Chiron, were in Sagittarius that year. Neptune and Pluto were in the opposite sign of Gemini.  Something great would be expected in the world of words, communications and publishing. Not this. Not "yummy." Well, it's a long lived word considering how creepy it is. I'll say that for it.  At the end of the year there was a conjunction of mercury (words), Venus (tolerance), mars (rashness), Saturn (exhaustion), and north node (destiny). This opposed Neptune (delusion) in Gemini (words).  That's it. A severe depression cause by the Saturn-Neptune opposition created a word that sounds like slobber.

In response to my research I began to wonder about the word "yuck."  "Yuck" does not bother me at all. It rolls straight off my tongue, rather, up out of my throat. An honest word meaning disgust.  According to the online etymology dictionary yuck was probably created in the mid 60s.  This is when both Uranus and Pluto were in Virgo, the sign of criticism and digestive complaints.  Apparently one possible origin comes out of Newfoundland where yuck was created to describe vomit in 1963.  Don't ask me how they trace this stuff. All I know is I like it so I'm apt to believe it.

Screen doesn't roll up.  I really need to learn how to use ipad someday.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Laura Poitras

Yay!  Laura Poitras' birthdate is now available on her Wikipedia entry.  She's the documentary filmmaker who worked with Glenn Greenwald to bring Edward Snowden's whistleblowing to the public.  She's also a heavily awarded documentary filmmaker who was nominated for an oscar in 2006.

The drum roll please....Poitras is a Capricorn.

Laura Poitras
B. Jan. 16, 1962. Boston, Mass.

Sun 26 Capricorn; Moon in Taurus or Gemini; NN 19 Leo

Filmmaking is shown in Poitras chart through Neptune (film, arts) square Leo north node( arts, entertainment).  Neptune in Scorpio stands out in the chart because it's a singleton in Water. Neptune 14 Scorpio is in a tight square aspect with Mercury 14 Aquarius-Jupiter 15 Aquarius.  Mercury and Jupiter are co rulers of journalism and they are in the sign of Aquarius which rules humanitarian philosophy and rebellion.  They disposit to Uranus which stands out in the chart as another singleton in Fire.  Mercury and Jupiter are also in conjunction with the south node in Aquarius which ties the journalism and filmmaking talents in with the life path (nodal axis).

What I was curious to look at in Poitras chart was the intense harassment she has gone through by border security agents.  She was stopped at least 3 dozen times while trying to reenter the United States. Her electronics were seized and her journalism compromised by the lack of privacy.  This began after her success with the film "My Country, My Country" about people living in a U.S. Occupied country, sorry forgot if it was Iraq or Afghanistan.?????  The harassment seems to have
abated when Glenn Greenwald wrote about her situation on Salon.com on April 8, 2012. You can get the link to the article in one of the footnotes on her Wikipedia entry.

The astrology for harassment by border security is interesting.  I looked for Saturn influence as Saturn rules borders. I think Sun might also rule borders but that's an opinion that probably only I have. Doesn't matter because Poitras has sun in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) in conjunction with Saturn 2 Aquarius.  That's a strong joining of planets covering a border (the cusp between signs) right there. Add in the mythology of the struggle between Saturn and his son Uranus and it shows Poitras struggles to the t. I cant go into it because I'm on ipad and it's too much typing.

Poitras' Sun-Saturn conjunction is strongly enhanced in her chart because it's part of a stellium with Venus and Mars in Capricorn and is an island configuration that isn't connected with other planets by aspect.  Therefore, she has to go through some sort of extreme isolation. Grand inquisitions will certainly isolate a person.  6 years of them!

So, the harassment began I think in 2006. The solar arc chart shows something interesting. Most of Poitras planets were arcing through the sign of Pisces at that point.  Pisces rules many fine things having to do with the arts and filmmaking and compassion and loss of boundaries.  Pisces also rules jail and institutions and bureaucracy.  During the next 6 years the big square of Neptune to mercury-Jupiter changed signs and arced over the Aries points. Mercury-Jupiter moved into Aries and Jupiter moved into Capricorn. The big cardinal T-square transit was also hitting these points at the same time which hooked her into the massive surveillance security mess of her country. No bigger signatures of border patrols than planets passing over the APs.

This was great for career as Poitras became more and more successful.  Her work and her life melded probably a little too well. Only a Capricorn-Aquarius type would be able to hold it together under these circumstances. Unfortunately, Poitras also became more and more "known" to the lovely folks at the NSA and whatever other government agencies involved.

There is a connection with Greenwalds' chart. The big mars-Venus-sun-Saturn island was arcing over his Pisces Sun during this time. His writing was able to expose the harassment which hopefully has stopped.

Shucks, I can't roll up to retread what I just wrote.

El Niño Weather and Saturn in Mutable Signs

Forecasters are predicting an El Niño weather pattern for the upcoming season so I looked up the history of El Niños of the past. Haven't done much investigation here but did notice that Saturn passing through mutable signs did occur in 4 out of 6 of the most recent strong seasons.  Saturn will be moving into Sagittarius this year and the last 2 times this occurred there was a strong grade El Niño.


1957-58 Saturn in Sagittarius

1965-66 Saturn in Pisces

1972-73 Saturn in Gemini

1982-84 Saturn in Libra and Scorpio

1987-88 Saturn in Sagittarius

1997-98 Saturn in Aries

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Facebook, Messing with Your Emotions

Facebook hired a guy to manipulate almost 700,000 users feelings to see if positive and negative feelings expressed on the site would spread from user to user. Supposedly, they suppressed messages so that some users would only receive either positive or negative vibes and then facebook tracked the reaction.

According to the NY Daily News article linked to below the study occurred between Jan11 and Jan 18, 2012.  It looks like it may have been part of a larger study which went from January 2009 to March2012 which included researchers at UCSD and Yale.


A little MKULTRA action in the technology world?  Hey, if this is what they're admitting to then just imagine what they're really doing. Real life is always creepier than anything an artist can imagine, that's for sure. Here's the astrology for a 1950s horror movie made real.

This study was done while Venus was in conjunction with Neptune in Aquarius (feelings/the other/money).  When the study began Venus/Neptune was opposing a Leo Moon.  It was in conjunction with Chiron in Pisces (wounding, teacher, healer expressed through hypersensitivity, institutionalization, jail).

When the study ended a week later Venus had moved into Pisces still in conjunction with Neptune 30 Aquarius and was squaring a Sagittarius Moon.

People would have been more sensitive while this study was going than they normally would be.  Venus/Neptune was also in positive aspect to an opposition of Jupiter 0 Taurus to Saturn 30 Libra.
This shows something happening on a social level.

Mars was in Virgo (clinical study) and about to go retrograde. Extended period of time in that sign. Great for data collection and critical thinking especially when done for purposes of marketing studies.

They should have redone the study during the April eclipses this year to note whether people were feeling as affected by other people's feelings.

Rise in Large Earthquakes

Interesting yahoo article about the rise in average large earthquakes measured since 1979.

There was a big increase in 2010. The number has doubled so far this year in 2014.  Wonder if the Uranus-Pluto tsquare is involved.  It didn't become exact until 2012 but was connected in tsquare aspect with Saturn before that.  This year it has been heavily influenced by contact with Jupiter in Cancer and the long mars retrograde in libra. Earthquakes like cardinal signs.  This grand square was involved in ugly looking eclipses in April. California hasn't had many problems.


Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Mercury Stationing Rx at "The Intercept"

Glenn Greenwald announced that his online publication "The Intercept" would publish its biggest story yet.  This would be a list of U.S. Citizens who are/were on the NSA surveillance list.  He announced on his Twitter feed that the story would go live at midnight last night.  I was wondering how that would go with the Mercury Station retrograde in Gemini (news writing).

Turns out "the Intercept" was intercepted and Greenwald announced that further investigation would be necessary. He did so around last night at 7:00 pm.

I'm not sure of locations for these announcements as Greenwald lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but may have been traveling.  Interesting that the Sun (limelight) is opposing Pluto (powers that be, investigations, research).  Oppositions rule oppositions, of course. I can see how unsafe publication of this information could be as it would hurt legitimate investigations (NSA must go after at least a few criminal along with all the innocents ).  It could also destroy reputations of innocent people who are wrongly being investigated as they would be shunned by their communities who of course will side with the NSA.

If you would like to know what police "investigation " and harassment can be like (called gang stalking in the colloquial) you can read stories about how the police harassed another cop in Florida.  The cops name is Trooper Donna Watts. She managed to finger at least 100 other cops by tracing how many times her personal information was accessed via the DMV website. It's determined that her personal privacy was violated.  There is also a description in a Guardian article about how police harassed illegal immigrants in Forks, Washington. The police tend to follow the people around and intimidate them.  Modern journalism will report on this harassment if it's done to illegal immigrants but not if it's the other way around.  Once a group of people is gang stalked by the police they tend to find targets of their own to take out their aggression a on.  Gang stalking is known as no touch torture in the psyops community.