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Friday, April 29, 2011

Shuttle Launch, What the Hell Are They Thinking?

Shuttle launch today is set for 3:47 pm EDT. This will be a nail biter. Actually, I bite my nails so everything is a nail biter. Ruler of chart, Mercury, is in conjunction with the ruler of H8, Mars. And they are in the 8th House. Pluto and NN in the 4th House in a grand square. They'd have to put this off until about 6:30 in order to let me breathe easy. Put if off until tomorrow morning. Either way, what do I know?

EDIT: Yay!! Canceled. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_space_shuttle

Hats Off To The Bride and Groom!!!

No, Really, Take those ugly things off!

Don't have much to say about the Royal Wedding except -- how about that Monica over at AstrologyMundo? She predicted the nuptials with a month's accuracy from way back 2 or 3 years ago.

Here's proof, however,


that if you get married while 5 planets are in Aries the guests will show up wearing the dumbest looking hats on earth. The guests look like set designs for 1950s space adventures. Uranus in Aries takes it out. Jupiter in Aries makes it funny. Oh yeah, Lilith is in Aries as well.

Lilith is there. Lilith is always there.

Weddings are ruled by Libra/Venus. I don't know what rules Wedding Guests. Should look that up.


Thursday, April 28, 2011


The South has suffered the worst storm damage this month since April 1974. Almost 300 people have lost their lives at this point.

With a huge stellium of planets in Aries I suppose one would expect some turmoil. We're having a Nodal Return in Sagittarius of that month and a matching Saturn-Pluto square.

For what good it will do I pray that the storms stop.

And, I send my condolences to those who have lost so much.

Are all the insurance companies going to go bankrupt paying up for all these disasters?



Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Earth Water Air Adrenaline

Matthias Giraud and his friend films a death defying ski run down a hill while filming with his helmet. Video has gone viral.


Giraud's birth date is listed on his website. I wanted to check the chart for a person who never feels vertigo:

Matthias Giraud
b. Sept. 24, 1983 Is he from France?

Sun 1 Libra; Moon Aries or Taurus; NN 20 Gemini

The title of this post is from one of the videos on Giraud's website: matthiasgiraud.com. Giraud lists the elements and replaces "fire" for "adrenaline." You look at his chart and you know why. He's possibly got a Fire Grand Trine in his chart which branches out into a Kite Shape with apex Saturn-Pltuo. (I don't know because it all depends on the placement of the Moon in Giraud's chart and I don't have a birth time or place.)

Watch the video and you'll see things from a Kite's perspective, that's for sure.

At noontime the Moon is placed at around 26 Aries. It is trining an conjunction of Venus-Mars at 25-27 Leo on one side and Jupiter-Uranus both at 6 Sagittarius on the other side. It would also be opposing a conjunction of Saturn 3 Virgo/Pluto 29 Libra. I think that's the Vertigo element since Alfred Hitchcock had a strong Saturn-Pluto aspect in his chart.

Oh, and for Chart Shape enthusiasts -- I think it's a whole lot of fun that Giraud's got a "Sling Shaped chart." All the planets are held within the Venus-Mars trine to Jupiter-Uranus except for the Moon which is hanging out by itself either in Aries or Taurus.


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Monday, April 25, 2011

The Opening Spigot Bell

Computer Program is permanently on the blink. It's pretty funny. I can't set up charts for 9:30 am. Just got the urge to look at today's Opening Bell Chart. My Magic Federal Reserve Chairman Boyfriend Ben Bernanke says he's searching for the next step. The Federal Reserve is going to begin closing the big credit spigots called QE and QE2. I don't know what the hell those are the way nobody ever really knows what 8th things are. Just Big and Scary and Shakes Chains in the Middle of the Night.

Opening Bell
April 25, 2011 9:30 am

Sun 6 Taurus; Moon 11 Aquarius; ASC 4 Cancer; MC 11 Pisces; NN 25 Sagittarius

Uh oh, that North Node is on the Galactic Center. I guess this is why SETI also announced that they are shutting down Jodie Foster's radio dishes due to lack of funds.

This chart has kind of a cowboy ride em pony type of thing going on with the planets. 5 planets in Aries hanging out on the 11th house cusp. Kind of a free spirit attitude.

Pluto in Capricorn is conjunct the Descendant like right out of a Ingmar Bergman movie. It's trining the Taurus Sun up in the 11th House which means that the Bankers (Taurus) are trying to invent some sort of QE3, whatever the hell that will be.

The rest of the water looks like it's still got plenty of cups running over. The Moon rules both the 1st and 2d houses, Neptune is elevated and up at the top of the chart. Pluto is conjunct the Descendant.

Then there's the environment of the chart which is related to issues around conservative behaviors and control and compensating for lack of confidence, but much needed restriction. The Moon rules the chart and also rules the 2d house of money. The bankers are feeling picked on and they're clingy and needy and will never get enough cash.

Saturn rules the 8th House of Credit, Debt and Bankruptcy. The Moon is trining Saturn in this chart so somebody's working well with somebody at least (although I don't know who is whom). At any rate, if the Government (Saturn) is going bankrupt, then aren't we all? Saturn is constricting. The fun is over. We can't think of any answer for a QE3. Well, except for Neptune which is in its own sign up in the 9th House which adds a little whimsey. (Too bad about the conjunction to Chiron.)

At any rate Neptune will be in Pisces until 2024-5 and will play a big role in the social orders, or lack thereof. This is equivalent to the mid-1850s and represents a really creative time in French Art. I don't know what the rest of the world was doing at that time, probably fighting and dropping into poverty and being taken over by oppressive regimes who institutionalized their ways of thinking. The more of a zombie you are the better this transit will be for you.

What's scary is that Saturn and Pluto are within orb of a square to each other and they're going to be that way over the Summer. So that's said to bring some loss. You're supposed to throw something out. Actually, a ruthless person will likely come along and take it off your hands without asking pretty please. It's sort of feeding the Neptune energy to the dogs right off the bat. So the price of Gold and the threat of China's currency. We ought to flirt with China. Make them smile and then compliment their dimples. If we're smart we'll set all the Muslims up in a big greedy corporation of their own and then send them over to China. China is a Libra, and I promise you, nothing but nothing, could disturb a Libra's aesthetic sense more than to have women walking around in those scary black robes and smiling at you like nothing's wrong.

And as with all Saturn-Pluto transits, there will be angry mobs and mass panics, Gold will soar, and all our teeth will fall out.

The End.


Where O Where Is Hillary Clinton?

News reports say that Hillary Clinton has gone missing. Her schedule is completely blank for the next 3 days. Where is she? Is she hiking the Appalachian Trail? Bad Botox treatment? Is Bill okay? Is Chelsea okay? She didn't have a stroke did she? (Nah, that wouldn't stop Hillary)


WHERE'S HILLARY????????? She helped the entire Middle East to rebel and now she's gone.

Well, we have a problem with reading Hillary's chart and that's that we don't know what time she was born. If at 8 bells am she's got Scorpio Rising, 23 degrees. If at 8 bells pm she's got Gemini Rising, last degree. We don't know. With Scorpio Sun and Pisces Moon all we know is that when Hillary needs privacy, she really needs privacy so we should give it to her.

But, aren't you curious? What the hell is going on?

What I hope is that with transiting Neptune at 1 Pisces squaring her natal Jupiter at 1 Sadge. Maybe she hooked a ride on the space shuttle. Maybe she just suddenly said "Whoopee I'm Alive and I'm going to take a vacation! Fuck you all!!!

I'm even trying to imagine what she would look like descending from Air Force 1 at Obama's side while flipping the birdie, Secretary of State that she is. Yeah!! We're the Free World and at least we try to rise above corruption. It can't last with all the corrupt world streaming in through the hotel and media industry right now, service industries that help you by stealing your information and holding it against you, America doesn't have an official industry anymore, the Dollar is losing to the Yen. Wow, Zoom me up!"

So, maybe she'll tell us when she gets back. Maybe not. I'm so curious. Sure hope she's having fun.


Cat Saves Owner's Life

Haha! This is an addendum to the last post. I wasn't going to publish it because it's written in Kitteh talk. 5 planets in Aries really brings out extreme kitteh behaviors. I loves the kittehs.

Wif 5 planets plus cuwaazy lady Lilith in Aries doubled up whacko in 1st house wildness, we expect to sound the alarms, push the red buttons, emergency, emergency. Of course your house burns down. Course the big red trucks show up with flashing red lights.

But who knows exactly the rest of the story except when it involves the amazing household pet?

This all happens when you're both sleeping. But kitteh, I say KittehKittehKitteh. Nudges you to wake the hell up. What're you sleeping for when the house is burning down? Shouldn't you pick my furry ass up and run the hell out the door?

That's just what one wondrous beast face did.

But how do you explains the part about the household pet, a nice and very cat quality beast, nudges your silly face and nudges and nudges it until you wakes the hell up before youse deathly dies of the dread inhalations? He saves your life he does cause he's a quality circus.

Well you guess and you ask how could that be, cats aren't first responders, and then you look at the chart afterwards because who in the world could possibly explains this weirdness?

For one, the cat is a quality beast. Did I say that? Oh yes, why yes I did but it is so true I say it again and maybe one more time.

The cat? Where's Leo? The Moon at the time of the nudging was in Leo which means he loves you he does and the Moon is sitting on the 6th House cusp of household beasts because the cat sits on you all night, that's how it's done. Moon in Leo, quality beast, disposts to the Sun as all cats do what with Leo being their sign, warm snuggly things that rush to the rescue no matter what anybody says. Sun is in the 1st along with the other Aries planets.

This Sun is in Leo conjunct Jupiter in the first house of Aries in the Sign of Aries with all the rest of so much of the chart. That's fire and the house is burning down. And along with House 6 and Virgo I think that most people who really get along with their household beasts have Jupiter/Sadge issues. And here the Sagittarius North Node is conjunct the Sagittarius Midheaven. And there's nothing in the house of endings, down in the 4th, because no one was meant to die here. The issue was nudging the lady until she wakes up and runs the hell out of there. And Scorpio is on the House of Death cusp but the house is empty and the ruler, Pluto, is up in the 10th House of Hey Lady Get Up The House is Burning Down. Call the Fire Brigade. Throw some water on this mess.

Blessed Be. I just love the cats.


Cat Saves Owner's Life While House Burns Down

Apr. 13, 2011 5:30 am

Sun 24 Aries (H1); Moon 20 Leo (H6); ASC 26 Pisces;

The Lady, Venus, is in Pisces and she's asleep and she's in the house of sleep.

Cats Ahoy!

Snooky's not the only one who's trying to escape the Jersey shore. A Calico Cat was found caked in seaweed and salt water on an island off of New York City. Officials think that the cat swam the one mile length of ocean during a severe storm on April 15 or 16. They found the feline on April 16. Now they are trying to find its owners.

There were 5 planets in Aries on that day. Uranus at 2 Aries conjunct Lilith and squaring Pluto probably would have been enough to create some weirdness. Mars, Mercury Rx, Jupiter and Sun in Aries can indicate a strong impulse to survive.

But where's the household pet indicator in the chart? Virgo rules household pets. Moon was in Virgo on April 15 and was opposing Venus in Pisces with the Sagittarius North Node at the apex.

I wonder if there will be more amazing pet tricks while the North Node is passing through Sagittarius.


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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Poem I Like

Catch a Body
Ilse Bendorf


Friday, April 22, 2011

Hooked on Phonics

A biologist at the University of Auckland in New Zealand has developed a theory that language began in Southern Africa about 9000 years ago. So, the cradle of civilization might be in the Middle East, but the cradle of language is in South Africa.

Article: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/15/science/15language.html

(Quentin D. Atkinson is name of biologist)

Interesting time to study the Astrological Ages that have unfolded through history because the timing here hooks up nicely.


The signs move backwards rather than forwards in this case. Right now we're in the Age of Pisces and everyone's been whining the whole time about how cool it will be once we make it to Aquarius. It does explain modern society's attempts at trying to heal human suffering. And the Global Warming die off of earth where we all end up floating around in nothing but a big ocean.

At any rate, 9000 years ago was maybe just around the beginning of the Age of Gemini. That's words and communication. After that came the Age of Taurus. That's sounds and alphabets. So, the astrology doesn't back the linguists' theories really.

The linguists' findings do fit with the development of language in babies. Language seems to first come out of a Taurus phase, where a baby develops attachment to objects and material parts of his environment, especially the parts which give comfort. After repeated exposure to objects and environment baby of course develops a memory for the good stuff. Then baby develops separation anxiety when the thing isn't around, then learns to ask for it, or at least screams for it. Gemini. Eventually it all turns into witty repartee like a 1930s B&W movie.

Toilet training doesn't come until the Mars Return. I'm so glad I don't remember that one. I have a feeling that fear of making a mess was a big part of my upbringing.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Abducted Woman in Tennessee: Holly Bobo

A beautiful young nurse has disappeared in Tennessee. She was last seen walking away from her home with a man in a camouflaged outfit. The witness was her 25 year old brother who was in the house and who thought that the man was her boyfriend.

Apr. 13, 2011 between 7:30 am and 8:00 am, Parsons, TN

Sun 24 Aries (H12); Moon 20 Leo (H4); ASC 21 Taurus; MC 3 Aquarius; NN 27 Sagittarius Rx

Time for disappearance is approximate, I read one account that said 7:30 am and another which said 8:00 am

Birth date I found is:

Holly Bobo
b. Oct. 12, 1990 Darden, TN?? Don't know location

Sun 20 Libra; Moon Leo; NN 4 Aquarius

The event and the birth chart (if the date I have is correct) line up in that Holly was going through a Lunar Return and the Sun was opposing her natal Sun.

This shows Holly's vulnerability to the upcoming Full SuperMoon. There is a Grand Fire Trine in the disappearance chart between the Moon, the Sun and the North Node whatever the hell that means. Something having to do with containment? These elements are all in Water Houses. The Water houses can show Water, of course, or nature, or, sad to say, Death. It doesn't help when both the North Node and Pluto, planet of Death, are in the 8th House of Death. But, I've also posted before on an abduction crime in which a young girl was miraculously found. Pluto and House 8 also rule Abduction. With North Node in Sagittarius we might hope for some luck. The Sun is also conjunct Jupiter in the 12th House which can show Luck. Unfortunately the Mars-Uranus-Mercury in Aries show that things happened quickly and unexpectedly.

Taurus is rising in this chart unless my time for the abduction is off by about an hour. I thought this would indicate Holly as Venus is ruler of the chart, but the progressions could show that she is actually represented by the 7th House.

In the chart Venus is in Pisces which fits her description as she is a Nurse. This is a very significant placement of Venus in Pisces as Venus is unaspected except for an inconjunct to the Moon in H4 (this could change with change of abduction time). Venus doesn't flow and interact with the other planets. All this does is describe that Holly didn't receive help at the time. Pisces is also intercepted in the 11th House. And Venus is conjunct Uranus, natural ruler of the 11th House. If being held alive, she would be imprisoned, maybe up high in a water tower kind of thing? The Grand Trine indicates containment. Maybe also extreme fantasy? The motives are either extreme desire or envy. That's not really anything very insightful I guess.

So something very Uranian/Aquarian is connected with Holly's disappearance. Air? Fixed? Electricity? Water Bearer? Distance? Hopes, Wishes? Groups of People, Friends? Strangers? Technology? Networks? Electric Blue. This could indicate the situation in the community which has come out in huge support for Holly.

5 Planets are in Aries in this chart. This is very masculine and could indicate violence and aggression, blind rage, especially with the Full Moon coming up. Mars rules Men and is strong here in its own sign of Aries. Mars is involved in a t-square opposing Saturn and squaring apex planet Pluto which I already said is in the 8th House. Pluto also rules the Descendant and describes the abductor. This shows ruthlessness and use of force. The murderer might be a lone wolf type who sort of thinks of himself as a hunter. He might think of her as a collectible which might be good news in that she might be kept hostage and still alive. Unfortunately, the brother found blood, which isn't good news.

Holly's natal chart, if correct, shows Sun c. Venus in Libra. This shows a person who naturally partners with everything around. Must learn not to be led into situations. This is not necessarily a bad thing but is a lesson for Holly because she doesn't have any oppositions in her chart (between major planets). Oppositions can show a natural tension within a person's character which shows that they are capable of understanding how much of a juggling act relationships are. Holly may not have this defense mechanism. She might become easily overwhelmed by relationships.

As a Libra with Sun conjunct Venus Bobo's beauty and good disposition seem a natural. Mercury is also involved in the conjunction between 13 and 20 degrees Libra so she had communication skills as well. She may have overestimated her ability to talk someone out of whatever a situation was.

Bobo was born during the big, slow moving outer planet conjunction of Saturn-Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn of 1990. It is very prominently placed in a square to her Libra stellium Sun, Mercury and Venus. Squares show challenges. That huge inner planet stellium in Libra (Love, Marriage, Partnership) challenges the Outer planet stellium (generational) in Capricorn (authority, control, age, status).

Aside from these planets it seems that the planets of violence, Mars and Pluto stand out in Bobo's natal chart. Pluto is at 17 Scorpio, strong in its own sign, and is unaspected by major aspect to other planets. Deep-seated rage doesn't flow with the rest of the planets. Mars is also in its own sign and is the lower octave energy of Pluto. A keyword for the inconjunct aspect is "adjustment." That indicates frustration.

The only minor aspect is an inconjunct to Mars 15 Gemini. This will show as some sort of dualism concerning relations with Men. Gemini is also the ruler of siblings. This would certainly show that a brother in involved in the story. It doesn't say in which capacity.

Holly's Nodal Axis was passing over the IC/MC Axis of the event chart at the time of her disappearance so the answer to her disappearance might be connected with that pole in the chart. The closest planets aspecting in the event chart would be a sextile to Uranus, Mars, Mercury Rx, Jupiter, Sun in Aries depending on the time. That definitely says that a man was involved. The planets were in the 12th House passing up into the 11th house. Deception then surprise.

Holly's natal Moon might be in conjunction with her South Node. This might show something such as a person's receptive, caring side as being related to a downfall in this life.

In Holly's progressed chart, her Sun and Venus are both in Scorpio at 9 degrees. They would have just passed over the Descendant of the event chart. This confuses me since I've already said that she is represented by the Ascendant and maybe her abductor is the Taurus?

Holly's natal Pluto at 18 degrees is close to the 20 Scorpio Descendant placed at 7:45 am. As I said Pluto in her natal chart is in its own sign and is unaspected to other planets. Her progressed Mercury is within a degree of this at 17 Scorpio which brings the sibling element into the story.

I'm only trying to read the chart. Obviously I can't come to any conclusions. There could be a chance that Holly is being held captive. There are strong indicators that she was a victim of violence. She might be located in a place where water is contained. And, I don't know what I'm talking about. I don't feel real hopeful about her situation. Her natal Sun (vitality) is hooked into the Full Moon which we had over the week-end. She was going through a Lunar Return at the time of the disappearance. There are so many negative aspects regarding this situation. Hopefully, she will have good survival skills that come with the Jupiter aspects.

I hope that Holly is found alive and well.

Love, Marriage, Divorce Videos: Libra SuperMoon

Two news videos of completely different stories which I think show the influence of the recent Full Moon which was more significant than usual because it was a SuperMoon.

First video is extremely romantic. It shows how a paralyzed woman worked at physical therapy for months, devoted attention fiance at her side, to be able to walk down the aisle of her wedding. Libra rules Weddings and Marriages.

Second video which comes right after it shows a woman who was beaten during Divorce hearings over custody of the kids.

So, in future, Libra Full Moon opposing Aries Sun? A great omen for Weddings. A not so great omen for Divorce proceedings.



Monday, April 18, 2011

What's a Libra/Aries SuperMoon like?

People who have an emphasis on Cardinal Signs might be heavily affected by today's SuperMoon. I'm in that crowd. Yayyy!

The SuperMoon occurred last night, Apr. 17, 2011 at around 9:48 pm ET, 6:48 PST. The Sun 28 Aries was opposing Moon 28 Libra over the H1/H7 angles with Libra Rising conjunct Saturn.

In the news, Nicholas Cage had a meltdown over the week-end. His chart is hooked in to this moon very heavily. His natal Moon is right at 27 Libra in his natal 10th House. Natally it squares Mars at 26 Capricorn from his 1st house. Difficult Moon-Mars aspects can go off at a moment's notice as it is. But this was a Lunar Return and Full Moon and SuperMoon for him. Ouch. Supposedly he had a brain drain and blanked out where he lived. I'm sort of relieved to hear that because my Sun is at 26 Cancer and I had called the doctor last week because I've been having blank outs as well. Mars and Aries are related to the brain and Moon is related to the glands and emotional memories. And, with Capricorn/Saturn involved there will be control issues.

This is the first year that I'm asking for an extension on filing taxes. Just couldn't get around to it. To be honest, this is connected to the gang stalking stuff. I've been eating at places and have apparently been ingesting ammonia and other cleaning solutions. It appears that certain Berkeley activists (Libra Moon, for sure) are now joining the gang stalking phenomena. Maybe they are the ones who started it. This is a real eye opener. Left wing activists hate everything that they are fighting for. All those employees at the local Target who I used to feel sorry for because they walk around with their walkie talkies blasting? It's because they like it that way. Makes them feel important. And the ones in the medical professions apparently use the access they have to your health information in order to gossip about you and publicly humiliate you. Immigrants who come in to the country via legally means tend to know what a law is. The rest? It's touch or go. And the Berkeley activists? They have all those boring MidWest childhoods to make up for.

And, like clockwork, Nolle's connections of Supermoons to extreme Weather conditions has hit parts of the country with killer Tornadoes and flooding. On Thursday, the Eastern part of Oklahoma and south of Kansas was hit. On Friday, Missippippi and Alabama were hit. On Saturday North Carolina was hit. The newspaper says that 243 reports of tornadoes in 13 states. 11 people are known to have been killed and 50 injured. I send my condolences to the victims. I would probably throw up on you, though, if I did it in person. So, Thank God for the Internet, right?

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Friday, April 15, 2011


NASA has put together a website which publishes all kinds of pictures and information which their WISE (Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer) is taking.


The Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE, will scan the entire sky in infrared light, picking up the glow of hundreds of millions of objects and producing millions of images. The mission will uncover objects never seen before, including the coolest stars, the universe's most luminous galaxies and some of the darkest near-Earth asteroids and comets.


Dec. 14, 2009 6:09 am PST Vandenberg Airforce Base

Sun 23 Sagittarius; ASC 11 Sagittarius; Moon 1 Sagittarius; MC 25 Virgo; NN 23 Capricorn Rx

Wow. A broad-minded triple Sagittarius! How's that for something called "Wide-Field?"

Sun is conjunct Venus in the first House and is squaring a tight conjuntion of H3 planets Chiron 23 Aquarius-Jupiter 24 Aquarius-Neptune 25 Aquarius. This means that chart ruler Jupiter is in the 3d house of communications.

Moon is in the 12th House of the chart and is squaring Uranus which is in the 3d house (c. IC) and is also ruler of that house.

Thought my computer program was broken. Saturn back in 2009 during this launch was at 4 Libra so it has barely budged from that spot. It was in the 10th House of this chart which is its natal house and was squaring 1st House Pluto 3 Capricorn.

Mercury was also in the 1st house.

Where was Mars? Oh, Mars was in Leo up in the 9th house trining the Sun-Venus conjunction.

No wonder the photos are so beautiful.
Here they are: http://wise.ssl.berkeley.edu/gallery_images.html

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hayward Earthquake: Moon and Planetary Declinations, Moon Speed

Richard Nolle has pointed out on his website that the year's 3d SuperMoon is coming up on April 18. This is in Cardinal Signs along with a bunch of earthquakey types of planets in the 12th House and that's sort of scary. This is earthquake season in Northern California so it's nail biting time. Read Nolle's predictions and explanations so that I don't have to butcher them. Wouldn't it be great though if the Milpitas Sewage Treatment Plant just sort of exploded for once and for all? I mean the turds are all just floating around loose in the water pipes anyway. Somebody brought in a bunch of lambs to graze all around the plant because it's so well fertilized. So cute.


No. Really. Read it. It squares my natal Sun so I'm totally wrong about everything right now. Or stalked... this Supermoon has a square between Saturn and Pluto which is pretty scary from a mob mentality point of view, but I'm talking about earthquakes here.

Besides, I've found other stuff having to do with the Moon and Earthquakes that I'm going to totally slaughter. Some of it I'm just learning and the information is a little difficult to understand since it's scattered around in different spots on the web and there's no one to ask about it and I don't have a science aptitude. I'm literally sitting here counting on my fingers the way my Mother used to. Are we back in the McCarthy era when women were fun when they dumb? Yes, I think we're heading back down that road because we forgot to be careful.

I've been noticing a couple of odd things about the charts of Earthquakes. Often there are no out-of-bounds planets. Also, often the speed of the Moon isn't fast. This is interesting to me at least because it means that the Moon is sort of not doing its "Lunatic" type of thing when earthquakes happen. It is staying within bounds of the Sun's declination and it's rolling around at a healthy pace. This could explain why earthquakes often "surprise" us. If we're in bad moods already or are playing bumper cars on the freeway we would be more likely to think that it makes sense that an earthquake would also happen at that time. But they don't. They are Uranian. They start out of the blue.

The Moon will be traveling fast during Richard Nolle's "time window for disaster occuredness" 3 days before and after the SuperMoon. I guess we'll know what that means soon enough. It was traveling fast during the March 19 SuperMoon and look what happened to Japan, and New Zealand a few weeks before that.

I know that often a Cancer Moon is equated with earthquakes, however, especially with tsunamis. Good old Cancer Moon represents "Force of Nature" like nothing else on earth.

And 0 degree Cancer is considered a power spot in the Astrological Wheel. Along with 0 Capricorn it represents the highest point of the Sun's Declination, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. When the Moon hits the 0 Aries Point it can (not always) go wildly out-of-bounds. Since these are all Cardinal Points and there seems to be a connection between Cardinal Points and earthquakes (not statistically proven except in the one little study I did on Parkfield where the link between teh earthquakes was Jupiter in Cardinal signs over about a 120 year period), I think it would be great to study the out-of-bounds technique further between Moon and Earthquake charts, and also perhaps all the planets.

Sun, Saturn and Neptune never go out of bounds. There's some psychological interps that I could associate with that phenomena but I won't because it might get mean.

I found this great article written by Edward Dearborn:


And the previously written paragraph is my attempt at butchering what it says, so read it.

The reason why I'm discussing Out-of-Bounds planets with regards to earthquakes in connection with the Hayward Fault Line is that in the 4 charts that are available from the 19th Century, none of the charts has an Out-of-Bounds planet. I've been sort of noticing in passing while looking at earthquake charts that often the Moon is not out-of-bounds. And that just never made sense to me.

Also, the Moon is not traveling fast during these earthquakes, but often seems to be speeding up. So, for prediction of a possible earthquake this might be a good tool to use in order to rule out certain times in favor of others.

I counted backwards 19 years to make lists of when the 10 year Out-Of-Bounds Moon phases began. And also when the 9 year WithinBounds Moon phases began just so I'd have something to refer back to if it makes any difference at all. This 19 year cycle of Moon's dance with the Sun's maximum declination points is interesting, and, as I said before, it sort of plays on the Cardinal Sign themes which we are in the middle of. The information is hopefully available somewhere with exact dates, I just don't know where. The Moon began the Out-of-Bounds moon phase apparently the day after 9/11 so there will be exact dates of when these phases begin and end.

10 year out of bounds Moon phases, things get crazy: 2001, 1982, 1963, 1944, 1925, 1906, 1887, 1868, 1849, 1830.

9 year in bounds Moon phases, things calm down?: 2011, 1992, 1973, 1954, 1935, 1916, 1897, 1878, 1859, 1840

Both the big 1868 and 1906 Earthquakes in Hayward and San Francisco occurred first years of a 10 year out-of-bounds Moon phase. There have been many other significant earthquakes in California that are in-between. The 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake occurred within an out of bounds Moon phase. The Fort Tejon earthquake of 1857 did as well. However, the Northridge Earthquake in Southern California occurred in an Inbound Moon phase in 1994.

As it happens we are currently entering a new phase of the 19 year long Moon Declination Cycle, just this month, April 2011. We are entering the second half of this Declination Cycle in which the Moon doesn't go out of bounds for 9 years. The first 10 years of the cycle represent a time when the Moon swings out of bounds North and South in a 2 week swing. There are more descriptions about what this means psychologically, obviously related to relationships with Mother and Emotional Problems, at the article referenced above and also at the articles referenced below:


great description of the Moon Out of Bounds Cycle which follows the Nodal Cycle at LunarLiving.com.


The Moon can only cycle Out of Bounds when the Lunar North Node is moving through the signs of Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces. Aquarius, and Capricorn. While the Lunar North Node is in Scorpio, Libra and Virgo, the Moon will always fall extremely short of reaching the Sun's declination path. During the transition of the Lunar North Node from Aries to Pisces, the Moon will reach its most extreme Out of Bounds positions with peaks exceeding 28° North and South.

According to the article a new cycle began the day after 9/11. This cycle began wild out of bounds Moon cycles. Now in April 2011 we are entering a cycle when the Moon will stay with the Sun's declination.

Moon Information regarding 19th Century Earthquakes on Hayward Fault Line:

5.8 EArthquake Hayward Fault

May 20, 1864 6:01 pm LT (May 21, 1864 3:25 GMT) Epicenter 121.9, 37.6, closest to Fremont, CA

Sun 1 Gemini; Moon 25 Scorpio; ASC 18 Scorpio; NN 18 Scorpio; NC 28 Leo

This earthquake occurred right as the Moon was going void after making 1 degree aspects with Jupiter, Mars, and Uranus. First aspect after entering Sagittarius was an Appulse Lunar Eclipse at 1 Sagittarius.

This was the day that Gold was discovered in California!!!!

Moon 25 Scorpio Water, Fixed
In H1, Rules H9, Disposits to Pluto which is in H6
Speed: 13 degreees, 25 minutes
Declination: 18 degrees, 21 minutes, not out of bounds,
however, Uranus is right at 23 deg. 27 min.
Lunar Phase: Gibbous?
Moon in Fall
Aspects: Opposite Sun, trine Mars, conjunct Jupiter, conjunct NN, conjunct ASC, square MC, square Lilith, minor aspects to Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.
No parallels
Just about to go Void of Course
First aspect is Appulse Lunar Eclipse

6.8-7.0 Big San Francisco Earthquake;
Oct 21, 1868 1553 GMT (&:53 LT) Fremont, CA?

Sun 29 Libra; Moon 10 Capricorn (H2); 18 Scorpio Rising; MC 27 Leo; NN 23 Leo

Moon 10 Capricorn, Earth, Cardinal
Speed: 12 degrees 18 Minutes, not fast
Declination: -19 deg. 34 min., not out-of-bounds
Lunar Phase: Crescent
Same Scorpio Ascendant as previous earthquake.
Moon in Detriment
Moon in H2, rules H9, disposits to Saturn which is in H1
Aspects: Moon trine Venus; square Jupiter; opposite Uranus; square Neptune; trine Pluto minor aspects to Mars, Saturn, NN, and Lilith, contraParallel Mars

Sun in this chart is a Singleton

5.8 Earthquake Hayward Fault
Apr. 2, 1870 19:48 GMT, 11:48 LT, Epicenter 122.3, 37.9 close to Hayward, CA

Sun 13 Aries; Moon 2 Taurus; ASC 24 Cancer; NN 25 Cancer; MC 9 Aries

Moon 2 Taurus: Earth, Fixed
Speed: +11.51' Not fast
Decl.: +07.29' Not out-of-bounds,
New Moon at Apogee at 9:24 (LT?), farthest point of orbit, interesting because Moon is in conjunction with Lilith
In Taurus in H10, rules H1, disposits to Venus which rules H8
Aspects: sextile Venus, Trine Saturn, Conjunct Lilith
Moon is Void of Course 2 Taurus,last aspect trine Saturn 29 Sagittarius, next aspect sextile Venus 3 Pisces
chart has no singletons
Chart has no planets in Air
Locomotive Chart Shape lead planet is Saturn

5.6 Earthquake Hayward Fault Line

July 31, 1889 12:47 GMT (4:47 LT) Epicenter 122.2, 37.8, near Oakland?, CA

Sun 9 Leo (H1); Moon 19 Virgo (H2); ASC 3 Leo; MC 21 Aries; NN 11 Cancer

This is the only earthquake to not happen when Sun is in Cardinal. It's also the smallest.

Moon 19 Virgo, Earth, Mutable
Moon in H2, rules H12, dispositor is Mercury which is in H12.
Speed: +12 deg, 45' not fast
Declination: +08 deg, 50' Not out-of-bounds

Moon is singleton in Earth
Locomotive Chart Shape with Lead Planet Neptune
Moon square Venus, parallel Pluto, sextile Chiron; minor aspects to ASC, parallel to MC

New Moon was July 28, 1889

Moon was perigee June 13, was apogee July 24 16:15++++++++++++

What this seems to show is that the Moon's presence is pretty low key in these charts.

Her Nodal Axis, however, is prominent on the angles in the 1st three of the earthquakes.

NN is in conjunction with the ASC of the 1st earthquake (1864), in in conjunction with the IC/MC Axis in the 2d earthquake, in conjunction with the ASC of the 3d earthquake, in H12 with 4th earthquake.

It seems that all 4 of these earthquakes happened when the Moon was not traveling fast and when no planets were out of bounds. I can see how this makes sense. Earthquakes are meant to happen as a surprise, and emotionally people won't be feeling unusual under these circumstances. This also means that the planets are deferring energy to the Sun. They are all staying within the Sun's natural declination, not doing anything strange. I think that the Sun's Dominion plays a major role in earthquakes but, since the Sun just seems to roll around at a pretty pace. It doesn't go out of bounds. It creates the bounds. It also have a great gravitational pull.

Both the 1864 and 1968 charts have the same 18 degree Scorpio Rising. The 1864 chart has the North Node on that point as well. Pluto is conjunct the SN/DESC of the 1868 chart.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Hayward Fault Prediction Using Solar Arcs Prediction

There's lots of chatter in the Bay Area about how the Hayward Earthquake fault is overdue. This fault line runs parallel to the famous San Andreas Fault, sort of on the other side of the bay. There are tons of people living in the area and the damage is expected to be pretty big if an earthquake hits. But, as Michael Lutin says, if you keep expecting a Uranian event to occur it won't happen because Uranus can only function if it can shock you unexpectedly.

So, I've been looking back at USGS lists of earthquakes that have hit this fault. It was stable pretty much all through the 20th Century, but there were 4 earthquakes in the second half of the 1800s that registered 5.8 or higher on the Richter Scale.

The Big Un before the San Francisco Big Un of 1906 was on Oct. 21, 1868. Last degree of Libra so keeps to Cardinal Sign stuff which makes me happy. That earthquake actually had about 5 planets in Cardinal so it was looking a lot like this year's planets: Sun in Libra, Moon Capricorn, Jupiter 7 Aries, Uranus 18 Cancer; Neptune 16 Aries Rx.

I'm fiddling around with these earthquake charts and am finding maybe a couple of trigger aspects to go along with the outer planet stuff. But it's taking forever.

First I want to show a sort of amazing cycle that potentially involves Solar Arcing the years that the USGS says previous earthquakes have occurred on the Hayward Fault. It involves "fuzzy thinking" so be fore-warned. The USGS doesn't give dates for the Earthquakes, only years, and I'm not sure if the years they give are estimates or not. They probably got them by looking at tree rings. What's interesting is that the earthquakes followed in succession through Solar Arc Progressions do sort of the same cyclic weirdness that the Parkfield Earthquake series does. I should get the link for what I found there and put it here: ____.

Here's what I've done. It's not science here. It's astrology. And Astrology is pretty amazing. (But it's not anal retentive astrology, there's a huge margin for vagueness, so if that bothers you move on and read somebody else's blog about how to deal with you Mother and Father. Also, this is copyrighted)

I looked up the placement for all the planets from Jupiter on outward plus the North Node for the middle of the year, July 1. And then I arced from the year of one earthquake to the next and so on.

The years are:

(155 years)
(160 years)
(95 years)
(142 years)
(potentially 143 years)

You will notice that they don't follow a rigid 140 year cycle. That was throwing me off until I finally stuck out my fingers and did the subtraction. The years are averaged.

The first earthquake on record happened in 1315. This was in the middle of a very long drought in California which is said to have happened between 1209 and 1350. The place must have shriveled up to nothing. If you've ever read the first paragraph of East of Eden you have read John Steinbeck's description of what the Native Americans were like. They were a lot like how Native Californians are now. Dehydrated. Zombies. I oughta know. That's why this blog is such an editorial nightmare.

Anyhoo, the connections between the Solar Arc charts move the planets all in the same direction together. Uranus and Neptune were pretty close together in 1315 when the first earthquake in the series hit with Neptune at end of Scorpio and Uranus in Sagittarius mid-degrees. So, they sort of remain together in motion. What's interesting is how they, and Uranus in particular, managed to line up in the same sign with the North Node in all the charts but one. The NN in the 1315 chart is in Taurus, at least on July 1, 1315. And Uranus is in Sagittarius, so they are 4 signs apart. This gives 120 degrees' difference, by sign at any rate. Since the Node moves so quickly it could have been placed far enough away from Uranus by degree to show a bigger difference.

The one year where things work out differently is 1725 which is the shortest space in the cycle, 95 years. Saturn that year is in the same sign as the Nodal Axis, in the sign of Pisces (at least as set for mid-1315).

This doesn't necessarily work out for earthquake prediction because planets and the Nodal Axis probably weren't in the signs that I set them up for. The Nodal Axis changes signs every 18 months. Jupiter changes signs once a year roughly. And Saturn about every 2 plus years.

The Parkfield Earthquake arcs are really amazing, though. The first earthquake on record had a bowl shaped chart with the planets spaced out evenly with each other about every 20 degrees so that every 20 years for a while they would line up with each other -- and there would be an earthquake.

Right now, Uranus and the North Node are aligned by Solar Arc once again in Scorpio. Uranus has arced in to Scorpio which is where the North Node had arced to back in 1868. This only describes a 30 year period which doesn't hone things down very much. The North Node, by arc, is perhaps in Aries which makes things interesting considering that Jupiter, Uranus, the transiting NN and Saturn are also all in Cardinal.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Moon Calculator - Apogees and Perigees, New and Full Moons

Lunar Apogee and Perigee Calculator for finding out dates/times for New and Full Moons and also Apogee/Perigee of Moon for each year. Astropro provides Supermoons for 20th and 21st Century, but this is great for going back farther in time.

SuperMoons are Perigee (closest to earth) - Syzygy (New or Full Moons). No matter how much I try to remember that it doesn't seem to stick in my noodle.

Apogee and Perigee Lunar Calculator


From Wikipedia article about Ebbtides (Diurnal tides)

The changing distance separating the Moon and Earth also affects tide heights. When the Moon is at perigee, the range increases, and when it is at apogee, the range shrinks. Every 7½ lunations (the full cycles from full moon to new to full), perigee coincides with either a new or full moon causing perigean spring tides with the largest tidal range. If a storm happens to be moving onshore at this time, the consequences (property damage, etc.) can be severe.

Dark Moon Lilith is calculated from the Apogee, or from the long line of space which leads to the apogee on the elliptical orbit that the moon travels around the earth. Don't quote me on this. But, doesn't it makes sense that Lilith would represent the shrunken tides. She one p'o'd lady.

There are interesting phenomena called Neap and Spring Tides which affect the flow of the oceans. These are connected with the times between the Quarter Moons and the New and Full Moons. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ebb_tide.

I tried to figure out how to read the tables in order to figure out whether there was a SuperMoon at the time that the song EbbTide was brought out. Don't know if I'm correct here but I believe that there was a SuperMoon on Sept. 23, 1953 at 4:16 am (GreenwichT?). The Full Moon was about 20 or 30 minutes apart and this was also a Fall Solstice. There were significant outer planet configurations as Saturn and Neptune were in conjunction in Libra squaring Uranus in Cancer and trining Jupiter in Gemini. The Wikipedia entry for Sept. 1953 has the shortest list of events for this month for the whole year. There was a deadly hurricane on Sept. 25 which killed 1000 people. Can't remember where. China was rejected from the United Nations. That's pretty significant. I guess this was the McCarthy era. That's one tide that was best left to Ebb its way on out.

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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Ai Weiwei

Secretary of State Clinton spoke out today about China's current surge of detentions of citizens who are seen as dissidents. One of the people she mentioned is artist Ai Weiwei who is one of China's most well known artists. He is only known to me as the person who helped design the Bird's Nest at the Chinese Olympics.

Weiwei was taken into custody on Apr. 3, in the morning at the airport while waiting to leave for Hong Kong.

This was on the Aries Full Moon in aspect with the Jupiter-Saturn opposition. There was also a conjunction to the degree of Mars-Uranus-Lilith at 1 Aries. This is a very dangerous aspect, especially if Weiwei's natal Libra Moon is opposed by it. Uranus rules rebellion. Weiwei was beaten in 2009 to the point of having a cerebral hemorrhage. His studio was destroyed by the Government earlier this year.

Ai Weiwei
b. Aug. 28, 1957 Beijing, China

Sun 5 Virgo; Moon Libra; NN 15 Scorpio

This chart shows the life of a person who will face a lot of harsh challenges. The Sun is conjunct both Mars and Pluto at the beginning of Virgo. These square Saturn at 8 Sagittarius. This shows a contest of Wills to me. Weiwei's parents were detained by the Chinese Government when he was only 1 year old.

The Saturn (Authority) in Sagittarius (Freedom/Opinions) shows a need to defy authority. Saturn is even more prominent in the chart as a boundary planet to a bundle chart which trines Uranus 10 Leo. There's a great bundle of energy here as this trine contains all the other planets of the chart. The link below which talks about Weiwei's current detention describes the Saturn-Uranus trine perfectly. It quotes the Chinese Government as saying "The Law (Saturn) will not bend for mavericks (Uranus)."


Progressed Venus (Art) has just passed beyond conjunction with Saturn and is currently in exact square with Weiwei's natal Mars 13 Virgo.

Don't know how to fit this in to the scheme of things except to just note that Mercury was stationing Rx at 26 Virgo when Weiwei was born. So it is strongly placed in its own sign for that reason as well as being unaspected by major aspect to any other planet. And is also very important as it disposes his Sun-Mars-Pluto conjunction. Virgo analyzes and describes what doesn't work. In the U.S., Virgo is generally valued for this skill.

Apparently China has detained several dozen prominent people since the beginning of the year, threatened by the rebellions in the Middle East.

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Friday, April 08, 2011

Do No Evil

Tomorrow is the Mercury Max Cycle. This is a cycle which began March 23 and will end on May 7. Enveloped within this is a Mercury Retrograde in Aries. Tomorrow, April 9, will be an inferior conjunction with the Sun. Mercury passes in front of the earth and the Sun.


The U.S. Government is preparing to shut down tonight at midnight because it can't agree on how to balance the budget.

Mercury rules the media so it's a good time to look at this video about how Google is shutting down the organic and independent version of the Internet in order to make us feel safe and to protect us from outside hackers.


Although this guy is no doubt a White Facist idiot, one must realize that the invading parties are basically the same. They just aren't white.

Larry Page has taken over as ruler at Google. I thought this was maybe a good thing because I saw a big bad t-square hitting Sergei Brin's chart a couple of years ago and saw that Google was going to the dogs. I thought he was the bad. But, maybe he was just being taken over by the bad. He was born in Russia so he has said he wants to fight the bad. Oops.

At any rate, Larry Page potentially has a natal t-square between Sun-Venus in Aries which is receiving a lot of energy from both the current Mercury transit and Uranus and Lilith and Mars. Page's Sun-Venus conjunction is opposed by Pluto and is possibly squared by Capricorn Moon. Don't have a birth time for him so don't know his natal Moon placement. With that placement, if he were a woman, he would be getting his first Breast Cancer diagnosis or something. Instead, he seems to be doing a NataliePortman/Black Swan thing.

Here's a great exercise to do in case you don't believe in this censorship stuff. "Google" the words "Crazy" and "Women" with various nationalities and races placed in between. (Put the whole thing in "quotes" to edit out weird sentences with those words.) Notice how many search results you get for your efforts and you will understand who is ruling Google. Try, for example, "Crazy East Indian Women." Hahaha.
Information No results found for "crazy east indian women"

East Indians are the most sexist folks alive and they've taken over the internet. You wanna live in India? I don't.

Oh yeah, and Mercury's connection with infectious diseases and public health. India has just created and is spreading a superbug around the globe because they overdid the antibiotic thing. We won't even go into how they managed to live in towns in the Silicon Valley with broken sewer systems for 5 years. I booked a hotel in the town of Milpitas right next to a sewer treatment planet. The smell is still bad. For years it was unbelievably bad. No one did anything about it. They just shrugged their shoulders and said that's the "Ranch Smell." So this hotel, run by East Indians, of course. They worked around the problem. They put the single women in the dungeon rooms. In this case, the dungeon rooms were at the ends of the halls. These rooms are noisy because next to the doors and the maids store room. But in this hotel, and I suppose others as well, the rooms on the ends have the worst drainage. After a half hour I was sweating profusely and was extremely nauseous. They let me move, I think to a room where one of the employees had taken a nap because the sheets were dirty. The whole time, that straight courteous East Indian grin. They never, ever would have thought to call the Health Department. A reporter for the San Jose Mercury News had just been maybe murdered so the paper stopped doing its usual incredible reporting. No mention at all about the stench in Milpitas. Anybody who mentions it is considered a bigot.

At any rate, the gang stalkers keep breaking in to my car. They've stolen all the software for my computer. Had to pick through a whole bag of stuff in a bag to take it. The car also has been knocked off its frame. Or there's a tracker installed on the axel, how would I know? And now when I get in it seems that someone keeps breaking in and dumping ammonia to the point where I can't drive. Oh, gang stalking had its greatest moments in communist countries. And I have no doubt that East Indians like it too. Can hardly wait for Cinco de Mayo. Did you hear about the paramedia baseball fan who was attacked at the stadium in Los Angeles after a game by a bunch of Mexicans who were yelling racist remarks at him? Of course you didn't. The media refuses to admit that the Mexicans were anything but drunks.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Major Earthquakes in Japan and Mexico Today

The Sun maybe tripped off the Jupiter-Saturn opposition and created two major earthquakes today. The Sun is within a degree of conjunction with Jupiter in Aries and is accompanied by Mercury Rx. Saturn is at 14 Libra Rx. The 7.1 Earthquake in Japan is considered an aftershock of the 9.0 earthquake of March 11.

Mexico has had a major earthquake for the last 5 seasons when the Sun was in a Cardinal Sign.

Richard Nolle says on his Astropro website predictions that there is a Super Mercury on April 9.

Interesting to look how strongly the Jupiter-Saturn opposition is placed in the charts. In the Mexican Earthquake, Sun-Jupiter has just passed the ASC and SAturn has just passed the DESC. This earthquake happened deep in the ground, so I sort of think it is interesting that the ASC/DESC is so strongly aspected in this chart. Taurus-Scorpio rule the ASC/DESC lines.

The Japanese earthquake, on the other hand, occurred at a shallow level. The Sun-Jupiter conjunction was conjunct the IC and Saturn was conjunct the MC. The Nodal Axis is conjunct the Sagittarius ASC.

Mercury Rx in Aries conjunct Sun-Jupiter. Mercury's generally prominent in Earthquakes but I can't find the pattern.
Uranus 2 Aries conjunt Lilith 2 Aries-Mars 5 Aries (H3 in Japan, H12 in Mexico)
Moon 1-2 Gemini square Neptune 1 Pisces

7.1 Earthquake Japan
Apr. 7, 2011 11:33 pm LT Sendai, Japan (near)

Sun 18 Aries (H4); Moon 2 Gemini (H5); ASC 26 Sagittarius; MC 16 Libra; NN 28 Sagittarius (H1)

6.5 Earthquake, Mexico
Apr. 7, 2011 8:11 am LT Coatzocoalcos, Mexico 56 miles from epicents

Sun 18 Aries (H12); Moon 1 Gemini (H1); ASC 6 Taurus; MC 27 Capricorn; NN 28 Sagittarius Rx (H8)


Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Yakkata Yakkata Honk Honk Honk

Mentioned before how I tend to check out what signs cars are by looking at the month of their registration on the back license plate while idling behind them at stop signs. At that point I think I was trying to figure out whether a car was a Capricorn or a Sadge. Can't remember what the story way.

Saw a great one this morning.

A metallic brown Honda Civic Hybrid, a very tasteful blend of brown. The license plate holder said:

"Let's Talk About It. Speech-Language Pathology."

The car gets registered every year in June.

Whaddya think? First 2/3 of the Month? Or last 1/3 of the Month.

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Monday, April 04, 2011

Neptune into Pisces - Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

Neptune's rolled into Pisces. Someone on my Knitting Website is putting together a pattern for an M.C. Escher blanket that looks amazing. It's a quilt like thing where you knit a bunch of those tesselated fishes (they have bobble eyes -- coosh!) and sew them together in that M.C. Escher pattern. Wish I could do pictures.

So, I'll buy the pattern and hopefully make a couple of fishes and then probably get bored and use them for potholders. But, either way, awesome!

What's interesting is that just as the planet of altered states of awareness both good and bad comes into its own the Science community is finding that much, or at least some of the reason, for the bad versions of the altered Neptunian states is due to a Vitamin D deficiency. Doctors are beginning to find a connection between psychosis and low Vitamin D levels. Turns out that people who benefit from this research are immigrants from sunny Northern Countries who move to Northern Countries. Pretty amazing how that timing works out. Vitamin D is made in the body normally by just going out into the Sun.

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Out of Bounds

Astrology for the 21st Century has published a really incredible article about the effect that Out of Bounds Moons have on World Financial Markets. There are great general descriptions about Out of Bounds planets as well.

Out of Bounds means that the planet is at an extreme declination either above or below the Sun's most extreme declination. From the point of view of the Equator, the Sun is highest at the Summer Solstice in June. This is where the Tropic of Cancer line is placed. The Sun is lowest in the sky at the Winter Solstice in December. This is where the Tropic of Capricorn is placed. These are both abstract circular lines in space which are drawn around the earth at 23 degrees 27 minutes declination North or South. (rounded up usually to 30 minutes in either direction). Hope I've got that info straight, read the article.

I never realized the Sun, Saturn and Neptune never go out of bounds. All the rest of the planets do.

What a great website this is:


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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Nuclear Radiation

This is another one of my hair-brained connections, but while browsing through the current Newsweek article about the Nuclear Power planet disaster in Japan (Mar. 28/Apr. 4 issue) I noticed that the "shelf life" for 2 out of the 3 different types of radiation correspond to a Saturn Return. That is, they last for 29 years.

Strontium 90 can be inhaled or ingested through contaminated food or water. It is similar to calcium by chemical make-up so goes straight for the bones. Bones are ruled by Saturn! Exposure increases the risk of bone cancer and leukemia.

Cesium 137 is the dealiest radiation. It sticks to dust, can be inhaled or ingested, can even be picked up while walking on soil, (and lasts for 29 years!) Its gamma radiation penetrates into the body causing cancer everywhere.

The least toxic Radiation is from Iodine 129 & 131. This has a shelf life of only 8 days. It settles into the grass, is ingested by cows and ends up in concentrated form in milk. It goes into the thyroid gland and causes thyroid cancer. I forgot to look up thyroid gland, that's in the neck, isn't it? That would be Venus/Taurus rulership maybe. There's a Sun/Venus cycle which takes 8 years.

Would it be possible to try to "guess" who would be most affected by these different types of radiation by looking at placement of Saturn in their charts? Are people who are going through a difficult Saturn transit right now more vulnerable? I wouldn't have thought to look at Saturn for radiation poisoning so I'm only placing a guess right now.

Hydrogen, ruled by Neptune according to Bills, was the first thing that the nuclear reactors began to leak right after the tsunami (also ruled by Neptune).

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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Navy kills Dolphins

The U.S. Navy slaughtered at least 3 bottle nosed dolphins during military exercises off the coast of San Diego. Two other dolphins have since been found dead. Dolphins are considered the equals of man in intelligence.

The Navy is ruled by Neptune and the Moon. Sea Animals are as well. Jail is also ruled by Neptune-Pisces, but escape artists are as well. I suppose that's why the Navy thinks that it holds no responsibility for these murders.

March 4, 2011 about 10:45 am off coast of San Diego

Sun 14 Pisces; Moon 13 Pisces; ASC 14 Gemini; MC 24 Aquarius; NN 29 Sagittarius

This chart is a New Moon in Pisces squares the Ascendant from H10. That shows the heavy influence on all things having to do with water. Ruler of Navy is ruler of Sea LIfe. Neptune and Moon both in H10 (Government). Neptune is at 29 Aquarius conjunct MC at 24 Aquarius. Aquarius rules technology, waves and circulation systems.

New Moon is conjunct Mars (blasts) and chart ruler Mercury.

Aries (violence) is intercepted in H11. Jupiter is contained within that sign (excessive).

Hearing is ruled partly by Venus/Taurus. Venus in this chart is 4 Aquarius in House 9 unaspected.

Pluto is at 8 Capricorn conjunct the 8th House cusp at 7 Capricorn.



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Friday, April 01, 2011

List of Healthy Living Websites

My Magic Activist Boyfriend Ken Cook from the Environmental Working Group just sent an email to everyone on his email asking us to caste our vote for EWG for this year's Treehugger Award.

Treehugger lists all the nominees so I wanted to pass on all these great resources that are available. California has lost so much of what was good about being a Virgo State. So here's my attempt to bring back the good days. Saturn has passed out of that sign now so a little health awareness is definitely needed (along with sewer and gasline repair).

LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability)

Environmental Working Group


Natural Papa

Gaiam Life

Whole Life