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Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Ruler

NASA's published photos taken of Mercury.

My mirror image.

Gorgeous, of course.



Tennis Player Lobs Ball At Crying Baby

Spanish tennis player David Ferrer just made news at a tennis match. While getting ready to 'lob a serve', a baby in the stands was balling his head off.

Aries Sun Ferrer tossed the ball up in the air and slammed it right over at the baby. I don't know where the ball landed, I guess that both Father and Baby are okay.

Of course, not all Aries will do this kind of thing. So, I wanted to look at the astrology to see what special planetary situation would be responsible for sending a guy over the edge. This guy is Spanish after all. They don't think twice about crying babies. It's not like the guy is Protestant German or something.

So, what is the astrology for an extreme reaction while performing one's job at a sporting event no that most of us would ever have to go through this ourselves due to lack of talent, discipline, ambition, and luck?

David Ferrer
b. Apr. 2, 1982 Alicante, Spain

Sun 13 Aries; Moon Cancer/Leo NN 19 Cancer

As I said, Ferrer is a natal Aries. This is heightened by the fact that his natal Sun is opposing the ruler of Aries which is n. Mars Rx placed at 10 Libra. Granted Mars is not happily placed in Libra, That's where the U.S. Mars is stuck in Rx right now which sort of puts a kink in our ability to be industrious.

Currently, Ferrer is approaching his Solar Return so this is all triggered. Mars rules Triggers. Aries is just impatient. And bringing out more firey impatience is t. Jupiter which is conjunct natal Sun almost exactly within a degree.

The Aries stuff goes on and on and I don't think that most people could ever match a set-up like this in our own natal charts. This is an exceptional case, after all. Ferrer's progressed Mars has been in retrograde ever since he was born. Right now, by progression, it has moved back to 2 Libra which is close to the Aries Point. Thatsa an Aries situation. Act, don't think. And so Actions, not Thinking is what came out and has brought this guy some fame, such as it is. And this p.Mars is also triggered heavily by opposition from a big conjunction of transiting Mars 29 Pisces, Lilith-Uranus 1 Aries. Mar and Uranus together make accidents. Put Lilith in on top and things get really weird.

And natal Sun opposes natal Saturn 20 Libra RX. And it's the poor guy's Saturn Return. Saturn rules Fathers, and this guy maybe doesn't have the best instincts for being a Father himself. Saturn brings discipline and concentration, though, and maybe a little problem with intolerance. Saturn is Rx so perhaps he overcompensates for what he didn't receive? Who knows?

We're supposed to be presented by some sort of big decision at our lives with regards to whatever level of maturity we've reached. And, what a drag, to be under the influence of so much flash reasoning that Sun, Mars and Jupiter present.

I can't tell what Ferrer's feelings about the situation might be. His natal Moon is in either Cancer or Leo. I'll leave that part out. Would be sort of funny if he has Cancer Moon and was just competing with the baby.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Red Rover Red Rover Let Spirit Come Over

NASA hasn't heard a peep from the Mars Rover called "Spirit" for a year and is giving the silent baby one more month to beep something back to earth before shutting down the program.

I'm thinking, hey, this is a chance for Mercury Retrograde to strut its stuff next month. During Mercury Retrograde you're supposed to hear back from people/entities that you haven't spoken to in a long time and there will be a Mercury Retrograde almost all month starting tomorrow (Mar. 31 to Apr. 25. (I'm not big on t.Merc Rx myself so I'm not holding up hope, but what do I know?)

Mercury stations Retrograde at 25 Aries March 31, 2011 and will turn direct on Apr. 25 at 13 Aries. Aries is the sign ruled by Mars. So, come on Boy, you can do it. Talk to Mama. Yahhh, atta boy! Goo boy.

Mercury was at 9 Pisces on March 22, 2010 at the time of the last communication. Mars had just stationed Direct after a really torturous 6 month transit through Cancer where it was opposing Pluto on the AP.

Rover was launched on June 10, 2003 which makes him a Gemini. He's definitely a communicator. Tell him the latest gossip, NASA, and he'll perk right up.



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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Signs Are the U.S Military?

I don't really get this. Maybe someday I'll read the Wikipedia article all the way through. But, ever since those illegal aliens got caught last week driving over the Border dressed up like Marines and they got caught because they couldn't tell the Guard at the Border what sign, er, what Birth date the Marine Corps is, something which apparently all Marines learn first off and remember forever probably because the Marines is a Scorpio and Scorpios always believe in Astrology, even Carl Sagan, but only because he's dead and I can put words into his mouth. Where was I with that sentence? Oh, Fark it, I'm not in the mood. There are freaky parasites who read this blog and then borrow what I say on it, especially the ones who like freaky ooga booga graphics, Secret Society, Vietnam vet gang stalkers doing their rape thing. Yes, things are getting kooky now that Uranus is in Aries. These guys used to be happy just shopping at CostCo. Secret Society, secret immigrant, it's all going down. High Noon at Ok Corral.

Anyway, no one's here to protect me from these gang stalkers so I give you the 7 branches of the Uniformed Services of the United States. Never heard of the last two until today.

This We'll Defend.
Born. June 14, 1775

Sun 24 Gemini; Moon Sagittarius or Capricorn; NN 29 Leo
Mars 16 Virgo
Venus 2 Leo

No wonder, you can't count on Gemini's for anything. I mean, they might be there, they might not. Really, don't we just want to partaayyy?

The Few, The Proud, The Guys Coming Over the Border in the Unmarked White Van
b. Nov. 10, 1775 Washington, DC;Virginia; Maryland

Sun 19 Scorpio; Moon Gemini or Cancer; NN 21 Leo
Mars 22 Sagittarius opposite Jupiter, maybe Moon in Gemini
Venus 24 Libra RX c. Saturn

Uh. yeah. Scorpios can't defend anything because they get so jealous of those they help, and then they seek revenge.

b. Oct. 13, 1775 Pentagon, Washington DC

Sun 21 Libra; Moon Gemini possibly c. Jupiter 22 Gemini; NN 22 Leo
Mars 2 Sagittarius
Venus 7 Scorpio Rx c. Mercury Scorpio island unaspected major aspect

Libra? The Navy? That explains the compounds out in the middle of Indiana far from the seashore thing. Those little bunny rabbits wouldn't hurt a fly.

Aim High
Air Force
b. Sept. 18, 1947

Sun 25 Virgo; Moon Scorpio possibly c. Jupiter; NN 27 Taurus Rx
Mars 23 Cancer trine Jupiter 24 Scorpio
Venus 29 Virgo c. Sun square Uranus 27 Gemini

Virgo. Knows all. Name drops. Knows especially when to not get involved.

Coast Guard
b. Aug. 5, 1790 Dept. of Homeland Security, Washington DC

Sun 14 Leo; Moon Gemini; NN 6 Scorpio

Sun c. Uranus-Mercury opposing Pluto 20 Libra
Mars 10 Libra opposing Saturn 6 Aries Rx square Venus 8 Cancer-Chiron 5 Cancer

These guys will rush in for ya. By the time they get there they will have forgotten what the problem is. That's not their fault, it's the ADD. And they need to double check themselves in the mirror.

U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.
b. July 16, 1798 Washington, DC

Sun 25 Cancer; Moon Leo or Virgo; NN 2 Gemini square Pluto 2 Pisces
Venus 15 Gemini
Mars 13 Pisces

Yeah, these guys will protect you. They might also infect you.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Corp.
b. Feb. 10, 1807 Silver Springs, MD

Sun 22 Aquarius; Moon Pisces or Aries; NN 16 Sagittarius
Mars 21 Virgo Rx
Venus 2 Pisces

These are scientists who don't really get involved. Aquarius.

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Mars-Uranus in Aries conjunction and Accidents (Unintentional, of course)

Be careful of freak accidents right now. Mars is at the end of Pisces and is moving into conjunction with Uranus and Lilith at 1 Aries. Mars-Uranus combinations tend to be connected with accident. In Huntington Beach, California a window washer was electrocuted this morning when an electrical wire snapped and hit the pole he was holding. Uranus-Lilith are squaring the Nodal Axis right over the Ascendant/MC angles of the chart.

Mars and Uranus rule the Signs of Aquarius and Aries. So, perhaps this means that anything Piscean is affected? Windows are co-ruled by Neptune. The Ocean is also ruled by Neptune. The Ocean is again under siege, this time by leaking Uranium and Plutonium by the Power plant in Japan. The U.S. Navy just murdered 5 dolphins during military practices off the coast in San Diego, California and they say they aren't to blame. Anybody boasts that they are being completely transparent about what they are telling you right now? Don't believe them. Nothing that's true will be out in the open right now. Who's mobbing whom?


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Twins Turn Into Crabs

How to know when your Gemini Sun has progressed into Cancer? You become anorexic because you can't get used to the fluid retention. It's difficult to get out of bed because people are so insensitive. And you wear Mu-Mus and dark glasses even though you haven't even made it to your Saturn Return yet.

The Ashley Twins.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth to Mars...

Saw this article about weird places to visit in the United States:


and remembered the Craters of the Moon National Park in Idaho. It was one of my favorite stops when I drove across the country. Maybe that reflects my Sun in Cancer. The place so resembles the surface of the Moon that the Apollo 14 astronauts trained there.

The article should also have added "the Badlands". Can't remember where they were, Wyoming or South Dakota or something? If you've ever wanted to pretend you were a Sea Monkey in a glass full of Rock Crystals, then this is your spot.

And also "the Gardens of the Gods" in Colorado. It looks like giant toddlers just picked up pieces of earth and threw them all over the playpen. And there was a really amazing music store in the town which is connected to the park, can't remember the name.

There's also a really drive out on the road from San Diego to Yuma, heaps of creepy out of control rocks. Maybe it's just out of El Centro? Just drive through southern Utah with Beethoven quartets blasting in the stereo.


Bret Michaels' Health Problems

All I know about Rock Star Bret Michaels is that he chalks up his eyes with black eyeliner and wears a blue bandanna and had a miraculous recovery from a very serious blood clot in his brain. Now he is suing the Tony Awards for the aneurysm saying that he was hit on the head by a freak stage accident 6 months before which led to the brain clot. At the time it was taken as a funny accident, but supposedly his nose was broken so the injuries were serious.

Bret Michaels
b. Mar. .15, 1963 Butler, PA

Sun 25 Pisces; Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius; NN 27 Cancer

Don't have a birth time so I can't place the Moon and don't have a Ascendant for Michaels. This isn't the greatest situation for looking at the health of an individual, of course, as the Ascendant, H6 and H12 give so much information about a person's health.

Indicators for suffering an accident are shown by Mars and Uranus mainly and probably Saturn. There are other indicators I'm just trying to hone down to the most obvious elements.

Michaels is a strongly water type of person if his Moon is in Scorpio and in a Grand Water Trine with Sun 25 Pisces-Jupiter 26 Pisces and NN 27 Cancer Rx. This shows a person who is very receptive and sensitive and might hold a lot of his psychic energy inside. Of course it is a very artistic and creative element, but also can present some problems. Water is receptive and reflective. Grand Trines have a problem in that they contain the energy. There's no easy interaction within the rest of the chart which projects out into the life in some way. Water in particular likes to flow. Perhaps there is a physical stagnation.

There are two very strong elements in this chart, the Water element and the Mars element, can show a problem with sucking energy in and holding it in. There's going to be a need to be "lanced." If Michaels' Moon is in Sagittarius this will still hold only partly true and will present a firey outlet which is good but might also be accident prone. Can't say for sure without the correct placement so I shouldn't even be speculating here.

This chart Mars shows a pretty intense outlet through firey Mars as well. Mars is unaspected to other planets at 6 Leo. This is a very bold placement, great for a performer and rock star. Mars is lead planet of a locomotive chart so it in a sense leads the rest of the planets. This is a guy who gathers no moss under his feet. And this shows his incredible recuperative powers. Mars also rules the brain, at least in part, and the head. If this doesn't explain the brain hemorrhage, then it at least explains the Bandana which is such a big part of Michaels' image. If Moon is in Scorpio and not in Sagittarius, Mars further stands out as a singleton in Fire.

There's one additional element to Michaels' Mars to point out and that is that Mars stationed direct just hours after he was born. I have no idea how to interpret that, psychically it would probably require a Doctoral Dissertation to explain, but I wonder if there weren't some sort of trauma experienced soon after birth. Maybe exposure even to heat or surgery or head got squeezed by forceps.

Apparently Michael's suffered the onstage accident in June, 2009, then about 8 months later was rushed to the Hospital for an emergency appendectomy, then about 2 weeks later suffered the brain hemorrhage, then weeks after that was rushed back to the hospital for a hole that developed in his chart. This was while the Saturn-Uranus opposition was slowly passing over natal Sun-Jupiter in Pisces. Mars rules emergencies as well as the head. Appendectomies ruled by Uranus and possibly Moon and Mercury for digestive system/stomach problems. Heart is ruled by the sign that Michaels' Mars is in: Leo.

Michaels' was born in the 1960s during the conjunction of Uranus to Pluto at 3 and 11 degrees in that sign. The connection between these two slow moving outer planets in the sign of Virgo is a generation overall which is concerned with health issues and obsessive daily habits.

Michaels' chart is hooked into that on a personal level through an opposition from Mercury 11 Pisces conjunct Chiron 12 Pisces. Mercury is connected to brain function through fine motor coordination, Mars through gross motor function. Chiron represents a wounding that can't be healed but also ability to teach others through the wound.

Michaels' was diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetes when he was 6 years old which shows that he has led a life of always having to maintain his health. At 6 years old a child is going through his first Jupiter Opposition and moving in to his first Secondary Progressed Lunar Square. So I was amazed to find how prominently those transiting planets are perhaps placed in the natal chart within that Grand Water Trine. Jupiter is in close 1 degree conjunction with Sun in Pisces trining the North Node in Cancer and maybe trining the Scorpio Moon.

Illness can certainly guide a person to learn how to hold energy in reserve. A child who deals with a serious illness well develops special abilities. And, with that prominent Mars there would be a desire to develop psychic strength to make up for the physical lack as Mars in Leo is a rather proud placement which wants to show courage. With the strong water of the chart, I suspect there is a bit of a shamanic element to this man. Connected with that lucky Sun-Jupiter conjunction and the significant Mars placement in the chart one can perhaps understand the inherent physical vitality which can lead to such an amazing recovery.

It looks as if these significant planets are also emphasized over the month that Michaels was stricken. He was going through both a Mars Return and a Jupiter Return. The Moon hit Mars in Leo with the brain hemorrhage and a month later (Lunar Return) at the last problem with heart. And Jupiter was in conjunction with Uranus 29 Pisces opposing Saturn 30 Virgo. That explains the larger than life complications involved and also the extreme good luck with a recovery. I'm not sure if he still has any paralysis or weakness involved, that would be indicated by the Saturn opposition. (He has decided to sue just as Jupiter opposes Saturn from Aries to Libra.

I'd love to see how the entire chart someday.

Nearly decapitated on stage at Tony Awards, Full Moon:

June 7, 2009

Sun 18 Gemini; Moon Sagittarius; NN 3 Aquarius

Venus-Mars in Taurus square NN in Aquarius, Mars-Uranus = Accidents

Emergency appendectomy

Apr. 12, 2010, New Moon in Aries

Sun 23 Aries; Moon Aries NN 17 Capricorn

t.Venus once again in Taurus conjunct Mercury,
t.Moon has just passed over t.Saturn-Uranus opposition in effect end of Virgo-Pisces
(this would be tripping off natal Sun-Jupiter conjunction and maybe Grand Trine)

Brain Hemorrhage:

Apr. 21 or 22, 2010

Sun 1 Taurus; Moon Leo; NN 16 Capricorn Rx

Moon conjunct Mars Return in Leo. Yod involving Neptune-Chiron, Moon and Saturn.

Wonder if this guy has Taurus Rising.

Hemorrhaging, blood circulation is related to Uranus, probably in relation to the Jupiter which is related to uncontrollable growth, also Neptune.

Hole in Heart,

Sun 30 Taurus; Moon end of Leo; NN 15 Capricorn Rx

t-square with apex Sun squaring Moon-Mars opposing Neptune-Chiron 29 Aquarius-1 Pisces. Lunar Return (conjunct Mars Return) from original appendectomy) Wow, what a month.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Pluto in Virgo: Heightened Sense of Community Service

Nice article which pretty much sums it up:


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who Gets Burned During the Witch Hunt?

What with the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception ending I think we are pretty finishing up our interstellar understanding of how the collective unconscious works. Everyone has gathered round and now everyone's waking up and realizing that they don't really like each other.

So, just out of curiosity I wanted to check out some good old American Witch trials to see what might indicate some bad sided versions of what is supposed to be a good thing, the collective unconscious, because, frankly, I like a little control here and there (Capricorn Moon) when everyone comes together and agrees with the collective. I have to also say that I don't like mass mentality at all.

The Salem Witch Trials occurred in 1692 in Salem Massachusetts. There are probably some really great interpretations out there on the Internet which I hope to look up some day but haven't quite yet.

During the Summer of 1692, 19 people were put to death. Historians now say that this was probably not due to their dealings with the devil but their financial abilities, the collective unconscious was jealous of their money. Pluto anyone? Pluto does as much good as he does bad, he just is generally remembered for the bad because he's the silent type and generally doesn't brag about his successes.

Interesting that in 1692 there was a Saturn (Authority) opposition to Uranus (Crowds) crossing the Gemini / Sagittarius pole. I suppose one could say that gossip/slander/opinions/beliefs were at the root of this problem. In June when the trials began the Sun passed over Uranus in Gemini along with Jupiter, Chiron and Mercury Retrograde. It could have been a good year if Chiron hadn't been in there maybe.

So, like the current past year, Jupiter was in conjunction with Uranus and opposing Saturn.

At that point, Neptune was at 20 Pisces in its own sign. People were confused. You can't ever figure out who the witches really are during a heavy Neptune transit. People were freaked out by anything they may not have understood. And this is where Pluto comes in. Pluto needs to be powerful.

Pluto was just at the end of Cancer, passing into Leo. That point is probably connected with conformity and clansmanship and emotional excess/romanticism/sentimentality (those are the negative interpretations, there are always positive interpretations). People are learning about how and with whom to place their loyalties. There's a sense that things have to be nice, but in an childish, sand boxish kind of a way. Pluto brings changes (I won't say lessons) in how power is handled so that growth may occur. This was a big oopsy moment. I really wonder which Sun Signs were most likely to be barbqued under this aspect. Wikipedia doesn't include birth dates of the victims. About 150 people were arrested. 19 were found guilty.

Mars and Venus were in conjunction pretty much the whole time in the signs of Leo and Virgo. That's a really interesting conjunction to think about in connection with a Witch Hunt and I can't really explain it but I think a hooker could.

Neptune's cycle takes 165 years to pass around the astrological wheel. Neptune was discovered in 1846 during his next pass in to his own sign.

The Communist Manifesto was published at that point (please see Adrian Ross Duncan's article about Neptune in Pisces (he's such an excellent astrologer and writer: http://www.world-of-wisdom.com/blog/neptune-in-pisces/33/). This was the good side of Neptune, the Civil Rights side.

Neptune's last pass through Pisces in the United States contains the last years of Slavery before the Civil War. Neptune rules Slavery. So at that time the good side of Neptune was also playing out in the U.S. The War didn't happen until Neptune passed into Aries, though. Neptune prefers hangings, poisonings, and big regrets. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and, in the art world at least, you can always count on the Pisces to get really bored with "same old, same old." They have a great sense of what's not working. It is the sign which signifies "Letting Go" For those of us who aren't good at letting go, Neptune moves in and clouds things up for a time so that we just in the end wake up one day and wonder what the hell just happened.

It's been another 165 years and Neptune will pass into Pisces next Month once again. We can maybe purchase a gas mask over the Internet. Hope we're not heading into any more Witch Trials, ehrrr.

World of Wisdom says that psychics will be in demand. I sort of think it's a good time to keep the psychic thing on the down low. Don't confuse people. Just be the first to say that nothing's working and we need something new. If you really want to succeed in life grow some pot (not really, that's a joke, I hate the stuff). This will be a time when people could be thinking there's just not enough Love to go around. The psychic stuff just can be a little annoying.

I looked up the McCarthy Era which was the last great American Witch Trial. This occurred because of Political paranoias and in-tolerance rather than Religiosity. J.Edgar Hoover was doing some pretty crazy stuff in order to keep things under control. He was a Capricorn so the Sun Sign astrology works out pretty well here with the control and authority symbology.

What does this mean? The U.S. seems to enjoy Pluto in Leo in which to celebrate its Witch Hunts? Well, Pluto was again in Leo. I wonder if this is because due to its orbit Pluto has to spend so much time in Cancer and Leo, it just sort of bends in on itself, the power thing.

Wikipedia lists a bunch of names of people who were black-listed during that era and I just had to look up their Sun Signs -- Gemini Rising? People's lives were wrecked just because somebody had a bad feeling about them and decided to tattle.

For my own curiosity I checked out which signs got into trouble. Who was accused of being a Communist? "The List." Amazing. By a long shot the people who got black-listed were Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces. (4 birth dates weren't available through Wikipedia so this isn't a complete list).

Which Signs fared the best? Who are the folks who can sail through a mass lynching and not get tagged? Pretty interesting. Leo. Virgo. Libra. Aquarius. The innocent bystanders of the Zodiac. Well, maybe Leo's not really known for taking a neutral stance. But, when Pluto's transiting over your Sun the ball is in your court. You might be forced to fly the plane. The other 3 signs, Virgo, Libra and Aquarius are very good at maintaining neutrality. They're the pros.

The rest of the signs, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Capricorn were in the middle of the road regards accusations. And, as I said, J.Edgar Hoover was a Capricorn.

I should have paid more attention to what Chiron was doing. I think he is often very connected with being accused of things one hasn't done.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Earth to Mercury

NASA's Messenger spacecraft has entered Mercury's orbit where it will spin around the planet 730 times over the next year. The mission has been 15 years in the making. The spacecraft had to spin around Earth's orbit once, Venus' orbit twice, and Mercury's orbit three times in order to gain enough momentum to make it into the atmosphere. According to the article listed below Mercury is very dense, is constantly shrinking, and has a gravitational pull (unlike Venus and Mars).

Messenger's 14 minute burn into Mercury's atmosphere:

Mar. 18 0045 GMT

How the chart looks from earth:

Sun 28 Pisces; Moon 3 Virgo; ASC 9 Sagittarius; MC 8 Libra; NN 29 Sagittarius Rx

Mercury from our viewpoint is at 15 Aries conjunct Jupiter in the 5th House and opposing Saturn 16 Libra in the 11th House.

The cusp of the 3d house is 30 Aquarius. The Moon-Neptune (30 Aquarius) opposition is in layered over the H3-H9 cusps. Guess that's pretty awesome for a spacecraft making contact with Mercury.


Saturday, March 19, 2011


Well, Richard Nolle says that SuperMoons bring out the beast in Nature. Guess they also bring out the Beast in Man. After 10 years of trying, a new domain has been approved for porn.


The name of this blog tends to bring in the spammers so maybe now they'll have somewhere else to go. There's something called an "Ass Comet" which I had never even heard of before starting this blog, but it's popular with the porn set. I think the Saturn-Neptune opposition was on my Mercury at the time that I thought this name up. No interpretation needed.

Here's all the news that's fit to print about this topic:


Either way, I tend to associate pornography with Pluto in Virgo's. Sorry, it's the insecurity thing of Virgo along with the opposition to Pisces which likes to, shall we say, Dream? Today's Virgo SuperMoon, full and opposing the Pisces Sun is hitting the Pluto in Virgo generation, a bunch of quiet old leches.

Knut Dies On The SuperMoon

Knut the Amazing Polar Bear has died at the Berlin Zoo today. He was only 5 years old. He passed at some time in the afternoon as 600 or 700 visitors watched.

I don't have a birth time for Knut but he was most likely a Sagittarius with Gemini Moon. This means that he was a Full Moon baby himself. His Moon was probably placed (can't say for sure without a birth time) in an exceptional way in his natal chart as it was traveling fast and was out of bounds. This says that there was something exceptional about how he was nurtured and that he probably lived with a hypersensitivity of some sort. His story seems to describes some of this. As befits a Gemini Moon Knut was born with a twin brother. Gemini is the sign of the Twins. However, the boys' Mother (Moon) rejected them soon after they were born. The Brother died 4 days later (More sorrow). This means that Knut's progressed Sun was very close in degree to where the transiting Sun was when his brother was born. (4 days per each year). But Knut was surrounded by a great deal of attention by the zookeepers and managed to be the first to survive birth in captivity. He became a great public success (Moon). Even his death happened before a huge crowd as his progressed Moon may have been in conjunction with his natal Saturn.

In his progressed chart Knut's Mercury (sibling) and Mars (brother) were in exact conjunction with his natal Jupiter at 3 Sagittarius.

I've written a post previously about how most Polar Bears are Sagittarians (doi) because they are born in December. That certainly explains why they are so loveable. It possibly explains how their existence became unstable as Pluto transited through that sign.

Knut's natal Saturn was stationing Retrograde at 26 Leo when he was born and was opposing Neptune 18 Aquarius. This could explain his captivity and broad mass appeal to go along with that heavily aspected Moon in his chart. Sagittarians need their freedom.

So sorry for your struggles Little Bear. The World grieves your loss.

Knut the Amazing Polar Bear, born in captivity, died in captivity
b. Dec. 5, 2006 Berlin, Germany

Sun 14 Sagittarius; Moon Gemini; NN 22 Pisces


Mar. 19, 2011 afternoon, Berlin Zoo, Germany

Sun 29 Pisces; Moon about 25 Virgo; NN 29 Sagittarius

Note the Mutable t-squares in these major aspects in both birth and death charts.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

F%ck a Duck

Just read that insurance company Aflac has fired the comedian who has played the voice of its company Duck logo for the past 10 years. Gilbert Gottfried published jokes on his Twitter account about the tragedies in Japan over the week-end. Twitter is certainly made for people who can think of one-liners. Problem is, once it goes out there, you can't take it back.

I wanted to check the guy's chart to see if he has Mercury Retro or something. Actually, I wanted to see what kind of Mercury and Venus a guy has who can make a living off of talking like a duck for 10 years.

Turns out Gottfried's got a chart that could compare with a nuclear power plant, a 9.0 earthquake or a tsunami. Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

And, yeah, I thought, wow, Pisces are supposed to be sensitive. Well, if you just watched those waves take over the Japanese coastline I guess you know how that goes. These guys are just like the rest of us, just some of them can figure out how to get away with it. And if you saw how big those waves were you know sort of how they do it.

And so, answer here is: bad luck, Mars was transiting over Gottfried's Sun over the week-end. The guy just had an impulse control problem. To top it off, natal Sun is unaspected which means that it doesn't flow with the rest of the planets in his chart. When Gottfried's Sun receives a transit or such, it just balloons out and projects. That's why the guy is a performer. Just now he will be performing for some other company.

Pisces does explain the alter ego with the shore bird.

Gilbert Gottfried
b. Feb. 28, 1955 Brooklyn, NY

Sun 10 Pisces; Moon Taurus or Gemini; NN 3 Capricorn

A person's voice is shown through his natal Mercury and Venus. I don't have a birth time so can't look at what was going on with the Ascendant and Midheaven, or Houses.

Gottfried's Mercury is 15 Aquarius and is unaspected to other planets in his chart. Like his natal Sun, his Mercury, planet of communication and talkie talk, just tends to take on a life of its own. In Aquarius things get a little electrical, a little fast, very intuitive and very weird. Shock value. So when Gottfried riffs, he takes it out as far and as zany as it can go. And the Internet, ruled by Mercury and Aquarius, goes out really, really far, all the way to the CEO at Aflac.

And then there's that thing about how everything you put out there is permanent and turns almost instantly into a demerit against you. Nobody on the Internet can afford to read your jokes and laugh. Nothing's more inappropriate than sitting in an Internet hot spot and actually LOL'ing into a computer screen. That's just plain creepy (LOL) and maybe that's why there's no sense of humor on the internet and why people are content to post pictures of baby animals (ROTFLOL).

Unaspected Sun. Unaspected Mercury. Didn't the insurance company cover him for this part of his personality? Maybe he's eligible for workman's comp. You can sort of just imagine him sitting there, watching all that CNN footage (I even found myself watching FOX for a while) and freaking out, probably drinking, and typing into his iphone whatever came to mind. And unfortunately he was on a roll. Mars transits only come along once every two years. Too bad about the Send Button. Press it. Drink Me. It's so much Fun.

And then about a week later you will think about what the hell you just did.

Gottfried's Mercury has progressed to 8 Taurus. He's in the early stage of learning the Taurus way. Don't know what that means, but it's definitely working at a slower pace. Maybe his next gig will be to mimic a Bull. Maybe he'll just kick more shit. Did I mention that he just had a Nodal Return in Capricorn conjunct Pluto. That's some guilty shit, for sure.

Mercury is what you say and how you say it. Your actual voice is ruled by Venus, the way your throat resonates. Gottfried's natal Venus is at 26 Capricorn. That's sort of dry and crusty and I don't want to know how old his first girlfriend was. Capricorn does like Black Humor though and with natal Venus opposing Jupiter 21 Cancer conjunct Uranus 25 Cancer and squaring Neptune 28 Libra one can see that something special and light hearted is related to the voice here.

Right now, progressed Venus is at 2 Aries. Whatever his new Mercury doesn't kick, his new Venus will ram into.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, just some notes about cycles: Just after Solar Return and Nodal Return c. Pluto.

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California Nuclear Power Plants

I've looked up some of the California Power Plants and have found some pretty disturbing astrology. I remember that people living in San Luis Obispo are given Potassium Iodide pills when they move in to the area in case the Nuclear Reactor fails. Both Power Plants are built on choice real estate by the ocean.

Diablo Canyon, Avila Beach outside of San Luis Obispo, Central California

Unit 1 commissioned May 7, 1985

Sun 18 Taurus; Moon Sagittarius or Capricorn; NN 19 Taurus

Sun opposite Saturn layered over the Nodal Axis in Taurus/Scorpio

Unit 2 commissioned March 13, 1986

Sun 23 Pisces; Moon Aries or Taurus; NN 3 Taurus

PLuto conjunct the South Node in Scorpio
Sun 23 Pisces squares Uranus 23 Sagittarius conjunct Mars 23 Sagittarius. Neptune is at 6 Capricorn. Well, I guess if the Pluto transit-t-square last year didn't take this thing out it can survive just about anything. Helps that the area didn't have a major earthquake.

San Onofre

Unit 1 closed.

Commission Date for Unit 2: Aug. 8, 1983

Sun 16 Leo; Moon Leo; NN 23 Gemini

New Moon in Leo possibly.
Neptune is conjunct the South Node in Sagittarius.
Jupiter conjunct Uranus 2 and 6 Sagittarius trining Mars 27 Cancer.
Saturn conjunct Pluto 29-28 Libra squaring Mars 27 Cancer
Coming up to Saturn Return in Libra.

Commission Date for Unit 3: Apr. 1, 1984

New Moon in Aries possibly which trines Uranus 14 Sagittarius and squares Jupiter 12 Capricorn.
Neptune 2 Capricorn SRx.
Mercury 2 Taurus opposite Pluto 2 Scorpio Rx.
Bowl Lead Planet Pluto.
No Air.
Pluto, Saturn, Mars all in Scorpio at different spots so this might be very vulnerable either when Saturn has Return in a couple of years or when Pluto moves in to Aquarius.

San Diego doesn't get huge earthquakes, Thank God.

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Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Explosions

The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant has suffered two explosions so far since the devastating earthquake and tsunami on March 11. The cause of the explosions is said to be from Hydrogen build up. Rex Bills rulership book says that Hydrogen is ruled by Neptune and (Saturn). I suppose that Pluto rules Plutonium and Uranus rules Uranium. The news reports are saying there is a good chance of total melt down. Apparently the earthquake and tsunami shut off the safety valves, something which nobody anticipated. Safety valves, I assume, are ruled by Saturn. Keeping such powerful energy under control might need a very strong and healthy Saturn.

According to Wikipedia the Fukushima Power Plant was opened on:

Mar. 26, 1971 Okuma, Futaba District, Fukushima, Japan

Sun 5 Aries; Moon Pisces or Aries; NN 22 Aquarius

I've been looking up California Power Plant opening dates as well and it appears that Nuclear Power Plants tend to be opened on or around New Moons in Fire Signs. And the astrology for such powerful energy is the same as astrology for potentially volatile situations. This Fukushima Plant has a particularly difficult t-square. The Aries Sun is conjunct Chiron. It opposes Uranus 12 Libra Rx. And an out of bound Mars is at the apex. The Sun and Mars are in the signs of their exhaltation. This combination is a surefire indicator for possible accidents. And, here's the kicker: Mars is at 9 Capricorn so Pluto is just 2 degrees away by transit. Don't have the actual time of start up for the plant so can't place the Moon. If in Pisces early in the day it would be opposing Pluto. If in Aries later in the day it could be in conjunction with the Sun. It would have been triggered by the transiting Sun in Pisces as well.

The Sun in this chart is trining a conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune at the beginning of Sagittarius. That's a lot of boundless energy.

Saturn is at 20 Taurus which squares the Nodal Axis. The square from Saturn could indicate safety concerns. Aquarius North Node/Leo South Node seems like the perfect Axis for a power planet but it just as easily can indicate vulnerability to unpredictable events and earthquakes.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan Earthquake and Nuclear Power Plant Dangers

Just looked at the chart for the 8.9/9.0 earthquake that hit Japan on Friday and noticed how obviously the Nuclear Power Plant problems are described. There's an unaspected (by major aspect) conjunction of Sun-Mars in the 8th House with Sun ruling the chart. Also, Scorpio is intercepted in the 4th House. Pluto/Scorpio is at least co-ruler of Nuclear Holocausts, and also of massive damage.

This is so unbelievable.

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Spring Equinox 2011

Will try to read the Spring Equinox Chart for Washington, DC 2011 here. Haven't read Jude Cowell's interpretation yet, they are always excellent, and there is usually a great interpretation over at AquariusPapers.

This chart is significant because it shows heavy Aries Point influence, all of the angles are on the Aries Points. The Aries Points coincide with the Solstice and Equinox points which represent beginnings and new starts.

This Equinox will come soon after a Full Moon which, in Richard Nolle's terms, is a very potent Supermoon (on March 19) related to natural disasters, etc. I have a theory that there is increased earthquake activity when outer planets are in the Cardinal Signs. This seems to be happening right now as increased amount of earthquakes over the past year have occurred during a heavy t-square of outer planets over the Aries Points. The huge earthquake in Japan has sort of jumped the gun on natural disasters. Either way, the Total Lunar Eclipse which occurred right before the Winter Solstice

Mar. 20, 2011 7:21 Washington, DC

Sun 1 Aries; Moon 18 Libra; ASC 2 Libra; MC 2 Cancer; NN 29 Sagittarius Rx

This earthquake is a bowl shaped chart contained within a signifcant opposition of planets placed on the angles over the 1st and 7th Houses. With Libra Rising the Chart is an upside down version of a natural chart which has Aries Rising. I suspect this shows a time of confusion or of being stretched to the maximum in trying to understand the other person's point of view. All the planets are placed below this opposition in the night section of the chart. This shows that people are redefining their personal self identities. How can we reinvent America? Either that, or Americans will be brought to their knees and made helpless.

The significant Jupiter-Saturn opposition which will become exact at the end of the month is said to be connected with social and political changes. Jupiter represents the Advisors and Saturn represents the Government. Oppositions can show a balancing act. The opposition is an aspect which occurs every 20 years.

Jupiter and Saturn are strong because they are placed angularly in H1 (Saturn) and H7 (Jupiter) and are both in conjunction with inner planets, Moon and Mercury. Saturn is conjunct the Moon in the 1st House. These planets rule the IC and MC angles of the chart but opposite the houses which they naturally rule. This shows conflict, or at least need for harmony, between the Public and the Leader of a country. As the IC represents Land and Water one can see that there may be a problem with Natural Disasters. Anything showing conflict between H4 issues and H10 issues will come to the fore.

The Moon-Saturn conjunction is opposing a conjunction of Mercury-Jupiter in Aries in the 7th House. This shows intense dealings in one on one relationships and open enemies. Like Moon and Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter represent opposite ends of the same pole. This pole has to do with communications, concrete and abstract thinking processes, education, neighborhoods, transportation and the media. In this chart Mercury and Jupiter rule signs which are intercepted in each others' houses. Overall, it seems that there will be a big confusion, perhaps upheaval, concerning contracts, transportation, education, and overall communication.

Since Cancer/Capricorn doesn't really blend well with Gemini/Sagittarius issues it is perhaps a good thing that this chart is so strongly ruled by peace loving Libra. Libra rules the Chart and also the Moon and Saturn.

Extremely significant in this chart, probably the first thing I notice when I look at it, is the exact conjunction of the Sun to Uranus at 1 Aries. What can I say? The Gang's all here. Sun-Uranus is in conjunction with the Descendant within a degree and are squaring the Nodal Axis. This says Revolt, Rebellion, Shock, Surprise, Innovation. Masses of people trying to change history. The Libra emphasis might show people doing this who can't lead, are vain, or who are just complaining a lot. On the 7th House this shows that the U.S. will be in relationship with others who have this attitude, or will perhaps express this attitude in its relationships with other countries. Something significant unexpected ought to occur with regards to how the U.S. reflects community. And God knows what else. Uranus and Sun, of course, describe earthquakes. There could be a rise in Divorce rates. And there might be some kind of cyber war. There could be huge breakthroughs in Technology and Innovations. Or the innovation might come in how the United States partners with other countries. It's difficult to know how the 1st house Moon-Saturn will handle this. This combination is generally emotionally restrained so it could be a good balance which will manage the wild energies in this chart. Or it could become fearful and too cautious. This chart seems to be asking for action. The first house placement might show that the management initiates the partnership.

Both Mars and Pluto in this chart are unaspected by major aspect to other planets. These planets, along with the Moon, can represent violence. Pluto is at 8 Capricorn down in the 4th House. This can show crisis in environment, family, real estate, hotels, food industry, water supply, underground infrastructure, mining. If not physically represented there might be a power play to gain control in these areas. There certainly are some buying opportunities in Real Estate right now. Hopefully there will be significant research done in understanding how to create safety in the above areas. Pluto rules the 3d House of communications, concrete thinking, transportation, neighborhoods, planning. Some great ideas might come up for new lifestyles and ways of transporting people. But, don't hold your breath. Pluto in H4 is territorial, wants control of the land, and has drainage problems. Whatever you try to flush down the toilet, whether mental, emotional or physical, may blow back up in your face along with everyone else's issues. Pluto is vengeful and resentful and jealous. With the Libra, be careful not to provoke anyone else's envy or jealousy.

Mars, God of War, is in Pisces in the 6th House. This can show tension in Civil Rights and Labor. Also Public Health issues. Mars might bring fevers and infections related to bad sanitation. Microwaves might be finally understood as a health issue. Mars rules the 7th House. Both planets in that house, Mercury and Jupiter, disposit towards him. So there will be caustic comments in those diplomatic relationships and people may become impatient with trying to express their views. Unless you're a Double Sagittarius Super Charmer you had better plan on keeping your potty mouth under control. The Labor Unions in Minnesota just lost their security to the double Scorpio Governor. He did it because he couldn't balance the budget (H8). But American workers have no safety, the citizens at least.

In the Astrolocality chart, The Sun-Uranus lines run through the East Coast very close to Washington DC. That combination seems to literally describe President Obama as he is a Leo Sun with Aquarius Rising. I don't know what he's doing over in the Partner house, though. Another Sun-Uranus lines run through the Pacific Ocean, thankfully not California, don't know if that's significant. Another Sun-Uranus line runs through middle of Africa and up through Europe, it looks like around Germany but I didn't look closer.

Venus and Neptune in this chart look interesting as far as the Arts go. They are placed in the 5th House of creativity in the sign of Aquarius. The Venus and Neptune lines run through the West Coast. Maybe Hollywood will get its Groove Back with the Glamour thing. Aquarius wants the community to participate and it could represent something to do with High Tech. This is a neurotic energy, typical of arts, but which could loosen things up a bit in order to solve problems. Venus trines the Moon in H1. Neptune makes a wide conjunction with Venus but otherwise is unaspected.

Saturn doesn't run through the U.S. in the astrolocality chart for the Equinox. The Jupiter-SAturn lines run through Latin America and China. So maybe that's where the connections will take place?

The Finance Houses look like they fall in line with this socialization thing. The H2 of Banks, Money, Self-Values is empty. Venus, natural ruler of H2, rules the chart from the 28 Libra cusp which puts the whole thing back in to how well people can negotiate and compromise. Venus is at 23 Aquarius in the 5th House. This shows innovation and creativity, especially in wide conjunction with Neptune 30 Aquarius and trining the H1Moon. Innovations in Gas, Oil, Glamour, Drugs, Escapism, Dissolving boundaries.

House 8 of Other People's money, Debt, bankruptcy, insurance, etc. is also empty. The cusp is 28 Aries so Mars rules the house. That's sort of a Cowboy aspect I think. Mars is placed in Pisces in the 6th House of Labor and Jobs. That area may become a bit fuzzy and show some losses. Or there may be rebellion from those who demand their rights. Lots of grease is going to be thrown down the drains at the fast food joints, I can promise the Health Department that.

And then the biggee comes in Education, Transportation, Media, Communication etc., both lower and upper. Gemini and Sagittarius are both intercepted in each others' houses. That might mean that they don't have good representation or that the needs in this area will finally become apparent. Rulers Mercury and Jupiter, as I said, are in conjunction with each other in Aries (sparking anything new). They are in opposition to and wishfully in relationship with the Moon-Saturn conjunction in the 1st house which they will not enjoy at all as Moon-Saturn represents stodginess, the worst possible thing for Mercury and Jupiter.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquakes/Tsunami in Japan, 7.2 Foreshock and 8.9 Unbelievable

So, last night I put on my earphones to pass out while listening to George Noori and he says "Turn on the TV, Japan just had a major earthquake!" and I think wow this show is so annoying sometimes, that big 7.2 earthquake was 2 days ago. Then I turned on the TV. And there was video of the ocean rolling in over a town and cars and boats were just bobbling around and banging into things. And the reporters were sort of saying gibberish because who can tell what's going on while staring at this type of thing. The video footage was crystal clear. So we know for sure it was Japan, at least.

Richard Nolle is incredible! Supermoons seem to really be a strong indicator of major disasters.

I suppose one could add the stuff about how the Sun has woken up and is raging superstorms creating a pull from another direction.

And also probably to blame are all the Cardinal elements in the outer planet activity. Jupiter 10 Aries, Saturn 16 Libra, Uranus 30 Pisces (1 degree away), Pluto 8 Capricorn. (t-square Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto).

And the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception giving a big send off before changing signs. (This happened back in the 1840s so this influence can maybe be double checked to see if it's a real influence or not). Uranus, ruler of Wind, Earthquakes, Sudden extreme events, is on the last degree of Neptune's sign. Neptune, ruler of Water, Oceans, Floods (along with MOon), is on the last degree of Uranus's sign. These are outer planets that rule things that humans don't have control over. (I just supposed why I think this is so in a post -- reason: we don't live long enough to experience a complete cycle of the slow moving planets so we can't fully understand their influence on us).

Uranus is also squaring the Nodal Axis. Pluto has just completed a conjunction with the North Node. Since the Uranus-Pluto square will be continuing off and on for a few more years should probably check to see if forecasting will work for when this aspect next hits the Nodal Axis in this way.

And Sun is still within orb of long conjunction with Mars in Pisces.

And where the Hell is Lilith? Lilith has got to be there. Lilith is always "there". Dark Side of the Moon, sorry even after taking a year of Latin classes I still can't remember the lingo. Lilith is one degree away from Uranus in Pisces. She's the chart bee-aatch and likes to stir things up.

7.2 Earthquake (Foreshock) Northern Japan (no tsunami?)

Mar. 9, 2011 11:45 AM LT (2:45 UTC) 80 miles East of Sendai, Honshu, Japan which I can't pull up on my program for some reason

Sun 19 Pisces (H10); Moon 5 Taurus (H11); ASC 8 Cancer; MC 18 Pisces; NN 29 Sagittarius Rx

Odd how watery this chart but did not cause the big tsunami. Sun, ASC, MC in Water. Moon rules chart. Sun is conjunct MC because this happened at "High Noon". Sort of makes me think that the Sun is suspect here as it rules the big earthquake's chart (Leo Rising). And that earthquake happened at 2:46pm, 3 hours later. Pluto is conjunct DESC. Strong influence of angular houses. Occurred at High Noon with large stellium up in H10. Saturn in H4 opposing Uranus H10.

8.9 Earthquake, Northern Japan
Mar. 11, 2011 5:46 UTC 2:46 pm 38.322 deg No. 142. degrees east

Sun 21 Pisces (H8); Moon 1 Gemini (H10); ASC 17 Leo; MC 9 Taurus; NN 29 Sagittarius (H5)

The Moon ruled the chart of what has now been declared the "Foreshock." The Sun rules this chart. Cancer Rising and Cancer Moon tends to come up a lot in big natural disaster charts. I just saw that a CD has been published of Aretha Franklin's greatest hits. They call it "Force of Nature" and I thought, wow, that's true, she has a Cancer Moon. Astrologers like to ignore Cancer. But, truth is, the Moon is the only orb we follow that revolves around the Earth and not the Sun. The Moon of the Foreshock chart is at "high noon" in this chart, that is it is conjunct the Midheaven, or highest point. Moon has a long memory. And Richard Nolle has found these Supermoons to be incredible triggers.

So, the planets are in the Cardinal signs but this chart is very related to the Fixed Houses. I've speculated before that when the Resources houses are strongly aspected there will be great loss in these disasters. But then there were all those miraculous recoveries from potential airplane disasters during the conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune which had that conjunction in the 8th House. Here the 8th House of mass destruction and death is loaded with Mars 13 Pisces, Sun 21 Pisces, Lilith 29 Pisces, Uranus 30 Pisces, Mercury 13 Pisces. And then Jupiter is up close by in H9 at 11 Aries.

I think it's interesting to note that no planets were out of bounds in either of these charts. The Moon is not traveling fast. Jupiter is a singleton in Fire in the Mar 9 earthquake chart. Pluto is a singleton in earth in the Mar 11 chart.

Mercury seems to be something significant. He is traveling fast between the two charts, changing signs over the Aries Point, and within the Uranus-Jupiter conjunction and has been passing over the Aries Point. March 9 chart: 29 Pisces. March 11 chart: 2 Aries c. Jupiter. That perhaps gives more significance to the Cardinal Sign influence.

I send my best wishes to the people in Japan who are suffering great stress and huge losses right now.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eva Braun's Personal Photos

Life Magazine is reminding us all that they have personal photos of Hitler's mistress, Eva Braun, in their collection:


Braun is doing an Al Jolson in black face imitation. It looks like she was a lot of fun. It also looks like maybe she was a bit bipolar. Apparently, Braun met Hitler when she was 17 in October, 1929. The U.S. Stock Market crashed that month and Eva met Adolph. No further comment needed on that one except to note that transiting Pluto was just hitting Eva's natal 7th House Neptune which squared Nodal Axis. Sort of a tidal wave hitting your marriage partner house. Along came Hitler.

Hitler had a natal conjunction of Neptune-Pluto in his 8th House. I don't know what kind of sexual kinko comes along with that combination, but the two lower octave planets of that conjunction, Venus and Mars are in conjunction as well in his 7th House. He kept Eva sort of cooped up. The German public didn't even know she existed. What a lover boy. Waits until after he's forced to commit suicide because he's killed 6 million Jews and 3 million Catholics in order to pop the question to his lover of 16 years. 40 hours of Wedded Bliss. Wonder if she threw a shower.

He was 23 years her senior and was also messing around with his sister's half daughter who ended up killing herself. Braun then attempted to kill herself a couple of times. Once at Age 20 on Nov. 1, 1932 when she shot herself in the chest. Then she o'd'ed on pills on May 28, 1935. And, as I said, Eva, Age 33, and Hitler, Age 56, died in a mutual suicide 40 hours after they married. She was at that age when the Sun in your Solar Return chart is supposed to complete a cycle and he was just past his secondary Progressed Lunar Return. That is, we hope they died. They may still be alive and well or at least gently embalmed by now in Argentina.

The connections between these two charts is really incredible. Eva's 1st House just plain old did her in in the relationship department. According to Astrotheme she had Venus 9 Capricorn in conjunction with her 5 Capricorn Ascendant. This hooks up with Hitler's Moon-Jupiter conjunction.

Eva's progressed Venus, planet of partners and marriages tells the tale pretty well through the Secondary Progressions. Her first house had Lilith 17 Capricorn, Mercury 29 Capricorn, Uranus 1 Aquarius, Sun 17 Aquarius. She met Hitler when her progressed Venus hit that super strong Uranus in its own sign in her first house. They married and committed suicide when Venus was one degree away from leaving her first house. Her entire life was enveloped in experiencing that 1st House Venus.

Of course, there's way more. But this is creeping me out.

Eva Braun (astrotheme)
b. Feb. 6, 1912 5:30 am Munich, Germany

Sun 17 Aquarius; Moon 30 Virgo; ASC 5 Capricorn; MC 7 Scorpio; NN 26 Aries

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Yahoo Article About Richard Nolle's Supermoons!!

This is awesome!! Yahoo believes in Richard Nolle's genius enough to write an article about his observations that Supermoons cause Natural Disasters. The upcoming March 19 is the most significant Supermoon of the year.

The article is called "Will March 19 'Supermoon' Trigger Natural Disasters?" by Natalie Wolchover


Scientists share: Tides are bigger during Full Moons and tides do tend to trigger earthquakes.

Read Nolle's predictions for March, 2011 here: http://www.astropro.com/homeNS45.html. He discusses the Jupiter-Saturn opposition (people in rebellion and in need) and a SuperMercury aspect.

Nolle says that Mar. 16-22 are major windows for earthquakes and natural disasters. Yesterday there were a couple of major earthquakes. A 7.2'er or something in Northern Japan.

The Sun is moving into Aries, and Cardinal Signs might be connected with more chance of an earthquake in California. This year is pretty tricky because the Sun will be passing over Jupiter in Aries. And Uranus is moving into that sign as well. And Sun-Jupiter-Uranus in the sign that Mars rules, with Saturn Cardinal. Eek. Who's buying the beer to ride this one out?

Wow, I bet that there will be an explosion of new species created. And the Sun might blow us up. Not that I'm neurotic and panicking or anything.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

100th Anniversary of "Women's Day"

While there are only about 2 seconds left of the One Hundredth Anniversary of Womens Day, I believe it's "International Womens' Day" but am not sure, I quickly looked at the chart. This thing has been around for 100 years but I've never heard of it. While looking at the chart I sort of think they should have chosen another day. Only my personal opinion, as always.

For anything having to do with women you want to look at the 2 main rulers of Women in a chart. First of all: Venus. Venus here is at 12 Aries. That means that she disposits to Mars, which means that, she bends over backwards for men. Venus stands out in the chart because she is a singleton in fire. She is also unaspected to major planets, but is trining Lilith. That explains why Feminists make so many people uncomfortable.

The other indicator of Women in a chart is the Moon, of course. The Moon on this day was passing from Gemini to Cancer. Moon at 1 Cancer, that's pretty traditional unless you like being a Moon Goddess which explains why so many Liberal Women end up taking care of everyone as a control freak thing no matter what anyway.

At noon, Moon was in conjunction with Pluto (Power, Control) in Gemini and both both were in the 7th House of, you guessed it, relationships. Women just sort of stay stuck in that "Will he ever come back to me?" mode. The Moon really stands out because she's traveling fast and is out of bounds. Reminds me of that Susan Sarandon/Geena Davis movie, what's it called? They realize that they'll never break out of the mold so they drive off the cliff? I mean, waaaaay out of bounds at 27 degrees.

There's more, but I've just noticed that I'm already 5 minutes past Midnight on posting. My Subaru has turned into a pumpkin and I've turned into a mouse. (added next day: That was supposed to be a Cinderella joke, but even I don't get it)

International Womens Day
March 8, 1911

Sunday, March 06, 2011

x 6

Just went to a lecture about Egyptian Astronomy and one of the ideas that my flimsy memory has retained is that ancient cultures (and astrology) used the base number 6 instead of 10, at least for astro type uses. This is showed in astrology and in the modern method of telling time by the 12 months of the year and the 24 hours in a day. Picked up a book from the library shelf with intriguing title Just Six Numbers: The Deep Forces That Shape the Universe by Martin Rees. Sort of wonder if there would be any relationship between how the ancients perceived the sky and what this book says. I know, I know, modern publishing has learned that people will buy anything that offers a list of a set number of ideas. 10 greatest hits. 7 best ideas. 6 numbers that hold the universe together. Now that I think about it, there will be no relationship between the two. Still interesting. I took some notes.

From Page 2:

"This book describes six numbers that now seem especially significant. Two of them relate to the basic forces; two fix the size and overall 'texture' of our universe and the determine whether it will continue for ever; and two more fix the properties of space itself."

ehm, sounds like Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable Energies to me.

Can't quote the 6 numbers verbatim so I will just try to paraphrase. I can't write the Greek numbers/letters in proper type.

More from Page 2:

1. The vastness of the universe is because of "N". This is a huge number 1 with 12 sets of 3 zeros. If the number were smaller nothing on earth could grow very large. The number measures the "strength of the electrical forces that hold atoms together, divided by the force of gravity between them"

2. Greek Letter "E", value is .007. No kidding, it's the James Bond number. "It's value controls the power from the Sun and, more sensitively, how stars transmute hydrogen into all the atoms of the periodic table."

3. Letter "Omega" measures something having to do with gravity and expansion energy in the universe.

4. Letter "Lambda" describes a cosmic "antigravity" that controls the expansion of the universe. Big scientific news of 1998. Uranus and Neptune had just moved into Aquarius. Antigravity does sound like Uranus telling Saturn where to stick it. Page 3 says that "Lambda" is very small because it would stop galaxies from forming.

5. "Big Q" is a very small number which determines the "fabric of our universe". It is the seed imprint for all cosmic structures? Maybe I've got that right.

6. "Big D" equals 3 because it represents the spatial dimensions of our world. I don't know about this number. The writer says that Time equals a 4th dimension. Superstrings' vibrate and harmonize in a 10 dimensions. And near black holes times stands still and space is warped.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

How Expensive Is That Tracking Device That's Planted on Your Rear Right Wheel Just Above the Exhaust?

The Obama Administration has passed legislation which allows the government to place a tracker on your car without even bothering to get a warrant. Supposedly a police officer can shoot one on to your car from far away so nobody even has to walk up to the car. Pluto in Virgos manifesting Pluto in Capricorn anyone? Right? Wrong? Fuck it, the officers just doin' their jobs like the guards at Dachau.

This legislation is now being tested by a 20-year old college student in Santa Clara who took his car in to his mechanic back in October. The mechanic saw a wire hanging down in the back rear wheel and exhaust area, pulled, and out popped a weird looking device. Nobody knew what it was. A bomb? They took pictures and posted it on the Internet only to find that it was a tracking device.

Two days later a bunch of FBI agents showed up at the student's door asking for the device back.


I believe that the date that the device was found was Oct. 3, 2010, Santa Clara, no time.

Sun 11 Libra; Moon 14 Leo at noon; NN 8 Capricorn

FBI Agents Swing By to Pick up Their Surveillance Device
Oct. 5, 2010

Sun 13 Libra; Moon Virgo; NN 8 Capricorn

Mercury (cars, auto mechanics) was at 1 Libra when the device was found. It was approaching a conjunction of Sun-Saturn at 11-9 Libra (Gvmt) which was squaring Pluto (Power, Surveillance) 3 Capricorn-NN 8 Capricorn Rx. That's a great aspect for realizing that someone is spying on you. It may be your neighbors. It may be gang stalkers. It may be the insurance company. It may be your ex. It may be the FBI. Hey, it's all legal now. If we go out and buy bicycles, will they figure out a way to track those as well?

Mercury 1 Libra is opposing the Jupiter(Truth)-Uranus(Surprise) conjunction 27-29 Pisces Rx. Libra-Pisces. What did I say about "fishy?" Venus and Mars were at exact conjunction in Scorpio at this point. Don't know how that fits in, guess it's just a good day for finding out what Miss Moneypenny's purchase orders.

Supposedly the device is obsolete and not currently used by the FBI, so they say. The Student says that he was thinking of selling it on ebay, so maybe that's why the Feds stepped in in the first place.

In some article I think I read that this student is on "The Fly List." That means that when he boards an airplane absolutely everyone is thinking about the Underwear bomber and is staring at his genital region. How humiliating is that for a 20-year old guy? Maybe the FBI thinks that's a turn on but I sort of doubt in actual fact that it's a pleasant experience.

This student, I think I misspelled his name, Khaled Afifi, is half Egyptian by birth and an American citizen. He travels back and forth a lot to Egypt because his family lives there. His Father died last year. Wonder where the big outer planet t-square hit his chart, must have been nasty. He says that the agents indicated that they had been tracking him for 3-6 months.

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More About "The Whale"

Since I've been posting about Whales so much lately thought I'd look up the publication date for Moby Dick.

Wikipedia says that the book was published in the United States on Nov. 14, 1851, New York: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moby-Dick. It was published a month earlier in Britain.

Whale, how about that Water Imagery? Neptune in Pisces, it's own sign. Sun in Scorpio. Moon at noon is at 1 Leo. There's a possibility that it could be considered a last degree of Cancer. That would certainly fit with "force of nature" imagery.

And there was a conjunction of Saturn-Pluto-Uranus over the Aries-Taurus cusp which was opposing Jupiter in Scorpio so we have major outer planet activity.

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Friday, March 04, 2011

Whales Migrating!!!

Great article to read just after a New Moon in Pisces (in conjunction with Mars). The Whales are migrating from Mexico to Alaska.


They're big. They're fast. And they're gonna do the deed.

Definitely recommend this as one of the great reasons to come to the Pacific Ocean. Happens every year March and April. They're totally joyful to watch from land. I've seen them from a boat and got a little scared.


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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Little Girls and Princesses

There seems to be a lot of concern from Mothers these days over not wanting their daughters to pretend that they are Princess. I remember hearing a Fresh Air interview with comedian Sarah Silverman saying that she loves to talk to little girls about being Princesses and about telling secrets. Knowing Silverman's style of humor this is probably done just to irk the Mothers who are freaking out whenever adults drag their girls into these non- PC conversations.

I remember how upset my own Mother used to get over my obsessions with wanting to be a Princess and with my love of the color pink. My Father on the other hand loved it. I was his little girl.

And I had a boyfriend for a while who had a 4-year old daughter who was obsessed with all things pink and purple. He loved how silly the whole thing was. And even more I think he loved how much it upset the little girl's Mother. I sort of wonder if this whole thing is now peaking with the Pluto in Libra Mothers who are super sensitive to not wanting to see their daughter's power taken away from them by any relationships or by a society that expects them to be all ruffly and Hello Kitty.

I heard a great interview with an author who has just written a book about this today. Unfortunately I lost the name of the book and the author. She was talking about women in middle age are still obsessed with Hello Kitty. There is some boutique in San Francisco which sells Hello Kitty champagne to adults who never grew up. I love Hello Kitty myself and I remember being admonished for that affection by my Mother.

So, I just want to share some findings which branches off from my research about Children and Divorce and this whole Princess thing that might have to do with a particular phase of development in little girls. In Divorce situations one would look at this phase as turning into an element of trauma which can manifest later in life in connection with the Jupiter cycle. In this case one hopes that it is just a phase that a child needs to work through in order to learn how to handle her own Jupiterian energy. We all know what a boundless bottle of Joy Jupiter is, after all.

What little boys go through might be completely different, but I have found that this part of a little girl's development corresponds really well with the first Jupiter square, trine and opposition which take up most of a child's development between the ages of 3 and 6 when the Princess stuff seems to be strongest. I think I may have my Romans mixed up with my Greeks. Jupiter is the Roman equivalent of Zeus in ancient Greece so either way I'm talking about the same guy.

In classical astrology, Jupiter is the Father of Pallas Athene. Pallas Athene, the Goddess of Wisdom, has an interesting birth story in that she has no Mother. She is born by popping directly out of her Father's head. So, I sort of wonder if this age is connected with a bonding ritual between daughter and Father which makes the Mother feel left out or which at least excludes the Mother. It would be difficult to say for sure, but sort of interesting. I'm pretty sure that within the stress of divorce, a daughter might develop a really difficult relationship with her step-mothers at this age. It's almost a given that a step-mother will complain about how manipulative her step-daughter is at this age and how she needs to have her Father's attention. For some weird reason step-mothers rarely say the same thing about the step-sons.

Either way, Jupiter is ruler of the sign of Sagittarius which rules all things having to do with giving opinions. At the age of 3 childrens' vocabularies are expanding at a very rapid rate, something like 9 words a day. This is the age (approximately) of the first Jupiter square. By the time of the first Jupiter trine, an easy aspect, children are developing "potty mouth." By the time of the first Jupiter opposition at around Age 5.5, they are learning about telling all kinds of stories, true and false. The point is, storytelling is a big part of all this Jupiter energy. In order to tell a story a person will begin to create all kinds of new roles and environments. Princesses, Castles and Magical Lands are just status quo. Well, and Jupiter likes to sit on a bar stool as well, but don't tell the kids that.

And to add to this, we also see the strong influence of Jupiter's other Classical rulership, the sign of Pisces. Pisces rules the Imagination and all the Fairy tale types of stories. Total Fairy Princess stuff. I used to know a 50 year old Pisces woman who used to grab everything and stick it on her head and say it was a crown. One can see how the Astrology says that a child's life is extremely involved in Jupiterian types of activies. I suppose I assume that one could direct one's child into applying for a Master's degree or in shooting some Heroin if one wants to put things in the adult perspective of typical Jupiterian activities, but perhaps the Princess thing is just a phase that many little girls have to go through.

The talk show I heard today was interesting -- the one with the author and book title I can't remember. Mothers calling in were very alarmed about how their daughters were developing unhealthy attitudes towards sexuality by expressing too feminine a side which they felt was connected with this Princess thing. There was a story about a first trip to the dentist in which the dentist kept the child under control by talking about Princess imagery. I have trouble connecting the inside of a mouth with being a Princess, so that's some pretty crazy Neptune imagination right there. This might be a rich kid thing anyway. Maybe poor kids don't have this obsession with Princesses at all.

They talked about how little girls are learning about their looks around this age, and playing dress up. There's the obsession with pink and purple. A Father called in and agreed that he had observed the same things in his daughter. But he noticed that his daughter had grown out of it.

Also interesting to note is that the first Pallas Athene return happens between Age 4 and 5. The other modern feminist types of asteroids come at this age as well. So perhaps Mothers can try to develop that imagery in their daughters' lives as well. From what I've observed they naturally do anyway. Ceres is the great Mother imagery. Some little girls probably still like to play dolls. Maybe Modern Mothers should teach them how to drive a tractor instead. Don't know if little girls go through any Juno phases at this time, she's Zeus' wife. I know my friends and I thought about marriage a lot at that age.

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