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Monday, July 29, 2013

Stalking Victims

Stalking, as acknowledged by the courts, is a very recent crime.  The first stalking law was enacted in California in 1990 as a result of the stalking and murder of an actress named Rebecca Schaefer.  There are different kinds of stalking and different types of stalkers.  Most scholarly books focus on sexual stalking between two people, but there are other motives.  Resentment, revenge, control, power. Sometimes rich people will hire private investigators to stalk ex wives or others who they resent or want to destroy. 

Media attention is mostly focused on people who stalk celebrities. One recent poll showed that most therapists fear being stalked by their clients.  With the Internet there is a lot of concern over cyber stalking.

One of the bigger, more recent cyber stalking cases is of a singer in New York named Leandra Ramm. Leandra was tortured by a stalker who lives in Singapore for 6 years.  She has never met him.  Her case is noticeable not just for the insidiousness of her stalker, but also because she managed to catch him over international boundaries and to have him jailed.

I read Leandra's book and noticed that she's into astrology. Yay! A true Leo, she openly states her rising and moon signs. Good Lion. I'd like to think that maybe an astrologer helped her in coping with her case and maybe even in catching her stalker.  She also openly gives her birth date.  Hopefully it's the real one.  I wouldn't be surprised if its not considering what she's been through but I am curious to look at her chart.

I am going to share some details I've noticed about Leandra Ramm's chart with regards to stalking and then will compare a couple of details of her heart which I suspected might be found in other stalking victims charts. . 

Some keywords first. Basic ideas that connect Planets and their signs with the crime of stalking in a broad way, especially with regards to Leandra Ramm's chart which ought to show a case of cyber stalking in particular.

***Noel Tyl says that high tech is ruled by mars and Uranus.
***Stalking will be ruled by Pluto, Neptune, Venus and mars
***International relations will be ruled by Jupiter
***Strangers will be ruled by Uranus
***Obsessive behavior is ruled by Pluto, along with anything having to do with crime.
***Fantasy stalking, as related to falling for people on TV shows is connected with Neptune, maybe Venus.

I don't have Leandra's birth time but she says she is a Leo with Scorpio rising and Cancer Moon.  She is a Leo sun with Venus also in Leo. She's a singer by profession so that certainly makes sense, especially since she sings Opera..

Without a birth time I can't say for sure but it looks like Leandra has the two planets of High Tech, Mars and Uranus, in her first house.  Mars is at 21 Scorpio and Uranus is at  Sagittarius.

Leandra was 21 when her stalker saw her on TV.  She was being interviewed by Anderson Cooper on Anderson Cooper 360 about being a progeny of the Nobel sperm bank.  I believe the date of this interview was November 10, 2005. I don't know the time, sorry.

Both Mars and Uranus were under heavy transit on this day to Leandra's natal Mars and Uranus.  Actually, most of the planets of her chart were getting hit by something or other.

The transits on the day that Leandra's Stalker set his sites on her, transiting mars was in Retrograde in Taurus and was opposing her natal Mars. 

Mars retrogrades are an extended transit where mars, the planet of impulsiveness, sort of seems to sit still from our point of view on the earth. That's an interesting conundrum for the Mars energy which likes to charge ahead into whatever adventures and pursuits it can think of at the time. At the time, of course, this would have looked to a budding Opera Star as her big break, a huge exposure on National TV. 

The point here is that the transiting Sun was conjunct Leandra Ramm's Mars probably in her first house and this opposed transiting Mars Rx in her 7th House. This opposition is on the angles relating to relationships.  The planets involved relate to impulse and ego and rashness. 

Leandra was also having her 1st Uranus Square, from her first house, and prominent on an angle.  This is a developmental aspect that everyone goes through at around Age 21.  The planetary cycles and partial cycles are often an initiation into the energy of a planet.  They unfold through a person's life and can often be a little stressful.  Many kids in the modern world (a Uranian place) are just graduating from College and are going into shock about entering the real world, but excitement about finally being free to experiment. 

As I've said, Uranus is connected with high technology and innovation.  It's connected with shocking and surprising events that are ultimately supposed to wake us up to the world around us in order to make us bond with others outside our normal sphere. As I noted above, Uranus is connected with strangers. On the day of the TV show the transiting moon made a conjunction with Uranus in Pisces. Leandra was showcased as the talented progeny of the Nobel Sperm Bank (Moon=conditions around birth; Uranus=futuristic non conformist thinking). 

At Age 21 people are also going through a Saturn square transit. This is probably why many people graduating from College are feeling fearful. Saturn is connected with career and goal setting and taking on responsibility. Leandra's natal Saturn is in Scorpio so it also may be connected with her 1st house and prominent on an angle. Transiting Saturn was conjunct her natal sun and Venus in Leo.  She was showcased for her singing and musical talents which fits right in with this Sun and Venus in Leo picture (very close to the Midheaven).  Saturn is often connected with learning how to deal with setbacks.  

As I said, almost all the planets in Leandra's chart were hit by a transiting planet.  It was a significant day for her career wise. Hell sort of let loose in her relationship department with that Mars opposition, that's for sure.

I should mention Pluto.  Don't want to leave him out since he rules all kinds of obsessive crimes.  He also rules Leandra's chart and is maybe placed in her 12th house.  He is a singleton 29 libra.  That's great for an artist. It can give a person a certain sense of mystery.  It can also attract some crazy goons.  House 12 is the planet of secret enemies which fits right in with the stalking picture.

I decided to look at other famous stalking cases to see if a couple of interesting aspects I found in Leandras chart repeat in the charts of other stalking victims. 

Leandra has No Oppositions in her natal chart.  Oppositions are aspects where planets are as far apart from each other on the wheel as possible. They can literally describe relationship problems a person struggles with in her/his own self.  In a chart they can show a place where a person struggles to find balance and harmony between two opposing forces.  By dealing with this aspect as an inner struggle a person learns self defense just by fighting with him or herself.  Perhaps not having this struggle within ones self can make one attractive to predators as the person doesn't automatically fight.

I also wanted to look at the Mars placements by sign of stalking victims.  Leandra has Mars in Scorpio which means that her male expression will express through the Scorpio lens. Scorpio is the sign connected with crime, especially crime which happens in the shadows and below the surface and connected with compulsive behaviors.  Elsa Elsa wrote a great blog post about stalking, 2009, and the first commenter talked about a relative who was a stalking victim and has a Leo Sun with Mars in Scorpio.  So there might be something to that combination even. 

I'm also curious about chart shape with regards to stalking, especially the bowl shape.  Leandras chart is bowl shaped.  It's not an official bowl shape because there is no opposition working as boundary planets but its close enough to perhaps show a sense of all the energy placed on one side of the chart which can show an internal feeling that one lacks the other half.  Bob Marks explains the chart shapes really well on his website. There are probably more significant aspects to look at.  Leandra has a square between Venus in Leo and Mars in Scorpio, for example.  Any contact between Mars, Venus and Pluto is going to show some sort of crazy stuff in the romance department.  Whos the perp and who's the victim is anybody's guess in these cases so I didn't focus on that.

Here's what I found in other stalking victims charts.   Including Leandra's Mars, 3 out of 9 charts have Mars in Scorpio. Mars = Men.  2 of these victims were women but one was a man, Mark Zuckerberg who was stalked by another man.  2 have Mars in Taurus Taurus is the opposite sign of Scorpio and on the same pole. 2 have Mars in Capricorn.  Then there is Mars in Aries and Mars in Leo. Rebecca Schaefer was murdered, but all the rest have found help and have had success in dealing with their stalkers.  Most people aren't as lucky.  Leandra was tortured for 6 years before she managed to find the proper help to have her Stalker put in jail and under a restraining order.  Her case is really weird, (Uranus), because she never actually met her stalker.

Rebecca Schaefer
Mars 11 Capricorn
No oppositions
Locomotive chart shape

Laura Dekker
Mars 9 Scorpio
No oppositions
Bowl chart shape

Mark Zuckerberg
Mars Rx iScorpio
Seesaw chart shape
Has significant oppositions, born on Full Moon

David Letterman
Mars 1 Aries Rx
One Opposition:  Mars opposite Neptune 10 Libra, wide
Chart Shape seems like a Splay Shape

Mars 16 Taurus
No Oppositions
Locomotive Chart Shape

Jodie Foster
Mars 18 Leo square Venus Rx and Mercury, Sun in Scorpio
Locomotive Chart Shape
Has big opposition

Shawn Johnson
Mars 8 Capricorn
Born on Full Moon so has oppositions
Bowl Shaped Chart

Ellen Page
Mars 1 Taurus opposite Pluto 10 Scorpio Rx
Thats the only opposition which is boundary of Bowl Shape
Bowl Shaped Chart

Kourtney Reppert
didn't find birth date

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Valley of the Dolls

This is a big year for the psychopharmeceutical industry as befits neptune s ride through its own sign.  Neptune is ruler of drugs, escapism, and rosy colored sunsets.  When you can't remember that evil deed whether perpetrated by yourself or others, that's your good old Neptune kicking in.

According to the article posted here, Valium turns 50.  A Chiron return birthday in the sign of Pisces. How fitting.  I don't know if Valium is still prescribed.  I hope not considering how addictive it is.  Eventually you just want to take the whole bottle and out yourself out of your misery.  Back in the 70s when a bunch of moms in my town did this the doctors took them off the drug cold turkey and they went on psychotic rampages and eventually went on lithium.  And no one ever told them that this is what happened because Neptune doesn't like unpleasant things such of class action suits.  Actually Neptune does like class action suits so maybe that fear an e atributed to Saturn or something.  I don't know.  I don't really wan to think about it.

Happy birthday big blue.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Speak of the Devil


Like Alec Baldwin, Edward snowden has an opposition of mercury to Jupiter.  It is opposed a conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus in Sagittarius which is very strongly placed over the ascendant -descendant of his chart.  Mercury rules the gemini rising and is inconjunction with it.  communication is important.  Jupiter rules opinions and expands everything it touches.  Both planets, along with Uranus (wake up America!) rule the intellect. 

Such a quiet guy has such an important voice.  Most of the planets in Snowden's chart are under the horizon line showing that he has introvert tendencies.

So now I've compared parts of his chart with Lauren Bacall and Alec Baldwin.

Oh yeah.  Jupiter and Uranus both rule airports.  Jupiter rules long distance travel and Uranus rules ai and airports.

Website, 2013 solstices and equinoxes

This website


Gives the equinoxes and solstices.

Also gives good descriptions.  Equinoxes bring balance between day and night.  Happen in spring and

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Alec Baldwins Big Fat Mouth

Of all the celebrities who are screwing up their careers by making racist comments you'd think Alec Baldwin would have been forced to sweep up paper wrappers from the floors of McDonald's restaurants out in Kansas by now.  But the more poo that spews from Baldwins mouth the more he seems to be permanently forgivable.

Bald wins chart is really interesting to look at in this regard.  I'm not writing any of it down right right now because I'm sitting in a star ucks listening to thT music they continue to play even though everyone else has forgotten a out Kenny g.  Here's astrotheme s chart.  I just realized they use pretty wide orbs.  http://www.astrotheme.com/astrology/Alec_Baldwin

Baldwins an Aries.  often they just grab whAtever they want then they think about how they shouldn't have done that a little while later, or a lot later, or someone else reminds them later.  In Baldwins case he was born on a full moon.  So he's wolfman.  In aries case that means he's got a libra moon so somewhere in there he's always aware of how the other guy is feeling. Fuck blogger doesn't work.

But, I don't think I've ever seen a chart with so many major configurations between planets.  Everything is hooked into every thing else and makes a picture.   There is a grande trine, 2 mystic rectangles, a house, a mouse.  Leonardo da Vinci face.  You name it.  Even Saturn is in a bunch of trines.

 Whats interesting is to first of all look at the way that every innie is in an opposition to an outie.  This means that Baldwin is hooking in to his generation, in an oppositional way, but he is hooking in.  Venus (women, love, money) is opposing Pluto (sex, death, taxes). Mars (men, impulse) is opposing Uranus (shock, surprise, groups).

 Mars rules the upper lip.

 Venus rules the lower lip.

 And mercury rules what comes out from between.

 Mercury here is in the sign of Taurus (bull) opposing Neptune in Scorpio (shit).  And it's also opposing Jupiter (opinion).  This opposition is layered over baldwin's nodal axis so he's simply following his life path in letting her rip. Jupiter and Neptune both rule large animals.  That why bald wins mouth work on such large scale.

Plus, all this means he's super charming.  People are afraid of the bees but we're all very attracted to their honey.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Your Cells Are Psychic

Somebody call Randy!

A recent study by Ketih Norris at UCLA and  his buddies at Charles R. Drew University of Medicine       found that cells in the body seem to communicate with other even when not connected with each other.  This means they are "psychic."

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 4th Baby: Little Flash Gordon

A baby was born as the result of a lightening strike.  I don't have the time of the strike nor the time of birth, but both of this little girls parents were hit by a bolt of lightning while watching fireworks.  The story doesn't get more Uranian than that.  Uranus rules lightning strikes and fireworks.  This was the birthdate for the United States.  The US is a cancer sun by has an Aquarius Moon so I suppose this little girl will be wearing a lot of red, white and blue during her life.  Her name is Kimberly Samantha. rose Gordon.  The Gordon refers to Flash Gordon.  This sure beats the story the rest of us have about being found in a cabbage patch.

Samantha's parents were trying to go inside when both were struck and Samantha was born as a result of a Caesarian section.  Had to look at what Uranus was up to.  Turns out his sign Aquarius was possibly rising if the lightning struck about 9:30 to 11:30.  I'm doing an estimate on the time.  Ruler Uranus was at 13 Aries and was apex of a tsquare to a sun-Pluto opposition from cancer to Capricorn.    These two signs rule the parents. Traditionally cancer rules mommy and Capricorn rules daddy.  Mom's eardrum was blown out and both parents were in a daze.  One of the articles said that they will have muscle twitches for months.  Uranus disposits to mars and mars is unaspected in Gemini.   Mars rules muscles and Gemini rules nervous system.

Jupiter is the roman equivalent of Zeus, the ancient ruler of the reek pantheon of gods.  Zeus used thunderbolts to get his point across.  Jupiter was conjunct to the degree with Lilith at 3 cancer. Cancer rules childbirth.  Lilith just like "to make an entrance" wherever she goes.  That's what Samantha did. Her mom says she hopes her daughter will either be able to run fast or to rule the world. Well, Zeus rules the world and Lilith doesn't mind putting in her 2 cents about how things ought to be done.  Also, one of my best friends growing up was a cancer with Gemini moon and she really did run fast.  She would chase all the boys around the playground and she could outrun all of them, so watch out mom.

Would be interesting to see where Pallas is in this chart. Right now I'm limited on iPad.  Pallas athene was born of a lightening flash from Zeus' head.  She went on to rule the idea of divine wisdom and as such is the source of many of the advancements in western civilization.
Welcome to the World Samantha Flash Gordon.  You a

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tragic Loss of Firefighters

 On June 30, 2013, 19 firefighters were lost while fighting a wildfire in Yarnell, Arizona.  They were an elite squad from the Granite Mountain Hotshots in Flagstaff, AZ.  The fire was ignited by a lightning strike and was 100 percent contained by July 10, 2013 (source is Yarnell website). 

A lightning strike is an act of God and in Astrology is ruled by the planet Uranus.  The firefighters found themselves trapped within the flames at around 3:00 pm.  This puts the sign ruled by Uranus at the bottom of the chart, Aquarius rules the IC of the chart.  Uranus himself is in conjunction with the Moon and the H6 cusp in the sign of Aries.  The 6th house is the house which rules service jobs which is appropriate for firefighters.  These people were working as a team, which is also ruled by Uranus.  Addition of the Moon shows caring and protection. The firefighters had protective metallic blankets which didn't protect them from the fumes.  Moon in connected with the lungs and Uranus is connected with circulatory systems. Cause of death was said to be from asphixiation.  The winds became extremely erratic (Uranus) and changed dramatically within an hour before the incident.  Of course, this conjunction being in the fire sign Aries could ignite at any moment without prediction.

Scorpio is rising at the time of the deaths and Saturn and the North Node are both in conjunction from the 12th and 1st houses respectively.  This was supposed to be a routine fire (SAturn).  The North Node is thought by some astrologers that many significant events occur when the Nodal Axis is crossing the Angles of the chart. The conjunction to Saturn is getting tighter and will be exact at the end of August so it might prove useful to be extra careful and alert at this point.  The Nodal Axis passes over the angles of the chart 4 x a day so is not a rare event.  However, right now there are multiple points pounding on it.  Saturn is in mutual reception with the chart ruler of Scorpio, which is Pluto. This is a sign of loss and great force.  Pluto is the natural ruler of killers.  He is also ruler of the Phoenix, the bird of ancient mythology which burns down and then rises again.  The Yarnell Fire Department has posted a page where people can donate to help the families of the firefighters who were lost and I will post it here:


There were 3 planets in Pluto's house in the chart.  All 3 planets rule the fire signs of the chart.  They strongly emphasized in some way.  The Sun is in conjunction with Jupiter and is opposing Pluto (chart ruler).  Sun rules the Midheaven of the chart (Hot and firey).  Sun is conjunct Jupiter which is in the sign of its exaltation.  Jupiter has an expansive influence and i suspect a fire would rage out of control under his influence. 

Mars here is out of bounds at 23 degree 32 seconds and is a singleton in Air.  Singletons run around doing their own thing in the chart, not working with the other planets, and this doubles the natrually tendencies of Mars.  Mars is the ignition planet and in the sign of Gemini here.  Gemini rules winds.  

What really sets this chart off in a weird way is the fact that a predominance of planets are in Water Signs.  Water destroys Fire, or it's supposed to.  What is further weird here is that most of these planets in water signs are bound together in a Grand Trine with each other.  Like this:  ASC, Saturn, NN in Scorpio.  Neptune-Chiron in Pisces (H4).  Sun-Jupiter in Cancer (H8). 

Astrologer Noel Tyl has a good explanation for the negative side of Grand Trines in relation to psychological issues which can be problematic.  Often they show a self entrapment. A person can feel so lucky that they can't really get themselves out of a problematic situation.  This is very insightful.  Most astrologers just think of Grand Trines as being very lucky. A fire trap here is interesting, i just still don't understand how firefighters could be trapped within a grand water trine.

Here's a list of the worst firefighting losses in the United States recorded history.  The Yarnell fire is on this list:


Just a month before Houston suffered its largest loss ever with 4 firefighters were killed while battling a fire in a motel.

When there is large loss of life one looks to outer planet activity because these will show Act of God influence. The outer planets move slowly, as seen from the earth and are thought to embrace larger groups of people at a time. In this case, The two planets most associated with large scale crises, Uranus and Pluto, are in a difficult square aspect with each other. This square is currently lasting for several years so can be blamed for a higher incidence of stressful events overall. It began in an even bigger t-square figure with Saturn and Jupiter over the past couple of years.

Uranus rules crises that occur quickly and are meant to shock people. Uranus in Aries might be accident prone and might show impulsiveness and not being prepared. Pluto rules crises which have been brewing underneath for a while and which erupt. Pluto is currently in a heavy mutual reception with Saturn right now which can show loss through aging and being too cautious and controlled and of being overly prepared.

Surprisingly, there's another large scale transit which might also be connected with large loss of life among firefighters. This is the Saturn-Neptune trine which is currently happening in the sky. These planets seem to be in aspect with each other in a high percentage of the most catastrophic losses of firefighters listed in the Chicago tribune article although I'm not going to type them all out. This also surprised me.  The reason for this connection could be that these 2 planets working together can often indicate Tragedy. One knows that fighting fires is extremely dangerous and of great risk.  

Neptune rules sacrifice. Saturn rules a sense of responsibility and duty. Together they can bring about beautiful works of art as they try to combine form and chaos together. Emotionally they both rule depression. Art is often made as a response to sorrow so their connection in that way makes sense. I once heard a great poet, W.S. Merwin, say that the first poems were of grief and sorrow, that these emotions are the first reasons that man began to create.  At any rate, making art requires huge sacrifices. Fighting fires goes a zillion steps further in the sacrifices.

Some more observations:

Both fires occurred while mars, planet of sparks and ignition was in Gemini, sign of wind.
Both fires occurred during sun-moon squares which included conjunctions of the moon to the outer planets.
Both fires had grand water trines. Really weird. Grand trines are aspects which show ease. That can help to indicate being trapped in a situation. Perhaps there was a feeling of laxness. Grand trines can work like vortices. The element of water makes no sense to me.
Yarnell, Arizona fire, 19 firefighters died

Sun 10 cancer (h9) cusp, moon 18 Aries (h6 cusp), Asc 9 Scorpio, nn Scorpio

I couldn't find a date for the town of Yarnell. The firefighters were from Flagstaff, I believe, so maybe that town's chart could provide clues.

The Arizona chart is connected in with this tragedy.  Arizona is an Aquarius sun with Capricorn moon. It's currently going through a Chiron return in Pisces and I believe a nodal return in Scorpio. This represents the water element in the chart maybe.
Arizonans progressed sun is at 5 Gemini conjunct natal mars at 6 Gemini opposing natal Jupiter at 13 Sagittarius. That explains the fire element for sure.

I did a lot of work also on another fire which occurred at a motel in Houston, Texas a few weeks before. I can't find my notes right now. The date I believe was May 31, 2013. Four firefighters were killed which is a record setting figure for Houston.  Pluto is the planet probably most connected with setting records for doing anything because he acts in extreme ways.

There was a set of 3 Eclipses which may indicate problems but I didn't look closely at the charts. 

Partial Lunar:  Apr. 25, 2013.  Solar Annular May 10, 2013.  Appulse Lunar May 25, 2013. 

The Sun is in conjunction with Mars in all 3 Eclipses.  

I send my condolences to the families and friends who lost a Hero in these blazes.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

You know how to whistle, don't you?

Here's a funny coincidence.. Whistleblower Edward Snowden shares an opposition of Mars to Neptune layered over his Nodal Axis with actress Lauren Bacall.

Snowden has a conjunction of Mars-NN in Gemini opposing Neptune in Sagittarius-SN.

Lauren Bacall has a conjunction of Neptune-NN in Leo opposing Mars-SN in Aquarius

In her first film, To Have and to Have Not, Bacall became famous for flirting with Humphrey Bogart with the line "You know how to whistle, don't you?  You just put your lips together and blow."

Anyway, another amazing coincidence of astrology that makes the skeptics win their argument that astrology is indeed not a science.  (Why do they always assume that astrology is a science?)