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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Opening Bell - End of Quantitative Easing

The Fed had a meeting today and cut its six years long cord of supporting the economy by dumping lots of money into it. The Rising Sign for the Stock Markets Opening Bell chart has just changed signs to 1 Sagittarius. 

Saturn rules H2 from the 12th house and Moon rules 8th House from the 2d House. Moon in Capricorn disposits to Saturn (the fed) and is conjunct Mars and Pluto in the 2d house. Interesting that the market wasn't volatile today and only dropped 19-20 points.  Mars and Pluto like to cut things off so maybe this is a lesson on how to deal with that volatile aspect in the future. Do it first before it is done to you.

The Sun is conjunct Venus (money) in Scorpio so disposits to Pluto.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Google Researcher Breaks Record for Parachute Fall From Space.

Alan Eustace, 57, created a sonic boom while falling 25 miles from space. A balloon carried Eustace up and he detached from it by detonating a small bomb. It took 3 years to prepare for the fall. Eustace wore a special space suit. 

I don't have a time for the fall or a birthdate. According to the "New York Times" it took 2 hours to go up and 15 minutes to fall down. Eustace landed 70 miles away from where he launched in Roswell, New Mexico. That's today, Oct. 24, 2014.

This may be connected to yesterdays Solar Eclipse, a New Moon at 1 Scorpio ( death defying?). 

Mercury opposite Uranus (technology, outer space) crosses the Nodal Axis. 

And, daredevil Mars is at 29 Sagittarius, close to the Capricorn AP. That's the highest part of the wheel. Great for record breaking falls. 

Personally, I can't believe he survived. Wow.


Top 10 Class Action Lawsuits

Sagittarius rules law and lawyers and anything that's bigger than life. While Pluto (fame, shared finances, bankruptcy) was transiting Sagittarius 8 out of 10 of the largest Class Action lawsuits of all time (group filings) were won. There is one law suit filed in 2000 against WalMart which still hasn't been decided. Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception (group empathy) may have had something to do with these huge winnings by the masses (Pluto) as well. 

A breast implant lawsuit won in 1994 while Pluto was at the end of Scorpio (sexuality) was the largest law suit won before that time.

Interesting how the law suits seem to have tapered off since Pluto entered Capricorn. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Are Bay Area Earthquake Faults Ready to Rock the Big One?

There were some interesting articles about how 4 fault lines in the East Bay are building up pressure and how scientists feel the big one might be near. The articles included specific years for the last big one associated with each of the fault lines so I checked the outer planet action for those years to see if any patterns showed up. Have no idea how they came up with these years because they are from a long time ago but here is what I found.

Found some patterns for Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. Saturn and Uranus, which I mostly associate with earthquakes, showed no pattern and were in different signs for each earthquake.

Pluto showed the most reliable placements as it was on the Taurus/Scorpio pole for each of the years. It was also in Scorpio for the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, but was in Gemini for the big 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Neptune was in Cancer for 2 of the 4 earthquakes. It was also in Cancer for the big 1906 San Francisco Earthquake.

Jupiter was traveling quickly through Taurus-Gemini-cancer for 2 of the 4 earthquakes. It did the same during 1906 and was at 7 Gemini during the big San Francisco Earthquake. So, I wonder if Jupiter travels fast during earthquakes.

The Hayward earthquake has a specific date.

Here are the fault lines, years and outer planets by sign.

Green Valley Fault, near dams and aquaducts between Napa and Fairfield.
Last ruptured 1609.

Jupiter Taurus-Gemini. Saturn Aquarius. Uranus Gemini. Neptune Virgo. Pluto Taurus. NN Leo-Cancer.

Northern Calaveras Fault. Hollister to Danville.
Last rupture 1740.

Jupiter Taurus-Cancer. Saturn Cancer-Leo. Uranus Capricorn. Neptune Cancer. Pluto Scorpio. NN Cancer.

Hayward Fault. Hayward, San Leandro, Fremont.
Last rupture Oct. 21, 1868 7:53 am LT (15:53 UT) Hayward, CA

Jupiter Pisces-Aries. Saturn Sagittarius. Uranus Cancer. Neptune Aries. Pluto Taurus. NN Virgo-Leo.

Rodgers Creek Fault.
Last rupture 1745.

Jupiter Scorpio-Sagittarius. Saturn Libra. Uranus Aquarius. Neptune Cancer. Pluto Scorpio. NN Aries-Pisces.

San Francisco earthquake.

Jupiter 7 Gemini. Saturn 12 Pisces. Uranus 9 Capricorn. Neptune 8 Cancer. Pluto 22 Gemini. NN 19 Leo srx.

Loma Prieta Earthquake
Oct. 17, 1989 5:04 pm loma Prieta, CA

Jupiter 11 Cancer. Saturn 7 Capricorn. Uranus 2 Capricorn. Neptune 10 Capricorn. Pluto 15 Scorpio. NN 23 Aquarius Rx.

"Creep in 4 faults means big quake may be poised to hit." By David Perlman.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nigel the Parrot Reunited with Darren the Person 4 years After Flying The Coop

Nigel is an African Grey Parrot who was reunited with his person Darren Chick in Torrance california.  Nothing is known about what Nigel was up to all those years but he came back speaking Spanish.  The story about how he was returned is really great. Read it here:  http://www.dailybreeze.com/lifestyle/20141011/talking-parrot-missing-for-4-years-found-now-speaks-spanish

The Reunion apparently was last week. Wonder if the Total Lunar Eclipse with grand fire trine between mars in Sagittaris, Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries had anything to with it.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The Scary Total Lunar Eclipse Bell

Today the Dow plummeted about 270 points. Wonder what will happen tomorrow when the Stock Market opens a few hours after the "Blood Moon", or Total Lunar Eclipse.

Opening Bell
Oct. 8, 2014 9:30

Sun 16 Libra (H11); Moon 17 Aries (h5); Asc 14 Scorpio; MC 24 Leo; NN 20 Libra (h11)

The chart ruler is Pluto and Pluto is in the 2d house. That's the house of banks and money and values. Pluto tends to prune whatever it touches in order to sort of purify it. In the financial world, yuck.

Pluto is apex of a rather significant looking t-square. It squares the Nodal Axis, sun, Venus, and Uranus.  NN is in the 11th house of Hope Wishes, Mavericks, Innovation and is conjunct Venus 11 Libra and Sun (fun, play, celebration, risk) 16 Libra.  That sounds nice.  Then we look at the South Node down in the 5th house. South Node is the part of the Nodal Axis we want to try to balance out. There is maybe too much risk, fun, celebration, play.  The South Node is going to be in conjunction with the Moon 17 Aries and Uranus 15 Aries.  That's emotional, intuitive, quick, weird, surprising. The stock Market would like to see something new and surprising I guess.

There's a Grand Trine in this chart which also connects 2 of the resource houses with the 9th house (Law, religion, international).  SN-Moon-Uranus in H5 trines Mars 18 Sagittarius in the 2d House. (Money, banking, values) and trines more Sadge energy up in the 9th house as Jupiter, ruler of Sadge, is in the 9th house which is Sadgez house.  This shows strong Sagittarius influence and it ought to be positive. Today's news was negative concerning this area so I'm confused.  Jupiter is squaring Saturn 22 Scorpio in the 1st house. Saturn is restrictive and pragmatic and is holding Jupiter down. This is the only aspect he makes to any other planets and he's very strong because he's in the 1st house. Jupiter ought to be stronger, though. Oh well, that's politics.