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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More Huge Earthquakes in Indonesia

Yowzah! Today when I went back in to try to edit the mess I had made of yesterday's Earthquake in Indonesia I found a time for a different huge earthquake and figured that I had just made a mistake in calculations. Well, it turns out those guys had a second humungous earthquake. And this one is spot on astrologically.

Earthquake 7.6

Sept. 30, 2009 5:18 pm Padang, Indonesia (Jakarta, I hope I've got my geography right, this is unbelievably confusing)

Sun 8 Libra (H7); Moon 24 Aquarius (H12); ASC 24 Pisces; MC 25 Sagittarius; NN 27 Capricorn Rx (H11)

Uranus is conjunct the Ascendant and is opposing Saturn and Mercury. Pluto at 1 Capricorn is up in H10. Mars and the South Node have just moved into the 4th House. Ruler of the chart, Neptune, is in the 12th House conjunct the Moon. Interesting that this earthquake, with this strong Water element, is not creating tsunamis.

But, last I read (not necessarily the final word, or the correct word ... you know me) there has since been another big quake, 6.6.

Please pray for the people who live in Indonesia.

Sun in Libra is earthquake season in Northern California so that's what I was concerned about, but this is too much. I guess that Peru has also had a big earthquake within the last few hours.

I wonder if this Mars-Node conjunction/opposition in Cancer/Capricorn is tripping off those 3 Eclipses that we had this Summer. Mars is still the lead planet of a locamotive shape chart pattern in this earthquake, same as yesterday. The Sun is also squaring Pluto on the Aries Point so I suppose something big has to happen from that.

Looks like Mercury coming out of Rx in connection with the Saturn-Uranus opposition is really having a fit.

Australia has had such a terrible drought. I wonder if that has affected these earthquakes are connected.


Samoan Earthquake and Tsunami

Have been having trouble finding times for yesterday's earthquake and tsunami. That's okay because, although the planetary alignments look bad for having an earthquake or other major catastrophic event, the actual timing of the chart doesn't fit into my idea of what an earthquake chart ought to look like. Oh well. I'm hardly an expert.

I send my condolences to the people who have suffered losses due to this earthquake and from the tsunamis. I think that I read that even the California and Oregon coasts (close to where I am) were given tsunami warnings.

The earthquake was offshore. It was underwater and huge, 8.0 according to today's USGS ratings. It struck off the Indonesian Coastline of the islands of Samoa and American Samoa. The death toll so far is around 90 I believe, but I suppose that will change.

Samoan Earthquake and Tsunami
Sept. 29, 2009 6:48 Local Time (17:48 UTC) I used Apia, Samoa, Indonesia which is 120 miles away from the epicenter.

Sun 7 Libra; Moon 16 Aquarius; ASC 17 Libra; MC 13 Cancer; NN 27 Capricorn

A set of tsumani waves (either 3 or 4) then began to hit the islands beginning around 8:00 am. That gives about 9 Scorpio Rising and 30 Cancer MC (degrees will be a little off because I'm not using exact epicenter).

There are a lot of prominent earthquake looking transits going right now but they aren't placed on the angles right at the moment of the earthquake.

Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are now always placed within Angular houses at the same time with each other. At the time that the earthquake struck they had just passed over the angles and were in the 3d (Pluto), 6th (Uranus) and 12th Houses (Saturn). The Saturn-Uranus opposition is within one degree of opposition and just had the 3d of 5 exact oppositions last week.

The Sun at 7 Libra had also just risen over the Libra Ascendant and was squaring Pluto which is on the prominent degree of Capricorn in H3.

Mercury is placed in Virgo, a sign which it rules, and had just turned direct out of Retrograde 4.5 hours before the earthquake. It is conjunct the Saturn Uranus opposition and is placed in the 12th House. Saturn rules the IC in this chart.

Chart ruler Venus was prominent because she is unaspected and placed in her Fall (along with Sun and Mars who are also in the signs of their Fall). She was right on the cusp between the 12th Houses and was rising into the 11th House.

Chart Shape is Locomotor with lead planet Mars. Mars is conjunct the South Node in Cancer. Mars is a singleton in angular houses in this chart and is placed in H10. I was expecting more to happen as Moon passed over the North Node in opposition to Mars a couple of days ago, but, we've got a couple more weeks of this stuff before Mars leaves Cancer and the South Node.

The conjunction of Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune in Aquarius could be considered a long-term ongoing indicator of earthquakes and other big Weather phenomenon along with the Uranus-Neptune mutual reception. This stellium was placed in the 5th House which is off an angle but is opposing the 11th house, ruled by Uranus.

Uranus was placed in the 6th House, off an angle. Go figure. Would have passed over the Descendant almost about an hour before the earthquake struck. Uranus doesn't even rule any of the angles in this chart.

The Moon is in Aquarius and is approaching conjunction with Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune.

At 8:00 am when the first tsunami wave hit the Nodal Axis and Mars were in conjunction with the IC/MC Axis. That's more like it. The Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune stellium would have been passing over the lowest points of the chart over the next 4 hours. Neptune, ruler of Pisces and of the Ocean, rules waves. Jupiter likes to make everything it touches bigger.

Aftershocks continued for 12 hours after the initial earthquake. This means that the Saturn-Uranus opposition and Pluto and the Sun were upside down from their initial spots.

Don't know if this means a hill of beans but it's interesting how connected the U.S. Sibley chart is connected with this chart. The Sun-Jupiter conjunction of the U.S. chart is on the Midheaven. The U.S. Saturn is on the Ascendant. Neptune is within 4 degrees conjunction of the U.S. Moon. There are a couple of Pluto and Mars aspects. I didn't even know we had territory out there.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Autumnal Equinox 2009

Quick glance at the Autumnal Equinox:

Sept. 22, 2009 5:18 pm EDT Washington, DC

Sun 1 Libra (H7); Moon 23 Scorpio (H9); ASC 20 Aquarius; MC 7 Sagittarius; NN 27 Capricorn (H12)

ASC/Desc Houses are very prominent in this chart. Interesting that the G-20 meeting convened in Pittsburg. There aren't any lines running directly through Pittsburg. But the Jupiter and Neptune lines are running over Washington, Philadelphia, New York because those planets are on the Ascendant. Pittsburg is closer to the Chiron line. I guess that Ghadafi had to move his tent from Donald Trump's backyard down to New Jersey. Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions in Aquarius probably rules Circuses, I don't know though.

House 1 contains the chart ruler, Uranus, along with Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune stellium right on the Ascendant. On the astrolocality map, these lines run over the East Coast with the Chiron ASC line running right through Atlanta, Georgia. Somewhere in Georgia there has been massive flooding. They got something like 23" of rain within a 24 hour period. In the Equinox chart this stellium is prominent because it is hanging over the Ascendant line and is squaring the Moon. That's a lot of water action. There have also been devastating rains and flooding in the Philippines. The Moon in Scorpio is the most elevated planet in this chart.

Water, Water all around, yet not a drop to drink. This matches the idea that the Water Sign Cancer is the empty leg of the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto t-square that's playing with itself right now. Cancerian Town Hall meetings are not really the answer right now, especially not with volatile Mars transiting through Cancer. But, hey, there was news that Ice has been spotted on both the Moon and Mars. That shows how hard it is to buy real estate on the seashore right now. Very Cancer. It's also so Christopher Columbsy with regards to space age human re-location and settlement.

In the 7th House there is the planet Venus in Virgo. Some catty diplomacy stuff going on. There is also a conjunction of Mercury 25 Virgo-Saturn 25 Virgo- Sun 1 Libra. The U.S. has a set of these lines running through Alaska and also out in the Atlantic Ocean.

Eastern Europe and especially Eastern Africa is the center of a whole lot of different lines. Will be interesting to see if there is much activity between relations of these countries and Washington, DC.

Also interesting is that Washington's Mars DESC line is running through Denver, Colorado where a suspected terrorist bomb builder was caught buying Hydrogen Peroxide. Either that or there are as many phony blonds in Colorado as there are in California.

Pluto ASC line running through Portland. I guess we won't hear what that's about until 3 years from now, Pluto kind of likes to keep things secret. Perhaps something about Assisted Suicide. There are two different Pluto lines running through Eastern Africa. Maybe they'll set up a major international Medical Research facility there? Just trying to think positive ...

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List of Equinoxes and Solstices in U.S. Time

Have already missed trying to look at the Autumn Equinox for this year. Found the U.S. Navy's list for all Solstices and Equinoxes (Equinoxi?) set for EST and EDT between years 2000 and 2010.


Wonder if this information is already on my astrology software somewhere and like everything else on there I haven't found it.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good Deal at the Booksale

Totally scored at a library book sale. Found a book written by Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson called All Over the Earth Astrologically. Sure wish I could have read these books when I was first learning astrology. These books are incredible if you want to really understand astrology and this woman was truly inspired. They are still published and sold here.
(in case of typos: (http://www.astroamerica.com/jacob.html))

Supposedly she typed the information straight into a typewriter without editing and then self-published the books. This book has a chapter on Retrogrades planets which is only 3 pages long but gives all the information you could possibly need about Birth Rx, Progressed Rx, and transiting Rx. I'm so tired of all those 300 page books that say absolutely nothing.

I looked at Goldstein-Jacobson's chart on Astrotheme. She was born during the incredible conjunction of the two outer most planets Neptune and Pluto in conjunction with Mars all in the sign of Gemini which certainly explains the psychic typing skills. This is probably the generation that began to build computers. The conjunction is in the 11th House (nonconformity) and is trining 3d House Saturn which opposes 9th House Mercury. Always amazes me how Mercury-Saturn aspects relate to high intelligence and yet astrologers insist that they show lack of intelligence.

I wonder if anyone has ever indexed all her books so that it is possible to look up everything she wrote on a single subject all at once. Because of her working methods the subjects are scattered throughout the volumes. Either way, I really wish I could have met this woman. She was even living in Southern California where I grew up until she passed away in 1990.


Extraordinary Baby Week

So, Cardinal Signs represent new beginnings and maybe we should be expecting a whole lot of interesting new developments over the next couple of years as Pluto and then Uranus are on these points. The Solstice and Equinox points (beginnings of Seasons) may be more vital in Astrological interpretation than usual even.

The birth of a baby would certainly be a new beginning. The Autumn Equinox at Sun at 1 Libra squaring Pluto at 1 Capricorn has certainly brought news about exceptional situations regarding the births of babies this week. Neither of those signs is connected with the births of babies. However, Mars' transit through Cancer which might also be contributing. Unusual and Weird come under the rulership of Uranus which is just finishing up its final opposition to Saturn in Virgo (medical procedures). Both births that I'm talking about here were delivered via caesarian section. Age of the Mothers in both cases, 40 and 41 seems to show problems related to older women having children. This could become an issue with Pluto's presence in Capricorn, the sign of old age.

First story is of a big baby boy was born in Northern Sumatra who was born weighing more than 19 pounds due to his mother's diabetic condition during pregnancy. He has since been given the middle name of "Akbar" which means "big" in Sumatran. "Akbar" was more than 2 feet tall and his cry is said to sound like a lion's roar. This boy is the biggest baby ever born in his country. This is the 4th pregancy for the mother, all the previous births were normal.

Baby kept nameless except for his middle name "Akbar" which means "Big" in Sumatran
b. Sept. 21, 2009 (Monday) Medan, Indonesia

Sun 29 Virgo; Moon Libra if born in Morning, Scorpio if born in Afternoon; NN 28 Capricorn Rx

The Sun and Mercury Rx were both in conjunction with Saturn in Virgo. They are also squaring Pluto. Virgo is related to health conditions. The Sun related to Saturn and Pluto can show a difficulty with elimination within the vitality. Saturn and Pluto are also related to extreme proportions in size and scale in the arts, so maybe they can also relate literally to the human body. And a major factor here is Saturn's opposition to Uranus in Pisces.

For a baby born of a very large size it would be really cool to see if the planets that rules large things, which have been in conjunction with each other, were passing over the Ascendant. Jupiter is involved in anything big (expansion) as is Neptune (no boundaries). These two are in conjunction with each other and with Chiron. This would have been passing over the Ascendant around 4 pm Sumatran time. Sure would be interested to know what time "Akbar" was born to see if it corresponds with this passage. The Ascendant, I believe, corresponds with conditions related to an individual's birth.

World's largest baby on record weighed 23 pounds and was born Jan. 19, 1879 to the World's Tallest couple in Seville, Ohio, U.S.

This baby boy passed away 11 hours after birth. Interesting the correspondences with current astrology. Saturn and Uranus were in the opposite signs where they are now but not opposing each other. There was very close to both a Nodal Return (cusp of Capricorn-Aquarius) and a Jupiter Return in Aquarius. Not only that but Chiron was conjunct Neptune (different sign, Taurus then, Aquarius now).

Second strange story: A Fertility Clinic in an unknown midwest town planted the embryo of a Detroit, Michigan couple into the womb of an Ohio woman and discovered their mistake 10 days later.

This happened back in February so perhaps the Solar Eclipse on Jan. 26 and the Lunar Eclipse on Feb. 9 can somehow account for this error.

In Astrological shorthand, Mars and Uranus together represent Accidents and Uranus and Pluto together represent mistakes.

Back in February, the Sun's position in Aquarius would have disposited to Uranus. And Uranus was in opposition to Saturn which would have been exact to the degree on Feb. 5, 2009.

Uranus does things differently. Either way, the Ohio woman brought the baby to term as a surrogate and has handed it over to the Michigan couple with no strings attached. Such a heartful act is also very Uranian, only happens if one can distance one's self mentally from the inner needs. There are a few other instances listed on the Internet of instances when this has occurred and people have made different choices about how to handle the situation.

Uranus also describes the Shock involved around the pregnancy and also the high tech and manmade nature of the artificial insemination procedure. Saturn in Virgo perhaps could indicate problems through medical procedures. (I just went to a doctor yesterday and my records were full of errors so I wonder if this is pretty widespread right now.)

The Saturn Uranus opposition happens every 45+ years. It will make 5 passes of exact opposition during the current opposition cycle.
  • The first opposition happened on Election Day, Nov. 4, 2008.
  • The 2d one happened on Feb. 5, 2009.
  • The 3d one happened Sept. 15, 2010. (Amazing how the oppositions correspond by Month to the events related to this accidental pregnancy.
  • 4th happens on April 26, 2010 but in different signs, Libra and Aries
  • 5th happens on July 26, 2010, Libra and Aries
An interesting CNN story describes how the couple heard about the mistake. In February, the husband was called around 4pm. At that time either Cancer or Leo would have been rising and the 7th house was loaded. These are the signs related to childbearing and child rearing. The Nodal Axis (destiny) was passing over the 1st/7th Houses with the North Node in the 7th. It would have remained at this spot at 4pm during the entire month of February.

For most of February the North Node was accompanied by Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune. How's that for describing a phone call (Mercury) regarding a Mistaken (Mars in Aquarius) artificial insemination (Uranus?) that will lead to a feeling of martyrdom (Neptune) that will lead to the birth of a baby boy (Mars, Jupiter). The emotional pain and shock that the couple suffered is described in the CNN story quoted below. Because of her age, Carolyn Savage will not be able to conceive another child and is going to have to use a surrogate herself.

Interesting CNN story describing the shock (Uranus) that came with hearing about the pregnancy:


"We were waiting and waiting and the call seemed like it would never come," Savage said.

Finally, around 4 p.m., Carolyn's husband, Sean, got the call at work.

"The doctor told me in one sentence, 'Carolyn is pregnant, but we transferred the wrong embryos,'" he said. "I didn't even know that could physically happen. It was a total shock, totally beyond the realm of possibility."

In a tragic mix-up, the Savages say the fertility clinic where Carolyn underwent in vitro fertilization implanted another couple's embryos into Carolyn's uterus.

In essence, she had become an unwitting surrogate for another family.

After receiving the news, Sean hung up the phone and drove straight home to tell his wife in person.

"He walked in and was as white as a sheet," Carolyn said. "He told me, and I think he repeated himself two or three times, and I kept saying 'You're joking.' I kept yelling at him stop it but there was nothing on his face indicating a joke." Video Watch more on the Savages and their reaction to their situation ยป

Incredulity turned to shock, and when that shock melted, so did the couple's hope for having another child of their own. At the time, Carolyn was 39 and her chances of having a child naturally after this one were waning.

"That was the beginning of a very treacherous and emotional journey for us," said Sean.

"I don't think I've ever cried so much in my life," said Carolyn. "It was such a nightmare and, in a way, I felt violated."




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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Factoids from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Scorpios don't often admit when they've been wrong so a miracle sort of happened at the G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh when the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told a reporter that he can acknowledge that the Holocaust did happen.

He can see it! Wow!!! Hitler was there. And Goebells. And Eichmann. And Himmler. For a few years there we were really going, like, Earth to Mahmoud! Earth to Mahmoud! I think that Ahmadinejad then sort of cancelled out his words, following up by saying that the reports of the atrocities were grossly exaggerated. Last I heard, 6 million Jews killed. The Nazi's took good notes.

Anyway, with Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Aquarius we have come to take Miracles for granted, and here's another one for the books. Perhaps it was only Jet Lag but it now appears that the Iranian President has been updated on his history.

Wanted to take a look at the astrology to see what might be going on with Ahmadinejad.

I'm calling Mahmoud, A for now. A is a Scorpio with Moon either in Leo or Virgo. I'd assume that he's got both Luminaries in Fixed Signs because he's so stubborn. So I'd go for the Leo Moon.
But Moon signs can be very difficult to pin down.

And then this is a weird thing. A's got Mercury in Libra at 26 degrees. Libra is supposed to be diplomatic and to see the other person's side. Not when it progresses through Scorpio I guess and especially when it hits Neptune on the first degree of Scorpio by progression. Something maybe happened to him which made him want to take the fuzzy view in life. And a few years after that progressed Mercury would have hit hit Sun in Scoprio which is the egomaniac view. Kind of a difficult set up.

In A's case this means that he's got all those floral flourishes to his words. Sort of the Arabic version of Gift of Gab. I actually really like listening to the Arabic Leader's pep talks, you can't tell if they're saying anything or not, the room just sort of fills up with a fresh Apples and Cinnamon scent.

Anyhoo, with Mercury in Libra conjunct Neptune and Sun in Scorpio we can see how his speech is full of rapture as he goes on about youth and innocence and love and peace in relation to nuclear warfare. And in the true Neptunian way of Denial and Blame, A talks about the bombasity of Nuclear Warfare of other countries, all the while never admitting that, allegedly, he's got a couple that are good to go attached to his own rockets. I'm not saying that I don't blame him. The guy probably grew up getting shot at by Iraqis while Americans were busy trying to make money off of it. I knew an Iranian guy who told a story about walking down a path on his college campus and leaning over to pick a flower just as a bullet which was aimed at his head hit the guy right behind him. And then I knew a pianist whose family had owned a movie theater back in Iran and one day some Iraqis came in and gunned the entire audience down. She couldn't stop crying (and smoking) and had to go back to the mental hospital right after she told me that. War is beyond my comprehension. I admit that I don't know what it's like and I don't want to know what it's like. And I can only imagine how difficult it might be for someone with that past to try to talk to people who don't have a clue. Perhaps in relation to the amount of terror they have lived they really don't think the Holocaust is that big a deal. Is that it? So, at any rate, isn't it nice that President Obama is allowing these people back into the country to represent themselves? That's gotta count for something, doesn't it?

So, anyway, A has been going through a Mars trine right now. Natally he has Mars at 16 Pisces. A is sharing his subconscious with us. How nice. That's a good one for building nuclear warheads, by the way.

The G-20 meeting is occurring during a transit of Mars in Cancer. That totally sucks. I mean the fact that it is being held in Pittsburg is Mars in Cancery enough. But bringing in this guy along with Gadhafi is just too silly for words. That could either route out the emotional doo-doo so that people really can possibly heal their conflicts. Or, maybe the Canadians will finally lose their composure and lure Mahmoud into a dark alley and mess him up.

With Mercury Retrograde it's a good time to revamp and review. It's probably best to not say much though. Just smile a lot. Nobody's going to like what comes out of your mouth. Don't sow any seeds right now. Just keep nodding like your big bobbing head is stuck to your shoulder on a spring.

As I said, A has Mercury in Libra conjunct Neptune and Sun in Scorpio. How do I say this nicely? Can somebody get Geppetto in here to trim that Dude's nose? It seems to grow and grow and grow right along with his lies.

Don't know what time the speech happened. Date was Sept. 23, 2009, Pittsburgh, PA. Moon was in Scorpio in the Morning and then passed into Sagittarius around lunchtime. A has a conjunction of NN at 1 Sagittarius conjunct Saturn 2 Sagittarius so the Moon would have been passing right over that key spot on his chart. That's not easy. Could perhaps show a softening, or at least humbling, (or inflaming) of his authoritarian side. The Sun was also at 1 Libra a prominent Point. Don't know anymore if that shows good diplomatic skills or not, to be frank.

A is also going through 3 difficult Venus aspects right now, always difficult transits for one's popularity.

His natal Venus-Jupiter conjunction at 24-26 Virgo is being hit by the transiting Saturn-Uranus opposition made stronger by the Sun and Mercury's conjunction to Saturn from Virgo. And transiting Venus is conjunct his natal Pluto at 1 Virgo. And his Progressed Venus has just moved into Sagittarius which means that it is conjunct A's NN and Saturn. Perhaps he'll be able to become more broad-minded, perhaps he'll just become more hypocritical and stuck in his opinions. How would I know? It's up to him.

Hmm, A. was born right as both Neptune and Pluto were on the first degrees of signs, Scorpio and Virgo. That means that he somehow reflects the Neptune-Pluto sextile that a couple generations of us have in our charts. In Scorpio and Virgo I would assume that he would somehow be able to share great abilities of discernment with the world. Hopefully he won't blow it up.

After all, he hasn't blown any of us up yet. (But, there are a couple of transits coming up that look pretty good for a terrorist, have to say. ) Why didn't they invite bin Laden to the meeting? Seems they've got everyone else. The Libyan terrorist Gadhafi really has blown up an airplane and he has been invited and has even set up a tent in Donald Trump's backyard. That's kind of fun, but, it's certainly a Mars in Cancer moment for the neighbors.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

More on the Annie Le murder

Here are some observations on the Annie Le case for what they are worth. The only part of my previous reading which was any good was that I said I couldn't figure the situation out.

This murder is clumped into "workplace crime" category rather than domestic, serial, gang, etc. For anything associated with the workplace I'd look for something to come up in the sign of Virgo which rules that aspect. Couldn't see anything like that in Annie Le's natal chart. (Of course with inadequate birth information I have an excuse for that, hehe.)

Le had no planets in Virgo. Her natal Mercury which is ruler of Virgo is in Leo and her progressed Mercury is within that sign. Her solar Arc Mercury is at 29 Leo which is very close to the cusp. Her Mercury afflicted however. It squares natal Pluto opposite natal Lilith. This possibly fans out into a Grand Square through an opposition to Capricorn Moon. Without a birth time I can't know the placement of Le's Moon.

The event chart shows the Virgo influence through the Sun-Saturn conjunction in Virgo (Ego, Walls, Force, Authority, Control). Sun-Saturn is opposing Uranus (Shock, Sudden and Unusual Events).

Through those keywords one can also see how the fact that Le's body was hidden within a wall shows up. Saturn rules Walls.

I happened to run into a County Coroner yesterday (Black outfit with white lettering "Coroner". I gasped when I saw it and she laughed). Had to ask her what her thoughts were on the case. She said that the fact that Le's body was found stuffed into a wall is the most highly unusual aspect of the case. Unusual is Uranus, of course. Wall is Saturn. These two were approaching an exact opposition with each other (approaching within the week) and the Sun was passing over them. Uranus' placement in Pisces also indicates the Hidden Element.

The other most distinct aspect of the case, according to the Coroner was its high profile location. Crimes at an Ivy League school are significant. (I also think that Le's beauty didn't hurt for popularity sake).

For institutions of higher learning we look at the signs of Sagittarius and Jupiter. Jupiter is separating from its conjunction with Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius. Guess it's lucky that this conjunction was most potent this summer when most schools were not in session. On the day that Le was found, Sept. 13, Venus was at 23 Leo opposing Chiron exactly. It would be interesting to know what time she found to see if this axis was on a significant angle.

I suppose this powerful opposition/conjunction may also explain the motive. Police are saying that Le didn't keep her mice cages clean. That's definitely a control freak issue in Virgo type of thing. Pictures of the man being held for the crime show that he was extremely close to his dog. He also had 3 cats. Perhaps Uranus in Pisces shows that he was having trouble working in a medical laboratory which abuses animals on a regular basis. On the websleuth's website there is some speculation that this man is an Aquarius. If Neptune is on or has recently passed over his natal Sun his sensitivity and compassion for anything that suffers would be highly attuned. His ability to cope with reality would also be heavily affected. Supposedly he has a control freaky t-square to his Sun which would complicate things. Google that website for more information.

For motive one always wants to look at Pluto, Scorpio and 8th House. Pluto in Le's natal chart is strongly placed in its own sign of Scorpio at 2 degrees. It's also possibly involved in a very challenging Grand Square aspect with Mercury, Moon, and Lilith. And it was being squared by Le's Progressed Mars at 2 Leo and her progressed Sun 5 Leo. This is an extremely violent aspect. Le had a conjunction of Sun-Mars in Cancer in her natal chart. As I said in my last post on her chart, this can bring violence especially as a victim in a woman's chart. This conjunction had arced by Solar Direction to 5-10 degrees Leo. With recent switch of this conjunction into Leo, Le may have been acting very boldly.

These progressions of Sun-Mars are also widely squaring Le's natal Nodal Axis and the transiting Moon.

I looked also for signs of strangulation in the chart. The throat is ruled by Taurus and by Taurus' ruler, Venus. Le's North Node (Destiny, Life Path) is placed at 15 Taurus. The Moon was passing through Taurus as she died. It was placed at 10 Taurus when she entered the Laboratory building. Of course, if the North Node is placed in Taurus, the South Node will be placed in the sign of Scorpio which rules Murder. In Le's chart her South Node is sandwiched between Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio. This shows extreme force. The South Node is said to be related to past life problems which we are trying to fix in this life. As I've said before, I heard a lecture with Komilla Sutton in which she said that this is the most difficult Nodal Axis to live with just through its associations with difficult behaviors and karmic patterns. Scorpio is also strongly associated with research and medical research in particular.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Albert Gonzalez - Biggest Identity Thief Yet

It's kind of interesting that the Feds have jailed what they call the biggest credit card scam artist of all time and yet this guy, Albert Gonzalez's, birth date is not readily available for Astrobuffs to rip apart. How can we learn what motivates these crooks if the the CIA doesn't comply with our needs? At any rate, of anyone whose birth date ought to be published on the Internet this is certainly the one. Perhaps this is because the guy is still working for the CIA as an informant and is still being protected. I think that's very suspicious.... At any rate here I go with some bogus speculations.

Several sources are saying that Gonzalez was born in June, 1981. At various times during that month 4 planets were passing over Aries Points so I suppose that this guy was meant to come before the public for something. Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter would be the planets I would expect of someone who is on a financial joy ride. I'd expect Gonzalez' Moon to be negatively placed since he's been caught at Age 28 which is the progressed Lunar Return. But this guy is a slippery fish and he's been caught before. Who's he tattling on now?

Sun 0-1 Cancer on June 22
Mercury 0-1 Cancer on June 22
Venus 1 Cancer on June 6
Jupiter 1 Libra beginning of month.

Saturn was running Rx at the beginning of the month at 4 Libra, not far from the beginning degree. It Stationed Direct on June 5.

Mercury, probably patron saint of Identity Theft along with Venus was at 3 Cancer as the month began and Stationed Retrograde on June 9. It had passed back into its own sign of Gemini on the 23 where it spent the rest of the month.

Credit is ruled by Pluto which was at 22 Libra.
Theft is ruled by Neptune which was at 24 Sagittarius.
Uranus was at 27-28 Scorpio for the whole month.
The North Node was passing over 4-2 degrees Leo.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Moon-Mars Conjunction and Celebrity Anger

As Mars has been in Cancer there have been several bizarre and crazy public outbursts which fit the nature of this volatile combination of planet and sign. Mars represents aggression and anger and the Moon ruled sign of Cancer represents emotions and literally "lunacy." At least those are the simplest interpretations. When these two get together there can be highly volatile emotional outbursts.

On Sunday there were two highly public situations which concern celebrities.

In the evening at the MTV awards, Kanye West hopped onto the stage at the MTV awards as Taylor Swift was accepting an award. West grabbed the microphone from Swift and announced that Beyonce deserved the award. This is unbelievably hostile, of course, and obnoxious. During all the media brouhaha trying to analyze why West would have done such a thing there has been discussion of difficult events in West's personal life (no discussion about cross-racist behavior). On Oct. 23, 2002 West was in a near fatal car crash. On Nov. 10, 2007 his Mother unexpectedly passed away after complications during surgery.

Because this act has to have something to do with the Mars-Moon contact in Cancer I sort of figured I'd check the transits to see if there was some return action going on. Didn't find a connection with the car crash which seems related to some bad Pluto transits. However, it turns out that this is the first return of Mars to the spot where it was when West's Mother passed away. This past week's Return of that event included the Moon (which literally represents the Mother in the natal chart). West's progressed Sun is also within conjunction of this spot in Cancer, slightly past at 19 Cancer.

The Moon represents not only "Mother" but Feelings and Family. It also represents Infantile Behavior and Subconscious Acts especially when set off by toddler terrorist Mars. I'm sorry I'm not up on West's music but if he's an old time rapper then his job is to rage against white people. He probably feels that the music world is his family and he subconsciously chose the stage to go on auto-pilot with his rage.

In another completely unrelated event, Tennis Star Serena Williams had a fit during a game which led to her disqualification from that game. I'm not completely sure what the real story is but on Sunday night I read that a judge had mistakenly fouled her for doing something that she hadn't done. As Serena was in the middle of a game and not performing well at that particular moment, this extra bit of insanity just set her off.

So I looked up Serena's chart. Her Sun is at 4 Libra which doesn't place it in a square aspect to the Moon-Mars aspect however much of the rest of her chart is being affected. Serena has a huge stellium of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Libra which was being squared by the Moon-Mars conjunction. Libra rules Justice and everything that's fair and balanced in the world. Saturn rules Judges and Jupiter rules Opinions. Serena reacted (Moon) to the misjudgement of the judge. The situation really doesn't sound fair. But apparently threatened to kill the judge. I personally probably would have thrown a racket so the judge is actually pretty lucky.

Serena's natal Moon in Virgo which shows her own emotional nature is also under heavy aspects as it is being hit by the Saturn-Uranus opposition. So she's really going through a double whammy set of transits. And, as a matter of fact, Kanye West may also be in the same situation as his Moon is in Pisces. Without a birth time I can't say where it is placed exactly but it may also be getting hit by the Saturn-Uranus opposition.

Since the Saturn-Uranus opposition from the opposite ends of Virgo-Pisces that occurred in the 1960s was so connected with the civil rights movement I sort of wonder if these extreme emotional outbursts by Black Celebrities aren't also connected with the racist treatment that President Obama is receiving.

As a weird aside, on Sunday evening while I was out walking I suddenly began to wonder about women named Serena. And specifically I was wondering what it would be like to be named Serena if I weren't a very Serene person. After the walk I logged on to the computer and read about Serena's tantrum. No kidding. Isn't that weird? The Moon and Mars together tend to have interesting psychic tendencies that Astrologers don't often discuss.

Another case of an outburst came from a Carolina congressman Joe Wilson earlier in the week. That's a political problem which I'll hope to add later.

Kanye West
b. June 8, 1977 Atlanta, GA

Sun 18 Gemini; Moon Pisces; NN 22 Libra

Serena Williams
b. Sept. 26, 1981 8:28 pm Saginaw, MI

Sun 4 Libra; ASC 4 Taurus; Moon 21 Virgo; MC 18 Capricorn; NN 29 Cancer

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Murder of Yale Pharmacology Student Annie Le

24-year old Annie Le, a Yale Pharmacology student, disappeared last Tuesday just days before her wedding. After a massive hunt her body was found yesterday apparently stuffed into a basement wall in the school laboratory where she was last seen photographed by security cameras as she entered the building at 10:00 am. This young woman's name is Annie Le. I send condolences to Le's family and friends for this horrible crime. I can't make heads or tails of her murder but am just trying to post aspects which I have found.

Annie Le
born July 3, 1985 (Place? I used Placerville, CA because that's where Le is from, but have no idea where she was born).

Sun 12 Cancer; Moon Capricorn or Aquarius; NN 16 Taurus

Le was born with Sun conjunct Mars in Cancer. This is a very spirited combination, but for a woman it can sometimes show victimization by men, as Mars in Cancer combines the energies of two youthful and emotional planets which conflict with each other and are often involved in crime (see www.bobmarksastrologer.com for great statistical studies about murder). Le's Sun-Mars is trining her natal Saturn in Scorpio which shows that she would have toned down her impulsive nature with discipline.

We've just finished a very emotional and volatile conjunction transit of the Moon to Mars in Cancer in which many people have been reported as acting erratically (Joe Wilson during President's speech, Serena Williams at a tennis match, Kanye West at the MTV awards). This would have affected Le very strongly as it involves a Mars Return for her, which is in the Moon's sign.

At Age 24, Le was also going through a Jupiter Return in Aquarius. Normally I would see this as a very positive set of aspects for someone going to school for higher learning. Jupiter rules Higher Learning and truth seeking (and probably truth finding).

Le has Mars (Impulse, Action) and Jupiter (Opinions, Higher Learning, Religion, etc.) in aspect with each other in a inconjunct aspect (adjustments of elements that don't quite work, health problems) in a couple of different configurations, one a Yod with Uranus in Sagittarius (Jupiter and Uranus are in mutual reception in her chart). This Yod fans out to an even bigger figure (not sure what it would be called) with her natal North Node in Taurus. Uranus (innovation, experimentation, erratic behaviors) is inconjunct with her North Node (life path).

Because of this combination of Mars-Jupiter-Uranus I would sort of assume that an accident or mistake was involved with her death. However, news reports are saying that it looks as if it was intentional.

If Le had a Capricorn Moon and not an Aquarius Moon then both her Jupiter and Uranus are singletons which means that this Yod figure further stands out in her chart. As Karen Hamaker Zondag describes them in her book on the Yods, they can show generational family problems that an individual must deal with. All 3 of these aspects point to someone who has a strong need for independence. It's very odd that she was planning on getting tied into a marriage at this point in her life.

Another disturbing aspect was transiting Pluto was conjunct Le's natal Neptune. Pluto is at 2 Scorpio in her natal chart sextile Neptune at 2 Capricorn. Pluto right now is at 1 Capricorn right on her natal Neptune. That can generally be a difficult transit. There is just too much strange, unconscious information coming into a person with regards to the universe. Neptune and Pluto working together can often bring about a crisis of a spiritual nature. Both planets can cause a person to become extra paranoid, go on drugs, etc. As both planets are very psychic, Le may also have had a premonition that something would happen to her.

With a Jupiter in Aquarius Return it's very interesting that her death happened on a college campus as Jupiter rules Higher Learning. Aquarius co-rules technology and the sciences.

She may have discovered some awful truth (Jupiter in Aquarius Return) regarding her College Professor (Jupiter, I heard that a Professor is being questioned in the case already). Either way it looks like Saturn-Neptune and Pluto were conflicting in some game against Mars-Uranus-Jupiter in Le's chart.

Le could possibly have had a Grand Square between Mercury, Pluto, Moon and Lilith. This shows some challenges to overcome concerning Heart and Mind and Home and Power plays.

As regards the Marriage plans, I've already said that this looks like a weird time to be getting married. 7th House rules marriage and without a natal chart I can't say anything about that. Le's natal Venus is at 28 Taurus and has progressed to 27 Gemini. Gemini is a duplicitous sign.

The Sun has been passing over Saturn which is opposing Uranus. Again it would be interesting to see if Le had these degrees of Virgo/Pisces prominent on angles in her natal chart. The Saturn-Uranus aspect is very strongly aspected. The transit of Saturn-Uranus is aspecting her natal and Solar Arc Uranus very strongly. In her natal chart, Venus widely opposes Saturn in Scorpio. This has arced by progression (solar arcs) so that SA Saturn is exactly conjunct natal Uranus in Sagittarius, thus mirroring the opposition of these two in the current transits.

The current transit of Sun-Saturn in Virgo opposing Uranus in Pisces is actually squaring natal Uranus-SA Saturn opposing SA Venus!

Sorry I can't describe all that techno mumbo jumbo better. I also can't interpret it very well. Virgo-Pisces is definitely related to health issues. Saturn-Uranus is often related to transitional, hybrid types of solutions to problems. There seems to be some intense conflict going on in Le's chart regarding Traditions and Innovations. Hybrid lifestyles. Speaking out against authority. Throwing out the old to bring in the new. Don't know if any of this could possibly be related to her murder but it looks like a strong influence for Le at this time.

I know I'm supposed to look at SA Venus in Gemini and just be satisfied that she was having an affair with her professor and had just cut it off right before her marriage. But it seems that there was something involving something bigger here.

At any rate, it's interesting to watch the transit chart for the last time that Le was seen walking into the laboratory. At 10:00 am on Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2009 28 Libra was rising. Libra is ruled by Venus which indicates Women, Love affairs. Mars (Aggression, Men) was in Cancer up in the 9th House (College, College Professors). Mars is squaring Mercury Rx in H11 (Message?). This square is involved in a Thor's Hammer configuration (crossroads to act) with Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius down in the 4th House.

Of course, with Libra in her last degrees at that point, Scorpio soon rises (around 10:17 am). This means that Pluto (murder) now rules the chart. Pluto is on a strong degree right now for manifesting crap (1 Capricorn) and at this time during the day it is in the 2d house opposing the 8th House of murder, which it rules.

During this time the Nodal Axis is crossing the IC/MC axis with Lilith conjunct the North Node to the degree. Between 10:30 and 11:00am Venus is crossing the Leo Midheaven and the Moon is crossing the Descendant. It would certainly seem that marriage and family had something to do with this event but in a weird way.

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

1918 Flu Pandemic similarities with Swine Flu?

While looking up the astrology for the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic to see if it's similar to the astrology for the current Swine Flu Pandemic I found a couple of interesting tidbits. My software program is really putting in some weird aspects that the Astrodienst ephemeris doesn't seem to echo about so I'm going to just mention a couple of the outer planet aspects.

The 1918 Epidemic had a couple of very similar aspects to current astrological aspects. So, I guess it's okay to panic. What's a Pluto in Virgo generation to do, after all?

First off, there is the placement of Pluto at the beginning degrees of Cancer which is opposing Pluto's current position in Capricorn. Pluto is prominent here because of the importance of the Aries Point placement (1st degree Cardinal), but also because of its contact with the Nodal Axis (but not exact). Pluto was in out of sign conjunction with the South Node in 1918. In 1910 it will be in conjunction with the North Node (and in square with Saturn, Jupiter, and Uranus).

According to Wikipedia the H1N1 Virus which both Flus share (hope I understand this correctly) kill people in a sort of Cancer/Capricorn Control freaky type of way in that they put the immune system into overdrive. The person actually dies from this overresponse. This certainly echoes the social politics of the time which is connected with the First World War.

Another similar astrological aspect between the two times is the Saturn-Uranus opposition. In 1918 these two spanned the signs of Leo and Aquarius with Uranus placed strongly in its own sign. Currently the opposition is in the signs of Virgo and Pisces. The 1918 pandemic was in Fixed Signs which will show a durable presence. Mutable Signs of today could hopefully show a transitory presence. Saturn in Virgo can indicate a weakening of the health systems, but it could also show the ability to work extra hard to contain health problems. With Uranus in Pisces, we have to be extra careful about water supplies.

1918 also had other strong outer planet aspects going on as well that we don't currently have going on. Jupiter passed over Pluto and the South Node which could have been a strong presence for spreading the disease globally. The disease began when Jupiter was in Gemini, a sign that will quickly spread anything communicable. Then Jupiter moved into Cancer with Pluto. The interpretations for this, as looking back through time can be very interesting in relation to the break out of a major epidemic. Cancer rules home and hearth and family. It can also rule the ability to care for people, and also the involvement of long distances (overseas). This would have been a very emotionally toxic time for people and they were trying to reconcile their love of homeland with their first (Cardinal) real awareness of people from across the seas. This may have been a first awareness that others in the world suffer from the same problem at the same time as those close by.

Also, the Pandemic began with a conjunction of Saturn to Neptune in Leo which could have indicated depression and confusion. The First World War was finishing and issues apparently weren't resolved.

Wikipedia shows a neat graph
that shows the peak of the 1918-19 Influenza. Curiously, the deaths from the Spanish flu peaked in numbers around the times that the Sun was in Water Signs. Perhaps this shows Pluto's powerful presence (death, sex, taxes) when it was in strong aspect with the Sun (Vitality). Pluto has a similar need for control, like Cancer and Capricorn. Plus, Pluto has staying power. Either way, all the Water Signs rule Death in some ways. Cancer/H4 rules end of life conditions. Scorpio rules Death. Pisces rules endings of just about anything.

At any rate, from eyeballing the graph I can see that the first "wave" (even uses water metaphor!) came around 6/29-7/27, 1918. As the Sun passed over Pluto it squared Mars at 2 Libra (inflamation) and Chiron (wounding, healing) in Aries.

The 2d Wave came around 10/19 - 12/30. This was the worst wave with the most deaths and appropriately came around the Scorpio Sun which is ruled by Pluto (Death). It involved a Grand Square during this time involving the Saturn-Uranus opposition.

The 3d wave, was, you guessed it, during the time when the Sun was passing through Pisces. This peak seems to have been set off by the Sun's transit over Uranus which was still opposing Saturn. Jupiter was in conjunction with Pluto-SN.

The dates for the entire Pandemic as listed on Wikipedia even correlate with the Sun in Water Signs. Beginning date is listed at March, 1918 (Pisces). Ending date is listed as June 1920 (Cancer).

So, 2010 has some ugly looking aspects with the Jupiter-Uranus-Saturn-Pluto-Node hook-up. But there is no connection between Saturn-Neptune (combination spirt/form) and Jupiter-Pluto (superiority complex) in such close proximity. There could be concern over hygiene and water sources that authorities might want to work extra hard on.


Monday, September 07, 2009

Tunguska Event of 1908

What's a good astrological chart for a date when a comet hits the earth? This is good to know for future reference I suppose. Just this past June, scientists have claimed that a huge explosion which occurred in the Russian outback was most likely caused by the entrance of a comet into the earth's atmosphere.

I saw a TV show on it the other night. Who knew the History Channel could be so interesting? I don't even think I was drunk that night.

At any rate, I remember hearing an Astronomer on the Radio (NPR Driveway Moment) say that earth is possibly going to be in the way of another comet in April sometime in the future, can't remember what year, 2030 something? I don't think I wrote anything about the chart on this blog, but do remember that I looked it up and couldn't say one way or the other if it looked for a good day for a comet to hit the earth.

The 1908 Tunguska blast leveled 830 square miles of forest somewhere on the Tunguska River in Russia, wherever that is. The impact of the blast which is said to have exploded in the air is said to have been equivalent to the Castle Bravo thermonuclear explosion in the U.S. Feb. 1954, or 1,000 times the blast of Little Boy in Hiroshima. Trees fell down like in a radiating pattern from where the center of the blast is considered to have been except for the ones in the center which stood up straight, kind of like how they apparently did with little boy. The night sky was said to have been light as day for many nights afterwards.

Assuming that I have the date correct (there's confusion between two dates due to the fact that Russia was using the Julian Calendar, that date is June 17, 1908) here is the basic information I have picked up from Wikipedia:

Tunguska "Event"
June 30, 1908 7:14 am Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Podkamennaya (Lower Stony) Tunguska River

Sun 8 Cancer; Moon 23 Cancer; NN 5 Cancer; ASC 18 Leo; MC 28 Aries

This chart shows 6 planets in the sign of Cancer which includes all the Inner Planets. (NN, Sun, Moon, Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Mars) Mercury and Venus are moving in Retrograde Motion.

This event would have happened inbetween a set of 3 Eclipses which were connected with an outer planet t-square: Neptune 15 Cancer opposing Uranus 16 Capricorn making a square to apex Saturn 11 Aries.

Because of the involvement with the Eclipses, the Nodal Axis was also involved, crossing the Cancer-Capricorn Axis at 5 degrees.

Pluto was at 25 Gemini. According to Paul O. Hewit, this would have opposed the position of the Galactic Center which was at 25 Sa 35 in 1908.

The Eclipses around this time:

June 14, 1908: Sun conjunct Pluto 24-25 Gemini, Mercury St Rx

June 28, 1908 Solar annular, Sun conjunct Moon 7 Cancer

July 13, 1908 Lunar appulse Sun opposing Moon 22 Cancer-Capricorn over the Neptune 15 Cancer opposition to Uranus 15 Capricorn Rx.

Mercury and Venus both Retrograde for most of this time in Cancer9 - 18 degrees.



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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Los Angeles "Station" Wildfire

Found a source for the beginning so the humungous Station Wildfire in Los Angeles (listed below) which has been determined to be set by arsonists. Amazingly, the highly volatile t-square of Mercury-Mars-Pluto is crossing the angles of the charts at this time. Apex Mercury 1 Libra is squaring the Mars-Pluto opposition from 1 Cancer to 1 Capricorn is conjunct the 28 Sagittarius Ascendant-Gemini Descendant. At any rate, Mars on the Descendant will show a criminal in the midst. Pluto on the Ascendant will show perhaps show intention. Uranus is very widely filling in the other end of the t-square from the 3d house. If that were the case the event could have been partially an accident. The Sagittarius Ascendant could indicate strong opinions, indicatinig anything from a sports enthusiast to an educator to a lawyer to a clergyman to a person from a foreign land so this doesn't help much. The strong Mercury influence could indicate a motorist. The Mercury-Mars square shows young people, probably male.

There are many elements in this chart that indicate unusual volatility. To add to the idea of "volatility" in this chart, the rising sign is firey Sagittarius, the sign most connected with rapid growth and anything large scale. And there is a double whammy Moon-Mars connection. Both planets are out-of-bounds and in the signs of their fall. This means that they stand out in the chart by being in signs in which they don't function well and their influence is somehow extreme. When working together they can show extremely angry emotions and insanity. At any rate, it is very interesting that the chart shows strong intent for this eventand it turns out that the fire was intentionally set. I can't understand pyromania at all so I tend to assume that things like this are accidents.

It's interesting that there are a total of 4 planets in this chart on the first degree of a sign. That's the 3 mentioned above plus Venus at 1 Leo which is placed in the 7th House, very close to conjunction with the 8th House cusp. Could "Arson" somehow be connected with planets crossing over into new signs? Sparking, Ignition? The Cardinal Sign t-square already addresses this idea. I wonder if a female could also be involved, or some kind of crazy relationship problem?

It seems that Grand Trines are often involved in disasters that are difficult to contain. The potential for ease of growth is just too difficult to control. Perhaps I'll call Grand Trines the Roller Derby Queens of Weather events indicators? In this case the Grand Trine is involved in a Kite figure. The linking planet here is Uranus in Pisces in the 3d house that opposes Mercury Libra (H9). I read on another astrology site the insight that many communications towers for Los Angeles were at risk, as well as the Mount Wilson Observatory.

A couple of my relatives are buried in a cemetery in that area so perhaps they are the cause?

Station Fire, Los Angeles, CA
Aug. 26, 2009 3:30 pm near U.S. Forest Service Ranger Station Highway 2, Mount Wilson

Sun 4 Virgo; Moon 28 Scorpio; ASC 28 Sagittarius; MC 16 Libra; NN 29 Capricorn

(source: http://cdfdata.fire.ca.gov/incidents/incidents_details_info?incident_id=377)

Incredible Time Lapse Photography of the Los Angeles Wildfire.


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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Elevator Music

Okay, this is another blog inspired by an NPR Moment. Not a driveway moment; almost crashed into oncoming while trying to write this stuff down, if you know what I mean, but today we had a light topic. Actually, I can't remember the topic. I just remember that a caller called in and told a story about how Elevator music was born:
The Story of How Elevator Music was Born, According to an NPR Caller

Way back when. Long before Elevator Music was called Elevator Music it was called Furniture Music. The year was 1917. That's how long ago it was in that dark bordello in Paris, France where music composer Eric Satie was tinkering away on his piano while the French were doing what they say Americans are too prudish to do.

Eric Satie realized that nobody was really listening to his brilliant compositions. They just wanted ambience for their French past-times.

So Eric Satie wrote "The Gymnopedies." These are very simple pieces that you sort of play over and over again. And nobody wants you to .... stop. These songs are very slow and harmonic and relaxing in sort of minor key kind of way and they songs ended up being a major influence on the 20th Century New Music movement, especially in California where nobody has enough talent or discipline to play anything more complicated. I think that "Gymnopedies" is a Greek word for Funeral Dance, so you can see what a fine wit Eric Satie was. I used to perform them at weddings along with "Feelings" and the theme song from "The Godfather."
So, there you have it. 1917. Pluto in Cancer at 4 degrees pretty much opposite the spot where it is now. I've been hoping and praying that Pluto in Capricorn will bring back music. Cancer just wants to return to the womb, but Capricorn wants to play music, n'est-ce pas? I don't think many of us in the Pluto in Virgo generation really knows what music is, pop, elevator or, you know, the boring stuff.

Eric Satie's chart is all music-y. He was a Taurus Sun with Cancer Moon and Leo Rising.

Unfortunately, Satie had Saturn in the 4th House of Home which opposes Pluto in Taurus. That's kind of a dark aspect. Possessions are ruled by Taurus, and that's where Satie's Sun (Ego) already is. Now he's got restrictive Saturn in his 4th House almost ensuring that he doesn't have any furniture of his own. Especially when it's opposite Pluto in the sign of Furniture.

What's a Shiny Leo Riser to do with these aspects? Squeezes the Lemons and Makes the Lemonade. Starts a whole new page in musical history both intellectually and anti-intellectually. (Progressed Mercury was conjunct his Ascendant at the time).

Satie's chart has this incredible conjunction of Mars conjunct Neptune on Aries Midheaven which is conjunct his South Node (What you're known for). Mars-Neptune is squaring a conjunction of Moon-Uranus in Cancer. If it weren't for the imaginative Moon and Neptune on top of the Technological Mars and Uranus he could have been a rocket scientist instead.

Anybody for the 5th Floor? I'm feeling a tune comin on.

Outer planets in 1917 were: Jupiter in Taurus (Possessions), Saturn in Cancer (Depression), Uranus in Aquarius (Elevators), Neptune in Leo (pop music), Chiron Pisces/Aquarius (major woundings through said rulerships), NN Capricorn (climbing, insecurities about being seen?).

Eric Satie

b. May 17, 1866 9 am Honfleur, France

Sun 27 Taurus; ASC 3 Leo; Moon 5 Cancer; NN 10 Libra; MC 11 Aries

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Land Ahoy in Water World

Looks like a big outer (and inner) Kite pattern coming up over the Summer of 2013. On June 23, 2013 the Sun 3 Cancer will be conjunct Jupiter 30 Gemini (with Lilith wedged between so somebody's gonna get tossed off the gang plank). This will oppose Pluto 11 Capricorn conjunct Moon Capricorn. And the Sun-Jupiter conjunction will be in a Grand Trine with Saturn 5 Scorpio and Neptune 6 Pisces.

What? That's an awesome aspect for an artist or an empire.

This is right between the Eclipse sets. There will be 3 in Spring and 2 in Oct-November. None will be total.

Hmmm, what could it mean? The Earth will have lined up with the Galactic Center in 2012 and then this.

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Today's Mercury and Me and Ben Bernanke and His Competition

Too many NPR Driveway Moments these days as I try to avoid confronting absolutely everything in my life. Mercury is right on my North Node in Libra and Pluto is squaring it while sitting on my 7th House Saturn.

First Mercury was squaring Mars and opposing Pluto. Next week Mercury goes Retro. Right now Mercury's in a Thor's Hammer configuration with Mars and Jupiter. Don't know really what Thor's Hammer means. The interpretations for Thors Hammers are all pretty vague just like interpretations for all the other vague planet formations (except for Yods which Karen Hamaker Zondag cleared up nicely in her book). Mercury-Mars-Jupiter working together in a difficult way could certainly indicate an overload of stress, competition, shouting matches. They are linking up the signs of Cancer, Libra and Aquarius. Mars is probably most prominent because he's in his Fall, throwing tantrums and neither Mercury nor Jupiter is going to know what to do with all this excess emotional baggage. Mercury and Jupiter aren't exactly the most caring planets in the world so they will just be making Mars' situation all that much worse.

Thor's Hammer is the aspect that's a bigger, meaner triangle thingee than a Yod. A Yod at least has a sextile. One of the aspects a Thor's Hammer contains is a square between two planets. These planets are both linked to a third planet by sesquisquares or 3 half squares or 3 tri-octiles (135 degree aspect, whatever it's called). Whatever you want to call them, they belong to the same family as the square, just more subtle. The interpretation that I did read which I liked (can't remember the source, crap) said that this can present a turning point of some kind caused by an inability to make a decision or choice. Either the planets in the square are relying on the 3d planet for a resolve, or things come to a head to a point where one is pushed down the fork in the road in whatever direction. Remember a long time ago, I said that both Hillary Clinton and what's his name, the guy with the shiny hair, John Edwards, have the natal Thor's Hammers. Either way, count on things not really going your way. And right now that certainly would apply to me as well as I eagerly panick over which fork in the road I will have to take.

So, Thor is hammering away in the sky. Thank God these minor aspects have small orbs so the transits don't last long. Jupiter is bouncing around over my Midheaven and I'm pretty sure I've burned more bridges than the state has rivers at this point. I don't have positive Jupiter transits pretty much without exception. This one is just making me want to eat a lot and get fat and I can't sleep and there's brown goo coming out of the bathroom faucets that smells sometimes like cookies and sometimes like barbeque and sometimes like Sweet and Sour Pork. I am hungry all the time which means blood sugar issues.

So, what was this going to be about? Oh yeah. NPR Driveway moment. The damn idiots on NPR were babbling about the financial markets again and were sort of getting catty about my Magic Federal Reserve Chairman Boyfriend Ben Bernanke's reappointment to the Chair of said Reserve. They said that Obama's pick, Lawrence Sumners, was more qualified than My Boyfriend for the Post but he (Lawrence) has a bad personality and upsets people so Ben was better for the job (even though he's a Republican and owns Philip Morris).

Ben has a soothing personality. Boy, does he ever. (Remember the days of weirdo Alan? Market goes up. Market goes down. Market goes up. Market goes down. I hated Disneyland when I was a kid and I don't like Disneyland now.)

So, they (NPR) said that Lawrence is a better pick because he saw it coming. Ben didn't. How could Ben not have seen it coming? He's been studying the Great Depression all of his adult life.

Anyway, I wanted to compare Larry's chart with Ben's chart to see what's the difference between a good personality and a bad personality. I figured Lar was going to get all Saturn-Pluto on us.

Lawrence Sumners
b. Nov. 30, 1954 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (not sure about the place)

Sun 8 Sagittarius; Moon Capricorn or Aquairus; NN 8 Capricorn

Ben Bernanke
b. Dec. 13, 1953 Augusta, Georgia

So, Sagittarrians born at opposite ends of the year of each other. Same North Node in Capricorn, same Saturn in Scorpio. Seriously serious stuff. (Remember Alan? He was fun. He was all into Ayn Rand, those were the days when people bought that shit.).

So what we have here is Cute Sadge v. BlabberHead Sadge. Actually, Sumners is butt-ugly but he likely has Moon in Capricorn and I've been told by some nasty astrologer that we don't age well. (Think Cindy Sheehan).

See, the problem with Sumners' personality (that I know about) is that he's the guy who spoke to a crowd at Harvard in 1995 and announced to the entire crowd that women aren't successful, truly guys, women are dumb, bottom line. Moon in Capricorns can be awful women haters, I know because I am. An engineering scholar and college dean and woman had to stand up in front of the crowd and chew him out. She was the Great and Wonderful Denise Denton of Oz (Virgo Sun). Probably all the other women in the room were cowering in the corner saying nothing because, after all, only ass-kissers can break the glass ceiling.

At any rate, the woman who stood up to the BlabberHead Sadge Sumners was Denise Denton. I wrote about her tragic death. She committed Suicide in 2006. She is the inspiration for my research on astrology of Children of Divorce so, needless to say, I like her very much and am not fond at all of BlabberHead Sadge Sumners. Plus, I have a major Federal Reserve Bank crush on Ben Bernanke. Who doesn't? How the hell else are we going to get through the next 10 years if we don't have a crush on the guy?

So what if Sumners saw the Crash coming? He sucks. Anyway, the entire astrological community saw it coming. The Bush administration saw it coming, that's why they picked Ben the Scholar Expert guy (well, it helped that he's a Republican). That's why they post-poned notifying NPR and other media about the crash until a year after it was already in the works.

So, let's look at Ben's Moon. It's in Pisces. It might be the handle of a Bucket chart, don't know because don't have a birth time. But Moon in Pisces, yeah, he may not have seen it coming, but then again, he probably doesn't see it lasting for as long as it probably will last. That means he's an optimist. Basically, he's a Happy Go Lucky Sadge with Sun opposing Jupiter and he makes other people feel happy go lucky as well. And Mercury and Venus are in conjunction in Sagittarius so he's all, man, he's bad with money, holes in his pockets. Have you seen how much the country is in the hole? Anyway, we couldn't care less. We've got Ben and Ben has pizazz. Mars conjunct Neptune in Libra that trines Jupiter in Gemini. Just don't have a heart attack Ben or we'll be stuck with Larry and Larry, well, Larry hates women. (I don't like women either, most of them at any rate).

Interesting to see the Innie/Outie combinations between the two. Larry the Sadge has Mercury & Venus conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. And Ben the Sadge has Mars conjunct Saturn from Libra to Scorpio. Both have that amazing Mercury-Venus conjunction in their charts that indicates is often associated with big Stock Market losses.

So, this post has pretty much gone nowhere. How many people have I insulted? I'll never make good of my Libra North Node at this rate.

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